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myfriendthedictionary · 51 minutes ago
man . ride the cyclone didnt have to go so hard. it really did not. but it literally does . like wtf. they really sat down like we're going to make the funkiest characters known to man kind and an absurd premise, but also make it like profoundly meaningful and deep. the theme of choosing to be kind even without benefit is such an important theme throughout the show in all the characters. because all of them (except for jane) come in being bitter about something in their life (ocean is upset no one recognized her, noel is upset no one accepted who he is, ect.) and that's why all of them feel like they have to win the competition and go back. its that bitterness that their life wasnt what they wanted that makes them so determined that they have to go back. and its only when constance finally realizes that shes allowed to be happy with her life even if the only thing she did was be "nice" when they start to let go of their anger . like fuck . man. and like !! its so fucking powerful !! because they all have to do it together !! these are kids who came into the game either openly or internally not respecting the others . and it takes all five of them together to realize that they dont have to have had the perfect life. that its okay to let it go and let jane have her chance. it takes all of them releasing that anger to move on and go forward. anyway its 9 pm in finals week and a show about a rat chewing on a sentient robots wires has me in tears. wtf.
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blackacre13 · an hour ago
More than happy for the song to be added to the songfic collection!!
Aw yay! It will be the next one-shot posted for the collection then! Will be sure to also post here when it’s live on ao3.
Thank you for the song!!
Tumblr media
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*deep breath* marcus warner is so fucking underrated especially among people with maladaptive daydreaming like his music makes you feel so much in such a short span of time and its nearly all instrumental and its so easy to think of a specific scenario to a song like the best way to experience it is turn all your lights off, lie down on your bed, put your headphones in, pick an album, close your eyes, and let the music take you away I promise you its worth it
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santoshbvn · 5 hours ago
Sharks Use Earth's Magnetic Subject Like GPS to Navigate Oceans
Sharks Use Earth’s Magnetic Subject Like GPS to Navigate Oceans
How do sharks navigate by means of the deep, darkish world underneath the seas? Scientists now say they’ve the very first proof which reveals that sharks use Earth’s magnetic fields like a GPS to maneuver throughout seas and oceans. There are not any “road lights” or bodily limitations to information them throughout their long-distance voyages and migrations. But they seem to establish and attain…
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blackacre13 · 8 hours ago
kinda specific prompt but- loubbie first time where Deb admits that she's never had sex with a woman before?
Awesome! I was torn between this idea and a much younger/naive Lou x Deb having a soft first time moment, but I’ll save that for another time! Here we go!
Tumblr media
“You,” Debbie pointed, marching towards the blonde. “I’ve been watching you.”
“Have you?” Lou asked smoothly, looking the brunette up and down. “And I take it you like what you see?”
“What I see,” Debbie hissed. “Is that you’re a thief. Nice watch you’ve got there.”
Debbie motioned to the blonde’s wrist where a new Rolex sat next to a watch that may have already belonged to the blonde.
“So?” The woman shrugged.
“So, that’s illegal.”
The woman let out a deep chuckle and Debbie felt something strange in her stomach.
“Oh, honey,” Lou grinned. “Let’s drop the charade, shall we? There’s plenty of room to share. I know you’re far from honest yourself.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Debbie lied.
“That trench coat is lined with cash and watches. Some full wallets too. And even some jewelry I bet.”
“That’s absurd.”
“So, if I were to untie that knot, and open your jacket, I wouldn’t find a single dollar?”
Lou asked, a lopsided smirk on her face.
“Why would you be untying a stranger’s coat in the first place?”
“Because that stranger has been making eyes at me all night.”
“I’ve been staring you down because I know your game,” Debbie hissed.
Lou leaned in closer. “That so?” She ran a finger along Debbie’s bottom lip and crowded Debbie. Suddenly, Debbie felt as if she couldn’t remember how to use her lungs to breathe. “Because I’d bet, if I took you into the bathroom right now and cupped you under your dress that your panties would be soaked right now from stealing glances of me all night. Maybe imagining what sort of things I could do to you.”
Debbie swallowed thickly and tried to look away, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to make eye contact. To show up the blonde in this weird battle for power and dominance. And now that the blonde was saying this out loud, she was wondering if she had been stealing glances because she was less worried about sharing her territory for collecting marks and more interested in how gorgeous this woman was. Wait.
“Was I right?” Lou whispered, running a finger down Debbie’s arm.
“Bathroom,” Debbie nodded. “Now.”
“Thought so,” Lou smirked. She took Debbie by the hand and led her to the back of the club, pulling her into the bathroom and then into a stall she locked tight before slamming the brunette against the door.
“Fuck,” Debbie panted at the woman’s control and command over her, but simultaneously at the situation she’d just gotten herself into. But right now, she couldn’t think of a predicament more hot or amazing than being pressed between the blonde and the door.
“So, will I be right?” The blonde asked.
“Right about what?”
“If I touch you right now,” Lou whispered, her voice going less harsh and more soft.
“One way to find out,” Debbie’s mouth spoke, her tongue beating her brain in a competition of whether lust or logic would win the night. But the blonde’s hand was already cupping the heat between her thighs and she let out a wild moan that made Debbie squirm from the sound alone.
“I want to propose something preposterous,” Lou whispered. “I’d really like to make you scream my name. Right here. Right now.”
“I’d like that too,” Debbie breathed. “There’s just one problem. I don’t know your name.”
Lou chuckled, her eyes shimmering and Debbie was smitten. She knew she was done for. This was it. That moan. That laugh. Those damn blue eyes. Fuck.
“It’s Lou. Lou Miller.”
“Debbie Ocean.”
“Debbie, I’d like to fuck you right now until you’re screaming my name and you don’t care who hears it.”
“Please,” Debbie breathed.
Lou moved towards her, unwrapping the coat from Debbie’s shoulders and throwing it over the door. Her hands ran down the sides of Debbie’s dress and Debbie drew in a deep breath. Before she realized it, Lou had shoved the dress down, exposing Debbie’s breasts to the cold air, her nipples already perky. Lou licked her lips at the sight and hoisted the bottom of Debbie’s dress up as well, leaving it crumpled at her center. She pulled Debbie’s thong down to her ankles.
Suddenly, the blonde’s mouth was on Debbie’s and Debbie was ravenous for her kisses. Wondering what they tasted like. And Lou was practically drawing blood from her lip. She moved down to her neck, sucking marks hard in Debbie’s olive skin, making her moan.
“Even your moans are pretty,” Lou whispered suddenly. Oddly soft for a bathroom hookup.
Debbie didn’t know how to answer this, and she wanted Lou closer to her body, so she pushed the blonde’s head into her breasts and let out a dry as she busied herself with sucking marks into those as well, leaving bites and twists on her nipples.
Debbie pulled at Lou’s hair, yanking it hard, desperate for contact, already panting. And suddenly, Lou’s was kissing down Debbie’s stomach and then placing a kiss directly against her folds and Debbie’s mind had to sober up and be honest as much as she hated it.
“Lou,” she whispered. “Fuck. I have to—I have to tell you—I’ve never—with a woman before.”
“You what?” Lou asked, not offended or rude, but soft and sincere, confirming.
“I’ve never slept with a woman before.”
“God,” Lou breathed. “Then we probably shouldn’t—not like this.”
“No,” Debbie shook her head. “I want this. I want you. So fucking bad. I can’t wait. I need you now. Need your to fuck me. Please.”
“You sure?”
“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my fucking life.”
“Well, how do I argue with that?” Lou asked. “Just please tell me if you get uncomfortable and I will stop immediately. Okay? Debbie?”
“Fuck me, baby,” Debbie panted. “I want your fingers deep inside me when I scream your name, and then I want to suck on your fingers to clean you up so I can taste myself on you.”
“Well, fuck,” Lou moaned. “Look who’s an expert at all this already.”
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excen-tricos · 11 hours ago
Incluso, a veces, te fallas a ti mismo. ¿Por qué esperar más de otras personas?
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songbird-and-her-fos · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Let’s all come together and appreciate Rahab’s beautiful fishy bod
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excen-tricos · 11 hours ago
Las personas más solitarias (en gran parte), somos las más acompañadas.
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blackacre13 · 12 hours ago
Hi I just loved the top debbie with the strap you did I'd love to see more of it so can you do a top debbie with the strap where they decide to do anal sex for the first time on Lou ?
I was nervous about this one for some reason, but hopefully I did Top!Debbie justice. Somehow this is hella smutty but then it’s soft? Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Debbie and Lou were sitting side by side in bed, each supposedly reading. Debbie would’ve believed it better if Lou’s book wasn’t resting upside down in her lap for the last twenty minutes.
After a few more minutes, and the brunette being aware she couldn’t hide her smirks or giggles much longer, she leaned over her book and peered at Lou, knowing the blonde world feel Debbie’s eyes on her.
“Something on your mind, baby?”
Lou brushed her off, shaking her head, before ruffling her bangs to be more in her eyes, if that were possible. Debbie saw the faint blush playing at the blonde’s cheeks and raised her eyebrows.
“Clearly, it’s somethingggg.”
Lou sighed and closed the book, leaning back further against the headboard. She remained looking forward for a moment before turning to Debbie, locking eyes, staring deep.
“How would you feel about fucking me in the ass?” Lou asked sharply, eyes never breaking focus.
Debbie’s eyebrows nearly shot into her hairline, her mouth gaping open as it floundered for a moment before she was able to clamp it shut and regain her composure.
“Is that something you want?” Debbie asked slowly, trying to piece together where the question had come from. It both was and wasn’t an odd request from Lou.
“No,” Lou rolled her eyes. “It was an attempt at truth or dare.”
“Lou,” Debbie sighed.
“Of course I’m serious,” Lou smiled. “It’s something you’ve done before a few times and enjoyed and I’m curious. Besides, you’re the only one I’d trust to it.”
“Well, I should hope so,” Debbie laughed. “We’re married.” She teased, hiding the way Lou’s confirmation of trust made her heart flutter happily and her head feel deliriously fuzzy.
“Details,” Lou scoffed, but her eyes were smiling.
“When did you...”
“Start thinking about it or want to do it?” Lou asked, throwing her book on her night stand.
“Both, I guess,” Debbie answered, chewing at her bottom lip.
“Like a week ago,” Lou admitted. “And maybe right now.”
“Right now?” Debbie laughed nervously. “Well, fuck.”
Lou crawled forward towards Debbie, shaking her ass side to side. “What, honey? Don’t think you can handle it?”
“Oh,” Debbie smirked, control returning to her eyes, flexing her hands as she put her book aside. “I absolutely can handle it. Why don’t you strip down so I can see that pretty ass of yours?”
“Seriously?” Lou gaped.
“No,” Debbie rolled her eyes. “It was an attempt at truth or dare,” she repeated in a mocking tone before getting up from the bed. She started towards the closet, only pausing to smack Lou’s ass.
Debbie swung the closet door open, flicking on the light, making no show of hiding what she was doing as she removed her leggings and socks and then slid her sweater up over her shoulders and head, throwing everything into the hamper. She turned to face Lou on the bed, running her fingers between the elastic of her underwear a few times as if deciding whether or not to take them off. She left them on as well as her bra and Lou let out a little groan of disappointment.
“Patience, baby,” Debbie spoke, leaning down to dig into one of their drawers. She pulled out Lou’s harness and one of the smaller dildos they owned and carried them back out to the bed, leaving them on one corner. “I don’t see that ass yet.”
Lou gave her an incredulous look but decided it wasn’t worth arguing who should be in charge tonight. If she was putting her trust in Debbie, then she would give up that control as well and submit herself completely. For now.
The blonde stood to let her sweatpants pool down around her feet, followed by her boxers. She removed the T-shirt and sports bra as well, leaving herself bare, standing before Debbie at the foot of the bed.
Debbie dragged a single finger down Lou’s spine, watching goosebumps appear against porcelain skin. She smiled to herself, blowing softly against Lou’s neck and ears watching the blonde shiver in anticipation.
“Deb,” Lou whispered. “Don’t tease me, honey.”
“Just warming you up, baby,” Debbie promised. “Tell me one thing. Do you want to come on my fingers or my tongue?”
Debbie’s hands teased asking Lou’s back and stomach as she waited for an answer that never came. She peeked over Lou’s shoulders and saw her cheeks growing hot again.
“Someone’s greedy tonight, I see,” Debbie whispered, fingers teasingly dancing over Lou’s center. “Both it is, love. On your back for me, baby.”
Lou sat down on the bed and scooted back against the pillows before laying down flat. Debbie got onto her knees, crawling forward along Lou’s body, kissing up her legs from her calves to thighs to hips and belly and higher, fingers cupping breasts and twisting nipples as she peppered the blonde’s chest in kisses and bites, only letting up to move up to her neck and lips in response to Lou’s soft moans and pants. Debbie could see her trying to rub her thighs together and smirked.
“Someone’s eager,” Debbie teased. Debbie leaned forward to kiss Lou again, one of her hands moving to her own body to pull down the cups of her bra slightly so her breasts tilted forward towards the blonde making her groan and try to reach out. Debbie pressed her hands into the sheets instead. Debbie sat up for a moment on her knees and dipped her own hand into her panties, swirling he fingers inside her own wetness. Lou could hear it and let out a small “fuck”.
“Only you get me like this, Lou,” Debbie whispered before removing her fingers and sucking them clean. “Just imagine how fucking wet I’ll be after having my way with you. Stretching you out. Making you come in a way you never have before.”
“Please, Debbie,” Lou panted, rubbing her thighs together without shame.
Lou expected to have to ask again or even beg but Debbie’s tongue was on her in an instant, her fingers plunging inside Lou not much later as Debbie worked her deep and slow, Lou arching below her, panting out her name and moaning softly until she came on Debbie’s tongue with the Ocean’s name on her own tongue and Debbie’s fingers tight inside her.
Debbie gave her time to rest, kissing her back to reality until she saw Lou start to get antsy again, seeking out another round of pleasure. Debbie encouraged her to get onto her knees.
“We’ll go slow,” Debbie promised. “Ease you into it. Won’t push anything tonight. And if it feels good and you like it, we can always revisit it. Okay, baby?”
“Okay, honey,” Lou agreed. She took a deep breath. “I love you, Debbie. So much.”
“You’ll never know how damn much I love you, Lou,” Debbie whispered. “You ready?”
“God yes,” Lou sighed, nervous but excited.
Debbie reached into their night table and extracted their lube. She opened the bottle and rubbed some into her hands before she ran her finger along the opening of Lou’s ass, for a moment. She kissed Lou’s spine before she entered with one finger, Lou hissing as she pushed inside, gentle and slow, moving it around to loosen the hole. Lou nodded as Debbie went, careful and slow.
“Let me know when it starts to feel good,” Debbie whispered. “I know it hurts a bit.”
Lou nodded again, stifling any sound of discomfort and suddenly, Debbie felt the wetness spread around her finger allowing her to push completely forward as Lou let out a deep groan at the sensation.
“Feels good, Deb,” she whispered as Debbie started to pump her finger in and out, whispering sweet, encouraging words to Lou. There was something about having Lou in this position. Knowing she trusted her more than anything to ask for this. To be vulnerable like this. Debbie kept pumping slowly, admiring the sounds her wife made.
Debbie’s movements hit Lou a certain way and she cried out her name, asking for more. Debbie added lube to her fingers before pushing two inside together, Lou gasping as they stretched her, the burning sensation no doubt back like in the beginning, but soon she was moaning with pleasure again and begging Debbie to go faster. Debbie’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when Lou asked for more again, but she repeated her ministrations and added a third finger to the mix, moaning herself as she felt Lou yield around her, becoming more pliant and oh so wet around her fingers. Debbie could feel her underwear growing dangerously damp.
“Fuck, Deb. Deb, I’m close,” Lou panted suddenly, and Debbie could almost feel what Lou must have felt right now. That cooking heat in her stomach like she might explode at any second from so much pressure and depth in such a sensitive, tight spot.
“You want more fingers, baby? Or do you want my strap?”
“Your strap, honey” Lou panted. “Please. I want to come with your dick inside me.”
If Debbie’s panties hadn’t already been done for, this was definitely the line that was her undoing as she moaned at the blonde’s request.
“Of course,” Debbie whispered, kissing Lou’s back again. “One second, love.”
Debbie stepped off the bed to strap herself into the harness, buckling it tight. At a second thought, she slid her underwear from beneath it, stepping out of it, hoping she could get enough friction against her clit from her thrusts against Lou that she could tumble over the edge with her. But if she didn’t, she didn’t. This was all about making Lou feel amazing.
Debbie stroked lube up and down the dildo until she was happy with how it was coated and then kneeled back on the bed, the tip of the dildo teasing at Lou’s ass, Lou wiggling back against it.
“It’s going to feel like that pressure again,” Debbie warned. “I’ll go nice and slow. Just keep talking to me, Lou.”
“Okay, honey,” Lou promised. “I will. Please just...just fuck me, Debs.”
Debbie used her hands to position the tip of the dildo against the tight hole, pushing forward the barest amount until Lou could feel the slightest amount of silicon against her, a gasp coming from the blonde as she adjusted.
“Keep going.”
Slowly, Debbie pushed further in, waiting for the green light. They did this again and again, half inch by half inch until Lou let out the deepest of moans and a “fuck, Debbie” and Debbie slid all the way in, the strap bottoming out as Lou fell from her knees to flat on the bed, her fingers gripping at the sheets like her life depended on it.
“Shit, baby, are you okay?”
“God, I’m good,” Lou panted. “So good, honey. I’m ready. Fuck me, Deb. Please.”
Debbie pulled all the way out of the blonde and then made her way back into her slowly, repeating her movements again and again, Lou already shaking and cursing at her movements before asking her to go faster. Debbie could feel her heat spreading, her coil growing tighter and Debbie could feel the strap pushing against her clit just right.
“How you feel, Lou?” Debbie asked, panting against her.
“Almost...there. I just—I just.”
Debbie knew exactly what she needed. She pushed the dildo into Lou once more and kept it there, grinding against her slowly as she added fingers to Lou’s clit, teasing at the sensitive nub while keeping pressure in her tight hole until Lou was grunting and panting out Debbie’s name leading and following more curses than Debbie had ever heard Lou use during sex and suddenly Lou was panting like crazy and pushing back against Debbie, asking her if she could “please, please, Deb. Please can I come on your strap?”
And Debbie was whispering yes, delirious at the thought and the feel of Lou pulsing around the strap, pushing back against Debbie and panting her name as she came and cried out making Debbie proud and overly heated and turned on, and hopelessly, ridiculously, even more in love with her wife.
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nikkywrites · 12 hours ago
Very good day to you and your pup, Nikky:) Day 10 question is for Calypso: she rules over the ocean, but how does she feel about its depths? Is there any play on the Davy Jones' Locker? Does she spend much time at the bottom of the seas?
Good day to you as well! Thank you for the question, this is an interesting one!
She has fondness for the depths. Most other sea patrons don’t really enjoy it (Amphitrite used to, but that’s because she’s ruler of the deep, Calypso has no such reason). As for tying it in with Davy Jones’ Locker... well, she’s the one who takes a lot of sailors lives and maybe it’s a comfort thing, on a subconscious level. Calypso, even when not at surface, is still flocking to her sailors. Maybe it’s the only kindness she can offer them, not letting them be alone at bottom of the sea, deep where there is only blackness and chill. She loves her sailors and maybe making their resting place her own is a sort of apology. She spends... well, it changes depending on the time, but pre/early Davy Jones, she spends a good bit of time there. It’s where she goes to rest and relax. She’s also a fairly solitary goddess, does not like interaction when she’s not the initiating and nothing gets more remote the sea’s seat. Calypso loves all of her ocean and the depths are no different.
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eter-nxs · 15 hours ago
A veces, el solo acto de pensar, puede llegar a lastimarte.
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amerrierworld · 23 hours ago
Take the Silence Away
Tumblr media
for the request: Lou Miller helping fem!reader with her depression 
Summary: You thought you’d be home alone to deal with your feelings, so when Lou arrives, you’re worried you’ve screwed up entirely. 
Characters: Lou x fem!reader
Word Count: 1.4k 
Warnings: mention of depresssssionnnnn, mental health issues, general sadness and whatnot, self-degrading talk 
Nobody ever talks about when the lowest points hit on the brightest days. But you were getting quite acquainted with the concept. 
The windows were open, you could hear car honks and children laughing. The sun was shining directly on your face. There was a smell of spring in the air and you should have felt absolutely fine. The day could not have looked more perfect if you looked outside.
But Lou was forced to cancel your lunch date, and somehow that had you crumbling where you stood. You couldn’t remember the reason; it didn’t matter. She wasn’t coming today. You knew she didn’t have a choice, and weren’t mad at her. You were mad at yourself, for reacting the way you did.
Wearing your cutest, most attractive dress, hair done up and makeup flawless. You really should go and change. But you couldn’t get up out of the bed that you had collapsed in when you had finished your phone call.
Was it really all that bad? No, seemingly not so. But your brain didn’t quite agree with that. 
Tears had smeared your mascara half an hour ago. An hour before that your hair had slipped from its stylings. You had been starving for lunch with Lou, but you hadn’t budged to eat at all since. 
Were you weak? Weak for getting so despaired when one good thing fell out of place? Was there something else you should have been paying attention to? 
It didn’t matter, you decided. Nothing mattered, right? Nothing but numbness. It was something you were accustomed to.
There were birds chirping close to your window, and it made you turn your head only slightly, but you were too late to see what birds. You caught a wing flapping before they disappeared, and sighed in exhaustion. Missed that too. 
You don’t know how long you stayed in bed like that. Did the phone ring? The front door? You didn’t notice if it did.  
Your eyelashes felt crusty from the dried tears and makeup and it irritated your skin. You aggressively rubbed your eye until it was sore and blurry, and your fingers came away with smudged makeup. Oh right, you were wearing makeup. 
The ceiling really wasn’t that entertaining. Maybe you should get out of bed, put on your pj’s and just crawl back in bed. Or sleep in the bathtub- the couch? Heck, the floor would be just fine. You deserved it, you were sure..
The sound of the front door opening caught you by surprise, but you didn’t budge. An intruder? Good. Let them take what they want, you couldn’t be bothered anyway-
“Guess who?” a voice called out.
Your head shot up. You tensed your body like you wanted to leap out of bed at the sound of Lou’s voice- oh it would be nice to see her, right? 
But no, you looked like a mess. Fuck. There were footsteps approaching, she always knew where to find you. You wouldn’t have time to fix yourself, not this time. 
You sat up and rubbed a little harder at your eyes, knowing it wouldn’t do anything to hide the puffiness and smeared eyeshadow. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. You didn’t want her to see you like this-
The door creaked open and you rushed to sit, perched on the edge of the bed, forcing a smile.
“Guess who got us dinner?” Lou was grinning, holding a few plastic bags. You could smell the takeout where you were sitting, and your stomach grumbled. 
The sight of her made your heart burst. She looked impeccable- her hair swept by the wind, looking rosy-cheeked from the bike ride. Her shoes were off, and she was wearing a pair of ugly, disgustingly coloured socks. Socks you recognized that you bought her as a joke, because it never would have gone with her fashion sense, but that she wore anyways. You felt yourself choke up. 
“Hey, baby. Everything all right?” her voice was riddled with concern, and your stomach dropped with dread. You hated making others worried, hated to see them sad, hated-
“Yup. I- uh, fell asleep,” you said. “Guess it was a good idea to cancel lunch.”
You let out a huff of dry laughter, but Lou wasn’t having any of it. She put the takeout bags on the ground, and disappeared into the closet. You sat there, startled for a moment, and wondering what she was doing.
She came out in a fuzzy cow-print onesie, and had another zebra-print onesie in hand. There was a clear intention in her eyes, and you would’ve ran out the room if you had had the energy.
“You are not making me wear that,” you laughed incredulously. They were kept in the back because neither of you ever wore them, until now. Her eyebrow raised and with lightning speed, she was on top of you, making you shriek.
“Lou! Lou, oh my god, what are you-” you burst out in a fit of giggles as she tickled your sides, flailing your limbs. She managed to worm the bottom half of the onesie onto your body. You wheezed with laughter, out of breath.
“Okay, okay okay.” You finally relented, letting her take off your dress and zip up the cozy onesie all the way. She tugged the hood over your head, letting your zebra ears flop and you rolled your eyes, smiling.
Then she leapt off the bed and grabbed the take out. She precariously balanced it on the bed before sitting on it, and tugging you to sit in her lap, legs intertwined. 
Without another word, she kept you in that position as she passed you your takeout box, the familiar, amazing smell of your favourite meal making you light up. She rubbed a hand along your leg without another word as you dug in, realizing how hungry you were, and that Lou somehow had managed to order the one thing that got you eating. 
You ate in silence for a little while, sitting in Lou’s lap in your cozy outfits. Though it was quiet, there was calm, and you actually found it quite relaxing. 
“Do you wanna talk about anything?” Lou eventually asked, mouth full of food. You stilled, looking down at your plate. Your fingers began trembling a bit.
“I-” You hesitated. But then, Lou’s hand wrapped around yours and she squeezed firmly. 
So you let it all out. Your stresses, your fears, your numbness. Halfway through, Lou was blinking back tears, and so were you. When you could no longer form coherent words and were choking out sobs and half syllables, Lou wrapped her arms around you tightly and tugged you close. Eventually she slowly fell back onto the mattress, with you holding on like a small koala bear. 
“If you’re worried that now you’ve scared me off, don’t be,” she eventually said, once you sobs had subsided somewhat. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Your throat was hoarse and dried up, and you buried your nose in her neck. “You have every reason to leave me.”
“That’s not true.”
She nudged you until you pulled back to look her in the eyes. “I have every reason to stay. If you’ll let me. And talk to me about things, when they get bad?”
You could have saved both of you from so much turmoil right at this moment. Now that she knew, you could send her away with a good reason; that your emotions were not up to par, that she didn’t deserve this. 
But your heart ached with love. And you wanted her so desperately, in every way. Even when you were numb, Lou was a sweet, calming reminder of everything you needed to go after when things got dark. 
And you nodded, promising something you never thought you had the strength to do. To be open with someone. Lou smiled, kissed your cheek, and pulled you even tighter. Your full belly and exhausted tears easily sent you into a deep sleep, with her rubbing your back and keeping you warm. 
A/N: brb crying 
@ the anon who asked for this i hope everything is going alright in your life, i hope this helps, i hope you will find ways to help yourself and realize how worthy you are to enjoy this wonderful thing called fuckin’ LIFE <3 (and that goes for alllll of you who are reading this too okay)
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environmentindia · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy Mother Ocean 🌊🌊Day🌊🌊 The Mother Ocean Day is celebrated on May 10th of every year. It spotlights the entire magnitude of the body of water, which makes our life possible on Earth. #environment #environmentind #indenvironment #ocean #oceanlife #oceans #saveocean #saveearth #savenature #nature #motherocean #motheroceanday #prakrti
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ines-txbles · a day ago
Tan joven y ya tan desgastadx, cansadx y aburridx.
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ines-txbles · a day ago
Cuando estoy a punto de arreglarme, pienso y me destruyo de nuevo. Se ha convirtido en un ciclo.
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rae-arts777 · a day ago
Me: im sad
Me: Oh I’ll just text my bestie
Me: oh she’s busy with her friends..ok..
Bestie: I’m sad.
Bestie: Oh! Let me just go text Rae-
Bestie: oh..she’s busy today..*goes to sleep early to pass the time*
Next day
Bestie/Me:....*spam each other with love memes*
Bestie: *cries* I missed you
Me: *cries* I missed you more
Me: what are you talking about? I don’t have attachment issues!
Therapist: *pulls up notes from last session* -_-
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excen-tricos · a day ago
Uso mis problemas para que en vez de que estés tú en mis pensamientos, estén ellos.
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