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pluggboy · 18 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
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adventures-in-instant-ramen · 42 minutes ago
I got my second COVID shot yesterday which was nice, but now it’s the next day and I have field archeology class today and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck
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zahroreadsthings · 43 minutes ago
When Lief took risks, he did not complain. When Jasmine stopped to pick up bits and pieces washed up on the river bank, he said nothing. He was so patient and gentle, in fact, that Lief became uncomfortable, and longed to hear the old, irritable Barda growling once more.
Obsessed with this
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pandashepherdwitch · an hour ago
idk what this means but I get visibly uncomfortable if I don't have a piece of labradorite near me at all times
I have a piece carved into a frog that I take everywhere and I'm 10000% going to miss holding him in my hoodie pocket
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just-call-me-emrys · 2 hours ago
I can never go back to my local petsmart
I went in to buy more cat litter, and i was at the counter waiting on the cashier to ring me up, and was giving her my phone number for the rewards, when i looked down and cut off mid-sentence, said “shit me sideways” and then BOOKED it out of the store doing a perfect T 1000 Terminator sprint across the parking lot
The lady before me forgot her phone on the counter. I saw it, saw her halfway to her car, and didnt think twice before sprinting after her. I returned her phone, returned inside, then slapped my card down on the counter and said, while making full eye contact with this poor, bewildered cashier (who, from her perspective, just saw a customer suddenly bolt from the store to sprint a lap in the parking lot for no fucking reason), “I’ll pay for the poop rocks now.”
Because apparently when im panicking i’ll just say whatever comes to mind first.
Im never going back to that petsmart again jesus christ
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girlbosspiper · 2 hours ago
i need to stare at a wall for a few hours to cope
tried to look at posts abt mi now but they made me too crazy
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thevalleyisjolly · 4 hours ago
it's gotta be cumulous rocks for the character ask meme!
Jack, please know that I am handing you a platter of fresh cut and peeled fruit <3
How I feel about this character
Cumulous Rocks my beloved <3 (also, so gender, much envy)
All the people I ship romantically with this character
I just think he and Theo have complementary characters and great vibes.  I’m also amenable to Lapin/Cumulous (and by extension, Lapin/Theo/Cumulous)!
My non-romantic OTP for this character
I love Cumulous interacting with “the next generation” (Ruby, Liam, even Saccharina to a certain extent).  Let’s get more weird Uncle Cumulous content into the world!
My unpopular opinion about this character
That he’s a valuable party member who doesn’t deserve to die just so that Lapin can come back I do think he’s a multi-faceted character, just not a particularly vocal one.  Also, he can commit some war crimes.  Everyone is committing many crimes and behaving badly at some point or another, I think he can commit a few war crimes too.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
Where to begin?  I would love to learn literally anything about his backstory (how does a Rocks end up an elder monk in a secret monastic order?  for that matter, how does a member of the Rocks family disappear for decades without anyone noticing?  what was his relationship with Lazuli like?  why is he so passionate about magic, he has such enthusiasm that goes beyond vows?) and I would have loved if he had more soft or silly moments!  The whole bit where he was helping Liam work on his flirting, how he talked to Ruby after the funeral, the chicken-
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erekajack · 4 hours ago
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Tumblr media
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strathshepard · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
The “Wagon Station Encampment” is an array of twelve hard-shelled portable structures that sit above a wash near Andrea Zittel’s home. Originally conceived as a way to host collaborators visiting Joshua Tree, Zittel opened them to bi-seasonal artists-in-residence from 2011 to 2017. Tent-like in size, their design and name play on both the covered wagon and the station wagon. Photographed by Nich McElroy for Vogue
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icinnie19 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
blame @as-troz for these gayass rocks i drew
featuring long yellow, short bufftile, rocks in dresses, and yellowtile from the AoT AU meeting a few hours after fucking around in the forest 
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shredneck · 5 hours ago
Full of Hell's problem is that they are the perfect band (East Coast Grindcore FTW) with perfect lyrical content (Catholic troddened cynicism conveying an unescapable abyss of misery at a volume not made for human ears FTW), and they collab and tour with all the best artists (Gatecreeper, Lingua Ignota, The Body, Wormrot, Succumb, Limbs Bin, etc) always coming through in the musical department but very little to show for it in the prints or t-shirt department. It sucks cus they're my 2nd favorite band and I want cool merch to catch people's eye so I can promote them to everyone.
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theworldofotps · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I love this picture more then words can say
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viretus · 6 hours ago
Writing when I’m drunk: Lit. The FLOW. The EMOTION. I know more than 3 words. Top tier. 100%
Editing while I’m drunk: Okay. It works. This is fine.
Formatting while I’m drunk: *fucks up* *fucks up* *fucks up* Hmm... *fucks up*
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forcechoosen · 6 hours ago
Anakin Skywalker; Open Starter
Plot: Anidala Episode Three / Post Ep III AU
     He was breaking Master Windu’s orders and left the Temple. Palpatine was the Sith Lord. the Jedi were liars. the Jedi were heroes. so much was swarming around him and made the danger of Anakin Skywalker so rpevelent. Feeling as if he was being torn apart he left the temple as the sunset began to bleed across the city-planet. 
Tumblr media
    Instead of rushing to the Senate building though, Anakin came to a landing outside Padme’s and his home. He came out the fighter, seeking out his wife, coming crashing to his knees before her, cheeks stain with tears as he choked out, “ Palpatine ---- Palpatine is the Sith Lord.”
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eternalgirlscout · 6 hours ago
thinking about amethar taking the same fighter subclass as jet.......... and being a storm herald barbarian and saccharina being a storm sorcerer................. and by thinking i mean
Tumblr media
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itsraiyninmuses · 6 hours ago
Tyke creeps in and sneaks into Vordick's food so he could steal some treats.
There wasn’t many snacks and such that were sweet, but there were one or two bags of candies. One being small packages of what looked to be little popping candies in strawberry and melon flavors. The box holding them was open and a few packs sticking out...
And Vordrick was none the wiser of what Tyke was doing.
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voidingintotheshout · 7 hours ago
“Unpack your adjectives” by Daniel Johnston. Rest in peace. The song of the day.
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