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#star trek
starfleet-jelly · 2 minutes ago
ooooh a new star trek writing blog!!! could i request any kind of soft and fluffy tos kirk? it has been a Long Day and he is such a comfort
I hope this is what you wanted! Please enjoy (◕‿◕✿)
It was just another exhausting day on the Enterprise. There was an attack on a Federation colony not far from where the Enterprise was exploring. Kirk and his crew had spent days cleaning up the wreckage and helping the injured until other ships could come and tend to the disaster. Kirk was sore, he wasn’t just going to let his crew do all the work, but with his muscles screaming how they were, he almost wished he had. Kirk was finally done with his shift and wanted to be back at his quarters as soon as possible. The only thing on his mind right now was his beautiful s/o who was probably asleep in his quarters right now. Kirk has only seen them a few times over the last couple of days since they began to help the colony, they hadn’t really talked to each other besides the occasional How was your day? He didn’t like the idea of being away from his s/o this much and missed the contact.
Kirk opened the door to his quarters and walked in. Almost immediately after the doors closed he was taking off his shirt and tossing it onto the floor. From the corner of his eye he could see a figure stir in his bed. He smirked and kicked off his boots as he walked over to the bed and crawled into it. (y/n) rolled over and wrapped their arms around him. “You’ve been gone for almost 16 hours, Jim, I didn’t think I'd ever see you again.” they said jokingly and giving the blonde a peck on the cheek. “I almost didn’t think I would be back this early, but Mr. Spock said he would take over so I could have some rest.” Kirk said as he placed his arms around his s/o’s waist pulling them to his chest. (y/n) cuddled into Kirk’s chest and let out a sigh of contentment tracing small lines and circles on his chest and stomach. As (y/n) closed their eyes they gently brushed their hand through Kirk’s hair massaging his scalp. “I take it today was a stressful day?” they asked. Kirk hummed in agreement and leaned into their touch. “Help will be arriving tomorrow and then the Enterprise and continue on her mission.” he said as his hand rubbed up and down their arm a couple times before holding his s/o’s hand. “but you seem to be able to melt way any stress I have.” (y/n) giggled and kissed his jaw. “We can’t have a stressed out captain on the bridge, now can we? We can’t have a tired one either.” they said as the snuggled closer to him. “We haven’t talked in a while, (y/n). I missed you.” Kirk cooed squeezing her hand. It was obvious he was half asleep already and (y/n) smiled kissing his chest. “Get some sleep Jim. We can talk later. ” Kirk couldn’t really fight it much longer and gave one last hum before he drifted off to sleep.
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defconprime · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Skybox TNG Season Two trading card number 197, " Peak Performance," 1995.
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cypulchre · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
...The key to the reactor’s safety are the billiard ball-sized fuel pebbles that are rotated through its core like a gumball machine. Known as TRISO-X fuel, each pebble contains thousands of poppyseed-sized grains of uranium wrapped in layers of high-temperature ceramics. This shell contains the uranium fission reaction and prevents thermal runaway—otherwise known as a meltdown. This built-in safety feature allows X-energy’s nuclear reactor core to safely operate at temperatures above 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than 3 times hotter than most conventional nuclear reactors...
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otishatesmichael · 7 minutes ago
Tumblr media
If Spock had long hair he would probably keep it very straight and well brushed, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been thinking about this all week.
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daily-klingon · 14 minutes ago
Noun Suffix Drill: Type 5 -Daq
-Daq locative
This basically means in or on or at, where the noun is something physical. -Daq cannot be used for abstract terms such as in English.
There are some nouns which do not take the -Daq suffix. These are naDev hereabouts, pa’ thereabouts, vogh somewhere, and Dat everywhere.
There is a word pa’ room, but if -Daq is used with pa’ it can only mean in the room: pa’Daq yIjaH means go to the room.
bobcho'vetlhDaq where that module is (n) boQDaq where the aide is (n) chIrghDaq at the temple (n) chunDabqoqvetlhDaq at that so-called meteor (n) DebDaq in the desert (n) DeSDajDaq on his arm (n) ghochvamDaq at this destination (n) HalwIjDaq at my source (n) HanDoghDaq on the nacelle (n) HeDaq on course (n) HIchDalDaq in the airlock (n) HovvetlhDaq where that star is (n) jIHDaq on screen (n) julvetlhDaq around that sun (n) laSvarghHeyDaq where the apparent factory is (n) lojmItvetlhDaq on that door (n) lupDujHomDaq in the shuttlecraft (n)
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hollywoodclassic · 23 minutes ago
Alright people. I'm going to do it. Tonight is the night. DS9 is happening. If you don't know or can't tell, it is the only star trek I have never seen. Like not even one singular episode. If you have warnings, give them now.
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j-elese-53 · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If anyone is interested I am selling pop funkos, clothes, books, and more on my depop! A lot relating to the fandoms I follow on here. I even have the rare and sought out Dean with Baby 2017 con exclusive pop listed for sale.
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hate-weed-stoner-club · 45 minutes ago
Dr Crusher just about to leave starfleet her whole job and everything for this ghost dick lmfao must be damn good
Tumblr media
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quodoquodo · 56 minutes ago
Everytime I think about the real Quarks bar in las vegas that's not real anymore and I can't visit it anymore, I'm closer to tears
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defconprime · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Art Asylum statue for the Borg Queen, 2017.
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sophiaforevs · an hour ago
In the off off off chance that you're in my circle of trekblr, I would just like to say hello to the person driving a white Nisan (maybe Subaru) with a bunch of nerdy decals that I drove behind on the interstate for like 50 miles. I tried to give you the Vulcan salute but I fear you might've thought I was flipping you off. Anyway, your other decals were star wars, resident evil, a chemical diagram thing, salt life, and a couple I didn't recognize. Sorry I couldn't keep up, my daughter got car sick and I had to pull over. Fun while it lasted.
(Won't say where it was just for verification purposes)
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quasi-normalcy · an hour ago
Anyways, I’m not super excited about yet another prequel series, but if Strange New Worlds used modern CGI to bring back some of the high-concept alien species from TAS, I would like that quite a bit.
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planetaryalphabet · an hour ago
Tumblr media
The Kaladans existed around the 1st millennium BC Earth time. Their technology could transport large objects light years away and build artificial planets. On an outpost in the Alpha Quadrant, a Kaladan team accidentally created a deadly organism that infected and killed them. Supply ships transported the disease back to the Kalandan homeworld, which led to their extinction.
Source: Star Trek “That Which Survives” (1969)
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strawberrysocial · an hour ago
I love when blogs I follow start sharing content for older shows like Frasier or columbo or something. it's like if my dad started a blog :)
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mccoymccoymccoy · an hour ago
Malcolm - Not Today
a/n: this is written with the reader and him already in a relationship but i don’t see malcolm as the kind to use petnames so i don’t think it’s obvious D:
also, i just finished enterprise and i’m so happy to write for malcolm,, i would like to hold him gently like a field mouse. that is what i think when i see him. 
Word count: 1208
The sound of the mess hall door opening was the first thing to pull you from your sleep, but it was the painful brightness of the cabinets that woke you. “Y/N?” a voice called. “Y/N, are you okay?” the voice belonged to Malcolm, you decided, after noting the accent. A glance in the direction it came from proved correct, though when you raised your head it felt as if it was filled with rocks.
There seemed to be some fluff in your mouth that didn’t want you to speak, but you did anyway. “Hi, Malcolm,” you said slowly. He stood a few feet away from you, looking concerned. “What are you doing here? The reception ended an hour ago.” An hour ago? It certainly didn’t feel like that. “I guess I fell asleep,” you worked out. “Can you turn the lights off please?”
“Y/N, the lights are off. I can’t turn off the cabinet lights.” Malcolm sat down in the chair across from you, unintentionally but miraculously blocking some of those pesky lights. “Oh. okay.” Your head was pounding.
“What happened? I thought you left with Hoshi when Trip and Travis started wrestling. Didn’t you both get a headache?”
“Y’must have left before I got back. I walked her to her quarters and stayed with ‘er for a bit, but I felt fine. Do you feel fine?”
“Yes, perfectly. Are you o-”
“Because you certainly look fine,” you snickered and attempted a wink, but leaned forward to rest your forehead on the table as your head just must have been attacked with a drill. Malcolm stared at you and hesitated before his next words. “I’m sorry I left. Exactly how much did you drink?”
Your brow furrowed against the table as you tried to recall. “I don’t know. Six, seven shots?”
“Andorian ale?”
“Six or seven shots of Andorian ale?! Y/N, what were you thinking? Come on. Let’s get you back to your quarters.” He stood up quickly, stepping over to your side of the table and gently guiding you to stand. He put one of your arms over his shoulders and held onto your waist, but instead of moving, you just leaned into him. He sighed, trying to get you to walk. “Please don’t make this difficult. It’ll be a lot comfier to sleep in your bed.”
“You’re a lot comfier than my bed.”
Malcolm said nothing and dragged you forward, pausing to open the door to the corridor. After a few steps, you started to walk, more than be dragged. “Why did nobody else bring you back anyway? Surely they realized you were asleep there. Someone could’ve at least come and got me. I feel awful, I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine! We were all pretty hammered, I'm surprised I was the only one left!” you laughed loudly, but flopped back against Malcolm again. “You’re cozy.”
Malcolm sighed, trying to keep you as upright as possible. It proved a difficult task, but he was able to get you to your quarters. As soon as you were at your bed, you flopped down on it. Malcolm made you flip over and at least have your head on the pillow. After a moment of consideration, you decided that you were right: he was cozier than your bed.
“All right. Are you comfortable? I’ll run back to the mess hall and bring you a glass of water.”
“Don’t leave. I have a cup on my shelf, just use the sink.”
Malcolm nodded, finding the aforementioned cup and quickly going to fill it up. When he came back, you just told him to leave it on the desk. “All right. I hope you feel better in the morning, I’ll make sure to come check on you before your shift starts. Good night, y/n.” as he headed to the door, you frowned. “You’re not gonna stay?” 
Malcolm’s eyes widened slightly. “Oh, I don’t think that would be appropriate.”
He looked at the door, then back at you, before coming to a decision. He nodded, sighing, and turned the lights off before coming to lay, very stiffly, beside you. You quickly snuggled up to him, to which he needed a moment to adjust to- he wasn’t the most comfortable being with you like this yet, let alone the fact that you were drunk- he didn’t want anything to happen that you’d regret. Though sleep was begging to take over, you managed to speak. “Told you you were cozier than my bed. And warmer, at that.”
“You weren’t even under the covers.”
“We could be.”
Even in the dark, you knew he’d be blushing by now. “Think of it this way, Malcolm: at least you won’t have to take the time to stop by in the morning now.”
“You know I wouldn't have minded.”
You sighed. Maybe… maybe kissing him would get him to calm down. So you tried.
It did not.
“Y/N, please. I’ll stay here with you, but you have to go to sleep.”
“I’m not tired,” you lied.
“Yes, you are. Please, try.”
You frowned and looked up at the shelf above you. “Why are you pretending like we’re not dating?”
Malcolm shifted, turning to lean on his elbow facing you. “Is that what you think I’m doing?”
“You’re with me, but you’re not here. I’m tired, yes, and I feel like shit and I just want you. I want to kiss you. I want-”
Malcolm gave you a quick kiss, just enough to silence you. “Listen. I just don’t want to do anything when you’re not fully able to think, okay? I love you. I don’t want you to get hurt, or to hurt what we’ve got going. That’s all.”
You turned over quicker than he could blink. “Come again?”
“I don’t want to hurt-”
“Not that. You said you love me!”
Malcolm paused. “Oh. I suppose I did say that.” A million thoughts went through your head in the space of a few seconds. Does he really? Do you love him? You think you do, but what if you’re not ready to say it back? What if he does, but didn’t mean to tell you? What if-
“Did you mean it?” Malcolm’s free hand went to one of yours. He laced your fingers together and held tightly, before answering: “Yes, I did. Of course I did, I do- I just don’t know if I would’ve said it yet. I didn’t mean to startle you, I understand if you don’t-”
“Malcolm!” You pushed him onto his back and rolled over, half onto his chest, still holding his hand. “Not startled, just surprised! I love you too! I do!” You usually didn’t mean to get so excited, but with the inebriation, the tiredness, and the pure joy going through you right now, you couldn’t help it. Malcolm laughed softly, kissing the top of your head and wrapping the arm he was leaning on around you. “I’m so glad, but saying “I do” makes it sound like we’re getting married.”
As you were finally allowing the sleep to take you, you got out one final response: “Hm. Not today.”
The last thing you processed was another soft kiss and a gentle “Sweet dreams, my love.”
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quasi-normalcy · an hour ago
It's weird that the Orions were a big deal on The Original Series and The Animated Series and then they just...didn't have any on any Star Trek series for like 32 years and now they're a big deal again.
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