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#just remembered and thought of this
passionfruitkasa · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Annie’s humanity and empathy for those on Paradis is interesting. She doesn’t kill Armin or Jean because they’re in the 104th. She’s built a connection with them, despite trying very hard to isolate herself from them during the years she spent training. But that doesn’t mean her empathy extends to anyone else. She’s playing with someone’s dead body here, showing off her power in the situation.
I’m interested to see how her character changes from here onwards. A lot of her growth iirc is done completely off screen, and while she’s frozen - which is a HUGE SHAME!
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zuluc · 9 hours ago
1am thoughts let’s goo taken inspo from an ask i got a few months ago that i have to find again
adeptus xiao had lost many of his friends during the archon war, years and years before coming to the time he resides at wangshu inn. he’s fine, content, okay in his isolation, but there’s that feeling he’s carried with him for centuries. a feeling that he can’t get rid of because he can’t heal it. a feeling of loneliness that is only cured by making connections to those he meets.
but what point does it have once those he cherishes will go as quickly as the others went? they may be mortal or immortal, but it doesn’t change the possibilities. so he says nothing. creates no relation to anyone.
the traveler comes and he’s most certain they aren’t even human or at least of a human life-span. they’re much older than they look and the aura they give off is one of experience through countless places not limited to the bounds of Teyvat. he makes an exception here.
but to his surprise, there is one other person he never would have thought to see again. after the war, the disappearances of many he held close was something he has to accept. but your was the most difficult.
hailing as another adepti, though not a yaksha, under Rex Lapis you too fought the war with the strength you could provide. a dendro user you were, one connected to the nature of the earth, hurt by the destruction against the once blossoming fields. your protection and persistence with life aided your fight and helped your companions.
though you fell. you fell down onto the earth after a blow unseen by you or your comrades. it knocked out all your fight and stunned your senses until all you could feel was the field burning in the aftermath. the last you could see before your senses faded was a hue of jade and the color of golden irises.
xiao had known you the longest. you were someone special to him, especially after Rex Lapis had taken him in. he felt his, for a lack of a better term, youth in some ways return to him. you were a delight and he found himself seeking your presence almost everyday whether that be for a walk, a spar, or simply company. your vision provided you with the ability of plants and nature to which you took it upon yourself to jokingly make him flower crowns. he wore them proudly without any insistence.
now he could have nothing more with you after this and he was devastated.
and then you woke, but you were unsure how much time had passed. clues were given about from the new grass you could feel under your fingertips and the sounds from the clear blue waters below. your gaze trickles down to confirm the streams but also the distance to which you were from the actual ground.
you’re on a mountaintop it seems, isolated in your own little area. you look up to see birds soaring in circles on the higher tops and a beacon of light shining into the sky. surely, this was still liyue? despite not knowing the passage of time there were still aspects of the geography you were familiar with. your brain racks itself for anything really until your hand grazes something behind you.
you turn and feel the petals of a qingxin flower.
a smile subconsciously grazes your lips at the thought of that activity and the memories associated with a particularly stoic male and his adorable accessory. but that feeling of joy also sparks a feeling of worry.
was he alright? did he live? what about the others? ganyu, rex lapis? where were they? you, of course, were still unsure of your own life coming back but thanking the archons in the moment was all you could do.
regardless, you had to find him, right?
your question answers itself when a gust of wind passes by you. in a split second you are startled by the image of him, his mask and all. you’re tempted to reach out and touch it but you’d hate to feel nothing at all. maybe it was better to see but you swear he’s standing in front of you right now. what a mean trick your mind decided to play. it wouldn’t be that easy.
it was easier than he had thought. the waiting game was one xiao had to play for a long time and he had no choice but to continue its run. during his patrols, he has the small thought to look out for anything more green than it should be, perhaps, a shining green vision, or a polearm similar to his own. wishful thinking has never been one of his strong suits.
being realistic was. his search to find anyone he knew had come to an end years ago, but there was a shift in the atmosphere he most certainly could not ignore. not when it felt like you. so he acted, he rushed, he flew to wherever it was and found it.
so he reaches out to cup your face and relief, agony, and sorrow wash over him in intense waves. your face is warm through his gloves but he doesn’t blink, afraid you’ll leave his sights all too soon.
so you reach out as well, your hand placed on the mask to carefully pull it aside. underneath, you melt at the golden irises you’ve always adored. tears burn behind your eyes but you don’t care. not when you are certain he is here and certain that he’s alright.
xiao leans forward, sending his spear away so he can hold you with both hands, pressing his forehead to yours before finally closing his eyes.
i missed you.
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littlemisslauren95 · 14 hours ago
You ever just want your mind to shut the fuck up? Like I swear Tito the anxiety mosquito from the show Big Mouth permanently lives in my head. I need some bug spray up there 😒
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iwanttopainthorses · 16 hours ago
decent bit of cleaning done today, surprised myself with how long i was working but i just kept going like ‘nah i got more in me i should ride this wave of motivation as long as i can’
#my room has like 10 years of weird shit stuffed in the corners 40% of which isnt even mine#so its an undertaking. but im starting to try to do a bit every day so itll get better over time rather than trying to do it all at once#cuz idk even if im working like a pitifully small amount on it as long as its consistent ill actually make some amount of progress#rather than just putting it off until im ready to deep clean the entire thing in one go#theres a corner thats like knee high with i dont even know what and the top bunk of my bed is also filled with boxes and old clothes#so those r the main hurdles but yeah. gonna keep picking at them#it feels really good to free up space even if its just a tiny corner by my trash can its like wow that feels so much better#its bad enough that it makes cleaning it pretty straightforward though theres never a lot of thought#u can stand in the middle and pick any direction in a 360 degree angle around you and theres something to throw out or organize#oh man theres a bunch of trash under the bed too. gotta remember that#idk i used to drink bottled water all the time and just like leave the bottles around so that was a big part of it at first#but i threw the vast majority of them out a couple years ago but even now i still find them and theyre probably like half the trash i toss#also gonna try to work on my room at my moms when im there which isnt nearly as bad but still. could use a lot of work#its mostly just getting rid of furniture theres a dresser and a huge mirror that i need to deal with
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windsettled · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
              U know, since the begining I´ve always wondered how was Signora able to snatch Venti´s gnosis so.....easily? like, I am aware that his power has decreased a lot compared to his former self that sliced mountains and won the archon war + the fact that he does not control the city of Mondstadt to gain aditional power from it like Baal who has full control over her nation, yet despite those facts, + the fact Signora is one of the eleven harbingers, i still think it went-- too easily?? i´m not saying that in his current state he could have won a fight against her, bc again, she is one of the eleven harbingers and Venti doesn´t have the power he used to have in the past + i have no idea whether he is hiding his true power or if he was being completely serious in calling himself out as the weakest archon, yet i still believe it went too easily? too fast? am i missing something?? i had this thought-- (that doesn´t mean its true of course) That just like Zhongli, maybe Venti could have let his gnosis be taken away like that on purpose? We have seen in the past that Venti tends to let the people take action first before interfering, and perhaps since he knows the traveler isn´t from their world, he is depositing his full trust on them that one day they will face her and the rest of the Fatui?  AGAIN, im just overthinking stuff and it doesn´t really matter at the end bc Signora still kicked his butt HADBAJDF
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quaranmine · a day ago
love how whenever tubbo said his chat was a pond everyone was like "ooh I'm a fish" or "I'm a frog!" and then I was like "hey guys I'm one of these 🧍‍♀️"
Tumblr media
^ that's a euglena, a single-celled photosynthesizing protist often found in pond water
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wishfulataraxia · a day ago
Okay, I feel like I've been reading too many Bad Sanses/Reader bUT HEAR ME OUT THO
So... one of the Bad Sanses(or just all of them in general idk) stumbles into an AU and kinda gets.. stuck in there? Their powers are kind of wonky and NootNoot can't exactly port them to their fancy humble abode
But in this AU, cryptids are pretty much a real thing
Like.. unnatural, almost inhumane beings wandering around and everybody knows about it and they're either, chill, pretty gosh darn ecstatic everytime they see one, or just gets very unnerved by them yet nobody wants to get rid of them since they don't really harm people
But, at times, it could be just some guy on their way to buy stuff or on walk at 4 in the morning
So yea they decide to settle in some random cabin in the woods (OoOOhhHh so original, I know hush) bc they think that NootNoot can port them back home if they let him "recharge" with the negativity that's in the AU, even tho it might take a long while but what else can they do since they can't really reach Error (he's neutral on the sides btw) because, well.. powerless and all that
And oh boy
This is where good ol reader comes in
I.. I kinda think they'd be that one person that would try to find as much cryptids as possible and you bet your ass they saw mothman at least once or twice
They kinda meets eyes with one of the guys and just... waves.. kinda like:
:D *waves*
Then they'd do their best to pass by that same spot the very same hour and minute that they met
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