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#erik lehnsherr
redring91 · an hour ago
“Truth, Lies, and False Dilemmas” – Redring91
Chapter: 02/06
“Prague, Czechoslovakia”
Chapter Summary: Where Erik propositions a Madam; Xavier’s presence encourages faith; and a coin is put through the doctor’s forehead.
Rating: Mature
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: Gen, M/M
Fandoms: X-Men (Movieverse); X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom
Relationships: Erik Lehnsherr & Original Female Character(s); Erik Lehnsherr & Sebastian Shaw; Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Characters: Erik Lehnsherr; Original Female Character(s); Original Male Character(s); Sebastian Shaw; Charles Xavier
Additional Tags: Self-Hatred; Self-Esteem Issues; Self-Worth Issues; Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms; Suicidal Thoughts; Suicide Attempt; Canonical Child Abuse; Past Child Abuse; Abusive Relationships; Implied Childhood Sexual Abuse; Implied/Referenced Sexual Harassment; Angst and Hurt/Comfort; Male-Female Friendship; Emotional/Psychological Abuse; Erik has Issues; Erik Has Feelings; Hurt Erik Lehnsherr; Erik Lehnsherr is a Sweetheart; Erik Lehnsherr Needs a Hug; Erik Lehnsherr Has PTSD; BAMF Erik Lehnsherr; Multilingual Character; Shaw Being a Manipulative Bastard; one-sided Erik Lehnsherr/Sebastian Shaw; PROTECT ERIK LEHNSHERR AT ALL COSTS; Erik Lehnsherr Defense Squad; Nazi Hunter Erik Lehnsherr; Pre-Canon; Pre-X-Men: First Class (2011)
Erik knows the only thing he has to offer in life is death. He’s a Monster. (No matter how much he wishes he could be something else.) He’ll hunt down and murder his creator, even if it kills him.
He kills a Nazi in Prague. He kills a Nazi in Vienna. He kills a Nazi in Bern.
(In Berlin, he rescues a little girl’s cat from a tree. In Vienna, he gifts a bride a bouquet of edelweiss. In Paris, he bakes a croquembouche for a grandmother.)
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thegaysofgenosha · an hour ago
all the pleasure and the certainty by pocky_slash (part 23 of Daycare 'Verse)
Rating : General
Word count : 2,643
AU : Modern
Summary : In which Charles has two drinks too many, Erik's gone entirely soft, and there is dancing in a parking garage.
Warnings : None
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anderwhohn · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
@secondchancesmagneto​ ( Erik ) || stabby murder elf time!
Tumblr media
It was just her luck, really. Barely manage to escape one hellhole, only for her ship to crash land halfway across the universe, and if she were to guess by the look of the place, this planet was still decades, if not centuries, from interstellar spaceflight.
And while it doesn’t come to a surprise that the crash drew the attention of some of the locals, what does surprise her is just how quickly she finds herself fighting for her life from the shems in black suits with matching black, unmarked vehicles. Not that they stand much of a chance between her superior guns and her skill with blades.
Once all but one of the suits is dead, she’s managed to grab their apparent leader, her knife poised over his throat as she growls out something in her native tongue before slitting his throat and letting his body fall to ground to join the rest.
Dark brown eyes lift at the sound of approaching footsteps, her teeth bared in a wordless aggressive warning, shifting her grip on her knife in preparation of continuing to fight. But seeing the armour this one wears brings her pause, and she doublechecks the readouts on her wrist tool to make sure her translator implant is still functional now that it’s had time to reboot from the crash.
Tumblr media
“You don’t look like you’re with them,” she observes, her sharp gaze studying him quickly, and while she seems to relax just a fraction at that realisation, she’s clearly on guard for another attack. “Identify yourself, shem.”
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starkastichotmess · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
@secondchancesmagneto​ ( Erik ) || semi-plotted starter.
Tumblr media
To say that Tony Stark was having a bad day would be an understatement. 
After everything that happened in that clusterfuck that the media dubbed the ‘Avengers’ Civil War’, he had just got word that not only had the Rogue Avengers received pardons, but the Accords Council expected him to let them back into his life, to house them in the Compound, and apparently act as though nothing had ever happened.
With that news now looming over him, it’s little wonder that Tony had wanted a change of scenery. With his newest prototype suit ready for a test flight, it was as good of an excuse as any to try out the new nanotechnology as he donned the armour and took off from the Compound.
He’s nearly on autopilot himself, it seems, when he lands outside the home of none other than Erik Lensherr, and while the subconscious decision catches him off guard for just a moment, it makes sense. If anyone’s going to understand his side of things - and genuinely listen to them - it’s Lensherr, as odd as that might seem to most.
With a wry smirk at that thought, he withdraws the helmet of his armour, at least, the nanites realigning themselves to the rest of the suit until they’re needed again before knocking.
Tumblr media
“Lensherr! It’s your favourite technological genius!” he calls out, his smirk growing at the tease. “At least, I better be your favourite! You know how much I’m drawn to your magnetic personality.”
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secret-keeper18 · 7 hours ago
Charles: Is letting someone win at chess sapiosexual bottoming?
Raven: Does anyone in this godforsaken mansion ever think before they speak
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crazyquicksilvertrash · 9 hours ago
Erik, reading newspaper: Say, Charles, have you read this? It seems a local store was robbed by an invi- Where's my newspaper?
Peter: Wow, isn't the comics section funny today??
Erik: Alright, did you steal the entire candy section of a Supermarket?
Peter: Would it make it better if I said Kurt helped?
Charles: *puts head in hands and starts screaming*
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andromedaa-tonks · 9 hours ago
do you guys think erik lehnsherr owns a can opener
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thegaysofgenosha · 10 hours ago
and now you will not be alone any more by pocky_slash
Rating : Teen and up audiences
Word count : 5,273
AU : Mansion!Fic
Summary : Erik gives driving, sewing, and cooking lessons, soothes nightmares, bolsters self-esteem, and still can't figure out why Charles keeps smiling at him like that.
Warnings : None
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secret-keeper18 · 11 hours ago
Guys i cant believe Cherik was in Phineas and Ferb
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idnegrosupernegro · 11 hours ago
X-Men is one of the strangest cases of hateration in history (fictional or otherwise) like how are you so racist you build machines for the express purpose of finding and killing people who were born weird
Like damn y'all mad cuz you can't fly huh? Y'all mad cuz you gotta sit in traffic huh? Cuz you gotta clean the house manually huh? LMAOOOOOOO
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lauriel816 · 14 hours ago
Peter: Dad wanted to name me Pickle but Charles convinced him that one day I would become a great man and for this single reason he should name me Peter, you know, like Peter the Great.
Peter: Now I look at myself who is anything but great, I can’t help wondering if this makes Charles a fraudster.
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thelasthargreeves · 14 hours ago
Charles: Erik, why do we have a charge for Inter-Dimensional Time Traveling?
Erik: I can-
Charles: PETER!!!!
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fuesch · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I just love this guy! Gets to do pretty much nothing but stick to a wall. Then Peter mouthes "shit" to the revelation that Erik supposedly killed JFK and the guard gives us this glorious "Oh really?!" look.
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xmenshenanigans · 15 hours ago
*At a party, where everyone is drunk*
Erik: Really? You have all of them memorized?
Charles: 67. Holmium. Very reactive, very magnetic.
Moira: I have never been to a party that ended with someone reciting the periodic table.
Jean: 68, erbium. Atomic weight is 167.
Charles: Back to me! 69—
Erik: In your dreams!
Charles: What?
Erik: I’ll explain later.
Kitty: Element 69 is thulium, by the way, if anyone cares.
Raven: NERDS
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xmenshenanigans · 15 hours ago
Raven: I’m not going to take any part in your evil plan.
Erik: I’ll give you $30.
Raven: Deal.
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dreaming-skeleton · 15 hours ago
rating: teen and up audiences
archive warnings: no archive warnings apply
categories: gen
fandoms: x-men - all media types, x-men (alternate timeline movies)
relationships: erik lehnsherr & charles xavier, erik lehnsherr & pietro maximoff
characters: erik lehnsherr, charles xavier, pietro maximoff
additional tags: alternate universe - canon divergence, implied/referenced character death, child death, not really character death, okay this is mentioning death a lot but nobody dies onscreen and one of them is not really dead, that’s kinda the point here, x-men: first class (2011), x-men: days of future past (2014), dadneto, POV charles xavier, POV erik lehnsherr
word count: 1,141
summary: Erik had thought he’d lost both his children, back in the fire. Seventeen years later, he learns he still has his son.
He still has Pietro.
(note: this is chapter 1 of 2, and not connected to my x-men series)
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girlbossainsley · 15 hours ago
When my friends hype up famous guys they don't know:
Tumblr media
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incorrectx-menquotes · 16 hours ago
Every parent wants to see their child do well, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that watching my loser son fail at everything he tries has been pretty entertaining.
Erik Lehnsherr
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m-el · 18 hours ago
Where do I belong 16
~pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x Reader, Charles, Hank, Raven, Sean, Alex
~warnings: angst, mentions of death and wounds, smut, mentions of oral receiving, fingering, male and female orgasm, slight orgasm denial
~author’s note: some more sexy times; sorry for not updating but I wasn’t that motivated to continue the story but here we are y’all 🤝
~words: 3,037
Main Masterlist
Where do I belong? Masterlist
Tumblr media
You knocked on Alex’s door still in your yellow suit. Water dripped down on the floor every now and then. After nobody answered, you opened the door slightly to see Alex sitting on the edge of his bed. He also was still in his suit, the jacket wide open. He supported his upper body with his elbows on his knees. Hands together in a single fist. Gaze on the floor.
“Alex?” you whispered. You slowly walked into his room, silently closing the door behind you.
He lifted his head, looking at you but his facial expression empty. Like he was feeling nothing. No grief, no guilt, no nothing. As he didn’t reply, you searched for the right words to say.
“It’s not your fault that-“
“It is,” he interrupted you with a cold voice.
“Alex…” you sighed and took a step forward, trying to reach out to him.
“Of course it is my fault that you almost died. I pressed down on your wound to stop the bleeding but everything was red… It wouldn’t stop,” he drifted off as he recalled the memories from not 20 minutes ago. “It all happened so fast, I couldn’t register that you shot the guy I wanted to-“
“Alex,” you interrupted him “It’s okay now. I am okay now,” you reassured the blonde boy in front of you.
“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive myself,” his last words were only a whisper. A broken whisper. Tears rose to his eyes. They were on the brim of falling down his cheeks. Only one moment before they fell down, he ducked his head again, not wanting you to see him crying.
“I am okay, Alex. I really am. Look at me,” you softly demanded. You lifted your arms and turned around one time. “See? Everything’s fine,” you smiled down at him, noticing his eyes wander down to your abdomen. The fabric there was shredded and black from the burns. You opened your jacket and lifted up your t-shirt for him to see your fully healed skin where his beams hit your body. “See?” you repeated yourself.
Alex slightly nodded. He stood up from his bed and embraced you in a tight hug. You knew he needed it so you didn’t pull away until he did.
When there was one more thing you learned here, it was to not pull back from a hug until the other does. They might need the hug more than you.
“I’m very, very glad you’re okay.”
“Oh, someone’s getting emotional,” you jokingly raised your brows at him.
“Oh, shut up, Y/N. You’re a pain in the ass,” Alex chuckled back at you. “Keep an eye on Sean. He looked like he almost had a panic attack as he saw all the blood,” Alex’s voice trailed off again.
“I will, thank you,” you softly smiled at him and left his room to go check on Sean. “Sean?” you knocked on his door and before you could register, someone opened it.
“Y/N!” it was Sean. His eyes were red, so was his nose.
“Were you crying?”
“No! No, I wasn’t,” he tightly hugged you.
“He was, crying like a Baby,” you heard another voice from his room.
“Raven!” Sean protested and pulled back from the hug.
The next one who hugged you was Raven. “I would have been there with you if this guy over here hadn’t had a panic attack,” she sighed and pulled back again. “But I saw Erik was with you so I knew he would keep an eye on you and you were in good hands. Literally…”
“Thank you for having an eye on me anyway, Raven,” you smiled at her. “I go change… You know, get off the wet and dirty suit…”
“Sure,” Sean answered.
“Don’t get hit by Alex on your way to your room,” Raven sarcastically spoke. “I will beat his ass-“
“I’m sorry to tell you this but Erik already did,” you answered Raven.
“Oh I’m sure he did,” she proudly grinned “But I’m doing it anyway. Almost killing my bestie like that…”
“Okay, but don’t go too hard on him,” you smiled at both of them and left the room for a long and hot shower.
You stripped down your dirty clothes and turned on the water, waiting for it to run hot. You checked the temperature with your left, while you held the showerhead in your right hand. As the water was warm enough, you slipped under it and instantly relaxed as you felt the hot water on your skin. A sigh escaped your mouth as you massaged the shampoo onto your scalp.
Once you were finished with your shower, you brushed out your hair and left the room with only a big white towel covering your frame.
“I would have joined you in there but I figured you might just want to relax,” Erik laid on your bed, his feet dangling from it. He laid on his back, his hands were below his head.
“Who told you that I wouldn’t enjoy you joining me?” You commented in an innocent voice.
He moved his head your way and your eyes instantly met. “You sure?” he hesitated and eventually sat up as you moved over to him. “We just got home from our mission.”
“And?” you empathized the ‘a’.
He didn’t know what to answer so he continued looking straight into your eyes.
You teasingly bit your lip. “Then apparently, you have to get out of my room or watch me change,” You turned around, released the towel, and let it fall to the ground with a silent thud. You turned around your head and looked at Erik watching you, gaze somewhat impatient. “Watching me change, Mr Lehnsherr?” You slipped on some panties “Just sitting there and doing nothing?” You searched for a matching bra and as you were about to secure it in the back, you felt Erik’s breath on your neck and his hands on top of yours, preventing you from doing so.
“I prefer you without any clothing, darling,” his voice was darker than usual and your breath hitched in the back of your throat but you didn’t want to give in to the sensation. You heard your door click and assumed that Erik locked the door with his mutation.
“Oh, really?” Erik’s hands wandered from your back down to your thighs, your hands fell on his. His right hand found your abdomen and he pressed himself onto your almost bareback. You felt his erection on your lower back and started grinding against him. He groaned at your movements.
His left hand moved over your stomach to the right side of your ribs to hold you in place while his right hand wandered down into the panties you just put on. He kissed the side of your neck and you moved your head to the side so he had better access. Erik slipped a finger over your folds. “So wet already,” he mumbled onto your neck. “Are you really sure you want to do this?”
“Erik…” you breathed out “Yes… Please.”
He slipped his finger inside your clenching pussy and you moaned at this sensation. You didn’t know how long you will be able to not cry out his name.
Another finger slipped into you which made you slightly tense. Your right hand fell to his wrist to hold him in place. You never did something like that standing up.
“Shh, darling. Relax for me, will you?” He planted another kiss in the crook of your neck. You felt him caress your ribs and you relaxed against him. “That’s it. Good girl.”
His thumb found your clit and he rubbed circles around it. Your head fell back onto his chest and you closed your eyes in ecstasy. “Fuck,” you breathed out, knowing damn well to be quiet this time.
Erik’s fingers slowly moved inside you, testing your limits. As he was sure you also enjoyed it, he twisted them and pressed up.
You hardly bit your lips to don’t scream out. Silent whimpers let Erik know that he was doing a good job. He knew how your body responded to his touches. One might say that he knew your body almost better than you.
“Fuck, Erik, don’t stop, please,” you whimpered out, your eyes rolled back into your skull behind your closed eyelids.
He felt you clench around his fingers and pressed you even harder against his body, knowing that your legs might become jelly.
“Cum on my fingers,” the mutant behind you breathed out and so you did.
Your hand gabbed his wrist harder, nails digging into his flesh. The warmth in your abdomen exploded as you came in ecstasy against his fingers. Your other hand found his left underarm with which he secured you against him.
Erik slipped out of you and tightly hugged you from behind as you came down from your high. You let go of him and turned around in his grasp. You grabbed the mutant’s right hand and began to suck on his index and middle finger. A deep groan escaped Erik’s mouth and his pupils dilated even wider. He watched your mouth closely, wondering how your plump lips would look around his dick…
“Darling,” he groaned “You don’t know what you’re doing right now…” you let go of his fingers with an audible pop and pulled him down for a kiss, letting him taste you on your tongue. You both moaned into the kiss as you impatiently fiddled with the hem of Erik’s sweatpants. He pulled back from the kiss and got rid of his t-shirt in one swift movement and pulled down his sweats afterward. He lifted you up bridal style and softly laid you down on your bed. Your panties were gone in under a second as he ripped them off.
“Erik!” you protested “These were new!”
“I will buy you new ones.”
“Someone’s very eager. Not even pulling down underwear like a normal guy would do.”
“Don’t tease me. I’m better than a ‘normal guy’,” Erik pulled off his last remaining piece of clothing and tossed it on the ground. “Now my darling, where were we?”
Erik took a look into your bedside dresser and got out a condom. He ripped it open with his teeth and put it on his erection. He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss onto your forehead as he spread your legs so he could line himself up on your pussy. He stroked himself a few times and pushed in slowly.
“Erik,” you warned. “Don’t tease me,” you repeated what he said only moments before. As he bottomed out, you crossed your heels behind his back and pushed him even further if that was even possible.
“Fuck! Darling,” Erik breathed out. His voice hitched.
He supported his weight in his elbows next to your head. Your foreheads touched and you signaled him to move. Your arms crossed behind his neck and you pulled him down into a kiss as he pulled almost fully out of you and thrust back in. Both of your moans were muffled due to your kiss. As you pulled back to breathe, you breathed the same air. Erik’s movements were slow so you could still adjust, keeping everything low until you said he could thrust in a way you preferred. He really tried to let you feel comfortable, feel safe, not wanting to hurt you. You were almost too much for him to go slow. Your eyes, your moans, your body-
A “Faster, please,” from you was all he needed to pick up the pace. He softly kissed your forehead again before he leaned back to go faster.
He held your thighs up against his waist and he saw how much you enjoyed this. Your hands moved above your head, presenting him your breasts as they bounced with each of his thrusts. Your eyes were shut close.
“You don’t know what you do to me, do you?” you opened your eyes, smiling at him, then biting your lower lip again.
Your hands fell down to your breasts, massaging them and moaning at the added stimulation. “Mhh, Erik, please don’t stop-“ your hips bucked up and your eyes automatically closed again.
“I feel you clenching,” Erik breathed as he held down your hips with a hand on your stomach. “Don’t come yet.”
Your breathing became heavier with each thrust of him. Erik pulled fully out of you, leaving you uncomfortably empty. He turned you around, pressing the side of your face down to the mattress by your neck.
“We don’t like to let them hear how I make you scream out my name, do we?”
Still shocked from the sudden dominance, you whimpered out a silent “No,” before Erik grabbed you by your waist to lift off your ass from the mattress.
He thrust back inside you without a warning which made you scream into the fabric below you.
You grabbed your sheets as the warmth in your lower abdomen returned.
“Please, Erik,” you begged as the sensation was becoming almost too much.
His thrusts became sloppier and you felt him twitch inside you. “Cum,” he demanded.
You came a second time with a cry into your mattress, meeting Erik’s thrusts midway. Your vision became white for a second as you climaxed for the second time.
Erik came only a moment after with a broken groan, gripping your waist hard, it surely will leave bruises.
He left your side for a moment as he got you a wet cloth and cleaned you up. He returned after he cleaned himself with a glass of water. You were still laying on your stomach, gaze fixated on him. He saw fresh tears running down your cheek and came rushing to you.
“Princess. Did I hurt you?” He looked at you in slight regret, lifting you up so you could lay your head on his chest. He lifted up the blankets and tucked the two of you under it. “I’m so sorry…”
“No,” you began as you weakly lifted your head from his chest to look him deep into his ocean eyes. “It just felt so good,” as you told him, embarrassment took over your body. You began to blush and hid it in the crook of the mutant’s neck.
He chuckled at your statement. “So you like it rough, huh?”
“Apparently,” you mumbled against his skin, still slightly embarrassed by this conversation.
“Get some sleep, love,” he whispered and kissed you on top of your head.
“I love you,” the tiredness in your voice couldn’t be overheard. Yet, the meaning did not lose any value.
“I love you,” Erik leaned down a bit and kissed your head.
You closed your eyes for a moment and about five minutes later, there was a knock on your door. You shrieked up, not knowing what time it was.
“Who’s there?”
“It’s Hank,” you heard his muffled voice behind the locked door.
You sighed and looked up to Erik who kept eye contact with a tired expression. “Of course it’s him,” Erik told you in a raspy whisper.
You glanced at the clock on your bedside table and saw that you actually were asleep for about one and a half hours.
“We have to get you checked up,” Hank continued. “Take another blood sample.”
“I’ll be in your lab in five,” you called out to him and placed the blanket above your head, trying to get some more sleep.
“Darling,” Erik chuckled beside you. “If you get back to sleep you won’t be able to make it down in five minutes.
You groaned at Erik’s comment. “I want to stay here,” you confessed. “with you.”
“Come on, I’ll come with you,” The mutant suggested and you found yourself nodding.
Down in Hanks lab, you were sitting on the cold metal examination table. Hank took a blood sample while Erik watched every single step Hank made; checking if you’re comfortable. What an overprotective partner he was…
“Okay, this will take some hours, I’ll let you know when it’s ready,” Hank grinned and Erik and you left the lab.
As you were about to go back to your room, you saw all the others gathered in front of the TV in the main living room. You were curious about what was going on and entered the big room. All eyes instantly fell on you while you saw Charles standing in front of the TV, his eyes closed, one hand on his hip and the other pinching the bridge of his nose. You knitted your brows in confusion.
“What is going on here?” You asked, not fully prepared for the upcoming answer.
Charles's eyes fluttered open, directly meeting yours, then Erik’s, then back to yours. You quickly peaked at the television to see the news. Your heartbeat quickened as you saw an old picture of your father on the screen.
“A fifty-four-year-old man died mysteriously.” One of the reporters said.
“I don’t know how this happened…” Your mother. You took another step forward into the room. “It all started with bruises, looking like hands around his neck,” she sniffled into her handkerchief. “Then, deep cuts on his face,” you sharply inhaled, your hands covering your mouth. You took a small step back again, Erik’s hands on your shoulders to support you. “broken ribs and more bruises followed. Until this morning,”
“All right, that’s enough,” the man behind you said. Charles grabbed the remote and turned off the television. Your eyes fluttered shut, still not believing what just happened. It was too much information. Too much for your brain to handle.
“I have to get out of here,” you whispered, still no tears rising to your eyes. You walked straight out of the room, hearing other footsteps behind you. You turned around to see Erik who followed you. “alone, please…” you whispered, your voice slightly breaking.
You needed some time alone… As you thought about how your family treated you back then, you felt a feeling in your guts you couldn’t really describe. Was it some sort of relief? On the other hand, you knew your father was dead; just because of you.
Tumblr media
stay safe<3
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