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#dark stuff
dark-aesthetic-jo · 59 minutes ago
"I just feel like women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they've got ambition, and they've got talent, as well as just beauty. I'm so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for... But I'm so lonely!"
- Jo March, Little Women
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styxdrawings · an hour ago
Eugenia: Have you ever thought to yourself of all you could have achieved if only you had another pair of arms?
Alastair: *nods seriously* Every time before bad
Eugenia: let's all say our guesses in three. One, two, three!
Chrisopher: Grab four lemon tarts
Alastair: make insulting hand gestures at Charles
Eugenia: Cuddle Kamala twice as much at same time!
Kamala: Play that hard piano section!
Grace: Aim a gun and drive a robbery car at the same time
Kamala: I like Eugenia's idea... but I feel like we should discuss Grace's.
Grace: *grabes Christopher's lemon tart* I have a better idea, let's not.
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hopehufflepuff · 2 hours ago
I should have known that after finding out that Jesper is mixed the same way I am (Black mother and Kaelish aka Irish father) that anything about his backstory would hit me very hard.
Did not think I’d cry over it though. Yet here I am.
#six of crows#crooked kingdom#jesper fahey#insert that Rosa gif of 'if anything happened to him i'd kill everyone in this room and then myself'#i already felt that way after watching the show but reading the books...#ahhh my heart someone help i didn't think i'd cry but i kinda felt it coming on so i took a break for a second#put some stuff away then picked up the book again and cried a little anyway#ahhhhh#also and maybe i'll go more into this when i make another 5000+ word review of this series like i did shadow and bone#as a mixed person i know we have a lot of privilege in film and tv so reading the books and seeing that Jesper is described as dark#i was like 'i love Kit but maybe this role should have gone to a black person who isn't mixed or at least not as light skinned'#Kit's not light skinned he's medium skinned but he's not dark like jesper was initially described in the books#(we see this all the time when mixed people are cast as fully black characters like Amandla in Rue in the Hunger Games)#(was she a perfect Rue? yes. was she picked half because of colorism and she's not dark? also yes.)#then i found out his father is Kaelish and i was like OOOOHHH he was cast as a mixed actor on PURPOSE! YESSSSSSSSSS#so i'm glad him being mixed is an actual part of his character and not just another example of colorism in hollywood#and that also means i can fiercely identify with Jesper and cry over his mom and dad's beautiful relationship#and on that note if something bad happens to jesper i am now going to riot. i am already spoiled about something horrible#(and a stupid youtube comment even told me the chapter it happens in so thanks for that) but i've heard no spoilers of jesper
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mukhannath · 3 hours ago
its cool how this site just doesnt work at all now
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caramelizedbook · 11 hours ago
Step by step I'll build what it takes
For the perfect plan that won't ever fail
A plan that will guarantee my escape
From everyone i know and everyone i knew
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whatmighthavebeen · 14 hours ago
In a hopelessly romantic mood yet again. And, it's raining. So, let's post some sadness, shall we?
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punkfairyinthewoods · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
“I thought, “I want to die. I want to die more than ever before. There’s no chance now of a recovery. No matter what sort of thing I do, no matter what I do, it’s sure to be a failure, just a final coating applied to my shame. That dream of going on bicycles to see a waterfall framed in summer leaves—it was not for the likes of me. All that can happen now is that one foul, humiliating sin will be piled on another, and my sufferings will become only the more acute. I want to die. I must die. Living itself is the source of sin.” -Dazai Osamu, No Longer Human
happy birthday dazai.
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s1nn3 · 15 hours ago
Darkness Monthly JuneWicca’s Originals – Brida Bootie – Maitreya[piXit] Broken Backdrop (With background) (Materials) LI:2 Avada ~ Stiletto Toxic Nails – Maitreya (Materials) [monso] – Chowon2 Hair – Kustom9Meva Calypso Jacket (Petite) – Cyber Fair Junefriday – Luna Leather Ring Set – (Maitreya) – C88 mermaid cove 2021[Salal] – Sea Snake – BlackVENGE – ‘Asherah’ Black LinesDecor – [QE Home]…
Tumblr media
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marvelouscatharsis · 16 hours ago
Hello, dear! You've been visited by the random character question fairy! :D ~☆
What is your character's greatest fear and why? Have they ever faced this fear? What would happen if they confronted this fear (again, if they have already)?
Tumblr media
Mind you she's the kind of woman who doesn't let fear rule her life, even if it shakes her to the core. That confident, brazen, defiant personality goes out the window at the thought of being back in a cage. It isn't necessarily the cage itself that scares her, moreso the idea of being alone again. Hyacinth would honestly be mentally, physically, and spiritually broken. She'd completely give up on living.
Tumblr media
I'd say her biggest fear lies in failure. Specifically not being able to protect the people who need her most, whether that's people in her town, or her loved ones. This fear is sort of her fuel though, because she lost someone in the snap and that drove her to become a vigilante. I don't think going through it again would affect her much, it would just put another chip on her shoulder, and she'd probably look at it like "You can't save everyone".
Tumblr media
Her biggest fear is love, because its another thing that clouds one's judgement, and makes you vulnerable in ways you normally might not be. She's been in love before and it always had bad consequences.
Tumblr media
I'd say for this girl, her biggest fear is not being able to do her best. Layla is what I like to call a "selective perfectionist" because not everything has to be perfect, but when it comes to baking or upholding other tasks she's given. If she doesn't give it her all she's not only disappointed in herself, but afraid she might disappoint someone else as well.
Tumblr media
Someone stealing his acorns! Or anything from his trove of tiny treasures, even though he's known to move it from place to place. It's definitely Girven's biggest fear. He worked hard on finding all those shiny trinkets, odd shaped rocks, pretty leaves, and acorn tops.
Tumblr media
His greatest fear is tied with either not being able to regain his memories, or losing what little humanity he has left. While Valek has slowly made peace with the fact he can't go back to the life he had before, he still doesn't quite understand what he is, and what it means for him in the future.
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natasharomanovf · 17 hours ago
I changed my web theme 100 times only to go back to my original theme because I couldn’t find one that fit with the links 🤪 But I tried to update it to be a bit simpler than what I had before ❤️
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sonknuxadow · 17 hours ago
thoughts on Sonic 06? like is there anything you would have changed about it?
ok so ive never actually played it bc . i dont have any of the consoles that can run it and i dont know if my computer would be able to handle it if i tried to emulate it.but i have watched all the cutscenes and some gameplay and i think its neat and kinda over hated tbh
like im not saying it has nothing wrong with it at all but i think a lot of its issues wouldnt have been there if the developers were just . given enough time to finish the game
will continue my ramble in the tags bc i dont wanna clog up ppls dashes with me ranting abt a 15 year old game that most people dont like anyway
#ANYWAYS as far as stuff i would change. i cant really comment on gameplay because i havent played it myself#but i do have some Opinions on other aspects of the game so#one big change i would definetly make is to make the humans look more cartoony.#have eggman as his usual design too#i think the game would overall look much less . awkward? if sonic and co didnt look so out of place next to people#and the kiss scene. i would make it where she kisses him on the forehead or hand or something or cut it entirely#a lot of ppl hate that scene bc elise is human (WHICH IS TOTALLY VALID BTW) but personally my biggest issue w it is that#sonic was 1. dead and 2. didnt consent to that. bc hes fucking dead. so change that for sure#i also think some of the locations just look kinda bland and boring. idk how exactly i would fix that but yeah#also theres at least 2 instances i know of of a voice actor messing up their line and it being used in the game anyway so fix that#BUT!!! i do think the game has a lot of positives too#and i think a lot of the issues as far as like . gameplay and the locations looking weird#could have been fixed with the devs being given more time#it introduced some really neat characters . and yes i am including elise in that statement#i love love LOVE the soundtrack. but i think everyone can agree most sonic game soundtracks slap#i mentioned this earlier but i love the way team dark is written here#that one scene where rouge basically went shadow ur my best friend and ill support you through anything. cries so hard#so yeah i think 06 has its issues im not denying that but i do think theres some good aspects too#06 deserves a remaster way more than colors ever will dont @ me#asks
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intp-again · 19 hours ago
Ive been reading wuthering heights and I have quite the love-hate relationship w this book
who else read it and what do you think about it?
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