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#im paying next
smallblip · 11 days ago
ahhkk Howl is...uhm. well yeah, he's a good food looking guy with a sweet kind heart, (cant decide if he's Hange or Levi for me lol) enjoy watching! 💖
anyway, for the req hcs? what about a game/bet that levihan had, to see who annoys the shit out of Erwin the most? Bcoz im certain that that is how Hange got closed to Levi.... right? teehe
Tumblr media
God he’s gorgeous @innocent-ghost-demon 😭💖 I stayed on here so long and forgot to watch it... (So far I don’t see him as either!) also your idea is so cuuuute😭 that’s how I imagine the trio too!
I think with regard to certain things- ie sacrificing lives for the greater good/gambling with life in general- Levi and Hanji’s views, I would think, are pretty aligned. They’re not comfortable with the sacrifices and would always find ways around it/try to reduce human costs. So I guess sometimes it creates for tension? It’s not like they don’t respect the overall cause. They have faith in Erwin. But this respect also comes with the ability to challenge him!
So they’re at a party probably and Erwin is talking to some rich snobs, trying to get sponsors. Erwin is REALLY good at this. And Levi understands but he’s also irked that they have to do this. So he says something snide to Hanji- “look at him... Fucking smarmy...” and Hanji’s like “oh... The smarmiest...”
Hanji suggests something- “Hey... Bet you a drink you can’t switch his wine out with vinegar...” and Levi rolls his eyes. A drink? Hanji can do better than that. “A drink and a kiss?” And at this point they’re BY NO MEANS dating or anything? Sure they flirt really awkwardly sometimes and Hanji says things they don’t even consider on a deeper level. And Levi’s really taken aback and he’s blushing but he sets about his task. Levi returns to his seat and a few minutes later, Erwin chokes and spits his drink out. “Pay up shitty gl-“ Hanji cuts him off, pulling him close by his lapels and kissing him. Hanji’s so smug about it too and for what!
Erwin’s holding a pointer during meetings and he uses it against the chalk board- tap tap tap. And it’s annoying the hell out of Levi. Hanji steals it for him. They give it back five years later on his birthday. And he just... shakes his head.
They honestly do sweet things for him too? They attend a big meeting and Zachary has a really nice pen. And they catch Erwin looking at it. It’s just a really nice pen. Erwin sees it on his table the next morning and he freaks the fuck out. Summons Levi and Hanji because who else could it be? And he’s just watching Levi staring back at him and Hanji trying to hold in a giggle and he’s just so tired? He just sighs and thanks them because... what’s the point?
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doingdrugs · 12 days ago
my ex wanted to be nasty with me all of yesterday, ignore it when i constantly reminded him that I wanted to leave to go check into my hotel before the sun went down (and then when we left about 30 minutes after the sun went down, say that it still somehow my fault that we left so late because i should have reminded him.. oh i did? well i did it wrong!) and generally speaking just be shitty to be around or spend time with. if i remind him that he owes me any money he’ll just talk about all the money I supposedly owe him, because he’s “bought me things.” And that might be true, he’s definitely bought me things here and there, I do not think that is in anyway comparable to the fact that every time this past month when I have paid for a hotel almost (usually completely) entirely by myself for us to stay in for at least 2 nights, he always promises to pay me back his half as soon as he can... and then he just never pays me back. It was fine when it was for one night here and there but he literally owes me about $500 for *just* the last 2 weeks times we’ve stayed at motel 6. It was $500 per week so I mean, I want him to pay me for his half. But he says I’m mean for that since he buys me Starbucks sometimes, and like when we first started dating he took me to a fancy restaurant and one time back then he payed for a night in a fancy hotel randomly just to spoil us, and I’m being ungrateful for everything he does for me by saying he owes me money he agreed and promised to pay me back, he totally never promised to pay me back for half the rooms at any point and just expects my minimum wage, 35 hours a week, to support us both financially while we’re homeless and addicted to drugs since he decided to quit his job right before busy season started. Not to mention the fact that the last 3 times I have spent almost or over $300 to buy some dope, he promised me that he would help me pay for my next bag and that her pay me back for me sharing over half every single time. and every single time, you knowww there was some reason he couldn’t give me the money “that day” but i should still smoke with him and give him some and he promised he’ll pay me back... next time.
so obviously last night i told him to get the absolute fuck out of my hotel room if he was going to blame me for everything and deny how he’s using me for my money again, and he did. im a sucker tho and a few hours later started to worry about him sleeping in his car, so i texted him and told me he could come back before i left for work so he could rest for a bit....
YALL THIS MAN REALLY TOLD ME “WELL IDK WHEN U GO TO WORK SO 🤷‍♀️” I was giving him this one last chance and he really was gonna blow it like this? I even stretched it out and said to him, “Well if you’re not gonna ask then I’m not gonna tell you..?” He says “I don’t know what to do.”
I slept alone and maybe not peacefully last night, but I can’t imagine the dumb shit I would have put up with it had to kick out again if I would have let him back in after that. I cannot believe I offered someone a bed to sleep in after them treating me like fucking shit all day and then they act like that. Lol, no thanks.
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noweakbitchesallowed · 13 days ago
Tutoring Kuroo<3
K I’m picturing a tutoring situation.
 Y’all are both strong in your respective classes. Science nerd vs English/Languages Enthusiast 
I have this theory that his math, chem and bio knowledge is good, but his argumentative essays r god awful LMAO. he straightup can’t write papers outside of a scientific context. 
But YOU, you gorgeous hot bitch; you are mf Shakespeare but without the whole iambic pentameter fuckery.
He def googles synonyms of words to sound better but he can’t use them properly cuz it’s different than chem terms so he just throws in random ass descriptors
k anyways, he’s sitting in class and Kuroo sees this sexy ass seductive girl sit down to his left(it’s u, surprise bitch)
and you KNOW you look good that day. School skirt shortened, top two uniform buttons undone, sleeves rolled. 
Unfortunately for him, the teacher asked u to edit his last essay, which was um, interesting
Y’all know the how you can put corrections and suggestions on a google doc? there was like 90+; you did not leave ONE LINE untouched.(in your defense, you had math the period before and were crabby as hell)
Anyways, he was offended, because how dare someone correct him in a reasonable and constructive manner 🤨
“what do you MEAN I can’t say metaphorically” “Kuroo there was no metaphor there??” “ok, well-”
^ive had this exact convo w someone lol
“your corrections suck ass” “Ok, well sue me idfk” 
the point is that he never quite recovered.
But the teacher is like LEARNING OPPORTUNITY:):) 
“y/n, can you do me a favour and help Kuroo edit his essays for the rest of the semester? I think that it would be a great use of your skills😄” 
“oh fuck me r u serious rn” “i mean if you insi-” “stfu Kuroo”
So y’all agree to meet once a week and go over his writing. 
but oh lord THE TENSION. 
“Kuroo, pass the laptop, I can’t see the screen” “Idc, move closer or something”
“y/n you’re being too harsh” “I’m trying to help you dummy”
“pay attention Kuroo” “Make me”
Picture this: You’re sitting knee-to-knee with Kuroo in a quiet library; the building is empty aside from you two, and you whisper instructions into his ear every few minutes. He passes his laptop to you, and as you skim over the intro, he throws an arm around your chair to read as you edit. His breath is warm on the back of your neck, and he can faintly smell your shampoo as you sigh. You turn back to him while lazily explaining the essay structure and he blushes while you tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear.  
*cough cough* KUROO HAS A CRUSH NOW
but now, he doesn’t know how to act. Like he REALLY doesn’t know how to act. MF putting on like great sweatpants or sum shit to go to tutoring. 
And you my hot sexy y/n ARE NOT DENSE. 
So for the next 3 weeks, you make sure to look CUTE cute for the tutoring sesh. u pulling out the messy bun, cami tank, sneaky link shorts, off-the-shoulder zip hoodie, etc.
it’s doing things to him and you know it. 
he can’t flirt for shit smh
“cute shirt y/n😉” “Kuroo, you misspelled ‘irony’ on line 27😐”
regardless, because of his attentiveness during tutoring, his english mark shot up by like 10%, meaning that he no longer needs your help
and he’s like oh fuck. how am i gonna stare down her shirt now 😖😖
so he MANS UP...... and begs Kenma to get your snap from a mutual friend
Kenma says no obv, so Kuroo is forced to do the UNTHINKABLE and asks you himself
“hey y/n, could I get your snap?” “huh?, yea ofc”
it was literally not hard Kuroo wtf is wrong with u
anyways, y’all start to talk more outside of school and he EVENTUALLY asks to chill
im convinced he plans good dates cuz hes like SOMEWHAT smart right
after that, u guys start to hang more, and he finds you SO cute I mean like he’s good at science and you’re good at languages, it’s like a match made in heaven. What one doesn’t know, the other always can explain.
you guys become INSEPARABLE. the english teacher is like i knew it
anyways, he officially asks you to become his girlfriend, but instead of celebrating your anniversary on the day you guys started dating, y’all celebrate on the date of your first tutoring sessions
the end happily ever after blah blah blah
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witchhazelbagel · 14 days ago
Hey Hazel just a little update from anon that was in hospital. Im doing better and me and the two nurses are now friends. Well I say and C have a date planned for next weekend on his day off. I cant lie Im so nervous because he plans to take me somewhere way out my price range but he says he will pay. But he also told me to wear clothes that cover my legs because we are going by motorbike. Wish me luck please.
OOOO WOWOW that’s so incredible! What like ... what like a turn of events!!?
I bet your just teeming with emotions about it, I’m giddy for you lol, that’s so nice of him to pay and wow to take you somewhere nice! - good luck, have fun, be safe! 😲😁😍 
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newtsies · 19 days ago
When I Was Your Man || A Ralbert One Shot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n - hello! so basically this one shot is a College Newsies AU where Racetrack and Albert broke up and Race started dating Spot :'). it's about ralbert though?? so it's like- okay its from alberts POV and it's based on When I Was Your Man so yeah :D (all lyrics from the song will be in bold and italicized),, i'll only be writing the chorus once <3
also i didnt edit this cuz its late and IM TIRED SO sorry if it sucks lol
tw('s) - cussing
same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now
Albert didn't sleep well at night, if he even slept at all. His bed was empty. The same bed that he had slept in since the beginning of college. But it wasn't his bed, it was their bed. At least, it used to be theirs. Now, it was just his, but he couldn't accept that it was only his.
But at one point, it was theirs. Him and Racetrack, it was once their bed. Even if it was only his, Albert could swear that Race's body was still outlined in the cushion of his bed.
The bed used to be so small, too small for the two of them. They cuddled together to keep each other from falling off. But now it was huge. He had no-one to roll over to in the morning, he was alone.
He couldn't even sleep on the right side of the bed. That was Race's side. Even if Race hadn't slept on the bed for a long time, even if he would never sleep on the bed again. That was his side, not Alberts.
And often times he would lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling. He would reach over to the right for his boyfriends- ex-boyfriends hand. But it wasn't there. He reached over and was met with sheets and pillows.
So he didn't sleep, because he had no-one to sleep with and his bed was too big to sleep in. And he stayed awake until the next morning when he got into his car and drove from his apartment to the school.
Not even in his car did he get peace. It wasn't his car, it was Race's car. Race had picked it out, he liked the color. And it smelled like Race's cologne and it held memories of Race in each dent of the leather seats.
So he sold the car. He got a new car, his own car. But even with the smell of Race gone, with his memories in the seats gone. The radio in the new car betrayed Albert.
our song on the radio but it don't sound the same
The car radio had one station, and Albert could swear that the station only had one playlist they played each day. Because every day, and it never missed one day, it would play their song. The song they first danced to. So Albert turned off the radio, and he never turned it on. Even when friends begged him to play music, the radio staid off and he played music from his quiet phone.
Every day, Albert showed up to school exhausted. He nearly passed out in class. Lunch was the only time he ever slept. Everyone assumed he didn't get sleep due to his hard classes, which couldn't be farther from the truth. He didn't do his work. He couldn't pay attention in class, not with Race there.
when our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down
"You really lucked out being with him, Al," Jack said.
Romeo agreed and added onto the comment, "Kelly's right. He's gorgeous. And a genius too. Too smart for his own good."
Albert raised his head from his arms with a desperately sad look. He sighed and shook his head, "I told you guys. I know we broke up a while ago, but it still hurts, okay?" He rested his head back into his arms and closed his eyes tightly. His heart ached with every comment. He knew Race was gorgeous. He knew Race was a genius. He knew so much about him, yet he didn't know him enough to keep him happy.
"Sorry, man. Forgot," Jack mumbled. Romeo muttered something of an apology and scratched at his neck.
"I know you hate school activities," Romeo started, "But you should come to the party tonight. Dance a little, I think it'll cheer you up."
Albert sighed and tried not to think about why dancing would be hard for him. He looked up and pushed his hair out of his face, "I'll come."
'cause my heart breaks a little when i hear your name
"Race!" Spot called from the couch. The music boomed and Spots voice was quiet, but Albert heard the name anyways. He immediately turned to the boy.
Spot grinned as Race made his way over to him. Race plopped into his lap and smiled back as he hugged the boy. Alberts eyes widened and his chest ached.
Even just hearing Race's name hurt Albert, brought back a wave of memories. Each yell of Race's name when he did something dumb, each fond laugh of the name when he complimented him, each whine of Racetrack's name when he bugged Albert too much. He missed it all.
it all just sounds like ooh, ooh, hoo
Jack and Romeo were definitely talking to Albert, but he couldn't hear anything they were saying. The music sounded like gibberish and he couldn't think. All he could do was stare at the couple on the couch and ache at the sight.
mm, too young, too dumb to realize, that i should have bought you flowers
Albert watched as Race giggled at the flower Spot offered him. Spot smiled and put the small yellow flower behind Race's ear. The stem stuck between his ear and his head whilst the bud pointed outwards.
The years that they dated, Albert and Race were young and naive. He didn't know how to be romantic or how to make Race happy. No matter how hard he tried.
"I should've bought him flowers," He sighed. Jack and Romeo shared a knowing glance before pushing Albert to sit down on the couch.
and held your hand
"I mean," Albert continued, "I was too insecure to do anything with him." They didn't even hold hands in public, because Albert was scared. Scared of what society would think.
should have gave you all my hours, when i had the chance
Albert and Race had started dating their first year of college. Albert was constantly busy with classes. He was always doing work and stressing about class.
Anytime Race would make an attempt to spend time with him, he shut it down.
"I'm doing work," He would say, "You should be doing work, too."
He wanted to do well, get a good job, find a good home, start a family. But all of that was dumb. It was pointless. To hell with it all if we didn't get to come back from his job to see Race. Because Race was his home and he didn't want to start a family with anyone else.
take you to every party 'cause all you wanted to do was dance
"Al!" Race would whine and grab at his arm, "Dance with me, please. Just for a little bit."
Albert never did dance with him. No matter how much he asked, he refused to do so. He couldn't, he needed to get good grades. He needed to provide.
"We can dance later," He would say.
The usual response he would get was, "Promise?" But one day, he received a different answer, "There isn't going to be a later. Not for us, Albert."
now my baby's dancing, but he's dancing with another man
Race pulled Spot up from the couch. They smiled as they moved together to the middle of the room. The music vibrated around them as the two danced.
Albert watched from the camp as he shook his leg. He took in a deep and quaking breath before stumbling out of the house. He threw his cup to the side and gulped in a large breath.
my pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways, caused a good strong man like you to walk out my life
"What do you mean their won't be a later for us, Racer?" Albert had asked, finally looking up from his studies.
Race had scoffed, "Oh, of course! That's what gets you to look me in the eye, huh?" He had rolled his eyes, "We're done, Al. I can't do this anymore, can't do us. Okay? You're so god damn selfish. You only do what's best for you. Ever think about what's best for us, huh? Do you ever even think about me?"
"Of course I think about you, Race. You're all I ever think about," Al had stuttered out.
"Sure," Race had laughed sourly, "I just wanted to fucking dance, Albert. You wouldn't even do that with me. I'm leaving." With that, Race had grabbed all of his stuff and walked out of the apartment.
now i never, never get to clean up the mess i made, oh. and that haunts me every time i close my eyes
Albert closed his eyes when he left the house. Their breakup flashed behind his eyelids and he choked out a sob. He fell to his knees on the grass.
"God damnit," He weakly hit the grass beneath him, "I could've fixed it. I could- Could've. But- Spot. I can't fix it anymore."
although it hurts, i'll be the first to say that i was wrong
He shook his head, "Race was right. I never thought about him." And his stomach twisted with that realization.
Albert has thought he was thinking about Race, about their future together. But it was never about Race, it was about him. He needed to good grades, Racer didn't. Everything that happened was his fault, and he knew that.
oh, i know i'm probably much too late, to try and apologize for my mistakes
He took a deep breath before falling back to sit down on the grass. The door opened and a boy with curly blonde hair sat down next to him.
Race gave Albert a sad smile.
"I'm not going to say sorry," Albert started, "Because that won't make up for anything. I was wrong, about everything." Race nodded.
"Al," Race said quietly.
Albert shook his head with a small grin, "Don't. Go get, Spot. Be happy. Go love the boy who you want to see when you get home from long work days, okay? Love him the way I love you." He paused, "Not the way I treated you, but the way I feel about you. I know it didn't seem like it. But I love you."
Race smiled and gave Albert a pat on the cheek, "I loved you too."
That was the sad tragedy of their relationship.
Albert was in love with Race. Race had been in love with Albert.
They loved each other at different times. But Albert could accept the pain of being in love with a boy would didn't love him back, because even though Race was in love with someone else, he was happy. And that's all Albert wanted, because Race deserved to be happy.
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bratkook · 20 days ago
right now. (m) jjk.
Tumblr media
not yet, almost , right now
pairing. jungkook x reader genre. fluff, smut, idiots to lovers!! word count. 14.8k warnings. two mega fucking idiots<33, miscommunication/dumb assumptions, smut in forms of: fingering, oral sex (f.), orgasm denial, spanking, some spit bc duh, unprotected sex, super sweet & lovey!! also jungkook is a sweetheart pls love him summary. coming to terms with your feelings after getting off to the idea of your close friend is a little harder than you thought, but how long can you take before jungkook decides its time to move on? note. did jlin forget how to write for a few weeks? yes, yes she did....i know this took a long time but life is rough man so forgive me... but anyways lol the final part to the not yet!verse is hereeeee! thank you to @kithtaehyung​ for reading this over for me ily!! thank you guys for enjoying this mini series, the response was really unexpected but im sososo happy over every comment/ask i’ve gotten for this story. once again, tysm for your love and let me know what you think<3
Tumblr media
The evening sun illuminates Jungkook’s apartment, golden hour bouncing off every reflective surface and straight into his eyes the second he walks in, immediately squinting as he makes a beeline to shut the blinds. His head was already throbbing from the hangover that decided to peak around noon, a mean case of nausea putting a damper on his work day. So as much as he loved soaking in some vitamin D today was not the day. 
“Are you joking?” he huffs as he brings down the blinds, hand yanking at the flimsy string in an attempt to get it unstuck. “How stup—you’d think with the amount I pay every month in rent the blinds would work!” 
Alright, so maybe he was a little grumpy today, choosing to take it out on an inanimate object and blame it purely on the bad decisions made last night—definitely had nothing to do with the residual moping of you going on a date. This could be fixed, easily. 
The first order of business? Texting you to see if you’d be interested in devouring greasy food from your favorite place down the street. He’d get to see you and finally put something in his stomach, it’s the best of both worlds really. 
Jungkook forgets about the blinds, leaving them stuck in the awkward position as he walks away entirely, fishing his phone out of his pocket while he enters his room. It’s the same text he always sends when he’s hangry: If I don’t get food in the next 15 mins I'm burning this place down and taking you with me. 
He knows the response he’ll get, either that meme of the child in front of a burning house or an equally hangry paragraph. The phone gets tossed onto his bed as he changes out of his work clothes, needing to dispose of the business casual attire that was suffocating him, his old college hoodie giving him the comfort he needs. 
By the time he’s finally slipping on his sneakers he’s expecting you to come knocking on his door, your impatient attitude always putting a smile on his face. Half of the time your neighbors thought you were having arguments from the way you’d pound onto the slab of wood, saying his name with just enough annoyance laced into each syllable it would fool anyone into thinking you were actually upset instead of being a brat. But when that never comes, he reaches for his phone again. 
A few notifications fill up his screen, some instagram direct message previews, his group chat that he never responded to, and a few emails coming through, but you had yet to respond. Maybe it’s a little creepy, but Jungkook knows you’re home because he passed by your parked car on his way in. So his mind jumps to two extremes: you were either face down, drowning in your bathtub, or that yellow shades wearing wannabe version of himself was at your place. 
Not an ounce of shame sits within him as he speedwalks to the side his bed was on, placing both palms onto the wall before his ear was pressed against the cold drywall. Jungkook’s not really sure what would make him feel good, hearing you and Jung Hoseok together, or hearing nothing at all. His ears strain to hear anything, but the only sound he gets is his own blood pumping. 
With a small pout he pulls back, deciding he’d play the annoying neighbor role today and pound on your door instead. It’s a role he doesn’t take lightly, knuckles banging on the wood loud enough for you to hear wherever you were in your apartment. It takes a few minutes before any sign of life is shown, your door creaking open, and Jungkook is thankful because he was about to head to the maintenance office to ask for a key in case you actually were drowning in your bathtub. 
“C’mon, let’s get food,” he declares instantly, a charming smile on his face as he stands with his hands stuffed into his jean pockets. The smile slowly falls off when he gets a good look at you, hair looking like a mess on your head and your fluffy blanket draped around you as you give out a weak cough. “Are you sick?”
“I think so,” you rasp out, leaning against your door frame and tugging the blanket tighter around you. 
“Did that fucker give you mono?” Jungkook looks irritated, brows pinched together in a grimace—something you’re definitely not accustomed to seeing so you almost don’t catch his accusation.
“Jungkook, no! It’s nothing serious.”
He doesn’t look fully convinced, but he shrugs anyways, positive you weren’t interested in getting interrogated when you were feeling under the weather. “Alright, let me know if you need me to drive you to the doctor if it becomes something serious.”
With a roll of your eyes and a small smile, you wave him off, slowly shutting the door behind you. Your eye immediately peeks through your peephole, not relaxing until he makes his way down the hall and enters the elevator, still on his quest for greasy food. 
“God, how old are you?” you grumble to yourself, yanking the blanket off your body and onto the floor with a huff. Pretending to be sick to avoid your friend was a new low, especially after the post-orgasm epiphany you had last night. A sane person would come to terms with their feelings and confess to them, uncertainty and possible rejection be damned! But you? No, you have to fake a cold like the giant coward you are. 
The guilt only deepens when a knock comes from your door an hour later, a quick peek through your peephole allowing you to see Jungkook setting two plastic bags on the floor before stepping back and walking to his apartment next door. You don’t come out until you hear his door shut, seeing the logo of your favorite diner down the street. No doubt would your comfort meal be inside the takeaway container. 
It takes all you have to not rush over to his place and say you were lying when you see he had also gone ahead and got you cold medication, a few different bottles because he surely didn’t know which was best, along with teas and some cough drops. 
You’re a dirty liar. A horrible friend too. 
That doesn’t stop you from devouring the meal in the takeout box as you’re hunched over your breakfast bar like a little gremlin. “This is just for today,” you mumble out to yourself as you set the plastic fork down and chug some of the leftover alcohol you had in your fridge. It’s your own version of a pity party, except the food feels heavy in your stomach, knowing the man you were avoiding was the one who bought it—bring on the guilt. 
“I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
You’re a dirty liar and horrible friend 2.0. Why this time? Because tomorrow stretched out a few more days than planned. It wasn’t entirely intentional at first, getting stuck at work longer than usual and missing the weekly hangout at your place where you got your remote covered in cheeto dust as you argued over what to watch. But it trickled down onto shorter replies to his texts, or you scrambling out of your apartment and into the elevator so fast in order to not run into him, your mind still trying to list all the pros and cons to this potential relationship before you even had the guts to confess to your feelings. 
Jungkook didn’t know thats what was occupying your mind, no he was currently thinking the worst. He notices the change instantly, recognizing it because this was the exact way you had acted while you were with Hajoon, right before you broke the news to him that you needed to keep some distance while you focused on your relationship. So Jungkook automatically assumes that your sudden change in behavior after going on a single date with Jung Hoseok, was because you wanted to make your relationship with this man work. 
His assumption stings—a lot actually—and soon enough he stops initiating conversations altogether. He didn’t want to hear you tell him you had to distance yourself again, he’s not sure his heart could handle that a second time, so he decides to get ahead of the curb and take a massive step away from you. It hurts him to know you’re right next door, and just like before, it’s like you’re back to being total strangers. 
Safe to say Jungkook was currently going on his own downward spiral. 
You could text him like nothing had happened and he’d accept it with open arms, but instead you text your best friend an SOS text, begging her to meet you at your place. She calls you dramatic at first, but once you say it’s about Jungkook she shows up at your place in record time. 
“Did you finally fuck him?” Is her greeting of choice, spoken shamelessly from the hallway with no worry about her volume. She cackles when you yank the bottle of wine from her grasp and tug her into your apartment, letting the door slam behind her. 
“You’re lucky he’s not home you bitch.” An eye roll is her only response, yanking the bottle back and making her way into your kitchen to grab the opener. 
“So you didn’t fuck him?” The cork pops at her question, a curious glance staring you down as she pours the red liquid into an oversized cup. 
“No Seulgi, I didn’t fuck him. But I did...something.” It makes your face warm up as you remember it, gratefully grabbing the cup she hands your way because you definitely need some liquid courage before confessing to your sins.
She hums in thought as she raids your pantry for something to munch on, settling on a bag of mini pretzels before leading you to your couch, needing to know the gossip that led to your sos text. “Okay, did you accidentally send him a nude then?”
“No, that wouldn’t be so bad I think?” Sending him an accidental nude would be laughable, probably resolved by a few screaming texts and dumb jokes before moving on. But new feelings seeing the light of day seemed so much worse. “But I sort of kissed him at a club a few weeks ago to get back at Hajoon—long story,” you cut in when you see her ready to fire off questions. 
“And then I went on that failed Tinder date I told you about, and when I got home I sort of heard him, you know,”— you mimic a jerking off motion with your hand and ignore her lewd gasp, “and then I…” you trail off shamefully. 
“No!” she gasps even louder, hand pressed to her mouth and eyes wide. 
“Yes! And the fucking orgasm opened my eyes and made me realize that maybe that tiny crush you guys always joke about him having is real, and maybe I have a tiny crush on him too.”
“Does he know?”
“That I like him?”
“No, that you rubbed one out while listening to him you dirty slut!” Oh she’s loving this, leaning back into your cushions with a handful of pretzels resting on her boobs, a sly smile on her lips as she takes a sip of her wine. She’s the one who planted the seed in your mind, playfully joking about Jungkook any chance she got, saying he had the hots for you because she enjoyed the flustered look on your face. No doubt would she text the group chat with the news the second you finish this cry for help. 
“Do you think I told him? I can barely come to terms with the fact that I like him. Like what am I supposed to do?”
She sighs dramatically, munching on the final pretzel on her tits before sitting up and dusting off the crumbs from her shirt. “Look, I know you’re just realizing that he likes you so this is still new and fresh for you, but we’ve noticed it for years. It’s fine that you didn’t see it, you had other things occupying your mind.” 
You frown as you stare at the rug beneath your feet, remembering how life was when you first moved into this complex. Getting out of a previous relationship weeks prior, when you had met Jungkook your mind was not interested in pursuing anything with him regardless of how cute you thought he was. It made it easier for you to form a friendship, not worried about trying to impress him, or flirt with him, allowing him to see you for who you truly are. 
Jungkook had his fair share of girlfriends during the years, none of which were entirely serious but by the time he was completely single you had met Hajoon, and he had accepted the fact that maybe you were better off as friends and he would just admire you from afar. That is, until you decided to plant one on him. So technically this is your fault. 
“Jungkook likes you okay, and I’m sure if you just marched next door and told him you like him too he’ll drop on one knee and marry you.”
“Shut up,” you snort, shoving her shoulder with a smile. 
“As a matter of fact, go over there right now!” She stands up from her spot, yanking your arms to haul you up with her. 
“I told you, he’s not home. But, I’ll tell him. I have to.”
Seulgi crosses her arms over her chest as she stares at you, clearly displeased that she wouldn’t be witness to this love story unfolding in real time. “You better. You never know what sneaky little bitch is trying to get him to get over you.”
The sneaky little bitch in question is Park Jimin, currently sitting directly across from Jungkook, guzzling down beer like his life depends on it. It's impressive really, how quickly he empties the cup, eyes shut looking as content as could be even in the dim lighting. Jungkook can only watch with a grimace as his friend sets the glass down and wipes at his mouth with no sense of table manners. 
“What?” he burps, proceeding to pour more of the golden liquid into his cup from the pitcher in the middle of the table. 
“I always forget how absolutely disgusting you are. How do you do it?” Jimin just frowns at the question, not entirely understanding so Jungkook continues. “What switch do you flip to go from sipping champagne to chugging beer like a fucking biker.”
“It’s a talent, I know.” He smiles wide, reaching forward to grip Jungkook’s hand and force him to grab his own cup. Condensation was pooling around the bottom from sitting there untouched, and that just wouldn’t do on Jimin’s watch. “C’mon, drink it!”
“Fine,” Jungkook grumbles, raising the glass and allowing Jimin to clank the cups together before taking a big gulp. He doesn’t clear the cup like his friend did seconds prior but it's enough to appease him. It tastes absolutely bitter the whole way down, settling into his stomach uncomfortably, and the look on his face as he pushes the glass away from him is very telling. 
Boisterous shouts fill the sports bar they were in, huddles of people surrounding the tables and booths as they watched the current soccer match playing on the televisions lining the walls. Jungkook honestly feels like a debby downer now, moping in his seat instead of enjoying the atmosphere with his friend like they normally did. The current game was definitely not the reason Jungkook had texted Jimin to grab drinks, no he needed an outlet to talk about you—preferably in a space that didn’t have walls as thin as his apartment.  
When he barely acknowledges the plate of wings set in front of him Jimin huffs, resisting the urge to dig in because he knew once he did he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything else. “Are you gonna be like this the entire time?”
“Like what?” Jungkook has the gall to ask, acting as if he wasn’t looking like a wounded animal. 
“Like you just discovered your wife of ten years is having an affair with your sister.”
He sits up straighter at that, eyes wide in disbelief. “Jesus.“
Jimin knew the jist of what was happening through the texts he had received the past week, but it seems like Jungkook didn’t want to jump into the topic of it at all now that they were sitting across from each other. He just sighs before deciding to be honest, wasting no time beating around the bush to hopefully be the voice of reason Jungkook needs. “You’ve been simping over her for years JK, and I get it, you think she could be the one. But what about you huh? It’s not fair for you to have your heart wrung out each time she gets a man and decides to put the friendship on pause—“
“That happened once!” He defends, brows pinched on his forehead as he shakes his head, ready to explain your situation because he wasn’t a fan of hearing his friend say anything about you when he didn’t truly know what happened. “The dude was a piece of shit and basically told her it was him or me. I’m not gonna crucify her for wanting a long term relationship to work.”
“Right, so she’s not icing you out again because she got a new man? That’s literally what you told me, it’s why I bought you this sympathy pitcher of beer!”
“Fuck you, you bought this pitcher for yourself.” Jimin had chugged two giant glasses of beer already, and was steadily working on his third, whereas Jungkook’s watered down cup remained relatively untouched. “Besides, I was just...spiraling and assumed when I sent you that desperate text. But I haven’t heard anything.”
Jimin can only stare blankly at the table as he processes what was just said before locking eyes with his friend once more, “Sorry, what? You haven’t heard anything? The hell kind of riddle is that.”
Jungkook sinks into the booth with a look of shame, not wanting to admit to occasionally laying in his bed at night in complete and total silence just to see if he could hear you and the hypothetical version of Jung Hoseok doing literally anything. It’s not one of his proudest moments, feeling like a bit of a creeper as he laid stiff on his bed, too scared to make a sound.  “Nothing, forget about it. Point is, I haven’t seen the fucker come in or out of her place, so what does that mean?”
A deep sigh comes from Jimin, hand reaching forward to push the beer closer to Jungkook, desperately trying to get him to drink and ease up. “It means you pay far too much attention to her. When was the last time you got any action?”
Two weeks ago. From his hand and filthy imagination. 
“A few months,” he grumbles, remembering his last hook up that happened a few days before he discovered you got dumped. 
“Get outta here.” Jimin rolls his eyes as he points to the door. “Literally, go stand at the corner outside, show some thighs or a tattooed titty and take your pick of the swarm of girls that will surely follow you.”
Jungkook thinks he’s joking, but when his friend doesn’t drop his hand and narrows his eyes threateningly he knows he’s being serious. “My tits aren’t even tattooed,”—his large palms press against his shirt covered chest as if to prove a point— “And you sound like a douchebag talking like this.”
“What? She went on a tinder date and definitely got laid, so you need to even out the playing field. Also, it might help you chill the hell out.”
“Oh my god, you’re not helping.” Jungkook really didn’t need that visual again, it had flashed in his mind too often the night of his pity party and now it was once again at the front of his brain. 
“Alright, okay. I’m throwing out my safe word right now.” Jimin leans closer, arms resting on the table with a confused look on his face. “What do you need from me here? Like, do I play the role of a supportive friend who wants you to get over her, or do I play the role of a friend who wants you to confess? Because you’re giving me some mixed signals Jeon.”
A groan escapes Jungkook, fingers rubbing at his eyes before dragging down his face as he sinks even further into his seat. “I don’t know.” 
It’s the truth. Jungkook had no idea what he wanted his friend to do to help him. He knew that although his feelings for you have weighed heavy on his chest for what seems like years, you technically had no idea, so he feels a little guilty over his frustration for the whole situation. You were newly single again and determined to go through this self proclaimed wild phase so Jungkook isn’t dumb enough to think you can’t go out and do whatever you want, even if that means being with someone who isn’t him. 
“Look,” Jimin sighs, pulling him out of his thoughts. “You only have two choices here, tell her how you feel and accept whatever comes with it, or make peace with the idea of just being friends. Either way, I think you need to loosen up and have fun tonight.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Jungkook sits himself up, wrapping his fingers around the cup in an effort to at least look like he wanted to be here. He couldn’t sit here and mope about a problem like this when he hadn’t attempted to come out and tell you how he feels. 
One night of loosening up to get you off his mind wouldn’t hurt, if anything it might help him come to his senses. At least that’s what Jimin was currently whispering with a mischievous smile on his lips. “It’ll be fine, I’ll make sure you don’t black out and get home safe. Who knows, you might get plastered enough to drunk text your confession.”
Jungkook glares at his friend, not liking the goofy look on his face as he starts to laugh. “I swear to god, you better not let me get to that point. Take my phone away from me.”
Tumblr media
Jimin obviously wants to see the world burn, or at least he enjoys it when Jungkook somehow digs himself into his own grave. That's exactly why he responds with a million laughing emojis when Jungkook texts him asking why the hell he hadn’t taken his phone last night. 
He did a good job hiding his shock when a knock came from his front door, half expecting it to be you, keeping a smile on his face as he allowed  the person who was very clearly not you in before swiftly entering his bathroom. Jungkook wants to stay locked here forever, holed up while he sits on his toilet and not in the living room with company. It wasn’t like it was bad company either, his drunken ass going through his contact list and sending an invitation to hangout the following day to the last person he spoke to, Aillie. 
The girl is sweet, someone he had a casual fling with for months, someone who was used to his random texts so she doesn’t think twice before agreeing. The only silver lining to this was that he hadn’t sent you a typo-filled drunken confession, which is what Jimin responds with before telling him to suck it up and leave his bathroom. 
Jungkook accepts his fate, as well as accepting that he is partially responsible for this. He shoves his device back into his pockets before standing up and flushing the toilet for show, washing his hands just to stall. One good glance at his reflection makes him cringe, stained shirt and sweats combo leaves him looking like the unprepared mess he is. Another detour through his room to change was a must before he has no choice but to step back out. 
“You’re totally hung over aren’t you?” Aillie jokes from her spot on the couch, comfortable enough in his apartment from the time spent here. She locks her phone as she stands up, taking her time to really look Jungkook over. He was not dressed like someone who was expecting a guest, and despite having seen Jungkook at his sloppiest, his previous attire of oversized shirt and slightly stained sweatpants didn’t look like someone who was expecting a fuck buddy to pop over. Even with his new outfit looking more put together, it was obvious Jungkook was caught off guard by her showing up. 
“What?” Jungkook dumbly asks, trying to come up with some lame excuse to justify his earlier appearance but he falls short. His fingers gently rake through his hair, a grimace falling on his face as he looks back up at her. “Actually, a little. Sorry, I got drunk last night when I text you so sober me was not really prepared.”
“Yeah I figured, you sent me some blurry selfies right after. But we can just hang, we don’t have to do anything,” she trails off, a soft smile on her lips. The only time they ever hung out was to hook up, having ten minute conversations before and after the fact. “Or I can leave too if it's weird that I’m here.” 
Jungkook is shaking his head before she can even finish, already feeling bad enough after texting her to come over. How shitty would he be if he immediately kicked her out. This was fine, a nice distraction from it all, decent middle ground that would help him get his mind off you without having to take Jimin’s douchebag advice. 
“No, we can watch a movie or something. It’s not like I have other plans.” Had this been two weeks ago it would be a totally different story. Jungkook would typically be waiting in his apartment as he stared at the slowly ticking clock, just waiting for it to strike 7:30 because that's when you usually got home. Then he’d either get a text from you to come over with snacks or you’d show up at his door and invite yourself over for the weekly game night. 
It didn’t happen last week, or the week prior, so Jungkook is very confident that it would not be happening today either. It’s that same sense of confidence—and saltiness—that allows him to get comfortable with Aillie, blissfully unaware that you had just pulled into the parking garage a few stories below. 
“I swear to god if you don’t go straight to his door the minute you get off the elevator I will never let you live it down.” Seulgi’s voice fills your car through the speakers, fading out as you shut the car off and bring your phone to your ear to continue the conversation. 
“Dude, I just got off work. I need to make myself look decent.” Plastic bags rustle together as you grab the snacks you had picked up on your way home, all full of yours and Jungkook's favorite treats. It was definitely a guilt fueled purchase, hoping the items were enough to distract him from the fact that you were kind of a bitch for ghosting him recently, or at least butter him up into accepting your apology easier. 
“You think Jungkook cares if you’re a little sweaty from work? He’s a grown man, that’s not gonna stop him from going do—“
“Okay, goodbye!” You hastily cut her off as you press the elevator button, hearing her rambling off about being interrupted. “I’m about to get on the elevator, I’ll tell you how it goes.”
With a small sigh you hang up and stuff the device into your purse, stepping onto the lift as the doors open up and pressing the number for your floor. Your hands are clammy as you grip the plastic bag, uncharacteristically nervous about seeing Jungkook again after so long. 
The main obstacle for you to get over was apologizing for being a crappy friend, and if that went well you were going to suck it up and just come out and confess, the odds of him saying no were slim. And even if he did, you’re perfectly content with staying friends, as long as you could keep him close. 
It’s that same optimistic mentality that allows you to calm down as you enter your place and decide to give yourself a minute to mentally prepare. His favorite ice cream gets put into the freezer for later before you decide to shower and give yourself a pep talk the entire time. 
This pep talk of yours is filled with best case scenarios: Jungkook accepting the confession with open arms, finally being able to kiss him properly, everything falling into place the way it should have a long time ago. And as you head over, totally sober, freshly washed, looking and smelling your best, you really can’t picture this going any other way. 
With a deep breath you’re knocking on his front door, quickly pulling back your hand and wiping it onto your pants as you step back. Jungkook hears the knock clearly from his spot on the couch, his gaze tearing away from the television to stare at his front door with a small frown. He hadn’t ordered any food and Aillie had just excused herself to use his bathroom so his brain is having a hard time wondering who it could be. 
He curses under his breath, not putting it past himself to have texted a second person last night with an invitation to hang out. Why was Jungkook a friendly drunk?
As he presses his eye against the peephole and spots you standing there, he thinks he’s imagining things. It had seemed like so long since he had last seen you in person, and the warped fish-eyed version of you has him stepping back and rubbing his eyes before taking another glance. He suddenly feels like throwing up, and he can’t blame his earlier hangover on it. 
For a brief second he contemplates pretending he hadn’t heard you, but the guilt of doing so makes his heart twist, so he musters up the courage to open the door. It’s barely a crack really, just enough for you to see him while still concealing his apartment, something you definitely found strange because you’re usually flinging the door open and strutting right in, but you suppose his reaction is warranted considering your previous behavior. 
“Y/N, hey. Are you alright?”
“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine!” Your fingers tangle together in front of you, not entirely sure what to do with your nerves and Jungkook spots it easily. His own nerves sky rocket when he hears the sound of running water coming from his bathroom a few feet away, knowing Aillie would most likely pop out any second now, and he’s not sure why it feels like a dirty secret that he has another girl over. 
“Did you need something?”
“Yeah, I was actually wanting to talk to you about something kind of important.” Your smile is hopeful, despite the nerves swirling in your eyes. The nervous skip of your heart is felt in your throat, not remembering the last time you had felt this way about telling someone how you felt about them romantically. 
“Right now?” he wonders, fingers gripping the door handle tighter when he hears his bathroom door unlock, the sound of footsteps rounding the corner before stepping into the living room, a few feet away from the door and in perfect view of the wedge Jungkook had opened. 
When your eyes flicker over his shoulder, spotting the auburn haired girl giving you a curious glance, you feel all your confidence slip away. Seulgi had definitely been right about needing to confess soon, Jungkook was a catch and just because you hadn’t realized it sooner didn’t mean the rest of the world was blind to it. 
“Yeah, right now...but you’re busy, so it’s fine!” You want to scramble away from there, feeling dumb the longer you stand there. Jungkook wants to say he’s not busy, kick the girl out of his place and invite you in but that wouldn’t be fair to her, for all he knew your important conversation would be a repeat of the conversation you had over Hajoon, and he really didn't want to get friendship dumped while this girl was in his apartment. He’s pretty sure his Yelp rating would drop a bit if he cried on the couch about you to his old hook up. 
He starts to speak but you cut him off before he can, “Don’t worry about it! I’ll see you later.” You force a smile before walking away, not allowing him to get a word in as you quickly step into your apartment and move to the furthest room away from your bedroom. 
You can feel the cold of your kitchen floor as you sit on your butt, back against your cabinets, the small twinge of defeat spreading within you. “This is fine. Maybe she’s just a friend. I can always tell him tomorrow,” you whisper out. But your fingers seem to think otherwise as they type out a message to Seulgi, informing her that the mission was unsuccessful and you’d be putting on The Notebook like you always did. It was basically protocol to do so when things went south in your life. 
She doesn’t even know how to console you, knowing she can’t tell you it was his loss or that he wasn’t worth it because she knows that’d be a lie and you wouldn’t believe it for a second. The only thing she can offer is coming over, but you’re quick to turn her down, deciding that being alone in the comfort of your bed as you inhaled the ice cream you bought for Jungkook would be best. 
Is being in your room the wisest choice when you know you share a wall with Jungkook—and he has a cute girl over? No. Probably not. But you figure if you hear anything explicit it’s just your dose of karma, so you accept it, turning up the volume of the movie a few levels just to soften the blow. 
However, Jungkook would definitely not be hooking up with her in his bedroom, or anywhere in his apartment for that matter. Luckily Aillie is blessed with the gift of reading the damn room and can easily spot the shift in Jungkook’s mood the second he shuts the door. She’s sitting on the edge of the couch now, hands gently placed on her knees as she gives him a sympathetic smile. 
“I get the vibe that somethings off.”
He looks up at her then, slowing his pace until he’s awkwardly standing in the middle of the room with his hands shoved deep into his pockets. “My friend—my neighbor just wanted to talk about something. But everything’s fine.”
The lie tastes bitter on his tongue, and Aillie doesn’t believe him in the slightest. A small sigh fills the air as she stands up, collecting her bag and approaching him. “Look, I know deep talks really aren’t our thing so I’m not going to even try to dive into this, but you should go talk to your friend.”
A comforting hand is placed on his shoulder before she makes her way to the door to leave, Jungkook already following closely behind her. “No, you don’t have to go. You came all this way because I texted you with way too much tequila in my system.”
“Jungkook,” she laughs, opening the door with a smile. “You’re way too sweet for your own good. It was nice seeing you though.” Her eyes slowly move over to your front door before looking back at him, head cocking to the side in a very clear indication that he better go over. He can only nod in understanding, waving her goodbye and shutting the door once she heads down to the elevator. 
The action sounds of the movie they were watching continues to fill his apartment, whatever chaos was going on only making his brain whirl so he’s quick to grab the remote and shut it off entirely. Now he’s just stuck in complete silence, wondering if he should quickly make his way over to yours or play it calm and collected. 
The total silence allows him to hear the muffled mumbling of a movie he knew all too well. It draws him in, lures him into his bedroom until he’s kneeling on the mattress with his ear pressed against the wall to properly make it out. You were watching the Notebook, at a concerning volume, which could mean a number of things. Jungkook knew none of them were good, usually rooted in issues you had with your ex, or a tough day at work, or any particular day where you just felt like crying. 
With a deep breath, he’s slowly knocking along his wall, almost experimentally, hoping it's enough to grab your attention through the current scene playing. For a second he thinks maybe you’ve fallen asleep while watching the film, but then the room falls silent as you pause it entirely. 
Your hearts racing now, ears straining to hear anything else and hoping this wasn’t how the beginning of the explicit noises would start, but then another knock comes from behind you. It makes you gasp, like you’ve just been caught being the nosey neighbor you are, hearing the soft scrape of his hand sliding down the wall. The ice cream gets put onto your nightstand as you sit up properly, forcing yourself out of the mountain of pillows you were practically suffocating in and turning around to knock back.
Jungkook’s palm presses back onto the wall, smiling at your response before fishing his phone out of his pocket. His fingers find your thread of messages, further down the list than he was used to, and as he opens them up and sees the string of unanswered texts dating back to two weeks ago, it stings just like it did before. He pushes his pride aside though, knowing you had wanted to talk today in person, so he proceeds to quadruple text you. 
Jungkook 8:44pm : are you seriously watching the notebook again?
You’re unlocking your phone the second it buzzes, smiling at the dimly lit screen before typing out a response. 
Y/N 8:45pm : shut up, it’s my comfort movie
Y/N 8:45pm : do you wanna watch it with me? for old times sake
The device is locked and placed face down onto your sheets the second you hit send, sinking into the pillows once again as you try not to scream at yourself because you know he’ll hear you. Why would you invite him over when he clearly has company? You had seen her with your own eyes, had seen how cute she is, had seen how cute Jungkook is, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. 
Jungkook is quick though, texting back in agreement and heading over instantly. If you were watching your comfort movie then Jungkook wanted to make sure you were okay. Putting the past two weeks behind him, knowing you’d most likely have a good enough explanation—an explanation he would definitely be needing before the night was over—he’s knocking on your door before you can even check your messages. 
It takes you a minute to untangle your limbs from your covers as you hastily try to get to your door, sock clad feet sliding along your wooden floors when you finally yank the door open. Jungkook wears a soft smile as he stares down at you, taking note that you had switched your outfit to your usual sad movie binge attire of baggy shirt and lounge shorts. His eyes zero in on your lips when he notices there's something lingering at the corner of them. 
“So, are you gonna share whatever the hell that is?” His finger points at it smugly, laughing when your tongue peeks out to wipe it away. 
“It was actually meant to be for you.” Stepping aside, you let him enter your place. Jungkook almost feels a little strange being here after the weird few weeks, but he pushes it aside, just wanting things to feel normal. 
“Does that mean there’s no more left?” His eyes playfully narrow at you as you step closer, moving on to stare at the kitchen table, and the coffee table in search of the tub of ice cream that supposedly had his name on it. The earlier nerves you felt slowly fade away when you realize he’s not visibly upset about what happened, but it only makes your guilt deepen that despite your ability to be a crummy friend, Jungkook would still try his best to come through for you. 
“There’s about half of it left, it’s probably a little soft now though.” You side step him to enter the kitchen, grabbing an extra spoon and handing it over as a peace treaty, smiling when he gratefully accepts it. “C’mon, I paused the movie.”
Jungkook is not a stranger to your bedroom, especially when sappy movies were playing, finding his spot easily on the right side where he typically handed you tissues whenever you cried. The tissues were missing this time, in place of them being the bag of snacks you had bought, his ice cream on the other nightstand. 
“What part are you on?” he asks, settling onto the bed after fluffing up the pillows, waving his hands so you could pass the tub of ice cream his way. 
“It just started raining on the boat.” Jungkook hums, scooping out some of the chocolate ice cream and into his mouth. He knew this scene very well, and when you press play, he mentally repeats all of the lines. Just as Noah declares he wrote her 365 letters, you awkwardly clear your throat, your own spoon slowly sneaking over to his side to steal some ice cream for yourself. 
“I’m sorry if I made things awkward with your date.” Your voice sounds timid, something he’s not used to hearing from you at all, so he chuckles, laughing harder when you swat at his arm. “I’m serious, I should have texted you before just showing up.”
“Really? When have you ever done that before?” The two of you never notified the other when they wanted to show up, Jungkook had even given you the code to his place once when he was at work and you were desperate for some fruity pebbles—you used that code to your advantage and Jungkook never hated it. But all things considered, it's fair why you think you would have to give him a heads up. 
“You didn’t make it awkward though.” It’s not the complete truth, you coming over is what had made Aillie decide to leave, but Jungkook had to take most of the credit for it. “I kinda made it awkward from the beginning.”
“Why, what happened?”
“I went out last night with Jimin“ —you immediately hum in understanding, knowing very well how convincing Jimin could be with alcohol— “and apparently I texted her to hang out today, had no recollection, so when she showed up I was definitely not ready.”
“Damn, this is how I know you’re a better person than I am. If that happened to me, the second I checked my peephole and saw someone I didn’t remember inviting over, I’m gonna pretend I’m not home.”
“Yeah well, she lives like an hour away so I’d feel like an ass if I did that. Don’t think I’ll be talking to her again any time soon though.” He sighs in thought, gently tapping his spoon on the surface of the softening ice cream. There was one thing weighing heavy on his mind, needing to know what important thing you had to talk to him about, wondering if you were actually going to friendship dump him earlier and he had just made it worse by coming over and hanging out like old times. 
He doesn’t want to come right out and ask it though, not wanting to set himself up for an awkward conversation in case that wasn’t what you wanted to talk about, so he settles for something safe enough that would allow him to get a glimpse. 
“So how are things with Hoseok?” Yeah, that’s a good start. 
“Huh?” Your spoon freezes in its spot, face clearly looking confused in the dim glow of the television, the movie long forgotten now that you were speaking. 
“Tinder guy? Yellow sunglasses guy that gave you mono?” 
It suddenly clicks again, having forgotten all about Jung Hoseok the second you had gotten home from the failed date and came to terms with your feelings. Your lie of having a cold must have been believable enough for Jungkook to genuinely think he had given you something like mono. 
“He didn’t give me mono!” Jungkook rolls his eyes with a playful smile, humming along like he totally believes you. “But I didn’t tell you?”
He frowns as he stares at you, not entirely sure how to take your tone. “Tell me what? That you’re engaged and the wedding is in June?”
“No way,” you laugh, swatting his spoon away with a clank as you grab some ice cream before shoving it in your mouth, fighting against the brain freeze to continue speaking. “Our date was a bust.”
“How? Was it that bad?” He desperately wanted to know, having convinced himself the date had gone spectacularly well and you were now an exclusive item. The small twinge of guilt is felt when he realizes he’s a little too happy that the date had been a failure, but he allows himself to have this small, tiny victory. 
“Mm, it was so good it was bad.” He looks utterly confused, and you don’t blame him, so you elaborate. “He was this perfect gentleman who just wanted to play games, like to the point where he had a notebook where he was tallying our points, and then he walked me to my car and kissed my cheek goodbye.”
“Oh the horror!” Jungkook gasps, setting his spoon down to clutch his heart in dramatics. “How dare he try to romance you with a game night.”
“Jungkook, shut up!” you laugh, finally feeling like everything was right again, sitting in bed with your closest friend as you teased each other. “Look, I’ll give him some credit. The date was nice, he was not the sleazy douchebag his profile made him out to be, and I’m sure he’ll find the perfect girl for him on Tinder. But he clearly wanted something serious and—“
“And you don’t want that right now. It’s fair.” Of course you would turn him down, you had just decided to embark on this new adventure in the single world. It was kind of dumb for Jungkook to assume one date with Tinder Boy would be enough for you to give up your short lived dream. 
You take a steady breath at his words before taking another scoop of ice cream, lips wrapped around the spoon as you slowly pull it out of your mouth. The nerves are trickling back in, making your heart skip and your eyes bounce around. If you don’t come out and say it now, you know you never will. 
Your spoon joins his in the tub of ice cream before you decide to move it back to the nightstand, forcing yourself to look back at him, seeing him turned away as he rummages through the plastic bag full of snacks. “I don’t want that with him.”
Jungkook freezes, the rustling of plastic ceases as his hands come back to his sides and he turns back around. With him. He was the king of jumping to worse case scenarios so his brain has no issues coming to this very horrible conclusion. 
“Have you been talking to Hajoon again?”
“No, Jungkook I haven’t.”
“Are you sure? I’m saying this now, but if you get back with him I will not hesitate to pop him in the face if I run into him in the halls. It’s fair game out there, neutral territory for him to get his ass beat—“
“It’s you.”
His brain short circuits at that, mini versions of himself currently running around and screaming in his head as he tries to make sense of this. The first instinct he has is to crack a joke, to say that he hadn’t been talking to Hajoon again, and laugh it off. But you look a little too vulnerable right now, eyes nervously looking at him and then looking away at his lingering silence. 
“Wait, what?” It’s the only thing he can sputter out, caught off guard by your words, not wanting to say anything else in case the world was cruel enough for him to have completely misheard you. 
“I don’t want that with Tinder Boy or Hajoon, I want it with you.” It gets a little easier saying it a second time, but his reaction is hard to gauge. You had been expecting him to reciprocate the confession instantly, but the longer he looked shocked only made you think that you and Seulgi had been seriously wrong about his supposed crush. 
Jungkook is having a difficult time trying to go from you ghosting him to you suddenly admitting to liking him, the change in emotions not allowing him to say anything he had practiced in the mirror for so long. He can’t come out and give you a speech about how he thinks you’re the one, how you’re obviously a good match together, brain too focused on other details. “How long have you known this?”
“For the past two weeks, but deep down I know it’s been longer.”
His wide eyes glance over at you now, everything slowly clicking into place. “Is this why you’ve been avoiding me?”
“Yes,” you mumble, embarrassed over the way you had acted. The last time you had avoided someone was in elementary school, having a best friend go ask your crush if he likes you while you hid in the bathroom, scared of the answer. “I like you Jungkook and I knew I wouldn’t be able to play it cool. I was scared to say something and have you not feel the same and then have our friendship be weird.”
Jungkook smiles in that adorable way you love, nose scrunching up cutely as he leans closer, large palms coming to cup your cheeks. He has wanted to hear this for so long, and sure, maybe it wasn’t some super romantic confession over a candlelit dinner like he had occasionally dreamed of, but this felt right. 
“You’re so stupid,” he whispers out, thumb softly caressing your cheek as he chuckles, feeling the way your lips turn into a frown at his harmless insult. 
“Jungkook, I’m being serious,” you whine, heart still pounding in your chest. Your hands come up to gently wrap around his wrists, allowing him to continue to squish your cheeks with that endearing look on his face. 
“I’m being serious too Y/N. Did you really think I wouldn’t feel the same?” Jungkook did everything he did with you out of pure friendliness, never expecting to get something in return from it, but there was a small sprinkling of a crush in every one of his actions. “I like you too, and I have for a really long time.”
The relief you feel comes instantly, lips slowly pulling into a smile when you finally have the confidence to look directly into his eyes again. If this is how light you feel after the two weeks spent freaking out, you can only imagine how Jungkook feels. “Really?”
“Yes, really. Now, can I please kiss you?” You’re nodding the second the question leaves his mouth, eyes fluttering shut as his hands glide down to cup your jaw, soft lips slowly pressing against yours. It’s a gentle smack of skin as he pulls back, a smirk on his lips when he opens his eyes, softly rubbing his nose against yours. 
“Wait,” he breathes out, chuckling softly. “Is he still looking?” He has the nerve to repeat the same question that had been the root of your guilt, and when your eyes shoot open and glare at him, he can’t stop the laughter that bubbles out. 
“I hate you,” you mutter out, not an ounce of truth behind it. 
“Mm, no you don’t.” 
His lips find yours again, falling into a steady rhythm, softer and less rushed than the first kiss you had shared at the club. There’s no pounding bass in the background, or the taste of liquor on your lips, but Jungkook prefers it this way. He likes the low hum of the movie continuing to play in the background, the sweetness of the ice cream lingering on your lips when his tongue gently swipes at the seam of them, the way your hands slowly slide around his neck as he deepens each kiss. 
With each shared breath, you slide further down your bed, pulling Jungkook down with you until he’s hovering directly above you. His knees dig into the sheets, one hand pressed beside your head to keep himself stable as you urge him even closer to you. The delicate golden chain he wears kisses your skin, pendant settling onto your chest, the cool sensation is almost enough to distract you as his tongue slowly slips into your mouth. Jungkook groans when you let out a small gasp, your fingers slipping into his hair and tugging gently at the strands by the nape of his neck. 
He wants to remember this kiss instead of the one from the club, embed every gasp you let out into his brain, the way your chest pushes up to feel more of him, how your hands slide down his back, leaving a fiery trail in their path that makes Jungkook shiver. And when you slide your thighs further apart for him, innocently at first, he can’t help it when his lips freeze on yours as you slowly roll your hips upwards. It gives him the same automatic reaction he had gotten at the club, all the blood rushing to his cock instantly, except this time he doesn’t feel the shame he had felt before. There was no ulterior motive to what you were doing, sincerity shown in your confession, shared within each kiss, so Jungkook allows himself to bask in the want he feels for you.
“Y/N,” he groans out when you repeat the action, pulling away from your swollen lips to stare at you through hooded eyes. You’re licking your lips over as your eyes slowly open, a small glimmer evident in them as you tilt your head and pretend to not know what you’re doing.
“What?” you question, leaning up to kiss the edge of his mouth, giggling when he attempts to chase your lips as you pull back, choosing to kiss down his jaw instead. As your tongue gently trails along the side of his neck, you feel the harsh gulp he takes, his fingers bunching up in the sheets beside your head. His neck has always been a weak point for him, turning him into a puddle in seconds, you knew this from the unfiltered conversations you’ve had and it was something you were definitely going to be using to your advantage. 
“You’re doing this on purpose,” he grunts, eyes fluttering shut as you nip at his skin, a visible shiver racking through him. 
“Of course I am,” you hum, letting your hands roam his back, sliding around his front until you’re sneaking past the white fabric of his shirt. When your cool hands meet his skin, he tenses, the muscles on his stomach tightening up as your fingertips trail up his body. You’ve known Jungkook was well defined, lean and toned in all the best places, having seen him shirtless a few times. But being able to touch him like this, feel each stuttered breath and jump of his skin reacting to your touch fueled you. 
Jungkook knows you can feel the racing of his heart now, your palms flat on his chest, each thrum revealing his emotions despite the cool and calm exterior he was trying to have. His hips lower towards yours, resisting the urge to rut into you as you start to suck on his skin. The low hum you let out vibrates against his neck, mixed in with the feeling of your wet lips, and he knows he’s done for. The final blow comes in the form of you swiping your tongue at the blossomed hickey, sweet voice pulling him back to earth as you look at him once more. “I want you Jungkook.”
Oh god, he couldn’t do this. His face pulls into a grimace, begging himself to not instantly cum in his pants at what you just said. How many times has he fantasized about this? Hoped you’d beg him for anything in that same exact voice, dreamed of you kissing and sucking on his skin like you currently were. Jungkook isn’t sure any amount of mental preparation would be enough for this. 
“Say that again please.”
You giggle, finger pushing back a strand of his hair as it falls over his face, tucking it behind his ear. The normal doe eyed look you were accustomed to is nowhere to be found, pupils blown out in lust as he stares at you. Being on the receiving end of this stare fills your stomach with butterflies, the flapping of their wings intensifying as he nudges his nose into yours. 
“I want you.” It’s breathless, spoken so softly through the background noise like a personal secret just for him. Jungkook doesn’t think he’ll ever grow tired of hearing you say it, that much is proven true when you repeat it in between kisses, trailing back up his neck in the same path you had taken until you're speaking the words directly against his lips. He swallows them down greedily, groaning into your mouth when his tongue tangles with yours once more. 
“Fuck, you can have me baby.” He chuckles against your mouth when you start to tug at his shirt, yanking the thin material until he has to pull back and slip the tee off himself. The balled fabric gets tossed aside without a care, dark swirls of ink on his arm fully revealed now, each tattoo reminding you of how long you’ve known him, remembering the two pieces that he had when you first met. When he leans back over you, taking his time trailing kisses down your neck, onto your chest until his own hands are slowly tugging your shirt off of you, you decide there’s other things to focus on besides his glorious tattoos.
“Ah, Jungkook,” you sigh, fingers tangling into his hair when he kisses the swells of your breast, warm tongue sliding over your nipple before his lips are wrapping around it. His large palm gropes the other, thumb flicking over the pebbled bud, smirking when you push your chest further out for him.
“What baby?” He pulls back to blow a gust of cool air on your nipple, the wetness of his saliva making your skin break out into goosebumps. 
“No teasing.”
Jungkook’s laughing now, eyes peering up at you through his lashes. “Oh, you think I’m not gonna tease you after what you did?” He tsks in disapproval as he continues to kiss down your torso, letting his hands trail down your sides, not stopping until he reaches the hem of your shorts. A kiss is placed above your navel as he pulls the shorts down your legs, toying with the waistband of your black underwear. “I’m gonna take my time with you.”
The build up before pleasure will always be your favorite part. The way his hands grip your thighs after tugging your underwear off, fingertips trailing up until his palm is pressing them further apart. It’s impossible to look at him now, the visual of his long hair framing his face as he starts to press wet kisses on your skin is too much to handle. You can feel the warm huff of air when he laughs as your head drops back onto the pillow once more, eyes slipping shut while you wait with anticipation. 
Jungkook wants to comment over how wet you are already, boost his own ego about being able to rile you up with just kissing, but he can see the way you’re already on edge, and he decides he can tease you some more later with what he has in store. Instead, he gives you what you’re mentally pleading him for. Finally pressing his soft lips to your folds, the short gasp you release as his tongue glides up before gently flicking across your clit has him shutting his own eyes, reveling in the way you react to his touch. 
His long fingers spread out your folds before he’s messily spitting onto them, watching the way the glob of saliva trickles down before he’s diving in, falling into the perfect pace with ease. It has your hips rutting up instantly, your hand uncurling its grip from your sheets to travel down your body and find its place tangled in his hair. Jungkook groans against your clit when your fingers grip tightly, yanking the dark strands as the prettiest moan flows out of you. 
“J-just like that, fuck,” you whimper, finally lifting your head up to stare down at him when he latches his lips around your clit and sucks. It sends a spark down your spine, stomach tensing at his rhythm, fully intent to have you fall apart. 
Jungkook wants to push you over the edge, knows he’s talented enough to get you there in record time—he was cocky in the best way—and the way your thighs tremble as he slowly sinks his finger into you proves his point. The slick coating your entrance allows a second finger to slip through with little resistance, a shuddering breath filling the air as he begins to spread his fingers apart, stretching you out in the most delicious way. 
It’s not until his fingers curl up, rubbing along the sweet patch inside of you and you moan out his name, that he realizes he has you right where he wants you. He can’t get himself to look up at you, to see the way your jaw drops as you plead for more. Jungkook knows if his eyes lock with yours too soon he’ll be too weak to be as cruel as he wants to be. 
The pleasure blooms inside you, hips rolling up into his in a way he welcomes, smirk spreading onto his lips when your moans get breathier. He eats you out with determination set in his brows, not satisfied until you’re tightening around his fingers, thighs threatening to close in on either side of his head. The messy way he slurps against you sends you reeling, rutting up into him with need, the wet thump of his fingers blending in with your moans of his name. 
“God, Jungkook, I’m gonna cum.” He believes you, eyes finally opening up to stare at you. The visual is enough to make his cock throb in his pants, your glassy eyed stare locked onto his, chest rising and falling in time with each choked breath. When he playfully winks at you, your walls pulse around him, seconds away from being pushed over the edge, and that’s when he pulls away. 
The warm glow of your orgasm approaching, just about to crest, gets ripped away from you instantly. It makes you gasp, thighs twitching as your hips attempt to push up back towards his mouth, but he’s having none of that. His shiny lips smile up at you innocently, head tilted to slowly kiss your trembling thighs, chuckling at the small cry of frustration you let out. 
“You taste good baby,” he hums, smooching the skin at the juncture of your thighs, circling around your clit without relieving the pressure you felt. The dull ache has your fingers releasing his hair in defeat, a frown etched onto your lips. 
“Jungkook, that’s mean,” you pant, sitting up and resting on your elbows to properly stare at him. 
“A little, but you deserved it don’t you think?” Jungkook didn’t want to tease you too much, he just wanted to get even for the past two weeks. “You could have had me between your thighs every single night if you would’ve said something soon, so I think you can be patient.”
A firm kiss is pressed to your swollen clit and it makes your whole body shudder, your head dropping back as you take a deep breath to control yourself. “I can’t be patient Kook,” you whine, head leveling back out to give him the most convincing stare you can muster. There's that crease between your brows that he likes when you pinch them together, hands gently raking through his hair, teeth pillowing out your lower lip as you bite down onto it. 
“Please, you can torture me later if you want but not now.” Your words have him cocking up his brow, hands once again gripping the meat of your thighs before he crawls back up your body. The feeling of his chain dragging up your skin has you shivering, breath catching in your throat when he hovers inches above you once more. 
“I’ll hold you to that,” he murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth before his hand slips between your thighs again. A groan reaches his ears as his fingers circle your clit, covered in your arousal and his saliva, gliding with ease as he works you back to your ruined orgasm. 
His lips find yours, swallowing down the moan you let out when he quickens his pace. You can taste yourself on his tongue, tangling with yours with more urgency than before, messy and desperate in a way that had more arousal gushing out of you. The earlier pleasure reignites inside you, your hands sliding around his neck to keep him close, kissing him with fervor, quiet moans and whimpers slipping past between each smack of your lips. 
“Jungkook,” you barely manage to squeal, a few more flicks needed to finally push you over the edge. Your lips are slick with spit as you pull back, jaw slack as you lose yourself in the feeling, and Jungkook easily bookmarks this into his brain to go back to and daydream of whenever he’s bored at work. Your eyes are squeezed shut as the feeling flows through you, not able to see how Jungkook stares at you in awe. 
“Holy shit,” he whispers, slowly pulling his hand away when you keen at the sensitivity, thighs twitching on the sheets as the pleasure rolls through you in waves. You’re looking up just in time to see him slip his messy fingers into his mouth, tongue licking them clean and savoring the taste of you. Just as he slides them back out, your fingers wrap around his wrist and lead them directly into your mouth, sinking onto them with your eyes locked on his own. 
Jungkook’s cock jumps in its confines when you suck, tip of your tongue circling his fingertips before popping them back out with a smirk. There’s a brief moment of shock on his features before he’s jumping into action, quickly unbuttoning his jeans in haste that left you giggling on your sheets. 
“What happened to patience?” you tease, laughing harder when he pauses with one foot stuck in the hole of his jeans, a playful glare thrown your way. 
“Oh, now you want patience?” He kicks his pants the rest of the way off, slowly shuffling towards you as he stands beside the bed in just his boxers. Your hands make grabby motions for him, reaching for the waistband of his underwear to tug them down, licking your lips over as his cock springs out. It bobs in the air for a second, thick and heavy, precum collecting at the tip with the prettiest veins on the underside of it. Of course Jungkook and his pretty privilege would have a dick worthy of leaving you speechless. 
Jungkook allows you to ogle at him, confidently wrapping his palm around the base of his cock, hissing slightly at the sensation as he looks down at it, allowing spit to accumulate behind his lips before a string of it escapes and lands right onto his length to help the glide of his palm. Your eyes widen at the sight, hand replacing his as he guides your motions, giving an experimental squeeze and enjoying how his abs tense up. 
“I’ve been patient for a long time Y/N. You said you want me right?” You’re nodding instantly, eyes looking away from his shiny length to stare up at him. “How do you want me?”
“Jungkook, just get over here.” He doesn’t resist when you let go of his cock, hands gripping his arm to yank him back onto the bed in a clumsy heap. His legs are a tangled mess, nearly ramming his forehead with yours from the force, shared laughter filling the air as you situate yourself. Jungkook had pictured this a thousand times and this is exactly how he imagined it, full of soft kisses, hushed laughter and goofy smiles, playfulness mixed in with lust all coming together perfectly to make the two of you. 
As he settles between your thighs, your sodden folds inches from his length, you can see the look on his face as his eyes glance in between both of your nightstands. Already knowing the question that was about to spill out, you beat him to the punch. “You don’t need one, if you don’t want to. I’m on birth control, and haven’t been with anyone since…” you trail off, not needing to specify.
Jungkook tries not to look too excited, really, but it’s hard. Every one of his lewd fantasies had involved being able to feel you entirely, and if your thoughts from that night were anything to go by, you definitely want the same. It takes him a second to speak, having to swallow properly to prevent himself from choking on his saliva and embarrassing himself in front of you. “I’m clean, I promise.”
“I trust you,” you smile, biting down onto your bottom lip as he fists his cock, slowly leading it to your dripping center. His free hand rests on your inner thigh, softly palming the skin as the head of his cock nudges against your entrance, pushing past the tight ring of muscles and into your heat. With his gaze locked down to where you connect, he sees inch by inch sink into you, finally bottoming out with a shared gasp.
Jungkook leans over you properly now, hand sliding up to lace with yours as the other rests beside your head, just taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of your velvety walls wrapped tightly around his cock. You welcome the stretch, the curve of his length inside you, how he cages you in with his body, eyes full of want staring directly at you, giving your hand a reassuring squeeze because he knows he can’t properly form a sentence right now. 
“Fuck me, please.” With his hips pressed flush against yours, he’s slowly inching back, letting you get used to his size with each thrust. It doesn’t take long before he’s rearing back entirely, thrusting forward with a wet squelch, corner of his lips curling up into a smirk when you moan out his name. Your hand curls around his shoulder, fingers digging into his back to keep yourself steady from the force of his hips. 
Each time the head of his cock would nudge against your bundle of nerves, your nails would sink into his skin, leaving half moon indents that left him groaning in pleasure. Jungkook hadn’t outright told you, but it had become increasingly obvious that he has a slight kink for pain, practically mewling above you as you scratch his back, fucking you with more determination than before. 
“You feel so good,” he rasps, slotting his lips with yours in a messy kiss. The back of your headboard starts to rattle against the wall, bouncing back in time with his hips, and it brings you back to the filthy thoughts you had before. How often you’d hear the same sounds on the opposite side, mixing in with the sharpness of skin connecting together, and you want it. So badly.
“J-jungkook,” you breathe out, letting him pepper more kisses onto you, hips never slowing down. “Can you do something for me?” The tone you use, coated in sugar so sweet he couldn’t say no even if he wanted to.
It’s hard to concentrate on anything else while his cock continues to fuck into you, turning your mind into mush each time he sunk all the way in. He can see the way you try to focus, eyes falling shut with the cutest pout on your kiss swollen lips, finally grabbing onto the reigns of your mind as you spit it out. “Wanna feel you—fuck—spank me, please.”
Only then do his hips slow down, cock throbbing inside of you, fighting the urge to cum before fulfilling your request. The only confirmation that he was agreeing, wholeheartedly, comes when he pulls out of you, moving too quickly for you to protest at the loss of contact. The room spins for a second as his hands grip onto your hips and flip you over with ease, palms gripping the globes of your ass and softly patting them with a chuckle.
“Of course baby,” he murmurs, hooking his arm underneath your stomach to haul you up onto your knees, allowing you to steady yourself before he’s sliding into you once again. The change in position has you keening, his cock sinking deeper than before, the wetness dripping out of you helping him maintain the earlier pace he had. Your hands fist the sheets beneath you, back arching in ecstasy as he hits your g-spot with precision, a tiny shriek of his name making him smile.
Jungkook keeps you on edge, strong hands gripping the skin of your hips tightly, mouth dropping open while he pants at the way you pulse around his cock, leaving it coated in your slick. His hand slides down to your ass, a gentle touch being your only warning before he’s pulling his hand back and delivering a swift slap to your skin. Your reaction is immediate, an unrestrained moan sounding like music to his ears. The sharp sting spreads directly to your core, your head bowing forward as you mentally beg him for more, your wish being granted seconds later when he repeats it on the other side.
If the wet sounds of his cock fucking you weren’t filthy enough, the added slap of his palm across your ass definitely topped it off. Jungkook had never seen you so needy, thighs coated in your arousal, gushing around him each time he spanked you until you were creaming his cock. The greedy way your walls suck him in, wanting him closer, deeper than ever, left him mesmerized. 
His hand soothes the dull throb on your skin, a trembling breath reaching his ears as he leans over your back, lips kissing up your spine up until reaching your shoulder. Hot pants of breath hit your skin, making you shiver as his lips trail along the edge of your ear. “Feel good?”
“Y-yes,” you mewl, voice trembling from the pleasure, rutting your hips in time with his. 
Jungkook’s way of love was a breath of fresh air for you, rough enough to exhilarate you, the force of his hips leaving you scrambling for purchase to prevent you from face planting onto the sheets, gripping onto your hair and tugging it back with enough force to make your body tingle. But it was intertwined with adoration, sweet praise whispered into your ear, lacing his fingers with yours to let you feel secure.
“You’re never getting rid of me baby,” he groans out. The low rasp in his voice makes you tremble, neck straining from his grip in your hair but the burn feels too good to pull away. His small confession has your heart skipping, eyes slipping shut to bask in the overwhelming feeling surrounding you.
“Good,” you manage to pant, “would never dream of it.” After four years of friendship, the beginning stages of getting to know each other, figuring out the right ways to flow with your different personalities, it's all out of the way now, so it’s incredibly easy for you to picture a steady future with him. The breakfast gossiping, shameless club outings, chaotic game nights with snacks thrown at each other, you want everything you already have with him and more. What you have, so rooted in sincerity, built off mutual respect for each other, blossoming into love so pure, you can’t imagine having this with anyone else.
“Y/N,” he gasps, the pulsing of your walls bringing him closer to his climax. “I’m close.”
You can only hum in agreement, burying your face into your pillow when he releases the grip he has in your hair, nipples rubbing against the sheets in time with his thrusts, the sensitivity sending sparks throughout you. Both his hands grip your hips again, dimpling the skin as he quickens his pace, the tantalizing roll of his hips intent to send you over before him. His eyes trail over the curve of your back, how you arch it further to feel more of him, sliding down to your ass, seeing the way it bounces back with each snap of his hips, how you weakly rut back onto him, pussy clamping around his length as your orgasm approached. 
Jungkook slides his hand around you, trailing across your tummy before slipping between your thighs to the spot you needed him most. Even with your face buried in the sheets, the moan you let out is loud enough for Jungkook to hear perfectly, body shuddering as he flicks across your clit in tight circles.  
“Kook, I’m cumming—fuck,” you shout out, white heat enveloping your body as you get sent over the edge. Your mind blanks for a minute, the intensity of your orgasm crashing over you so suddenly, making your limbs tense up while every nerve ending lights up. The only thing you can think of is him, chanting out your name while you pulse around him, sweet words coaxing you through your high, thumb rubbing along the skin of your hips as he never slows his pace. 
As he fucks you through it, groaning out at how tight your walls are around him, you have to turn your head to gasp in a breath, face feeling hot from it all. You can feel how sweaty your skin has become, the back of your neck feeling sticky as your turn to get a glimpse of him, body still shuddering from the aftershocks. 
Jungkook doesn’t have a care for his own volume now, moaning unabashedly as he pistons his hips into you with less grace than before. The soft mewls of overstimulation you let out just bring him closer to his release, thrusts getting sloppier as the pleasure takes over him. 
“Fuck, baby-” he grunts out, mouth dropping open as he moans even louder, finally falling apart. He pushes further into you, head falling forward as his hips press flushed against your ass, warm spurts of his cum filling you up in a way that fulfills your dirtiest fantasies. A few more shallow thrusts has the two of you gasping, hearts pounding in your chests, coming down slowly as he finally stills.
A serene silence falls over you, the movie long turned off in the background, only the low glow of the television letting you know it was still on. With great hesitation, Jungkook finally pulls out of you, gulping when he sees the thick globs of cum spill from your core, dripping down your thighs before landing on the sheets in a sinful mess. Your sheets are well and truly ruined, Jungkook would honestly suggest tossing them in the trash judging by the damp spot directly beneath you.
With a small groan, you’re flopping fully onto your stomach, thighs no longer able to keep yourself up, the exhaustion creeping up on you. Jungkook chuckles when he hears you, soothing your back with a gentle massage. “You’re not sleeping in here babe.”
“Why not,” you slur, cheek pressed against your pillow, eyes already shut. All you wanted to do was lay here, preferably with his arms wrapped around you, but Jungkook clearly has other plans. 
“Because it’s disgusting,” he laughs, giving you a few more seconds of rest before he’s moving around. The dip in the bed lets you know he’s gotten off, one eye peeking open to search for him, seeing him gathering his belongings from the floor.
“Where are you going?”
He shimmies back into his clothes with a grimace, gathering your own items before approaching you once more. “We are going next door and sleeping in my totally clean bed, c’mon.”
You only put up a fight for a second, secretly enjoying the way he helps you get dressed in your earlier clothes, heart swelling in your chest at how domestic it all feels. The mess in your room would have to be dealt with another day, the only important item being the ice cream that finds its way back into the freezer as you both head out of your apartment and swiftly enter his next door.
He’s just as delicate and careful in the shower, taking turns cleaning each other, large hands gripping your ass and giggling like a child when you wince at the small throb of pain you feel. Soft kisses are shared under the showerhead, warm water soothing your body as the room fogs up, sweet confessions scribbled on the glass in his messy writing, topped off with a heart. Jungkook stops you before you can wipe it away, shyly telling you that he’d like to see it reappear the next time he showers.
His bedroom was one you weren’t too familiar with, used to lounging in his living room the most, so as he settles into his bed after getting cozy in his pajamas, you wait for him to call you over before joining him. The coolness of his sheets has you sighing, snuggling into his side with a smile on your lips, one that Jungkook sees as he stares down at you before pressing a kiss to your forehead. Seeing you draped in his clothes, cuddled up beside him in a way you’ve never done before, makes him feel like a giddy teenager. 
“Can I be honest?” he wonders, arm wrapping around you to pull you even closer to him. When you hum in confirmation, he laughs sheepishly. “I thought you were going to friendship dump me today.”
“What, why?”
Your head bobs up as he shrugs his shoulders. “The way you were acting reminded me of the last time you told me you wanted to focus on your relationship. I was just scared I was going to lose you again.”
The tone he uses makes your heart ache, the same guilt you felt these past few days coming back when you put yourself in his shoes. You had no idea that the way you were acting would affect him this way, never once imagining that he thought you would cut off this friendship while you were just coming to terms with the fact that you harbored strong feelings for him. 
“Jungkook, I’m sorry,” you sigh, palm resting on his chest, feeling each beat of his heart, no longer racing like before, confident and steady in it’s pace because he knows you’re not going anywhere. “I’m stupid, and freaked out after what I did, and just needed to gather my thoughts before saying anything.”
He cranes his head away from you, a confused look on his face. “After what you did? What did you do?”
“Uhm,” you start with a strained laugh, refusing to look up at him out of embarrassment, but the truth has to come out so you power through it.  “So, the night of the date, I sort of got home earlier than I told you I did.”
His eyes narrow at you, refusing to give anything away before he knew where this was going. “Okay, go on.”
“And I sort of heard you through the walls.” You look up at him now, your guilty stare spelling it out for him. His eyes widen before he can conceal his surprise, cheeks warming up instantly because oh boy, he knew exactly where this was going. “And then, I sort of...joined.”
“You lied to me!” he shouts, shocked smile on his face as he recalls the way you had replied to his texts, telling him you had just gotten home and going the extra mile to say you were in a totally different room when in reality, you were sprawled out in your bed after just getting off to the sound of him.
Filthy. And also kind of hot. Jungkook was definitely into that, something he’ll totally proposition you into doing again because why not.  
“I know! I couldn’t help it, it was so hot, and I felt so guilty. But, you’re technically the reason why my orgasm gave me my epiphany and let me realize I really do like you. So, I think I did us both a favor by being a dirty liar.” He’s laughing instantly, fingers gripping your cheeks to turn your head up, planting a firm kiss onto your lips obnoxiously.
“Alright, you’re forgiven. Plus, consider us even because I have definitely heard you getting off on your own plenty of times too.” A squeal of surprise fills the air as you swat at his chest, burying your face into his shirt and feeling the rumble of his laughter. It really wasn’t ever intentional. The walls are thin, you weren’t exactly quiet, and he couldn’t just lay there and ignore it. So call him an opportunist, or a pervert, because you were one too. 
Jungkook is cheeky though, knowing how to get under your skin in the best way, and you can already tell you’re in for a ride when he gets close to your ear and whispers, “You wanna show me how you did it?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know,” you snort, peering up at him with mischief in your eyes.
“You did say I could torture you later.” He smiles innocently, fingers pinching your chin as he kisses you again. “It’s later.”
The sweet laughter that escapes you makes his heart skip a beat, still not able to come to terms that this was happening and wasn’t some dream of his that he’d wake up from. He kisses the tops of your cheeks first, then your nose, before reaching your lips, his hand gently caressing your skin. Jungkook had no intention of torturing you tonight, knowing how tired you typically were after work on a normal day, and after drawing two orgasms out of you that left you shaking, he knows how close you are to sleep with the way your eyes droop. 
“Aren’t you glad you didn’t give up on crushes and love?” he mumbles against your lips, inching back to stare down at you. 
“I’m glad I stopped looking for it in the wrong places.” Your hands wrap around his neck, toying with his hair before pulling him back to you, reattaching your lips because you just couldn’t seem to get enough of him. 
Every single moment you shared, from moving in and awkwardly trying to get to know each other, the ups and downs of failed relationships, the push that started it all at the club, and every almost moment in between brought you full circle to right now. There probably won’t be a moment where you don’t wish you had done this sooner, worked past your worry of ruining a good friendship in fear of what could happen, but the past helped mold you into who you are, strengthening your relationship to be the way it is now.
Right now had you thinking of the future, and there was nothing more exciting than that.
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Thanks @yasminaselamrani @sandersyasmina and @thenerd10 for tagging me💕
Writer Appreciation Tag Game
If you’re a fic writer:
A fic you’re really proud of
It’s hard to be proud of my work but this one shot I really like (also cat keeps recommending it so it boosts my ego sksjdb) but I just like how I wrote and worded it
A fic that you were really nervous to post
ALL OF THEM skdjdjd but also this next one I’m about to post I’m super nervous (if it even sees the light of day tbh)
A fic you wish got more kudos/hits/comments
I’ll say what antania said too bc it’s very true, I don’t actually wish I got more of anything on my fics bc I do this for fun and I just put my stuff out there and if anyone wants to read it they can! So, I appreciate each and every kudo, hit and comment and cherish it with my life 🥺💕
One of your favourite tropes to write
✨Friends to lovers ✨ lol that’s very evident in most of my fics but there’s also enemies to lovers in there (actually it’s an even split loool but I really love the slowburn and pining of a good friends to lovers)
Another ship that you don’t really write but you’d like to
I’d like to write zoenne (I have written them but like an actual finished piece skdjdb) and also maybe something from the trc✨
One of your abandoned wip that you never wrote but wish you did
Skdjjdjd okay I started a sobbe roommate AU where they’re roommates and Robbe just quit his job and Sanders not really getting much from his photography gigs and they try to figure it out with all the stress of how to pay rent and stuff and there was a lot of bed sharing and comforting each other and pining and Ofc finding out they love each other but honestly I had lost motivation to write it (or rather continue writing it lol)
Another writer you’d love to collaborate with
I’ve collaborated with my writing soulmate ❤️ @starryfreckles on a moyo season and a sobbe ballet AU and I’d love to keep collaborating with you bb!
I’d like to collaborate with @honeyandsinn @womenstan @thenerd10 @yasminaselamrani
If you’re a reader:
A fic (or more) that you love to reread
This secret dating fic by aurorawinds
This museum fic by eggsntoast
This universe fic by noobishere
Recommend a story to your followers
@tsjernobyl ‘tween the sheets of summer truly a masterpiece ✨
@yasminaselamrani the curse of betrayal she’s worked really hard on it and poured a lot of love in it so give it some love too!!
@honeyandsinn time may change me but I can’t trace time it’s amazing and beautifully written
@thenerd10 take my hand (take my whole life too) youmina fics are absolutely everything
@starryfreckles wings to earn pls volleyball is something that can be so personal
Tag an author you’ve discovered recently
@if-music-be-the-food-of-love your dad!sobbe AU is incredible and I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner!!! 💕
Tag someone who inspires you to write
The first person ever to inspire me to write is aurorawinds (love you <3) and of course @honeyandsinn @womenstan @thenerd10 @yasminaselamrani @12monthoctober @starryfreckles and also all my readers (shoutout to @sanderxrobbee you’re so supportive!! 🥺💕)
Tag someone who you’ve admired forever
@yasminaselamrani @foxsake5 @fockinglevendcliche truly brilliant!! (There’s more im sure but my brain is 😭😭😭)
Tag your writing support
@starryfreckles @thenerd10 @honeyandsinn @womenstan @12monthoctober @lot-bubbel and just anyone who’s read anything of mine and told me they liked it 🥺💕
I’m not quite sure who to tag but everyone mentioned is tagged! And if you see this and want to do it you’re tagged too!!!
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gojous-exbabymama · 29 days ago
That’s My Baby Daddy~
pretty much Gojou being a menace and you having to deal with his annoying ass😭
warning// language, +18, mdni, mention of smut, mention of daddy kink, breeding kink, kinda toxic!gojou, gojou saturo x fem!reader, got inspired by @hanji-is-life talking about this man i couldn’t help myself lol
Tumblr media
🧿 a sneak link turned baby daddy
🧿 honestly, this is what happens when mix a daddy kink with a breeding kink
🧿 you weren’t even going to tell him because he pops up every two-three months
🧿 whenever he feels like it😒
🧿 but when you do tell him, he becomes even more cocky?¿
🧿 and if you were on the pill and still got knocked up
🧿 his god-complex would fly through the roof omg:
🧿 “im just that strong, baby”
🧿 will say you were trying to trap him but it’s clearly the other way around
🧿 literally wanted to wife you up but you said no because he was still a fuckboy and you didn’t have time to deal with his shit 24/7
🧿 the fact that you didn’t really need him around actually makes him want you even more
🧿 makes up for missing appointments or classes with lavish gifts and anything your cravings desire
🧿 you hate him because he shows up when your hormones are going crazy and all you want to do fuck
🧿 here his ass comes, all too happy to help take care of that
🧿 tried to convince you to move in with him but you shut that down quickly
🧿 so he just buys you a house that’s less than 5 minutes from his☺️
🧿 will show up late for the baby’s birth and annoy the whole staff like:
🧿 “no sir you cannot order room service during delivery” “pls stop touching the buttons on the bed sir!”
🧿 spoils the baby like crazy
🧿 you scold him whenever he comes back with a new pair of shoes because:
🧿 “gojou, he’s just going to grow out of them in like, a month”
🧿 “yeah but look at how cute they are!”
🧿 can’t get rid of him, you went to your moms place and he’s just sitting at the table, eating a slice of pie with that smirk
🧿 sorry to say sis but your days of dating are over
🧿 you’ve made it clear numerous of times that yes, you two have a baby together but that does not mean you two are together as a couple
🧿 and does he listen?
🧿 no! he doesn’t!
🧿 if he catch wind of your fine ass out on date with some weak dude
🧿 he’s going to blow up your phone
🧿 and if you block him for the night, he will show up and ruin the date
🧿 he’s made it very clear that your his stop playing with him
🧿 you say you’re done with him sis but why is he in your kitchen the next morning in your robe drinking your coffee, eating all the baby’s cereal??
🧿 you cursing him out and yelling at him every other day
🧿 and him just being like: “mmhm..mhm..yeah no I’m not paying attention, you’re too sexy when your mad🥴😜”
🧿 fights always turn into hate fucking he’s just too pretty and too smooth with it, you can’t stay mad at him for too long:
🧿 “I hate you, Gojou. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you”
🧿 “f-fuck gojou iloveyou,iloveyou,iloveyou!!” you chant as he fucks you into the mattress
🧿 “yeah ya’ do sweetheart so much you’re gonna let daddy fuck another baby in you, right mamas?”
🧿 he was serious too
🧿 congrats sis, he got you again😔🤟🏾
🧿 you being pissed but he’s just like:
🧿 “you begged me put another one in you babe, so I did what’s the problem?”
🧿 i mean, you technically did say that but it was more so for dirty talk!
🧿 and this motherfucka took it serious
🧿 he knew what he was doing though smh
🧿 slides his way into living with you and the kids
🧿 family vacations are a thing
🧿 he will take y’all all over the world if you asked
🧿 his family gets the best of the best with everything it’s really hard for him to say no to his kids
🧿 he’s gone a lot throughout the year and misses a few of their after school things
🧿 but somehow you’re the mean parent for telling your kids ‘no’ to eating candy before bed?¿?
🧿 “no, our son doesn’t need another iPad.”
🧿 “no, our daughter does not need a puppy she barely kept her six goldfish alive..”
🧿 “gojou, the baby is literally 3 months old, you’re not signing them up for horse riding lessons!!”
🧿 watch him or else he’ll turn your kids into silver tooth terrors!
🧿 by baby number 4 he just stops asking you to marry him because he definitely knows you’re not going anywhere
🧿 you’re stuck with him for life so might as well just stay with his ass because he’s not going anywhere either
🧿good luck😭🧿
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yellodisney · 29 days ago
...but i dont know if u ugly enough babisparkles ...
0 notes
joheunsaram · a month ago
platonically in love (ksj)
Tumblr media
Summary- “We can’t be platonically in love...” 
A little sequel to platonic because @ressjeon wanted it hehe.
word count -  1.8k
pairing- fwb!Seokjin x Reader
rating- PG-15
genre- fluff, fwb2lovers, bff2l
warnings- none! (I am an idiot and left the warnings from the original pwp on haha sorry friends 😅😅)
a.n- Well guess what... my self indulgent bullshit turned into more self indulgent bullshit ayoooo 🤪 special thanks to @ressjeon, @moccahobi, and @agustdjoon​ for their guest appearance as the gang’s girlfriends hehehehe
A big warm thank you to @hobiandsprite, @sugasbabiie and @taegularities for beta reading! ily guys 💕 also almost forget but thank you @casuallyimagining​ for the perfect seokjin pic for the banner 🥺
As always feedback appreciated, a reblog and a like goes a far way. Send me an ask! 💌
You could hear the chirps of the tiny birds resting on your window sill as you opened your eyes, the morning chill warded off by Seokjin’s warm body wrapped around you, his face nuzzling the crook of your neck. You smiled, relishing the moment before opening your eyes, the hazy early sun greeting your eyes as it bathed your room in a soft glow from the drapes you had left undrawn the night before.
Yawning contentedly, you loosened his grip around you to sit up, only for him to cling onto your legs, humming as he snuggled his face into your hip. Mornings were his favourite. He savoured the quiet times he could lose himself next to you, tethering between consciousness as your scent engulfed him. No matter how many times he had woken up next to you, it never got old for Seokjin.
You reached for your phone on your bedside table, starting your routine of checking your notifications as your fingers aimlessly caressed Seokjin’s bare back, making him smile as he placed a little kiss on your hip. You had never felt more comfortable as you scrolled through social media, liking your friends’ adventures from over the weekend.
👹 Clown Posse 👺
Jungkook: couple brunch? 🤪 yan wants to get waffles Alyanna: and mimosas! 🤧 Jimin: Thought you’d never ask! 💕 Jungkook: no whores allowed 💕 Jimin: That is discrimation. 🤬 Yoongi: I’m down. Nita is too. Jungkook: sweet! hobi and lil? jin and yn? Taehyung: this is so fucking dumb! Taehyung: WHY CAN’T I COME? Taehyung: i never expected this from you jk 😔 love has changed you  Lillia: its cause last time you hit on a waitress and we had to pay like 35% tip to make up for your ass 🙄 Lillia: count us in jk Jungkook: dope. yn?  Jungkook: hurry up and answer!  Jungkook: im gonna add you two to the resos anyway. Taehyung: u guys are srsly gonna go without us????? Jimin: its okay tae let the losers go to brunch 😴 wake up joon we going to hooters Taehyung: fuck yeah! i love you mr parkkkkkkkkk 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Jimin changed the group name to JUNGKOOKS A SIMP Yoongi: Oh? New couple alert? YN: lol why are seokjin and i part of couple brunch? YN: also wtf is couple brunch? Jungkook: ha hilarious 🤡 summer lane at 11
Your brows furrowed in confusion at Namjoon’s response, your hand pausing where it was running through Seokjin’s hair as you tried to parse through the bizarre conversation. Next to you, Seokjin groaned, his hand on top of yours as he tried to coax you back into stroking his scalp. You instead opted to smack him, making him whine as he pulled away from you, looking up at you groggily.
“Seokjin, wake up!” you demanded, shoving your phone into his face, so he could familiarize himself with your friends’ musings this morning. He pinched your thigh in rebelion, earning another swat from you before leaning up on one elbow and reading the chat from your phone, squinting at the abnormally bright screen. He wondered how your eyesight was still intact.
“It’s at eleven!” he whined, falling back onto the pillows, rubbing his face with both hands. “We have like two hours!”
“What? Not that!” you exclaimed, hitting him once again on the stomach, the skin on skin contact making a satisfying smack. 
“Stop hitting me!” he groaned, finally sitting up, his dark hair sticking up in odd angles around his head, and you had to stop yourself from cooing at his sleepy state. 
“Why do they think we’re a couple?” You turned to face him, arms crossed with a scowl on your face and Seokjin rolled his eyes at your antics.
“Because we are… Did you hit your head?” he asked condescendingly, a small smile puffing his cheeks as he patted you on top of your head. You shoved his hand away, glaring at him.
“Since when?”
“Like six months ago? Are you serious?” Seokjin couldn’t believe he was dealing with just a dumb argument right after waking up, his brows furrowed in irk as he crossed his arms. Were you just trying to get some angry sex? He wanted to go back to cuddling. Although, he wouldn’t mind some sex right now. The way his shirt molded to your breasts was enough to get him going.
“Am I serious? Are you serious?” you asked, flabbergasted, pulling his attention away from your chest to your face, just in time for him to see you roll your eyes. 
“How do you not know we’ve been dating for six months?! We live together!” Seokjin moved his hands as he spoke, fully exasperated at his girlfriend’s early morning senseless interrogation.
“We do not live together!” you argued, mirroring Seokjin’s aggravation as you fully turned to face him.
“When’s the last time you went back to your apartment?” he asked, an eyebrow raised in challenge.
“That is not the point!” you yelled, lifting your hand to smack him again, only for Seokjin to catch your wrist before you could reach him.
“Careful baby, you don’t want me to punish you now, do you?” he said with fiery eyes as his grip tightened, and his sudden dominant tone made you want to forget about a certain development in your relationship and let him spank you silly. But you were still too hung up on semantics to let your lust take over. Why did everyone think you were dating? You were just friends with benefits who just happened to hang out everyday in between having sex. 
“Seokjin,” you whined, prying your wrist from his grip. “When did we start dating?”
“After the cockwarming thing? Did you actually think this was still platonic?” Seokjin asked, finally realizing that you were in fact, very serious about not knowing that the two of you were dating. He thought it was pretty obvious. Friends did not just randomly kiss each other whenever the mood struck, or go on dates, or just cuddled when they slept.
“I mean… I don’t know…”
“Y/N, I took you to the best restaurant in the city for Valentines, I bring you flowers every time I go to the grocery store. We have matching rings for crying out loud!” He exasperated, grabbing your hands with his, the two platinum rings shining side by side in the morning sun. You stared at your intertwined hands in awe. Oh, so you were actually an idiot.
“I thought… I thought they were friendship rings…” You trailed off as Seokjin let go of your hands, falling on the bed with a defeated groan, hiding his face under a pillow. You felt the pieces finally falling into place, the way he always woke you up with a kiss, the way he picked you up from work every day despite it being fifteen minutes out of the way, and the way his eyes glimmered every time he looked at you, shining with adoration. You couldn’t believe you had been so blind.
You called his name, trying to pry the pillow off his face, but he hugged it tighter, refusing to let go. Burrowing into the covers, you laid on top of him, opting for a new strategy and burying your face under the pillow as well. His hands finally let the pillow go, resting on your lower back as he hugged you closer, and you sighed against his neck, making goosebumps erupt. He hated that you had this effect on him, hated that it was seemingly one-sided, even though he was sure it wasn’t. He didn’t think he needed to ask you to be his girlfriend, he didn’t think you wouldn’t be on the same page as him. You were always on the same wavelength; ten years of friendship had that effect.
“I’m sorry,” you mumbled, your lips trailing on his neck as he tried to hide the way a blush seemed to blossom on his ears. He only grunted in response, a hand coming to remove the pillow from over your faces as he looked away in embarrassment, choosing to focus on the little birds nesting on his window than the way you felt, so soft and plush on top of him.
You moved up, resting on your forearms around his head, and you gently brought his face towards you, watching the way he pouted, not looking you in the eye. You chuckled at his grumpiness, kissing him gently, and he wrapped his arms around you tighter in response, deepening the kiss.
“In my defence, you never asked,” you joked, and he scowled in response.
“You could’ve asked,” he said petulantly, pinching your butt.
“I mean, I still thought we were platonic,” you giggled, but instead of the smile you expected, his face fell, looking away once again.
“We can’t be platonically in love, Y/N,” he said quietly, his hands falling away from you, but you were too busy focusing on not going into cardiac arrest. His words were like a chorus in your head, singing ethereally, a lump forming in your throat.
“We’re in… love?” you whispered, and Seokjin felt a weight on top of his chest. He hadn’t meant to just blurt it out. He had planned a romantic picnic with kimbap with extra pickled radish just the way you liked. He wanted to show you that you were it for him, the only one he would ever want, the only one he had ever wanted, but the shock on your face made his blood run cold, his confidence faltering.
“I am… aren’t you?” He turned his head, closing his eyes, wanting to delay the inevitable way you were going to break his heart.
“Yes,” you whispered, and the speed at which he looked at you probably rattled his brain. Perhaps that was the reason his eyes were starting to water, and his heart was trying to escape his chest. You smiled at his reaction, overwhelmed with an urge to coo at your usually guarded friend — well, boyfriend now, you supposed.
But before you could act on your desire to pinch his flushed cheeks, his hand was behind your neck, pulling your face to his and crashing your lips together in a flurry of tongue and teeth. Although the kiss started rough, it quickly melted into a gentle slurry, his tongue roaming yours, savouring your taste as if he hadn’t kissed you before. His hand moved down your spine, softly caressing your skin over your shirt as if stringing the strings on a guitar, your blood thrumming to his melody. When he reached his other hand on your hip, he flipped you over, hovering over you, and finally breaking your kiss.
“I can’t believe you thought we were platonic while literally being in love with me,” he huffed, still annoyed but still kissing your cheek at the sheepish look you gave him in return. You recovered quickly, cupping his face as you gazed into his eyes, finally realizing that the way they softened was indeed him looking at you with love.
“I love you, Seokjin,” you murmured, enjoying the grin that pulled his plush lips apart, puffing his cheeks and scrunching his eyes.
“And I love you, Y/N,” he replied, kissing you once again, never wanting to stop.
Needless to say, you both were late to couples brunch.
taglist: @cheesecakes-randomshitz, @aroseforyoongi, @awhnamjoon, @agustdjoon, @codeinebelle, @hobiandsprite
I hope you enjoyed this! For more fics of mine check out my masterlist
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fandom-blackhole · a month ago
Im asking for more hockey Paz and hockey Din, PLEASE, you wonderful brilliant human 😭😍❤
Im so in love with your hockey au and you've only just started writing it!! IM DEAD ALREADY and can only thank you 😂
(You did say ask and we may receive!!) Whenever you eventually get around to writing a bit more I think we can all agree we'd love it 🙂 (Skywalker the figure skater??!!)
Also, love your new tattoo???❤☠
I am in a hockey au mood because it is fucking amazing and a wonderful world im cooking up lol. (Also thank you! I love it too 😊 the tattoo is fully healed now and I keep forgetting to post a healed photo lmao) This one is from Din's POV.....
Din had been watching his brother fawn over the cute new consessions stand worker since Paz had met him outside of the hockey rink with a huge smile and eyes he swear had turned heart-shaped. He's had to listen to Paz gush about you over and over for hours on end to the point that even his adopted son, Grogu, placed his chubby little hand over Paz’s mouth and told him to hush before shoving one of his dino nuggets into Paz’s mouth as they all were sitting on Din's living room couch. Din had watched his brother race off the ice after every game and speed through showering and changing, and running out of the locker room just to get to the consessions booth.
But Din couldn't find it in himself to be mad, upset, or even annoyed by his brothers actions. Not even when Paz took off before Din talked to the team about the game and when practices would be next after each game. Din just found himself smiling at his brother tripping over himself and falling for someone, especially after Paz had completely written off any hope of finding someone. It was just nice seeing his brother so happy.
There was one problem, every time Din pushed Paz to say something, to ask them on a date, Paz always found some excuse not to, and it was driving Din mad. To him it was obvious that the two had fallen deep for eachother, and that is just from the small glances he had made when they were talking in at the consessions as Din left after their games. Din wanted nothing but for his brother to be happy and he was at a loss for how to push him into taking the next step. Hell, it even came down to a fist fight when they both were sitting in the stands after practice one afternoon, watch Grogu get his figure skating lesson. Din had all but stopped paying attention to what his son was doing on the ice and turned to Paz when his brother had said, "I cant say anything, its obvious they don't feel the same for me as I do for them..."
"Paz you absolute idiot, I swear your head is thicker than the ice in the rink. They. Like. You. Now quit wallowing and just ask them already!"
"MY head is thick?! Have you looked in a mirror recently?"
"I swear to whatever God is out there. Paz, I love you, but you just need to ask them out before I go insane listening to you monolgue about them any more."
He watched his brother's eyes darken in anger before Paz reached out and grabbed his collar, saying, quite loudly, "Oh yeah? Well why don't you get off your high horse and go ask Skywalker out then? Huh, I'm tired of watching you just sit here and make eyes at him while he is teaching your son."
Swinging his fist around, Din clipped Paz’s chin and yelled, "This has nothing to do with me!"
After that things went down hill fast and before Din knew it, he was being pulled away from his brother by a pair of surprisingly strong arms and heard, "I swear the amount of testosterone coming from over here is enough to knock anyone done. If you two are done, Din you just missed Grogu successfulling doing a double spin jump for the first time, something exceptionally impressive for his young age."
Whipping around Din turned to the ice to see Grogu pouting that his dad hadn't been watching and he deflated instantly, slumping into a seat when Luke Skywalker let go of him.
"Sorry, things... got out of hand," Din grumbled and rubbed the back of his neck, as Paz slumped into the seat next to him with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. Luke just gave the two a knowing smile and shook his head before saying with a small sigh, "If it helps, Mr. Vizsla, I have seen the way the newest consession stand recruit puts effort into pleasing you and just making you smile their way. I think it is pretty obvious that they like you."
Paz just threw his head back with a groan and grumbled something under his breath, which made Din smirk triumphantly, but it was quickly washed away when Luke continued, "And, um... Mr. Djarin, I'm free Friday night, if you want to go out and do something."
This time is was Paz’s turn to laugh at his brother, as Din whipped his head to look at the man he'd been pining after for months with his jaw dropped and cheeks red from embarrassment.
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notedscifaye · a month ago
Meeting him in personal 💞 2/21/2021
Tumblr media
Okay look, this photo is about our first meet in personal and first date hehe. Nung una, yes im so excited talaga like legit na NO kaba feels ganern. ahhaha like all i want talaga is to see him ganon. bale 6 months na kaming nag-uusap and im so so so so so so happy talagaa kapag kausap ko siya huhu. grabe yung joy na nafifeel ko and my heart din kasi is super happy huhu.
Pero ayern, wanna share here yung mga happennings that time hehe. Btw, POV ko lang lahat ‘to (like kung ano nafifeel ko, okie hehe
Nung una kasi talaga, inaya niya ako (i forgot kung when basta before feb 14) na magkita na kami ganon. so syempre HAHAHA AY TEH, GRABE KILIG KO NON LIKE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL SISZT, tinanong ko na lahat ng dapat tanungan kasi I'm not into this, like first time ko siya maeexperience, yung real date ganon. okay so syempre i can't contain talaga, like i asked my friends, pano ba pagdating sa bayaran, para sasabihin, like pano iaapproach ko ganon kasiiiiiiii idk what to do talaga dai. hahahaha. hanggang sa ayon hahaha pumayag naman ako makipagkita sakanya hahhahaha. So dapat before feb 14 hahaha, eh since busy siya deins natuloy so naging 21 na. theeen syempre ang fam ko kasi hindi naman talaga okay or papayag na makikipagkita ako sa guy na nakilala ko lang online. medyo old-fashioned din ang dating nila ganern. so ayon na nga siiisz, syempreee nagpreprepare ako kung ano ang ipapaalam ko once na nagkita kami HAHAHA nung una, nakipagkita ako sa friend ko like ang ipapaalam ko lang eh "ma, makikipagkita me sa friend ko", kasi im checking kung papayagan ba ako if yan yung excuse ko hahaha, hanggang sa pumayag naman hahaha kasoo syempre teh, mabait tong future jowa niya (wow claiming HAHAHA, ay talaga dai baket ba), di na ako nakatiis na iopen kay mama yung about sa kita namin ni auray hehehehe. hanggang sa pumayag naman basta may kasama heheheehe so ayon, edi binanggit din kay daddy HAHAH edi pumayag din. jusq SYEMPRE HAPPY YERN AY HAHA.
So ayon na nga, ito na yung araw na magkikita kami siiiiszt. Ay teh, grabe pa sa excited ung nafifeel ko (excited yooorn? HAHAHA). Syempre, during preps bago umalis eh kilig pa ako ng slight kasi tinutulungan ako nila mama and sis ko mag-ayos ganern. like may pasuot pa ng hikaw and kwintas ganern HAHAHA lol (ganda yaaaaarn?) after that, umalis na kami. ITO NA NGA TALAGA MGA DAI!!!! HAHAHAHA nung nasa moa na kami, TEH DI KO ALAM GAGAWIN KO, DI AKO MAPAKALI, LIKE LEGIT KASI DEINS KO ALAM GAGAWIN KO, DI AKO MAKAKALMA (tho kalma naman me ng beri beri layt) pero deep inside sobra pa sa kabado feels ung nafifeel ko ganern. okay so ito na nga, una pa lang, when he said na susunduin niya ako kung nasan man kami, ay dai + points yern HAHAHA kaso sabi ko wag na, kita na lang kami sa baba. tas ito na, nasa baba na. HAHA ay dai, napa cr ang gaga kasi kabado nga HAHAHA sooo ayern na nga, nagsend me ng photo kung nasaan kami kasi pupuntahan na lang daw niya ako, AT AYON NA NGA DAI NAGKITA NA KAMI HAHAHA POTA SAME PA KAMING NAKA BLUE (destiny yern? hahahaahhaahahah charoooot) tas ayon hiwalay na nga kami sa sis ko and jowa niya then lakad lakad na kami HAHAHA. ay dai, mas mabilis pa sa happenings ang nangyare talaga teh. di mo akalain na unang kita namin yern hahahah kasi ang clingy niya dai, dinaig pa mag jowa talaga dai.
so syempre habang walkinglalu kami sa moa hahahaha nakakapit siya sakin (nanay niya ata ako eh 🥴) ganon teh, tas HAHAHA syempre dai, nakakaramdam na ako like may paholding hands na magaganap ganooon hahaha so ginawa ko HAHAHAHA (since palagi kasi ako may panyo and phone na hawak sa kamay) nilipat ko ung phone and panyo ko sa kabilang kamay ganon HAHAAHHA ay mabilis pa sa fast ang paholding hands dai 🤣 HAHAH syempre ako naman 'tong gaga, di nacontain ang kilig lintek na yan. halatang halatang kinikilig tsssss azaaaar. KASI NAMAN DAI, FIRST TIME KO YON NA FIRST MEET NAMIN TAS MABILIS PA SA FAST ANG PAGIGING CLINGY DAI. so ayon na lang, walking2x lang kami papunta sa kakainan hahaha ay dai mabilis pa din sa fast ang paghawak sa balikat at waist teh HAHAHAHA (gusto mo yern???, syempre beri much hahaahahahahha chooooz) tas hahaahahah ito na nag-aya muna kumain sa foodcourt, ay dai kung ano ano na naiisip ko kasi ito na ung pagdating sa bayad2x kineme, like okay how to act normal ganoooorn. hanggang sa sabi ko sakanya, i'll pay him na lang kasi i'm shy tas ayon na nga, sabi niya na siya na daw kasi like first date ganon tas treat niya daw gnon kineme, oh edi ako sige okiee hahaahahah pero nahihiya ako hahahahaah legit. Edi kain na kami hahahaha tas small talks ganon hanggang sa matapos then punta na talaga sa mismong kakainan namin loool.
Edi nandon na kami, kumain na kami ganon, okay tamang kwentukan, selfies ganorn. HAHAH tas dai talaga, syempre may inorder kami na inumin, like mango shake both. di ko naman ineexpect na iinom siya sa drinks kooo HAHA ay dai gulat ako dorn kasiii AHHAHAH syempre first meet (malay ko bang may covid yon AHHAHH pero syempre kalma outside ko kahit ung inner me nagpapanic na AHHAHA) pero de HAHAHA tiwala naman me na walang covid yon AHHAHA so tyL kasi walang covid HAHAHAHAHAH kasi kung meron edi sana nagkasakit na ako AHHAHA. Eh nakita niya yung reaction ko about sa nangyari, napatanong siya ng wala bigla if LC daw ba ako, sabi ko deins naman HAHA (tho di naman talaga), pero shookt lang ako heheheheh. so ayon, kain lang naman kami. pota akala ko makakadami ako ng kain, kaso dai, hindi eh. ITO PAAAA. pag kumakain ako sa labas, lahat ng foods na nasa plate ko eh inuubos ko (unless d ko wants) pero ewan bakit di ko naubos huhuhu super nakokonsensya akooo kasii di ako ganon. tas kung ganon man, gusto ko itake out tas ibibigay sa doggos ganon. ehh ewan ko baaa. konsensya ko to the highest level ganoooorn kasi di nga ako sanay AHAHA
then after that, nakalimutan ko na nangyariiii.... chooooz de nagpunta kami sea side ganon, tas small talks ulit. Super comfortable lang din ako pag inaakbayan niya ako or hinahawakan sa waist. i feel safe lang when I’m with him. tas pics ganon, tas nung uminit na, we decided na to go inside the mall para magpalamig kasi dai, pawis pawis kili kili ko (gusto mo yoooorn). tas habang papasok kami sa mall, can’t help it peroo super nanggigigil ako sakanya. (kasi i badly want to hug him talaga) hehehe kaya pinipisil ko kamay niya or braso ganorrn. hehe hanggang sa ayooon, i hugged him naaa huhuhu bango niyaaa (super turn on talaga sakin pag mabango yung guy) ayaw ko na pakawalan eh (sa true lang, for real hehehe praying for this guy talaga hehe) theen ayon ahhaha tambay kami tas nag buy kami ng DQ theeeen palabas na kami, he hugged me huhu I’m so so so so happy and gusto ko yorn huhu. taasss nag seaside ulit kami theeen nag ferry kami hehehe
sa ferry, para talaga kaming magjowa na hindi naman talaga. pero yeah hahaha super enjoy lang ako na kasama siya hehe. tamang picture lang ganon hehe small talks hehe taaaas ang deins ko talaga makalimutan loooool when he kissed me sa cheeks im shookt non ng beri layt. baket?? kasiii oo i remember na nagpaalam siya pero di ako aware don. he said na he wants a picture na he will kiss me sa cheeks, pero kasi late na yon like naka position na ako for the selfie because maganda yung sunset hehe and then ayon ahhaa edi ayon haha nagkaron ng pics na nakakiss siya sa cheeks ko hahahaahaha *well tbh, di pa kasi talaga ako ready magbigay ng kiss hehe, if ever man mas maaappreciate ko kung sa kamay or noo. sobra pa sa kilig feels ko nyan hehehe mas sincere lang sa feels pag ganon hehe*
okaaay next hahaha after non, tamang seaside ulit kami theeen, nakipagkita sa sister ko tas dapat kakain kami, kasooo parang ayoko haha wala ako sa mood, i prefer na alam niyo yon, haha like tamang upo lang kasama siya, gusto ko lang siya katabi (di ko ramdam gutom non eh, kasiii super oks na ako na kasama siya), small talks ganon hehehe, ewan ko ba, that moment kasi eh umokay sakin ung tahimik lang hehe (tho akala ko baka mabored siya, pero sabi niya di naman) knowing super daldal kong tao hehehe, ewan basta kasma niya eh super oks ako heheheh. 1hr lang kaming ganon tas hanggang sa nagdecide na kami na umalis na hehehe
akala kooo maghihiwalay na kami ng landas (wow ang oa AHHAHAA) dee like mag-iibang way na siya ganon, and gulat me nung hinatid niya ako sa parking (don kasi kami magkikita ng sis ko). huhuhu can’t help it perooo i hugged him ng super higpit kasiii nalulungkot ako na uuwi na kami huhuhu like super kulang ng oras ganon hehehuhu ( AND HABANG TINATYPE KO ‘TO NAMIMISS KO YUNG UGOK. BWISET)
then ayon hehehe shookt din ako kasiii nakasundo din niya agad yung jowa ng sis ko (sorry perooo yung ex-suitor ko eh nung first meet nila eh walang usap na naganap ganon like tamang hi hello lang or tango ganon, unlike kay auray na nagkasundo agad sila, akala mo magkakilala sila LOL) i mean hehe gusto ko kasiii kinoclose nung guy yung fam and friends ko hehehe, wala natutuwa lang ako if yung guy gumagawa ng way para maging close kung sino mga close sakin hehe or kung hindi naman way, like yung ipafeel lang sakin na comfortable siya sa mga kasama ko hehe and kaya nga pakisamahan sila. 
so ayon hinatid namin siya sa sakayan haha, habang sa car huhuhu lulungkot ako AHHAHAHA kasiiii hihiwalay na kami (syempre uuwi na). hinawakan niya muna kamay ko hehe (kiligs) bago siya lumabas ng car hehe peroooo emotional na ako non deep inside. AHHHA tas ayooon I’M SO HAPPY NA HEHEHE
Super namiss ko siya AGAD. hinahanap hanap ko agad ung yakap niya sakin (legit). Tas after 2-3 days ata yon, HAHAHAHA umiiyak na ako kasiii miss ko na siya sagad AHHAHA gusto ko ulit siya makitaa hahahaha punyeta ka talaga auray AHHAHAH (pero ayon grabe yan kasi meron pa akong period non AHHAHAH) ay bastaa miss ko lang siya. 
So ayon lang naman hehehehe. ayan lang naman nafifeel ko nung nagkita kami hehehehe. super happy lang naman ako hehe <3 
hindi ko naman ineexpect na ganito ako magiging kasaya nung nakilala ko siya hehe
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simpforsexyassmf · a month ago
meeting the one for me/ harry styles x reader
Tumblr media
triggers : alcohol if that's a trigger
lol so i felt like doing an imagine about harry cuz why not.
i was walking down town London with my mates pub and club hopping usual for a Friday night out. I was pretty drunk this was also our last stop. i walked down to the bar tender and asked for a tequila then this handsome tall man sits next to me “hey I’ll pay for that one and another one” he says in an northern accent, guessing he’s from Chester or somet. 
“Ello’ handsome” i look him up and down, my western accent flows through the room as the speakers beam on top on my voice slightly “hello how are ya” he smirks “very good now I’ve seen you how bout you” i slowly bite my lip, he laughs slightly “your pretty straight forward aren’t ya” i smile “is that a bad thing” he looks deep into my eyes, god he’s well fit “of course not, i love it when they’re straight forward” 
we talk for a bit more we got to know each other a little and i learnt that his name is harry “do you wanna get out of here” i nod “I'm just going to go to the bathroom” he nods “I’ll go wait outside” i walk into the toilet, fix my makeup a little. I walk out and realise how drunk i was, i was stumbling along the corridor leading up to the exit and once i got out i tried to walk straight but failed. I feel someone grab my hand “lettt me g-” i hear his accent once again “love its me don’t worry” i sign in relief 
“tha-nk god, i though-t i lost youuu” i say mumbling “do you wanna go to my apartment” i nod holding on his arm for balance, slowly being facinated by his extremely sexy tattoos “harry i wanna get a tattoo” he laughs “are you sure” i nod “I'm tired of being basic, i wanna switch it up”
 i smile confidently “there’s a tattoo place down the street, we can go there if ya want” he says, i nod. we walk to the tattoo place and i got tattooed on my left arm “stop you crying, its a sign of times” on my arm and under the date cus i wanna remember tonight, then i got on my right a half moon. we walk out and go to his apartment laughing, as soon as we get in and he shows me to the living room and sits me down “im going to get you some water” he says looking at me i nod biting my lip. God the things i want this man to do to me. he comes in and hands me the glass then sits next to me “wanna watch a movie”
 “sure” he gets the remote and goes onto netflix we just watched spiderman cus its my favourite, I cuddle up to him. i start falling asleep or maybe passing out im not sure which.
i wake up in a darkish room, i have a massive headache, shit where am i? wait who’s chest am i laying on. i look up to see a handsome guy maybe in his late 20′s. I lay back down on his chest, it felt kinda nice. oh shit that the guy from last night. What was his name.... henry... Harold … ohhhh harry. wait did he carry me to his room? was i snoring? i hope i wasn’t too heavy. “mmmm morning love” he’s morning voice godddd, I smile “morning, do you know where my phone is. I can’t remember where i put it” 
 “you left it on the coffee table” i get up and go get it. “hey do you have anything i can where i don’t know where my dress is” i laughs “you were sick on it, i put it in the wash. you can borrow a shirt look in the wardrobe.” i mentally cringe thinking about him seeing me be sick “im sorry, it couldn’t have been the nicest sighting you’ve seen” i chuckles “its alright, im used to seeing my old roomates be sick every where after a night out” i look in the wardrobe and found a baggy light pink top
“you look cute” he said looking at me “thank you, your pretty cute too” i said blushing i get back in bed and look through twitter to see an account have a picture of me and harry walking out the tattoo place captioned ‘@harrystyles and anonymous girl walk out holding hands #whosthegirlharry’ harry saw the post i was looking at “im sorry bout em, i get if you feel uncomfortable talking to me anymore” he looks down “its fine, honestly don’t care what they say bout me. harry your a genuine guy i like that about ya. I won’t let anyone stop me from shooting my shot with you” he smiles “wanna go on a date Tuesday” i look at him “of course i would love to” 
its been a year and we’re together and very happy 
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jgvfhl · a month ago
Number Lads!!
GUYS I hit 700 followers today?? Amazing. So, I worked extra hard to get this part up and finished for ya!
Part 2/??? Read Part 1 here :) Words: about 4k, no warnings
So I remembered the Battle of Kamino is a thing. And I had just put Sevenset in Rancor battalion. Whoops! But, if you know anything about me, you know nothing really bad happens.
CT-2222 = Do-si-do = Double Trouble
CT-3333 = Trees = Green Bean
CC-6666 = Sixes = DEATH
ARC-7777 = Sevenset = ARCBoiiiii
CT-8888 = Loops = Loopy
Reading the inventory lists from the datapad in his hands was increasingly difficult. Loops rubbed his eyes and shook his head roughly, trying to refocus, to put the overwhelming feeling of helplessness behind him. The whole Wolfpack felt similarly. Every announcement over the PA system made them jump. General Koon was using his limited free time to gather with groups of troopers to help ease their minds, and it was helping, but the general had chosen an uphill battle.
Kamino was under attack. The closest thing any clone had to a home, and the Separatists were trying to destroy it. The Wolfpack hadn’t been called to the front, as was their normal position. When the battle cleared, and the dust settled, they would be there to help pick up the pieces, until another assignment called them away.
So they waited.
Worse for Loops, he knew Sevenset was in the thick of things, following the ARC commanders at the helm of the defensive actions. He knew the ARCs were the best soldiers on Kamino, and he knew the 501st and 212th had boots on the ground as well, and Generals Ti, Skywalker, and Kenobi would be there with them. He knew this. But it barely helped ease his worries.
Technically, the next Numbers meeting wouldn’t be for another three weeks, but Do-si-do had commed everyone to ask if they wanted to move up the date because of the battle. Obviously, they hadn’t heard much from Sevenset. Or from Commander Sixes, but that wasn’t as much of a worry. He was a commander, he had a whole Star Fighter wing to lead into battle. Still, the radio silence only made Loops more uneasy. But Trees and Loops had agreed to meet with Do-si-do, at least, and that would start in about ten minutes.
Pinching the bridge of his nose, Loops tried to put aside the gnawing worry in his mind to finish this inventory before the meeting. It wouldn’t be fair to hand over a half-finished inventory to the next guy on shift. So he slogged through it, walking around the denoted section of the Lightbolt’s cargo hold, reading the crates, scrolling through his datapad, until he was finally done. As he left the hold, he handed off the device to Tanner, one of the officers overseeing inventory at the moment.
“All set, sir.”
“Thanks, Loops. Get some rest.”
“Will do.”
He didn’t rest, not really. When he got to his bunk, he propped himself up against his pillow at the head of his bunk, waiting the last few minutes until Do-si-do sent the transmission to start the meeting.
“Hey, Loops.”
He looked up at the face looking upside down at him from the top bunk. “Hey, Racket.” Loops was always grateful his bunkmate never complained about some of the late-night Numbers Meetings.
“How you holding up?”
“Okay, I guess.”
“I know you’ve got a buddy in Rancor, just wanted to check in.”
The knot of worry in his gut tightened. “Yeah.” His voice felt hollow. “Thanks, Racket.”
“Haven’t heard anything yet, huh?”
Loops shook his head. “Two and Three and I are having a call soon to talk it out.”
“Ah,” Racket said, “I’ll give you some space.”
“Thanks,” Loops said, although his brother’s head had already retreated to his own bunk. Right on cue, his comm blinked its light. He hadn’t had the chance to get a holoprojector today. But he would be able to hear the others.
“Hey, Trees,” Do-di-do’s voice had a smile in it. “Loops?”
“Couldn’t get a projector today, sorry,” Loops said. “I can still hear you.”
“Oh, good.”
“Hi, Loops,” Trees said.
“Hey, Trees.”
“How’s the Pack?” Do-si-do asked.
Loops shrugged, before remembering they couldn’t see him. “It’s… well, you know. Everyone’s on edge. The general’s been helping though.”
Trees agreed. “Yeah, General Unduli and Commander Offee have been holding group mediations for the ones who want it.”
“I’ve heard General Windu’s working on that too, but…. He’s busy as all hell.”
“Yeah, High Generals usually are,” Loops said.
“Anyone else… find it kinda weird, though?” Do-si-do furthered.
“What do you mean?”
“Like… I dunno. I didn’t expect the Jedi to care this much.”
“Oh,” Trees said flatly.
“I mean--obviously, they care if Kamino is attacked,” he went on. “Because it’s producing the whole damn army, but I never thought they’d… do all this.”
It was a fair reaction. Most clones, upon encountering their generals, were a little unsettled at how… human they were. Loops had certainly had a learning curve when he’d joined the 104th. General Koon was… amazing. So, honestly, Loops hadn’t been surprised when he had offered to help his troopers through the stress of the Kamino attack. But, Do-si-do had always been a bit skeptical of the Jedi, even though, from what Loops had heard of General Windu, he would regularly go out of his way to defend his men.
“I’m not complaining,” Loops said.
There was a longer than normal pause afterwards. He eyed the blinking light on his wrist comm, wondering. It wasn’t uncommon for the signal to get interrupted by space travel.
“What are you boys gossiping about now?” Ah. Not space travel. Just Commander Sixes. His brain did a mental double take as that thought formed. Just Commander Sixes.
“Oh, uh…” Do-si-do searched for words. Trees was probably frozen again. “Just… thought some of us could use the conversation. With Kamino under attack. And all.”
There was a gruff, nonverbal reply from the commander.
“Don’t suppose you got any updates we laymen didn’t, sir?” Do-si-do asked cautiously. Loops couldn’t help leaning towards his comm. Even a little news would help…
“None any of you have clearance for.”
Loops rolled his eyes, falling back against his pillow. He should have expected it. But that didn’t make it any less disappointing.
“Sir, you know the point of this call was to ease stress, not make it worse?” Do-si-do replied.
“Armor up, shiny, we’re at war.”
ARCBoiiiii: Guess who’s not dead!!!!
Loopy: kriff is it over???
ARCBoiiiii: Yep! Sent the clankers running and the Hairless Harpy and Evil Spider Legs too
Green Bean: did you just nickname… Grievous and Ventress?
ARCBoiiiii: what’s it to ya?
Loopy: are you okay sevens?
ARCBoiiii: aw loopy were you worried?
Loopy: get karked
Loopy: ...but yeah
ARCBoiiiii: where’s do-si-do?
Green Bean: dunno. might be on the wing.
Loopy: sevenset. are. you. okay.
ARCBoiiiii: ah okay. and yes! i am okay, loops. little sore, but i’m not hurt. Rancor’s casualties weren’t bad.
ARCBoiiiii: Do-si-do!!!!!! im okay :D
ARCBoiiiii: Cmdrs havoc + colt in medical tho… colt had a run-in with ventress i guess
Loopy: oh kriff--
DEATH: he’s alive after that?
DEATH: … really, boys? the name?
Double Trouble: Sevenset’s idea sir
ARCBoiiiii: Do-si-dos idea
ARCBoiiiii: kark dammit
Double Trouble: beat u haha
Loopy: lol
Green Bean: How ironic. He survives Kamino only to be reaped by Death later
Double Trouble: 0.0
ARCBoiiiii: i feel unsafe
Loopy: trees where has that biting wit been hiding my friend
Double Trouble: ??????
Loopy: Yay!! He was the one in 501st right?
ARCBoiiiii: yeah! pretty damn good sniper too from what i heard. AND GUESS WHAT ELSE
Green Bean: There’s more?
ARCBoiiiii: He and his batcher got promoted to ARCs so THEY’RE STUCK WITH MEEEEE
DEATH: I almost pity them.
Green Bean: ha
Loopy: wait what’s his name??
ARCBoiiiii: fives
Double Trouble: oof unoriginal
DEATH: Oh really, Do-si-do?
Double Trouble: wait no
Loopy: do-si-do it’s been nice knowing you
Double Trouble: nO WAIT it’s hardly fair, you’ve got Death as a name too
DEATH: Sure thing. Anyway, Fives and his batcher are Rex’s freaks, and he always takes his ARCs with him. They’ll be gone after graduation.
ARCBoiiiii: aw shucks :(
Double Trouble: that’s still like… almost three months tho
ARCBoiiiii: yessssss i’ll drag em into the next couple holos
Green Bean: But… it’s just Fives that has the repeating number, right?
ARCBoiiiii: well yeah but they’re practically inseparable, i’d feel bad
DEATH: that’s pathetic
ARCBoiiiii: one of these days we’ll find a recruit you actually like
Double Trouble: speaking of, did you find number nine? Isn’t he in the 212th?
ARCBoiiiii: no… I’ll ask around, the orangios are still planetside for a bit. and i’m still on the lookout for a cadet 1111!
Loopy: glad you’re alive
ARCBoiiiii: *mwah*
Loopy: aaaaand now I’m not
For the second time in about two minutes, Fives once again lagged a step so he could reach back and tug Echo along by the sleeve. “Keep up, will you?”
“I don’t want to hear it, Echo, I told you already.”
His batchmate wasn’t going quiet without debate. “But we’re supposed--”
“--to be doing something very boring, now quit complaining.”
“It’s ARC training, Fives,” Echo hissed, yanking his sleeve away, but keeping pace with him behind Sevenset. “It’s all important, even if it’s boring.”
Their leader turned around, walking backwards as he said, “Well… I mean, I’ll be honest, I’ve never used the desert field training once, so…” He shrugged.
“Yeah, because you live on an ocean planet,” Echo pointed out.
“Pays off,” the ARC trooper grinned.
“Doesn’t it get kinda boring, though?” Fives asked. “The same planet over and over?”
“Boring?” Sevenset turned briefly to avoid a squad of junior cadets being led by medic. “Nah, not boring. Maybe the scenery leaves something to be desired, but hey--so did Coruscant. But helping to train brothers like you two? Never boring.”
“I think Fives would have to try to be boring.”
“I’m boring when I sleep.”
Echo turned a skeptical look on him.
“What do you mean ‘what?’ you snore like a rancor--”
Remembering who was walking with them, they both looked at Sevenset to add, “No offense.”
And then Fives cut right back in with a rebuttal. “Well maybe I wouldn’t snore if I didn’t have your entire weight on top of me?”
Echo waved a hand dismissively. “Oh, no no no, don’t you pull that argument--”
Fives scoffed. “I am absolutely pulling that argument--”
“You snored on Rishi, and we all used our own bunks.”
That was true. They hadn’t had a reason to share until after…. “Okay, but how do you know that wasn’t Cutup?”
“Cutup--!” Echo’s incredulous tone was somewhat marred by the smile creeping onto his face. Their arguments could never keep a serious face for too long. “You don’t snore in a kriffing accent, Fives!”
Fives could no longer keep the smile off his face either, and he gave Echo a gentle shove with his shoulder. “Okay, you got me.” The gesture was returned a little more violently. Then they noticed Sevenset had come to a stop by a door, and they pulled themselves together to face him.
“You guys were on Rishi Moon?” Sevenset asked, passing his vambrace in front of the control panel to open the door. He gestured them in.
It was a small meeting room--very small, from the others Fives had seen. The holotable jutting out from the far wall probably left room for about seven people. He and Echo stood to one side of the door, hands behind their backs. Fives decided against asking why Sevenset had access to to this place.
“Yessir, we were the last men stationed there.” Echo’s answer was curt, almost blunt, but kept carefully under the veneer of professionalism he managed so much better than Fives did. It had become their standard answer for Rishi questions.
Sevenset glanced over at them from where he was typing at the holotable. “Echo, buddy, I just commandeered you from under your CO’s nose. You can drop the ‘sir.’” He looked back to the blue holograms in front of him. “So were you the ones who blew up the all-clear signal? Saved us a hell of a lot of trouble around here, I’ll tell you that. Should be thanking you.”
“There’s… no need for that.” Echo’s voice shrank slightly, his eyes dropping towards the floor. Fives sighed as quietly as he could, silently bracing for the unpleasant exchange that was sure to follow that deflection.
“Really? I hope you got medals or something, though,” Sevenset replied. He finished typing and stepped back from the table, facing them. “How’d you do it, anyway? Not easy to blow a base like that.”
“No…” Fives agreed hollowly, hoping the ARC would eventually get the karking hint and change the subject. There were already a half dozen scenes of memory playing through the back of his mind as he did his best to pointedly ignore them.
“Liquid tibana.”
He turned to look at Echo, who caught the unasked question in his eyes.
“He asked,” his batchmate shrugged helplessly, now looking anywhere except at their faces.
Sevenset’s eyebrows rose, crinkling the tattoos on his scalp, and he nodded. “Yeah, I guess LT would do the trick, wouldn’t it?”
Nope. Not getting the hint. And Echo--Maker bless him--would keep answering his questions even if it gave him a panic attack. Maybe ARC training could help him kick that habit.
“Did they really send commando droids--”
Fives didn’t let him finish. “Look, Sevenset, we don’t really like talking about Rishi.” Next to him, he noticed some of the tension leave Echo’s shoulders. “Our whole batch was stationed there, and, aside from Commander Cody and Captain Rex, we’re the only ones who survived that attack.”
Sevenset blinked, realization hitting like a splash of cold water. “Oh. Yeah, of course,” he looked down, scuffing one of his boots on the floor without much enthusiasm. “Sorry about  that. Should’ve realized.”
Fives dipped his head, acknowledging the apology. He knew Sevenset hadn’t meant any harm by asking, but at least he’d apologized. The holotable made a noise, and Sevenset practically flew to answer the incoming transmission. Fives couldn’t blame him for wanting to dissipate the uncomfortable silence that had followed his apology. He nudged Echo with his elbow, and they moved closer, still shoulder-to-shoulder, as the first two holograms appeared.
The first clone they saw sat in what looked like a cockpit, although “sitting” was a generous term. More like lounging. His head was shaved on the right side, and the long curls left were bleached and dyed a cold white. His face lit up upon recognizing Sevenset.
“You are alive!”
“Of course I’m alive, Do-si-do,” the ARC replied, once again all smiles. “I am almost offended you thought my first fight with Rancor would finish me.”
The second clone--in recognizably 104th gear--gave a tiny smile. “Here I am surprised Do-si-do hasn’t gotten a surprise visit from Death after his remarks about originality in the chat.”
The pilot, Do-si-do, made a show of looking under and behind his seat. “Nope, all clear. Sorry to disappoint, Loopy.”
“My name’s not Loopy.” He turned to look at Fives and Echo. “My name’s not Loopy, it’s just Loops.” Kind of a fun name, really. Fives wondered what his number was. Eight, probably?
“And for once you beat Trees here,” Sevenset remarked. Another hologram appeared. “Ooh, but not by much.”
Trees, by the looks of his armor, was in the 41st. But, unlike the others, he looked downright regulation, like Echo. “Sorry, I got stuck behind a gonk droid in the hall.” Catching sight of Fives and Echo, he added, “Oh, are these the new guys?”
“Yep!” Sevenset looked to them.
Without warning, Echo’s hand appeared, grabbing Fives by the jaw and turning his head to the left. “And you’ll never guess which one of us is named Fives.”
Fives swatted his hand away, Echo ducking the half-hearted attempt to put him in a headlock. “I am going to kill you,” he growled at his batchmate’s stupidly smug expression. So he liked the number; he had a good reason to like the number!
“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with it, come on,” Sevenset smiled. “You and Loops can match.”
Loops turned his face so the tattoo on his right cheek was visible. An infinity symbol? Stylized number eight? “First thing I did when I got the chance.”
“How’s ARC training treating you two, then?” Do-si-do asked with a smile.
Fives glanced at Echo. “Not too bad,” he answered with a shrug.
“Yet,” Echo added.
Sevenset smirked and nodded knowingly. “Emphasis on ‘yet,’” he agreed. “Right about the three- or four-week mark, you’ll really start regretting some life choices.”
“You survived, though,” Trees pointed out. “Can’t be that bad if they managed to drag you over the finish line.”
“I do have more than one personality trait, you know.”
“Whaaat?” Do-si-do shook his head. “Can’t believe you’re more than your carefree facade. Actually upset now.”
Sevenset raised an eyebrow at him, but Do-si-do ignored the silent challenge and just blew him a kiss through the screen. Sevenset had mentioned he and “number two” had started this group, and now Fives could indeed understand they knew each other pretty well.
“Wait,” Loops spoke up. “What’s your name?” He gestured a little vaguely towards the two batchmates.
“Oh.” Echo straightened up a bit. “I’m Echo.”
Loops waved at him.
“Is this everyone?” Fives asked, looking to Sevenset. He had mentioned the group wasn’t “complete” yet, but he hadn’t expected it to be this small.
The other four shook their heads. Sevenset answered. “No, there’s still the commander, but we don’t pretend to know when or if he’s gonna show. The others--number one, number nine, number four, and zero--we haven’t found yet.”
“And Commander Fox wants nothing to do with us, thanks to Sevenset,” Do-si-do added.
“Also true.”
Echo’s confused expression matched the questions Fives had in mind. He didn’t know Commander Fox’s number off the top of his head. Echo probably did. He’d known the captain’s and Commander Cody’s like that. But… there was another commander? They turned to look at Sevenset together, although two different questions came out of their mouths.
“What commander?” Fives asked.
“You asked Commander Fox?” Echo said at the same time.
They didn’t get answers. Well. Not explicitly. A fourth hologram appeared beside Loops, Trees, and Do-si-do. The single pauldron denoted rank. The full kit of black armor, helmet included, didn’t give many other details. So. That commander. Whoever that commander was…
Next to him, Echo tensed, just barely, but Fives could read him too well to miss it. He looked over. Fives recalled his batchmate’s reaction to meeting the captain and Commander Cody for the first time. They had reputations, they had stories, and Fives had been right with him in that sense of awe--aside from the whole… being invaded by commando droids… thing that had been happening at the same time. And right now Echo kind of looked like that. But his expression had none of the subtle reverence Fives remembered. More… fear? Not quite. He’d seen Echo scared. Who was this guy? And why couldn’t Fives place him?
“Hey, Commander,” Do-si-do greeted, like there was nothing strange about a commander in all-black armor appearing on their holotable. None of them had even gone to attention. That was a little odd.
The commander folded his arms across his chest and grunting a nonverbal reply. His visor landed on Fives and Echo. Again, Fives saw Echo’s whole body stiffen in his periphery. “New guys?” the commander eventually asked, his voice sounding an awful lot like Alpha-17’s gruff speech.
“Yep,” Sevenset nodded, not even addressing him as sir. “This is Fives, that’s his batcher Echo, and you have magically chosen to appear right when they started asking questions about you.”
“These the inseparable ones?” This man had absolutely no variation in tone, and it was going to get creepy.
“Looks like it,” Loops replied.
The commander stared at them for a few more seconds, before giving another wordless huff and looking away. “No one’s inseparable.”
Fives did not like the chill that sent down his spine, despite the words having, as before, no discernible emotional tone. Behind his back, his hand tightened around the opposite wrist, the dull pain momentarily distracting his mind from the commander’s implication. Glancing to Echo, he saw his brother’s jaw clench, his mouth pressed into a line as he stared down the holograms. Fives shuffled closer until their shoulders and arms touched, feeling his brother lean into him.
Sevenset looked between them and the holotable before taking half a step sideways towards them. “Okay, Commander Dark and Angsty, maybe don’t scare away the new guys? Thanks.”
The commander’s helmet tilted up ever so slightly--probably rolling his eyes--but he stayed quiet.
“And that,” Sevenset went on, turning to Fives and Echo, “is Commander Sixes, AKA Commander Death, and yes, he is always like that.”
Finally, it clicked in Fives’ mind. He knew about Commander Death, he just hadn’t seen any images of him. Sithspit, no wonder Echo had reacted like that. The Death Wings were downright terrifying by word-of-mouth, and that--that was their commander.
And these guys were just… chatting with him. They chatted with him… regularly. Sevenset didn’t even call him sir. What in the nine hells…?
The commander’s visor went to Sevenset. “How are Colt and Havoc? Haven’t had a chance to comm them.”
“Mm? Oh. Commander Colt’s just got out of medical. Commander Havoc got out a couple rotations ago.” Sevenset shrugged. “That’s all I’ve got.”
Fives had seen Commander Havoc during training yesterday. He’d walked a little stiffly, but from what he’d heard about his injuries, walking at all was pretty damn good.
“Did you ever find number nine?” Loops asked. “In the two-twelfth?”
“Eh…” Sevenset held up a hand palm-down and tilted it back and forth. “Sort of. I got confirmation he is in with Commander Cody’s boys, and that his name is Nines, but that’s all. Never got eyes on him or a frequency, or I would’ve patched him in.”
Echo opened his mouth, then closed it. Fives nudged him to speak. He’d already drawn attention from Loops, Trees, and Do-si-do anyway. “Well, just--Torrent works with Commander Cody’s men more often than most. We could keep an eye out for him.”
“Once we’re back with the company,” Fives added.
“Oh yeah,” Sevenset nodded. “Totally. Thanks.”
“Any word on the others we’re looking for?” Trees asked.
Sevenset shook his head. “No luck with number one over here. Still haven’t found any cadet with that number.”
Do-si-do added, “The ninety-first has leave in three weeks. My company will be on Coruscant for about a ten-day. Anyone else?”
“I’ll check,” the commander said, reaching out of frame for something.
While he was silent, Loops put in, “Well, the Wolfpack won’t be off for another month and a bit.”
Trees nodded. “The forty-first is still on for another two months.”
“And obviously the three of us aren’t going anywhere,” Sevenset said, tilting his head towards Fives and Echo. “Gotta say, that is one thing I miss about being in the Guard. Can’t see everyone when they’re on leave.”
“The one-eighteenth has leave in about a month,” the commander finally reported. “Should overlap with the ninety-first for a few days. Maybe you can find zero in there. My fighters have a mission with the Nova Corps coming up, too. I’ll see if I can find number four.”
A smug smile appeared on Sevenset’s face. “I thought you once said you weren’t our recruiter, Commander.”
The commander stared at him for half a moment, then answered, “The Marines won’t have leave for another six months. You want to find number four? This is how you do it.”
The ARC nodded, his smile never changing. “Okay, alright, I get it. We won’t tell anyone you like us.”
The commander huffed quietly, then muttered, “I’m still surprised Alpha-17 didn’t beat that attitude out of you over there.”
Echo smirked. “Well, at least that means there’s hope for Fives.”
Fives shouldered him. “Hey, I haven’t done anything.”
Sevenset grinned at Fives, who found himself returning a small smile. Trees pinched the bridge of his nose. “Maker help us, there’s two of them.”
“Something wrong with that, Trees?” the ARC replied with mock severity. Fives would admit, he did like Sevenset. He liked seeing a higher ranking soldier maintain a lighter sense of humor. Most of the Teth survivors in Torrent had a dark streak--Coric might have it the worst, actually, and it was rubbing off on Kix.
“Nothing wrong, just means I’ll have to explain to my medics why my blood pressure’s so high.”
Do-si-do and Sevenset laughed, and Loops smiled. The commander just shook his head. Yeah, Fives could get used to this.
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The Bitter End capter 2
Letters from the stars
Tumblr media
prologue chapter 1
(gif not mine)
pairing: Lauren Reynolds x Ian Doyle, Ian Doyle x Victoria Doyle (sister)
word count: 2,7k
warnings: mentions of parent death, swearing (i think), mentions of murder, mentions of abuse, choking (non sexual)
note: im sorry this took ages and since this already took so long it isnt proof read so im sorry lol
plus I am not that happy with it but It needed to be posted in this century so whatever I hope u still enjoy :)
Lauren’s point of view
“What do you want?” She asked with a harsh voice.
“Can we talk?”
“I want to work this out. Between you and me.“
“What do you want to work out? There is nothing to work out.”
“Then why do you hate me so much?”
Silence. She just looked me in the eyes like she was looking for an answer herself until she noticed something. One moment I was just standing in front of her, and in the next, she smashed me against the wall with the most devilish sparkle in her eyes I had ever seen. Her gaze was steady and cold, her hand wrapped around my throat ready to cut off my airways. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body. I had never seen her like that before but it was the mix of anger and pain in her eyes, that made my blood freeze.
“Where do you have this from?” She whispered and ripped the necklace off my neck.
“You know the answer.”
“Ian would never give it away that fast!” She shouted, tightening her grip around my neck.
She knew the truth, of course she did. With realization kicking in, her eyes began to tear up a little and that must mean something. Vi wasn't just one of those girls that cried easily. That necklace meant something, it wasn’t her mom’s because that one looked different, no this one meant something different.
“What did you say to him?” She shouted, tightening her grip.
“Vi… I can’t… I can't breathe.” I whispered.
It was like she was in some kind of trance. She looked me in the eyes but it felt like she was looking through me. From one second to the other she loosened her grip and let go of me. Without saying a word, she stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind her.
Vi’s point of view
I stormed around the house, looking for Ian. I couldn’t believe he already gave her the necklace. Mum’s necklace. Not the one I got from her, the one Richard gave to her as some sort of engagement ring. I wouldn’t be mad but I knew how important that piece of jewelry was for her. It reminded her of the days before he turned into that monster who couldn’t control his aggressions. It reminded her of the man who took her out on dates every Friday to celebrate their love. He was a good husband and even a good father until I was around two years old. The Irish mafia lost a lot of money, so they had to cut budgets. Richard was suddenly paid less and instead of saving money he started drinking. We had savings that was not the problem, the problem Richard just couldn’t handle Mom earning more than him. He started drinking and that made him dangerous.
I found Ian in his office, working.
“We need to talk.”
“Victoria, not now please.”
That made my blood boil. Anger spread through me, into every inch of my body. I stepped inside the room, slamming the door behind me.
“Now, Ian!”
He frightened at my pissed undertone, laid down his pen and slowly looked up to me as I slammed the necklace on his table.
“Isn’t it a little bit early to give away mum’s stuff to random bitches who probably only want your money anyway?”
Ian wanted to say something but I cut him off the moment he opened his mouth.
“How long have you known her? Three months? You don’t know her Ian. There is something off about her but you’re to blind to see it.”
“You don’t know shit about Lauren, so stop talking about her like that!” He shouted at me.
“Mom’s necklace Ian? Really?” My voice was shaking and I could feel my eyes starting to burn.
“She gave it to me, Vi so I could give it to the person I love.”
“You have to stop pretending like you’re the only one she was important to.” He continued.
“I AM the only one she was important to, Ian.” I yelled back at him.
The anger suddenly turned into sadness. The burning feeling in my eyes stopped, as a single tear made its way down my cheek.
“That’s not true and you know that.” His voice was loud but steady.
“Do I? Then where were you Ian?”
“Where were you when she got her diagnosis? Where were you when Richard cudgeled us through the house because mom didn’t buy his favorite whiskey? Where were you when she got so sick that she had to sleep 20 hours a day to be alive the next one? Where the hell were you when I buried OUR mother, Ian.”
My whole body was shaking. I had no idea how much I was crying until a tear dropped down on my shoe, leaving a black mascara mark. I was about to turn around and storm out of the room when he called my name.
“Victoria wait!”
I stopped and slowly turned around.
“I’m sorry!”
“You’re sorry? That’s the only thing you have to say about this? I was sixteen, Ian. I was just a kid and I needed my brother.”
“I had no idea! I had no idea she was dead, hell I didn’t even know she was sick.”
“You’re lying…” He had to be lying…
“Maybe you should read mom’s letter.”
My blood froze and my heart was pounding faster than before. Maybe he was right. Maybe after all this time it was time for me to read what mother could only tell me through paper. Maybe it was time for me to finally let go of that.
I turned around and left the room. I knew he was right but I didn’t feel ready. I felt like it wasn’t the time for me to let go of her. But somehow I still found myself in front of my drawer with the letter in my hands. The envelope was dark red with my name written on it, in her handwriting. She had the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen. I took a deep breath, debating whether I should open it or not.
If I open it now you can never go back. Everything she wanted to tell me would be told. But maybe that’s exactly what I need. Maybe I need to listen to her words for the last time so I can finally let go.
I gently slid my finger over the red envelope to open it. I took a deep breath and pulled out the letter.
Dear Victoria,
By the time you read this I am already gone. I am so sorry that you have to go through all this alone but I want you to know that I love you, I’ve always loved you.
You and Ian are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so proud to be your mom. I love you both so much, it’s impossible to put into words, which is why I need to tell you something.
I know you are mad at Ian and that you probably blame him for everything bad that has happened to you and I understand that. From your point of view you have every reason to do so but I need you to know that it was not his fault. There are things I never told you, in order to protect you but you deserve to know.
The reason Ian left you was because he had to. Your father made it impossible for him to stay. He told him he’d kill you both if he ever came back because he was afraid Ian would take us away from him. It also wasn’t his fault that he never came back to check on me because he never knew I was sick in the first place. I wanted to tell him but I knew I couldn’t. You might not believe this but family means everything to Ian, it always has. If I had told him about me he would’ve come back immediately and we both know your father wasn’t someone who bluffed.
Ian never left you my dear, he got sent away and wasn’t allowed to ever come back. He tried to reach out to you but I cut off the ties in order to protect you both.
You will probably hate me now but I really hope that you’ll be able to forgive me one day. I am so sorry that I lied to you for all these years but I hope you understand that everything I did, I did to protect you.
I really hope that you two will find back together. He loves you Victoria, he loves you with all of his heart even if you don’t believe me now, you’ll see. I wish you will be able to forgive him.
Even if you can’t see, or touch me I will always be by your side I promise. If you ever feel alone remember the time we used to sneak out at night to watch the stars? I’m right there to watch over you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so proud of the strong woman you have become. You are the reason I survived all these years and it breaks my heart that I have to leave you this early but please remember I’ll always be with you, even when no one else is. I am so thankful for the sixteen years I got to spend with you.
You are one of a kind Victoria Doyle, never forget that.
I didn’t realize I was crying until I saw the wet spots on the paper making the ink slurry.
Reading her words made me hear her voice again, for the last time and there were so many things I wanted to say to her but I couldn’t.
I wanted to hear her voice again, feel her touch and see her smile. Despite all the shit she went through, her laugh always lit up the room. It made kids stop crying and grown men feel happiness again.
But despite all the sadness I had in me because I missed her so much, I also wanted to scream. I wanted to scream at her because she never told me. She made me hate my brother all these years even though it wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t his fault because he had absolutely no idea what was going on.
This can’t be true. Mom would never…
Or would she?
I know she wanted to protect him but it wasn’t fair. We could’ve fought Richard. I would’ve killed him if necessary, I didn’t care. He was the one that made our life a living a hell and he deserved to pay. I know he did in the end but after reading the letter I wished I had it done myself.
And there I was, sitting on my bed, crying with mom's letter in my hand. I couldn’t believe she lied to me for all those years, why didn’t she tell me? There wasn’t much I could’ve done anyway but least I would’ve known the truth. I would’ve known he didn’t have a choice… I would’ve known he only left to protect me…
I looked down at the letter, resulting in my sadness turning back into anger. I was never good at controlling my feelings but anger mixed with grief, made me dangerous.
I jumped up and tore the letter apart. Every single piece of it. With the pieces still flying through the air, I stormed out of my room and out of the house. I could hear Ian scream after me but I didn’t care. I needed air or I would’ve gone crazy. I needed to let out my anger.
I got into my car and started driving. I had no idea where to go, I just had to get away.
I went to a park near a city to have some time to think about everything. It was hard since my whole life I thought Ian abandoned me but instead he got sent away. I had no idea what to believe anymore.
Why didn’t she tell me before she died? I could’ve looked for him. Everything would’ve been better than living with Richard.
Well no if I had only read the letter earlier I would’ve known earlier...
I parked my car and just started walking. This was probably the first time in days I truly was all by myself, with no one watching over me and it was refreshing. I needed that to get my head clear again.
It was quite cold and windy outside but I didn’t mind much. I liked that kind of weather way more than high temperatures. It helped me keep a clear mind and that was something I needed, especially after today.
As much as I tried not to think about it, I couldn’t stop. The words written in mum's letter wandered through my mind non- stop and it was exhausting. It was like I couldn’t think of anything else than that she lied to me. My mum never lied and she never hid anything from me, well except for this time.
After a few minutes of walking, I sat down on one of those uncomfortable wooden benches that were spread all over the park. It was cold but luckily my coat was long enough to cover everything. I laid back and looked up in the air. The sky was especially clear tonight and you could see the stars, every single one of them.
There was one star that shined brighter than anyone else which made me think back to the one line in mom’s letter.
If you ever feel alone remember the time we used to sneak out at night to watch the stars? I’m right there to watch over you.
It was her, it had to be her.
She once told me that the stars that shine the brightest are our loved ones watching over us. I never believed in it but there was something about that star that seemed so familiar, something like home.
Home. Sometimes I’m not even sure what that means.
I was so lost in my thought I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone anymore. There was a group of men in the distance, first I thought they were watching me but I think they didn’t even know I was there. They were watching someone else, a young woman who was walking her dog. She was alone just like me but she had no idea that they were following her.
I knew what was about to happen. It wasn’t the first time something like that happened in that park, there was that unspoken rule not to go alone in there but well not everyone knew about that, or cared.
Before she even realized they were following her, one of the men had already pulled her behind a bush. I could hear her dog barking and running after her but one of the other men hit him so he ran away.
That was enough. I stood up and headed towards the small piece of forest where they were hiding in. The closer I got the more I could her small screams. Hearing her suffer like that brought up all the ugly memories of my own. I knew exactly how she felt like and there was no way I would’ve let that happen to her. I thought of surprising them but I wanted to see their faces when they realized who attacked them.
“Care If I join gentlemen?” I smirked.
They turned around with smiles on their face, but they faded as soon as they saw me. You could see the horror on their faces, like they knew what was about to happen to them. These bastards were Ian’s men. I didn’t personally know them but I had seen them around and they knew me. I had my reputation.
The woman was able to free herself from the men’s strong grip and was now looking at me. The fear was still written all over her face but she also looked thankful. I told her to run away because I couldn’t let her witness what was about to happen.
“What are you doing alone outside at this time baby? It’s dangerous without your protection squad.” A dark haired man asked. He had the most disgusting smirk on his face as if he didn’t know that I could take him and do my nails at the same time.
“I don’t need a protection squad and don’t ever call me baby again.” I smiled.
“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?”
“Watch me.” I spit.
I could feel the adrenaline rising through my body, it made me feel invincible. I looked up in the sky and saw the brightest star shining directly above me. It was her, it had to be.
“Man maybe we should just run. I don´t think Ian would be happy to find out we hurt his sister.” One of the men whispered to the dark haired one.
“You are right but don't worry he won't hurt you. You will be dead by then.” I smirked.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. When I opened them up again I was gone. Every emotion I felt before turned into ice. I can still hear their pleading screams for mercy but like I told you, when I do that, there is no mercy.
taglist: @morcias @sturmmhond @ssa-sapphic @makaylajadewrites @hotchshoney @altsvu @marshmallowsparks @jj-arms @ssajemilyprentiss
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Hakumyu Souma-hen Blu-Ray Order
So... my pre-order of Souma-hen has gone through now (will mention if there’s a problem with my FJ order should anything happen). i’ll be deleting that other post about donations next month since im too tired right now lol (forgot to schedule this last week since my brain has mostly been feeling like mush since then).
If anyone wants to make donations which will be going exclusively to this order, please send them to me either through paypal or ko-fi before August 11, 2021. All of this will be completely voluntary since I have every intention to share a copy of Souma-hen with the Hakuoki/Hakumyu community when I receive this (If you really wish to doubt my intentions, I can refer you to others I’ve shared my v2 Shitan Kazama-hen and Shitan Hijikata-hen files with, and my past hakumyu psa posts).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyway, on the subject of shipping since I specifically mentioned that before, the last time I paid for expedited shipping (FDX), it cost me 3,368 yen (which was about $20 CAD more than the lowest tracked option- can’t remember the exact amount) and $34.14 CAD in extra customs fees. That latter option would have taken my order about 3-4 months to arrive (customs is making it take longer for things to arrive due to safety measures which I fully support) instead of the week which I waited last time.
As of right now, I don’t expect the value of the Souma-hen package I intend to ship to me to have a dissimilar customs declarations value (these custom fees are only relevant to expedited shipping) so I’m going to assume that any extra customs fee for this purchase will cost me slightly more (souma-hen cost more than the total of my combined orders before shipping and extra plan fees on my last shipment which included the yuumori op.2 musical, but not by much)... however since I don’t have a particular reason to pay for expedited shipping unless all of those extra fees are covered as i am not feeling desperate for hakuoki content right now (blame arrangements for yuumori, my current translating pace [just finished with August... so either september or october will likely be full of shorter misc stuff - likely SSL or biyoris, since im really going to need a break soon once i figure out what my translation plans are then (plus im trying to stay focused on yuugiroku 2)...], and my focus on Kazama-hen’s Yaisa for that lol. hearing music is honestly one of the easiest ways to spark my interest in something but the only song ive heard from souma-hen hasnt done that [also im avoiding watching it right now since i don’t want to get sucked into another musical just yet lol), I will most likely be selecting the lowest insured and tracked shipping option this time around.  
Also, on the note of customs values and possible shipping delays, there are only two items that I might add to the order which might affect the declarations and arrival date (but not by much given their combined estimated value would still be under 2000 yen.)... one of them being a saichi doujin (just one. last i checked it was on suruga-ya at 500 yen though it’s currently out of stock), and the other being the Harada cup here (it’s the last one im missing from this particular set. price of those cups excluding saito’s is usually between 800-1400 yen. [saito’s is normally the most expensive of what ive seen but i already have it]). For these two items, while I fully intend to place an order for them on a site I find them through FJ should they be made available for purchase before Souma-hen’s release date, if that happens within the week (this is because FJ doesn’t ship right away) of FJ receiving my Souma-hen order, that will cause a delay in when I have the order sent to me.... in which case, I would then get the combined order shipped once those items arrive.  
Tumblr media
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winwinnns · a month ago
an act f a (kinda)
this was supposed to be enemies to lovers but i got carried away with yn in denial lol
a loud laugh ripped through the quiet mumble of the library. startled, you turned to see where the sound came from. you narrowed your eyes. na jaemin and his friends were sitting at a table behind you. you hated him with a burning passion. he was so loud all the time. one time you were paired with him for a project, and he didn’t do any of the work. he bothered you while you worked, and he still got credit.
you lock eyes. you stare him down, not wanting to be the one to break away. he says something to his friends and stands, maintaining eye contact. he walks to your table. you twist back around as he stops right next to you.
he laughs at your harsh tone.
“no need to be rude princess,”
god you hated it when he called you that. you loved the pet name, but didn’t exactly like when it fell from his lips.
“you were the one looking at me after all”
he leans in closer to you.
“see anything you liked?”
you wanted to fight the part of you that melted at his voice. you’d never admit it, but you liked when he teased you. it made you squirmy, and he seemed to notice. you shifted in your seat.
“yeah right. i just looked in the direction of the noise.”
he leans in even closer. you wanted to pull away, you really did, you swore it. but you stayed in place, noses almost touching.
“mhm. right.”
you push him away.
“fuck off jaemin”
he laughs and distances from you.
“when are you gonna stop playing hard to get?”
playing hard to get? what was he talking about. you hated him. well, kind of. you didn’t hate how he laughed, you didn’t hate his voice at all, you kind of liked his face. no. you hate him, you decided.
he smirked at you before walking back to his table. it stirred something deep down inside you, and you hated that.
the next time you saw him, you were the class you had with him. he didn’t usually show up, but today he did. he sat right next to you. he smelled good, that pissed you off. you professor droned on. you were zoning out, focusing on the doodle you were drawing on your notebook.
“y/n” jaemin whispered
you ignored him.
he poked your arm. you rolled your eyes and looked at him.
he smiles mischievously.
you punched him in the arm. not too hard, but not soft either.
“shut up and pay attention.”
“you’re one to talk.” he smirked.
“at least i know what’s going on.”
he sighs and rubs his arm.
“well that’s cause you’re smart, not because you’re paying attention.”
you dropped your pencil and tried to assess what just happened. he complimented you. your face flushed and you hid it, making sure he wouldn’t see you. you hated this. why did a compliment, that wasn’t even heartfelt, make you an embarrassed mess? you knew why. the answer lived in the back of your mind. you shook your head.
“thanks i guess.”
he smiled again, but turned forward towards the professor.
after that, you saw him another time. you were at a small party with your new friend, sowon. she was nice to have invited you, despite not knowing you very well. you were having a good time talking with new people.
suddenly, loud laughter entered the room. it sounded awfully familiar. you looked up and your stomach dropped. it was jaemin.
suddenly you regretted coming. sowon said she was inviting a few people. what you didn’t know was friends jaemin and his group.
“you’re friends with them?” you ask her.
you didn’t know much about her. but you didn’t think she’d be friends with the rowdiest group of guys on campus.
“yeah, me and haechan go way back!”
she smiles at you. you smiled back, but inside you were pissed. you didn’t want to see him. not in class, not out of class.
that wasn’t true, you were actually kind of excited to see him, but you’d never confront those feelings, you pushed them down like everything else you felt regarding jaemin.
you looked for him, just to make sure you weren’t near him, you convinced yourself.
you found his eyes and he smirked, then winked at you. you cursed the butterflies in your stomach. you tear your eyes away and go to the bathroom. you face felt hot.
you splashed your face with cold water. you looked at yourself in the mirror. you hate him. you’ve needed to remind yourself more often recently. his words stick in your mind for the whole day. his teasing tone bouncing around your brain.
when you opened he door to leave. he was leaning on the wall in across from it. his brought his eyes up from the floor to look at you.
“what are you doing” you ask him.
he smiles.
“waiting for you.”
you contorted your face.
“ew. why?”
he pouted.
“because i wanna talk to you princess.”
you melted just a little bit before regaining your composure. you wanted him to leave. you didn’t want to talk to him.
“what makes you think i want to talk to you?”
he smirks.
“because when i winked at you you got all embarrassed.”
he got up from the wall and stood close to you. you titled your head up to look at him. your body was screaming at him to touch it. you chose to ignore that.
“i know you like me y/n, stop fighting it”
your eyes widened. what? you don’t like him. you hate him. right? no. you hate him you were sure.
“yeah okay jaemin.”
you push him away walk out of the hallway. he follows you to the living room. you stop in your tracks. sowon was friends with everyone you hated apparently, because your ex was standing right next to her.
jaemin leans his head over your shoulder.
“why’d you stop?”
they were flirting. you scoffed. that’s how you found him at every party you went to while you were dating. he was always with another girl. you hated jaemin but man, he really takes the hate cake. (ALPH INTERRUPTION: HATE CAKE WHAT? IM KEEPING IT FUCK IT) suddenly, an idea formed in your head. you’d have to ask jaemin to do something.... interesting.
“yes princess.”
“pretend to be my boyfriend.”
you could feel his smirk. before he could say anything snarky you turned to face him.
“don’t get your hopes up. i need to get back at someone.”
he sighed and leaned into your neck, breath fanning over the skin. the closeness of his lips to your body lit your skin on fire.
“don’t worry princess, we’ll show them.”
“who are we avoiding?”
“the guy next to sowon. don’t stare too long.”
he chuckled.
“i know that.”
he pulled away from your neck to look at him. he cupped your cheek with his hand. you panicked, widening your eyes. he giggled.
“relax princess. i’m just playing my role.”
he kisses the corner of your mouth.
“it has to be convincing right?”
you were stunned. you couldn’t move at all. na jaemin just fucking kissed you. on your face. and you liked it???!!! you felt like you were losing your mind.
he brought you back into the hallway. he pushed your hips into the wall. your heart sped up.
“do you just want to leave? we can go somewhere.”
you thought about all the times you’ve pushed down your feelings for jaemin. all the times he made your stomach flutter. how his voice made you melt. how attracted you actually were to him. why did you start hating him anyways?
“yeah. let’s go.”
did you ever actually hate him? or was it just a front. you didn’t know. you couldn’t make any other decisions right now with his hands on your hips.
he pulled away from you and took your hand. you look down at your interlocked fingers.
“what? we’re gonna walk right past him.”
you look up at jaemin, a contagious smile on his face. you couldn’t help but crack a small smile. you led him to the door, trying not to look at your ex on the way out.
you don’t know if he saw you, you don’t really care. jaemin was holding your hand. you hated how safe it made you feel.
na jaemin, your self sworn enemy, was walking you to his car. you would’ve never seen yourself in this situation.
“where do you wanna go baby?”
the butterflies in your stomach went ballistic. you tried to keep your breaths even.
“baby? jaemin you don’t have to pretend anymore.”
he smiled. eyes glued to the road.
“let me enjoy it. i’ve gotten to see so many things today.”
“like what?”
“like how much you really like me.”
fuck he noticed. how? you were just coming to terms with it in your mind how did he pick up on it. you hid your face in your hands.
“i don’t like you. i actually hate your guts.”
“mhm... right.”
he put his hand on your thigh, rubbing softly.
“is this okay?”
you tensed up. his hand felt so warm. you liked it. you liked him. you gulped.
his hand was on the middle of your thigh. you thought about it going higher and higher until- no. you cut yourself off. no definitely not.
he glanced at you, furrowing his eyebrows.
“you’re tense.”
he started to pull his hand away but you grabbed his wrist and but it back on your thigh. jaemin giggled.
“okay princess.”
you pulled through the drive through of the fast food restaurant, jaemins hand glued to your thigh. when you got your food, he looked for a place to park.
you were halfway done with you sandwich before he speaks.
“why do you pretend to hate me princess?”
you nearly choke on your food.
he takes a sip of his drink.
“you know, how you pretend i don’t effect you and how you ‘don’t like me’. why?”
“hm. i don’t really know. i don’t even know how it started.”
he smirks.
“so you don’t hate me”
you rolled your eyes, a sudden feeling of boldness washing over you.
“no. i actually have a crush on you.”
your entire body flushed as soon as the words came out of your mouth. you couldn’t believe yourself. you for sure thought you hated him, how could you have a crush on him.
“i know baby.”
your head spun. he knows?? baby?? you took a big bite of your food to distract yourself.
he chuckles. he brings his thumb up to the corner of your mouth. your eyes widened.
“so messy.” he teases.
you thought about other times he’d call you messy, all of them being far too inappropriate to you.
“shut up jaemin.”
he chuckles.
“don’t tell me what to do princess.” his voice was light, but his eyes weren’t. he looked at you challengingly. he wanted you to take the bait. to play with him.
“don’t call me princess then.”
you didn’t actually want him to stop. you’ve grown to like how it sounds coming from his mouth.
“what if i do?”
“then i’ll-“
you didn’t know what to say next, mind blanking
“you’ll what? kiss me?”
“yeah. i fucking will.”
you saw the mischievous glimmer in his eyes. he liked this. he liked fake fighting with you. it excited him.
“do it then.”
you flushed and looked away. you couldn’t kiss him. no way you’d kiss na jaemin.
“aw is princess scared?” he taunted.
that was it. you leaned over the arm of the seat and kissed him. it only lasted a couple seconds. when you pulled away he just stared at you.
he grabs your jaw and pulls you in for a harder kiss. this one full of passion. you liked him. you accepted it. you were tired of pretending you didn’t. what was the point of that anyways? you weren’t fooling anybody.
you sighed and pulled away.
“what’s wrong princess?”
you rolled your eyes and sat back down in your seat.
“don’t kiss me like that i’ll get addicted.”
he laughed loudly. you didn’t hate it this time. he shifted in his seat so his torso was facing you.
“wanna come over?”
he wiggles his eyebrows. you laughed. he looked cute.
“hmmm what’s in it for me.”
“more kisses? plus you can wear my clothes.”
you sighed. “i guess i’ll come over.”
you looked at each other before busting out in laughter.
“of course i’ll come over jaemin.”
“hey.” he pouted.
“call me something else.”
“like what.” you teased.
“i don’t know, baby, honey, you could always call me daddy.”
you bursted in another fit of laughter.
“you? daddy?”
you catch your breath. looking at him again. he was pouting again.
“yeah” he frowned dramatically.
“okay sure ‘daddy’”
he slapped your thigh. you yelped.
“don’t make fun of me princess.”
you drove for 15 minutes before arriving at his house. you took off your shoes and we went to his bedroom to get clothes for you.
“bathrooms there, hurry up.”
you rolled your eyes playfully. when you came out you smelled like him. you loved it. you all but skipped to his couch, sitting next to him. he pulls you into his lap. you shared a sweet kiss that made you feel so warm inside.
“jaemin. what are we?”
he thought for a moment.
“anything you want us to be princess.”
you smiled at him before laying your head down on his shoulder.
you never hated na jaemin, you decided.
it was all an act.
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perhapsthanatos · a month ago
꒰ ⌗ MY BLOODY VALENTINE; 03:38 am with taeyong! ꒱
⌕ ˒ pairing: taeyong x fem!reader
⌕ ˒ genre & au: fluff. non idol au. vampire!au.
⌕ ˒ playlist: loveless (the whole album) by my bloody valentine.
⌕ ˒ word count: 2260~
⌕ ˒ warnings: mentions of the other members (not a warning though). mentions of food. very brief mentions of smoking & drinking. blood. cursing. lowercase intended. not proofread. strictly a work of fiction.
⌕ ˒ note: this took awhile but hi! this was cute & i hope u enjoy! thanks to @fullsunfluff for saving mi ass as always w this fic (as well as @nct99 for entertaining my random questions lol sorry)! i just wanna remind u that i am no vampire expert so some things said here may be inaccurate & i apologize :( also do u guys like the new layout? im just experimenting w it still but do lmk what u think?
⌕ ˒ taglist: @yamyang & @fullsunfluff (if u wanna be added, lmk!)
“fuck,” the blonde hair boy exclaimed as he desperately rummaged through the empty drawers and cabinets of the dark old mansion.
stupid. taeyong is stupid. and taeyong was stupid enough to make a lethal mistake. a mistake that was definitely out of character for a strong leader like him.
the blood bank is normally closed on the weekends and he forgot to go on friday to have his meal, too busy playing video games because they didn’t have it for the past 600 years.
“doyoung!” he yells out in a panic, running over to the large living room to one of the many velvet couches where one of his coven members is seen wearing glasses and reading an old hard bound book. taeyong clumsily collapses by his side, but doyoung seems to pay no mind.
“i am so hungry, it’s ridiculous. i’ve been trying to be so good about it and i haven’t asked you in forever for blood, but i am dying. not literally yet, but still.”
“well we do have some blood bags stashed around, but we gave them to jaehyun because it’s his birthday today. and wait, didn’t i tell you to go get some on friday because they wouldn’t be open later? or were you too busy playing animal crossing again?”
“yes i know, you told me to go, but then i got lazy and didn’t go so here we are.”
“i know someone,” a voice announced from the corner of the room, slowly started walking out of the shadows. it was johnny, of course he knew someone.
“who exactly?” taeyong asked, now intrigued.
“a girl named y/n, i think she was the one that saved jisung from a werewolf incident and since then the younger ones have been close to her. i heard from jaemin that chenle gave her number to kun when he was dying of thirst.” johnny says cooly, now resting his shoulder on one of the fancy pillars.
“sounds too good to be true… i mean, a human genuinely allowing a vampire to drink their blood? there must be some sort of payment or motive—”
johnny cuts off doyoung’s ramblings by turning his head towards the extravagant entrance of the living room, shouting out for jeno’s name. the younger one, of course, shows up in lightning speed.
“you know y/n, right?”
“you’ve had her blood once, right?”
“no, haechan and kun have, but i was there when it happened.”
“she doesn’t make you do anything for it, right?”
“no, she just takes a nap after.”
“case closed!” johnny exclaims dramatically as he turns back to taeyong and doyoung, “y/n is our girl! we just ask her for blood and the deal is done!”
“we don’t have her number, and it’s kinda weird because i don’t know her,” taeyong whines, sinking himself further into the couch.
“but we used to do it all the time though? we just take a random peasant from the village and gobble gobble?” johnny argues childishly.
“that was long ago and times have changed, john.” doyoung chimes in, making johnny’s pout more exaggerated (taeyong mocks him).
jeno steps further in, closer to the older boys in curiosity. “i mean if you’re that hungry i’m sure she won’t mind, just don’t drain her please? i mean, she didn’t know kun but she let him drink her blood anyway. i swear she doesn’t have any ill intent, she’s far too sweet for that. i can give you her number if you want?”
after a moment of thinking, taeyong finally speaks up.
“okay, give me her number.”
“about time you asked!”
៹ ★ ˚ .
the night sky deepens as the morning comes inching nearer and nearer.
it’s an ungodly hour to be awake, at but hey, it’s valentines day and it’s not like you have anything better to do anyway. you aren’t gonna be going out with friends nor are you going out on a date, so you finally decided to pull an all nighter. lazily wasting away by watching old romantic films, wallowing in your sadness until you pass out on the couch. however, those plans were changed (rather quickly) until you got a text from an unknown number, claiming to be apart of the coven that you were familiar with. and after secretly checking in with renjun (just to be sure he wasn’t some creep), it was confirmed that you were gonna have some last minute plans.
knock knock knock!
you open the door to meet a man with blonde hair, pale skin and an all black outfit. he smiles from ear to ear, showing off his sharp and pointed canines. for a supposedly cold vampire, there was a certain welcoming warmth to him.
“hey, happy valentines day! i was really happy to see your message! i didn’t expect you to reply in such short notice as well since it’s pretty late for you. you’re y/n, right?” he smiles, a type of smile you would see from those stupid romcoms where the main character first meets their love interest. you suddenly feel guilty for not bothering to freshen up or change, thinking it was just going to be some guy who was gonna come, drink your blood, and go.
“yes, i am indeed y/n! and you’re taeyong, right?”
“yes! i actually brought you some flowers from our coven’s garden. i hope that it isn’t too weird considering why i’m here. but when you told me that you didn’t have any other plans, i figured i should do something for you for valentines day since you are doing this much for me. and i got some chocolate too, it’ll help your blood sugar back up later and it fits for today! i hope this is alright.”
he pulls out the gifts that he was hiding behind his back and tenderly hands them over to you. your heart almost drops at the sweet gesture, especially since he is someone you barely know. but even then, he took the time to do this for you anyway. but maybe you're overthinking it? it is valentines day afterall.
“for me? you really shouldn’t have. do i keep this?”
“you can keep it of course, i’ve heard some stories about you from the others and it seemed fitting,” he giggles at your shock, his face softening as you take a small sniff from the small bunch of white roses.
“taeyong, i’m so sorry that i was underprepared, i didn’t—“
“no, no. don’t apologize. i really didn’t expect anything. you allowing me to do this is well over enough.”
“no buts! you’re doing a lot, and i really do appreciate it. it’s not everyday that humans are willing to be a snack for vampires to eat. seriously. thank you.”
“it isn’t a big deal, thank you for the chocolates and roses. and before you ask, yes, you may enter.”
you lead him in, holding the door open as he curiously steps inside.
“oh hey, your place is nice~” he compliments, looking around your studio apartment as he takes off his beat up boots by the entrance. his bright red eyes going over the decorations and posters in awe, even noticing the little faux flowers and vines hanging from the loft above. even if you are both strangers who just met, this place seemed very you, and very cozy too.
“thanks. sorry for the mess too, i didn’t bother straightening things up awhile ago.”
“it’s alright, if anything i just barged in here in such short notice. and with the fairy lights and old posters, it’s actually quite cute,” he compliments, now sitting on the modern red english rolled arm couch comfortably. he moves some throw pillows, stuffed animals and random blankets around, watching you as you transfer the white roses into an empty vase in the kitchen area, leaving it in the center of your two-person dining table.
he claps. “ok so, i think you know all the usual stuff by now, right? since you are close with the coven, i trust you. not sick, no smoking, no medication prior, no alcohol, all the normal stuff, yes?” you sit next to him and nod in confirmation. you haven’t really left your apartment in a week and you haven’t smoked or drank with your friends in awhile, so you considered it to be safe enough.
“now, shall we begin?”
៹ ★ ˚ .
both of you start to get comfortable on the couch. you are sat next to him as he inches nearer.
“let’s settle in. i’m gonna pull you closer, is that okay?”
“sure,” you respond, your skin growing cold from his proximity. he gently places your legs over his as you rest your head on his shoulder. this certainly isn’t the first time you have gotten bitten, but this is definitely the first time a vampire took their time for you. not that they did anything against your will or treated you badly, they just rushed things due to the hunger and politely say their goodbyes afterwards. you felt your heart beat faster, and not from fear, but he seems to pick up on this. he gently uses his thumb to massage the area that he is going to bite on, to help calm you down and warm up the skin, making small talk while doing so.
“while we wait for your heart rate to slow down, what is a pretty girl like you doing this valentines day, hm?”
“like i said, i honestly have zero plans. everyone is out and busy and i kind of thought of using the day to stay up and sleep in. what about you?”
“i don’t have any plans for today too. valentines is more of a human holiday, but i’d be happy to celebrate with you. you’ll probably wanna take a nap after this but i can join and i can cook you some breakfast after. the sun is coming up soon, too. what do you say?”
you feel him smile as he whispers near your ear. you can’t help but giggle at his little antics.
“so are you asking me to be your valentine, taeyong?”
after a moment of thinking, taeyong sweetly tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear and away from your neck.
“well i guess i am asking you to be my valentine, huh? just right before i’m gonna make a snack out of you.”
“how romantic indeed.”
you both laugh, unconsciously holding each other a little closer.
“but, in all seriousness, it can be whatever you want it to be. a friend date, a real date or just some valentines day fun. i just wanna get to know you. you seem quite nice.”
“i seem quite nice? well, i don’t have any other plans so why don’t you stay until night falls?”
“of course.”
there is no way you are real. he thinks to himself, a stranger (more specifically, a human stranger) treating him as if he were a friend feels like an utter dream. for the past hundreds of years he has lived for, he has gone on to be so used to being kicked out and shunned left and right, having to retreat to his coven with scars all over him. you making him feel at home makes his non beating heart flutter.
“ok, so i’ll wrap some blankets around you so you don’t get cold from the blood loss afterwards. i know you know that i won’t take much, but i’d rather be safe than sorry. and also because i’m sure the others will kill me if i accidentally drained you,“ he says, tying up the sleeves together as if you were a baby. he smiles again for the hundredth time that morning as you already start to look sleepy.
“they sure do seem to talk about me a lot, do they?”
“they do, my dear,” he endearingly boops your nose. “you cozy?”
“mhm,” you hum, closing your eyes. “you gonna bite me now, or?”
“eager, are we?”
“nope, i just wanna nap afterwards.”
“ok,” he leans in. “are you ready? if you want me to stop, just tap me three times and i will.”
you hum in response as he immediately takes a bite, leeching on your neck. you slightly squirm in his tight grip, his fangs snuggly fitting in your scars from the previous bites. your body turns numb as he draws out more and more blood, his lips subtly blurring against your skin, definitely leaving a bruise.
៹ ★ ˚ .
after a few moments, he finally pulls away from your neck with a long sigh and satisfied hum. he uses two fingers to press down on the bite to stop it from bleeding further, checking your facial expressions if he accidentally took too much.
“was it good?” you ask him, repositioning your head from his shoulder to see his face better.
“more than good. the best valentines gift. thank you for trusting me,” he whispers, tucking you into him even further. he rests his cheek on your forehead, patting your hair at a steady and slow pace to help lull you to sleep quicker.
“shhh, rest now. you seem sleepy from the bite. it’s honestly really cute.”
you can only hum in response, closing your eyes to help regain your energy.
“hey y/n, i know we just met but i’m happy i get to be your valentine.” he looks at you, expecting a cute answer and having a cute little moment, but his face falls as you already start to snore.
© perhapsthanatos (efa)
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tj-shmt · a month ago
A Day of Curation
Unless its Wednesday, it should be around 11am right now when i get up. First things first, put in my headphones and go get some good music! Its Monday - time to listen to my Discover Weekly playlist, which Spotify usually tailors perfectly to my tastes.
Tumblr media
1. 🎶 SPOTIFY 🎶
Fun fact - this weeks "Discover Weekly" suggs. Usually I get the best music from there. I don't really recall the last time any of my friends really showed a song I didn't already know or was adequately good. Tho, I have to give Amelie some credit here, she constanly hits me with great Spanish tunes. (Also to Jasi and Safae which hit me up with some dope music from time to time) I mostly get inspiration from (sad to say but its true) tik tok or by randomly shazaming the world. I also really hate to limit myslfe to music i understand. On the contrary I LOVE LOVE LOVE music arround the world. Trust me i hear Tibetian Throat Singing to Russian Electro and even Islandic and Nativ American Tribal Music. To give you an impression of how important music consumption is for me:
Last Year i spent a total of 210 441 minutes on spotify alone. That is about 9 Hours a day. The average person uses Spotify for about 18 000 minutes a year. (My friend took the freedom to calculate how much money Spotify "looses" by my consumption. i pay $30 a year an Spotify gives $0,004891 per stream to the creator. An average of 3 minutes per song (70.000 streams) means spotify pays $342.37 to the creators. Thats $312.37 of deficit LOL)
Apart form that i cant really give Spotify a certain schedule when i listen to it cuz i listen to it all the time. During gaming, during coding, laundry, gym, work, class, before sleep. ✨Always✨
Tumblr media
2. 💬 WhatsApp 💬
There is nothing better than sleeping for an eternity while everyone is already awake for probably 4 or more hours, working! *laughs in privileged design student* Since everyone is already living its live while I still drool, I gotta get up to date in the morning. Before i even leave bed, i checke my messages there. Similar to Spotify, I use WhatsApp the whole day and can't really tell when I would not use it. Except, my phone is always on silent (casual zennial phone call phobia) meaning i wont notice anything while zoning out or gaming (which usualy is the same).
Tumblr media
3. 👨‍🏫 TEAMS 👩‍🏫
Yeah Yeah i can already hear it. "You wake up 5 minutes before class withouth breakfast or anything..." - bla bla bla. Yeah that is the case! I would usuly go on teams and enter the classroom, while preparing a breakfast (if you can call it breakfast after 12) sit down at my desk and listen to class. Causally everything that is too theoretical with music and whatsapp. Other classes that are interesting I`ll put my full attention to it.
But i hate teams in gerneral. Not cuz its sh**, no, usualy people that do their clases there have a weird way of using it. Finding material or looking up homeworks is such a struggle sometimes. (Props to you Kevin here, I have never seen anybody using teams in such a clean and struktured way than you do. Even tho you dont neccesarily use it as it was meant to be. (which might be the turning point on why its great))
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4. 📺 YouTube 📺
Yup YouTube is usually the place to go after (sometimes during (I NEVER SAID THAT!)) class.
Actually, YouTube is the place to go for me. Relaxation, Entertainment, knowledge - anything! After class I'd usually watch "Cut" or other channels that produce let's plays or entertainment of some sort.
But it's also THE place to go during coding. I rather listen to Lofi or (Slowed, Reverbed) Music that doesnt really distract me. ALSO, during coding watch A SH*TLOAD OF TUTORIALS, cuz I am proud selftaught Zennial. #BestOfBothWorlds
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5. 👨‍🍳 CHEFKOCH 👨‍🍳
I love to try new things and I constantly stalk the web for new recipes. Lately a lot of Asian and Vegan stuff. Chefkoch is the app to go where i also write down my own recipes to have them with me all the time. Great thing here is, i share this account with all my family members (currently 13, including my mom, aunts, other relatives). Great way to share the secret family recipes at any time!
(Cant recommend the recipe in the img, tho!)
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Unlike all my sporty friends that used to hit the gym before covid and not got lazy, I started to use Training Apps like Addidas Training with its free Workout plans. I use it regularly and am happy i finally found a way to stay sporty.
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7. ⌨️ VS CODE ⌨️
Its either Visual Studio Code, where I would code on my current project, or gaming. As mentioned above, I would get most of the inspiration from tutorials or using dev tools on different platforms.
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8. 🎤 DISCORD 🎮
I´ll use Discord as a general term for Gaming since I play a lot but many different games, tho, always use discord to communicate with my freinds while gaming.
A great place to share random BS with friends and talk about anything that comes to my mind. I spent most of the evenings on Discord with my friends. Always did, in fact. Maybe the reason why I don't really feel so affected by the pandemic. I am used to being separated from my friends since they live all over Germany or the world in general. I always enjoy Online Live Events WITH my friends.
For me the web as always been a "with" not an "alone", which is why I never understand why so may struggle with feeling "alone" on live events online. JUST GRAB A FRIEND AND DISCOVER IT ✨TOGETHER✨!
Tumblr media
Since I use both the same amount there is not thos or that. I never Really let anybody recommend me anything, cuz ... trust me, I WON'T watch it. IDK why that is, but I need a specific mood for each show. And nobody but myself can provide that. Probably why most ove the algorithms (esp Netflix) do not have an effect on me. I'm not in the mood for your ****, sorry!
Never the less, i periodically Binge a Series and then feel empty after it ended. Then i need some time to face reality again.
Funny tho, I binged Starwars Rebels on Disney+ and after it ended i just decide to buy 4 books on amazon that expand the story to starwars (#nerd i know). I will spend the next few months reading and probably not watching anything on both Streaming services.
Tumblr media
10. 🤤 TIKTOK 🌈
... YUP.... I grew up with vine ... but TikTok got me. And honestly I don't regret it. It's the perfect algorithm that constantly finds the best videos that feed my thirsty queer ass. I mean ...
LOOK AT THE IMG ABOVE. YES, give me more....!
Its prolly not good for my digital wellbeing or my mental health but do I care at the moment..? noooooo...
Just give me more of Starwars Parodies, Sleepwalkers, Best off's of streamers, Queer content (cuz its time this heteronormativity world is fed with it! and no i do not indentify as anyting, im just the + at the very far end!) and yeah, even some sexy content if the creator feels good about it.
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