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#fic search
harrystylesficrecs · 21 seconds ago
HI!!!! could someone help me find this lawyer!harry series? like he wasn’t a lawyer from the start but the little that i can remember was him and MC going on vacation and him telling her that he wanted to go to law school, also they have like 2 or 3 children so it kind of gets hard cause he just studies and she has to work and take care of the babies and etc so they have a full fight about it. them he becomes a lawyer and on his first case i think he’s dealing with someone really dangerous who threatens his family so he has to take them on vacation again, can anyone remember that???
sorry for being so vague, this isn’t even the main plot it just happens at some point of the story but i can’t remember anything apart from that. if someone finds it let me know please and thank u?🥺
does anyone know??
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dark-manticore · 4 hours ago
OK question has anyone written a fic if Rory hadn't looked at his grave, cause they set up for some light hearted banter with the cleaning and reset up of the TARDIS so now I want to read that so anyone??
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drarryspecificrecs · 6 hours ago
hello 🥺 i need your help. i tryna find a fic i read long time ago, i go through my history several times but nothing feels familiar. if anyone knows this fic pls pls tell me it’s stuck in my head for 2 days 😭
it’s about drarry in muggle world. harry had moved in around draco’s place so he tryna be a good neighbor but draco doesn’t trust him (harry kinda works for auror department) every times harry got in draco’s house, draco didn’t offer him a cup of tea he said tea is only for people he cares (?) so harry asked for hot chocolate instead yeah things go on, in finally draco offers him tea 🥳 i’m not sure if it was exactly like this but it’s all i can remember 😞
Hi nonnie~ I haven’t read this fic so I hope my lovely followers can help you :)
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littlefreya · 6 hours ago
Hi Freya,
Hoping you could help me.....I’m looking for a fan fic someone wrote about the reader and Henry being friends but they can’t express their feelings to each other. A close friend of the reader was Milton and Henry was jealous of the friend. I hope this rings a bell and you can help!
TIA ❤️
Hey lovely, I believe the story is this one by @nashibirne
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birkastan2018 · 7 hours ago
can someone please tell me what title of the story in which sakura confess to him through story that she made, but itachi reject her for a reason that he is much older to her, so instead he prefer to call him dad but she understands him now so she agrees to call him dad ......please tell me what title it is I'm desperate to read that 😩😩😣😖 (NOT THAT THE CALL ME DADDY BECAUSE THAT ONE IS DIFFERENT STORY COMPARE TO THIS THAT I REQUEST)
Hi there @amy-112005 👋🏻,
Unfortunately, I don’t know of any fic where Itachi rejects Sakura because of an age gap... and I don’t know of any fic where she calls him “dad”.
Does anyone out there recognize the fic this neighbor is referring to? Please let us know if it’s not too much trouble~ 🙏🏻
Sorry I couldn’t be more help amy-112005; I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!
- Birk ✌🏻💕
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birkastan2018 · 8 hours ago
Hi, I was told that maybe you would know of a Sasusaku fanfiction I heard about:I think it’s an AU where Naruto and Sasura are siblings and their family and Sasuke’s are partners in business. For once Sasuke loves Sasura and she loves someone else, but he forces her to marry him anyway. If you could tell me how the story is called I’d be very happy.
Hi there anon 👋🏻,
I’m sorry but that doesn’t ring a bell... I don’t know of any story where Sasuke forces Sakura to marry him.
Does anyone out there know the fic anon is referring to? Please let us know if it’s not too much trouble~ 🙏🏻
Sorry I couldn’t be more help, anon. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend!
-Birk ✌🏻💕
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drarryspecificrecs · 8 hours ago
Hii!!! I was wondering if you could help me find a fic. It's one where Harry is a tattoo artist and is looking for a canvas to cover in tattoos from head to toes. And he ends up paying Draco to be his canvas. I remember he also teaches Draco how to tattoo and Draco even gets to tattoo Harry. Thank you in advance if you happen to find it. Love your blog!!!
Is it this one?
Mark Me Yours by @digtheshipper [E, 45k]
► It is said that...sometimes the worst idea in the world is the best option you've got. Draco has no other alternative. It's been ten years since the war and he's flat broke. He only has one choice, and there's only one man that can help him.   ~ 2014.10
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harry-stylesarchives · 13 hours ago
there was this story about harry dating stevie nicks’ and mick jagger’s child but i can’t seem to find it anywhere
I’m pretty sure that user deleted!
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cyber-phobia · 17 hours ago
Uh hi, I just wanted to see if you or any of your followers had any recs for fics where Midoriya helps the LoV reform?
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fournipplesau · 17 hours ago
Hi B BREE again I just remembered a plot of another fic I read in the past and even if you don't know the fic I would love to tell you the interesting plot [lowkey want to make others suffer the way I have remembering this fic 🥺] please forgive me....
PLOT: L&H [in the beginning] live in medieval times where Louis is the prince of England and Harry is the stable boy they are soulmates and they fall in love, sadly Louis has to marry a princess BUT Harry comes up with idea of running away together and the night Louis was suppose to meet Harry at the stables Louis ends up dying in a fire at the castle making Harry very sad and almost unable to move on.
Fast forward a few decades H had died but then he gets reincarnated and he remembers his past life he had with Louis [soulmate thing in this] but bc of the fire Louis died in he doesn't remember H when they meet. This process of H meeting Louis, falling in love, remembering all their past lives together and Louis not remembering bc of his death in his first life goes on for a couple centuries. In one life Harry told others what was going on and they thought he was crazy and he spent it in a mental hospital where Louis was his doctor [after that he told no one again] and in another life H meets Louis as a librarian where he is trying to figure out what is happening to him.
None of these lives does Harry get to live a full happy life with Louis bc something always happens where Louis has to leave. [One life their college students and Louis has a family emergency and must drop out and go back home to his family.] It isn't until they are born in the 90s and meet in London at xfactor auditions in 2010 in the same spot where the fire happened [the only other life they meet in London was their first one] does Louis remember Harry and all their past lives together. Larry needed to meet at the place Louis first died for Louis to remember Harry and they end up living a full happy life involving 1D canon time.
Bree, what is this fic?! I demand you remember the title. If anyone else knows this fic, please share ! Sounds interesting :) sorry that I can't help you find it, though. Hopefully someone can help us out haha xx 💖
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drarryspecificrecs · 18 hours ago
Hello, I'd be really greatful for some help with a fic search. Some months ago, in a fic rec on tumblr there was a fic set in 8th year and Draco and Harry get together and everyone knows, everyone has their future planned out for them, but not Draco. And he's going through some really difficult times, mentally, and Harry is just oblivious until I think Pansy intervenes. At the time I decided against reding it, wasn't well myself, now I can't find it. Hope you can help, thanks so much.
Hi nonnie~ Wish you all the best! And I haven’t read this fic so I hope my lovely followers can help you :)
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cyber-phobia · 18 hours ago
Fic search please! I don't remember much about it, but Izuku was still quirkless and got into gen ed, joined up with an underground heroics club that had to be disguised as a chess club of something, and there was one scene I remember where it explained colored bands on everyone's ID that classified how 'dangerous' their quirks were. Izu didn't have one because no quirk
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harryedwardstylesfics · 19 hours ago
do you know anymore fics with squirting other than the ones on your list? xx
not currently but I’ll make a note to find some more and then add them to the list xx
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harryedwardstylesfics · 19 hours ago
heyy do you maybe know any fluffy fics of harry admiring the readers body??
here’s a link to some like this - I’ll look for more x
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harryedwardstylesfics · 19 hours ago
hiiii do you know any dry humping fics?
here’s a link to some x
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cyber-phobia · 20 hours ago
Tree Cryptic! I need your help!
So, I've been brainstorming about eraserhead's capture weapon, and if i'm not wrong he learned how to use it in five years? Which means he probably learned it in his on, or without a lot of teaching, which is pretty impressive
BUT i was watching YouTube and stuff, and like, have you heard of aerial dance?? It's absolutely beautiful and i really think it would help learning that if someone wanted to fight or swing around with cloth, like he does
It's probably not cannon, but it's pretty fun to think about, and i want to hear what you think about it?
Plus, Fic Search! If any of your saplings know of a fic with aizawa knowing or learning aerial dance, i would sell my soul for it
Oh that's very interesting. Aerial dance definitely ties in well with his skills
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xjoonchildx · 20 hours ago
Hey i was just looking for this jungkook fic where he’s roommates with oc and they’re like not really on good terms and then he breaks her vibrator and he suggests he’ll be a substitute for it ?? Can you recall if you’ve read any fic like this i need the name 😊
hmm. i don’t know this one, anon. anyone out there recognize it?
you also might want to try @btsficfinds 💕
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thechanbaeklibrary · 21 hours ago
Fic Search #43
1.  Anonymous asked: Hii!! Thank you so much for your hard work! There's this story in which Baek Hyun is a fashion designer and chanyeol is am assassin, I think it's ABO too. If you know it, let me know! Take care, stay safe! <3
2. loeyberryhyun asked: Thank you guys for your hard work. I am searching for "a high school or college au where beak is a slut and sleeps with the whole school and even suho is a slut and the school had ranks or something about the best slut. But suho's identity is hidden even tao is one of the sluts.. it was a dark theme I guess. Beaks father is abusive and his family is very rich. Chanyeol's family isn't very rich and ChanBaek spend the Christmas together. Baek had a rough past and he had demons of his own which made him feel that he was good for nothing but pleasuring others... Please find it for me. Thank you again..
hi, if this is the fic we think it is then this story goes against our rules and we won’t link it, sorry!
3. Anonymous asked: Does anyone know this fic where C and B are exes? All I remember is that C was the one who broke off their relationship because C was ill and C does not want to be a burden to B. After this scene where they broke up, there was this big time skip. I think B saw on the TV that C was already engaged to someone else. There was a scene where C and B kissed on C's childhood room, B was somewhat guilty after that because B knows that C was already engaged. I'm not sure if its from ao3 or aff. Thanks!
4. Anonymous asked: Hello can you help me find this chaptered fic where Chanbaek is married and has a child (Chanhyuk i think) . Chanyeol cheated and impregnate the girl who's hes cheating with and later on died because of Childbirth. The baby's name is Nana and Baekhyun tries to give Chanyeol a second chance for the sake of their son (Chanhyuk). Theres like a part of the story that Baekhyun, Chanhyuk and Nana got into an accident and Chanbaek's relationship is crampled again. Depression/amnesia/infidelity tags.
Mistakes and Consequences by saemriel
5. Anonymous asked: hi! do you happen to know this fic wherein baekhyun brought chanyeol to this place for like stargazing while they're at the back of their car???? and then baekhyun said unconsciously that he was supposed to bring someone there but he couldn't so he brought chanyeol instead (it came off as a passed on gift to chanyeol) and then when they went home the next day, baekhyun did not knew he fucked up kdjsahksk sorry if this is too small of a description :( thank you!
6. loeyberryhyun asked: Hey guys, thanks for your hard work... "I'm searching for a fic wherein baek is a cat hybrid and kyungsoo is his elder brother. Chanyeol is his neighbour. It was on AO3 and baek was a kid when chanyeol moved in, in the starting years chan and soo slept together, and then baek goes to college and tries to be with other guys (which I guess was kai) and then in the end ChanBaek be together. Also baek had imprinted on chanyeol." Please find it for me.. thanks again (θ‿θ)
7. Anonymous asked: i dont remember that much but its an abo and arranged marriage au i think baekhyun (an omega) has blue eye color. I think i read it from ao3! i just cant find it hehe thank you so much
8.  Anonymous asked: im looking for this fic on ao3 where chanyeol is a jock and baek has a crush on him, and one day baek's bag went missing and it has his diary where he pours his crush out on cy. chanyeol finds out and there was a scene where baek tried to get the notebook out of his hands but cy was taller so he couldnt get it
Shall we? by yeolimerent
9. Anonymous asked: I don't know if I can ask for this buuuuuuut are there abo fics where the alpha goes into their rut because of their omega?? Like the omega triggers it. I just want alphas losing their control because of their lovely omegas. If you answer this, thank you soooooooo much 🤧
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cyber-phobia · a day ago
mother I crave fics with first and izuku
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cyber-phobia · a day ago
A fic search? I lost this fic i was reading, it was a bkdk fic where izuku was a stripper and katsuki a body guard, i remember that they met when a guy was harassing deku, and katsuki fall for izuku then. They also had a fight later when they where a couple because a client of Izuku touched him while he was dancing for him, and Katsuki got mad and jealous.
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