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virtuallyinsane5 minutes ago
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Oleksii Demydenko
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batwritings53 minutes ago
- the resident simp,
Tree anon
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janefondaan hour ago
mental how a tree being cut down really has me spiralling
#promise im gonna stop making posts about this but god im miserable rn#like i planned my whole life to be in this town cause i loved my friends and family#and now my family hate my mum and never visit so i only see them at christmas and my nana says bad things about us to them#so our visits are awkward and my aunt keeps asking me why i dont have a boyfriend and i hate it so#visiting them isnt fun anymore#and my friends literally stopped talking to me cause i got sexually harrassed by a guy friend and they all took his side#so this house and garden and my pets are all i really have here and now my tree is gone and IM VERY UPSET#i know this is an extremelt dramatic reaction to have about a tree but im not good with change#i have had the same hairstyle my whole life and eat the same foods everyday and i cant throw things away even when they are badly broke#like i just cant deal w anything changing and this stupid man cutting down my tree is pushing me into a breakdown#my mum and brother and family friend are visiting at the weekend and i know im gonna end up crying in front of them i cant cope#im literally at work and my boss is mad cause my appraisal is 3 weeks late and i only have 30 minutes to submit it#but the thought of the past year and my goals for the next year really makes me wanna vomit so i havent done it#i wanna just pack up my things and my pets and leave i hate it here#without the tree my house now has no barriers to my other neighbours house and hes a creep!#he went to jail for trying to rape a 15yo girl and now during summer he just sits in his garden drunk staring at me#andmy tree stopped him being able to see#ok im gonna stop posting about this tree and try to take my mind off it lmao#apologies to anyone who read these tags lmao. today is a bad day for me#ive been dreaming about my friends lately and its been making me sad how easily they just dropped me so maybe im just emotional#and this tree is bringing it all out idk#and during the summer when im sad or overwhelmed i like to go sit and watch the birds eating the apples and it really helped me#oh god i didnt even think about the birds that wrre living in the tree.... where did they go when he cut it down
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townbranchtreeexpertan hour ago
Town Branch Tree Experts, Inc. is a full-service tree care company headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, locally owned and operated. Our ISA Certified Arborists and tree experts are the industry leaders in Lexington's tree care industry, and we're proud of that. We take great achievement in our work and are excited to be entrusted with the protection of your trees. Our mission is based on environmental stewardship and tree protection values. Our community's trees are essential to us, and we work hard to keep them healthy and secure
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justkeeponsimmingan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Leo: 鈥淚鈥 think it鈥檚 ready. Mila, keep back for me. I need to power it up.鈥
Mila squeals excitedly, making Leo jump. He whips his head around to make sure she鈥檚 okay, thinking she might have hurt herself with the spanner he let her play with. He sighs heavily when he sees that she鈥檚 okay, just staring at the fully constructed servo.
Alright, here goes nothing! Everything is connected up and there鈥檚 power to his work bench. He needs to give it a short, sharp jolt of power to charge it鈥檚 batteries, then servo will be alive! Leo has to admit he鈥檚 as excited as Mila is. He鈥檚 been waiting for this moment for a long time.
Leo: 鈥淥n the count of three, Mimi! Ready? Count down for me!鈥
Mila: 鈥淵es, Dad! Threeeeee鈥woooooo鈥neeeeee! Power!鈥
Leo throws all of his weight onto the power lever, then leaps back as the workbench sparks to life, pumping electricity into his servo.
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cauterizeran hour ago
county tax. state tax. im-gonna-fuck-your-mom tax. im sof ucking sick of money
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dabihands2 hours ago
Omg, Thee I don鈥檛 understand why people feel the need to send such rude things, you鈥檙e work is lovely and very hot to read eheh.
And @ whoever sent Thee shitty comments, cut it out. It really hurts writers when anons leave destructive criticism and can ruin their day and confidence in writing. So, cut you鈥檙e shit.
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Jen PLEASE I WILL HUG YOU THROUGH THE SCREEN 馃ズ can you please tell Overhaul to do this thing and deal with them! I鈥檇 love to see that 馃
(and yes! Yes, I will write for Chisaki soon MWAHAHAHAHA)
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janefonda2 hours ago
hey did you know what your neighbor did is super fucking illegal and you could make a lot of money from him if you talked to a lawyer? tree law is hilariously serious business.
is it actually?? i dont think i could do anything because he did ask permission to cut down some of it. I dont know if the misunderstanding is on my part or his cause i thought i was clear that he could only cut down the branch that hung over but now im doubting myself. I definitely didnt give him the right to sneak in and cut down the whole tree though so im unsure if he knew i didnt want that but did it anyway or misunderstood me
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firello-o2 hours ago
Flippy: *Kills others cold-blooded.*
Splendid: Im leaving
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woodlandtrust2 hours ago
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The Log Fire - Elizabeth Rebecca Ward
In her last hour of life the tree Gave up her glorious memories, Wild scent of wood anemone, The sapphire blue of April skies.
With faint but ever-strength'ning flame, The dew-drenched hyacinthine spires Were lost, as red-gold bracken came, With maple bathed in living fires.
Grey smoke of ancient clematis Towards the silver birch inclined, And deep in thorny fastnesses The coral bryony entwined.
Then softly through the dusky room They strayed, fair ghosts of other days, With breath like early cherry bloom, With tender eyes and gentle ways.
They glimmered on the sombre walls, They danced upon the oaken floor, Till through the loudly silent halls Joy reigned majestical once more.
Up blazed the fire, and, dazzling clear, One rapturous Spirit radiant stood. 'Twas you at last! Yes, YOU, my dear. We two were back in Gatcombe Wood!
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