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holyrisen · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
                     "  my mother would always tell me how i had this gift .  this sort of sixth sense to people's hearts and emotions .  that my empathy would be my most powerful strength but also my greatest weakness .  sometimes i wonder which part it really plays as .  "       /     @swordrisen​  sc .  ( kyojuro )
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sevenswcrds · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
@whyus​ asked:  ❝ it looks like something chewed you up and spat you out. ❞ / ardyn @ any! || RASA || V’s inbox deep dive (technically)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Yeah, well maybe something did,” she spits blood with the words- he isn’t wrong at all in the assessment. Blood and ash, she’s covered in both, but doesn’t seem all that slowed down by it. 
Narrow, ghost-green eyes lift to look at the- much, much taller- figure in front of her, and rake up and down his figure. “And you kind of look like a knock-off Grim Reaper. Now that we’re done stating the obvious... “
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dangermousie · 3 hours ago
I have read something like 450+ pages of MTL of The Paranoid Emperor today, 300 of them in one sitting, and my eyeballs are going to fall out so I am gonna take a break so you will be spared from my insanity for a few hours, congrats.
BUT IT IS SOOOO GOOD OMG I AM IN LOOOOVE! That reunion was angst perfection.
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dangermousie · 3 hours ago
“Later, I calmed down a little, so what if my body dies, so what if my soul flies away, I always have a way to slowly put you back ...... no matter what the cost, no matter how many years it takes. From then on, I will only do one thing - to summon your soul."
 Qiu Yutong stared at him, suddenly remembered something and said in a trembling voice: "You, how did you summon the soul?"
 "What do you think?"
 Lu Xiao gently pulled the corner of his mouth, slowly pulled open his lapel, the still fresh wound on the heart, looks very hideous: "Every month, I will take a heart essence blood from this place, to summon your soul ...... result, you have long returned, just do not want to see me? And say I am not your disciple? Then ...... that before in the Black Dragon Valley, you have done those things, promised those promises, and what is it?"
 Qiu Yutong stared dumbly at the hideous wound, his mind was in chaos.
 Lu Xiao has been trying to summon his own soul?
 Using his heart's essence blood?
These people need more therapy than can ever possibly be available. AND I LOVE THIS INSANE BOOK SO!!!!
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m-o-o-n-l-i-g-h-t-as · 3 hours ago
Aquí vamos otra vez.
Sinceramente no se si alguien llegue a leer esto en algún momento pero no importa demasiado, supongo...
Después de mucho tiempo pude verte hoy
Fue muy muy incomodo debo admitir
Justo con esto me di cuenta de que no volverá a ser somo antes
Tu y yo nunca volveremos a ser como antes
Y eso esta bien, quiero creer
Pero aun así cada que te veo no puedo evitar que los pocos sentimientos que me quedan por ti quieran arder
Y esto es muy frustrante ya que sinceramente no entiendo como puedo sentir algo tan fuerte por quien no debo justamente
No me parece muy extraño, pues en mi no es raro ver que de vez en cuando me voy por el camino equivocado sin importar como acabe después
Me verán llorar, me verán sufrir, me verán gritar
Pero jamás y nunca me veran arrepentirme, vaya use una de las cosas que solías decirme
También recuerdo que una vez me dijiste "El que persevera alcanza" en nuestro caso sobro la perseverancia
Pero por desgracia solo fue por parte de uno de los dos y yo no hablo de ti...
No digo que yo no tenga fallos, pues si los tengo y muchos pero si hablaremos de fallar a ti te conviene callar pues precisamente no te sobra la moral para poder hablar de fallos en este caso
Me enseñaste muchas cosas, aprendimos del uno al otro
planeamos mil y un cosas para hacer en un futuro, decíamos para siempre y ahora trato de acercarme a ti como tu amiga y resulta que te pone nervioso
Es algo un tanto gracioso pues cuando termino todo parecías tranquilo mientras yo moría por dentro y mis ansias me delataron frente a ti
Yo trataba de no derrumbarme y tu solo esperabas cambiar el tema y olvidarlo pero yo solo no podía
La tarde en que nos dijimos adiós antes de terminar de marcharte me abrazaste me dijiste un ultimo "Te amo" después solo me soltaste y seguiste tu camino
Me dolió en el alma escucharlo solo pude decir "Yo igual" en el fondo esperaba que arregláramos las cosas pero tu te habías cansado y yo no podía hacer mas
Cuando me entere de que había alguien mas escribí algo para ti a modo de despedida y tu solo dijiste "No esperes nada de mi por que yo no lo hago" y yo solo podía estar muy confundida ya que no comprendía como podrías hablar como si yo te necesitara cuando claramente no era así
Eso me hizo darme cuenta de tantas cosas...
Me hizo darme cuenta de que realmente no me conoces tanto como piensas, y también de que si alguien necesitaba de el otro eras tu
Me cuesta creerlo, pero hoy te vi...
Y no sentí absolutamente nada mas que algo de nostalgia
Por alguna razón el ver tu cabello algo largo me trajo recuerdos de cuando éramos felices juntos
De cuando éramos un nosotros...
A veces te pienso y me pregunto como acabamos así y realmente es extraño por que siempre llego a la misma conclusión de que me confundes...
Tal vez este final sea algo deprimente pero es asi, simplemente no logro entenderte, pues me tomo tiempo conocerte y ahora simplemente no logro comprenderte
Eres como un lienzo en blanco para mi con tanto que decir y con nada con lo que puedas expresar.
- Moonlight.
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dangermousie · 3 hours ago
The angst the angst the angst the angst THE ANGST!!!!!!!
My face is all blotchy great.
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dangermousie · 4 hours ago
Lu Xiao, who is totally desperate and terrified and losing it at the thought of QYT being possibly gone from this world with not even a soul left because he saved him, has now figured out that if QYT was willing to die to protect him, then it makes no sense of QYT to have tried to kill him for his magic and is off to find the truth.
(One of the things I am impressed with in this novel btw is there are so many misunderstandings but they all totally make sense for the characters and the story.)
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dangermousie · 4 hours ago
QYT just literally melted in LX’s arms and is gone...
Tumblr media
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pocasu · 4 hours ago
maybe it's because i have a years long emotional attachment to the song "dearest of moonlight" but malleus starting his response card with "dearest" is doing things to my brain it really is
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witchtipsandinfo · 5 hours ago
My mother...? My 'witchcraft is bad, only mentioned my sister's a witch when necessary and in whispers with judging looks' mother...just...asked me...if I know how to charge a crystal? Like, good for her, but??? Apparently one of her friends gave her a small Amethyst geode and told her to charge it and keep it under her pillow so she sleeps better?
Like....what do I say to that? I absolutely love it, but what do I say to it?
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dangermousie · 5 hours ago
OMG, Lu Xiao is now trying to woo QYT (ummm, perhaps you should have thought of it sooner?) but not only does QYT not register it, Lu Xiao has to deal with the fact that in a fit of anger he lied to QYT he has a ton of concubines and now has no idea whether to tell QYT he lied or what.
And one of his demon underlings is all “why don’t you get some girls and pretend they are your concubines and see if the person you fancy is jealous” so genius Lu Xiao has his two (male) demon underlings glamour as dancing girls and invites QYT over to show him he does have concubines (hahaha) and hope QYT is jealous.
But all QYT can see is that they have great potential for swordplay (because obviously despite the glamor they can’t hide the aptitude) and he keeps looking and looking and then asks if Lu Xiao likes them and LX is all “omg he’s jealous” and says no he doesn’t so QYT asks for them AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
Lu Xiao loses his mind and is all !!!! ???? !!!!! THEY ARE UGLY NOOOOO YOU CAN’T WANT THEM and QYT is all “why are you so rude and also who cares about their looks, I just want to teach them fighting they have great potential” and this is Lu Xiao:
Tumblr media
I am dying.
And Lu Xiao sort of explains what he thought and QYT is all ‘“so you are angry because I wanted your concubines for my own? how rude would it be of me are you insane?” and I just love that even after Lu Xiao literally tells him he has no concubines, it’s just LX and QYT, QYT is all “huh, I don’t get what you are talking about whatsoever...”
I love him so much!!!
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mysticstaryu · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
2000s throwback
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dangermousie · 6 hours ago
I got to give points to Lu Xiao even after all of this asking QYT point blank why he attempted to kill him and take him magic. Alas, QYT has no memories of this event and he can’t really say that because he knows it would sound absurd so he just says something like he must have snapped.
Ummm. Not good.
And after that Lu Xiao really loses it and when you add in that it would have been one thing if QYT had a good reason or even if he didn’t but he was so obsessed with the Dao that nothing else mattered but to LX it looks like he is able to put aside the pursuit of the Dao for his fellow brothers and his other disciple (he doesn’t know QYT doesn’t have other disciples, long story, but it’s reasonable for him to believe he does) and sacrifice himself but for him, LX, there was no consideration or even mercy.
QYT tells him he can take his core or even his sword (and he loves his sword like a child) in recompense and Lu Xiao is all “ummm I want your body instead” and god bless QYT who is genuinely “how fun can it be to do it just to humiliate me, you must have dozens of lady concubines!”
Then LX pounces on him and QYT is appalled and fights back until he sees Lu Xiao’s horrible chest scar and so decides “hell, I tried to kill him for no good reason, if he wants to get repayment by humiliating me, fair enough” and stops fighting to Lu Xiao’s shock.
Poor QYT changes his mind later but yeah, hello noncon Lu Xiao doesn’t care. I mean congrats on being a unicorn who uses lube I suppose (and it’s hilarious that demon dragon psycho who is forcing someone in revenge still apparenly knows more than 90% of MLs about this sort of thing) but it’s still written as freaking super painful, so what is WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUU. I hope someone stabs you in your demon face, Lu Xiao. You suffered poor thing? Too bad SUFFER SOME MORE SUFFER SUFFER SUFFER!!!
Tumblr media
ETA: And the morning after, Lu Xiao has the insane temerity to be pissed and shocked that QYT says “I compensated you, now I want to leave.” LIKE THE FUCK WHAT A SHOCKER THAT SOMEONE YOU RAPED AND WHO’S IN EXCRUCIATING PHYSICAL PAIN FROM IT TO BOOT DOESN’T VIEW YOU AS PRINCE CHARMING?! You need to FUCKING die! On the plus side, rage makes me read quicker. I forgot how fun it is to rage at a story.
ETA2 it would have always been highly unpleasant but I wonder if it’s extra bad because his body is made of snow so dual cultivating with a dragon is the last thing he should be doing.
ETA3 his senior brother is shady as fuck and the worst - he totally traded him for the alliance chief token. My happy ending is QYT palling around with his sword and letting the rest of all these awful people fucking rot.
ETA4: why are 99% of web novel authors so terrible at doing sex scenes. If you parse through the way it’s written, it’s possible that we are supposed to believe that at some point during the night it switched from noncon and painful at that, to QYT at least getting pleasure out of it but the way it’s written, you really have to parse and guess because the only thing they mention is the painful bits. Like wtf. Makes me think of Minglan where clearly you are supposed to parse and get she ultimately likes it but it’s written so terribly you have to be a kabbalist to figure it out.
ETA5: The fact that the lube is in QYT’s favorite osmanthus flavor is somehow super hilarious to me because it sums up Lu Xiao’s unique combination of considerate and demented. Like - forget a few fries short of a happy meal. The only part of the happy meal he has is the ketchup packets.
ETA6: Their new detente is the most insane yet in character thing ever. LX built him a beautiful lake house and keeps making him pastry and they agree to not repeat things and QYT is all “well, that was WTF and unpleasant but I guess I tried to kill him, so we are even now and whatever, he’s still my disciple who now keeps hands to himself also PASTRY PASTRY PASTRY!!!!” QYT’s brain is not like a normal person’s but then he’s not really human and his attitude to sex is not really human attitude either. But seriously, he is so odd. And Lu Xiao seems to have recovered from his psychotic episode and reverted to disciple and is all “can I sleep outside your room pls?” God all these people (?) need therapy.
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sonya-th · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
background from  h i m a w a r i (twitter) 
Pls Help i want to pay for Commisions so if u are interestet to draw some couple shit with Ethan and Eli forme pls pretty pls let me know ~
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