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reminder845 · 3 hours ago
why do i keep getting banana ads
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silvercrownedgift · 7 hours ago
If you like bananas dni
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frogparty · 8 hours ago
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memphis411 · 13 hours ago
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Bananas: eat healthy
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January 2014 Schedule. 
Here is the schedule for January Schedule. Major changes
As of January, the Cartoonito block is gone from the schedule and all the shows are moved to Boomerang. Jelly Jamm and Ha Ha Hairies are gone from the schedule and it's replaced by more of Garfield Show, Pink Panther and Pals, Tom & Jerry Kids and Krypto the Superdog.
Tom & Jerry Kids is first for the first time. Later on for last week Lazy Town Replaces Tom & Jerry Kids 1 slot and for Bananas In Pyjamas 1 Slot too at 8:30 AM and 8:45 AM. 
Looney Tunes replaces Tom & Jerry on 5:15 PM this means Classic Tom & Jerry only aired at 7:00 PM.
Top Cat loses Weekday slots as of January 13th and it’s replaced by more of the Tom & Jerry Tales, but it’s keeping its Sunday slot
Also Hong Kong Phooey is also back, aired on every Sunday without the Sunday Chase o-Rama I think.
Scooby Sundays are gone for the 2nd week and it’s replaced by Sunday Chase of Rama dedicated to air as of lead of Top Cat, Penelope of Pitstop, Dastardy and Muttley and Yogi’s Treasure Hunt. Here are the Sunday Chase of Rama bumpers: by Boomerang Archive
Boomerang also changed their next bumpers. Here are the bumpers: by Boomerang Archive
Overall this month was the huge one, Cartoonito the block is gone, 2 preschool shows are eliminated some shows lost their extra slots and classic's are returned
If you have something to say, Please comment down bellow
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soulmate au where you have the life changing words etched onto your skin.
Not necessarily romantic, could be something like "I think you're allergic" and it's not specified what your soulmate thinks you're allergic to, but apparently it's going to be a revelation.
Then you find out you're allergic to bananas because this dude informed you with a deadpan stare.
Also it could be for the better or the worse. Like maybe your soulmate turns you into a villain. Maybe your soulmate plays a large part in your villain origin story.
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atiny-ahgase · a day ago
Yes you did wonder into a garden it’s called my love 🥰. I’m doing good I’m just stressed cuz finals and all that. Also how are you Gabby? Also yes that meme is me because I’m cute and chaotic
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It's 1am, this is not the time to get me all flustered lol. And yes I am very much flustered because of you🥺👉👈
You have final?!? Good luck!!!
Tumblr media
This is me cheering you on!!!
I'm okay, I got hungry so now I'm eating apple slices in the dark lol. Everyone else is sleeping and I'm rummaging the house for food lol😅
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1ddiscourseoftheday · a day ago
Fri 7 May ‘21
My Policeman filming has gotten to the much anticipated Brighton beach location at last! Harry may be acting and in period costume/ hair and tattoo free but despite all of that, the pics of him goofing around on a beach in short shorts (legs for days, look at that little giraffe) are just the most Harry! Despite the pounds of make up he must be coated in and the chilly weather that had them bundling up between takes he looks high energy and excited and is having a gay old time with everyone and throwing himself into the acting with great zest. And then for contrast, another scene of him smoking moodily on the same beach at night was also filmed- oh the angst of it all!
But that’s not all the Harry footage today (mores the pity)! Remember that one time- and I do mean ONE- that Harry and Olivia went and took all those pics together, the weekend of Jeff’s wedding back in Jan? Well among the rest was a security camera shot of Harry in a restaurant standing around awkwardly- everyone was like hmm we’ll be seeing pics from this too eventually huh, guess they took some to use later. Well WAIT NO LONGER friends that exciting day is finally here! Video from the same restaurant security feed of him and Olivia has dropped and it is embarrassing, honestly. I wonder if even they were astonished that those two pap shoots were enough to fuel 5 months worth of press and thought they’d have to drop this oh so casual footage sooner, or if they hoped they’d waited long enough that people wouldn’t realize it was yet another from the one big photo shoot they ever did? Whatever.
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klodas · a day ago
Fruit is literally the best thing ever , all fruits deserve rights
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