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#wip meme
mistyeyedbi · 21 minutes ago
One Line Challenge
Thank you so much for the tags @queerbrujas @tinyuselessmagics @crackerdumortain and @grysonblack
Rules: Write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line
Here's a little something I'm writing based off of the terrifying thought of Murphy succeeding and the detective only being found years later (i can't for the life of me find that post💔😭) (it's pretty vague but there is canon typical violence)
Sometimes she would have to remind him to stop, grabbing weakly at his shoulders as the room grew darker, her body heavy and slack in his grip as she murmured a "you'll kill me, there will be nothing left of me" (as if she wasn't a hollowed version of herself, as if there was anything left to save, for them to save if they were even looking-).
I'm late and this is long so idk if I should tag anyone💀 If you want to do this go ahead and tag me! I love seeing people's wips
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d20owlbear · 4 hours ago
tell me about "oh shit here we go" because this as to be some galaxy brain take right here with a name like that
oh god lol I wish XD so the “oh shit here we go again” is just because myself and @cassieoh can’t seem to not start new stuff. 
This is intended to be an 80k romance novel “where nothing happens.” We wanted to write a story of middle-ish aged queer romance somewhere in the nebulous American ‘countryside’ (probably somewhere in NY state or the PNW tbh but ultimately unnamed) where there’s no massive fight to be had, no huge thing they have to overcome other than their own emotions (standard romance tropey stuff), and we’ve more or less decided that we’re not the biggest fan of writing homophobia or similar aspects of real life into our fiction. (That is, ofc, not to say that it shouldn’t be written! just that it’s not our specific cup of tea to write ourselves)
That being said, our main characters are:
Jae-Young Pak (or Jay as an ‘American nickname’)
3rd gen Korean American
Artist, makes his living from sculptures but he dabbles in most media, keeps a small watercolor journal with him at all times that he sketches in whenever he gets the chance
Orphaned at 8 years old, aged out in the system alongside Rachel 
Ari Pasternak
Family immigrated in the late 30s from Eastern Europe, Jewish
Works as a restorationist, mostly from home on items from private collections these days, but he still does jobs with his old team in the city on occasion, and he’s well-known enough that he’s invited to take a few longer trips a year around the country for things
and Rachel, who is Jae’s best friend since they were 12ish and aged out of the system together and Ari’s neighbor. Rachel’s got two kids [currently working names are Kay and Abe though it’s very likely to change] who both she and Jae call the little tweenage monsters (they’re 11 and 13 or so and run feral with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood). They call Jae “uncle Jay”. 
The entirety of the story is Jae coming over to babysit/house sit for a whole summer while Rachel and Adam (her husband) are pulled away for a major work opportunity and Jae works through what is more or less full-time parenting for the first time. Previously he’d only seen them for maybe a few days at a time, a week even, but with Rachel or Adam there as well ‘cause he was visiting, and now he’s the adult here and there’s so much! 
But really, in the grand scheme of things, there’s not much at all that happens other than the occasional pre-teenage semi-rebellion, a few accidents because tweenagers aren’t fully sure of where their limbs are at all times while they shoot up rapidly like bamboo stalks, and Jae cries a little about it, but lo and behold here’s a nice, friendly neighbor who’s used to these tweenage shenanigans spilling out over his lawn offering Jae a hand up and a comforting hug and whOOps now he’s in love oh no!
We’ve got the first 800 or so words of this written and we’re gonna try to stick to the usual romance novel formatting, so we’ll see how that goes and how many words we have to cut after lol
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tickety-boo-af · 5 hours ago
First Lines
Rules: post the first spoken lines of the main characters of your WIP with no context whatsoever. 
Thanks, @refraingirl-the-writer for tagging me in this. You know about my WIP about magic and language and The Last Unicorn. The funny thing is it’s very interior and so far there is no dialogue for the whole first section.
The second section begins in the 15th century with Aziraphale discovering the first book in a market stall in Poland. “Where did you get this?” he asks in the local language.
(Okay, I cheated and put some context. But to me that makes it more intriguing.)
Anyone else who thinks it’s fun is welcome to play. Maybe @fenrislorsrai ?
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pynkhues · 5 hours ago
for the wip game - anniversary (C&C)
Yes! Thank you! I don’t really have an excerpt for this one yet, haha, and it’s sort of conceptual still as opposed to plotted, but it’s set around the first New Year’s in the new house, and the catalyst for the story is Emma and Beth putting all the important dates into the family calendar for the year, and it’s all fun and games until Emma tells Beth she’s got to put her and Rio’s anniversary on the calendar too.
Beth realises she has no idea what that could even be, and it falls out into a lot of discussions with people in the preparation for a New Year’s Eve party about when it could be (Ruby votes for the day they moved in together! Annie votes for first time boning! Rio thinks it’s when Beth robbed him, haha) and there’s a lot of push-pull in it and thinking about milestones and culminates in romantic NYE kisses thheeeeee end, haha. It’s hopefully pretty light and fun, but also gives me the opportunity to explore their relationship a bit before I Could Be Your Welcome.
Ask me about one of my WIPS!
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educatedinyellow · 6 hours ago
The Whitehead One <3! Mr Holmes fix-it! Jeeves and Wooster!
Oh yay, thanks for asking! :)
The Whitehead One <3  Basically nothing is written on this one, but I’ve brainstormed about it in the back of my head for a long time. At the end of “The Luckless Gambler,” when Pickering!Watson realizes that Holmes has arranged matters in such a way as to give young Christopher his father back -- this reckless and misguided, but loving, father who was on the verge of making the worst mistake of his life, who has now been miraculously cleared of debt and is hopefully too scared by the near miss to make the same mistakes again -- Watson looks at his friend and says quietly, “You never cease to amaze me, Holmes.” Watching that moment in the episode, I thought: that’s it, that’s when he fell for him. Before that moment, there were flirtations and attractions and possibilities, but this is something deeper; this touched Watson’s heart.
And I thought, you know, gambling is usually woven into Watson’s backstory in some way. What if, in this ’verse, Watson’s father was a man much like Christopher’s father -- a man whom his boys loved for his affectionate nature, but who got in over his head with the wrong people and never recovered enough to give his children a real childhood? How many times might a young Watson have dreamed and wished for a strong and caring adult like Holmes who could *see* the difficulties they were in and *do* something about it -- step in and make things right, give them back all the things his father’s troubles took away: a safe and stable family, a boyhood where he could rely on adults instead of having to take responsibility for himself. What if Pickering!Watson couldn’t avoid having his life interrupted over the years by his dad’s creditors and had to develop his sangfroid and competence and stoicism and fist-fighting because it was his way of protecting himself from the life that was swallowing up his father and, eventually, his brother too? What if his father’s mistakes are part of why he has zero comfort-level with the idea of parenting a child himself? To me it made some sense of the vibe Pickering gives off of having rough edges underneath an incredibly put-together exterior.
I think what Holmes did for Christopher in this episode would have moved Watson deeply (almost like healing a piece of his own past), but at the same time, he’s FAR more aware than Holmes is of what an idiotic move it was to a) win a load of money off of the local violent kingpin, b) pay off his client’s debt to this kingpin *with the kingpin’s own money*, and c) rub the kingpin’s face in it by inviting him to witness the whole affair in person.
So, basically at some point over the course of the story we would have: Watson’s backstory; H/W first time; Watson sitting up in 221B afterwards waiting for the thug that the kingpin will most certainly send to attempt either to break their kneecaps or burn their house down; bantering fireside pillowtalk while awaiting the criminal’s attack; once the break-in occurs, Watson putting his skill at fisticuffs *and* conflict negotiation to good use with sardonic sideline commentary by a well-contented Holmes; Watson sending the thug off with a flea in his ear but also Harry’s watch in his pocket and the message that the kingpin is welcome to keep it -- a greater value than the cash he lost -- and consider them square. At the end Holmes reveals that obviously he knew what he was doing when he baited the kingpin into coming after them and that, although he took great pleasure in watching Watson defend their hearth and home, he will be even more pleased to have Watson by his side as he dismantles this particular criminal racket with his customary ruthless efficiency. This was but the opening salvo, and frankly the kingpin doesn’t stand a chance. There will be no more corpses in the river when men wind up losing more money than they can repay; Holmes will see to that. The battle is joined, and Watson has chosen a very excellent man to love. <3
And after all that detail, I will make quick work of the other two!
Mr. Holmes fix-it: Hmm, ‘fix-it’ may be false advertising, but it does aim to address Watson’s gaping absence in the film. This is just me taking advantage of Holmes’s unreliable memory to posit that he and Watson did, in fact, reconcile and shared many gentle years of Sussex retirement living together until Watson’s own passing (I *think* as the dearest of friends, rather than lovers, although Holmes was in love with him -- but I might change my mind on the unrequited element, I’m not sure about it. I don’t want to make this story cruelly sad, just melancholy as is in keeping with the tone of the film). Holmes’s current housekeeper is unaware, as she only took her position with him a few years ago, after Watson was already gone. All of Watson’s effects are in the attic, and as Holmes’s young friend explores the house, they rediscover them together. Holmes is overwhelmed by having the memories of his oldest, deepest love revived in tandem with a reawakened grief. He has to make a decision about whether he wishes to leave these relics hidden away and court the mercy of forgetting again and going back to the version of his story in which Watson’s death is an emotionally distant event with no real power to wound, or whether he wants to spread reminders of Watson’s presence throughout the house and accept the accompanying grief as a toll worth paying for the memory of their good years.
Jeeves and Wooster: Not much to say about this except that I find the sound of these songs a cute fit for the Jeeves & Wooster series. I’d have to cut a bit from the beginning of The World is Mine about not being rich (Bertie is, of course), but most of the song would be perfect for celebrating Bertie’s good heart and cheerfully convoluted friendships and the ridiculous world through which he moves, with perhaps the implication at the end that Jeeves has become ‘the world’ to him, and that Jeeves has in turn decided to be his :) You’re An Education would aim to be funnier and slash-ier, but in an appropriately sweet and gormless way :) One of these vids might happen if my library system turns out to have this series on DVD...
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d20owlbear · 9 hours ago
Whiskey boys! Whiskey boys!!! Please tell me about the whiskey boys
still the same fic I've been starting at four a while, so I'm sorry if this isn't any news to you lol, but I've included an excerpt here!
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kittlesandbugs · 9 hours ago
OKAY so I am absolutely a sucker for stealing clothes trope.  Like hardcore.  Love it.  So I started one lol because I was straight up doomed from the description of his goddamn green silk jammies in the LT.  This thing is just straight up fluff that may end up a little smutty by the end of it, I’m not sure, I’m stuck on where exactly I want to go with it.  I’d say it’s like third-to-half-done at this point lol.
And he finally finds his shirt. Regardless of the fact that it covers nearly everything from her shoulders to a couple inches above her knees at this angle, his mouth goes dry at the sight of her in it. There's something so intimate and endearing about her wearing his clothes, despite the almost laughable difference in their sizes. She’s tamed the sleeves mostly, rolled up so she can scramble the eggs unhindered, but the silk fabric slides with every movement.
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fenrislorsrai · 10 hours ago
I’m sure everyone wants to know about your WIP called “Gabriel Punching.” I also wanna know about the one called “They are trying to be sneaky, but they are not” because it makes me laugh.
They are trying to be sneaky, but they are not” is from a much later chapter in the Star Trek AU I’ve posted about before.  They have finally gotten together but aren’t sure how other people will take it so are sneaking around like teenagers. They were literal spies in this AU and are just terrible at this part. coded data exhcange, great. not getting caught sleeping over, bad at that. -------- “Shitshithsit! Azir we overslept!”  “Hmmm what?” There was a sleepy blink and then Azir was sitting up suddenly. “Goodness! This is my fault!” “You fell asleep at mine twice already, that’s why we switched to me coming here. We gotta set an alarm or something.” “Yes, well, doesn’t do you any good now.” “No, shit. What time is it actually?” He looked over at the antique timepiece Azir had acquired from the junk dealer and made an ‘eep’ noise.  “Anathema’s gonna kill me if I’m late!” “She’s not going to kill you, but she will be nosy.” ‘That’s worse!”  Crowli scrambled out of the nest of blankets and immediately shivered in the dawn cold. “Grab my sweater and go do your hair, it’s a fright, I’ll grab you something to eat.” ____ THIS WILL BE FINE, NO ONE WILL NOTICE THE SWEATER. 
Gabriel punching is literally gabriel getting punched by his own tailor over something stupid he said. -------- He really liked the clothes.  The everything else…. Not so much  But there was a certain something about the clothes.  The dressing up and changing appearance around in ways without actually changing anything.  Because you wouldn’t want to actually change things.  That might imply things had been done wrong.  Which they most certainly had not been.  Everything was just as it should be! Everything was going according to plan! Except today.  Today was not
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a-big-apple · 11 hours ago
Empty nesting ? 👀👀👀
ooh ok that one is a little series of vignettes about the gems and greg adjusting to life after steven moves out! Cuddle Time will be part of it, which i didn’t know when i wrote it, and there are two more finished parts that i’m holding on to, and three or four more parts to write! here are some bits from the two that are done, i think i’ve shared some from these two stories before because i’ve been sitting on them but hopefully these are new snippets!
Pearl’s pov:
She sits him at the kitchen table with a glass, pulls some crackers from the cabinet and sets about slicing up cheese. When she turns back with a plate for him, Onion has pulled a little toy—one of those Lads dolls?—from his backpack and is dunking it head first in the glass, muttering a soft but dramatic commentary. She smiles and sets the plate down, then takes a seat herself to watch him play. He abandons the toy drowning in his glass to turn attention to the plate, popping a cracker in his mouth and then starting to build a tower with the rest. “Feeling a little better?”
He sticks out his tongue, unblinking, to show her the cracker mush; she sighs.
“Food is very strange, isn’t it? You know, if you put some of these cheese pieces at the base of the tower for foundation, it’ll be stronger. See how they’re heavier? They’ll help keep the crackers in place.”
Together they build a surprisingly sound structure at least five crackers tall; satisfied, Onion rescues his toy from the water glass and smashes the tower flat with it.
“I see you’ve got your fire back,” Pearl says, sweeping the chaos together with her hands. 
Greg’s pov: 
Greg gives in and rubs the sticky sleep from his eyes, runs his fingers through the overnight tangles in his hair. It’s sticking up in the back, he can tell; it never used to do that when it was long. Nothing a little water won’t fix, at least. He rolls over and grabs for his phone, finds two messages have come in while he was sleeping. 
The first is a photo, a sunrise bursting pink and orange from between two mountain peaks, and Steven in the foreground, leaning against the railing of a motel courtyard with a quiet smile. Morning in Blue Ridge, the text below the photo says. A great album cover, right?
Greg looks at the photo again, zooms in on Steven’s face. He looks calm; tired, but the untroubled kind. His hair is getting long, without Pearl around to cut it for him. He looks like Rose.
Definitely a possibility, he texts back. No joke kiddo, if you write an album’s worth of songs on this trip, I’ll produce it. Love you.
He saves the photo to his camera roll and opens the second text. I’m going to the store, it says. Text if you need anything. -Pearl
Fabric softener? he texts back.
The response is immediate. Already on the list. Don’t make breakfast, Amethyst asked for bagels so I’m bringing back a dozen. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. -Pearl
Thanks, he sends back, and as an afterthought, sends her the photo of Steven. There’s a pause, then three little dots tell him she’s typing.
He looks like Rose, she says, and doesn’t sign it.
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sungmee · 12 hours ago
RULES: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it! And then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
got tagged by @smolalienbee! i have uh, a lot of wips lol, both writing and art, so (all good omens)
art: 1. hadestownAU 2. prayforusicarus 3. weddingwives 4. wedding husbands 5. pilot AU 6. spiritedaway 7. enchantedzine 8. monsterzine 9. assassinsAU 10. trueform 11. wickedAU 12. HIM 13. stud 14. onceuponatime 15. reverseAU2 16. bend (ns//fw) 17. chairtilt (ns//fw) 18. plantlove (ns//fw) 19. pornfics3 (ns//fw)
fic: 1. 'the heart will not remember what it will not name’ 2. ‘together we’ll see both sunlight and storms’ 3. ‘if there’s nothing to remember, then there’s nothing left to grieve’ 4. The Little Things You Do Together 5. Love Thy Neighbor 7. ‘the woods are just trees, the trees are just wood’  8. Silver and Gold
uh, i’m not tagging 26 people and also idk who all has been tagged already, but mmmmm @emberfaye, @entanglednow, @summerofspock, @waywarder, @naromoreau, @tweedfeather, if any of y’all wanna do it, and anyone else of course, feel free!
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a-big-apple · 12 hours ago
ok im dying to know what is the pearl is hot fic (although i have a hunch)
lol kinda does what it says on the tin but so far it’s mostly about volley finding out that everybody thinks pearl is hot, not just her and bis? i’m not sure if i’ll ever finish it but i think about it a lot! maybe it’ll be a five times? i love a lot of parts of this so i’m just gonna paste a nice big chunk:
Volley looks up again with a little smile, offers her cheek for a kiss; Bismuth gives her one, with an exaggerated smacking sound that makes her laugh. “I do want to. Tell me what’s so special about Pearl training with holograms. Besides being Pearl.”
“As if that isn’t enough. But listen. Pearl’s been here a long time, right? Watching humans, watching Rose watching humans...and humans have all these inside parts we don’t have.”
“Like stomachs, for eating,” Volley says, nodding as she moves on to the next plant in the row.
“Right. So, they have muscles, under their skin. That’s what makes their bodies move around. And the strong, capable humans have muscles you can see—”
Volley glances up at her again, getting the idea. “Like your back,” she says, a little dreamier than she meant to, “and your shoulders?”
Bismuth flushes and laughs. “Well, I’ve been here a long time too. But you know, Pearl’s such a noodle. Her construct’s gotten more human little by little, her hair color, her clothes...she’s got muscle definition under there, you just can’t see it most of the time.”
“And...when she’s going all out at training…?” 
“Mmhm,” Bismuth affirms, low and rumbling. Then she holds up the bottles; they clink together as she lifts them, dripping condensation. “I got us some nice cold pop, ‘cause things can get a little overheated.”
If Volley hurries through the rest of the watering, well, Peridot won’t know and Bismuth won’t tell.
When they get to the arena, she’s surprised to find Pearl already has an audience spread through the stands in little clusters; Biggs and Blue Lace and Cherry all together, Spudomene with the Beetles perched on her shoulder, that new Lapis Lazuli with the freckles sharing a bag of microwave popcorn with Amethyst, and to her surprise, Yellow and Blue curled together front and center.
“Word travels fast,” Bismuth mutters with a smile, and leads Volley down, where Blue turns and smiles at them when they approach. 
“Oh good, I was going to record it for you, but now I don’t have to.”
Yellow leans past her with a knowing look. “She’s going to record it anyway.”
Volley giggles and sits close, pulling Bismuth down on her other side before turning her attention to the arena.
Out on the floor, Pearl is setting up her combatants; there are already four HoloPearls standing at attention, and she creates another and cuts it loose with a sweep of her hand before turning and adding two HoloQuartzes, her newest model. 
“That’s a lot,” Volley murmurs, and Bismuth lightly pats her leg. 
“She won’t set ‘em too high, not this many. Just watch.”
Pearl has her back to them, but she surely knows she has an audience; when she shrugs off her jacket and lets it dissipate into a shimmer of sparkles, there’s a ripple of appreciative murmurs and a wolf-whistle from Amethyst.
“Initiate training mode, level four,” is all Pearl says as she draws weapons from her gem and tosses one to each combatant.
She keeps one for herself, a straight, delicate blade with a swirling curve to the handle—”I made that one,” Bismuth whispers—and takes a ready stance.
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sanguinarysanguinity · 14 hours ago
Hey, what's Kingston blackmail and who is the Fake Dating AU about?
I published the first chapter of Kingston Blackmail last week! AO3 summary: 
Seven years after the fatal disaster at Caudebec, Admiral Lord Horatio Hornblower receives a blackmail threat from someone who knows entirely too much of his history with Captain William Bush. 
I’ve been referring to it on tumblr as the Amnesia AU; the first chapter is here: Fogbound. 
Fake Dating AU is Bush and Hornblower set during Flying Colours: instead of waiting for the Loire to subside, Bush and Hornblower cross France by pretending to be Dutch newlyweds on a quickie honeymoon-leave from their respective armies. (Yes, it’s silly and set in an AU in which M/M marriage is a thing. Why should the writers of contemporary canons and modern-AUs get to have all the fun?)
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a-big-apple · 15 hours ago
What's happenin in How did you stop hurting?
oooh that one is kinda weird but i’m into it, pearl comes home from a rough therapy session of digging up old memories and volley goes into her pearl to help her reorganize:
The space you arrive in is undefined, and cleanly bright like a gleaming kitchen countertop. Around you, the palest differentiations of colors give the impression of surfaces, walls, a ceiling, a floor, but at the same time every surface except the one you’re standing on feels like you’d have to walk miles to touch it. You feel safe instantly, though it’s possible you shouldn’t; this is Pearl. This is the expanse inside her mind, inside her soul, shimmering and familiar. How could you be afraid here?
You can be worried, though. Snatches of sound reach you, as if through a fog. Getting louder, closer but no clearer; competing, overlapping. 
Pearl’s voice, each one of them.
You turn a circle in the empty space, and when you come around again they’re there as sudden as raindrops—projections, glowing blue, moving and speaking and fighting and sobbing in urgent, asynchronous loops. It takes you a breathless minute to process them, to keep yourself from running to the nearest one. They must be coming from somewhere— 
She’s at the center of the throng of memories, a hand clutching her chest, the other pressed against her gem; she looks like Pearl—is Pearl—but there’s something just a little off about her, a flawless mask starting to peel at the edges. You couldn’t care less—you thread your way through the cacophony, and when she spots you coming she stumbles. Stumbles away.
“Volley,” she croaks, and she sounds squeezed. “Don’t—I don’t want to—”
“It’s all right,” you croon, reaching out, “I’m going to help you.”
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sanguinarysanguinity · 16 hours ago
Eeeeee, you always have so many great WIP ideas, I LOVE it when you do this meme! I'm most curious about: 5 Deaths of a Hat; Original selkie fic; those 4 files of More Papas?
Five Deaths of a Hat was a Gentlemen of the Road fic: in the novel, Zelikman and Amram have a running squabble about Zelikman’s terrible, horrible, much-beloved hat. (At one point, someone trying to kill them puts a hole in the hat, and Zelikman’s grief -- and Amram’s disgust -- is epic.) I really wish I remembered better what my brilliant story idea had been, but it was going to be something slashy and wonderful about how this hat is only the latest in a long series of much-beloved hats, all of which died ignoble deaths. I had most of the hat-deaths brainstormed, and what each signified in the rising UST between Zelikman and Amram...
But alas, the document is entirely empty except for its title. Nothing I brainstormed is there. Once upon a time I had this brilliant idea for a fic, and now all I have to show for it is a title and this lousy empty document.
The Selkie origfic is about a privateer captain named Bella and the kidnapped selkie she encounters in port one day. Bella is herself the daughter of a kidnapped selkie, so this is 1) personal, and 2) not in any way about her -- although any assistance she can give is greatly appreciated.
I have the story loosely plotted, but I’m not wholly happy with it as it stands; it’s being indefinitely backburnered until I’m better pleased with my ideas for it. It’s also possible that I’ll just scrap this one and find a new story for Bella. (I like Bella a lot.)
The More Papas folder contains: 
A substantial sequel that picks up a few days after the end of Baker Street Papas, with the two of them figuring out what exactly it means that they have a kissing relationship now. It’s structured as a 5+1 (five times they didn’t share a bed and one time they did), but it’s been stalled on part 4 for a long while. Can I really can bring it home in two parts plus a comic epilogue? But if I don’t do it as a 5+1, what do I want it to look like? 
Two more files related to the 5+1: a friend’s crack at restructuring it, and a file of deleted bits. (Most anything of any length of mine has a deleted-bits auxiliary file.)
All Growed Up: Violet is home from school for the Christmas hols with a secret of her own, and Holmes and Watson scramble to be good parents despite having a lot of feelings about this development. I’ve written the opening scene -- them meeting her at the train station -- and I’m tempted to say boo to the rest of the story and just publish that as a little vignette, a cosy little portrait of the three of them, fifteen years on. Except... the full thing would be a cool story, probably, if I could get it to work.
There’s also two more stories in my head that I don’t yet have anything written down for: a happy little thing with Holmes conspiring with 5yo Violet to troll Watson, and -- erm, I’m so sorry for this -- a Reichenbach fic. I should probably take my lesson from “Five Deaths of a Hat” and write something down...
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mariana-oconnor · 17 hours ago
Oh man, could you please share more about (WH fic - Clint is a werewolf— I love shifter fics 💕!!!
I also love shifter fics. I don’t know why, and as Lost & Found had Bucky as the werewolf, I thought I’d try writing one that was the other way around. This is another of the fics that has multiple false starts to it because I haven’t worked out exactly how I want it to go.
It’s sort of a marriage of convenience kind of thing as it stands at the moment. Bucky is found on pack land by Clint, injured, and the pack wants to kill him for trespassing, but Clint vouches for him - which essentially means Bucky is ‘his’. And everyone thinks that they are mated. Clint has to make it seem that way because otherwise people are going to try to kill Bucky, and probably also Clint because... it’s pretty feral in this fic, all told.
Where it goes from there, I am not sure. Perhaps Bucky tries to escape and because Clint took responsibility for him any transgressions he makes against the pack, Clint receives the punishment for. So instead they have to work out a way to...
Maybe overthrow the pack leadership? Maybe whatever injured Bucky is coming? Maybe Steve comes looking for Bucky? Idk. It’s very up in the air.
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mariana-oconnor · 17 hours ago
Could you please tell me more about “WH Magical Realism Tattoo fic”: I am sooo intrigued! Thank you.
This was one of the multiple attempts at my Winterhawk Olympic bang. Except I couldn’t get the tattoo bit to work properly, I had a few different ideas for it and none of them seemed quite right.
‘Mostly, Bucky does normal tattoos. Normal for a given value of normal, he guesses. He tries to make them right, tries to make them interesting, utterly refuses when he feels the uncomfortable twinge under his skin that means that the tattoo they are asking for is wrong. Those customers leave pretty damn fast.
Most people leave with a piece of body art, pretty or striking, or emotional, just how they want it. He’s good at giving people what they want. He’s never wrong about a tat.
And sometimes people walk in and he knows as soon as they step through the door that they aren’t here for a pretty picture or just to express themselves, they are here for something more.’
Basically, Bucky is a tattoo artist who could ‘see’ the tattoos that people should get, but also, he can sometimes give people tattoos that give them special abilities. And one day Clint walks in and he gets a tattoo. That’s the basic premise, but that was where I had the problem.
I couldn’t decide what the circumstances behind the tattoo were. I had a few ideas. One was that he was already under Loki’s thrall and the tattoo has something to do with that. Another was that Clint is on the run and gets a tattoo so that he goes unnoticed and so Bucky keeps forgetting about him, apart from when Clint comes back to the tattoo shop and it’s a weird tragic romance thing.
So yeah, I love the concept, I just have no idea where to actually take it.
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johaeryslavellan · 21 hours ago
Please tell us more about "Cassandra sparring scene" if you don't mind it.
Thank you for the ask, Noire!! ❤❤ I already answered about this WIP here :)
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mariana-oconnor · 22 hours ago
WIP Meme
Post the file names of all the files in your wisp folder no matter how silly the name
Get sent an ask with a title and then answer it with a snippet or tell something about it
I was tagged in this by @claraxbarton and also ages ago by @cloud--atlas but at that time I had about 7 WIPs that were just 'Could be my WHOB' that I couldn't talk about. I've now narrowed that down to one, so that's going better. Thanks guys.
This has been a terrible writing week, so let's see if I can get re-invigorated in some of these.
Admittedly, a lot of my WIPs are... the same as they were the last time I did this, because they are the kind of things I pick at and thanks to the WHOB I haven't really started anything new recently, apart from all of those possible WHOBs, which I guess I can list here now I've decided which one I'm going with. Which means that the likelihood of any one of these ever being finished is minuscule, but there we are.
Here are the titles in no particular order:
A Midwinter Knight's Tale
OrigFic - Omens? The Dragonkeeper?
CBGTBD - Chapter 1
WH fic - Clint is a werewolf
WH Magical Realism Tattoo fic
The Mystery of Blackthorne Manor
Dragon Rider fic
No Body's Perfect
The Star of Madripoor
WinterhawkOlympicBigBang Attempt 2?
Potential Winterhawk Olympic Big Bang
WH Fake Marriage Amnesia Spy Fic
A Long Time Ago (We Used to Be Friends)
WH Royalty Soulmate AU
Clint Barton: Accidental Thief Lord
Save the Acrobat, Save the World
TTWR6 - Missed Connections (Awaiting editing)
Winterhawk Selkie fic (I really need to fucking finish this)
Winterhawk FWB fic (stuck in editing hell, i.e. I am procrastinating from editing it by writing my WHOB and crocheting a lot)
That's a lot of fics...
ETA: whoops, forgot to tag people, but then I never tag people so... consider yourself tagged? If you want?
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a-big-apple · a day ago
bismuth breakdown???
this is so tiny and bad and also blatantly stolen from my second favorite episode of the west wing but it just barely meets my self imposed 50 word rule so! bisvolleypearl are holed up inside the house during an ice storm, bis is tense and cranky and finally just snaps at them and it’s scary to volley but pearl gets it, they work through it, im soft for big folks being held and protected and feeling safe
“It’s the ice,” Pearl says, quiet, Bismuth’s face tucked close under her chin. “The cracking.” Volley looks up, confused; Pearl presses her cheek to Bis’ hair. “It sounds like the war.”
“That’s crazy,” Bismuth mutters, her voice a rasp.
“It’s not. It makes me jumpy too. It’s okay. Just...try to stay here, with us, okay? You don’t have to be there anymore.”
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