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sofiiiaaaa29 · 4 days ago
does anyone wanna fast with me tomorrow and maybe distract me a little bit?
If you're interested, dm me.
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ollyverana · 5 days ago
Guys ok I have the best recipe especially if you almost exclusively crave salty things
Ok it’s soup and it’s 50 cal per bowl
It’s 1 lb frozen broccoli and 2.5 cups of vegetable broth and I steamed the broccoli using the broth instead of water and I ate half of the recipe 75 cal and I’m stuffed like I feel like I just ate a calorie packed meal I added garlic salt, chili powder, and pepper. It’s so incredibly filling and it’s warm and got rid of my shaking :)) it was so good too got rid of my salt craving :))
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ollyverana · 6 days ago
Say it with me
-I like the thought of good but in reality its not great
-I like the thought of food but in reality it’s not great
-I like the thought of food but in reality it’s not great
-I like the thought of food but in reality it’s not great
-I like the thought of food but in reality it’s not great
-I like the thought of food but in reality it’s not great
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sofiiiaaaa29 · 9 days ago
Today, I screwed up again.
This is going to be my last try to lose weight and eat healthy.
There's barely energy left for trying and everything hurts.
I just hate myself so much and I just can't go back to school like this.
To be honest, I don't believe in myself anymore. I tried so often and I can't gain control back.
We'll see what will happen.
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sugarfreecola · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
vegan smoothie bowl ♡
considering going completely vegan because i would basically only miss egg?
hmu if u have low cal vegan meal ideas :)
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sleepy-as-always · 13 days ago
Heyy!🌸 I am just struggling with my eating disorder again and I‘d like to talk to someone about all that. I don’t want somebody who is pro anything. My thoughts are just overwhelming and I am looking for someone/ a group to understand.
I don’t care if you’re big or small, please just be over 18. I am 22 btw.
Message me if you’re interested! ❤️
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sofiiiaaaa29 · 16 days ago
I'm still struggling with losing weight.
So, if anybody would like to coach and motivate me, I'd be very grateful.
I'm 16 years old, I'm 5'6 (1,68m) tall and my current weight is 160lbs (73kg).
I speak German, English, French and Spanish. So, whatever language of these you prefer, I'd be open to it.
I like meanspo and sweetspo but I won't send nudes.
Message me if you're interested!
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r0ttingfairyc0rpse · 22 days ago
please message me if u want to talk! :))
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blooms-bloom · 25 days ago
body check from 3/13/21
i can't tell if this one is worse than the one before:') i've been in and out of bingeing so i haven't been wanting to do body checks. i'll try to get back on track tmrw:')
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80lbsless · 25 days ago
ED Buddy
i need someone who is the same height and weight as me so we can motivate each other to keeping it up. Im 5′4 at 215. or i need some pages to follow of someone the same height and weight that posts everything. I want something to compare myself to. 
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raehehe · a month ago
ed buddy??
looking for friends to share ed stuff with, without judgement <3 
interact with this post or dm me!
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cup1d-lvr · a month ago
google form to find an ed buddy some people on my discord have already filled it in <3
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blooms-bloom · a month ago
body check from monday 3/1/21
thought i'd post it now for motivation bc i binged today :') hopefully i'll be more consistent with updating you guys!!
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I'm 5'4" and 157lbs I may be fat, but I have an ed lolz. My gw is 130 and ugw is 108. I NEED A BUDDY PLZ
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bimbobutton · 16 days ago
29th March 2021 • Food Diary
Haven’t done one of these in a while because it makes me feel shit but today was pretty good!!
Tumblr media
Lunch - 60kcal
Rice Cracker, Philadelphia and Sriracha
Tumblr media
Snack - 60kcal
Had a couple of these! My aunt sent them from Japan and I couldn’t help myself ☺️
Tumblr media
Dinner - 400kcal
Jamie Oliver Sea Bass and Sweet Potato Recipe! I didn’t take a photo of mine but it was really nice; there was pancetta which was nearly 100kcal so you can take that out of you want x
Total Food = 520kcal
Run = -450kcal
Overall = 70kcal
Some of these are calculated on Fitbit so your own ingredients might differ from mine :))
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bimbobutton · 16 days ago
Going back to uni on the 17th April!! I’ve been working on a food plan that I’ll be following for the term, and I don’t have to worry about my parents finding out about it✨
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bimbobutton · 21 days ago
I get that not eating is going to make me tired...but omg why am I so bloody tired wtf.
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sugarfreecola · a month ago
ED discourse: tiktok thoughts?
seen a HUGE increase in ED content on tiktok, particularly pro-ana stuff.
i can’t hep but feel frustrated seeing it while i’m not looking for it- and the tiktok  algorithm is pretty random sometimes, so young people are seeing the content without even having looked.
really curious to see what people think about this. do you not mind it on tiktok, or do you think it’s damaging to young people who never would have found the ED community otherwise? and are we just as bad on tumblr?
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