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useyourimagination2020 · 12 minutes ago
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sixfifteenvintagesstuff · 27 minutes ago
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tinyslasher · 49 minutes ago
Stand by Me (The Cobras) letters are coming to my Etsy shop soon!
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stastrodome · an hour ago
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Rejected character from my “Amazing Eighties” strip. 
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musicmoreweirdthangood · an hour ago
It’s just “Monkey Dance” another weird little synth-pop track by Trans-X, I just noticed that I’m more likely to pay attention to videos if they have the caption “unmute this now lads!!!” so I’m testing to see if it affects how much attention people pay to these posts
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fairylivi111 · 2 hours ago
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showing off my new cool jacket <3
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fewcanafford · 2 hours ago
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Key To Success
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dozydawn · 2 hours ago
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Angela Dunn for Elisabeth de Senneville RTW FW 1985
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princessbindi · 2 hours ago
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Volkswagen Beetle
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hansleyleng · 2 hours ago
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Chevrolet Citation X-11
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teenagedirtstache · 2 hours ago
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retrosimp · 2 hours ago
Wuthering Heights
A/N:Not really happy with this chapter, but it has to stand do we can finally proceed to the good part.
I also did not have time to edit yet so you have been warned for typos etc
“ You had a temper like my jealousy
Too hot, too greedy
How could you leave me
When I needed to possess you?
I hated you, I loved you, too
Bad dreams in the night
They told me I was going to lose the fight
Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering
Wuthering Heights”
- Kate Bush, 1978, Wuthering Heights
In which Johnny id sick and in need of some help. Mina and him are doing a group project together (forced by Dr. Clark) so she has to drive off to his house to bring him his stuff....
Mina stared at her desk in anger, drumming her fingers and waiting for the lesson to end.
It was her last period on Friday's and she hated every minute of it - Literature.
There were several good reasons for her to despise the course. First of all since the teacher hadn't been delighted that she had transferred into his class in the middle of her final year, she'd been cast aside as the troublemaker since day one. To make matters worse, it was the course in which she had to sit next Johnny Lawrence, leader of the Cobra Kai's and the real troublemaker in her opinion. It didn't really help that her literature professor Dr. Clark was a big fan of his.
Ever since handing in a paper Johnny had corrected a couple of weeks ago, Dr. Clark had been delighted by them working together.
‘I'm sorry if that may challenge you Mr. Lawrence, but her grades might depend on your help. As a teacher I appreciate you helping your schoolmates. I will take this into account concerning the advisement paper for you college.’
That had led her to being stuck with Johnny as a partner for presenting ‘Wuthering Heights’ to the class in a short synopsis. They were currently revisiting books they had been reading until March, to prepare for the finals.
It didn't help that Mina's first paper she had handed in had been on the exact classic and had scored her a D.
She wasn't bad at school, but as life wanted to have it, the one thing she couldn't do was the thing the biggest jerk of the school was brilliant in. Lately Mina had referred from the jackass image though, he had been nicer, calmer in their interactions ever since the lock in. Who knew why.
Too bad he wasn't in class today, which proved to be even worse for her than when he was present. Johnny had been sick for a couple of days now and so Mina had endured Dr. Clarks comments alone. Luckily she started getting along with a member of the Cobra Kai's: Bobby and her interacted more often ever since he had driven her home one night.
As for today, he had offered to take her to Johnny's house so that she could drop off his stuff and plan out their working schedule, as she still did not have a car of her own.
The bell rang, finally hearing Mina's prayers, causing the students to scramble from their desks and out through the hallways into the awaited weekend.
Bobby was already at the parking lot as Mina and Tommy, who shared her literature course, made their way down the stairs. “How is he doing anyways ? ” Mina turned to Tommy, who only shrugged his shoulders. “I don't know, he refuses to see anyone when he's ill. I only know Sensei is pretty mad about it. ” Mina shoved her bangs from her face. “Well your Sensei is mad.”
Tommy didn't respond but gave her a curt nod before heading towards Dutch and Jimmy, who were on their bikes already.
“Hey! Thanks for the pickup.” Mina greeted Bobby as he handed her a spare helmet. “You even come prepared I see.” He grinned shrugging his shoulders. “I figured even your stubborn head needs some protection. You on?” She smoothly wrapped her arms around him. The first time she hadn't done so and regretted it instantly. “All set, you have my permission!”
The part of California they drove through was entirely new to Mina. The streets were clean and decorated with large palm trees, the cars expensive and the houses could be mistaken for mansions. Their lawns were clean-cut and lush green, hinting that their owners possessed enough money to water them even in times of drought. Bobby finally halted after driving up curves of a hillside that made her dizzy and Mina slowly caught off, her breath catching in her throat.
She still had her back towards the house so Bobby had to follow her her stare to get why she was so impressed already. On the opposite of the house was a neatly fenced cliff with a small boule place and some benches. From here one could oversee the entire city. Mina imagined what it must look like durning nightime. “This is absolutely stunning.” Bobby gently turned her towards the house, grinning. “Then take a look at this.” At the sight of the manor Mina feared her eyes would pop from their sockets. “ He lives in here?” Bobby nodded, pushing his hands into his pockets. “Yup he does.”
Before them stood an enormous, white painted 18th century mansion, with a golden fountain and flowerbushes in its middle, a small stream dividing house and frontyard, an elegant wooden bridge leading across. On the right side of the house stood a group of sports - and luxury cars. A red convertible caught Mina's eye. Noticing her stare Bobby pointed at it. “That's Johnny's car. ” “Careful, if you let your mouth stand open like that any longer you might drool.”
Mina snapped her mouth shut blushing. “This is all quite overwhelming. Uh, where do I get in ?” she questioned gesturing at the many doors. “You head up the marble staircase to the porch and then directly ring on the big oak door with the silver doorknob. Don't worry you won't miss it.” Bobby patted her shoulder turning towards his bike “Ok, I'll be off then, Sensei doesn't like it when we run late, my knuckles are still sore from the pushups.” he laughed. Mina waved as he roared off on his bike.
Now this was going to get interesting.
The confidence she had tried to talk herself into instantly lessened as she transpassed the front yard and proceeded to climb the great staircase. The marble was so polished that she swore it glittered. Everything about this house was intimidating.
When finally reaching the front door Mina paused in search of what she was going to say. She realized that nothing came to mind and used the moment of her brain functions pausing to ring on the button next to a silver decorated name plate spelling ‘Weinberg & Lawrence’ next to the door.
Mere seconds later the door was opened by a formal dressed housekeeper. She eyed Mina critically for a second before smiling “Yes please? ” “Uh, I'm Mina and I attend school with Mr. Lawrence — I mean Johnny— and we have to finish a group project together until Monday so since he's sick I brought him his stuff and —”
A male voice caught her off “Mathilda, the tea!” Mathilda, the housekeeper frowned before quickly straightening and simultaneously opening the door for Mina. “It will be there in an instant sir.” She turned to Mina calling out a name “Cathy!” A younger woman emerged from somewhere down the hall “Cathy's going to accompany you to young Mr. Lawrence's chambers” she gave the younger woman a stern look, who meanwhile had taken the bag from Mina's hands and gestured her to follow “Up this way Miss.” Everything went by in a couple of seconds and Mina was lead across black and white marble checkered flooring and hallways covered with panelings of detailed woodcarvings. It seemed to her that even one rug tassel was more expensive than everything she possessed. Mina nearly crashed into the maid as she suddenly halted in front of a small corridor with a longe Chaiselongue. “These are young Master Lawrence's quarters, to reach his bedchambers it's the last door on the left.” with that she bowed her head and hushed away.
‘He has has his own flat inside a house, I can't believe it’ Mina shook her head in disbelief.
Before knocking on the door she opted to check her reflection in her pocket mirror. Nonsense, what was she even thinking, all the luxury seemed to be wearing on her nerves. She outstretched her fist, giving the door a firm knock.
“Come in.” Upon entering Johnny's room Mina remarked three things: the window wall, which mostly was covered by dark curtains, the many records and posters and the amount of medals and trophies placed on the walls. “You done checking out my room?” came an annoyed groan from the bed. Mina squinted as she tried to make out Johnny lying in his sheets, chest bare and wash cloth placed over his forehead. He had his eyes closed and she saw how pale he was.
“Uh yeah, sorry. So look, I brought all the stuff we did and I already did most of the work, so how about I just narrate it and you check if there's anything wrong.” Johnny snorted but lifted himself up on his elbows. “Let's get this over with then. Can you push back the curtains a little?” Mina did as she was asked to. This was going to be a real pleasure seeing as Johnny was moody. On the other hand how did she expect him to feel when being ill?
As she turned towards him her heart dropped just a little. His hair was tousled and his cheekbones stood out more prominent against his paled face. “Uh do you need anything before we start? ” He regarded her through lidded eyes “No. Now quit looking at me like that and sit. ”
Mina sat herself onto the bed next to him like he had asked her. Unpacking her things and spreading them out a little she begun talking.
They needed a little over an hour and a half before they were finished discussing the project as Johnny was still in a weakened state, coughing and occasionally sneezing. Mina chuckled a little when he did so. Somehow it looked quite cute. Johnny glared at her coughing again, before letting himself drop back into the mattress. “I said quit looking at me right now. Are we done yet?” Mina nodded, “We're nearly done, you sure you don't want a little water ?” she pointed at his empty glass by the bed. “Fine I'll take one.” Mina nodded taking the glass and getting up before turning around “Uh, where's your bath again? ” Johnny pointed to the backside of his room “Around the left corner”
She filled th glass with tap water and paused catching a glimpse of a photograph on the wall. It was Johnny as a child, hold by a blond, very pretty woman. They looked happy.
‘So this his mother, what about his dad?’
Seating herself again she handed him the glass and he gulped it's contents greedily. Why wouldn't he simply ask for help? Mina watched his Adam's apple bobb as he drank. “You mother's really pretty. ” He sat the glass back on the small table next to his bed. “Yeah she is.” he obviously didn't want to say anything else anymore so Mina pushed a little further “What about your dad ? Do you like him? ” She watched him stiffen as he regarded her, suddenly alert.
“What about your parents?” he questioned back sharply causing her to wince. “Uh yeah I get it, bad topic.” He blew a platine strand of hair from his eye. “Exactly. Now can we get on?” He snatched a paper from her hand, hiding his face behind it. Mina noticed that his skin was slightly sweaty. ‘This must be wearing him out’ she thought deciding it was best if they finished fast.
She began reading through the last parts of her presentation, fully immensed in their studies, so she stiffened in surprise as she felt soft skin brushing her knuckles. Mina looked up from her papers noting that Johnny's hand had sunken, still holding her paper and was now brushing hers. Her eyes moved to his face, seeing his eyes closed and noting his even breathing she realized he had fallen asleep.
Careful not to wake him, she packed her belongings, before carefully running her hand over his arm. It was only meant as a friendly soft pat but her hand lingered and for a moment she only saw his beautiful face before her eyes traveled downwards to his abs. She swallowed dryly. His muscled, lean body looked stunning.
A creak by the door caused her to shrink back in surprise. It was the woman of the picture - Johnny's mother.
She seemed to be just as surprised before smiling hushing her over with a gesture of her hand. Once outside Mina began “I was just about to leave so —” His mother caught her off with a wave of her hand, peering through the small crack of the door. “How is he doing? He gets sick pretty rarely normally.” “Uh good, I mean I think he needs some rest after our work.” Mrs. Lawrence' eyebrows shot up. “Oh I see”
“Schoolwork, I meant schoolwork, we're doing a presentation together, I'm —” Mrs. Lawrence clasped her hands delighted. “Oh you must be his girlfriend then! ” “It's Mina actually, and —” Mrs. Lawrence gave her a warm smile “Oh of course I'm sorry I haven't asked before. Please call me Laura. With everything going on in this house I sometimes get quite caught up....”
She trailed off, smiling at Mina warmly through her honey coloured eyes.
Mina decided she liked her. “Would you like some tea? Or something to eat perhaps ?” Shaking her head Mina smiled at the older woman. “That is really nice of you to offer Mrs. Lawrence - uh Laura- but I really should get going, I still have some things to do at home.”
Laura looked at her in slight disappointment. “I see, do you need a ride home? ” she eyed her and Mina wished she would've worn her spiked leather gloves, or anything that made her look like she had a bike or something. “I would be delighted to give you a ride since I'm headed into the city anyways.” Mina bit her lip, somehow Johnny's mother wasn't snobby or arrogant at all unlike Ali' s parents Daniel always complained about.
“Well I doubt it's your part of town where I live.”
Laura placed an arm around her shoulder loosely ushering her towards the stairs. “If you feel uncomfortable with me dropping you off back home you can also name another place. ”
With that Mina could work. “Uh yeah could you drop me of at the Cobra Kai Karate Dojo? I work in a bar next to it and my shift's on soon.”
“Where Johnny takes his Karate lessons? Sure honey, that's gonna be no problem. Now tell me is this where Johnny and you first met? ”
Mina forced herself to smile as they stepped outside. “Well not quite, we actually met - ” as she continued, they got into a red Prosche and Laura drove off into the late afternoon and Mina decided at this point that she wouldn't shatter the image of her being Johnny's girlfriend for now.
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airi-p4 · 3 hours ago
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LBSC Art Sprint Challenge - Prompt: Neon Colors
For the LBSC sprint challenge @lovebugs-and-snakecharmers
Rules: 45 minutes sprint for sketching, the next 24 hours to finish the rest. (I totally broke them again - but nevermind)
So.... This is 100% @verfound​ ‘s fault and I have no explanation. DAMMIT VER Just check Ver’s Jagged art and amazing fic. That’s all you need to know 😂
15 minutes sketch under the cut:
Tumblr media
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