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jubsgil · 14 minutes ago
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jubsgil · 24 minutes ago
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ihavefiish · 40 minutes ago
Spoilers for 11.01
Hello people, it's been a while season 10 took me ages to get through
Callie and arizona want another baby but Callie can't carry because of the car crash which is super sad especially with April.
I am happy abt her ending thank god she didn't die
I really liked that Shane went with her :')
My one this is.... What fellow gets awarded a harper-avery and gets given a hospital????
Meredith and derek are cute still but the whole thing with the presedent is rediculous.... Where did that come from??!!
Zola and Bailey are the cutest ever.
I wish Owen would leave
April and Jackson are having a babyyyyy they were not happy abt it at first but all has cooled off
Why does everyone keep mentioning Marc and no one mentions Lexie?????
Alex and Jo are just doing there thang.
When I tell u I BALLED MY EYES OUT when he opened the package from Cristina
My heart
I think Amy is staying this time which is good. I also hope Merder don't move to dc and leave Amy there cuz that would be stupid.
I miss Addison and Teddy:((((
And finally
THEN then Richard was at AA and told Amy????? Oh my god this showwwww
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mrskatebridgerton · 47 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This is Jackson Avery's, "Oh shit, she's single. I came here to convince her to move her family to Boston, and now it's just gonna be the 3 of us, looks like god doesn't hate me after all, is it too soon to go back in and kiss her?" face 😂😍
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mrskatebridgerton · an hour ago
I don’t even need a spin-off; I just need one more episode of Japril that explicitly shows Japril endgame to be fully satisfied. This open ending we have is definitely better than what we’ve been handed the past 3 years but I just need 1 more ep for the fulll closure 😭😭😭
HAHA I get you. Honestly, I need a spinoff more than I need air, it’s been a dream of mine for so long. Can you imagine seeing Japril every week for the entire run of that show, and ACTUALLY seeing them on screen for at least 20 mins each episode, instead of the 2 mins we got back when they were on Grey’s. It will be GLORIOUS. Sarah & Jesse will live for it, we will literally have a virtual party each week & I will rewatch each episode of that until my dying days lol. I know we got to see them a lot in the 3 centrics, but my heart needs more of them. Besides, it won’t just be a show about a kick-ass couple, it will also be an outlet to discuss so many important topics. Yeah, it is better than what we had, which is why a part of me liked the ep (that & getting to see Sasse together again, which was still a BIG win for us). If the spinoff doesn’t happen, the next best thing is another episode. Like you, I need to see the endgame. I will be satisfied with that too :) 
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medicosis · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Can you answer today’s question? 💊
Q: The movement of a drug from the systemic circulation to organs and tissue is defined as ___________. 🤔...
#pharmacology #pharmacy #doctor #nurse #pharmacist #physician #usmle #nclex #neet
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jamesusilljournal · an hour ago
Tumblr media
₮Ø₦₲ɄɆ, Affar Oppip - ɐɟɟɐɹ oddıd, 2021
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nebulorian · an hour ago
Tumblr media
my blob frogs got popular I drew one for my mom since it’s mother’s day
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izzy-0504 · an hour ago
Recuerdan el capítulo 16T3 de Grey's Anatomy donde Meredith se cae al agua y ella simplemente deja de luchar y se ahoga en el agua fría.
Bueno en este momento quisiera dejar de luchar y ahogarme.
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herrera-n-hayes · an hour ago
(same series as A Name)
Merhayes sitting with Cathal at their house on the baby’s first day at home and the two of them look at their son and can’t help but reminisce on their first day of work together and how far they’ve come since they first met.
The Story of Us - Merhayes
I do love when a fic becomes a series but I had most definitely not been expecting to make “A Name” into one. It’s nice though, to build some nicer moments on what originally was a rather angsty fic. Thank you for the prompt...enjoy...
“You know what’s funny?” Meredith asked from where she was laying on their bed watching Cormac cradle their son as he paced the length of the room. Cathal’s crib was set up at the end of their bed and over the past few hours since they’d brought him home form the hospital, Meredith and Cormac had learned that he was a child who proffered to be moved around rather than sitting just cradled as they sat still. 
Cormac couldn’t help but think his hatred of sitting still was definitely something the boy had inherited from his mother.
“What?” Cormac asked, his brain too exhausted after the past few weeks to play guessing games with his wife who only smiled, She really hadn’t really wanted him to try and guess.
“The fact that we’ve ended up here, husband and wife and parents to six kids. It’s funny considering the fact you hated me the first day we met”
“I didn’t hate you!” Cormac objected although both of them knew he hadn’t necessarily liked her either “I just thought you were a bit of a cowboy”
“And I thought you had the worst bedside manner ever” Meredith chuckled, knowing that if he wasn’t currently holding their baby that Cormac would’ve undoubtedly have found a way to make a flirtatious response about how good his bedside manner actually was. His ability to come up with flirtatious one-liners upon simply hearing the word bed was something that Meredith really loved despite sex being the one of the many things she’s been warned off doing for some time “If you’d told me what our future was going to be that day, I would’ve laughed in your face”
“Yang predicted it though didn’t she? Sent me to you as a gift” Cormac replied, with the same teasing grin he got whenever he reminded Meredith of the fact. She’d never confided him about the nickname that Cristina had dubbed him with or the fact that so many of their friends had teased her about him before they got together but Cristina had let it all out in the speech she’d given at their wedding. Her speech had momentarily made her regret not asking Maggie or Amelia to be her made of honor but given how much Cormac enjoyed teasing her about it, Meredith supposed him knowing wasn’t the worst thing.”She’s never going to let us forget the fact that we’re only together because of her”
"I mean Amelia and Maggie like to take some credit" Meredith laughed, knowing that if her sisters were there that they would jump in and remind him of how they had been the ones to make Meredith realize her feelings for the other man and the ones to encourage her to act on them "I don't think I would have ever kissed you at the wedding if it wasn't for them getting in my head"
"You would have, I looked amazingly irresistible"
"You're the worst"
"You love me"
"For some daft reason, I do" they both shared a small smile at the memory of Maggie and Winston’s wedding. They’d shared their first kiss as water pooled around the ankles, too focused on one another to care about the incoming waves.Amelia had commented that it was like something from a rom-com once Meredith finally divulged the information to her and Maggie when the latter returned from her honeymoon and Meredith was inclined to agree. 
The story of her and Cormac’s relationship was a love story and Cathal brought with him what Meredith imagined would be their happily ever after.
“I never get sick of hearing you say that” Cormac admitted “I know you were scared when I said it first, god knows I was too, but I’m glad you didn’t run. I was so shocked when you said it back”
“I wasn’t scared” Meredith objected, not wanting her husband to rewrite their history “I was speechless because I was shocked! I’d only come over to your place that night to tell you that I loved you, I couldn’t believe you managed to beat me too it”
“Beat you to it? Not everything is a competition Meredith” Cormac reminded her, unable to keep himself from grinning. Things with them often did dissolve into competition whether it be who would be the first tell the other that they loved them or who could get Cathal to stop crying faster. Just that morning, Liam had laughed at how Cormac and Meredith had somehow made fixing the car seat for his brother a competition while Zola had simply reminded him it was what they always did.
Competition kept their relationship exciting.
“You only say that because you know you’re losing”
“I have you and six perfect kids, I think I’m most definitely winning”
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schmico-ing · 2 hours ago
It kind of makes sense to pair Levi and Tom off. Tom doesn't have anything to do at the moment now that the whole Teddy thing is FINALLY over and Levi is a resident in the main cast without a definite speciality.
Aside from the plot hole of Levi not liking brain stuff I'm glad he's getting a speciality. I wish it was Peds but I imagine mentoring was not why Hayes was brought on to the show and you're right Tom is finally free so why not.
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little-liu · 2 hours ago
This might be an unpopular Opinion, but i really don't like Owen Hunt! I did the first time he was on the screen but then it was like they took all that potential and was like, lets create a really Toxic character!
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