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swimmingstudentchaos8912 minutes ago
i love listening to my roommate talk to her friends about how bad her sex life is going and all of them making a pact of "only women for this year" hell yeah you go girl
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neurodivergent-sidon2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Guess who messed with 3d modelling 馃槇馃槇 Its really simple looking and I put a gay render over it enjoy
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godlecter2 minutes ago
but each night... i bury my love around you...
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sendipityskkyyed3 minutes ago
My bangs have grown out in such a weird way I want to cut them again
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stonechild4 minutes ago
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capslockdoesntexpressmyjoy4 minutes ago
Whenever those 鈥淭ell us the song your brain鈥檚 currently wringing dopamine out of!鈥 posts come around I immediately forget anything I鈥檝e ever listened to but rn, and for the last three days, it鈥檚 been 鈥淎 Dustland Fairytale鈥 by The Killers
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actualfarless4 minutes ago
Star Crossed Lovers
You are a Hero summoned to deal with the Demon King. After fighting your way through hordes of the Demon King's minions, you find yourself face-to-face with the Demon King. They're from the planet you were summoned from, and your most fond person.
Story below or read on Wattpad.
Paladin climbed the steps to the Demon King鈥檚 castle, his knuckles white on the hilt of his blade. Once the mightiest sea in Decipere, the desert stretched for miles far below, beyond where the black sky met the barren earth. Twisted trees stripped of green filled what had been a forest on the cliff. Every minute in the Demon King鈥檚 wasteland a reminder of all the hurt he caused. Every second was a reminder of Paladin鈥檚 duty.聽
Every step was one closer to home.
His lone heartbeat in this desolate place urged him onward. Three years ago, the desperate citizens of Decipere summoned Paladin to their aid. The Demon King unleashed hordes on the land, conquering nations, turning them into wastes, and slaughtering thousands. Those who survived ran, but the Demon King鈥檚 reach expanded to the globe. In the end, they hid in camps in sacred places where even the most vile creatures of hell dare not tread. The people of Decipere prayed and wished and hoped upon the final star in the night sky.
Paladin was their last hope.
He reminded himself of that every night when the cold set in his bones. He reminded himself every time he fought a demon. And when his mentor, Logan, fell to the horde. And when Kyrie lost herself to darkness. When an entire village burned because of his mistake.
Paladin was their last hope. If he wished to free the people of Decipere from tyranny, if he wished to see home again, he would need to kill the Demon King.
He paused at the door to the keep, a large stone thing of ancient Leogere construction. Few buildings like it existed anymore, either fallen to time or the tyrant, but those that stood were places of great power. If Paladin were to kill the Demon King, it would be here, where his power was greatest.
Paladin pointed his sword to Hearth, to home, charging the runeblade with the star鈥檚 magic.
Then he stepped inside.
The room was dark. No surprise. Legends said the dark magic claimed his eyes long ago. Even if they were wrong, shadow sight was minor magic. Paladin could perform the trick himself, if he so wished, but there was no need. He trained with the monks of Ludere. Were he deaf and blind, he could fight as well as any soldier.
Paladin made note of the shadowy details of the great room, not that there were many. The room was almost as barren as the wasteland outside, save for the few banners covering any possible window and the sconces placed on buttresses. At the far end, on his throne of skulls, sat the Demon King.
鈥淪o, you have come at last,鈥 said the Demon King, his tone almost bored. His voice echoed off the stone walls.聽 Paladin pointed his sword at the Demon King. 鈥淎m I to meet my end, Paladin?鈥
Paladin hesitated. The Demon King had spoken the exact words he鈥檇 thought. There were rumors that the tyrant could read minds, but few survived the Demon King and fewer were in a state of coherency. Paladin had taken precautions against this power just in case. He doubted there was any real threat to his mind, so long as he stood and breathed.
Paladin had another concern. His voice was familiar.
鈥淚 am their final hope,鈥 Paladin told himself. Feeling the resolve, he tightened his grip on his blade and took a step toward the Demon King. The charged magic hummed beneath his fingertips. 鈥淵our curse upon this world has gone on long enough. It ends today.鈥
鈥淣o, my dear Paladin, it doesn鈥檛.鈥
Paladin saw his adversary twitch and managed to call upon his magic before the impact hit. It would be too weak to cause any real damage, but hopefully it would prevent the Demon King from following up his attack before Paladin could recover. A wave of force knocked Paladin backwards, flinging him through the air with the ease of a man tossing a ball. Starlight filled the room as a thin beam followed Paladin鈥檚 blade as he tumbled through the air. The stone cracked on the floor, wall, and ceiling and the arm of the Demon King鈥檚 throne fell to the ground. The tyrant himself lay on the floor where he had flung himself out of the magic鈥檚 path.
Both recovered at the same time, standing on opposite ends of the hall. A rune had dimmed on Paladin鈥檚 sword, reminding him of his limit. Once the power was gone, he would have nothing more than his martial skills and the few spells he memorized.
It wouldn鈥檛 be enough to kill the Demon King.
Once again, the Demon King fired another wave of force at Paladin, but he was ready this time, planting his feet firmly on the ground and bracing himself with magic. The force loosened his helmet and flare his cloak, but nothing more. The Demon King followed his magic with a heavy strike from his axe, closing the distance too quickly for a human. The dust had barely cleared, and Paladin was on the defensive.
He deflected the Demon King鈥檚 axe with his blade. He attempted to retaliate but noticed the Demon King鈥檚 clenched fist in time to dodge back. Fire filled the space between them, where Paladin鈥檚 head once was. The heat cascaded over his body.
Calling on his training, Paladin fixed his footing, deflecting the Demon King鈥檚 strikes and dodging magic. Each attack started before the last was complete, leaving no gaps for Paladin to use. Each was too close and too well placed. The pair found a rhythm, turning the fight into a dance.聽
A single mistake would cost Paladin his life. He bided his time. To say they were evenly matched was generous to Paladin, but he held his own. Then, as the Demon King, recoiled from a particularly well timed block, Paladin saw his chance. He closed the distance, ramming his shoulder into the Demon King鈥檚 masked face. Knowing this would likely be his last chance, that if he didn鈥檛 make this blow lethal, he would die, Paladin called all the remaining magic into his runeblade brought the charged blade down.
He saw the smile beneath the crack too late.
The Demon King released a wave of force. Unlike his earlier attacks, this was directionless, expanding in all directions with explosive force. Paladin couldn鈥檛 counter it quickly enough. The runeblade went flying, tearing the room apart with his starlight beam, narrowly missing the two combatants. Paladin landed on his back hard. He grunted in pain as all the air left his body. His helmet and pauldrons and every loosely strapped piece of armor flew off.
He knew he was defeated.
The final blow never came. Paladin slowly rose to his feet, trying his best to ignore the throbbing in his head. His vision slowly cleared and he saw the Demon King standing there, exposed lips trembling. The Demon King鈥檚 axe law on the ground. For a moment, Paladin thought he鈥檇 won. Somehow, his sword鈥檚 magic had cut through the Demon King, vanquishing his foe once and for all.
But no, he wouldn鈥檛 be so lucky.
鈥淏ailey,鈥 the Demon King said in a whisper, carried to Paladin鈥檚 ears on a soft whisper.
Paladin felt his heart skip a beat. He was beaten, bruised, and disarmed, but hearing that word - that voice - defeated him. He dropped his arms to his side, staring at the Demon King with tears in his eyes. The Demon King lifted his mask, but Paladin didn鈥檛 need to see his face. He already knew.
The two men approached cautiously, in disbelief of the sight before their eyes. Bailey took Isaac into his arms, wrapping the man into a tight embrace, ignoring his pained grunts and suppressing his own body鈥檚 screams as Isaac returned the hug. His body ached, but it was nothing compared to the ache that he carried in his heart for five years. Though they both looked different, older and more muscular, Isaac looked the same to Bailey. Bailey looked the same to Isaac.
They stared into each other鈥檚 eyes for too long. With too many questions and too complex answers, they settled for silent admiration. Isaac ran his hand along Bailey鈥檚 chin, appreciating the rough feel of his stubble. Bailey held Isaac. Finally, unable to resist any longer, they kissed for the first time in almost half a decade. It wasn鈥檛 the answer to their questions, but it was enough for now. For the first time in years, Bailey鈥檚 heart was light.
He knew he would be going home.
Isaac knew he wouldn鈥檛.
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bastardsunlight5 minutes ago
[Lionhawk because you KNOW ya girl always asks] 鈥淐an I kiss you?鈥
鈥淗m?鈥 Leon looks up from the drink he is so expertly mixing and meets her mismatched eyes. This is a quality about her that he finds so very endearing, the color of her eyes鈥攊t鈥檚 so unique, so different. The request of consent is also unique, but so much more precious to him than her looks could ever be.
鈥淵eah,鈥 he breathes. Of course,is the silent follow-up as he leans forward to offer his face for whatever kind of kiss she might offer.
send "can I kiss you" and see how my muse reacts
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littlediotima5 minutes ago
yeah men have wanted me to call them daddy before but making me a comfy lil nest in his bed while he goes and cooks for us is actual top tier daddy energy
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stanforderadean7 minutes ago
anyway here鈥檚 the stanford era dean fic aesthetic tag if u wanna go wild
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marv3l-drag0ns7 minutes ago
My dad has Harry Potter 7 2/2 on as i write and honestly Rowling had 0 planning for the repercusions of the geminio curse.聽
If it duplicates the thing, then it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to make a fuckton of money.聽
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variantia9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
BELLUM.聽聽 you know, Vesper might be assigned to be a guardian angel right now, but you know where I think it would be nice for him to end up ?
as one of the angels of death
not someone who comes to kill someone who鈥檚 meant to die, but someone who comes to escort them to their eternity
special focus on children who need to be guided to heaven, because why not ?聽聽 that kind of thing needs gentle pushing, and soft comfort, and quiet reassurances, and those are Vesper鈥檚 BIGGEST specialties
... yes, I鈥檓 watching Touched By An Angel and I love Andrew and what鈥檚 your point ??????
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feriferfer9 minutes ago
Fine Jon, you can direct the Wicked movie.
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spoopyslayer9 minutes ago
Please cooperate im going to bite your hand off
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