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myrandomrambles · an hour ago
Pitch Black and the Seven Dwarfs - Part 6
Pitch Black and the Seven Dwarfs – Part 6
Click here to read Part 1 Click here to read Part 2 Click here to read Part 3 Click here to read Part 4 Click here to read Part 5 When she heard the mirror’s announcement, Queen Rowena was giddy with happiness. “Pitch Black shall come back,” she shouted, “I will fetch her and escort her to the Palace myself!” Queen Rowena disguised herself as an old peddler woman, so that no one at the…
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So I’m reading “These Violent Delights” and I never thought my knowledge of Shakespeare would come in handy.
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Twisted Tales: Once Dead
Myrtha was you and blindly naive. Her father abandoned her before she was born, her mother died prematurely. She had no one but she had hope. She had books, and tales and folklore that kept her going. Tales of romance to dream about at night. She knew some day it would be her turn.
By chance she was employed by a duke, by chance the pretty young girl caught his eye. He sought her out while she cleaned and poured his heart out. He told her about how unhappy his arranged marriage was, how despicable his wife was, and how much sweeter Myrtha was. Days turned to months and soon he was professing his love for her, and making plans to run away. 
Myrtha was over the moon. She was living a fairy tale, a handsome man was going to risk it all for her. But then the duchess announced her pregnancy. Then she realized the duke was telling lies. He was nervous when she confronted him. This young dumb girl would ruin him. So he calmed her, and told her to meet him at the gates that night, and they’d run away together at last.
That night he led her deep into the woods, brought a rock down on her head, and dumped her unconscious body in a shallow grave.
This was not how her fairy tale was supposed to end. She refused to let it. She clawed her way out of the soil. Trapped in the place between living and dead. She was tethered to the clearing she was buried in, and had to return to her grace every dawn. Alone she cried and raged. Cursing the duke, his wife, and herself. She thought of her beloved fairy tales and mourned for her own. Despair overcame everything until one night, a man stumbled upon her. 
Twisted Tales: Twice Dead
Alexander was not a duke but he was kind and spoke gently to the undead girl. He was not a duke but in Myrtha’s eyes, he was a prince come to save the damsel in distress. She forgot the past and gave herself to her prince. But Alexander could not forget the past. He felt it on her cold skin, saw it in her lifeless eyes and thought about it every dawn when he put her to sleep in the dirt. He cared for her, it’s true, but he cared for the sun more.
So one night before dawn he told her he was going and would not be back. It pained him but it was what was best for the both of them. Try as she might, Myrtha could not follow as he left. She watched as her prince and their happily ever after abandoned her. Alexander would forever hear her wails as he fled in his nightmares.
The part that clung to life and hope finally died with Myrtha. She was a creature of the night now. Any man that dared to venture into her woods would be dragged to the lake and drowned.
She became a folktale herself and the nearby village would bury their young heartbroken girls in her clearing. A gift to appease her, they reasoned, friends to keep her company.
They were not her friends but an army. Girls filled with rage and want. It’s a beautiful sight, ghostly girls in white, dancing under a glowing moon. Some would say entrancing. She crowned herself queen and danced with her followers each night. But no matter how much she danced or how many men she drowned, her dead broken heart could not be healed.
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cynsworkshop · 7 hours ago
Review of 'My Contrary Mary'
My Contrary Mary is a brilliant, funny, and imaginative piece of work that will keep the reader hooked from beginning to end.
Three brilliant authors are at it again with their historical fiction, bringing imagination and creativity to My Contrary Mary. Great Storytelling My Contrary MaryCynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi MeadowsHarperTeen It was such a brilliant move to bring readers back into the Eðian world introduced in My Lady Jane. This was the setting that opened this portal into a new realm of storytelling. So,…
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yabookaddiction · 10 hours ago
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qotd: what’s your favorite disney retelling?
𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
it’s been a while since i have read “A Whole New World” by @lizbraswell​ but i remember absolutely loving it! i thought it was such a neat idea to explore what would happen if jafar never lost the lamp.
one element i loved was that aladdin and jasmine still found each other amidst the chaos. this just goes to show that no matter what happens, fate will always allow them to be together 🤍
i definitely recommend this to lovers of disney and those who gravitate towards a good retelling!
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llunatunder · 11 hours ago
With wolves surrounding him, Draco seeks safe haven. But as his godfather warns him, wolves come in many forms.
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punchy-mchurtyfist · 22 hours ago
punchy how do I get to be as awesome as you
Well, first you develop wicked bad anxiety and depression as a babbu, then cloister yourself into deep, suffocating isolation for the better part of 22 years, then develop a seething, violent anger for being sad and alone during what most ppl call the "best years of your life" only to find out you have a cancerous tumor growing in your head, get tossed around different hospitals for six months, have a nervous breakdown and question everything you thought you ever knew about life and reality, then when you're at absolute rock bottom, you by some miracle find a fuckin amazing video game that ignites a passion for life, love and punching shit REALLY hard
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johnkatu · 22 hours ago
If lore Olympus has the trigon war and they make apollo join for some stupid petty reason a i am going to scream.apollo seeks vangence because Achilles had kidnapped one of his priest's daughters and had killed his son in his Temple.
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myrandomrambles · 22 hours ago
Pitch Black and the Seven Dwarfs - Part 5
Pitch Black and the Seven Dwarfs – Part 5
Click here to read Part 1 Click here to read Part 2 Click here to read Part 3 Click here to read Part 4 Mirror, mirror, on the wall,Who in this land is the wisest of all?And always it answered: You, my queen, are. This disappointed the Queen for she knew that the mirror always told the truth, no matter how unpleasant it was. Anxious to know about how Pitch Black was progressing, she…
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That meme abt if i had a dollar every time itll only be 2 still its weird it happened twice.... Yes that one about me dreaming of being somewhere public like a cafe and i hear an f(x) song playing but its not fx singing its men covering it
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Welcome to the official White Rose Project blog!
We’re a group of teens working together to write a musical based on Marissa Meyer’s book, Heartless. For anyone unfamiliar with it, Heartless is a fairytale retelling of Alice in Wonderland and the origin story of the Queen of Hearts.
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The musical we’ve written includes 16 songs, 24 characters + ensemble, and is 127 pages total!
On this account we want to share it all with you, video performances, rehearsal sneak peaks, song recordings, and script!
Be sure to follow along if you’re interested and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have, we love hearing from you!
Thank you! <3
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asickora · a day ago
This was a great story full of adventure, love to hate romance, and Greek mythology and folklore! Daphne is a strong main character. She is stubborn, proud and man does she have a temper! The book was fast-paced, which I found goes great with Daphne’s personality and the story line! Then there is Apollo I mean really who can pass up an arrogant sexy good with a human side! You can see and feel the dedication that the author put into the research and her characters! Claire M Andrews did a fabulous job in this reinterpretation of the classic Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo! I will watch for the second book to be released! Happy reading everyone!
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supercalime · a day ago
Entwined Commentary
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- not me at first thinking me pudding was a cat 😬. It’s a good cat name, don’t judge me
- Im still learning so I might be wrong in the long run, but I think all the sisters have flower names and that’s pretty cool
- Im very intrigued about the king. I hope his jerkiness comes with a believable backstory
- Okay, I like the reason for forbidding dancing
- The abandonment issues tho
- Oooh! Magic!
- The high king????
- I’m having a hard time differentiating each sister
- Me keeper is very sus. I don’t trust him
- Their dad is basically king triton from the little mermaid
- Stop saying the king sucked his cheeks every five sentences!
- The entwine dance is so interesting
- Every men in this story except the love interest is a creep and a half
- I like that the king is getting closer to his daughters. I hope it’s actual development
- The masked ball is nightmare fuel
- Keeper gives me the creeps. I wonder if he’s a red herring
- Idk why Bradford gets azalea and bramble confused. I’m pretty sure azalea has red hair and bramble is blonde
- I just realized their names are in alphabetical order from oldest to youngest
- Clover, don’t be dumb
- We already know keeper is kinda predatory, why tho
- The king is such a bitch, I want to slap him across the face. He’s doing bramble so dirty, I swear to god
- I don’t like the implication that azalea has to change her dad. He’s the father and she’s the child, it’s not her job
- Gotta admit I love the “choose the right clone” trope (idk the actual name but y’all know what I mean)
- Stop saying papa! Jeez
- What’s up with these girls obsessing with kissing?
- Own, he gave her the brooch
- Why are we having some weird sexism abiding to gender roles now? What the hecking heck
- And they danced. Cute
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drowningindango · a day ago
Modern au, Izuna and Tobirama as those children on the playground who get in a kiddy fight and threaten each other to send their elder brothers to beat the other up, and since they’re both doing it they make it a big bro duel.
Madara and Hashirama, both more or less amused, actually show up on the date to defend their lil’ brothers honour.
……Ends in a real date.
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covinskyswhore · a day ago
Me: Hi! I was hoping you could help me find a book? It’s been really popular online and I wanted to see if you guys had it? It’s called “Daughter of Sparta”?
Book store employee: Sure! Which one?
Me: It was released this month
Book store employee: Okay but which one?
Me: It’s a retelling of a popular Greek myth?
Book store employee: Ok but which one?
Me: The authors name is Claire?
Book store employee: Ok but which one?
Me: Uh
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Tumblr media
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werian-wintertid · a day ago
I just listened to the bifrost incident and I am now a changed person
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mythosblogging · a day ago
Sedna is goddess thought to be responsible for the ocean’s bounty. 
Once human, and known for her beauty, Sedna married a handsome man who she later discovered was the king of birds in human form. Worried that he had not heard from his daughter, her father set out and found her living on an uninhabitable rock. Together they fled, but Sedna’s husband summoned a storm and followed. 
Terrified, Sedna’s father flung her overboard, cutting off her fingers when Sedna clung to the boat. Some of her fingers became whales. Others became seals. When Sedna is happy her ocean children are plentiful, and hunting is good. When Sedna is unhappy her children retreat, and food becomes scarce. 
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