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#not really
vikos-nerd-world · a minute ago
Tumblr media
Today was a hard day so I decided to treat myself to feel better (and it helped. Ocs are my coping mechanism:,3 I love him. I also realized I haven't really drawn for me in a while so bam baby number 2-)
This pink strawberry boy is Prince Koi Mospatch. He's not actually a prince, his family members just have names that represent royalty (example, his father's name is King) but he goes by Koi. He a wealthy young frog who is from Ribbitvale but is currently on a mission to find his one true love and stays near wortwood in his family's vacation home with his butlers. He's a kind aloof boy, he's not the strongest but he is a gentleman. He's smart but his heart makes him into a big dummy. Back home, his parents are losing wealth and dont want to lose their status so he was orginally supposed to date another wealthy frog so the families could join as one (kinda like what almost happened with Sprig and Ivy-) but he made a deal that if he could find true love by the time he must return home, he wouldn't have to be in a business relationship (of course either way that wont happen their just a dramatic family akaiwjs). It's your typical froggy family drama and I love it. He is super dramatic, and wont be afraid to express it.
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afterstylesmadeit · a minute ago
So apparently Harry is in Italy for acting and not music. Filming the Venice scenes in My Policeman.
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doodlemeimpressed · a minute ago
Fake Relationship Fics be like Chapters: 47/47
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sleepysailorjunko · 4 minutes ago
hear me out: Buffy the Vampire Slayer would make a pretty good Sailor Moon au??
like the Queen curses the dying Prince Endymion with eternal life-as long as he feeds on the men who were once his subjects to sustain himself. He's forbidden to walk under day's light so she can look with disdain upon him from the moon and curse him for being the reason her daughter no longer lives.
Eventually, Luna, a watcher of sorts, arrives to tell Usagi of her destiny as Sailor Moon.
they just work together really well I think.
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ggerbage · 4 minutes ago
if taeyong's next song really is "back to the past" it's over for me 😭 my heart is not ready for that 😭
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bluewishesss · 5 minutes ago
asking about your fnaf au! do you have some random things you want to tell about it that arent long enough to have its own post?
also, how did the mike fritz and jeremy meet? that is, if you haven't told yet.
Not everything is set in stone, since im still working out the whole timeline n stuff so,,,
Fritz and Jeremey met pre-series, having gone to high-school together and for a bit being roommates (but Fritz moved out since he wanted to have a cat and Jeremy was horribly allergic so). They kept in contact tho, going to the library together n stuff (their own lil book club except its them making fun of bad writing), until both of em got jobs at a Freddy's place at around the same time and met their respective animatronics, Both wanted to tell the other about "Hey I got weird robots, they're sentient uhhh wanna meet em?" but didn't want to sound crazy. Eventually they Did tell each other, basically at the same time. They've remained friends, visited each others pizzerias, and help each other when need be (like that one time Funtime Freddy decided he could go through vents despite being like 8 ft. tall). [Note that their pizzerias are kinda far from each other and also far from Mike's, since I didn't think all of these should be at the same town since.. Y'know.]
Jeremy and Mike meet through Mike's animatronics having a mishap and needing to be repaired, before Mike was really good at at mechanics stuff (plus he needed parts). I can't say when this would be but it'd be early on (in this au plot stuff happens slower, bc I felt like the animatronics and Mike should know each other for longer), when someone's injured. The FNAF2 pizzeria being the closest place, he went over with a few animatronics in tow and was surprised to find the toy bots were also sentient. Jeremy was understanding and came back to Mike's pizzeria and fixed up whoever it was that was broken, giving Mike instructions on how to do it as he did. They remained friends and Mike would usually call Jeremy for pointers.
Mike and Fritz met through a very weird set of circumstances, set after Mike found Springtrap in the factory but before Ennard-stuff (note that Ennard this au is a separate entity from the Funtimes). Funtime Freddy, who gets lost often, leaving the facility just because he was bored or thought he saw something (he's a sweetie pie and isn't dumb but... y'know), he ended up at Mike's pizzeria. Mike took him back (much to the Funtimes and Fritz's joy, though the latter didn't show it much bc y'know). Mike n Fritz became acquaintances, later becoming friends due to their mutual friend of Jeremy (who has a great sense of intuition concerning people n places). Fritz gets hella freaked out by all the stuff that's happened to Mike since "Hey that's is A Child" (even though he's like 18 lmao) and becomes a bit protective tbh?? It's sweet.
and as for other stuff for the au,
Mike typically only wears work clothes bc they're easy to draw because that's kinda a uniform (plus he has like several copies of the same outfit), but outside of work he wears generally v tight n colorful clothes w fluffy stuff too. I cannot describe What I mean But-
The whole band, including Mike, when tired, just kinda flop on top of each other into The Nap Pile™ Mikes on top since they thought he was a lil squishy human (and they don't want their nerd squished to death).
I cannot decide if I want them to find Springtrap, him attack and identify Mike and then run away, or them find him, him recognizing Mike right away and not leaving his side like a overgrown puppy (who will try to fight anyone coming near). I think both are fun But? I'm leaning towards the latter bc its nice and leans more into the family theme I want to have.
Mike's middle name is Charlie because. Yeah
Freddy was the first to wake up, then Chica, then Foxy, then Bonnie, and then at some point Puppet and Golden Freddy showed up,
Gently gives Mike some trauma. (it takes him a while to come to terms with stuff happening, like him being a robot, someone who he then though was a murderer was his father and was undead)
Dont think the animatronics are safe from the trauma stick (Freddy and Chica have their collective hey we fuckin died at the same time solidarity, Foxy realize hey wait a minute im a dead kid adn has a mental breakdown, Bonnie is.. Yknow idk for Bonnie???)
This was getting long so I'll stop here.
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sukirichi · 5 minutes ago
BESTTIEE UMM WHAT ABOUT IN YHR TROPHY WIFE UNIVERSE??? i dont know how long naoya and y/n have been married for but im sure maki atleast knows or heard of her, right??
like maki inahilated every zenin right (naoya, our love, deserves better smh. gege showed us like his baby pictures and made him dip?? nah nah hell no💀💀)? what about y/n?? do you think she'll kill her too?? or?
but THINK bestie THINK. what if y/n also has naoya's child, then what
also what if the room naoya got killed in was their shared bedroom
i've asked something similar before and im not if you saw but what would happen to the trophy wife universe if you were to continue it off after chapter 152? since maki is after every zenin do you think she'll kill you too?
not sure how long we've been married but im sure maki knows we exist. and based off the personality to wrote off for trophy wife! y/n, they're a nice person? so would maki still,,, kill her? or
BESTIEEE FORGIVE ME i’m trying to answer to everyone rn ashskalala ( •᷄ - •᷅ ) and yes I saw this oop sorry for the late response, I couldn’t really answer to this after news of his death bcos I was busy weeping ( •᷄ - •᷅ )
Anyways if ch152 happened in the TF Universe then it is...its gonna get wild. Yes, Maki definitely knows his trophy wife and even wonders why we are so devoted and in love with him. Let’s just say Naoya is only affectionate behind closed doors and to others, he might seem as if he doesn’t care about us when it does, and it shows because Husband Naoya is surprisingly gentle with his words but only for his wife.
NO OMG that is torture 😭💀 imagine Naoya crawling to that one certain room for safety because that’s our room and he was seeking us but we weren’t there bcos the clan knew Maki would go on a rampage and Naoya sent us somewhere safer while he and the other clan soldiers fought 😭 Naoya’s trophy wife is a very sweet person, actually, it makes people go huh??? bcos they are so polite and welcoming to everyone, YET their husband is this mean, rude, brash man who looks down on everyone. No, Maki would not kill his trophy wife in this universe because she hasn’t done anything wrong, his trophy wife was always caring and giving gifts to everyone even after Naoya said his family is unkind and not worth presents or niceties. If anything, Maki might just feel bad because Y/N could be pregnant with Naoya’s baby too or perhaps Naori is already an innocent little boy, but that would no longer be her concern. Y/N is just alone now. She wouldn’t seek revenge against Maki either; Y/N will just mourn his death and probably visit his grave (if he ever was given a proper burial) every day with his favorite flowers. And yes Naoya can like flowers, but only after he met his trophy wife 😭
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dragonbleps2 · 6 minutes ago
I think I will get my jammies on, wash my face, brush me teeth, finish the dishes, then make me some Peppermint tea that I bought today and watch some videos uwu
Maybe I will bring my laptop upstairs to watch in bed so I can lay down when im tired
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plan-d-to-i · 6 minutes ago
i don't find yanli evil she was loving but she never seemed to find anything wrong with neither the way her brother and mother treated WWX nor with the way JZX treated her, it's like misstreatment wasn't a big deal to her so she never was offended on her own nor WWX's behalf and never thought he needed help until it was too late and it makes me feel even worse for wei ying because the most loved and cared for he ever felt was from someone who didn't even go that hard for him to keep him safe
This is so belated sorry anon! 🥲 I agree! She naturally wasn’t evil. Ultimately she was a woman who grew up with immense privilege so she was totally out of touch when it came to the Wens & WWX barely scraping by in the Burial Mounds.
“It makes me feel even worse for wei ying Because the most loved and cared for he ever felt was from someone who didn’t even go that hard for him”
🥲💯. I think the tree leap illustrates best the contrast between how her care for him was never going to be the whole, unconditional love & protection of Lan Wangji. It was always going to fall short, regardless of her approaching it w the best intentions.
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cryptic-rainfall · 6 minutes ago
even when things go right for me they somehow have to go wrong at the same time
my move went well and my graduate program about to start on a good note, boom computer needs to be repaired. I get my computer back and get on top of my work, boom my sister has a meltdown over finals and I need to intervene. I somehow turn in stuff on time despite being behind by neglecting other tasks, boom the school website doesn’t redirect me to the sign-in page and I can’t access my university stuff
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soulless-puppy · 10 minutes ago
Being an ex-Christian is like
Sleeping in on sundays and thinking it’s the height of luxury
Tarot feels powerful and validating and a little naughty
Still rocking out to that one Third Day live album so much that Spotify tells you “that’s So You” on your horoscope playlist
I can’t believe I spent x number of years avoiding R-rated movies and masturbation, what a waste
Omg 90% of my religion was social anxiety
How come I never heard dirty versions of veggie tales songs at church camp how did no one stop and think “I Love My Lips” might be strange for children to sing
Murder podcasts
Reading incest fanfic and wondering why the incest is supposed to be the most shocking part
I wish I had tried to hook up with guys at church camp, everyone thought I was a slut for listening to pop music anyway
There is nothing after death everything just stops wow that’s a relief but also I regret volunteering at vacation bible school that was like 12 weeks out of my finite life spent on stale goldfish and bad skits
I want to be a witch, where do I start
Bisexual and confused all the time
Telling kids they’re going to hell is child abuse and yes I will say that bluntly on thanksgiving in front of grandma
Fuck is definitely my favorite word
I haven’t cracked open a bible in years but I still remember enough to make a Baptist pastor angry that women can legally read
Socialism is what St Stephen was stoned for, fuck you
Switching between porn and religious trauma ~nostalgia~ playlists and back to porn
Wait he wasn’t trying to focus on Jesus and not dating he was GAY, OMG
I forgot that Balam’s donkey was a thing and had to sit down and process that that is something my father 100% believes in
Wait I didn’t want to be Jennifer Knapp, I had a massive crush on Jennifer Knapp omg
Why did I have to waste my time being Protestant??? Catholicism seems so fucked up but a little sexy, man
Yes I still pray when I can’t find my keys shut up and help me find my keys
Sorry can you slow down a bit my parents didn’t allow me to learn science while homeschooling, explain it to me like I’m ten
I wish there was a heaven so that I could kick the Apostle Paul in the shins when I arrived and then leave immediately
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prubun · 11 minutes ago
If you could make me write anything -- a ship, genre, a scene, anything -- what would it be?
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ysabellious · 12 minutes ago
ohoho >:3c I’m glad you liked it! (and since I never posted it anywhere else, here’s the video feral’s talking about)
I’m really hoping to find time to finish it before the end of the year, 7 minutes of animatic is a real chonker to plan out :’D
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