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#tw eating stuff
starvingdaisyflower · 9 minutes ago
i'm making a bet with myself... i bet i can't fast until sunday at 7:45pm (96 hours)
jk bitch i'm about to pull it off :)
my appetite will be so suppressed after this !!
i will keep y'all udated :) i WILL push through
keep me motivated !! (send me meanspo. sweetspo, thinspo, etc)
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addicted-to-perfection · 10 minutes ago
ed tip (maybe?): whenever you have a really strong craving for a food, write it down on a list of things to have once you reach your UGW. it makes me feel like i’ll definitely have it later once i’m skinny enough so there’s no need to have it now and makes me want to get to my UGW more
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sarflowno · 17 minutes ago
Thinking on making a YouTube account so that it keeps me motivated to not binge and all. Knowing maybe someone will watch makes me feel like I gotta do better and all ! So who knows maybe I will next week :)
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little-skinny-girl · 52 minutes ago
Just a little reminder that my dms are always open for whoever wants to talk to me, express their feelings, talk to someone or just be ana buddy’s im here, always :)
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disorderedethereal · an hour ago
Today my mom got food from the dollar tree (its cheap so she got a good bit) and i feel so fat because i went over my calorie limit :/ I’ll eat healthier tomorrow and at least this will boost my metabolism. I am intermittent fasting though and its going pretty well. I’ve lost noticable fat but I must’ve gained muscle because i barely went down in weight. I may never get to my ugw because of muscle and my chest.
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cynixkcal · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
trying so hard not to break my fast rn. (๑•﹏•)
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addicted-to-perfection · 2 hours ago
the most amazing feeling ever is looking at food and realizing that you legitimately don’t want it for the first time
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vikjnf-blog · 2 hours ago
nawt me leaving tumblr in 2016 to recover n corona bringing me back,, thanks miss panorama!!
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zealouszwat · 2 hours ago
tw ed
food diary:
breakfast: nothing (i had a dentist appointment)
lunch: ramen (380 cals), yogurt w/ blueberries (102 cals), vanilla wafer things (173 cals) = 656 cals
dinner: more yogurt w/ blueberries (116 cals), protein bar (230 cals) = 346
total: 1,001
exercise: school sport (about 1,400 cals)
net: basically -400 :)
if i eat anymore i’ll try to keep in a negative net!!
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theycallmeana · 2 hours ago
"Do you really want to eat THAT much?"
Well actually... No I don't want to.
but, you know, I haven't eaten a proper meal in days and weellll.. I'm binging actually :)
But thank you SO much for your concern mom
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3-ri · 2 hours ago
fasted for 15 hours
binged for 38274290 hours
total calories (i didn’t count not to crY): probably somewhere 1400-1600
i just need. to. stop. eating.
just STOP WHY IS IT SO HARD???????????
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sleepdeprivedbiych · 3 hours ago
I think all bodies are beautiful and think you should love yourself no matter what and 100% support recovery for anyone for anything at any size and time.
I just hate myself lol
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measuringkcals · 3 hours ago
🥣 US Cereals (Part One) 🥛
Mini Wheats(By 25 Biscuits????):
Original: 210kcal
Little Bits(By Cup): 190kcal
Strawberry: 210kcal
GV Brand(By Cup): 180kcal
Mini Spooners(By 21 Biscuits): 210kcal
Mini Spooners(Strawberry)(By 21 Biscuits): 210kcal
Raisen Bran(By 1 Cup):
Original: 190kcal
Crunch: 190kcal
Banana: 200kcal
Vanilla Almond: 190kcal
GV Brand: 190kcal
GV Extra Raisen: 200kcal
Malt-O-Meal: 152kcal
Cheerios(By 1 Cup):
Whole Grain: 94kcal
Honey Nut: 140kcal
Multigrain: 113kcal
Apple Cinnamon: 150kcal
Oat Crunch(Cinnamon): 230kcal
Very Berry: 140kcal
Chocolate Peanut Butter: 150kcal
Oat Crunch(Honey): 230kcal
Blueberry: 140kcal
Cinnamon: 140kcal
Medley Crunch: 160kcal
Frosted: 140kcal
Chocolate: 140kcal
Cinnamon Toast Crunch(Per 1 Cup):
Original: 170kcal
Churros: 180kcal
French Toast: 150kcal
Cinnamon Choc. Churros: 170kcal
GV: 180kcal
Lucky Charms(Per 1 Cup):
Original: 140kcal
Chocolate: 140kcal
Fruity: 140kcal
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its-izeyiah · 3 hours ago
So i think i found the source of my poor eating habits..
this seems obvious enough but I wanna look like a guy. I don’t experience much gender dysphoria, but when I do it hits hard.
sometimes I feel like I’m faking being non-binary. I usually just hate my boobs and voice but usually that’s it. I think my gender dysphoria comes in the form of starving myself, so i’ll get masc features.
A nice jawline, a nice body, veiny hands, skinny fingers, a broader back, biceps, abs, prominent collarbones, strong legs.
That is really what i want to be. when I don’t experience gender dysphoria then I don’t care about my eating habits. I eat everything I want, and when I want it. But there is always those days or weeks and possibly months that I starve myself and I purge and I consider self harm.
Just so i end up loving the image of myself and possibly myself on the inside. I want people to think i’m a boy. i feel more like a boy then a girl but i identity with both and neither at the same time.
I want people to be confused. i want to wear soft boy clothes and want people think i am a boy, but they’re unsure. That’s all i want. Just that.
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idrathernoteat · 3 hours ago
limit - 600
total intake - 531
(meal one)
3x rice cakes (81), alpro choc pot (90), caramel rice cake (47)
(meal two)
noodles (87), caramel iced latte (60)
(meal three)
noodles (86), broccoli pack (78), 2x cola zero (2)
today was a really really good day!!
step goal: 15,000
actual steps taken: 20,061
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heyskiniskini · 4 hours ago
i’m 64.8 this morning
I’m really doing it 🥺
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