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coldakerart · 2 minutes ago
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decided to finish the original sketch i was in a mood
more food for ir the hughdebeste nation
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askaceattorney · 9 minutes ago
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Dear PSI,
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Hehehehe don’t worry about it, Pal. Salary cuts aren’t fun, but they’re not the worst thing to happen or something that could ruin my life.
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Say, maybe you can show me to the best noodles! That’d be a really great help!
- Dick Gumshoe
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arofili · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
For Want of a Queen
Since when has the High King of the Noldor needed a queen?
for @aspecardaweek Day 7: Freeform! in which Gil-galad does NOT want to get married...
Rating: T | No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Gil-galad & Erestor & Elrond Characters: Gil-galad, Erestor, Elrond Word count: 1.3k
Event warnings: implied sex, trans content (genderfluid!Erestor) Other warnings: amatonormativity
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brodorokihousuke · 15 minutes ago
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It just sounds like he’s describing Phoenix
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zackcrazyvalentine · 20 minutes ago
Ace is the dad kids are to embarrassed to tell their friends about
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dailyedgeworth · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
today, tried out some krita brushes with an embarassed edgeworth
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emilyace · 29 minutes ago
Hey I know I have like 20 followers but I thought some of you would like to know that I now have an aromantic positivity blog because reasons
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faultyparagonfiction · 31 minutes ago
Chapters: 90/?
Rating: M (may change). Check AO3 for more comprehensive tags/warnings.
Summary: Miles Edgeworth is an expert in many things, but the warmth of another is not one of them. Phoenix has always been a good teacher, though.
-aka Miles is touch-starved and Phoenix is ready to change that. Wrightworth.
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adery-n · 33 minutes ago
Just so you know... this post has curse words lol
I am an idiot.
I just realized two days ago that I’m biromantic.
Before I came out, I was constantly complaining that I was straight, and I said things like, “I reaaaally wish I could date girls. They’re sooo pretty. But of course I just HAD to be straight.”
Like bitch how dumb can you be? If you want to date girls you’re not fuckin’ straight.
And my asexual ass said things like, “I don’t care what’s in their pants. I care more about their personality.”
I had this whole year-long existential crisis thinking I was aromantic because I couldn’t tell the difference between a crush on a guy and a friendship with a girl.
And why do you think that was? Because those “girl crushes” you had were more than platonic and you just didn’t know it.
Wait, you mean thinking about kissing your best friend isn’t a straight thing?
It’s so funny to look back at how blind I was.
Did you get jealous of the prettiest girl in your grade because she got all of the guy’s attention, or did you low-key hate seeing her with guys she didn’t deserve?
Don’t lie you blind idiot. You thought she was really cute and got jealous when you saw her with other people.
And I used to say, “I like guys that can embrace their femininity. Painted nails? Pierced ears? Long hair? Amazing. I also don’t like guys with facial hair.”
Like bitch you’re obviously bi with a preference for girls. Why did it take me so long to figure that out?
I have no fucking clue.
And I always found my way to the bisexual side of tiktok smh I’m so dumb.
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acciothecookies · 36 minutes ago
dumbass ace moment-
i was talking to my mom about game of thrones (i noticed she had the books, btw i have never watched/read/ i know next to nothing about the series except that there are a ton of deaths apparently lol anyways) i was like “oh hey, i need a new series can i read it” and she went “uhhh.. i’m not sure if you’d want to. it’s not really age appropriate” (me: “huh wdym?”) “i mean you can if you want but its descriptive. like really descriptive.”
naturally, my face  lit up as i said: “OHH COOL!!! NO I L O V E DESCRIPTIVE BOOKS!!!!  :D :D like anne of green gables or pride and prejudice!! don’t worry, ik that stuff is hard to read sometimes but i can handle its-”
my mom: “- uh, no... alex, i mean.. like intimate descriptions..
me: *visible confusion* 
(my sister, from the background: “what did you think she meant????”
me: like.. like how flowery descriptive books are harder to read sometimes..? no..?
my sister: *concerned noises* no.)
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two-nipples-maybe-more · 43 minutes ago
"Your hatred for me is quite unhealthy, not to mention one-sided." "It looks like there is still a lot you have to learn." "She is someone who needs a person in whom she can trust absolutely, and once she finds that person she'll do anything she can to keep them near." my man really faced his horrifying childhood trauma, realized he got gaslighted his entire life, saw himself start to repeat his mentor's abuse tactics and went "you know what? no" then faked his death for a year to go to therapy. i love miles so much, your fave could NEVER
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marchmourns · 46 minutes ago
i really want furuya’s grandpa and komadai fujimaki’s coach to be rivals or something. cause we know his grandpa has played at koshien before soooo..... i’m just sayin.
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ohmightyistus · 47 minutes ago
lanamia REAL. canonically attracted to each other.... i really really love lanamia because mia deserves SO much better than a man who called her kitten incessantly long before they were dating (yes i do like godot. it is diego who i dislike). it also makes 1-2 even more painful bc lana was canonically being blackmailed by redd... i don't have extensive thoughts on them bc i didn't pay a ton of attention to rtfa but i really enjoy their hypothetical dynamic and i've read a solid few fics. i really like the idea that they would probably have worked on cases together, both when lana was a detective and when she was a prosecutor... anyway they are criminally underrated someone should make a fangame that's mia fey: ace attorney that focuses on their relationship bc i like them That Much.
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hmcarstairs · 48 minutes ago
counting down with you is my new comfort book. i love that book sm
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ace-culture-is · 49 minutes ago
Ace culture is trying to DESPERATELY understand why sex is appealing to so many people
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