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eevvvaa · an hour ago
A Supernatural Journey - Part 1
Tumblr media
Serie Summary: Two best friends meet two brothers.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Eva (OC), Sam Winchester x Emily (OC)
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Words: 4882
Eva’s POV :
 “This is why you don't drive the car!” I said angrily to my best friend.
  “How was I supposed to know that it would break in the middle of the road?!” She was a little amused by the situation but I wasn't. How were we supposed to do a road trip if we didn't have a car? I stared at the blue Ford who wouldn't start again no matter how hard I tried and sighed.
“Well. Obviously you took an ugly and dirty road with my pretty car. But guess what? Pretty cars don't take ugly roads. That's a simple rule, Em'.” I explained to the pretty idiot in front of me.
 “Are you really mad at me right now because of a car?” This time she seemed annoyed by this situation as she rolled her blue-ish eyes. I sighed once again then took a deep breath.
“I'm not mad at you alright? I'm just worried. There are too many questions without answers. Where are we going to eat? Where are we going to sleep? HOW are we going to get there?” Without even knowing it I started to yell at her. We never yelled at each other but I was too nervous about this situation to stay calm. Emily noticed my distress and took charge of this mess. “Alright stop! We are going to call a tow truck. They are going to take care of the car and I'm sure an Uber will drop us off at a motel or something nearby.” Emily said calmly. The moment she said that I asked myself why I didn't think of it. I shook my head a little then smiled. “Yeah. You're right.” I stated. “I'm always right.” She answered, a proud smile on her face. I chuckled and called the garage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An hour later we arrived at the nearest hotel. It started to rain and by the time we brought our bags into the hall we were soaked. It would have been a miracle if I didn't get sick. The receptionist was a kind old man with grey hair and big glasses. Kind of looked like the grumpy old man in Up. My best friend and I booked a room and took the elevator to go to our floor. This hotel was fancy but also nice and cozy. The room Emily and I shared had a dark blue wallpaper and two beds. A queen size and a king size. I quickly ran to the king size, jumped on it and stretched out all my length. I yelled a ‘Dibs!’ and Emily answered with a loud and frustrated ‘NO!’. We laughed but I kept the bed. We unpacked our things and my stomach started to growl. I raised my head and my best friend stared at me giving me a smile. I giggled and sat on the bed.
“Well. I suppose it's the sign to go get food.” I declared. Emily nodded and went into the bathroom to change her wet clothes. When she came back I had changed too. We both wore sweatshirts and comfy pants. We stepped into the elevator and started to talk again. We discussed the places we wanted to see during our road trip if we could really continue it. When we arrived at the reception we easily found the restaurant and took a seat by the window next to the heating. We were all alone but it was also 11:30.p.m and normal people didn't eat this late.
“I hope they are still serving at this hour.” I said. Emily took the menu between her hands and answered.
“Considering the price of this place they better be.” I chuckled and looked at the menu too. I was so hungry I could eat everything they served but I needed to be reasonable, I sadly knew myself. I turned my head when a young man in a tux, an apron on his hips came to us. He gave us a welcoming smile which I returned.
“Good evening Ladies. My name is Tadd and I will be your waiter for tonight. Have you made your choice regarding your meal?” He asked us.
We were a little speechless, not used to this kind of behavior but finally answered him.
“I'll take the salmon with green beans please.” I ordered.
“And I'll have the steak with French fries, bloody, please.” My friend said.
“Can I recommend some wine to accompany you?” He proposed.
We shook our heads and said a ‘No thank you’ in unison. Tadd went back behind the counter and murmured something in the ear of a man who appeared from the kitchen. They whispered something and looked at us before nodding and disappeared in the kitchen. Weird. Emily and I looked at each other and exchanged a confused look.
“Maybe it's because we are not wearing cocktail dresses or something?” I tried and Emily shrugged.
“Well I'm not gonna troc my comfy clothes for some tight dress just to eat.” She answered. I agreed with her and we continued our discussion from before.
We didn't wait too long before our meals arrived. Well there wasn't anyone else so we would have been surprised if we waited one hour. And considering our welcome, they weren't the type to keep their customers waiting. The food was really good but after about ten bites I started to feel sick. Damn me. I slowed down and sighed, annoyed by the feeling. I felt Emily's gaze on me and lifted my head to look at her.
“You're okay?” She asked me, already knowing the answer.
“Of course. Why?” I lied and she shook her head. I gave her a small smile and we continued our dinner. Well, Emily continued her dinner.
After about 40 minutes we finished and waited for Tadd to give us the bill. He arrived with a smile and took our plates.
  “Everything went well?” He asked while cleaning our table and we answered positively. I paid the bill as it was my turn to. Tadd wished us a good night and we thanked him. While we headed back to our room, Emily asked me.
“You wanna talk about it?” I shook my head and answered a quiet ‘not really’. In the elevator we started a light conversation that we continued in the hallway. Emily was putting the key in the door lock when I heard a muffled sound and looked around. Nothing. My friend turned to me when she opened the door and asked me what was wrong.
“Thought I heard something. Probably just my tired brain playing tricks.” I answered with a joking smile. She chuckled a bit and we stepped into the bedroom. We quietly changed into some pajamas, clearly exhausted from our day. We went into bed and continued to talk for a few minutes until Emily yawned.
“Well, I think it's time to close the shutters. Goodnight Bae.” She said a little tired.
“Night Bae.” I said back.
I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling in the dark. I listened to the slow breathing of my best friend already asleep. I started to think about the evening we just spent. Everything was fine, we laughed, we talked, we had a good time. Like we always do together. But then my anxiety came back. I have always been a stressed and nervous person. But for a while now my anxiety was really hard and it turned into something darker. At first it was just a weird feeling, mostly after eating. Like I was going to throw up. But for a few months now it is followed by not so positive thoughts. Some ' You have a problem. Maybe you ARE a problem ', ' You'll always gonna feel like this ' or ' You'll never be fine again ' crap. I knew it wasn't true, I really did but sometimes it was too much and I listened to them. Emily knew but she didn't know this much. I told her everything about this feeling of course but she couldn't really know how I felt. Because she wasn't in my body. Even if she tried. And she did, more than once. But she didn't know how I really felt inside, how lonely I felt, how desperate to be normal I felt. I shook my head to clear my mind and sighed. This road trip was going to be great, fun and refreshing. We were going to have a good time and I was going to feel good. I sank into my bed and cuddled my pillow. When I closed my eyes and started to drift into sleep I heard that muffled sound again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 I felt the rays of the sun on my skin and growled, hiding my head under the covers but I could still see the light. I sighed and turned my back to the window. I have never been a morning person and my behavior could tell everyone that. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Emily lying on her bed, her feet in the air pressed against the wall above the headboard, a book in her hands. She has always been like this. Emily was the kind of girl who could lose herself in a book and won't notice a fire in the house. Books had always been a refuge, another world she liked to explore. She was a romance kind of girl but she also could read French poetry without difficulties. I noticed that this time she was reading Harry Potter and the Phoenix Order, her favorite. So this morning was a Harry Potter morning. I smiled at the sight of my best friend so into the story she was reading. I turned in my bed to take my phone on the nightstand and looked at the time. 10:57.a.m. It would have rang in 3 minutes. I could have slept 3 more minutes. I let a growl escape and turned back to my friend. She hadn't moved, clearly not aware that I was awake, so I discreetly took a picture of her. She always complained about me being a paparazzi but at the end of the day she liked that I always took pictures of everything. They were memories. 
  “For how long have you been awake?” I asked her. She didn't hear me so I called her name a little more loudly.
  “What?” She turned her head towards me, trying to guess what I just said. I smiled.
  “For how long have you been awake?” I repeated.
  “Not too long.” She answered me then looked at her phone to see what time it was. “About an hour and a half.” She continued. Not too long my ass. I laughed at her answer and she joined me. I got up to go pee and she started talking to me, asking me how I slept. I hummed and she understood. When I got back she was on my bed and I laid with her.
  “I had an awful dream last night.” Emily started. It was a daily routine to tell our dreams to each other. 
  “Yeah?” I said.
  “Yeah. We were at Hogwarts together. I was a Gryffindor, obviously, and you were a Hufflepuff like you're supposed to be.” I laughed at her remark and she proceeded. “Everything was fine, we had lessons and I was even in the Quidditch team. We were friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. But most of all the Twins. We were all going to The Leaky Cauldron to have a good time but then Malfoy appeared out of nowhere. We argued, we even fought but all of a sudden he kissed me. This coward kissed me and I sure was stupid or insane in this dream because I kissed him back. EW! Can you believe this?! George was here too but NOOOOOO I had to kiss Malfoy.” My best friend narrated to me with anger and frustration. I couldn't help myself but laugh. She never kissed the right person in her dreams and I found it so funny. So I laughed. She stared at me with upset eyes but then laughed with me. After a few seconds we stopped and I sat at the edge of the bed.
  “So this is why you were reading Harry Potter this morning.” I said to her.
  “Yeah I had to make sure that Malfoy was still an asshole and my lovers the best guys in the world.” She joked. I got up and clapped my hands in front of me. 
  “Well. Your story made me hungry. Breakfast?” I proposed and Emily quickly got up and put a sweatshirt on. 
  “Thought you'd never ask. I've been starving since 9 in the morning.” She complained and I chuckled. I put some shoes on and we walked down the hall, still in pajamas. Everyone was going to judge us but we really didn't care. When we arrived at the restaurant last night, the customers who were eating quietly and the staff stared at us like we were aliens. Emily and I looked at each other and grinned. We found out years again that we liked that kind of reaction. We took a free table and started to talk again. After a few minutes Tadd arrived.
  “Good morning ladies. How can I help you?” He asked.
  “I'll have a latte with pancakes please.” I said.
  “And I'll take a hot chocolate with some waffles, thanks.” Emily ordered.
  Once our order arrived Emily looked at me and started a new conversation.
  “So, what do you want to do today?” She asked.
  I shrugged while chewing a piece of my pancakes. 
  “I think I'll go to the garage and ask what they have to do about the car and how much time it will take. But you can stay here and look for something to do today. Maybe this town has some fun activities. It'll only take me an hour, more or less.” I answered.
  “Yeah… Maybe they have a fun fair hidden somewhere. I'm sure you would love to play the cowboy and shoot some balloons.” She joked. 
  “Oooooh I'm so in! You'd better find one because now I clearly want to shoot some balloons. I'll even offer you the teddy bear I'll obviously win.” I said.
  “Yeah, yeah calm down Kill Bill. We don't want you to cry when you won't aim any.” She replied.
  “Billy the Kid.” I just said, clearly judging her.
  “What?” She asked, a bit confused. I chuckled but answered her.
  “The cowboy you're trying to talk about, it's Billy the Kid. Not Kill Bill.” I started to laugh and Emily rolled her eyes like every time. She sighed loudly like a drama queen then said.
  “Damn it! Every time!” She laughed with me.
  We happily finished our breakfast and headed back to our room. I took a quick shower and changed into clean clothes. I grabbed my backpack, put my wallet into it and my headphones in my ears. I walked to the door and yelled at Emily who stepped into the bathroom right after I got out.
  “I'm going!”
 “Finally!” She answered and I heard her laugh. I smiled and shook my head slightly before leaving the room. I quickly called an Uber to bring me to the garage and put my music on, the only sound I could hear from now on.
  Emily's POV :
  I stepped into the shower a few seconds after Eva left and sang loudly when my “Shower” playlist started. I really should rename it the “Sing like a Queen” playlist even if Eva would obviously argue about my singing talents. The hot water sank on my body and it felt good. Eva always thought my showers were too hot but I like it that way. I started to shampoo my head and closed my eyes, enjoying the heat and the music coming through my Bluetooth speaker. After twenty minutes I stepped out of the shower, still singing. I quickly dried the drops on my arms and legs and put on the green dress I chose to wear today. It was a long and bohemian style kind of dress. I dried my hair with a towel and shook my head madly to throw away the excess water. I hardly brushed my hair and looked in the mirror. I was okay. NO! I was ‘hot’ like my best friend would say. A small smile reached my face and I started to brush my teeth when I felt a cold draught behind me. I shivered a little and thought it was probably the change of temperature between the hot shower and the current air. I stepped out of the bathroom, found some socks in my bag and put them and my Converse on. I headed to the receptionist's desk to ask him some tips on what to do in this town. I approached the old man and smiled.
  “Hello, how can I help you today?” He asked.
  “Well, my friend and I are staying here for I don't know how long and I wanted to know if you knew some great places to visit or some popular activities that you could recommend to us, please.” I asked. 
  The man nodded and searched in drawers of his desk. After a few seconds he handed me two flyers. The first one gathered all the activities in town and the second one was a list of all the rooms in the hotel who provided entertainment. I smiled at him, thanked him and walked into the restaurant to take a seat. This town had a museum on an author that was born and raised in the place, she apparently wrote some horror novels and was pretty good at it. There was also a bar with karaoke nights and a hiking spot. Then I read the flyer about the hotel. This place was huge. They had a swimming pool, a gym that I was obviously going to visit later, a SPA, a library and a little movie theater. I took my phone and texted my friend.
  Me: ‘Well. Found some pretty good stuff, I think we will find a way to pass the time ;)’
  She didn't take long to answer back. 
  Eva: ‘Niiiiice! I think I'll leave in 20 min and go back. Want me to grab something on the way?’
  My stomach growled a bit, it was already 1:30.p.m. after all.
  Me: ‘Absolutely. Choose what you want, I'll be fine with it’
  Eva: ‘Okie dokie ^^’
  I shook my head and got up. I was definitely going to the library while I waited for her to come back. I stepped into the elevator and pushed the button to the library's floor. The lights flickered a little and a shiver ran down my spine again. I shook myself and some steam came out of my mouth. Weird. My thoughts were cut by the ding of the elevator and stepped out of it. I turned to look inside the metal box and quickly headed to the library. It was huge and my eyes widened. I walked around the shelves and saw a familiar name. Laura Kleistein. The author who had her own museum. I picked one of the books, sat next to a window and started to read. 
  When I stopped my reading and looked at my phone, a little more than an hour had passed. Eva was obviously back at the hotel and was searching for me considering the amount of unread texts I had.
  Eva: ‘I'm back, where are you?’
  Eva: ‘Hello?’
  Eva: ‘Where are you?’
  Eva: ‘Come on, did you lose yourself in a hotel?!’
  Eva: ‘Or maybe you are dead’
  Eva: ‘Was the receptionist Jack Torrance?’
  Eva: ‘???????’
  Eva: ‘Can we stop playing hide and seek now? The food is gonna run cold’
  I laughed at her reaction to my absence and dialed her number. She quickly answered.
  “Finally! Where the hell are you?” She asked and I could hear the worry in her voice.
  “Sorry. I stepped into the library and lost track of time.” I answered.
  “Well get back here, I'm hungry. You're lucky I waited for you.” She was a little annoyed and I smiled.
  “I'm here in two minutes.” I said.
  “You better be.” She told me and hung up. 
  I got up and closed the book in my hand after memorizing the page I was at. I stepped out of the library and I felt the airstream again. I entered the elevator and saw a form coming to me before the doors closed. I quickly shook my head and sighed. A few seconds later I met my friend in the hall, a bag of food in her hands. I smiled with all my teeth trying to look innocent and she slightly shook her head at me before laughing.
  “Sorryyy.” I tried.
  “Yeah, yeah. Come on, I saw a great spot in the park in front of the hotel.” She declared and I followed her.
  We sat and I put the book in her bag.
  “What's that?” She asked, a bit curious.
  “A book.” I said to annoy her and it worked. She rolled her eyes and sighed.
  “Yeah, thank you Captain Obvious. But a book about what?” She asked again.
  “A horror novel. The author has a museum dedicated to her in this town.”  I answered.
  “Oh cool.” My best friend said.
  We started to eat and I asked her about the car. She sighed and said that we had to wait three more days before we could have it back. I nodded and told her about the activities around. She smiled and was excited by my telling.
  “What do you say we go for a walk and then go see a movie in the theater tonight?” I proposed and she quickly nodded.
  “Sounds good. Well depends on the movie they are showing but sure.” She smiled.
  “What would be a big no?” I asked and she quickly answered.
  “After. After would be a big no. Even if they offer me the ticket.” We instantly laughed and I almost choked on the sandwich she bought me. Eva hit me on the back and rubbed it.
  “Hey, don't die right now, I still need company until the car is good to go.” She lightly joked. 
  “Don't worry, I'm not finished with you yet.” I said and we continued to talk and laughed. 
 It's always been like this between us. We shared stories, we listened to each other, we laughed and we even cried sometimes. It was our friendship and I loved it. We spent the rest of the day outside, the weather was really great. It was a sunny July day, not too hot but hot enough to feel good. Eva and I went to the hiking spot and behind a pretty huge hill and a dry path we found a quiet spot next to a river. We laid down and watched the sky peacefully, our feet tickled by the cold water. I turned to my best friend and smiled at her. Her eyes were closed and a genuine grin plastered on her face. It was good to see her like that. Suddenly she spoke without opening her eyes.
  “Do you think that I'll find someone one day? Like THE love story with passion, teasing, even danger?”
  I looked at her. Of course she was going to find someone. Who couldn't love this girl? But I couldn't help myself and answered.
  “Nah. You're going to be alone all your life. But don't worry I'll be alone too. We will keep each other company and have a lot of cats.”
  She chuckled and shook her head. She turned her face towards me and opened her brown eyes. She studied my face and smiled more.
  “You won't be alone. I mean, yeah, I'll be there of course but you'll find a guy. A cute, funny and annoyingly smart guy, named Steve, to take care of you. Because you're worth it Em'. I mean it. Have you seen yourself? You're too hot for your own good but also clever and sarcastic on top of that. This Steve will fall head over heels for you.” She kindly said even if I didn't ask anything. Eva was that kind of girl. She would tell you nice things she truly thought only to make you feel better, even if you didn't ask for it. I smiled and confidence gained my body. Her words were always soothing and sweet and lowered my doubts.
  “You're too good to me. Thank you and I'm sure you will find someone as well. A handsome dork that will make you happy and drive you crazy at the same time. Because deep down you like complicated boys.” I smirked and she laughed.
  “Yeah, yeah maybe a little. But as a very great friend once said: ‘What's life without a bit of challenge?’” She said and I chuckled.
  “Words of a wise woman.” I answered and we laughed together. We talked a bit more and the sun started to set, so we got up and headed back to the hotel. Forty minutes later we arrived at the place we were staying at for a few days and when we walked through the parking lot Eva stopped and gasped a little. I turned to her and she was looking at a car. Obviously. 
  “Look how beautiful she is.” She said while pointing to a black car. I never knew anything about cars but I could say when it was a pretty one, and this one was. She slowly walked towards it and scoffed.
  “Of course it's a Chevy. Chevrolets are the best.” She continued and I just hummed.
  “If you say so.” I said. My friend softly touched the hood of the car and smiled. She seemed absorbed by the black vehicle and I cut her out of your dream.
  “Have you finished fantasizing about a car?” I told her and she giggled.
  “Yeah, yeah we can go.” She answered.
  “Good.” And we entered the hotel and walked towards the movie theater.
  “What do you think is the movie tonight?” Eva asked.
  “Absolutely no idea.” I shrugged.
  “I really hope it's going to be a good one.” She said. We took a few more steps and when I saw the billboard I started to laugh.
  “Titanic.” I said, pointing to the poster.
  “Oh God no. No way. I'm heading back to the room.” My friend complained and I laughed even harder while following her back to our bedroom. On the way Eva slowed down and made a weird face, almost like she was in pain.
  “You're okay?” I asked her a bit worried.
  “Don't you hear that sound?” She said. I shook my head and stared at her. She put a hand on her ear and shrugged.
  “It must be in my head then.” She said.
  “Oookay?” I tried and we walked to our room. 
  Eva quickly discovered that we had room service and could eat in our room so we decided to order our meals and watch a movie on the TV in our room. In a few minutes our orders arrived and Eva desperately tried to connect her computer to the TV so we could watch something on Netflix. I laughed at the sight of my best friend slowly losing patience.
  “Do you want me to call the reception for help?” I made fun of her.
  “Shut up.” My friend growled and I laughed even more.
  All of a sudden the TV showed the wallpaper of my computer's friend and I cheered. She rolled her eyes and sat down, the laptop on the desk.
  “So! What do you wanna watch? And I swear if you answer ‘Whatever’ I'll punch you in the face.” She said while turning to face me. I smirked and she sighed.
  “Don't, you'll hurt yourself.” I joked and a grunt escaped her mouth.
  “All right, maybe a supe' movie? Like Avengers or something?” I tried.
  “Back To The Future it is.” Eva declared and I scoffed.
  “It's not a supe' movie.” I said.
  “And I don't care.” She told me and I laughed.
  We got comfortable in Eva's bed and ate in front of the movie. When we finished our meals and put the plates on the floor, a shiver came to me once again and a small gasp escaped me.
  “Is the air conditioning too strong?” My friend asked before I could say anything. She felt it too.
  “I don't know. I think it's set that way at the hotel in general because I felt an airstream all day.” I stated and my friend turned to me with a grin on her face. I knew that face.
  “Or... Maybe it's a ghost.” She joked.
  “Oh please, don't start with your ghost stories.” I rolled my eyes and she scoffed and pretended to be hurt.
  “Hey! I'm just trying to be a professional here.” She said.
  “Yeah, yeah of course.” I laughed and shook my head. 
  Eva chuckled and we continued the movie. Slowly my head felt heavy and my eyes started to close. I fell asleep in Eva's bed, the shiver still running on my body.
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eevvvaa · an hour ago
A Supernatural Journey - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: Two best friends meet two brothers.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Eva (OC), Sam Winchester x Emily (OC)
Part 1
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rehcolt · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam and Dean graphic challenge :: Favorite brotherly moment
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rockingthegraveyard · 2 hours ago
Sam was definitely a biter. lil’ Dean and Sam getting in a squabble, Dean would have to actively push Sam’s face away or risk tiny child teeth marks on his arm or face. 
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casbian · 2 hours ago
when dean says that he's tired and that it's like seeing light at the end of the tunnel and sam says it's hell fire dean. funniest writing choice ever actually. also the bitchiness. the desperation. at that moment sam took full control of the vessel
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negans-lucille-tblr · 3 hours ago
Daddy’s Little Princess (Dark!Fic) - Part 8/8 (FIN)
Tumblr media
Summary: Daddy’s little princess, Y/N, isn’t as sweet and innocent as John convinces himself she is. Her brothers know her true colours - but what happens when they threaten to tell John?
Rating: 18+ (Dark fic)
Part Tags: held captive, stockholm syndrome, mentions of non con, mentions of drugging, kissing, mutual masturbation, praise kink, mentions of humiliation, oral sex (fem rec), mentions of p in v, possessive!Sam
Part WC: ± 2.4K
@spndarkbingo​​ Square: Silence // @spnkinkbingo​​ Square: Mutual Masturbation
A/Ns: Well, when I wrote part one, I never expected to continue it. Then I got an idea for another 3 parts. 3 turned to 5 which turned to 7. And now here we are - the end. Hope you’ve loved the impromptu dark and delicious mini series! Big thank you to my Omega Readers. This is the first series I’ve used their help - and I found their feedback invaluable ❤️
Daddy’s Little Princess Masterlist // SPN Bingos // Sister!Reader Masterlist
< Part Seven
Tumblr media
Part Eight
It’s silent. It always is when you’re alone. There’s light creeping in from the tiny window at the very top of the room, and you can tell from the way it turns from bright to dark that it’s almost night time. The silence is the worst. It’s deafening and makes your thoughts too loud. You know now that all this is your fault. You should never have been such a careless slut in the first place. You took drugs, partied hard, and never said no to a good time. You had this coming. And it’s all you’re good for, anyway. Your father and Dean are right - they never would’ve taken something you hadn’t offered them. Maybe you didn’t mean to offer them anything, but you did somehow. 
Your ears desperately search for something outside of your own mind. A creak in a floorboard, a drip of a tap, the faint ticking of a clock, or the very gentle buzz of the TV. But all those noises ceased to exist once Daddy and Dean set to work on sound proofing the basement. Now the only thing you can hear is your breathing, the gentle thud thud thud of your own heartbeat. And if you focus on either of those things for too long, then you start to feel claustrophobic, your breath feels alien and wrong in your lungs, and you end up having a panic attack. So your thoughts are all you’re left with. You shift slightly on the mattress that Daddy finally brought down for you, after Sam kicked up a fuss. The ropes were removed a few weeks ago now; they finally trusted you enough to not try and get out. Not that you could when they padlock the only door, every time they leave. 
The creak of the mattress beneath you is a welcomed noise, and you purposefully shift again just to hear something. You’re sure it’s been dark for long enough now, that it’s almost time. Dean had been down earlier that evening, and just before he was finished, Daddy had joined him. And they took it in turns until they were done using you, before they left again. The shadows on the floor were facing South east then, and then they turned to face south west around the time that Dean brought you down something to eat, and now the shadows are gone - which means that it’s almost time. 
You take some deep breaths and wait, your eyes fixed on the staircase. And then the door creaks, and light floods down the stairs and pools into the room, just enough to make you squint your eyes a little. The familiar sound of boots on the wooden steps sounds out, and you slowly sit up. When he comes into view you smile instantly. “Hey baby girl,” he whispers, stepping up to you. He crouches down so he’s more your height and reaches out to stroke down the side of your face. You lean into his touch and close your eyes for a moment. “Fuck, I’ve missed you.” When you open your eyes onto him, Sam smiles widely. “You gonna be a good girl for me?” You nod your head, feeling his thumb tug on your bottom lip and you eagerly start to suck it gently. He smirks and lets go. “Okay, c’mon then.” 
He stands up and takes your hand, helping you to your own feet and leading you over to the stairs. 
“Remember baby, silent.” You nod again, afraid to even reply with words in the basement, and then he leads you up the stairs and back into the house. It’s noticeably warmer than in the basement - it always is - and you let Sam lead you into the living room, where he closes the door tight. He leads you over the couch and you sit on it, knowing the routine off by heart now. 
Each morning Dean comes down with breakfast and some pills, and once your brain is foggy and you don’t have much idea what’s going on, he starts touching you. The rest of the day is a bit of a blur, until the evening, when the drugs are just starting to wear off, and sometimes when you come to, Dean’s already there, or maybe Daddy. And then they give you dinner. But night times are spent painfully sober. Sam likes it this way, he’s told you so before. He likes knowing that you’re sober. 
Sam has been bringing you upstairs without Daddy or Dean knowing for a couple of weeks now. You could vaguely remember in your drugged up haze that he wasn’t very happy about finding you in the basement. He’d tried arguing with your father and Dean about it, but when Dean told him that you would be down there with or without his blessing, Sam seemed to give up the fight. At first he’d joined in, coming down with Dean, sometimes John, and other times alone, fucking you the way they did and leaving you to cry when he was done. But then he stopped coming in the day time, or anytime Dad and Dean were around, and he started coming at night. 
He kept telling you how much he loved you, how he was going to make sure to keep you safe, and when he managed to convince John to get you the mattress, and then stop tying you up, you started to believe him. Eventually, he began bringing you upstairs for a few hours. He might’ve had to take you back down into the basement eventually, but you were glad to start having some time somewhere other than the basement. 
Sam sits alongside you on the couch and grips your face, pulling you in and kissing you passionately. You kiss back, feeling his tongue snake into your mouth to explore it. You start to unbutton his flannel shirt, smoothing your hands over his chest and down his torso. Sam reaches up and grips the side of your neck, encouraging your head to one side, so that he can kiss and nibble at your neck. Besides your breathing getting a little heavier you remain silent. It’s Sam’s only golden rule for your trips out of the basement. Daddy or Dean can’t ever know that he lets you out - or they might punish you for it. Sam remains equally as quiet most of the time, but he does whisper the odd instruction here and there, so you know what he wants from you that night. 
Some nights he just wants to kiss you - touch and feel you and make you jerk him off. Other nights - most nights - he just wants to bury his face between your legs until he’s had his fill. And then sometimes, he wants to fuck you. But Sam isn’t all too good at keeping quiet when he fucks you - so that’s a rare occurrence. You rub your hand across the front of his jeans and it makes him gasp silently against your lips. 
“Lie back,” he instructs. You do so instantly, knowing exactly what he wants. You spread your legs to show off your bare pussy underneath the large shirt you’re wearing, and Sam bites his bottom lip, moving to the opposite side of the sofa. “Touch.” He nods to your pussy and you get the message, reaching to swirl your fingers around your growing slick, rubbing it into your bundle of nerves. Your mouth falls open in a silent moan. It’s always sore down there, but Sam’s tongue often remedies it. 
Sam reaches into his jeans and pulls his long, hard erection free, slowly stroking it from base to tip over and over. His eyes are fixed on your pussy as you continue to touch yourself for his pleasure. He likes to do this a lot. He likes watching you get wet for him, as he strokes his cock and watches. Then when he can’t hold back anymore, he uses his mouth to make you cum, over and over and over. But you’re used to it now. It’s not like the first time where he made you cry because you were so overstimulated. You were used to multiple orgasms from his relentless tongue - you’d come to crave them. Sam’s good with his mouth - something you’d resented the first time he ate you out. You’d hated that he could make you feel so good when you didn’t want to. But overtime you’d given into it. It’s the only good thing in your life anymore. Anything to please your father and brothers. 
You slowly sink a finger inside yourself and Sam’s jaw clenches. You add a second, watching the way he jerks his cock quicker, his grip tightening, and you want to feel him inside you so badly. You pray that he wants that too tonight. Sammy always makes you feel so good - and not because he wants to humiliate you, wants to make you feel dirty and ashamed for having an orgasm when you don’t even want to be having sex. It’s like Sam genuinely wants to make you feel good. Why else would he spend so long eating you out? 
“Fuck, I love watching you play with yourself,” he breathes out. His cheeks are flushed as he stares. “Wish I could hear those pretty noises you used to make for me.” Sam’s not spoken this much since you started this. You’d forgotten how much you liked it when someone talked to you - and not in the derogatory way that Daddy or Dean did - but the way Sam’s talking to you now, full of praise. “God baby, you’re perfect, want you all to myself. You want that too?” he asks, his eyes searching your face. 
You bite your bottom lip, hesitating from giving your instinctive reaction which is yes. The idea of there only being Sam sounds wonderful. You know he wouldn’t lock you in a basement, or feed you drugs, and he would care for you and praise you and you’d be completely and totally his. But what if this is a test? What if Daddy and Dean have told him to ask you? What if you let them down and they think you don’t love them? Because you do love them, and you want them to be happy - you just wish they treat you more like Sam does. 
“Want it to be just you and me, baby?” Sam asks again. You bite your lip and hesitantly nod, hoping you’re giving him the right answer. A smile breaks out over his face and he lets go of his cock, leaning forward and over you to kiss you again. “I’m gonna eat that sweet little pussy for a while, and then I want you to trust me, okay?” Sam asks carefully. You nod your head, smiling at him. “Do you trust me?” You nod. “Do you love me?” You nod again. 
Sam reaches up and cups the side of your face, smiling down at you warmly. 
“Wanna hear you say it, baby girl. Wanna hear you tell me.” You lick your lips and open your mouth, taking your time in case he changes his mind. You don’t want to break your silence and the number one golden rule. 
“I love you, Sammy. Want it to be me and you.” Your voice is cracked and hoarse, but Sam smiles regardless and kisses you. 
“Now I wanna hear you tell me you want me to take you away,” he grunts. 
Your eyes widen, “take me away, Sammy.” Your voice is hesitant. Is he really going to take you away?
“Now tell me to eat your cunt,” he growls against your lips. 
“Eat my pussy, Sammy, please,” you whimper. Sam presses kisses along your neck and breathes deeply. 
“Whatever you want baby, I’ll always give you whatever you want.” And then he drops to between your legs, and the first swipe of his tongue through your folds has you arching your back. And now you can hardly keep the noises in, as you think about Sam finally taking you away from here. 
Sam’s POV
“I love you, Sammy. Want it to be me and you.” The sound of Y/N’s voice saying his name after so long sends bolts of arousal to his cock, making it throb. He wants to hear so much more. Wants to hear her screaming and moaning above him like she did that day, wants to hear her begging him not to stop. God, Sam’s missed that. Needs it. 
“Now I wanna hear you tell me you want me to take you away,” he grunts. He needs to hear it - needs to know she’s ready. He needs to know she’s broken, she’s his. He’s worked hard to gain her trust. John and Dean’s first mistake was tying her up the way they had. That was Sam’s in. And yeah, he could’ve accepted that he could have her whenever he wanted, so long as she was kept in that basement, but Sam’s never been one for sharing, not really. He saw an opportunity to be the good guy, and he’s taken it. 
“Take me away, Sammy.” Y/N doesn’t sound sure, but Sam’s going to take what he can get.  Once they’re out of here, and it’s just the two of them, once Sam’s sure she’ll never want to come home, she’ll be completely and utterly his. But until then, Sam’s cock is throbbing, begging for release, and he just wants to devour her. 
“Now tell me to eat your cunt,” he growls against her lips. 
“Eat my pussy, Sammy, please.” It’s like music to his ears, hearing his baby sister say those words, and Sam presses kisses along her neck, taking a deep breath to remain composed. They still need to be quiet. They’re not alone yet. They can’t get caught now - now he’s so close to getting everything he’s ever wanted. 
“Whatever you want baby, I’ll always give you whatever you want.” 
Sam lowers himself, licking through her slick without another moment of hesitation. God he wants the taste of this on his tongue for the rest of his life. Nothing’s ever tasted sweeter than his little sister - and Sam swears she’s even sweeter since he’s broken her down. He just needs one little fix, one more taste of that nectar, and then he’s gonna take her away from here - as far as they can get. And Y/N won’t be Daddy’s little princess anymore - she’ll be his. 
Tumblr media
Always and Forevers: @stoneyggirl​​​ / @hoewkeye​​​ / @dandywinchesterbras​​​ / @foxyjwls007​​​ / @kyjey​​​ / @spnbaby-67​​​ / @waywardbabie​​​ / @phoenixblack89​​​ / @miraclesoflove​​​ / @valisiofdauntless​​​ / @peaches007​​​ / @xoxabs88xox​​​ / @sam-girl1998-blog​​​ / @linki-locks11​​​ / @vulgar-library​​​ / @jades-bullshit​​​ / @dirty-pan-goblin​​ / @little-diable​​​ / @waywardbaby​​​ / @tatted-trina6​​​ / @lunarmoon8​​​ / @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone​​​ / @warrior-angel​​​ / @impalaspixie​​​
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writethelifeyouwant · 3 hours ago
Stop Apologising
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader Rating: 18+ Tags: crack, smut, magic is dangerous kiddos, only one bed, oral sex (m rec) Word Count: 1.3k Created for: @spnkinkbingo - MenofLetters!Sam | @fandomfic-galore 's 1,000 follower challenge! Prompts: Sam Winchester, Only One Bed, Oral Sex
A/N: Congratulations on the milestone Han! You super deserve it ❤️ I am sorry that I'm celebrating by writing you the weirdest thing I have ever written 😂
Tumblr media
“I’m so sorry,” Sam apologises again. Sam was apologising so much you were almost offended. Was he really that mortified about having to share a bed with you?
“Sam, seriously, if you don’t stop apologising, I’m going to punch you,” you snap.
“So–” Sam stops mid apology, not sure whether apologising for apologising would count as apologising again. You give him an approving nod, and he smiles sheepishly back at you. “I’ll sleep on the floor anyways, it’s fine,” Sam offers, dropping his bag by the foot of the bed.
“What? No, that’s stupid Sam,” you argue. “It’s not like it’s a twin, it’s a king size bed, we can share.”
“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or–”
“You won’t,” you interrupt, shaking your head. Yeah, it would definitely not be a hardship to have to share a bed with Sam. Not that he knows how you feel about him. He thinks you’re friends, probably thinks of you as a little sister even – of course he would be mortified to share a bed with you.
“Um, if you’re sure, I guess,” Sam rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.
“Yes, gigantor, I’m sure,” you laugh, and Sam snorts under his breath at the nickname.
“You’ve been hanging out with Dean too much,” Sam accuses jokingly.
“Well, if you didn’t leave me stranded with him so much to go practice your witchy stuff,” you glare playfully.
“Based on tonight I still need a lot more practice,” Sam scoffs at himself, and you smile kindly back.
“Hey, it’s not so bad,” you plop yourself on the edge of the bed next to Sam and give him a comforting pat on the shoulder. “So you made all the furniture start moaning, so what. Rowena said she’ll have it sorted out by tomorrow.”
“Still embarrassing,” Sam grumbles.
You roll your eyes and give him a shove. “Come on, it was kind of funny,” you giggle.
“The whole bunker sounded like it was having an orgy,” Sam points out, and you burst out laughing.
It had been hilarious once you’d realised what was going on. Sure at first you were shocked when your chair started groaning underneath you and your desk started breathing and whimpering heavily but once you knew it was Sam and not some scary demon thing, it was pretty damn funny. He’d been trying to bring a dead piece of wood back to life – turn it back into a tree that could grow again – and in doing so he inadvertently brought every piece of wood in the bunker to life. And what do live things want to do? Reproduce.
The whole situation was ridiculous, but harmless. You and Sam had decided it was best to abandon the bunker for the evening while Rowena went around killing all the furniture again. Apparently, it could get messy. That’s how you’d wound up at the nearest motel, managing to snag the last room. Except the last room they had only had one king size bed, rather than two queens.
“I’m still sorry,” Sam says, laughing now too. You punch him in the shoulder. “Ow! What was that for?”
“I told you I’d punch you the next time you apologised. I keep my promises Winchester,” you grin.
“Yeah, guess so,” Sam rubbed his arm, smiling at you. He kept smiling, just a little too long, before he cleared his throat. “I’m gonna get ready for bed.”
“Good plan,” you agree. It was already close to midnight.
Tumblr media
Sometime later, in the middle of the night, you wake to shuffling and groaning behind you. Squinting blearily, you turn over towards Sam. His back is towards you and he’s curled in on himself, looking much smaller than he normally does. His shoulders seem to be shaking, like he’s breathing hard after running a long way. You hear another small, pained whine and think maybe he’s having a nightmare. Occupational hazard of being a hunter really.
“Sam,” you whisper, trying not to startle him. There’s no response. “Sam,” you try again, a little louder, and a shudder runs through him.
“Huh?” Sam grunts and twists towards you, blinking sleepily.
“Were you having a nightmare?” you grimace sympathetically.
“What?” Sam clearly isn’t very alert yet.
“You were kind of groaning or whining or something,” you inform him. The same muffled sound reaches your ears again. “Yeah, like that.”
“I didn’t make that noise,” Sam is very alert now, sitting up and looking around cautiously. You hear another whimper and look around but you swear the noise is coming from Sam. It sounds like it’s right next to you.
“Oh my god,” Sam’s face drops into abject horror, so exaggerated that it would have been comical if he wasn’t scaring you. “Sam, what is it? Are you alright?”
“Yeah, um, fuck–” another whimper “–fine, it’s nothing, it’s–” a high pitched groan joins one from Sam this time as his hands drop to his lap and fist into the bedsheets.
“What the hell, Sam?” You scramble across the bed towards him and tear off the blanket, worried that he’s hurt somehow.
“No, Y/N!” Sam grabs at the sheets but you’re faster. The muffled whimpering and groaning gets clearer as the source of the sound becomes suddenly visible.
Well, fuck.
Sam is erect, almost menacingly so, and he’s twitching inside his briefs. The noises you’d been hearing were clearly coming from his crotch, and your eyes bugged out, glancing up to Sam in terrified confusion.
“I am so sorry,” Sam scrambles to cover himself up but you keep a firm grip on the blankets.
“What the fuck is happening?”
“I think it’s the spell,” he grumbles, shifting uncomfortably on the bed. “I was in the blast radius, and it brought everything wooden in the bunker to life. At the time I was fine but as soon as I had um,” Sam is growing a brighter shade of red every second, “as soon as there was wood for the spell to affect – it did.” Sam’s dick gave an affirmative whine.
“Does–” Y/N has no idea what to say or what to ask, she’s so taken aback by the situation. “Does it hurt?” she cringes, that’s so lame.
“Well no, it just feels like, y’know,” Sam cuts off.
“Right,” Y/N flushes. She can’t seem to tear her eyes away from Sam’s groin. She’d never seen Sam in his underwear, let alone hard, and god she was having conflicting feelings about being turned on right now. “So how do we fix this?”
“This is so weird, I’m so sorry Y/N,” Sam cringes as his dick moans wantonly.
“Stop apologising, and let me help you,” crawls even closer to Sam and puts a hand to his cheek, turning his face to look at hers. “Let me help, yeah?”
Sam looks back at her, wide-eyed and incredulous, but nods hesitantly all the same. His skin is burning under Y/N’s fingers as she slowly drags them down his body. Sam hisses when they tease over the front of his briefs, and his dick jumps behind the fabric, echoing his noise.
Intrigued, Y/N pulls out his cock and begins to stroke. The flesh is warm, solid and heavy in her grasp. As she runs her fingers over the tip, collecting the bead of pearly liquid that had pooled there, something flutters and she hears a sigh that definitely came from the cock rather than Sam.
“Fuck, Y/N, I’m sor–”
“Sam Winchester, if you don’t stop apologising I have ways of shutting you up,” Y/N threatens, glaring up at him, and Sam swallows sheepishly. “And speaking of shutting up,” Y/N continues, “I think I might know how to make this quiet down.” She gives Sam a small squeeze on her next upstroke and leans down to take him in her mouth.
Sam’s groans are perfectly clear but between that and Y/N’s humming as she bobs enthusiastically up and down on Sam’s cock, the magical talking wood isn’t audible any longer.
Tumblr media
We’re All Mads Here: @vulgar-library @tintentrinkerin @negans-lucille-tblr @fandomfic-galore @petitgateau911 @schaefchenherde @kickingitwithkirk @little-diable @laxe-chester67 @kassyscarlett @austin-winchester67 @flamencodiva
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bisupernatural · 3 hours ago
As an australian, I do feel the need to give supernatural charcters australian nicknames
First off we have sam, who I would call Sambo. Its simple and sounds better than Sammy. When I'm feeling annoying, I will call him samwich
Second we have dean, who I would call deano in an antagonising way or call him uncle or somehthing
Lastly, we have cas, who would be cazza most of the time, and I would really over- dramatise my Australian accent when doing it and other times would simply call him cassie
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sourwolf-sterek32 · 3 hours ago
Welcome to the End
Summary: Y/N Winchester was a hunter like her brothers, following in their fathers footsteps. Saving people, hunting things, the family business.
During a case in Georgia, you meet the Dixon brothers and after saving Daryl’s life against a Chupacabra, the two of you become close. But, when the zombie apocalypse starts, life as you know it changes forever.
Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Winchester!Reader
Word Count: 3.1k
Warnings: Language, violence, blood and injury
Chapter 22-
Tumblr media
Jadis only just managed to dodge the bullet, but you used her sudden shock to your advantage.
Grabbing Carl's arm, you quickly pulled him behind before you raised both hands, sending telekinesis waves at Jadis and the rest of her people on the platform.
You heard Carl gasp and you realised that he had never seen you use these powers in person before.
Slowly, you raised your hands higher, lifting the garbage off their feet before you threw them back off the platform and onto the ground. You weren't entirely sure if you had killed them or not, but it didn't matter. They weren't getting up any time soon either way.
You could feel blood starting to trickle from your nose as you took a staggering step back, trying to ignore the sharp pain now spiking through your skull.
Suddenly, a hand grabbed your shoulder steadying you.
"Shit, thank you. Are you okay?" Rick questioned as him and Carl stepped out from behind you.
"I'll live." You winced, wiping the blood from your nose with the back of your hand.
"That was badass." Carl commented causing you to chuckle as you looked down at the teenager, but laughing was a bad idea as the pain in your head suddenly skyrocketed.
You grabbed your head with both hands and tried not to groan, but clearly you must have because Ricks hand was back on your shoulder.
"Hey, Y/N. Hey, look at me." Rick quickly said as you forced yourself to look over at him before black dots started clouding your vision. "Hey, you can't pass out on me. Y/N, please, we need you."
You didn't say anything for a moment as you struggled to even breath before the pain in your head slowly started to go down.
"I-I'm okay. Just don't make me laugh, kid." You responded breathlessly as you glanced over at Carl who gave you an apologetic smile before you realised that there was gunfire going on around you.
Shit, that's right, you were in the middle of a fight with the Saviours. What the hell were you three doing just standing here?
"We need to help them." You quickly said, picking up one of the AK-47's that one of Jadis' men had dropped.
You pulled the magazine out checking it before slamming it back into place satisfied that it had enough ammo for now.
"Let's go." Rick responded and with that the three of you quickly rushed down the ladder before ducking down between the two trucks.
Carl had his assault rifle back in his hands and was firing off shots in the direction of a group of Saviours, Rick with his Python as the three of you shot at the Saviours.
"Did any of you see where Daryl went?" You shouted above the gunfire as you ducked back down behind the truck as bullets sprayed into the ground beside you.
"No." Rick and Carl both answered and you silently cursed under your breath for not looking for him earlier.
You glanced around the community, but you couldn't find him. Shit. Where did you go, Daryl?
"I'm gonna go find him. Take out as many as you can, Negan will retreat if he thinks he's losing." You quickly said, not waiting for either of them to respond before you took off running towards one of the houses for cover.
You thought you heard Rick shout something at you, but you had no idea what it was as bullets flew past you before you reached the house and ducked around the side of it.
Resting your back against the wall, you raised your gun as you took a few deep breaths before you leant around the wall and started taking out the Saviours down the street. Shot after shot after shot until the gun finally clicked and no more bullets fired.
"Shit." You muttered under your breath as you ducked back behind the wall as they returned fire.
You glanced around the community, only just taking in how many dead bodies were lying along the streets. Some your people, but most Saviours and garbage people, but you couldn't stop the panic starting to take over. Where the hell was Daryl?
Dropping the rifle, you took off running further down the street, ducking and weaving between houses and trees, trying to stay hidden as you tried to find your boyfriend, but he was nowhere to be seen.
"Y/N?" Eric suddenly shouted, snapping your attention away for the dead body you had rolled over, relief flooding your body when you realised that the dark haired woman wasn't Rosita before you looked up to find the man running towards you, closely followed by his boyfriend.
"Have you seen Daryl?" You questioned, but they both shook their head as they reached your side.
"No, but you need to get to the front of Alexandria. It's Negan. He's got Rick and Carl." Eric said breathlessly causing you to quickly stand up as you stared at him pure shock.
How the hell does he have Rick and Carl? You were just with them a few minutes ago, what the hell happened?
You glanced down towards the front of the community, but there were too many houses in the way, you couldn't see them and that's when you realised there wasn't anymore gunfire. The shooting had stopped.
"Can you use your powers?" Aaron questioned.
In all honestly, you didn't think you could. Not after using them earlier on the platform, but like hell you weren't going to try.
"Let's find out." You responded before the three of you took off running back down the street, but quickly came to a stop when you spotted Rick and Carl on their knees in the grass section to the right of the gate.
Negan was standing behind them with Lucille in his hands, the rest of the Saviours all standing around with guns. You watched, unsure of what to actually do that wouldn't end with Negan killing them both before Negan suddenly raised the bat behind Carl.
"Don't!" You screamed, running towards them, not even caring that there were over 20 Saviours with guns in front of you.
Tumblr media
None of them even had a chance to raise their gun in your direction before a tiger jumped out of nowhere with a roar, taking down one of the Saviours causing you to freeze in the middle of the street.
"Holy shit." You gasped.
Shiva. Ezekiel was here.
You watched as Shiva took out a few more Saviours as the rest took off running in any direction the tiger wasn't when suddenly gunfire erupted again and your jaw dropped as Ezekiel, Carol and the Kings soldiers came running out of nowhere, taking down the Saviours.
"End these Saviours and their accomplices! Alexandria will not fall, not on this day!" The King shouted, firing off shots with his handgun as he glanced over at you with a small nod.
You gave him a nod back before you pulled your handgun out and started to shoot at the Saviours.
"Fan out, third group, now!" An all too familiar female voice ordered from somewhere behind you as more gunfire filled the air.
You quickly glanced over your shoulder, spotting Maggie, Jesus and some of Hilltops fighters all running towards you with their guns raised, taking down the running Saviours and that's when you saw him.
He was okay.
"We got your back. Let's go!" He shouted, firing off shots with some kind of assault rifle you had never seen before as he reached your side and you couldn't stop the smile forming on your face.
"Thank God." You whispered, wanting nothing more than to just hug him right now, but you knew that needed to wait.
You turned your attention back towards the Saviours and joined the gunfight, picking up an assault rifle from the ground.
"Grimes!" You shouted, throwing him the rifle as you jogged over to him and Carl, the teenager already finding his own gun and shooting at the Saviours running in the opposite direction.
You glanced back over your shoulder towards Daryl who was still shooting at Saviours on the other side of the community with Maggie and Jesus.
"Dad." Carl's voice suddenly called out, drawing your attention away from your boyfriend.
Carl was looking towards the front gate in confusion and you followed his line of sight to find a smoke grenade being set off. Smoke quickly covering the front of the community and that's when it clicked. The Saviours were retreating. They were using the smoke as cover.
You squinted, trying to find Negan through the thick smoke and that's when you saw a flash of a black leather jacket disappearing though the thick smoke heading towards the front gate.
"Not happening." You muttered to yourself before you took off running, ignoring Rick shouting at you.
You ran through the smoke, nearly running head first into the side of the gate, but managing to stop yourself in time before you dodged around it and ran out of Alexandria where the smoke was thinner.
Negan was running towards the black truck in the middle of the road, but you weren't going to let him get away.
"Negan, stop! I will shoot!" You shouted, raising your handgun, hovering your sights over his back.
You could feel your hand starting to tremble as Negan stopped where he was, his back facing you.
"Turn around. Now!" You ordered, trying to keep your voice stern despite how much you were panicking on the inside.
You couldn't shoot Negan, not when he looked like your father. You couldn't do it, but he obviously didn't know that.
You watched as Negan slowly turned around and you frowned slightly, there was something different in his eyes, almost familiar.
"Sweetheart? Is that really you?" He asked softly and your entire body froze.
Your father used to call you that... holy shit.
"Dad?" You questioned in disbelief, lowering your gun as you started at him.
"Yeah. It's me."
"Oh my God." You whispered, holstering your handgun as you started to run towards him when suddenly he reached for something behind his back, the look in his eye vanishing as he pulled out a gun.
You should have seen it coming.
You should have been able to stop the bullet at the very least, but you were just too focused on the fact that for a moment you thought you had your father back, but you were wrong.
"NO!" You heard Daryl scream from somewhere behind you, but you ignored him.
You didn't even realise that Negan had fired the gun until the bullet teared through your stomach, stopping you in your tracks as you dropped to your knees. You didn't take your eyes off from him, but it wasn't your father anymore. It was Negan and there was nothing you could do but watch as he jumped into the back of the truck with a grin before it sped off down the street.
You watched the truck until it disappeared from the distance before your brain suddenly snapped into action and you realised that you had been shot. Negan had shot you.
"F-fuck." You stuttered, looking down to find blood soaking through the front of your flannel shirt.
You've been shot before. A few times actually, but that was when your powers were working properly. You had never been shot since Chuck fucked with your powers, well until now.
"Y/N?!" Daryl's voice shouted from somewhere behind you and a moment later he dropped to his knees in front of you, his eyes as wide as saucers.
"It's fine." You responded, forcing yourself to your feet despite Daryl frantically telling you not to move. "I've been shot before." You winced, looking down as you lifted your shirt, exposing the bloodied bullet wound through the left side of your stomach.
"That was before ya powers stopped workin'!" Daryl exclaimed as you lowered your shirt and Daryl's hands instantly covered the wound, trying to stop the bleeding.
Oh, yeah. You had to slow the bleeding. That was what you were meant to do when the injury didn't heal straight away... Now that you were thinking about it, it was really starting to hurt.
Usually when you'd get shot it would hurt for a few seconds, but then it would stop. But this... this was not stopping and it was getting worse. It felt like your insides were on fire and you weren't entirely sure you were going to pass out or not.
Shit, this has never happened before.
You looked back down at your stomach, Daryl's hands covering the wound as bright crimson blood seeped between his fingers before your vision started to blur. Oh shit.
"Hey, hey." Daryl said as you staggered back a few steps and suddenly you were falling to the ground.
You weren't sure what actually happened for a moment, but the next thing you knew you were lying in Daryl's lap. His hands were pressed against the wound on your stomach as he stared down at you with teary eyes.
"I-It's okay-" You tried to say, but you couldn't even recognise your own voice as you started to cough up blood, but Daryl just shook his head.
You tried to sit yourself up as you coughed, but you couldn't move. You couldn't do anything as the pain slowly vanished and for a moment you thought that maybe it had healed, but you knew it hadn't.
"I need help! Someone, help!" Daryl shouted over his shoulder before he looked back down at you with a panicked expression.
"It's okay." You repeated softly, hating that you were the reason for Daryl's tears as you weakly lifted your hand and cupped the side of his face.
"It ain't okay. None of this is okay." He mumbled as a silent tear trickled down his face and you wiped it away with your thumb.
"It's okay. It doesn't hurt." You whispered, trying to reassure him, but that seemed to cause the opposite effect.
"What happened?" A new voice questioned from behind you somewhere, but you couldn't pin point who it was.
"Shit, is she shot?" Another person questioned and before you even realised what was happening, you were being carried back into Alexandria as you slowly faded in out and consciousness.
"She's waking up."
"Already? Shit, I haven't finished the stitches."
You could hear the different voices talking, but you couldn't figure out who they belonged as you slowly opened your eyes to find yourself no longer staring at Daryl's panicked face, but staring at Carl's worried one.
"Hey, can you hear me? I don't know if you remember, but you got shot. Tara is still stitching the wound so try not to move." Carl explained and you nodded ever so slightly as you tried to process what he had just said.
Negan had shot you. Negan fucking shot.
"Ouch." You muttered looking down to find Tara stitching the wound on your stomach. Oh, right, Carl said that.
"Sorry, I didn't think you would wake up so soon. You were unconscious when Daryl and the others bought you in." Tara apologised and you nodded again, but didn't say anything as you dropped your head back down on the pillow and stared up at the roof.
"Is everyone else okay?" You asked, hating how rough your voice sounded as you spoke.
"Rosita got shot in the shoulder, Michonne was beaten pretty bad, but they'll be okay." Tara answered as she placed the needle on the table before she started to bandage the wound.
"She awake? Eric said she was awake." Daryl's voice suddenly shouted as the sound of a door slamming shut filled the air.
You tilted your head to the side to find Daryl rushing into the room his eyes locking with yours for a split second before he jogged across the room to your side.
"She okay? Will she be okay?" He frantically questioned as Tara finished bandaging the wound.
"As long as she takes it easy and doesn't bust the stitches, she'll be fine. Bed rest for a few days though, just to be sure. She lost a lot of blood." Tara explained, standing up from the chair beside your bed. "I'm gonna go check on Michonne. If you need anything, let me know."
"Thank you." You replied, giving the woman a small smile before she walked off to check on Michonne, Carl following behind her.
You turned your attention back towards Daryl who was hovering beside you biting his thumb nail, his eyes glued to the thick bandage wrapped around your stomach.
"Hey." You said softly, drawing Daryl's attention back to your face and you frowned taking in the tears in his eyes. "What's wrong? I'm fine."
"No, no. Ya could've died." He murmured, looking back down at the bandage. "'N there would've been nothin' I could have done to stop it! I watched ya... I watched ya nearly bleed out in my arms, angel."
"Better me than you." You responded causing Daryl's eyes to snap back towards yours with an almost angry expression before you quickly elaborated. "Powers or no powers, I'm still part angel. I can survive worse than this."
"Don't matter." He muttered, shaking his head as he continued biting his nail, a nervous trait that he's had ever since you first met him all those years ago on that Chupacabra case.
"Hey, come here." You said, holding your hand out towards him.
Tumblr media
You watched as Daryl hesitated for a moment before he grabbed your hand, squeezing it gently before he sat down on the chair beside your bed, his eyes floating back to the bandage almost as if he was worried the wound would suddenly start to bleed again.
"I'm okay. Hey, I'm okay." You insisted, but you knew it was falling on deaf ears. Daryl would worry no matter what you said and you could see the guilt washing over his face. "Don't even try and blame yourself for this, Dixon."
"I should've been with ya. Should've stopped it from happening." He responded, rubbing his face with his free hand.
"No, there was nothing you could have done. I was stupid and careless... For a moment I thought it wasn't Negan anymore... I actually thought my father was there and I let my guard down and he shot me. It was my own damn fault." You stated, but Daryl just shook his head. "I'm serious, it was my own fault. Don't even try and blame yourself, I wont allow it."
Daryl stared at you for a moment before he nodded softly and you squeezed his hand with a small smile.
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Some heros might not go down on their girls, but this one does:
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by Anonymous
“Don’t touch him,” Sam manages to get out. “Little late for that,” Lucifer says. He lets go of Dean, who scrambles to his feet with bared teeth and backs up until he’s next to Sam. “Or, a little early for that, depending on your perspective.”
(Please heed the warning.)
Words: 2100, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Categories: M/M
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lucifer (Supernatural)
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Lucifer/Dean Winchester, Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester
Additional Tags: Self-Sacrifice, Rape, Lucifer Possessing Castiel (Supernatural), Possession
via AO3 works tagged 'Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester'
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SPN Reader Almost Drowns
Warnings: mentions of drowning, almost dying, typical stuff I write :)
Tumblr media
“What if it’s a ghost?” Y/N suggested as she got in the back of the Impala with the Winchester brothers. “It makes sense. I mean, haven’t you dealt with this before, back when you and Sam started working together again?”
The two boys slammed their doors shut and sighed. “Yeah, back in Wisconsin,” Sam answered. He looked at his brother. “It’s worth a shot.” Dean nodded.
“I guess we’re going to the library.”
“Here!” Y/N called out. She turned to the two boys and set the book down on that table they were at. “Alexander Grey. He was found dead in the middle of Patoka Lake.”
“Right where all of the deaths have been,” Sam pointed out.
“What else does it say?” Dean asked. Y/N looked back down at the book.
“Uh, here! It says his cause of death was drowning.” Y/N looked up and raised an eyebrow.
“What?” Dean asked.
“It also says that he was a terrific swimmer. He was aiming for the olympics.”
“What does this have to do with the deaths though?” Sam asked.
“Are there any connections between the victims, other than the deaths?” Dean asked. Sam opened one of his folders and pulled out several papers, shuffling through them. “Uh, well, Jillian Winkler was adopted. Her birth parents were never documented. Emily Mick’s mother died right after birth. And Olivia Paquette’s parents both died in a car wreck on their way to pick her up from a friend’s house a few years ago.”
“So what’s there in common?” Dean asked again.
“Each of the victims has lost at least one birth parent,” Y/N suggested. “I mean it’s something.”
“What does it say about Alexander?” Sam asked. “Does it mention anything about his parents?”
Y/N ran her finger along the pages of the old book as she read. “Oh,” she stated. 
“What?” the Winchester brothers asked at the same time. She looked back up to them.
“It says here that Alexander was a witness to his mother’s death. His father killed her when he thought Alex was asleep. He then killed his father not long after.”
“Talk about family feud,” Dean commented. “Let’s head back to the hotel.”
The three hunters sat in the hotel room. Dean munched on a burger as Sam sat across from him at the table, researching on his computer. Y/N was laying in one of the beds, almost asleep.
“Oh!” She shot up it bed, startling the brothers.
“What?” Dean asked, alert. “Was it another nightmare?” The girl shook her head.
“I think I know why the ghost is killing the people he has.”
“Why?” Sam asked.
“Think about it,” Y/N answered. “He was the cause of the death of his father.”
“And Emily Mick was the cause of the death of her mother at birth,” Dean caught on.
“Yeah, and Olivia Paquette’s parents died on their way to get her from a friend’s house,” Sam replied.
“And let’s just assume Jillian Winker’s parents died and that’s why they were never documented,” Y/N said.
“So Alexander is going after people who are the cause of their parent’s deaths,” Sam concluded. 
“So I say get a good night’s rest and let’s end this once and for all,” Dean stated. Sam nodded and Y/N fell back onto the bed.
“We should be in the clear,” Dean reassured as him, Sam, and Y/N got onto a boat.
“Dean?” Y/N asked. “Please tell me you know how to drive this thing.”
“Sure do kiddo!” he replied. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”
“Well that’s reassuring,” Y/N muttered under her breath. Sam heard her and laughed.
“It’s alright Y/N. We won’t let anything happen to you.”
“Well, we’re here,” Dean said as he turned the boat off and him and Sam threw the anchor into the water.
“Whatever we do, don’t get in the water,” Sam instructed. As he said this, him and Dean had their backs turned to their teenage friend. Y/N leaned over the side of the boat, looking into the depths of the water. She leaned down, hand extended towards the cold water.
“Y/N!” Dean yelled, running over to the girl. But he was too late.
“Dean!” In the blink of an eye, she was gone. There was a splash in the water, and she was gone.
“Y/N!” Sam yelled, jumping over the side of the boat. Dean followed as well in an attempt to save his friend. The two brothers swam deeper into the water. The water was dark, but not dark enough to completely obscure their vision. Through hazy vision, the two could see their friend being dragged deeper and deeper into the water. Her hands were outstretched, trying to pull herself up for air. Sam and Dean rose back to the surface to gulp in air, then they dove back under. Just as Y/N was about to run out of breath, Sam grabbed one arm and pulled her up. He met Dean and he grabbed the other arm. When they broke the surface one final time, the three gasped for air. Y/N coughed up water and clung to Sam’s neck. The man shook his hair out of his face and grabbed her around the waist.
The Winchester brothers managed to get the girl back onto the boat. Dean helped pull Sam up as he held their friend. Getting back onto the boat, Sam sat Y/N down on one of the seats. He kneeled down in front of her, trying to catch her attention.
“Y/N. Y/N,” he whispered. The girl was shaking, coughing up water and crying. She was in hysterics. “Y/N, look at me. Hey,” he placed his hand on her face, “it’s ok. You’re safe.”
“Hey, kid.” Dean crouched down beside his brother. “We’re going to take you back, alright? You just need to calm down, ok?” Dean moved back to take the boat back to land as Sam tried to calm the child down.
By the time they reached the shore, Y/N had calmed down enough to speak.
“Are you alright?” Sam asked. The girl nodded, shivering.
“I-I’m ok,” she answered.
“Do you need to go to the hospital?” Dean asked. “Can you breathe ok?” Y/N sniffed.
“No, yeah, I’m ok. I can breathe alright. I’m sorry,” Y/N apologized. Sam lifted her head up.
“Hey, no, there’s no need to apologize,” he said softly. “It wasn’t your fault. Now, are you sure you’re ok. We can take you to the hospital if we need to.” She shook her head.
“I’m ok. Can I just wait in the Impala?” The two nodded.
“Of course.” Sam and Dean helped Y/N to the Impala where they wrapped her in a towel and sat her in the back of the car. Sam looked at her, concerned.
“Are you sure you’re ok? This could take a while and there are effects of drowning that aren’t noticeable until a while after the drowning.”
“Sam,” Y/N smiled softly, “I’m ok. I’ll call if anything happens.”
“Ok,” Sam responded. “We’ll be off then.”
“Did you do it?” Sam and Dean hopped into the front seats of the Impala. Y/N leaned in between them, looking between the both of them. “Did you solve the case?”
“Yep,” Dean answered with a sigh. “It took a while, but we did it.”
“Turns out his bones were buried not far from the bank. We salt and burned them and solved the case,” Sam continued. He turned to look at the only female in the care. “How do you feel?”
“I feel fine, Sam,” Y/N answered with a smile. “Can we go back to the hotel now? I’d like to change.” Dean and Sam laughed.
“Sure thing, kiddo,” Dean said as he threw the car into drive and sped off down the road.
Y/N sat next to Sam on one of the hotel beds, brushing through her freshly washed hair with a hairbrush. As she finished brushing her hair, she flopped onto her back and turned her head to see what Sam was doing. Before she could say anything, Dean spoke.
“Who’s down for dinner?” he asked, grabbing the keys to the Impala.
“There’s a diner a few blocks down. We could walk,” Sam suggested. Dean huffed.
“Fine, we can walk,” he said in defeat. Y/N laughed as she jumped up and went to get her shoes. But before she could get very far, she grabbed Dean’s shoulder and blinked a few times.
“Whoah, you ok?” he asked. Y/N waited until the spots left her vision before she answered.
“Yeah, just stood up too fast. Let’s go!”
“Are you alright Y/N?” Sam asked, concerned. He reached an arm out to the girl. “You sound out of breath.” She shook her head.
“It’s ok. I’m ok.” Sam shot her one last concerned glance before catching up with his brother. The three finally made it to the diner and sat down. Y/N huffed as she fell into the booth, leaning against the wall.
“Are you sure you’re alright, kid?” Dean asked as he slid across from her. Y/N nodded.
“I’m fine. Just a little tired,” she wheezed out, starting to cough. As her coughs grew sharper, Sam slid in beside her and patted her back.
“Can we get a water?” Dean called out to a nearby waitress. She nodded, rushing to get a glass. She returned and handed it to Dean, who passed it to Sam.
“Drink this.” He raised the glass to Y/N’s lips and she sipped the water. “You ok?” She pulled away and nodded.
“Sam,” the girl whispered, taking short, rapid breaths. “I can’t breathe.” Trying to get her breath back, Y/N started to panic.
“Whoah, kid, it’s ok,” Dean tried to say. 
“Dean,” Sam caught his brother’s attention. “We need to get her out of here, get her some fresh air.” Dean nodded, sliding out of his booth. He helped Sam pull Y/N out of the booth and towards the door. They led her over to the Impala and sat her on the hood of the car. She kneeled over and wheezed. Sam rubbed her back.
“Talk to me kid,” Dean said, crouching in front of Y/N. “What’s going on?” Y/N huffed a few times before sitting back up.
“I-I’m ok,” she huffed. 
“Y/N,” Sam cut her off. “You couldn’t breathe. You need to get checked out. Let’s get you to the hospital.”
“Alright,” she nodded. As she stood and made her way to the back of the car, she fainted.
“Y/N!” Sam exclaimed, picking the girl up off of the ground. “Drive Dean!” Sam jumped in the back of the Impala with Y/N on his lap as Dean sped to the hospital, going at least 20 mph over the speed limit.
“Acute respiratory distress syndrome?” Dean asked. “What the heck is that?”
“Has Miss Y/N had any critical illnesses? Maybe pneumonia?” the doctor asked. Sam answered.
“She uh, fell in Patoka Lake earlier today. She was pulled pretty far under the water.”
“Well,” the doctor spoke. “That explains the fluid in her lungs.”
“I don’t understand,” Dean said. “How did we just now notice? Shouldn’t something like this happen right after we pulled her out of the water?” The doctor shook his head.
“It takes time to develop.”
“Will she be ok?” Sam asked.
“We’re draining her lungs. You will be able to see her within the next few hours if she’s stable,” the doctor replied. Sam and Dean nodded.
“Thank you.”
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open and she groaned.
“Here, drink this.” Y/N looked over to her left to see Sam holding a straw up to her mouth. After taking a few sips, she pulled away and Sam set the cup back on the table.
“How do you feel kid?” Slowly, her head turned to the right and she saw Dean. He smiled at her. She looked back at Sam, then down at herself.
“Where am I?” she whispered.
“In the hospital,” Sam answered. “Remember when you fell in the lake?” Y/N nodded. “You must have inhaled water. There was fluid in your lungs. The doctors had to drain it. You’ll be here for a few days.”
“So how do you feel?” Dean asked again.
“Tired,” she replied. The two men laughed quietly.
“Why don’t you get some sleep,” Sam suggested.
“We’ll be right here when you wake up,” reassured Dean.
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