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#microbiology notes
ancalagona · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Currently studying for a (yet another) microbiology exam 🦠🧫🔬 My mug says "Mother of dragons", but right now I'm more of a "mother of microbes".
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calistudi · 3 years ago
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🍁Hello November🍁 It’s being to feel a lot like fall and I’m loving it! > A month to go before fall semester is officially done! < -Catching up on my microbiology lab-notebook and studying for quiz tomorrow!- Good luck to everybody on their midterms (or finals!)
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sketchshoppe · 6 years ago
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Today at the library: Going through journal articles for my microbiology presentation. 
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oxoanion · 6 years ago
MICROBIOLOGY LECTURE 2: How Did Microbiology Become a Science?
Discovery of Microbes
‌Understanding of microbes hasn't occurred until recently
Ex. little understanding of malaria--supposedly caused by breathing bad air
Robert Hooke (1665)
First person to observe cells
Fruiting structures of mold (fungi)
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (1673)
First person to discover bacteria, called them "animalcules"
Engineered first microscopes--examined blood, semen, plaque from teeth, etc.
Spontaneous Generation v. The Theory of Biogenesis
Little understanding of where animals came from, thought they were spontaneously generated from their habitat
Francesco Redi (1668)
Set up experiment to prove maggots did not come from rotting meat
First experimental demonstration against spontaneous generation against larger organisms
John Needham (1745)
Experiment with open mutton broth, argued that microbes came from the broth
Lazzaro Spallanzani (1765)
Experiment with closed mutton broth--no microbes were present, after several days of sitting
Rudolf Virchow (1858)
Came up with the theory of biogenesis, which dictates life comes from previous life
Loius Pasteur (1861)
Pasteur's experiment:
Nonsterile liquid poured into flask, neck of flask drawn out in flame (swan-neck)
Liquid sterilized by heating, air forced out
When liquid cooled, no microbes were present, nor could they get into flask
Disproved spontaneous generation
Known as the father of bacteriology
Germ Theory of Disease
Diseases are caused by microbes
Agostino Bassi (1835): First practical application of germ theory with silkworm disease
Ignaz Semmelweis (1840s)
German physician
Figured out correlation between infection and maternal deathrate, stated that childbed fever was contagious
Instituted handwashing between patients
Regarded as father of infection control
Louis Pasteur (1865)
Theorized that microbes might cause human disease
Joseph Lister (1867)
Surgeon that first instituted antiseptic spray during surgeries
Robert Koch
First person to associate one specific microbial agents causes one specific disease
1876: Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)
"Little stick" and "coal"
1882: Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB)
1883: Vibrio cholera (cholera)
Koch's Postulates:
Associate: specific microbe with a specific disease
Isolate: take microbe in pure culture
Inoculate: Place microbe into healthy animal and produce same disease
Re-isolate: Take microbe from second animal, and start with original microbe
Known as father of medical microbiology
Microbial Diversity
Loius Pasteur (1880s)
Discovered that some microbes can live without oxygen
All fermentations are due to activities of specific yeast and bacteria
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oxoanion · 6 years ago
MICROBIOLOGY LECTURE 1: The Microbial World and You
What is Microbiology?
Biology: Study of life
Micro-: Microscopic
What are Microbes?
Most studied; belong to Domain Bacteria
Most recently discovered; belong to Domain Archaea
Belong to Kingdom Fungi, Domain Eukarya
Belong to Kingdom Protista, Domain Eukarya
Belong to Kingdom Plantae, Domain Eukarya
Kingdom Animalia has no microbes
Non living
Microbes make up most life on the planet.
Microbes v. Plants and Animals
Microbes perform all required life processes within a single cell and independently of other cells
Have amazing and transformative abilities, define boundaries of life
Have growth potential
Ex. yeast can eat its body weight in 30 minutes, bacteria in 3 minutes
Ex. some bacteria can reproduce every 20 minutes
Microbes do not have enough food to take over the planet; there are also predatory bacteria to limit the number.
Most are not bad, and are actually beneficial and critical to Earth's ecosystems (ex. biogeochemical cycles).
Key roles in our bodies and health--pathogens versus human microbiome
Pathogens: microbes that cause disease
Human microbiome: commensal microbes that inhabit the human body
Influences many aspects of human behavior (ex. anxiety, what you eat, weight loss/gain)
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bi--jedi · 9 years ago
For any of you who have wondered about what Microbiology is about, or what horrible things could happen to your genitals, this post is for you! (I promise it is in English, but yes I know it doesn't sound like it sometimes!)
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drmicrobiologist · 4 days ago
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What can degrade plastic? - Ideonella sakaiensis is a bacterium from the genus Ideonella. Ideonella sakaiensis was first identified in 2016 by a team of researchers led by Kohei Oda of Kyoto Institute of Technology and Kenji Miyamoto of Keio University after collecting a sample of PET-contaminated sediment near a plastic bottle recycling facility in Japan. #microbiologylab #microbiology #microscope #micro #microbiologylaboratory #microblog #interesting #interestingfacts #facts #facts💯 #wow #amazing #biologists #biology #banplastic #plastic #plasticfree #biologystudent #notes #amazing #bio #plasticpollution #plasticfreeliving #plasticfreejuly #plasticwaste #plasticfreeoceans #research (at Germany - Europe)
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mogsbiosciencejourney · 17 days ago
I still haven't fully got to grips with notion of all the layouts/page ideas you can have on there. I did however stumble on this layout and I enjoy that I can see what tasks I've completed, which are in progress and which need starting. Helps me to prioritise my time and feel good about the things I have completed!
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mogsbiosciencejourney · 21 days ago
Really have not been feeling written notes this week so used my time to try and get to grips with notation and it's layouts ft some of my notes from this week
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I also really enjoy that I can put R code here to store without the layout/code getting messed up
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mogsbiosciencejourney · 29 days ago
I like to highlight my notes so I can pretend I've got my life together *chefs kiss*
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