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#fnf mod
minusboyfriend · 11 minutes ago
to anyone whos considering asking a question,
i drew some a r t for it,, facial expression will depend on the questions context..
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justacodfan-ish · 35 minutes ago
@mini-creator and I were laughing about this last night
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anani-the-toppat · 44 minutes ago
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((I drew Hex being a happy boi
((I added a few Headcannons because they’re fun to draw,, which are how like the virus, Hex normally has some blue sparks on his antennas, and he sometimes wears a oversized sweater,,
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bownarcher · 53 minutes ago
So the Agoti mod, I don’t have much original input on it besides it slaps and the entire game look overhaul is swag. But I can’t figure out what the fuck instrument Agoti’s voice is. I feel like its one of those fancy guitars with a different name but I can’t think of the name. Only thing that comes to mind is keytar but I deadass cannot figure it out anywhere, comments are appreciated if you know
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the-downfall · an hour ago
The Downfall Of Funk Mod Script
Perish: Sarvnete Phase 1 (A Ghastly Begining)
"Oh so you..... actually came by? I........... I don't know what to think about you."
"You.... you hurt my friends. Murdered them. Why?"
"........ I know I can't stop you..... I know I don't have much time left here..." "But I'll stall you as long as I can..."
"Get out my way."
Condemnation: Sarvnete Phase 2
"I-if you think I'm done....... you're surely mistaken." "You're in my way. You're dead- leave." "N-not until you repent for your sins. All of them"
"The ones against me, God, my friends." "And the ones who are still alive."
Roses: Senpai Phase 1 (Every Rose Has Thorns)
"Welcome to My domain you disgusting worm."
"Ugh what-"
" I'd say apologies for dragging you here but we both know... I'm not sorry. " "Yeah ye-"
"Prepare for a world of agony. The same as upon you've brought my friends shall be sent upon you 10 fold"
"Bring it on, pretty boy."
Thorns: Senpai Phase 2
"This isn't over."
"I hope you realize that."
"Go to hell"
"Oh dear. You mean what our wolrd is."
"I'm going to make sure I drag you down with me."
"Fuck you".
Our Final Show: Senpai Phase 3
"Huh. Still fighting I see." "No matter. If I don't off you here, Ruv surely will." "..........." "I suppose I've spoken a little too much...." "Ruv was right.... So even if I do lose... I know I stalled you long enough." "Sorry Ruv. It's Our Final Show"
Goodbye World: Hex Phase 1 (Hex's Last Stand)
"............." "Y-"
"Heh. Ya know.”
“At another time we could have been amazing friends I'm sure. I guess that really isn't the case now... is it?"
*Visible shaking*
"I-I guess I'll do my best to stop you because.... he's the only one I have left... isn't he?"
“...... let’s just... do this”
Glitcher: Hex Phase 2
“So you... really wanna do this huh?”
“.... he shouldn’t have put you back together.”
“Y-You hurt my friends... my family. You b r o k e me. That’s all you have to say?..... I’m trying to give you a chance. L e a v e.”
The Final Straw: Hex Phase 3
“Heh...... Hehehehe....... hehehehehehehe! AHAHAHAHAHA! G o d help us. I just..... what did humanity do to you for this to happen?”
“It’s too late to figure it out....”
“I’m giving you one final chance. Leave us alone.”
Spare Hex:
“Just fucking go.”
Kill Hex:
“He really should have just not put you back together. It was painful the first time.”
“I’m going to make sure you’ll n e v e r be put back together.”
“....... I’m sorry Ruv.”
Zavodila: Ruv Phase 1 (Ruv’s Revenge)
If you Spared Hex-
“Oh so you’ve finally arrived....”
“I’ll cut the chit chat. Just know.”
“I’m going to make you hurt.”
If you Killed Hex
*Sounds of a monitor hitting the floor*
“Oh so- .................. I see.”
“......... I’m going to kill you.”
Revenge: Ruv Phase 2
"Damn How are you not tired?"
"I'm not gonna rest till you're dead, Russian man."
"You're sick ya know. Hahaha....."
"........ this is for everyone one you killed without mercy"
Downfall of A Hero: Ruv Phase 3
The air was still between the two as they stood there. Alone.
“I’m not done yet.”
“Never said you were.”
“..... hahahaha..... I’m sorry guys.... I tried.”
Hazel walks towards him, grinning.
“I win~. If you had just stayed out of my way we wouldn’t be here. Sorry Ruv. But say goodnight.”
If you spared Hex:
Ruv stares bitterly at Hazel’s dead body, his own body bleeding out heavily. He knew he wasn’t going to make it. He sighs shakily.
“RUV!” Ruv’s eyes snap open. Hex? But he thought-
“Ruv! O-oh my god- d-don’t worry I can fix this! Just... just hang in there-“ Ruv chuckles bitterly.
“S-Sorry Hex.... there’s n-no fixing this one...” If Hex could cry he certainly would.
“R-Ruv c’mon. We can fix you up. Just fine- I- please don’t go.” Ruv makes a c’mere motion.
“Hug? F-for old t-times sake?” Hex shuffles over and sits down. Embracing the taller male. Seriously if he could cry he would be sobbing rn. Ruv looks down at the smaller robot and pats his back.
“...... I d-don’t want you t-to suffer alone....” Ruv lowers his hand to where Hex’s power source would be.
“Forgive m-me.” With what strength he has left he breaks Hex’s battery. Within a matter of seconds Hex shuts down and slumps against him. Ruv allows his tears to fall. The hurt worse emotionally than physically. His hand started bleeding which sped up the amount of blood pouring from his body. He closes his eyes, allowing the embrace of death to take him.
The ghosts all float around sadly. Maybe Ruv will join them though. It would be nice.
If you Killed Hex:
Ruv stares bitterly at the broken monitor next to Hazel’s dead body. His own practically shutting down due to blood loss. He lets out a sigh.. becoming a soft choked sob. He failed. He failed them all and now he was d y i n g.
He looks upwards at the sky as hot tears roll down his cheeks. Why? Why did this happen?
He closes his eyes, giving up on trying to hold on, accepting his fate.
ACK- Mod K here! I apologize for this very long, depressing, angsty, cruel script I have created for you all to see. This was floating in my head for days like. “What if we made a mod?” Unfortunately we here don’t have all the necessary things to create said mod. TwT. But here’s the script for cutscenes if we did make one. Again sorr for the angst. I cried writing this.
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shizuma-akira · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Someone got thread and needle to help him?
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Had a bad day and thought of a scenario for Whitty comforting a reader who just had a nightmare?
Like they are crying in their sleep and wake up to Whitty with a worried face because he didn't know if he should wake them up aa
P.s.: love ur tumblr
I’m sorry that you had a bad day, hugs from me! Also thank you!
Whitty blinked awake, slightly annoyed. He was trying his best to get some well deserved sleep but the tossing and turning coming from you was making it hard. He turned towards you, about to say something but froze. Tears ran down your cheeks as you shook your head, trying to get away from something that wasn’t there. 
Whitty stared down at you, panicked and wondering what he could do to help. Should he wake you or let you be? He didn’t know and that caused him to panic even more. His hands hovered over you, tempted to just shake you awake and help you.
You’re eyes suddenly shot open and you slowly rose from the bed, trembling violently. You looked up to see Whitty staring down at you, a worried look on his face. He lowered his hands and stared at you.
“Are... are you okay, love?” He asked. You slowly shake your head as the images of you nightmare flash through your mind. Whitty hesitated before gently wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a warm hug. You instantly leaned into him, burying your face in his chest. 
He held you close, rubbing your back as you gripped onto him. You both stayed like that for a few minutes when your crying stopped.
“Do you want to talk about it...?” Whitty asked after a minute. You hesitated before telling him what happened during your nightmare. He listened to everything while still holding you. “Let’s just calm down for a moment and watch something nice, okay?” 
After agreeing, he turned on the TV and switched to one of your favorite shows. Whitty held you tightly as you calmed down. You soon both fell asleep after some comforting words and some nice cuddles.
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bakurik · 3 hours ago
I do love a good smoking PSA.
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Just some doodle practice.
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rapmxsic · 3 hours ago
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Garcello fanart because he's amazing and I'm a simp :)
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junjomonstah · 4 hours ago
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Meme photo of man with really long cigarette
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v-vak · 7 hours ago
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vs Agoti mod is so good i just had to draw it as soon as i got a free hand
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assassination-city-fnf · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
- mod mazu
((This is absolutely how they dress when they're in the mood to annoy the hell out of people. They just put this on and do stupid shit-
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