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If Chris Redfield has been raising Rosemary Winters since the end of RE8 as her new father figure, you know what that implies?
Auntie Claire Redfield. Capcom, I wanna see it.
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Shower thought: Natsuki Hanae has portrayed all three members of the Demon Slayer main trio
Tanjiro Kamado, of course
Tumblr media
He’s also portrayed an arrogant dude with tsundere tendencies and yells at everyone around him (Inosuke)
Tumblr media
And he’s also portrayed a whiny, comic relief pervert who is desperate for girls to fall for him (Zenitsu)
Tumblr media
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Listening to the Demon Slayer dub is a really weird experience if you’re a Danganronpa fan. Hearing Inosuke speak, you can’t help but imagine Makoto Naegi or Nagito Komaeda going crazy for some reason. 
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Hypothetical storyline for “Resident Evil 9″:
PLOT: As the end of the “Winters Family Trilogy”, the story is split into two campaigns; Rosemary Winters and Chris Redfield. Picking up from the end of “Village”, Rosemary is kidnapped by the Connections, the group that Mia Winters was a part of. The Connections kidnaps her in the hopes of finishing what they started with Eveline, in that they want to figure out how to create an army of perfect B.O.W.s with a body structure similar to Rosemary.
While in captivity, Rosemary uses her Mold powers to break free, unintentionally creating another outbreak. This alerts the BSAA, who move in to wipe out the outbreak...and put an end to Rosemary. Remembering the promise he made to Ethan, Chris Redfield goes rogue and moves in to save Rosemary from the BSAA forces. As this is happening, Rosemary sets out to find the leader of the Connections, hoping to end this nightmare once and for all.
So, campaign A is centered on Rosemary confronting her past while also avoiding the BSAA forces sent to kill her. Campaign B is centered on Chris trying to reach Rosemary before the BSAA gets to her, as well as facing off against the Mold in the area.  
1) Since Chris Redfield is in his 60s, there’s a recurring theme that Chris is past his prime and can’t do what he used to do, like punching a boulder. 
2) The game brings back a version of the buddy mechanics from RE4, RE5, and RE6. Chris Redfield is teamed up with Mia Winters (she’s trying to rescue her daughter) while Rosemary Winters teams up with a new character, a civilian who was in the area when the Mold outbreak broke out. Let’s call Rosemary’s partner “Diego”. 
3) There are three villain factions; the Mold, the Connections forces that survived the initial outbreak, and the BSAA forces sent to kill Rosemary.
4) For the first time in the series, Jill Valentine is present as an antagonist. In this game, she’s considered an antagonist since she’s the one who gave the order for Rosemary’s termination. Despite their friendship, Chris has to go against her in order to honor his promise to Ethan. 
5) The main villain is the leader of the Connections. The game ends with both Rosemary and Chris killing the leader, but not before they learn that Oswell E. Spencer ordered Rosemary’s kidnapping. 
6) The ending has Rosemary, Mia, and Diego going on the run from the BSAA. Chris Redfield turns himself in to the BSAA and Jill reluctantly has him arrested. Chris goes on trial for going against the BSAA and is declared guilty. Still, he has no regrets since Rosemary survived. 
7) The post-credits scene reveals that Oswell E. Spencer is alive, having been resurrected by the Mold in the same way that Ethan Winters was. 
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Since the next few Resident Evil games will likely focus on Rosemary Winters, if the series brings back any of the classic RE characters, they’ll all either be in their late 50s/early 60s. 
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Leaked lines from "Resident Evil 9":
Rosemary Winters: Admit that you wanted to get rid of me the whole time!
Chris Redfield: (pause) Jill knows this area better—
Rosemary Winters: Agh, fuck that— (stands up, turns away from Chris)
Chris Redfield: Well, I'm sorry! I trust her better than I trust myself! Is that what you wanna hear?
Rosemary Winters: (turns around to face Chris) Stop with the bullshit! What are you so afraid of?! That I'm gonna end up like your S.T.A.R.S. team?! I can't get infected! I can take care of myself!
Chris Redfield: How many close calls have we had?!
Rosemary Winters: Well, we seem to be doing alright so far-
Chris Redfield: And now you'll be doing even better with Jill!
Rosemary Winters: (long pause) I'm not him, you know.
Chris Redfield: What?
Rosemary Winters: Carlos Oliveira told me about Piers Nivans. And I—
Chris Redfield: -ROSEMARY! You are treading on some...mighty thin ice here.
Rosemary Winters: I'm sorry about your teammate, Chris...but I have lost people too.
Chris Redfield: You have no idea what loss is!
Rosemary Winters: ...everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone— (pushes Chris) fucking except for you! So don't tell me that I would be safer with someone else because the truth is, I'd just be more scared!
Chris Redfield:'re right. You're not my daughter...and I sure as hell ain't your dad. And we are going our separate ways.
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So since Resident Evil Village is the Resident Evil version of Silent Hill, I’ve been wondering what the Silent Hill version of Resident Evil would look like. Like, an action-horror shooter but instead of bioweapons and terrorism, it’s ghosts and mental trauma.
Then I realized that what I was thinking of could either be F.E.A.R. or The Evil Within. Still, I wish Konami was still making Silent Hill games so we could actually see what their version of a Resident Evil game would look like.
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Okay but imagine an AU where Resident Evil and The Last Of Us are in the same universe with Ellie working with the son of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who's now a member of STARS which is now a BSAA spec ops group as the two end up in a mansion that supposedly hides an alternate cure for CBI.
You know, in the past, I couldn’t imagine a crossover between these franchises since they’re so different in tone. But after RE7 and RE8, I could totally see a crossover occurring. Not a canon one but it’d be a neat, standalone game. Like when Capcom did that Ace Attorney/Professor Layton crossover.
Also, with how Chris Redfield is like in RE8, I can see his son being like Joel Miller in terms of personality. Maybe Ellie could point that out, for angst purposes. 
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Kevin Feige confirmed that Sersi, played by Gemma Chan will be the lead in the Eternals movie. Would that make The Eternals the second MCU film to have an Asian lead and the first MCU film to have an Asian woman as the main character in a superhero ensemble?
Hmm...I believe so. 
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After Konami cancelled “Silent Hills” and pretty much buried the “Silent Hill” franchise, Capcom really said, “Fine, we’ll make the games ourselves” and went on to make “Resident Evil 7″ and “Resident Evil Village”. 
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So Dave Batista said that GOTG Vol. 3 might be the last time he plays Drax. Apparently, it’s because he’s starting to feel his age, which makes sense since he’ll be 54 when that movie releases. With that in mind, this is how I want Marvel to retire the character:
In GOTG Vol. 3, the Guardians will be focused on finding the alternate timeline Gamora. But at some point in their quest, Drax learns that his daughter is somehow alive. She’s now going by the name “Moondragon” and is operating as a mercenary. 
At the end of the movie, Drax reunites with Moondragon. He decides to retire from the team to stay with his daughter and GOTG Vol. 3 ends with the team (now with Gamora) bidding farewell to Drax. 
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I can’t stand these dumb people that never played any Resident Evil before RE: Village. Like dude… of course Lady Dimitrescu was going to die at some point, just by looking at her you can see that she was disposable, just like Nemesis or Mr. X. She didn’t “deserve more” just because she became famous outside Resident Evil fandom, Dimitrescu had a role in the story, played it and then died, as well as several other enemies of the RE franchise. She is very reminiscent of Salazar in that sense, even turning into a giant monster.
Stop acting like Capcom has an obligation to give her a giant role just because you like the character because you think she’s hot. It’s obvious that the company would capitalize on the character, they need to sell their product. The stupid drama of some people on this site is embarrassing to see, really. I understand that they like Dimitrescu, but she was disposable because she was just a boss. I also understand being upset that she died so soon, but Capcom never said she was the final boss or anything, and it’s clear they weren’t expecting her to be so sucessful.
Resident Evil is a survival horror game, not a redemption story-type or anything like that. The bosses aren’t there to help the protagonist understand something or be redeemed, they exist for some purpose in the story and then they die, simple as that. God, some of you are weird as hell.
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Regarding Lady Dimitrescu and some of the backlash that “Resident Evil Village” is getting due to her amount of screen time:
All I’ll say is...y’all kinda set yourselves up for disappointment. I mean, Capcom usually never advertises the main villains for their Resident Evil games. For example, the chainsaw man/Chief Mendez from RE4, the executioner Majini in RE5, Mr. X in RE2, Jack Baker in RE7, and so on. The one game where they did advertise the main villain was RE3, and that’s only because Nemesis’ name was in the title.
I had a feeling she wasn’t going to be that major of a character. Resident Evil’s marketing and what actually happens in the game tends to works in inverse; the more a villain is marketed, the more likely it is that they aren’t the main threat. Also, the fact that even Capcom were surprised by how popular she became should’ve been an indication that she wasn’t going to play a big role in the story.
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You know, I kinda hope some RE games like 0 or Code Veronica get the remake treatment at some point.
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This was probably not intentional by Capcom but, regarding the big plot twist concerning Ethan Winters in “Resident Evil Village”, the game sorta works as a meta commentary on video game protagonists. 
Throughout both RE7 and RE8, Ethan suffers injuries that really make you question how he’s managing to survive and heal. Like, it’s common that video games have you play characters that somehow take critical damage and manage to walk it off. For example, in the Call of Duty games, you could get shot up by a machine gun, but magically heal by finding cover. 
But Ethan’s injuries go from ordinary, suspend-your-disbelief game logic to outright impossible. The fact that the game doesn’t acknowledge how Ethan is healing from his injuries really makes you question if there’s something going on in the story or if Capcom just lost their marbles.
That’s when we get the big twist. I won’t write what it is but, as a way of explaining how Ethan is healing from his life-threatening injuries, it works in a really morbid way. It doesn’t even feel like a Resident Evil-type twist, this is shit that you’d see in Silent Hill. 
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Capcom in the future: "Resident Evil 9" is going to focus on Chris Redfield, an old, brutal survivalist with a grey morality, watching over Rosemary Winters, a young, rebellious girl with a special connection to the fungus that turns people into monsters.
Naughty Dog: Hmm...
The Last of Us fanbase: Hmm...
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Based on what I’ve seen so far and read from the plot, as a long-time “Resident Evil” fan, “Resident Evil Village” might just be the most ambitious RE game in terms of storytelling. Like, I love the games...but the storytelling has always been thin and half-baked.
You can boil down most of the “Resident Evil” games like this; main character is on a mission, they go to a place that they think has what they’re looking for, oops there just happens to be monsters there, and then you learn the people responsible are Umbrella/some bioterrorist. No one really plays these games for the story. Hell, my favorite game is “Resident Evil 4″, and that game is infamous for having one of the weaker stories in the series. 
But in “Resident Evil Village”, it looks like Capcom is taking more influence from recent horror games, namely “The Last of Us”. Like, the attention to Ethan’s character development since RE7, the plot twists, Chris’ supposed descent into darkness, the Mother Miranda twists, worldbuilding, linking the story to the greater Resident Evil lore...Capcom really put their focus on the story this time, rather than gameplay and the graphics.
Okay, so I know I compared this game to “The Last of Us”, but you know what this game really reminds me of? “Silent Hill”. Not just the gothic setup, but the tone, the horror, and emphasis on character development. It’s like the “Silent Hill” team transferred to Capcom after Konami shut them down.
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My “Resident Evil Village” hot take: 
Ethan Winters = Harry Mason
Rose Winters = Heather Mason
Eveline = Alessa Gillespie 
Mother Miranda or Mia = Dahlia Gillespie 
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Got a fun game for y’all. Reblog this post with a series that you feel should never receive a live-action adaptation. Feel free to give your reasons why. 
I’ll start: Berserk
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Okay, so after doing some more thinking about the Mortal Kombat movie reboot, I feel that the Cole Young character would’ve been more accepted had the makers actually focused on him. I personally don’t think he’s a bad idea. Even though he’s an original character, he could technically work if he’s written well and given a compelling storyline. It’s not impossible to have a new character lead a well-established franchise, especially considering that not everyone has played the games.
(Example of what I mean: Ethan Hunt from the “Mission Impossible” movies)
I feel the real problem is that the writers half-assed Cole’s story and tried to shove in as much of the Mortal Kombat universe as possible. Like, it’s hard enough to focus on Cole’s hero journey, but then they toss in Jax’s origin story, Scorpion and Sub-Zero’s feud, Sonya’s origins, Kano’s villain arc, Liu Kang and Kung Lao’s origins, and so on. So not only is Cole a half-baked character, but they didn’t even give the established characters a proper arc. 
Honestly, if Warner Bros is serious about having Cole Young lead the Mortal Kombat reboot series, this movie should’ve just been about Cole and his family, Scorpion and the Shirai Ryu, and Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei. Call it something like “Mortal Kombat: Blood Feud” and have the story be centered on Cole learning about his Shirai Ryu roots, Scorpion bonding with Cole while hunting Sub-Zero down, and Sub-Zero trying to kill both men for unknown reasons. Quan Chi would be there as the true main villain, being the one who is manipulating both Scorpion and Sub-Zero. 
If this was the movie Warner Bros released, I could see it potentially being controversial with the fanbase since that would mean cutting out like 95% of the cast, but I’d rather have solid character arcs over half-assed character arcs with sprinklings of fan service. 
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