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shizuma-akira · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Someone got thread and needle to help him?
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thecreatorswhim · 5 hours ago
Drawings of The F.N.F Mods Pt.1
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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landroid-lollipop · 6 hours ago
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mermythecatfishg · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
female Zardy
(no pregunten, solo goncéelo 7w7)
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landroid-lollipop · 12 hours ago
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dasockies-convertible · 16 hours ago
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Local Russian Oreo Icecream and Scarecrow man about to steal ur Knee Caps
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miast1880 · 19 hours ago
I decided to trace 9 of my favourite mods and although they're traced they still look good.
Tumblr media
P.S. i was gonna do backgrounds but i got lazy sorry...
Just kidding i did the backgrounds!
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clanwarrior-tumbly · a day ago
yes me again cuz I will implode if I dont request this Tricky(platonic if youre not comfy with romantic), Whitty, Garcello, Zardy and Lemon Demon with a winged s/o with bird tendencies? like, they're part bird and have wings and do bird stuff- I'd request another one but I dont wanna be annoying, so I'll hold on to that idea until your requests are open again! -Mask anon
Mask you got most of my faves here. V cool! /gen
“CLOWN WANNA PET!!” is not a question, it’s a demand. 
But you'll let him pet your wings whenever he wants.
Somehow it calms his rage (tho his hands still shake a little), so it keeps him from trying to kill Hank or any innocent souls.
In his accelerant/phase 3 form he likes seeing you fly around, trying to catch you just for fun.
You tend to perch on his stop sign. Which he doesn’t mind.
Only friends get to touch the sign.
Mind=blown bc he’s never seen any human/bird hybrids before.
He sees how much you act like one and it's kinda neat??
If he accidentally burns your feathers he'll apologize a billion times even though you reassure him they were shedding anyway so it doesn't hurt.
Whenever he gets upset or scared you'll hug him with your wings and just coo to calm him down.
Also you'll keep a lookout for the Greater Good from the sky, which relieves him.
He's just like "cool wings" and doesn't say anything more.
If anyone tries judging you he'll shoot a menacing glare at them. The shadow over his eyes really helps with the intimidation factor.
Anytime he goes out drinking you're his ride home, and he just snuggles close to you as you fly away with him.
It's funny bc he always acts like he's never seen your wings before in his life.
If you're half-crow, he's completely enamored.
You help him guard the maze, keeping an eye out for any trespassers trying to chop down the giant flowers.
There's plenty of seeds, too, so you're able to sustain yourself throughout the night.
You tend to perch on the same posts that the cablecrows use to get around.
Normally they'd be annoyed, but one glare from Zardy is enough to make them zip elsewhere like "understandable have a nice day".
Jokingly asks if you're made of bird meat and/or human meat.
But besides that, he loves petting your wings!
If you're half-vulture or some carnivorous bird he'll try finding raw meat for you to feast on if you ever get hungry.
If not, well, more for him!
He loves snuggling in your wings, happy to find comfort in someone who's a misfit like him.
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 2 days ago
Just spitballing but here's how I think the FNF mod gang would be affected by the Corruption:
Tricky: Supposedly he's immune because of how insanely powerful he is. So it wouldn't even touch him since "CAN'T CORRUPT CLOWN" (unless it somehow infiltrated his improbability drive).
Garcello: Tbh he'd feel hopeless like "what's the point", singing way fewer notes in Nerves (and still dying afterwards). But his ghost gets corrupted in an effort to force it back into his body. Though he manages to resist and fades away (with a frown instead of a smile).
Hex: Pulls a Papyrus, believing Corrupt!BF is still his friend and trying to reach through to him. But the corruption manifests itself as a virus that infects him. Corrupt!BF's lack of note inputs (done on purpose) allows the virus to destroy Hex's security systems.
Zardy: At first offers Corrupt!BF a place in his maze bc of his scariness, but when he sees he's truly a threat to his precious crops--he gets serious. The corn and pumpkins around him all wither/rot away, making him nervous.
Whitty: Recognizes BF and feels guilty for not apologizing to him for Ballistics' events. But he tries getting him to remember who he was, though the corruption makes Whitty a lot weaker (yet still a difficult and angry opponent).
Starecrown: Like Tricky, he's immune. But he sees Corrupt!BF as an "impostor" and wants him to prove that he's the real BF. Afterwards, Stare creates his own corrupted form to be "equal" with his idol (he's not afraid or concerned at all, it's merely fascination).
Sarvente: Immediate disgust. She wants Corrupt!BF and Corrupt!GF out of her church instantly, though by Worship she realizes she's been "tainted" and Ruv comes to her aid. But throughout his song the corruption gets to him. Finally, Sarvente manages to drive out the two in her final song, undoing Ruv's corruption.
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shizuma-akira · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I legit gonna do the 90% of content for this fandom-
Can we agree that Pumpkin Jack is a chaotic gremlin?
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 3 days ago
My take of Minus!Zardy (I call her "Zarla" bc she's been confirmed as female)
Tumblr media
Some hcs:
Her head floats separately thanks to ✨witch magic✨
Same vibes as Lady Dimitrescu
Pumpkin Jack is a simp for her & og Zardy is her protective twin brother
Original Minus Zardy concept here
Tumblr media
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starstruck-shadow · 3 days ago
*points a potato gun at your head* delete that. ~Pen
From my perspective I have no idea wtf you’re talking abt but also nah
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zardyfoolhardy · 3 days ago
The worst thing about kinning Zardy is that music you find enjoyable is scarce to the point that you just don't listen to anything and if you do it's Foolhardy. /hj
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lydiais-dead · 3 days ago
Stop thinkin bout horny stuff while texting your friend, Lydia. Shit like this can happen
Tumblr media
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grayfilmsandstuff · 3 days ago
quick question for the fnf fandom that dabbles into mods
which vs. ______ mod is your favorite?? im doing an experiment type thing to respond to this with your favorite vs mod please and ill share the results (when i have enough, ofc)
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fanbun · 3 days ago
Merg Vs. Zardy
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