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#and that gets nothing
themummersfolly · 10 minutes ago
I keep getting messages from very obvious drug dealers/enthusiasts with shit about shrooms in their profile. Like, guys, go away. I don't grow those kind of mushrooms.
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melonatures · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’m sorry but i still lose my mind over the fact her bf of 9 years was cheating on her and she was more hurt and angry about chan hyuk not telling her and hanging out with the girl than she was about her bf actually cheating. and that she yelled at chan hyuk--felt comfortable and close enough to him to do that when she’s notoriously someone who avoids confrontation at all costs--and did it *in front of her bf*. like that bastard *watched* as she fought with chan hyuk about something *his* dumb ass did! and like i didn’t catch it on the first watch but during this fight chan hyuk says he never even had a chance to tell her or feel sorry for her cause she never comes around any more, and like, just !!!!! HE MISSES HER. so he’s been missing her and his jackass roommate is cheating on her and she doesn’t come around cause she’s busy with her new first job but also she’s not really spending time with her bf so that means she’s not really spending time with him ( 😩 😭) and this is his first time seeing her in so long and she’s yelling at him and then they break up!!!
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edgeworths-waifu · 32 minutes ago
Also, this may be a bit controversial, but does any other self shippers get really uncomfortable and insecure when they see people headcannoning your f/os as sexualities (or preferences) that would basically boil down to "they wouldn't be interested in you"? Because same
(To clarify- anyone can headcannon anything they want. That won't stop me from giving you the side-eye of the century and silently blocking you tho lmao)
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living-d0ll-pax · an hour ago
I think my guilty pleasure are those songs that sound like wolf girls listen to them
I can share a playlist if you guys want
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unluckystreak · an hour ago
Heya! Random question? Have you played or do you know "Your Turn To Die"? It's a free game about a majority death game. If you don't it then maybe you would like it since you like Danganronpa. It already has a lot of content and the next update will be the final one!
YES I'VE HEARD OF IT ACTUALLY!!!! Thank you for reminding me about it, because I actually have to put it on my blacklist so I don't get spoilers! I've heard they're kind of similar in the "death game" sense and that kind of plot is just really neat to me so I'm excited to get into it. I didn't know it was ongoing but omg what a great time to get into it I guess!
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fallout-cowgirl · an hour ago
This country has gone to hell because everyone thinks they're untitled to what they want and has decided everything offenses them. And if you don't see things their way, then you're the enemy. Newsflash people life ain't all sunshine and rainbows! There is bigger problems out there then you being offended by little shit. Stop acting like a toddler throwing a fit because you didn't get what you want! There is people dying and losing everything and yet you're upset because someone said something the wrong way?! Wtf has this world come to?!
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ase-trollplays · 2 hours ago
If Allmah didn't consume the life essence/souls of her victims, she would be so haunted
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itsv · 2 hours ago
hi jj how are you last night i dreamt of you getting a callout and you sbed me and your followers were public and you had two followers 😭
HELPPP?&(&(&? to the two followers who stuck with me yall the real ones
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tapejob · 2 hours ago
for the ask game: tristan jarry
Tumblr media
conversely tho toes are not my thing but i really would do anything that boy asks me to. babe i’ll give him a full on pedicure i don’t care. anything for my favorite ambidextrous mouse boy
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dabihaul666 · 2 hours ago
i really don't get the protectiveness and love for eri from bnha fandom (which also causes lots of hate for overhaul), like she's a blank state character whose sole reason to exist is to be an 'uwu sweet pwetty child must protec' and be a plot device. No personality, no character except to look cute and make people pity her. IDGAF about her as much as IDGAF about kouta. They're just so... uninteresting.
The kids who shoto and bakugou had to babysit had more personality than kouta and eri and honestly kouta is doing the heavy lifting.
Kouta was like THE COOKIE cutter trope of a child victim, where his parents were killed by muscular and deku has to make him not hate heroes anymore while saving him from muscular.
Eri was just Kouta 2 where you traded background and personality for... an OP quirk. AND YOU KNOW how I feel about those on heroes.... (with the exception of bakugou he's still my baby bastard boy and is he that OP? Compared to Two Quirks Todoroki and EIGHT QUIRKS DEKU? Less so imo.)
Also people who liked Eri didnt want her to heal mirio/his quirk and then boom she did! And it was completely in deus ex machina and glazed over and unsatisfying!
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stanfordbound · 2 hours ago
(Positive Give Away) You’re an amazing Mun and a wonderful Muse. Remember that some people are happy to know you because you are making their Tumblr experience better. I'm happy to follow you. You’re precious. Have a nice day!!
Tumblr media
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solardrink · 3 hours ago
this tommy situation is so weird they need to get their heads out of their asses. they think they know everything which is annoying as hell.
tommy is a smart kid but he also said himself he isnt always sure how to say what hes thinking. its absolutely a right move to leave twitter. try as twitter may try to "educate" which is force feed him into performative activism. the kid is learning and growing and this crazy pedestal hes on must be really insane.
its lovely to hear thats hes been attending therapy and advocates for people to try therapy if they can/need it. i dunno this is stressful but im forcin myself to think about it rationally cause stuff like this is important.
at the end of the day- support your favorite streamers, support people who know shit about politics like hasanabi, support charities, support the trevor project, support the homeless and people in need, support whoever the hell you want unless its morally wrong lmao
educate yourself outside of social media.
twitter specifically is a bad website/platform/media/whatever for teaching people shit in a compassionate and respectful way for a few reasons:
-anonymity: people can say whatever shit they want and get no repercussions because people all over the world use twitter, from terrorists to streamers to high schoolers to politicians to celebrities. plus theres no requirement to share your name or face online i.e. no real responsibility for one's words
-the algorithm of twitter: when a lot of people tweet about a topic at once, it gets on the trending tab. this means people excited about a topic, antis about a topic, rts, prts, comments, likes, Drama. twitter literally thrives on interaction good or bad. people tend to get upset when things are trending at the same time as other things but in reality they are not in control of that.
back to the tommy thing- i.e. hes genuinely apologetic even if he doesnt understand what people are exactly upset about. so chill out hes tired and confused, and no one is saying shit in a simple manner or respectful manner. clearly all hes hearing is people upset with him and leaving is an understandable response.
what needs to happen is a good conversation where he reads and understands why people are upset and the people who wanted tommy to address things need to also talk in a respectful way that he can understand. tommy is not an adult but he is mature and will understand if people actually explain shit instead of just getting mad.
it is completely okay to be uncomfortable and upset but it is not okay to attack people, force them to do what you want, or try to dictate peoples lives when you dont know them.
be kind to one another
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heartrip · 3 hours ago
// Feel really out of touch and a bit eh right now. I don’t know if it’s just ‘cause the last couple days at work have been really hard ( my arms are covered in bruises and scratches because all of my dogs have been naughty and don’t get me wrong, I’m really good with the bad dogs and I managed to get them done but they do exhaust you when it’s one after another ), I don’t know if it’s cause I have a headache or ‘cause my sleep is still a little iffy but yeah
I just feel a bit sad & blegh. Kinda feel like I don’t know how to talk to people online anymore either and like  - idk I’m pretty stretched between all of my blogs. This blog is fine because despite the lots of things to do, I have muse and can work at it. But Heisenberg / Heidegger (aka the blogs people talk to me for) I’m just a little eh on right now idk //
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