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fedarprinter · 20 minutes ago
What are hazards of using inferior ink for a sublimation printer?
Ink is a very necessary printing consumable for Fedar sublimation printer. Without ink, sublimation textile printer will not work normally, inferior ink should not be used. You must purchase original ink through formal channels. So what impact will inferior ink have on Fedar sublimation printer?
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1. Inferior ink affects printing effect. Inferior sublimation printer ink has poor color raw materials and poor color reproduction. Printed image will show a certain degree of color cast and color difference. Secondly, problems such as nozzle missing and line shortage are prone to occur during printing.
2. Inferior ink affects work efficiency. Inferior ink has poor adhesion to print media and is not easy to dry, which will greatly reduce winding speed and affect work efficiency of Fedar sublimation printer.
3. Inferior ink will damage nozzles of sublimation textile printer. Inferior inks have poor fluency and are easy to accumulate deposits. During printing process, once too many deposits accumulate at nozzles, nozzle will be blocked.
Inferior sublimation printer ink is very harmful to Fedar sublimation printer, so you must carefully distinguish it when you buy, and don't be greedy for cheap, after all, you get what you pay for. When buying ink for Fedar sublimation printer, please look for original ink of manufacturer, quality is guaranteed, and printing effect is guaranteed, so that printing work will be more effective.
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Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,- (Fedar has exquisite production technology and professional technical team in the field of fedar sublimation printers,inkjet heat transfer printer,digital fabric printer,etc., focusing on providing comprehensive solution for field of inkjet printing.
Fedar sublimation printer company has absorbed and condensed a group of high-quality professional technicians and enterprising young management groups, formed a strong technical team and increasingly rigorous management system,providing customers with high-quality printing machines and services,and has established a good brand image and reputation in industry.
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liliclothattitude · 23 minutes ago
This is My Drinking Shirt
This is My Drinking Shirt I Wear It Everyday
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uncommonlystore · 40 minutes ago
Doom Marine T Shirt
#tshirt #needshirt #game #doommarine #spacemarine #protagonist #doomslayer #doom #demonigote #retro #power #metal #heavy #iron #doomguy #parody Have a great day at UncommonlyStore! Doom Marine T Shirt you’ll have a place to sit Short sleeve t-shirt.
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100% ring-spun cotton
4.5 oz/y² (153 g/m²)
Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
Quarter-turned to avoid crease down the center
Thanks for looking! Doom Marine T Shirt
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diaries-shop · 52 minutes ago
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. _______________________ ずっと探していた、ヴィンテージディテールとしっかりと向き合ったウィメンズのブランド。 甘すぎない!ビックサイズ過ぎない!妥協していない! メンズ服が好きな女性に見て欲しいブランドです。 1970年代ごろのアメリカ軍ユーティリティーシャツをベースに作られています。このシャツは、肩あたりにプリーツがあるのが特徴です。 前立てをめくると、そこにはセルヴィッジが! 実は生地がデッドストックのコットンシャンブレー素材。さらにボタンもデッドストックのもの! 縫製はイタリアで丁寧に作られています。 . _______________________ . 詳細はプロフィールのリンクにある、オンラインストア、BLOGにてご覧いただけます。 @diaries_official 商品に関しての質問は、DMかメールにてお気軽にご質問ください。 . _______________________ . DIARIES 〒305-0031 茨城県つくば市吾妻3-8-17 TEL:029-875-7754 12:00-20:00 ※ただいま自粛中につき、短縮営業しています。18:30閉店です。(19時までは割といます。) (木曜定休・その他) #diaries #tsukuba #ibaraki #japan #ダイアリーズ #つくば #茨城 #日本 #セレクトショップ #PeppinoPeppino #peppinopeppinodenim #madeinITALY #shirt #Chambray #deadstockfabric #selvedge #ペッピーノペッピーノ #イタリア製 #セルヴィッチ #デッドストック生地 #シャツ #シャンブレー #メンズ服 #デッドストックボタン (Diaries / ダイアリーズ)
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timepey · 54 minutes ago
You Know My Love For Someone T Shirt Viral Fashion
Welcome to TIMEPEY VIRAL FASHION, home of the funniest and popular tees online. This will be a great gift for him/her. We only use high-quality shirts such as Gildan. The process used to make You Know My Love For Someone T Shirt technology latest in ink to garment technology which is also eco-friendly.
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cosmicbash · 55 minutes ago
One the angsty prompt ideas I’ve been thinking about is Kells practicing how to cook for weeks so he can surprise Em by cooking him dinner, maybe for an anniversary or something, and on the day Kells has planned to surprise him, Em is hours late, leaving Kells alone for the evening. If you’re interested maybe you could write something like this? 🥰
3 years together. One thousand and ninety five fucking days between him and this old dorky man.
It's insane. Downright impossible to believe but Colson knows it's as real and true as the 2 year sobriety chip he's got hung around his neck on the gold chain Marshall gifted him with it this morning.
Both their relationship and his sobriety are as intertwined as their lives are now. Marshall's like the glue that holds all of his pieces together. Picking Colson back up, time and time again whenever he shattered in the beginning and filling in the gaps with his own loose pieces until it was Colson's turn to do the same. Which, by then, it only made sense to combine their puzzles and broaden the picture.
Now Marshall swoops in for Casie's PTA meetings he can’t make during tour. Holding the phone and helping him FaceTime for soccer games and school conferences when flight delays or bad luck keeps him late.
Colson tags along to Whitney's first few dates out in LA, weaving through the public spaces Marshall never could without drawing attention just to make sure she's safe and respected.
They tag team any situation involving the girls, even though Alaina and Hailey both still snicker at him from time to time, and Casie rolls her eyes at Marshall's rules. They're more than just dating now.
They're family.
And even just thinking about that brings tears to Colson's eyes.
Or maybe it's the onions. Baze said chewing gum helped mitigate this fucking problem but goddammit does it burn-
He has no idea how he got it in his mind that he could actually cook a meal, let alone a full anniversary dinner for Marshall but here he is. A pot and pan already cooking on the stove and his fingers knicked a dozen times in his rush to cut up more veggies for the sauce. 
It's insane.
But Colson's following through with it anyway, because he fucking loves Marshall and that bastard cooks dinner for them every single holiday or occasion so it's about time he stepped up to the plate and did it himself. 
Plus he's been secretly practicing for weeks with Baze over both FaceTime and a few in person lessons. Perfecting his simmering styles and meat seasoning to make the tastiest meal he can manage all on his own.
So far the last three times he's made the dish his bassist had given stellar reviews so there's little chance he'll somehow fuck it up tonight knowing it's for Marshall… least, he hopes.
The minor setbacks his butchered fingers have brought aside though, so far everything was coming along perfectly. His noodles are boiling (never over the rim, thank you wooden spoon trick), his meats marinating, and as soon as he tosses these sliced onions in his sauce will be cooking down beautifully.
All in all the night is starting to look like it just might be perfect.
Until 6 o'clock passes by and Colson's ears never pick up the click of the front door knob, or the hum of Marshall's escalade pulling up front outside.
The food's still simmering, minutes away from being actually done so he doesn't worry too much. Sure he was hoping to have a sweet moment where his boyfriend comes home and catches him cooking at the stove like a traditional housewife, but seeing his face when the food's done and plated promises to be just as cute.
Besides, Marshall has always fit the housewife role so much better than him anyway. Even the apron Colson's wearing is one of the older rapper's, stolen from his small collection in the pantry to protect his designer sweater.
Colson doesn't start to worry at 6. Traffic can be a bitch.
7 though? And then 7:30 when his texts go unread and his calls ring all the way through to voice-mail? That's when the blonde starts to fret. 
He's luckily put off plating because some brief flash on uncertainty had run through him after the food finished so it's stayed warm and simmering on the stove. But even that had to come to an end before 7:30 because his sauce would singe or his noodles might squish, so now Colson's trying to keep busy by perfecting the presentation. Shaky fingers swiping around the edges of Marshall's plate to clean up a splatter of sauce. Every Chopped Judge rambling off feedback in his head until he has it looking like something he's certain even Gordon fucking Ramsey would ask for a bite of.
By 8 the dinner table is set. His plate, Marshall's, the bucket of low alcoholic wine they both love chilling as a centerpiece. Colson even lights a few candles and adds some flowers from this mornings gift exchanges to keep himself from screaming.
There's a pit in his stomach that's steadily been growing though. Every passing minute and glance to his phone where he finds no change only carving it deeper. 
Marshall should be home. He never runs this late at the studio without a call, let alone without a message. He's treated his work like any other 9-5 job since before they ever even got together, always strict about his routine and careful to make up for over run hours by leaving earlier the next day. Usually Colson likes to bust his balls and insist he live a little more spontaneously but tonight isn't the one to pull that.
Especially not if it means Marshall's going to completely forget to check his fucking phone and leave him trying not to think the worst.
Colson only males it another 5 minutes before he caves and texts Paul. Fingers tapping fast across his screen to draft multiple desperate sounding messages before he finally settles on a "Em bust his phone again?" That feels just casual enough to not embarrass him in the off chance Marshall decides to burst through the front door seconds after it sends.
The door stays closed though and Paul doesn't open the message at all. 
Now Colson can't even start passive aggressively eating dinner on his own if he wanted too. The pit in his stomach has torn itself open wide into a nauseous chasm. Every scary possibility he wanted to avoid thinking about spilling forth from the dark trench like ghouls.
He's dead. Some crazy fan broke into the studio and shot the whole place up. No one's gotten around to tell him yet, that's all. They're too busy dealing with the fallout.
No, Em's security is beyond top tier, and with how close Colson and his current bodyguard are he knows the guy would call him immediately. Marshall's fine.
Unless… what if he was in a car accident? Or some road rage incident gone fatal? Colson's seen Marshall's short temper flare up while driving. They've made dozens of jokes about it in the past, so is it really that unreasonable to believe?
Colson's pacing in the front haul when he calls Porter. Phone tucked between his ear and shoulder while he fights his shoe laces, heart racing in his chest. Prepping to fly out of the house the second Denaun tells him what fucking hospital Marshall's staying in, praying it's at the ICU section and not some fucking morgue.
"Kelly?" The older man sounds confused when he finally answers. Voice high and tone light like he's expecting this to be a butt dial. "What's up man?"
The lack of rush or worry in Denaun's voice almost soothes Colson's panic right on the spot. Surely he wouldn't sound so casual if something had happened. 
It's enough to keep Colson from immediately pleading for Marshall's safety at the least. "H-hey, uh nothing really-" Maybe Marshall is even with him right now, realizing how fucking late its gotten and how shit of a boyfriend he's been and that's why Denaun sounds awkward too. "Just uh, waiting for Marsh to get his slow ass home ya know? Sorry, aheh, I'm probably sounding like a fucking needy girlfriend right now, calling his friends and shit-" the longer Colson rambles the more embarrassed he actually feels in the moment.
God he must sound pathetic right now. Panicking over Marshall being a few hours late.
"Waiting? Didn't Marshall head out like 2 hours ago?"
Colson's blood feels like actual ice in his veins.
"He isn't home? I mean, I know he was gonna stop at- fuck is it already half past 8? Marshall seriously isn't home?" Denaun's sudden panic only heightens Colson's own, but he can't get any more words to come out. Not with how a rock feels like it's jumped up his throat. "Shit, Ryan are you getting through to him? Try Paul-"
Ryan's there too? 
"What? Paul's gotta fucking answer-"
They can't get ahold of Paul either?
"Kelly have you-"
Marshall's missing. Colson's been standing around making dinner for hours, worrying over the portion sizes and appearance of his plates and Marshall's been fucking missing. What kind of partner is he? What will he even tell Hailey? Alaina? And fuck Casie is supposed to be coming up this weekend so they can all go vacation together before his next tour-
The front door bumping into his shoe startles Colson out of his frozen panic. Denaun's angry shouting dropping from his ear, as he twists and meets a pair of sheepish blue eyes peeking around the hardwood.
"Is that my apron?"
So fucking dead.
"Is this your--" Colson's fingers are curling around the edge of the door so fast he doesn't even care that it makes his phone fly to the floor. "That's what you want to fucking say to me!?" His anger is boiling fast, replacing the cold in his veins with lava. "You fucking piece of-"
Marshall stumbling inside with the yanked door is expected, but the flash of bandages and a sling douse Colson's flames like a bucket of water. "Ow, fuck just give me a second to explain-"
He's hurt.
Now with all of Marshall visible Colson's hyperaware of dry blood splattered on his white graphic tee and scratches partially hidden within the rapper's beard along his cheek. "I got in an accident out on the M-8, it was minor but-"
Colson really can't handle all these rapid mood switches Marshall is putting him through today.
“You fucking idiot-“ Tears are bubbling up in his eyes and it’s like his hands can’t reach his partner fast enough. Pulling Marshall into his arms for a tight hug despite the pained noises his actions inspire. “Stupid, old asshole-“ Marshall’s hurt, the cars probably wrecked, but he’s home and that’s enough of a relief to finally smother that pit weighing down his stomach. “Don’t ever scare me like that again!”
A moment passes before he’s hugged back, shock more than likely freezing his partner up but when Marshall does loop his good arm around Colson he pulls him close. So close Colson is the one who’s bones feel like they might ache. “Can’t make any promises about that,” The older rapper’s palm feels warm when it climbs to cup his neck, Marshall’s face turning to press a kiss into Colson’s throat. 
That brush of lips is the final crack to release the flood gates.
"I love you."
"I know."
"I really really fucking love you."
"I know baby."
"I don't care how old your ass is, you better hold out and fucking die after me like a proper goddamn boyfriend, you hear me Marshall?" He's getting snot all over the older rapper's shirt. Full on smearing it across his own cheek and the fabric with every pointless rub of his face. "I love you so fucking much. Can't do this without you."
"Told you I'm not dying after you unless you kill me first, and I'm chasing you into the afterlife once you do go too. Fuck all the marriage shit, death ain't parting us either you brat." Marshall's tone is light and his palm is doing wonders to comfort him by rubbing circles into his back. It's enough to slow his hiccupped breathing down a few notches. "I dunno if you noticed but, I'm a little obsessed with you."
That drags out a wet snort. "Y-yeah?" When Colson pulls back to meet Marshall's eyes he swears he can see a wet shimmer starting to glaze over his partner’s as well. "Prove it then."
There's a flicker of something in blue eyes, so fast that Colson almost thinks he hallucinates the emotion altogether. But then Marshall's wrapped up arm wiggles between their bodies. The dark blue of the sling catching and sliding so his scratched up fist can shimmy its way partially out. "Planned on it-" There's something clutched tight there, black peeking out from between Marshall's finger and thumb. It's got Colson's heart dropping down into his stomach all over again. "What do you think I was driving so late on the M-8 for?"
"Marshall-" It can't be.
"Colson." But his shithead of an accident victim boyfriend is pulling back, both his good arm and slung arm awkwardly flailing in the air for a moment as he drops down on one knee. The visible wince not hidden as well as Colson imagines the man wants it to be. But Marshall's eyes are softening, and the blonde feels completely cemented in place. The only part of him moving being the uncontrollable shaky quiver of his bottom lip. "I had a whole moment planned, there were flowers, balloons, and those stupidly expensive alcoholic chocolates you love, but they all got absolutely trashed in the crash. Like, half of Detroit is probably going to think the Macies Thanksgiving parade started early. Paul called to have it all replaced, and honestly some intern is probably going to come banging on the door in about 20 minutes but I don't want to wait-" There's a flash of genuine worry that's furrowing the skin between Marshall's brows as he continues. "So I'm sorry this isn't gonna be that fancy perfect proposal you've always dreamed of-"
"Shut up." Colson's voice can't go above a whisper. His tone quick and clipped from how anxious he is to hear the man finally finish. "Just- shut up, ask me. Ask me Marsh, please-"
"Fine, always need to rush me."The rapper's lip quirks at the corners. Hands transferring the small box between eachother with a bit of fumbling. "Will you, Colson Baker-" Until Marshall can finally get it open with an audible clunk. "Legally commit to being with my annoying old ass forever?" 
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timepey · 56 minutes ago
Welcome To The Rebellion T Shirt Viral Fashion
Welcome to TIMEPEY VIRAL FASHION, home of the funniest and popular tees online. This will be a great gift for him/her. We only use high-quality shirts such as Gildan. The process used to make Welcome To The Rebellion T Shirt technology latest in ink to garment technology which is also eco-friendly.
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timepey · 58 minutes ago
Vintage Nurse Camping T Shirt Viral Fashion
Welcome to TIMEPEY VIRAL FASHION, home of the funniest and popular tees online. This will be a great gift for him/her. We only use high-quality shirts such as Gildan. The process used to make Vintage Nurse Camping T Shirt technology latest in ink to garment technology which is also eco-friendly.
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timepey · an hour ago
Kinda sweet mostly savage T Shirt Viral Fashion
Welcome to TIMEPEY VIRAL FASHION, home of the funniest and popular tees online. This will be a great gift for him/her. We only use high-quality shirts such as Gildan. The process used to make Kinda sweet mostly savage T Shirt technology latest in ink to garment technology which is also eco-friendly.
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liittlleeekitten26 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I’m wearing my pickle Rick shirt so I feel better now 🥺🥺🥰🥰💞💞✨✨
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