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obliviate-me-quietly2 minutes ago
The Ugly Sweater
I am an ugly sweater...
The one who everyone owns,
but doesn鈥檛 admit it
unless it鈥檚 that time of the year,聽
and everyone decides you鈥檙e finally good enough.
The one that sits in the closet,
the yarn slowly unravelling,聽
fraying at all the edges
but begging to be worn.
I pray for someone to fix me up,
to stitch me back together,
then maybe,
I can come out of the cupboard.
They say stitch yourself back up,
fix yourself, here are the tools.
But when you open the sewing kit,
All they鈥檝e given you is fabric dye
to cover up the problem,
they say,
because there is no cure
for an ugly sweater.
But when you use the dye,
you don鈥檛 remember聽
what you looked like, before,
but you know,
it鈥檚 definitely not this -
Blank space, plain yarn -聽
Not an ugly sweater,
but not a nice one, either.
A sweater that鈥檚 lost its brightness,
that is stagnant and empty,
but is this really better聽
than being ugly and unwanted?
You have so much potential, they say,
there are so many ugly sweaters, like you,
who are beautiful and successful
and are worn all over the world.
But instead,
I sit in darkness ,
in a drawer,
in purgatory.
Not daring to show my true face
for if they see the real me,聽
the half that's unrestrained and bright,
they might decide to throw me out,
Or maybe they鈥檒l see the other me -聽
The darkness -聽
And decide that it's too much.聽
Not that I blame them,
it鈥檚 too much for me too, sometimes,
I聽can鈥檛 see where one pattern starts,
and the other begins,
its too much and not enough, all at once.
...and I want it to stop...
But the only way to stop,
this irrational ugly mess,
is permanent -
and as much as I want to...
...I鈥檝e not聽got the courage...
I鈥檓 scared to die,
but I鈥檓 scared to live, too
and I wish more than anything,
that I was born normal.
Not an ugly sweater...
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machinesthink3 minutes ago
Shout out to boys who do the things that aren鈥檛 traditionally feminine but are now perceived as feminine in society
Especially ones that are grouped in with 鈥渇angirls鈥 all the time smh bros you are still here and you are just as much of a person that deserves to be seen as anyone else
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hajskaeg7 minutes ago
I thought "Hey doesnt Jojo Siwa make music" so I put on some songs & now I'm legit sitting here snot-nosed sobbing into my breakfast because it's just so sweet
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spookyfoxcub10 minutes ago
Hmm I鈥檝e done some thinking. And I think we should fuck 馃い
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gossip-girl-of-middle-earth10 minutes ago
馃槉 - I think you are a really friendly person.
馃槴 - I admire you from the sidelines because you seem cool and I鈥檓 just a dork.
GAH! THIS IS SO SWEET! Here, since I鈥檓 handing them out, you can also have a picture of a farm I took today!
Tumblr media
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janghoefett11 minutes ago
does anyone else have like ten tabs of different fics open for days at a time tryin to remember to read them but still you never do?
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gossip-girl-of-middle-earth11 minutes ago
馃槉 - I think you are a really friendly person.
Awwww thank you so much! Here, enjoy a photo I took today of some farm!
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life-al3rt11 minutes ago
oh to be ballroom dancing with a very beautiful woman, wearing my best dress in a dimly lit courtyard. Oh to be just about to kiss when I feel a deep throbbing in my abdomen, I want to assess the pain but I cant. Oh to slump forward into the beautiful woman's arm, being all to aware that she is using her other arm to pry out the dagger she stabbed me with. Oh to look into her eyes for answers, finding none, but seeing a glimmer of grief and regret in her eyes as she gently lays me down.
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beautyk-nice13 minutes ago
weapon-girl art
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wonhostiddymilk16 minutes ago
taking things into my own hands and stopping that dragon from being woken
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q-pixel18 minutes ago
Zombie Land Saga episode 8 so good, wow, we stan Lily, she's so perfect
This episode genuinely made me cry
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will-oliveiraa19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
#model #friend #girl #man #smile #photos #photography #pictures #nikon #nikonphotography #nikonpictures #nikonlife #portrait #landscape #hobby #garden #nature #landscape #follow4follow #follow
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