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aceattornamine · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
have you ever noticed the not shadowy area around the bottom of her chest and to the glowable red box looks like a type of sad emoji or weary emoji Or something?
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pyrrhaaeterna · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
For @harmonylight ‘s Mermaid AU, I have done Cinder as a former performance Killer Whale, complete with the scars that usually accompany these cetaceans (yay SeaWorld!).
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cinder-valestera · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bit more concept doodles for Strahd, some more slight tweaking. I still like the grey skintone I chose for him, but I started developing more ideas for vampires and how their appearances can change if they aren’t feeding properly.
I drew a bit from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, in that a vampire can look healthier, the more they feed. Though in Strahd’s case, his skin turns grey and he looks generally fatigued when he’s not feeding. When well fed, he still looks incredibly pale, but still a lot more like a living human.
I also like the imagery of powerful vampires being able to turn into masses of writhing shadows and eyes.
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thedemonicpunks · 7 hours ago
Can you fight god?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Well yeah I’m kind of distantly related to him.”
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ctaylor108 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
A little RWBY art for Mermay month I submitted on my DevianArt page.
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Honestly the saddest part of the Cinder vs Rhodes fight is how Rhodes pats Cinders head after and Cinder cries after killing him
It ending up how it did would have already been ending up like it did with them having still cared about eachother is just-
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rubinator · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
lift the small
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hazbin-hotel-actor-au · 14 hours ago
*Cinder is on her way home from filming*
Striker: *whistles, out of costume but still cowboy get up*
Cinder: Hm? *turns* eep!
Striker: If it ain’t the little fall maiden herself...I’ve been watching you on Amazon Prime for a while now...I gotta say, you definitely know how to rock both long and short hair. *approaches her*
Cinder: *blushes* Um...well...m-my cousin said it ran in the family!
Striker: *slightly towers over her* Right, yer cousin played Lust as I understand, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood? Personal favorite of mine~
Cinder:’re quite...
Striker: Tall? Only by 2 feet...*leans forward ala Episode 5*
Cinder: *squeaks*
Striker: By the way, my real name is Sawyer, Sawyer Hopkins...*smirks* are you doing anything this weekend?
Cinder: *shakes her head and makes more squeaky noises*
Striker: There’s a bar not too far from here, how about I treat ya to dinner there? Sound good?
Cinder: *squeaks* yis-I mean yes!
Striker: *Stands back up* Alrighty, *takes her hand* see ya then...Cindy...*kisses it and walks away*
Cinder: *face red and smoke rising from her face with a slow rising squeal*
((I will take this down if the mods of RWBY Actor AU want me to, BTW the ship name is Strikerella))
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strqyr · 15 hours ago
I don't all about it enough but I love how the last tear Cinder cried that night when everything changed for her was from her right eye (Which us also the only eye she has left) and also the same eye that her most recent tear fell from when she was reminded if her trauma
yeah!! i also love that during the flashbacks, we know that cinder is crying in two different scenes (one at the barn, other when rhodes first finds her) but we never actually see it happening, just the teardrops hitting the floor.
and then the third time's the charm, and we see her cry.
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linhcinder686 · 15 hours ago
I just published a new book on Wattpad, Issues!
I am very excited about this because I have been working my ass off for this one, so make sure to check it out on my Wattpad profile — LinhCinder686. Truth be told, I will be posting the first chapter here on Tumblr, but most weekly updates will be on Wattpad.
I really hope you’ll like it!
Have a great day/night!
I’m out.
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strqyr · 15 hours ago
I agree that All things must die sounds like a lulluby (so does Until the end-in my opinion) maybe its something that Summer would sing and Raven remembers it (I am admitidly biased, as a rosebird are Ruby's bio parents theory subscriber)
it's an interesting idea, but it doesn't really cover how the song is related to cinder as well, because, well... i think casey said it has to do with both raven and cinder, and the way i understood it, it was in a way the message of the song applies to both of them, so... idk.
i'm lost.
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branwyns · 16 hours ago
quick reminder for everyone: cinder disintegrated pyrrha's body. it has nothing to do with what RWBYJN looked like going through the veil or whatever was separating the 'central location' from wherever they are now
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cinwin-central · 17 hours ago
Cinder: *is wearing black*
Winter: I see you’re breaking out the spring colors.
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strqyr · 17 hours ago
i know 'all things must die' is a cinder and raven song.
but the very beginning of it confuses me. it sounds like someone singing to a child and i'm like??? bruh what does it mean???
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actualbampot · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Edgy casual clothes Cinder Fall
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hadesisqueer · 18 hours ago
Cinder, to Neo: Do you want me to get you a step stool so you can look in my eyes when you threaten me?
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miki-13 · 19 hours ago
Cinder’s name?
Inspired by @kaen-ace-of-ravenclaw post here-
So in the story proper, the name “Cinderella” is a cruel nickname given to her by her stepfamily due to her being forced to sleep besides the ashes and cinders of the fireplace. 
So her real name is Ella, which means “fairy maiden/ beautiful fairy woman”, “fairy maiden”, “other/all/complete”, “light”.
So going by the above, perhaps Cinder isn’t Cinder’s name but the one given to her by her step-family. So then would that make her real name similar to “Ella”? Or at least, hold the same meaning of the name?
Let me know what you guys think her name could be!
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fandomdojo · 19 hours ago
The duality of discord where we can be talking fluff one minute and then change it to Villlain Winter AU in 0.4 seconds.
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strqyr · 20 hours ago
Lol V8 really started with Cinder saying it's a shame Watts never made it back and Tyrian calling him a necessary sacrifice despite him just being in prison only for him to actually end up dead on the last episode
Tyrian: "Hes a necessary sacrifice"
Cinder: " >:D Lol bet!"
i can't wait for them to meet up in vacuo and have a round two of sibling bickering except this time cinder's toying the line of "oh what a shame watts died who would have thought" and letting tyrian know that it was her who killed watts without actually admitting it was her, just really, really heavily implying it.
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