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composingmywords · 2 days ago
Between now and then the clock ticks, ticks, ticks collecting seconds on skin until you lay in bed wondering what you collected.
Was it worth it?
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Thoughts of you float in my mind. Your voice, how you tell me about your day, and so many so ons. Missing you, wondering if you’re missing me. If thoughts of me cross your mind, and what those thoughts would be. I believe you think of me, because whenever we speak I can always hear you smile when I say my precious names for you. Somehow your voice pulls out every negative part of my day away. So that the world and all of the realities with it just melt away; and I can just be me, with you.
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writing is so hard compared to art when u try to tweak ur writing a little bit u have to change up entire paragraphs but if u wanna change sth in ur art u just use the liquify tool
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synicaldelights · 5 days ago
Red Pill
smile for the camera
they’re all watching you
even when you wanna cry
keep that smile big and wide
remind the world you’re doing good
doing even better than they thought you could
smile with those pretty eyes
bat your lashes, tell those lies
get those likes, validate your pride
competing with yourself
An endless cycle,
you do it every time
So smile for the camera baby
remember, big and wide
But be careful they don’t see through the lens
because a picture lasts forever,
always to be viewed again
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emoish-ariel · 5 days ago
tag yourself as characters in my dark academia wip!
Not entirely straight
theatre kid
blazers and band tees
Out of fucks
will fight you in the parking lot
90's movies
Generally conufsed
High heels
Very gay
also out of fucks
low-key preppy vibes
fluffy, dark hair
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wordsaremydiary · 5 days ago
Here’s an easy one you can write about! Roses!! Please write a poem about a red rose slowly turned into pink and then white when winter comes please? ~X-Over Anon
Hello 👋 Anonymous. Hope you're doing wonderful.
Now that's an interesting concept. Thank you for the idea. I have tried my best. Here it is.
My heart will sing
All individual notes.
All heaven bells will ding
And hit all the right notes.
The flower in your hand
Is a piece of my heart.
You're like a grand
Piece of lovely art.
From seasons to years
This rose will bloom.
It's all yours
Like a personal heirloom.
It slowly changes and grows
Along with you.
Into different colours it glows
Just like you.
From red to pink
And pink to white.
From young love to adult sync
And from that to old flight.
Tumblr media
2021, April 8th
I hope you like it Anon! Have a wonderful day ahead 😄
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aye-write · 5 days ago
It finally happened...
After a month of not writing...
I actually have...
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aye-write · 5 days ago
My novel as the highly specific Google searches I’ve made for it:  
What happens if a hotel overbooks your room? 
how to become a web sleuth
Synonyms for “quaint” 
Guesthouse advertising  
how long does a body take to decompose
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hirethz · 5 days ago
- and i'm sorry that God can be cruel but what if they were right? what if we were made for the grave, you and i? then i say so be it. let them come and let them know that while i am gone my heart still beats for you in the next life, in a thousand lives we have not lived yet. everything is alright.
it'll be alright.
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modern-wilde · 5 days ago
“There is something soaked and dawn flavoured about her. Something kissed by the wild and loved by lightning. She looks like the sun as it rises after kissing the dawn.”
-Nikita Gill (Artemis Girl)
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treleaven11writes · 6 days ago
What I Need
Sometimes I want to go back,
Then I think I should move forward,
But what I really want is to be present.
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mayakern · 6 days ago
i couldnt tell which part of the video tiktok was flagging so i did this and now iM CRYGING 😭
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And when I hear your voice as you speak to me I act as if in a trance. I relax and calm down from the day instantly. It's like your mouth and your voice hide the sun from the world; and I get to hear glimpses of its bright rays from you every night.
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write-as-rains · 6 days ago
April brings a swarm of June bugs like I’ve never seen. In the dark, they tap against the windows of a house and almost sound like rain. Chasing lights, even the tiniest sliver admitting from blinds.
Until, finally, wearily they collapse
having spent all their energy in the glow
they die
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They say all it takes is chemistry but I wasn't convinced. I believed that I wasn't going to be the exception. I was the rule. That is until I met you, and I started believing all of those sayings. You understood me. You never made me feel rushed or pressured to open up. All of these feelings were sudden and gradual at the same time. Nothing was forced. Everything was natural. I didn't have to try, I could just be me, and that feeling of just being me is freeing.
I feel like I could fly to the moon with you. I don’t feel constrained or critiqued. I don’t feel like I have to conquer a battlefield to make you see me. I don’t feel like I have to tread carefully over every little word I say; because we understand each other.
You are truly beautiful. All of you is beautiful not just from your appearance; but it's in the way you think. It's all of the words and sentences you speak into existence coming from your mind. It's how the sound of your voice feels like paradise. It's how we can talk all night and never get bored of each other. It's even when we don't have much to say or we're not feeling well, and yet we can still enjoy being together in silence. Everything I could say about you is endless; but the best way I can describe you is that
- you're beautiful.
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Darling can we leave the real world
and get lost in paradise?
Some place far away just for us.
To make us forget our challenges and problems from reality.
Let's go to our own personal island, and
light up the fire to keep us warm.
Then lay down and look up at the stars
tonight together.
Just you and I beautiful.
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mayakern · 8 days ago
drawing the main trio from my queer poly fantasy romance novel in a modern AU because i can 😌
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write-as-rains · 8 days ago
Sometimes, people just want to know
that you’re being the best
that you were meant to be
Filling the exact niches
they think you should fit.
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oriorwriter · 8 days ago
How to write lovers
This is just a small list to give you inspiration! Some of these things might feel weird depending on who your ocs are and what you personally like.
small touches
subtle smiles
walk hand in hand
they look for each other if they get separated
hand on waist or intertwined in any way
small kisses
holding hands
full blown making out (WARNING: this makes a lot of people uncomfortable)
subtle flirting
laughing together
one of the two might want to buy something as a surprise for the other
whispering about someone next to them together
going to each other's performances (e.g.: if A is in a relationship with a musician/dancer/actor/comedian, they'll attend their show)
ordering pizza over the phone for their shy partner
one of the two takes ice-cream or other snacks for themself and their lover
hand in belt loop
making each other's clothes [keep reading]
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