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namquachvan · 6 minutes ago
Dòng vốn chảy về thị trường Bình Thuận
Dòng vốn chảy về thị trường Bình Thuận
Cao tốc Phan Thiết – Dầu Giây và sân bay Phan Thiết là cú hích mạnh mẽ thúc đẩy sự phát triển của thị trường bất động sản Bình Thuận. Tại kỳ họp thứ 11 khóa X, HĐND tỉnh Bình Thuận đã quyết nghị thông qua kế hoạch phân bổ nguồn vốn đầu tư công và danh mục các dự án trọng điểm năm 2021 tương đương 2.759,238 tỷ đồng; trong đó, đầu tư trong cân đối là 497,738 tỷ đồng, đầu tư từ tiền sử dụng đất là…
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thanhbinhdotme · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Hướng dẫn sử dụng phần mềm giảm dung lượng hình ảnh hàng loạt Caesium
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namquachvan · an hour ago
Lựa chọn dự án thông minh trong thị trường sôi động Phan Thiết
Lựa chọn dự án thông minh trong thị trường sôi động Phan Thiết
Hàng loạt các dự án như Hamubay Phan Thiết, Novaworld Phan Thiết, Summer land Mũi Né, Hill Villas, Golden Bay, Nova Hill Mũi Né, Sentosa, Gold Sand Hill,… được hưởng lợi từ sự khởi công sân bay vào tháng 4/2021 và sự hình thành cao tốc sau 9 tháng thi công, nâng cấp QL28, QL28B, DT719, DT719B,.. với tổng vốn đầu tư hơn 11.000 tỷ đồng. một phần các dự án trong kế hoạch Trong số các dự án trên…
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lifeinpoetry · 5 hours ago
Our sky of sudden hail. Our soul dyslexia. Our cruel teasing nicknames. Our crime sprees, just to keep breathing. Our American failure to matter to each other (even to ourselves). Our I'm sorry for your loss. Our complicated edge. Our luminous death trips over deep-fried Snickers. Our snug-as-a-bug in a world so bad. Our chain-smoking nurses, shivering in goose feathers as it snows. Our algebraic coefficient. Our "best cultural practices." Our mouths full of "fuck yes." Our racist president & big sad juice. Our self-deportation & gene edits. Our stolen guns popping off toward heaven. Our Beyonce & broke-off teeth. Our unused tears in the brutal migration. Our salvation figures, hung in cages above the drama. Our next Buddha will be a sangha.
— Kevin Phan, “[Our sky of sudden hail],” Dears, Beloveds
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echoghost1 · 7 hours ago
There was talk of blob ghosts recently and despite all the cries from my other WIPs I wrote this!
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windhowell · 8 hours ago
okay but just think about how 12 year old dan would react to the latest dan and phil forever home picture. 12 year old dan who was already being targeted by homophobic bullies at school and had no friends (dan’s own words) finding a love for playing the piano. 12 year old dan who did chores for every adult he knew so he could pay for his own piano lessons, to then spend 8 weeks with yet another harmful and abusive person when he was just trying to per-sue a creative outlet and hobby. this woman being so awful that he then entirely gives up on lessons and just self teaches when he can on his cheap keyboard.
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12 year old dan then seeing 30 year old dan does not only now have !! a £15,000 grand piano !! but the fact that this piano is in the living room of the forever home he and his “companion through life, phil” designed together ?????
he really fucking made it.
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lifeinpoetry · 8 hours ago
Sometimes, we're just question marks to ourselves.
— Kevin Phan, from “[My neighbor reshingles his roof],” Dears, Beloveds
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kinocharlley · 8 hours ago
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the famous golden pig
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horribleboydan · 11 hours ago
Dan: *Makes joke about wanting hot guys to flirt with him.*
Phil: Same.
Dan: Bitch, I'm right here?? Why would you say that. So insensitive. I'm LITERALLY-
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phanfictioncatalogue · 11 hours ago
Fics With Titles That Start With M
Magical - trysomecats
Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day.
Magnet - fireblast99
Summary: Dan and Phil are the best of friends doing the same thing. They seem to complement each other. Phil's bright enthusiasm helps Dan through one of his daily existential crisis moments. But, maybe Dan is too attached to that, as something, small but big, is driving him insane.
Make it 3, Just for Daddy - elliesfics
Summary: Dan has just moved into Phil’s apartment and at 18 years old he’s certain that he’s found the friend of a lifetime! Phil couldn’t agree more with that statement. Unfortunately, ever since Dan moved in, Dan developed a habit of getting off at least twice a day. The problem- he didn’t think Phil knew. Phil of course, has reached the point of being able to predict exactly when Dan would reach his high, though doesn’t have the heart to let Dan know that he can hear every last moan. But what happens when one night Dan, in what he thinks is private lets out a filthy secret.
makeup is not for boys (ao3) -  reportdanhowell
Summary: “Makeup makes me feel so incredibly comfortable in my skin. Dressing the way I like makes me feel so empowered.”
Memories in Manchester (ao3) - spring_haze
Summary: Dan and Phil feel nostalgic while in Manchester for tour and recall their earliest memories of one another, including their first kiss.
Miles and The Rain (ao3) -  phanburnhamizzard
Summary: While shopping downtown, a violent summer thunderstorm whipped up around Dan and Phil, who quickly took refuge in a Starbucks to wait it out. Phil spots a white dog, shaking and shivering in the middle of the street, and immediately bolts outside to rescue it.
Misplaced - jilliancares
Summary: Phil wakes up in an alternate universe. And then Phil… wakes up in an alternate universe. Both Phil’s try to navigate back to their own life while simultaneously trying to deal with each others’.
Mitigation - pastelflours
Summary: When a fight between Dan and Phil gets serious, Dan begins to wonder if his world is collapsing
More Converts Than Reason (ao3) - iihappydaysii
Summary: Dan and Phil go to visit the Lesters for Mother's Day and each have a talk with one of Phil's parents.
Morning Sex - overlysexualphan-blog
Summary: Phil wakes Dan up to have morning sex with him
Mr. Lester and Mr. Howell (ao3) - orphan_account 
Summary: Mr. Lester the english teacher is a single (as far as the students know) gay man. Mr. Howell is also a single (as far as the students know) gay man. It's only natural for the students to try and set them up. But what if it isn't needed?
My Neighbors Dog Totoro - phangirlingforphan
Summary: dan knew he was getting a new neighbour but he wasn’t expecting their first meeting to involve the guy’s giant shiba inu running into his apartment and tackling him to the floor. fate works in mysterious ways, though, he supposes.
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phandomreversebang · 12 hours ago
Calling all Phanfic Authors and Betas!
We are looking for a few more authors to join the event! We have some amazing prompts waiting for you, so if you are looking to get inspired by a short project and having fun, make sure you sign up before June 24th!
Claiming will open June 27th, then you can pick one or more prompts.
Posting will start Ausgust 10th.
The word count requirement is 1.5k.
You can bring your own beta or choose one of ours.
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Tumblr media
Reblog to spread the word!
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lifeinpoetry · 12 hours ago
Shaking like a quarry giving up. Look mama, I'm a man without hands & my brain's a gin-smeared graveyard. Terminal carpet, Coca-Cola stained. No passersby called my name in space or asked me where I hurt. Truth be told, so much of our suffering happens alone. Good fences making strangers of us all.
— Kevin Phan, from “[The things we carry—what to do?],” Dears, Beloveds
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danhowellscurl · 14 hours ago
if 2015 me saw that dan and phil had moved into their forever home with the caption “the box boys are now officially homeowning homosexuals” i would have completely lost my mind 😭😭✋🏻✋🏻 also don’t even get me started on how beautiful their home already looks 😭😭✋🏻✋🏻
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danandphilsurvey · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hi guys - a quick update to let you know the team here is working on the results now, we are aiming for a release later this summertime so follow us to find out then!
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dailydnp · 18 hours ago
All of Phil’s instagram stories from 18/06/21
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dailydnp · 18 hours ago
All of Dan’s instagram stories from 18/06/21
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nhattuantrinh · 18 hours ago
«Phan Khôi là khuôn mặt đẹp đẽ nhất của thời đại ta»
«Phan Khôi là khuôn mặt đẹp đẽ nhất của thời đại ta»
Trích từ cuốn Phê-bình Văn-học Thế hệ 1932, tập 2, của giáo sư – linh mục Thanh Lãng do Phong Trào Văn Hóa xuất bản, trang 252-260. Phan Khôi là khuôn mặt đẹp đẽ nhất của thời đại ta, một tổng hợp kỳ diệu được hình thành do những gì tinh túy nhất của nền cổ học vô cùng tế nhị Đông Phương và nền học thuật minh bạch khúc triết của Tây Phương. Con người ấy đã không muốn để cho một biên thùy vô…
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danandphilarevampires · 20 hours ago
Phil’s incident is gonna end up being that he threw the milkshake because he forgot that he already told us
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