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ares857 · 34 minutes ago
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internet find
If you want this project to continue you can use the Paypal donation button on the web page of the blog. Any donation is welcome.
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shark-and-wild-passion · 2 hours ago
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shark-and-wild-passion · 2 hours ago
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#sharks #sharklover #wildanimals #wild #wildlifephotography #art #ocean #seaside #amazing #sharkshirt #babyshark #startup #teespring #shoppingonline #waves #photography #nature #goodies #storedesign #love #branding #brand #printondemand #blue #fish #tooth #ecommerce #sky #summer #water
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graeford · 3 hours ago
Written on the seafront of a very wet Looe on a Tuesday Afternoon in May.
The waves waved; the gulls bemoaned the lack of footfall; and the Heavens opined about the best place for the rain to fall; whilst I watched a moistened few of God’s critters walking limply by. . Where is the Summer Sun? Where the endless day which run into each other with a freeness of spirit? Where the bucket & spade brigade? . Stuck in a cosy caravan playing cards for…
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Rock formations at Ponta da Piedade, Algarve Coast, Portugal
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stavrinos-estates · 10 hours ago
Things to consider while determining whether to rent or purchase property in Cyprus
In the present financial scenario, many who don’t have their own home in Cyprus are questioning whether it is in their best interests to rent or purchase an apartment or house. Those few people who are familiar with the island and those that have no prior experience of properties in Cyprus are worried as they hear the large hikes in recent years in Cyprus property prices and whether or not it is a smart business decision to invest in the market that is going through a hard phase.
Though one should consider many variables before answering this decision, presently it would initially seem that Seaside Properties Cyprus for Rent or for Sale will be a smart economic decision.
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Time is changing
Even a year ago, it was quite simple to get a low interest loan in from the local banks in Cyprus, which made the idea to buy house in Cyprus and also local property prices keeps on growing, which was also favourable for purchasers.
The present situation?
• Local interest rates have enhanced, and now monthly housing loan instalments from the retail banks of Cyprus are much higher than they were a year ago and the cost of borrowing has also gone up. • Local banks no longer grant loan conveniently as they feel there is too much lending already in the property sector and they are not ready to continue hiving high rate loans.
Sales all over the island have gone down, so there is available Luxury House for Sale in Cyprus in all the major residential areas.
Buying a home is the decision of the heart and not only a financial one
This approach mentioned above is obviously the only way to look at it. Seaside Properties Cyprus for Rent or for Sale is not completely a financial decision but a of personal feelings and financial considerations.
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indigo-and-white · 11 hours ago
There is nothing, nothing more therapeutic than the sea.
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witchpossessinghozier · 11 hours ago
Why I call myself Ocean
I walked across the beach
As though in a trance.
I ignored the balloon sellers
And the ponies
And the children shouting in joy.
I went to the coastline
Where the roaring, raging ocean
Crashed up against the shore
Again and again.
The Ocean stretched vast
As far as the eye could see
Reminding me of how endless
This world could be.
I felt insignificant, lost.
But I also felt
Like I belonged
To something greater
Than who I was alone.
And in times of sorrow and hardship
I think of the vast ocean
And remember
The world is endless
And I am not alone.
Just like ocean's crashing waves
Erase the marks on the sand
My sorrow too is impermanent.
It will be erased
By the ocean's crashing waves.
-by Ocean.
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