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worstloki · a minute ago
I mean in the comics they had him face several different versions of himself and come to terms with his life's consequences during a vision he had while dissolving in his father's stomach. the show isn't even coming CLOSE to how dark loki's stories can get.
EXACTLY. like. this panel alone is more unsettling than what I've seen about the TVA's blatant authoritarianness and it does it while staying lighthearted anyway??
Tumblr media
and that's without getting into whatever Ikol and Kid Loki had going on??? or how Nightmare is useless against Loki because a world where everyone believes the worst in him is his worst nightmare and that's just reality for him????? or how Loki works on using the remnants of the previous Loki to try and do better but the past still noticed the changes with Mephisto and Hel???? Loki's stuck in perpetual cycles of trying-to-be-better and being-better and being-limited-to-knowing-how-to-be-worse-and-using-it-to-be-better and selfmurders on a few notable occasions.
I don't expect the show to match up to Journey into Mystery or Agent of Asgard or any of the better comic arcs because those are masterpieces, but there are a lot of factors they seem to be trying to adapt and I hope it follows on to acknowledge that he never wanted to be a supposedly evil lying scourge.
tbh if the show leads on to anything like this where even the TVA/TimeKeepers still see Loki as bad but the narrative acknowledges he isn't I'll be thrilled.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#not to hate on the show because it IS fun and i do believe it's setting itself up to be more suspenseful and heavier#but currently any darkness is an undertone#an irrelevance a detour a footnote to what i hope is an ascent that deals with more meta and acknowledges Loki's side of things#if the female Loki Variant is bitter and trying to make their story more than what is written?????#well i already love her but it would be a lot more#Loki trying to be good and a hero by working with the TVA imo was an actual attempt to simply do that#he has no reason to stay with them of course because of their nature in immediately suspecting his betrayal and/or threatening with death#but I do think he was trying to stop the timeline from collapsing if that truly is what would happen#and that's why he wants to get to the Time Keepers you know?#because they sounds COMPLETELY dodgy and a fully-made propaganda product#if they are legitimate he'd be fine with it maybe tell them to pen better stories or tell them how wrong they were about him and others#but otherwise his story is so cruel and tragic and....... he was still willing to return to his timeline if possible#mcu loki is so soft compared to the other lokis#like#he genuinely doesn;t seem to mean people ill-will or hurt a lot of the time and at the very least doesn't enjoy it#if they make the female variant mirror king loki's character in terms of bitterness or wanting revenge i will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!#we'll see though#i guess#we've still got 4 episodes to go#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers
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worstloki · 22 minutes ago
i count Scott's taco's demise in Endgame's death count so yes
the death of Mobius' salad served more purpose than Loki's in infinity war
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worstloki · 25 minutes ago
i was wondering if you could recommend some writer / fic/ blog where i can find a story about loki and the reader being stoned and just vibe together or have intense sex or whatever yk..
thanks :)
sorry bestie i do not 👊😔
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worstloki · 29 minutes ago
it's not that I need the loki show to just be super grim and serious and only take on the heavy aspects of his character. but this just feels too silly. Loki can be fun! Part of what I liked about him was how fun he was. he has some of the funniest lines in the MCU in TDW + Avengers. but he also has depth and is also important to me bc of his story with trauma. I liked that combination. even if they went with the more fun stuff I want it to b like dark world not silly kids stuff like this </3
i get that if you pay attention there's dark undertones but i would prefer them pushing those forward a bit more too
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worstloki · 36 minutes ago
Loki probably says young that means he was naive. Because I thought they were my biological family. Because I thought I was an Asgardian, not a monster.
that's the way i'm interpreting it :)
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worstloki · 37 minutes ago
Also can we talk about the best post-Ragnarok storyline, which is Everyone Is More or Less Fine Living in the Airspace Over Broxton Oklahoma? Also Loki Seduced the Hulk Originally to Secure Protection But Now He and Banner & Co Are Dating? News at 11
you are entirely correct and that's far better than whatever was up with new asgard. also, is it 11 yet? i want more about Loki and Bruce dating <3
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worstloki · 43 minutes ago
Where do people go to excrete in the asgardian dungeons?? Do the gaurds take them out everytime they wanna go??? Or is their bladder magicked to never get full?? ??? Or is their need for food and water magicked????
the world is however you want it to be <3
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worstloki · 44 minutes ago
don't rlly understand why ppl are upset TVA!Loki is "ooc" or reconned. He literally got yanked out his timeline to develop. idk, I'm good at separating 2011!Loki from future Loki. No show is perfect but no one should rlly be surprised with how he is now. If anything, we're about to zoom through his character development especially with how the first episode went lol....It's funny that Loki is, slowly(?), becoming aware of how and who he is... unlike his family sadly. Yay for dysfunctional fams!
it's great you can separate the two and vibe with it, not everyone can though and to be fair the variant appears distinctly different in a few ways.
i would argue loki was already aware of how and who he wasn't which is what thor 1 was about, but by (probably) retconning Avengers 1 Loki for the show it does make for a semi-coherent development arc, though we obviously won't end up with TDW Loki because of the different scenarios.
meanwhile his family is stuck in their cringe main-sacred timeline while loki's sad for their loss <3
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worstloki · 50 minutes ago
no no no nono we have it all wrong, loki was meant to use the tesseract to take him a bit more to the left, but it didn't, and THAT'S why he wasn't meant to be there.
Genuinely have ZERO fucking idea why the Avengers didn't get in trouble for literally altering timelines and possibly destroying them (note that they planned this and literally made a time machine) but because Loki HAPPENS TO TELEPORT TO MONGOLIA+STANDS ON A ROCK (which I'm pretty sure was an accident considering how confused he looked) he needs to go to the TVA, have yet another death sentence but shorter this time and needs to experience more torture like wtf marvel pls explain I'm all ears🙃
it's because uhhhhh *flips through notes* the Avengers are Main CHaracters and *spins roulette wheel* that was meant to happen *reads margins of notes* except the part where the Loki part happened that wasn't meant to happen *reads stars* but if loki works with the TVA which also wasn't dictated to happen *reads code off knitwear* you can treat Loki badly and he'll have no other choices and *steals Time-Keeper's notes* yeah no there's no explanation here that makes sense. i hope loki gets to stab the TVA in the back.
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worstloki · 51 minutes ago
What is the past tense for “speedrun”
Help me. None of these are right
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worstloki · 55 minutes ago
other characters doing exposition: boring, plain, boring, doesn't make sense, often a voiceover, biased, uninteresting,
loki doing exposition: stunning, beautiful, fun, there's salad involved, etc. etc.
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worstloki · 59 minutes ago
my second-favorite tid bit of info in Thor 1 is that not only is Loki ridiculously accurate with throwing knives but that he actively avoids killing the frost giants by aiming for their weapon hands. And he lands the throw every single time. 
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worstloki · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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worstloki · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loki and his beloved Tess
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worstloki · 3 hours ago
bold of anyone to assume marvel can keep track of their own timeline???
UGHHHHHHH apparently steve went back to 1949 at the end of endgame so the 1947 timeline branch from loki ep 2 may be something different :(((((((
me, absolutely wracking my conspiracy steve Brain for u: the timeline was changed in 1947 causing the Arctic explorers to find steve rogers almost 70 years earlier than they were supposed to. he is reunited with peggy in 48/49 and that is who we see in endgame. old!steve is an imposter and the real steve is stuck in the quantum realm. ty & good night
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