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risottosplug · 22 minutes ago
ever since part 6 was confirmed all i have been able to think about has been fucking wolf hybrid anasui...
wolf hybrid or werewolf anasui?
werewolf!anasui is a protective mate and one who’s ruts are incredibly long and incredibly strong, he’ll fuck you into next week and don’t be expecting not to be full with pups either
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jhara-ivez · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Next idea. Again - could be Nehrimese, could be random wildmages... i haven’t decided yet. But I quite like the dynamics here.
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jax-hammer · 38 minutes ago
kind of annoying how wolvden gets a new pose less than one year after opening and we’ve been promised male poses on lioden for three years and we haven’t gotten shit :)
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nightlightdragon1 · an hour ago
So not gonna lie the idea of Mono as a big werecat and Six being a small werewolf makes me think of just Six being carried around by the hood of her coat and just pouting cause “mono I can walk by myself” when she cannot cause she twisted her ankle amuses the heck out of me and I wish I could draw it!
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hurtslikeyourmouth · 2 hours ago
Chapters: 9/?

Fandom: Good Omens (TV)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Aziraphale/Crowley (Good Omens)

Characters: Aziraphale (Good Omens), Crowley (Good Omens), Gabriel
(Good Omens), Anathema Device, Newton Pulsifer

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Vampire, Alternate Universe -
Werewolf, Vampire Aziraphale (Good Omens), Werewolf Crowley (Good
Omens), small town monster feud, The Arrangement (Good Omens),
Crowley is the local cryptid, Bisexual Crowley (Good Omens), Bisexual
Aziraphale (Good Omens), Everyone is bisxual because i am and i am the
one writing this

Crowley is a recently turned werewolf, tasked with keeping an eye on the
affairs of humans on behalf of his pack. Aziraphale is at least a century older
than him, and a vampire, an enemy. Yet, Crowley finds himself increasingly
fascinated with this bloodsucker who despite multiple opportunities
seemingly refuses to kill him, proposing instead some sort of arrangement.
chapter 9: Recovery
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shippedwithmonsters · 2 hours ago
Imagine curling up against your werewolf f/o’s warm body when it’s cold.
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thewolfparadox-things · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drinking horn 
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bts-trash-blog · 2 hours ago
I've been thinking you know the OT7 Werewolf stories I have..I think I'm gonna turn it into a an actually story line possibly
What do you guys think?
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where-is-caithe · 2 hours ago
Love 2, 7, and 10, and domestic life 9, 10, and 11 pleeeeease gods give me the good Rhowan and Yden content
2. What are their primary love languages?
They both have physical touch and quality time as their love languages. When they’re chillin you can find them in the same room together, usually doing their own things or chatting. Literally they just like to be around each other. They’re also very touchy and they’ll always sit next to each other, always touching, always close.
7. What are their favorite things to do together?
Anything that’s together is good. Recently they’ve really liked fighting together. They make a good team on the battlefield. Whenever Rhowan is working on her bike, Yden will find her way to her and hang out, either talking about the research she’s been doing, or reading quietly, and they’ll do that for hours.
10. Do they prefer verbal or physical affection?
Both of them prefer physical affection, but Yden likes to hear words sometimes and Rhowan will gladly talk to her and reassure her.
Domestic Life
9. Who’s more likely to convince the other to come back to sleep in the morning?
Yden isn’t a morning person At All and is usually pretty grouchy in the morning, so she’s much more likely to try and get Rhowan to come back to bed, even if she doesn’t sleep. She’ll usually relent and go back to bed for a few more hours. If not, she’ll make breakfast and bring it to Yden as an offering.
10. Who’s the better cook?
Definitely Rhowan. She does the hunting and the cooking.
11. Who likes to dance?
They both do 😌
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bbwkenziemack · 3 hours ago
If I had a night alone with you I would be a big slut and let you take me as much as you want! You can breed me and claim me for yourself all
Mmmmm.... I want you good and ready for my cock, I want you begging for it, so I spend a lot of time just fucking you and opening you up with my fingers and my tongue. I don’t care if you get off, I’m doing this for myself. Using my cute little slut as my own personal toy.
When I think you’re ready, I’ll slam into you hard and fast and immediately work up a rough pace. My claws dig into your hips. My teeth graze your shoulder. You’re a messy, needy little slut under me and you lose track of how many times you cum while I’m inside you because it all starts to blur together after a while. But I don’t stop. I can’t.
Until finally I slam forward one final time, and my knot swells inside you, and I fill you with cum. I keep fucking you, breeding you, making you mine even still. And when my knot finally loosens, I pull out, lick you clean, and start all over again.
The full moon is my favorite night.
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regblck · 3 hours ago
when remus decided he didnt care whether or not lily knew he was a werewolf, he started telling her he couldnt go on prefect rounds around the full moon because he’d be sick, she would think he and the rest of the marauders were like planning a sacrifice ritual or something
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jspooky · 4 hours ago
when teyo, the host, fell all the way to the bottom of a seemingly endless chasm to see an eldritch horror that was hidden deep within the caves of kirlian, and when it told him it was lonely and even though he had a job to do he stayed with it, kept it company, and essentially held this terrifying entity of raw power’s hand while it died. when teyo spent what he thought would be his last day alive comforting this creature that he had apparently befriended, who he had sworn to protect. i kiss teyo
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theveniceangel · 4 hours ago
Curse Of The Weregoof Chapter 13
*Somewhere In Town* *Kylie Dear is seen walking around, with a sad look on her face* Kylie: *sighs* You can't even make him happy... Mickey, Oswald, and Donald: Kylie! Kylie: H-Huh? *She looks up* *Mickey, Oswald, and Donald run towards her* Mickey: Is Goofy ok? Kylie: What? Of course he is, why wouldn't he be..? Oswald: Well we haven't seen him for three days. Kylie: Three days!? Donald: Yeah! He doesn't wanna do anything anymore! Mickey: Do you know what's going on? Kylie: *Oh you screwed up big, Kylie...* Well uh... I kind of...Stood him up? Mickey, Oswald, and Donald: *They all gasp in shock, for they did not expect, such a horrible answer* Donald: *A look of pure rage appears on his face* Oswald: Ky! How could y- Donald: *He screams in anger, and jumps at Kylie* Kylie: *screams* *She falls to the ground* Donald: *He starts repeatedly slapping her* HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO GOOFY!? EVEN I WOULDN'T GO THAT FAR!! Mickey, and Oswald: Donald stop! *They grab his arms, and pull him back* Donald: YOU INCONSIDERATE, HEARTLESS, LOWLIFE!! Kylie: I HAD TO CANCEL OK!? *The boys calm down* Mickey, Oswald, and Donald: Huh? Kylie: If I hadn't, Goofy's name would be on a tombstone! Listen, I know what I did was bad, but I was only trying to protect him! *tears well up in her eyes* I was only- Oswald: Hey.. *He pats her on the back* Calm down Ky, we're sorry. Mickey: We should've known better.. Donald: But.. What do you mean by Goofy's name would be on a tombstone? Kylie: *sighs* Jillian is out to get him.. Mickey, Oswald, and Donald: WHAT!? Kylie: Yeah..She was waiting outside the diner, I think she was planning to ambush us, and shoot Goofy. Oswald: *growls* No one tries to kill my friends! Mickey: Exactly! Oswald: Kylie, just leave it to us, we'll think of a plan. Donald: What!? Kylie: *She hugs them* You guys are the best! *Mickey and Oswald hug her back, but Donald is too shocked to acknowledge them* Kylie: I'm gonna go talk to Goofy. *She runs away* Mickey: Ok! Oswald: Good luck Ky! *Mickey and Oswald walk away, while Donald is frozen in fear* *Oswald walks back, and grabs Donald's arm, and continues walking away* *At Goofy's House* Goofy: *He's hiding under his bed, crying* *The ring of the doorbell is heard* Goofy: H-Huh? *He crawls out from under the bed* Wh-Who could that be? *He walks towards the door* Goof reside- *He opens the door* *Kylie Dear is standing outside* Goofy: *He glares at her* Kylie: *She chuckles nervously* H-Hey Goofy. Goofy: Hmph! *He turns around, and walks away* Kylie: Goofy? *She walks towards him* Goofy: *He crosses his arms* Kylie: Goofy... Goofy: *He turns away from her* Kylie: Listen about the date.. Will you listen to me? I've gotta tell you something, Goofy. Goofy: Why bother? I'm probably too scary for you to date anyway, right? Kylie: Wh-What? Goofy: Don't play dumb! *whines* *The look of anger on his face, turns into a look of devastion* I know how ya really feel.. You're scared of me. Kylie: *A concerned look appears on her face* Goofy..No! Scared of you? I could never be scared of you. Goofy: *sniffles* *whines* Kylie: Wait..Did you think I cancelled our date because I was scared of you? Goofy: *He slowly nods his head* Kylie: No Goofy.. *She hugs him* Goofy: *A look of surprise appears on his face* Kylie: Werewolf or not, you're still the sweet, lovable goofball I fell in love with... Goofy: *tears well up in his eyes* *He smiles brightly* Gawrsh..Do ya really mean it? Kylie: *She kisses his cheek* Goofy: *He blushes hard* Kylie: From the bottom of my heart... Goofy: *chuckles* Gawrsh... Kylie: Now...Who told you I was scared of you? Goofy: Well... *Somewhere In Town* *Jillian is seen sitting on a bench, polishing her gun* *The sound of stomping is heard* Jillian: What the..? *She looks up* *Kylie Dear is seen standing in front of her, with a look of pure rage on her face* Kylie: You manipulated Goofy!? Jillian: *She rolls her eyes* Oh great.. Kylie: *She grabs Jillian by her dress collar* *angrily* Jillian, I
don't know what your problem is, but if you ever, and I mean EVER- Jillian: Your threats mean nothing to me.. Kylie: *growls* *She let's go of her* Jillian: Besides..You can't protect him forever, sooner or later, you'll let your guard down, and when you do... You can kiss your little doggy, goodbye... Kylie: *She glares at her* This... Means..War... *She walks away* Jillian: *She smirks* And it will be a war, that you won't win... *Later that night* *Goofy and Kylie Dear are seen walking around the neighborhood* Kylie: And that's why I cancelled... Goofy: *whines* Kylie..You didn't have to hide that from me. Kylie: Well, you're already dealing with your..thing, you don't need any, added drama.. Goofy: *He hugs her* Aww.. I'll be ok, I promise. Kylie: *sighs* *She smiles at him* Thanks Goofy.. Goofy: Anytime. *The sun goes down* Goofy: *His face turns pale* *gasps* Kylie! Go away! Kylie: What's wrong? Goofy: Th-The moon! *He clutches his chest* *grunts* Ah! Kylie: G-Goofy? Goofy: *He starts breathing heavily* *He let's out a weak, but loud howl* J-Just go! I d-don't want ya to s-see me like- *The fingertips of his gloves tear open, revealing a sharp pair of claws* Kylie: *gasps* Goofy: *He falls to his knees* *tears fall from his eyes* *His teeth turn into fangs* *He whines loudly* Kylie: *She steps towards him* Goofy! Let me help you! Goofy: N-No! Y-You've been through enough, I- *His eyes change into a golden yellow color* I-I- Kylie: Oh gosh..! *Goofy's feet rip through his shoes, revealing sharp claws on his toes* Kylie: *She has a look of both fear, and concern on his face* *She gets on her knees" Goofy: *His fur grows longer* J-J-JUST GO!! Kylie: *She grabs his arms* I'm not leaving you! Goofy: *whines* *His muscle structure starts to expand* Goofy: *He screams in pain* Kylie: Oh gosh! *groans* *She hugs him tightly* Goofy: *A look of surprise appears on his face* *tears fall from his eyes* *whines* *He hugs her back* Kylie: It's ok.. It's ok... I'm here for you... Goofy: *sniffles* *Eventually his grunts of pain, change into soft whines, and whimpers* Kylie: H-Hm? *She looks up at him* Goofy: *He is now in his werewolf form* *sniffles* *He looks at her* Kylie: *She gives him a reassuring smile* You're still adorable in this form.. Goofy: *His eyes change into puppy eyes* *sniffles* *He puts his hands on her face* Kylie: *She smiles at him* Goofy: *He smiles brightly* *He licks her face* Kylie: I love you..No matter what you are... (To Be Continued)
Mickey And Friends belongs to ©Disney.
Kylie Dear, and Jillian belong to Me.
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rjalker · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ID: a mostly black and white, motion-blurred drawing of a werewolf, with a glowing red eye, screaming loudly, as indicated by the capital letter As that surround her. End ID.]
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alphawolf-daddy · 4 hours ago
I'm a transman alpha looking for another alpha to use and abuse my man-cunt. Come on Alphawolf-Daddy, want me to get on my back, spread my legs, and let you pump that hot and hard cock of your in me? Or do you want me to climb into your lap and ride you? Tell me all the things you'd do to me if I let you.
Well, I would start off by laying you on your back, and pushing my big thick cock into your tight cunt. Would love to hear an alpha moan like an omega. After awhile of fucking you like that, I would pick you up, my cock still inside you, and carry you over to my chair, where you would ride me. I would watch with satisfaction in my eyes as this "alpha" before me begs for the true alpha to fuck him deeper and harder. I would start by gripping your hips and thrusting upwards to match your rhythm of riding me.
Eventually, your motions would slow, obviously getting tired, and more importantly getting much more pliant. I would lift you up once more, this time putting you into the mating press position. It wouldn't take long before I was ready to finally fill your cunt with my seed. I would push once. Twice. And on the third push, pop my knot right into your tight passage and pump all of my cum into your waiting womb, overfilling it and watching your stomach bulge a bit. You're mine now.
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wolfpai999 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some Vinnie doots- also my friends call me a demon so I dooted Vinn as a little demon (feat my werewolf bf @spoopybananel 💚)
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