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#why not put loki on it
eddaborn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
two hearts yet beat in the jowls of this monsterous form. Two yet beat. But only one remain strong. As the first,, slowly dies down.
Thump... Thump.... Tha- thump.... Tha-thump .
It'll be over soon. At least that's what the jotun tells herself. She's watched this death before. Seen it in Loki's hues. She's witnessed her other son's death through his eyes. She saw the serpent move only twice. One to strike. Two to squirm. Dying in the hands of Þórr . Allefather ' s son delivering a death to her youngest . ( He would pay for this dearly . Once the poisonous bite took hold . ) Then Loki blinked. And it was like seeing nothing all over again .
Her second oldest would rest his maw in her lap. Crying out when she tried to aid him. Yet,,, wound was far too deep to heal . Blood burned in her nose .
And oh you'd cry for her wouldn't you? You'd pity her soul for being a mother . For birthing Ragnarok through her very bones .
Yet --- mother of monsters --- you were known as grief bringer far before you were the death of Asgard. Your crime? A carnival womb. One which children ripped and clawed out of much of what you did to your own mother. And her's as well.
And so,,, you watched him die in your arms. You watched him squirm and wail. You watched him . Your eyes dry and red. You knew this would happen didn't you? When you agreed to fight them? When your army rose? You watched and you cried and you cried and you suffered along with them . You didn't listen to your only daughter. She ,,, most smart of the trio,,, stayed down on her throne. Stayed safe and warm. While you were covered in blood and howling.
Sonur now crowned in sister's arms. You would have your revenge. You would march to the allefather. Demanding he take ichor to your children's corpses. So that they might rise again. And. Óðinn did. However he was wiser than they & you. He already knew what would happen. That bones would bend , but hearts would remain broken . That dottir --&-- sonur would rise . That this would not end your Ragnarok.
And you hated the trickster for what he had done. You hated him for being a father ,, a liar ,, a man capable of knowing his family would die . You hated Loki for his parts to play . You scrambled back into your forest ,, your den ,, and when the snake came back in you scared him out with bite and with fire .
You would scratch and you would snarl and your teeth were more sharpened and your bones were more hardened and you would reap the days soon after.
Tumblr media
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worstloki · 2 days ago
im still thinking about that second episode and i still dont see the correlation between the Kablooie candy and that natural disaster in Alabama? Like??? on what terms did they exclude those other disasters, why was it the one in Alabama and what did it have to do with that candy????? im so confused plz help lmao
loki said he found being called an ice runt/scared little boy offensive and that made mobius remember the kid with the gum, which was apparently the only scrap of a clue they had.
Tumblr media
but the Analysts hadn't gotten anything from it??
Tumblr media
so now they know a time period a general location AND that they're looking for a natural disaster (thx loki) which overlaps over 4 years so then they just
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and the only one they find is the 2050 hurricane in Alabama where people were located in a Roxxcart mall.
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bloody-writing · 2 days ago
Mobius knows Loki, in and out. Nobody knows Loki more intimately than he does.
So when he asked Loki, the god of mischief; who’s life is built upon lies— who cheats and tricks people in ways that can benefit him — who bends the rules as he see fit despite the feelings of others— who mastered the art of manipulation and deception to a tee— for help, he already has his own weapons at the ready.
His honesty.
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worstloki · 4 days ago
the miss minutes stuff is too cringey too me. I don't understand it. wandavision and TFATWS weren't so dark no kid could watch them or anything like that. but at the same time they felt like they were shows for adults. sometimes this feels like a show for little kids. what?!?!
treating the audience as stupit is the only way to get comedy done now
#i do think the show lacks in subtler witty and more nuanced approaches to things#much of the general feel is cringe and a lot of the camera work is leaving me questioning why they would do that#but i do think the show will get better when they get around to addressing darker stuff like how the TVA are totally bad#and the Time Keepers better not be used for a gag istg#that they essentially sidestepped any discussion on Thanos' torture/Asgard's abuse is a big yike#but im over that#i would rate the show 6/10#im literally just here for Loki C-20 Sylvie and B-15#as in the characters#i am crossing my fingers and hoping episodes 3 & 4 go with 'oh yeah loki needed to fool the TVA so he acted obnoxiously loud'#AND WHERE IS HIS MAGIC AT#I expect more magic#sliding across mall floors and using a vacuum and a roomba is funny#but whaaaat???? he weighs like 525 pounds???? he has literal MAGIC he can use at any time????? not even a shield he can put up????????#he didn't have to fight just Not Get Beaten Up#i also think it could all be part of tricking everyone into thinking he's weaker than he is#but Marvel has the untrustworthiest track record and canon generally sucks with this stuff#the way the dialogue was so cringe in episode 1 even in moments that were obviously going to be projected and repeated later#this is kids show levels of narrative#im still finding it fun though with Loki getting to be chaotic and do actual *mischief*#but it does feel like they're telling far more than showing#then again we're only a third way through the show!#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers#my expectations with marvel tend to be 6 feet underground so im not really disappointed in anything other than dodging the torture/abuse#the abuse part which makes sense to me to do with the characters#the torture part which makes less sense to me because of whatever happened in deciding loki's interested in power and entitlement XD#reminds me of comic loki but not the modern one
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nightwideopen · 4 days ago
i’m beginning to think i’m gonna have to binge Loki after all the episodes have been released
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kawaiijellymonster · 4 days ago
Issues I have with Loki 2021
1) wtf is going on with the multiverse??? Didn't Doctor Strange pretty much say that the multiverse exists and that he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it??? didn't he live through or see billions of possible futures, are you telling me that the timekeepers had no issue with that? Isn't the new doctor strange movie literally called "multiverse of madness"? However, Loki show is basically saying "hypothetically there is a multiverse, but these lizard fucks didn't like it so they turned it into one universe and if you fuck with it we kill you" (sounds paradoxical to me)
2)They are basically saying that Loki was born to die. They said that they killed dozens of Loki's who did any number of different things, looked and acted differently with a range of abilities and desires and that every single one of them did something they weren't supposed to and got killed for it. It's like saying that Loki isn't worth anything unless he's a means to an end and at that end, he needs to die. Sure he's valuable in setting up characters to be in different places etc, but he is always destined to die. Any attempt at living (via becoming a variant) will ultimately result in him dying anyway; forever a sidekick. Which is shitty and tragic and the worst kind of "welp it's just tragic, but whatever"
3) Tied into number 2, it perpetuates this same thing that marvel keeps doing over and over again. Which is basically having a character grow into a shitty person (bc shit circumstances and desperation) and then having them spend forever trying to be better, and then killing them right on the cusp of having a happy ending. They did it over and over, with Tony, Natasha, Loki, Gamora, and Quicksilver (probably more but those are the ones off the top of my head). They spend years trying to grow and develop to wipe the red of their ledgers and they never get a happy ending. I really hate it because it perpetuated the idea that humans are stagnant, that they can't improve. It declares that no matter who you try to become and the effort you put into it, you're no better than your lowest point and you don't deserve better.
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rollychan · 4 days ago
Okay, watched the new episode, too, now and...
very mixed feelings.
Loki is still so OOC most of the time it feels like I'm watching random Bob the human with magic who happens to look like Loki
(new crack theory: it's not Loki but a human look-alike who they brainwashed to believe he's Loki)
There was one scene he was more IC in but I thinks that's it.
Also disappointed about the Holding out for a Hero "fight" scene. I was expecting something better after it was hyped so much.
Some scenes gave me more hope they'll show the TVA as the ultimate antagonists, but others destroyed that again. Like. Can they make up their minds.
(another crack theory: they know people don't trust marvel / Disney anymore and that's why they're able to make it a mystery whether they'll frame the TVA as good or not, and they latched on that because they're evil and like to make people feel bad. Yes, I have a galaxy brain for crack theories today)
Some moments were cool if you forget it's Loki and the Loki show.
Yeah. I guess my mixed feelings lean rather negative this time. Idk. I did like some of it. Mostly I was going "lol no that's not how this would go if Loki was IC" so yeah.
I don't know guys. Meh.
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stellophia · 8 days ago
alright but anyone else notice how the TVA are exactly what Loki claims to be in Avengers 1 and initially in the series?
Here's what Loki apparently has to say on the subject of freedom:
"The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy."
"The first and most oppressive lie ever told was the song of freedom."
"Choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret. There's a fork in every road, and the wrong path always taken."
He's literally claimed that he thinks freedom of choice is a lie. Repeatedly. Despite being a god of chaos and an embodiment of the trickster archetype, not only has he claimed in Avengers 1 and the series that he thinks free will is a lie, but that he would also like to be the one in control of the fates of others.
(With, let it be noted, little to no conviction in his voice everytime he says so. He literally has to stall Mobius before answering that line of questioning as if he's trying hard to recall what he's supposed to say here.)
And yet when the TVA comes along espousing EXACTLY THAT with not only their actions but also more explictly with statements like "[The Time Keepers] dictate the proper flow of time," and "That's how it is, that's now it was, that's how it will be... Think of it as comforting."
Loki literally responds with these:
On learning the TVA essentially controls fate and erases any variants who deviate from their path:
"The idea that your little club decides the fates of trillions of people at the behest of three... space lizards? Yes it's funny. It's absurd."
"The Time-Keepers have built quite the circus, and I see the clowns are playing their parts to perfection."
On being told he's always been following the script the time-keepers set for him:
"My choices are my own!"
Despite what Loki claims in Avengers 1 and in the series, it cannot be more obvious that the idea of predestination being true—not just for him not being control of his story but even as a general concept—deeply unsettles him. That his worldview is inherently built on freedom of choice and the realization that it may not be so is one of the things that breaks him. He's the god of chaos, a trickster who has in all movies except one stood against figures of authority, of course it does!
And yet he still feigns with next to no actual conviction that he thinks that freedom is a lie to be gotten rid of.
If anyone still needed proof that Loki was only putting on a show because of being coerced by Thanos, here it is.
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 10 days ago
Ok just had a thought--so Loki kind of knows he can't go back and have the life he sees but doesn't fully believe it and that causes an interesting intersection of emotions especially because of where he is in the timeline
Loki is partially responding to what he sees as though they're really true for him, in the present. When he first sees his mother's death, he reacts very much with guilt and horror, having much the same response as he does in Thor TDW when he's told of what's happened. And when he comes back to the screen he cries for her as though she's really dead. But where he really breaks down is when Odin tells him he loves him. He then reacts with hope and tear-filled laughter when he sees himself and Thor as brothers, when he sees himself comfortable enough to say "I'm here" when offered a hug.
And if you think about where Loki is at this point in his life, it makes perfect sense why he's a mess. He never got to say goodbye to his mother--his father and brother were the only ones on the bridge. He hasn't seen her in so long, and has been through so much, and then suddenly his one source of comfort is gone and he's being told it's his fault, and he never got to say goodbye. (Some realities never change, do they?)
Also at this point, Loki fully believes his father hates him, or at the very least, does not love him. That was a large factor in why he let himself go. He had reached out desperately for some validation, anything, and was told, "No, Loki"--and this is nearly, if not literally, the first thing his father says to Loki after telling him that he wasn't truly his son, but a monster from another planet. And what does Odin say here? "I love you, my sons." This is what Loki has been desperate to hear for as long as he can remember, and it touches on all of the aspects of the raw pain that's been eating at him since Thor 1. Not only that, he can see how much it means to himself in the footage. The surprised and hopeful look his other self gives to Odin--he sees his own pain, how hungry he is for those words.
And Thor. His brother, who so rarely feels like his brother anymore...whom he'd just fought with, and had in fact fought on every occasion they'd seen each other since their conflict on Asgard. Who Loki never reconciled with. And there he is, saying to Loki that they'll always be side by side, that he--perhaps--is beginning to understand him, that he would even hug him. It feels like something hopeful, something healing, if it's true.
But the thing is, deep down, Loki knows it can't be true. Not for him. In fact, he may not ever see any of these people again. And they've never seen him; they've seen another Loki, but not him. So he cries for what could have been, would have been, will be--and what never can. What is happening, but isn't; healing that will never truly come, reconciliation that he'll never feel for himself. Loss that he feels all the same, because living or not, they are still gone.
He cries because he loves them. And they'll never know it.
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worstloki · 11 days ago
"I don't want to be [king], I was born to be."
Wild how Loki phrases his answer to "you want to be king?" as a "no, i don't want to be king," and then gives the reason the answer is yes which amounts to Odin's lies verbatim.
Tumblr media
"The first and most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom."
I like the continuation on talking about freedom in Avengers 1, adds to attributing similar concepts in his yelling in Avengers 1 after being stuck first with Asgard's culture and then with Thanos :)
The line actually kinda reminded me of this panel of kid loki in Loki (2019):
Tumblr media
"For nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty, and regret. There’s a fork in every road, yet the wrong path always taken."
can we talk about how this was part of the projection speech Loki gave? Because he's essentially admitting his choices make him ashamed and uncertain and even regretful, that he always sees himself as taking the wrong path when it comes to decisions. which i think is important to note because a lot of the time people argue that Loki doesn't show these things, so he's proud and enjoys what he does?
This fits right in with how he ain't malicious for the sake of it along with the established moral compass in Thor 1 and how he ignores it after finding out he's Jotun because he feels he has to hurt people, to put on a show and have them be afraid, or they won't respect him.
Says lots about Asgard too, because we know strength is a constant theme in their culture and as warriors they have a set definition of it.
"The Time-Keepers have built quite the circus, and I see the clowns are playing their parts to perfection."
I LOVE how Mobius asked whether what he's saying applies to himself and Loki's immediate reaction to being called out is to laugh condescendingly and immediately change the topic by calling the man a clown to his face
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I guess the thing about the Loki show, and the whole reason I’m feeling equal parts excitement and something very much akin to terror, is like... [cut for length, not spoilers, because there are no spoilers in this post, just me trying to talk about something that might very well be kind of silly to begin with, I don’t know--and it’s also not actually negativity about the show, just me being worried about things and trying to work out what I’m afraid of, so there’s that too]
look, I love this character. I love this character a lot, probably more than any other character ever. I’m not sure if it would be totally accurate to say Loki’s my special interest, but it’s also...not inaccurate, you know? he’s has been my favorite character for about a decade, for a lot of mostly very personal reasons, and in that time I’ve assembled a pretty massive collection of Loki stuff, met a lot of wonderful people, found stunning fanart, and read an enormous amount of mostly incredible fanfic--but more importantly I’ve written a lot of fanfic, way more than what I’ve actually finished and posted. all that creative work is hugely important to me for a lot of different reasons, and it’s all heavily dependent on an understanding of Loki’s characterization that I’ve developed over--again--almost an entire decade of films, fic, meta, discussions with other fans, and a lot of just...thought and time and caring. I’ve put an enormous amount of myself into my attachment to this character, to be perfectly honest, nearly as much as if I’d created him from scratch myself.
and the thing is, I guess, I’m afraid to lose that. because my emotional investment into all of this is mine, and so it matters to me.
I don’t think it’s...particularly likely that the show will, say, so heavily retcon Loki’s characterization that it retroactively ruins everything for me and I can’t bring myself to return to my many, many WIPs (which would also mean I would stop writing almost entirely, at least for a while, because Loki fic is virtually all I write), or even that it’ll show me a Loki I still like but who is so different from the concept of the character I’ve built up that I just feel stupid about...everything, to much the same effect. for starters the other films will all still be there, with everything that built my concept of Loki’s character, and I have issues with automatically assuming I must be wrong if someone else has a strong opinion that contradicts mine but I also think it’s completely possible for people to arrive at multiple, equally valid interpretations of a text by engaging with it in good faith.
more likely is that I’ll be bummed if the show doesn’t hit on some things I really want and disappointed the more it pursues stuff I actively don’t want, but chances are very good I’ll end up liking most of it. might well even get inspired, by the show itself or by the fan response (as long as I can avoid most of the discourse, I guess). I will, probably, find ways to reconcile things I don’t like with existing canon and my almost-decade-long understanding of Loki’s character. I probably won’t lose a character that means a lot to me, and the show probably won’t be a reason to lose friends I’ve made through the fandom.
but. well. it’s not super fun knowing that it’s possible, you know?
I mean, shit, anything’s possible, I could die in a car accident two days from now on my way to the grocery store or something. but I could also lose something intangible that means a lot to me, and that’s an upsetting possibility.
anyway. I could make a disclaimer here about how this is probably all very silly and I’m putting way too much emotional investment into a dumb superhero canon, except that would also go against a lot of things I firmly believe about how much stories matter as a general principle and a universally human experience, and also I'm trying to stop feeling guilty/ashamed about completely harmless stuff, so I’m...going to try not to do that any more than I already have, and I’m going to go to bed and tomorrow I’ll get a much better idea of, I don’t know, where things stand.
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worstloki · 12 days ago
the new clip on the twitter makes me sad. I hate them having him repeat the glorious purpose line just so they can make a mockery of him. and then mobius can watch it on tv and make fun of him again. it feels like they're just parodying the character. I wanna like the show so bad but it's like they're making fun of the character and the fans. *cries*
time loop kind of concept could be cool if they do it well. I hope repeating it leads somewhere though, because even if we're going with "Avengers 1 Loki was just how Loki is" having him be plain entitled and arrogant is... really out of character. I wonder what happens around him saying it again though. (link for the clip)
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lokihiddleston · 13 days ago
just to say that behind all these gifs on Loki, there is a person who spends hours, time creating. For over a month it has been intense every day/night. And it’s good time but not that simple, it’s work. So see you reblog them always make me sooo good. It's exhausting, but I love this character so much so now I'll always do my best to share as much as possible most on the episodes coming. Now I will devote myself to the episodes more than the teaser videos or tv spot etc. Hoping my gifs will be good for you.
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