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nayialovecat · an hour ago
Henry, why are you so afraid of Bendy?
Henry: Of course you are asking as a joke, right? Have you ever seen that thing? That thing, it's the worst thing, a creature from a nightmare... It looks like a cross between those newfangled aliens with a twisted shadow hiding on the edge of consciousness when you fall asleep. It looks like an animate skeleton covered in tar. But in order not to appear petty person, I don't judge this thing only by how it looks... During the war I learned to trust my instincts. Thanks to that, I survived. And my instincts tell me this creature is murderous, has blood on its hands. Really, I don't know what Joey wanted to achieve, but it certainly didn't work out!
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lovelykitten2017 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Good morning all, welcome my new ship 
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I think that if these two kids met, they would get along-
Tumblr media
(I'm sorry it's sketchy af, but it's the best I can do rn hxjdjdjdh)
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nayialovecat · 2 hours ago
Is the projectionist Norman Polk? And will he have a place in SATIM later on?
I will answer the first question: you will see. I don't want to make spoilers about it, and it just so happens that saying that a character was someone as a human is a spoiler.
On the second: yes, of course he will. Actually, he has already appeared, although in the background, he has already been drawn, so you can expect more of him... His plot is one of the biggest flashes of my genius, but it appears quite late in the story...
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askcharlottewalters · 4 hours ago
i'm thinking of giving my version of norman polk glasses
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subspacecadet · 8 hours ago
Joey Drew Audition Script
Tumblr media
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trashboatprince · 9 hours ago
BATIM: Scenario 13, Sentence 6. Bendy's Pranks/mischief coming back to bite him in the butt.
Prompt: Someone does something stupid
Sentence: "I wish I never met you.”
Hmmm, I feel like doing something with the toons for this one, inspired by the Crack Up Comics
EDIT: I apparently misread the number for the sentence and used the wrong one. Whoops. 
It was meant to be a flawless plan!
But then again, when one considers something flawless, there will always be a flaw that sneaks up and hits you like a ton of bricks later.
And that's how Bendy found himself in this situation, where he was tangled up in ropes and a bunch of other nonsense that had been part of his scheme to make a quick buck.
Alice glared up at him from where she stood, Boris standing nearby, happily munching away at a sandwich, where did he get that? Bendy wanted one himself, he's been stuck in the ropes for three hours now and he was starving!
"Care to explain what happened?" The angel asked, crossing her arms, tapping her foot.
"Do I gotta?" Bendy asked, smiling sheepishly, the glare just turned colder. Oof! Did someone turn down the sun??? Feels like the arctic over here!
The demon let out a loud, drawn out sigh as he spun around a little from the rope he was still tangled in. "Weeeeeelllllll... it's like dis: I thought I'd be able to make a li'l moolah by tryin' ta make mah own little playground, yeah? I mean, people always use 'em for free, but I was gonna make mine extra special an' stuff, but..."
He heard muffled yelling from inside the mess of wood and metal, bits and bobs, along with what appeared to be a kitchen sink.
"Yeah, never use da Butcher Gang, they cut corners." Bendy grinned, trying to shrug.
Alice sighed loudly, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Bendy, you are the most ridiculous... uhg, I wish I never met you. Things like this are gonna give me wrinkles."
"You mean to the collection ya already got?"
Even Bendy had to admit that he deserved that slap that sent him spinning and making the tangled trap worse.
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blue-lem0nade · 11 hours ago
I forgot to ask this- do you have any desing for the others? (Shawn, Lacie, Bertrum, Susie, etc..)
I don’t have drawn out designs yet but I’ve had Bertrum and Lacie’s design in my head!! I’m planning to design everyone else soon :0 Thank you for reminding me!
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borkha · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
@ Jack and Sam
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joeykinsstuff · 12 hours ago
Lost to Love
A Batim fanfic/short story
Trigger warnings in tags
Jammy fanfiction
The year was 1931 and Samuel was showcasing his newest piece at a party while his best friend and partner stood by the bench, one hand positioned on his shoulder delicately. Jack’s neutral yet warm and welcoming expression opposed his dour facial expression which made the duo more approachable due to Jack’s sweet personality. From behind him there were guys and gals circling and dancing in the music tipsy and happy to be partying but to Sammy it was just another gig that he had to perform at much to his dislike. 
Jack was basically beaming from how proud he was of the piece they had made as Sammy fixated himself with gracing his skilled fingers across the keyboard and impressing the audience. He lost his mind to the art of music humming and grinned ever so slightly as he flowed with the rhythm, his mind was blocking every unnecessary distraction and twirled in the melody. 
Everything was fine until Mister Joseph Drew walked into his life. Once his piece was finished he pushed back his bench and stood slowly pulling his tailcoat up and turning towards the onlookers, with a swift bend he bowed with Jack who tipped his hat. Then he came strutting through the crowd with a wine glass in hand approaching the two of them with a grin. He paused in front of Sammy eyeing the musician with a sparkle in his ocean eyes just widening his grin showing his bright smile. That damned smile. 
"The name is Joseph Drew but my friends call me Joey."  Joey responded casually, extending a gloved hand to the musician who scoffed, rolling his eyes to the side reluctantly taking that hand.
 Like a gesture to a lady he placed his lips over the back of Sammy's hand and placed a light kiss to the hand. Then that smooth charmer sent an intoxicating smirk that made Sammy swoon from the depths of his mind making the artist smile very so slightly. His smile twitched as he dipped his fingers in his pocket, fishing his cigarette box out and bringing a lighter upwards. With one hand he shielded the light under the palm of his hand caressing the cigarette between his lips as it lit in amber at the tip.
"Samuel Lawrence, but most call me Sammy."  The musician responded plainly holding his cigarette between his thumb and index finger letting a grey smoke exhale from his mouth. He took his opposite hand dusting off his jacket as his partner strolled over excitedly taking the extended hand, tipping his hat with the opposite hand. “Jack Fain! Nice to meet you.” The lyricist replied with a warm welcoming smile making his mustache grin when he lifted his lips. 
“I have a proposition for a job! I have a studio where we could use your talent and you’d be paid decently along with giving a department all to yourself!” Joey exclaimed with a ripple of enthusiasm taking on his once formal tone which took Sammy back by a notch looking stern and unmoving still. If it hadn’t become clear he wasn’t very impressed by the offer and simply blew another puff from his lips, extending a lanky arm to wave off in the other direction. 
“Sounds uninteresting to me, besides my services don’t go alone.” Lawrence claimed in an irritated asserting tone that only encouraged the boss man to try harder just slicking his suit down more whilst Fain stepped forward to meet with Drew. “What he means is you can’t separate us! We’re like biscuits and gravy, just can’t go plain and alone!” Jack let out a hearty laugh sliding his thumbs underneath his suspenders to extend them up just making Joey laugh and chuckle pointing a finger to the pair with a cheeky smile.
“Just get some butter and jam and you’ll be good!” Joey exclaimed musefully giggling softly getting a big grin from the shorter of the pair who nodded excitedly. And with that he inhaled through the nose extending his gloved hand to the tired maestro giving a warm smile that always got the ladies hooked, “If I don’t impress you then no dice.” 
An exasperated sigh left Sammy as he puffed a cloud discarding the bud in the tray as he hesitatingly took the open hand with his. In a swift firm move he was pulled into the sea of dancing members, his eyes plastered on the male in front of him who placed a hand on his slim hip and firmly held it while he placed a hand at his shoulder on onto his back softly. Even with judgemental eyes plastered on the pair his confidence wasn’t running out as he slowly turned the musician in a circle. 
The music filled their ears as Sammy got lost in his eyes following easily in the steps that followed just waiting and gulping the lump in his throat as he was twirled and caught mid drop by the waist by the arm Drew had extended. His eyes wide in shock as the man closed in and smirked darkly, his eyes darkening as he chuckled. That first meeting with their lips made a shiver roll up his spine and a blush rise to his cheeks. That was how the tango led him entrapped in a web by the man who smiled and spoke empty lies, weaving an endless unwavering web. One that he himself was trapped in for years to come and in the back of his mind wished he hadn’t been caught in. 
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inkyvendingmachine · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
He is holding many things, and none of them is “it together.”
💀 Call of Cthulhu: Haunted Hijinx Masterpost 💀
First though:  Spoilers for the First Scenario from Tales of the Crescent City, which has been reprinted out of the Great Old Ones; We are actively playing, please no spoilers, but also we will have spoilers from it ourselves as we play. Read at your own risk.
FINALLY. I HAVE COMPLETED THIS DRAWING. I’VE ACTUALLY HAD THIS SKETCHED AND THE SUMMERY SITTING AROUND FOR... A WHILE. but life and work got really busy so finishing it got delated. Def not my favourite but I still find the idea funny and like... idk. I really wanna get the final summaries out before things get too busy again.
This is technically the last “episode” but of course we had another epilogue that I’m working on summery for, as well as a buncha other bonus content that I am hoping to get posted and put together in the NEW MASTERPOST uhh, sooner than later. BUT FOR NOW, HERE IS THIS:
Henry has decided to help Joey by trying to give him some of the gold-blood magic he has within, standing behind Joey and channeling it into him as Joey continues to convert the stone. It goes well at first and helps protect Joey with minimal strain on Henry.
At first.
Eventually he does drain himself though and slumps against Joey’s back as he loses strength.  Joey is too bound to continuing the ritual at this point to stop and tend to him. Or tend to Fowler banging on the door yelling that “this is not how the story goes!!” which only messes with Joey’s head more and causes him to become desperate to finish this ritual now. Bendy had been trying to check on Henry or get through to Joey but immediately hides as the Host becomes known.
And then the Prophet comes through the door. And he is not happy. As you’d might… expect.
He goes to grab Joey and yank him away from the circle, all while screaming wildly, but Joey manages to duck under him and keep the ritual going. With all this commotion going on, Fowler ends up just blowing the door in. 
As he takes in the situation, he makes a speech about how he gave them a chance to leave (did you? I think we were already in carcosa by then) and tells them that they need to stop touching the circle now. Which… Since Sammy has seen the Yellow Sign again (when they got back to the party area earlier) and Bendy never got cleansed of it, both of them start to feel the compulsion to do what is told of them. Joey manages to keep control of his body though, and Bendy in a little bit of an attempt to shield Joey does a sort of inky shield down his back. Prophet manages to shake off the order and goes back to trying to toss Joey off the circle. Joey manages to dance around the edge of it and slip away from him (harder to grab because of the ink shield??) all while the two of the continue to scream at each other about how wrong the other is in terms of knowing how to fix everything. Completely ignoring Fowler, really.
Henry isn’t, Henry is on the ground trying to tell Fowler about the lightbulbs……….
Fowler is kind of… offended? That nobody is listening to him?? Confused really, and goes up to Sammy to grab him, saying, “You again? I know you seen the sign, how are you fighting this?”
Prophet replies with, “I serve a higher power,” while trying to dodge out of the way, but Fowler grabs him by the shoulder… and after a moment, replies, “Oh, is that all?”
And suddenly Prophet feels a wave of energy wash through him as Fowler attempts to disable the inks' influence on Sammy. Prophet immediately starts screaming at him and trying to flail to get away, though isn’t super successful.
Henry is still on the floor, trying to ramble at Fowler about how they were getting the moon lens to work with the projector and they’re so close to saving his family and it’s the most words Henry has ever said in succession actually?
Meanwhile, Joey is pushing forwards with the ritual, causing him to cough a new completely jet black ink where he kneels, as it starts draining from other points of his face as well, and in general he starts sliding towards inky-mode as he continues to both sacrifice himself for the ritual, and also fight against Bendy’s yellow sign compulsions. As Prophet manages to distract Fowler just long enough for this to happen, the circle goes completely black and the stone has been completely converted, but Joey has also fallen into ink-demon mode. Not really able to do much else, and feeling very weak and in pain from pouring half himself into a Neat Rock, all he does is move forwards and put his clawed hand over the stone, laying down across the circle. 
Jack and Peter find themselves near the bandstand again, but this time no creepy music is playing. It’s actually been completely abandoned… There’s a lot of mist and some standing water throughout the entire garden now, though Jack and Peter can see another door to head through, over near the mansion entrance across the way. Jack hears some muttering though behind the bandstand, and in an attempt to learn what has gone on or if this person has spotted Norman, goes to check who it might be. He helps Peter walk over to find a frightened trombonist, who immediately starts rambling about needing to hide, needing to get out of there, and ‘he gave us such good music, but it isn’t worth this.’ Jack,, thanks him for the tip,,, but then goes off to explore the garden more and get to the other door, still looking for Norman along the way. He’s pretty sure Norman was with them when they left, and he wasn’t in the music room… so the gardens has to be it right?
Along the way he passes a few topiaries that have had their heads switched around… replaced… it’s very unsettling. There’s some splashing footsteps off in the mist, which Jack calls out to asking if it’s Norman in the distance. And after a moment, the footsteps start running towards Jack and Peter, no answer otherwise. Halfway between the two doors, with no confirmation whether or not the splashing noise that is getting faster and faster towards them is Norman or not, Peter asks, “are you sure about this?” to which Jack replies “absolutely not.”
The figure gets close enough for the two to see it's a normal person sized, but in shape… well, mostly human. Except for the head.
That’s a trombone.
It’s that guy from earlier! Apparently his ramblings and hiding spot did not work too well for him. Also he’s kinda made of yellow goop. And he screams. (in trombone.) And starts wandering around.
Jack is frozen in place. And with all the water to help continue making noise whenever they move, he doesn’t feel like being un-frozen in place.
Eventually he does come back when Peter starts trying to nudge him to do something, and in a panic, yanks out his notebook and throws it as hard as he can to make a splash somewhere away from them.
… it doesn’t go that far, but it’s FAR ENOUGH for the two of them to start trying to make their way towards the door while the trombone head is distracted. As much as the two try though, it’s very hard to be stealthy in this much water especially with a probably broken leg, and soon they hear the trombone catch notice of them again and start heading their way… along with another screech in the distance. Peter takes a page out of Jack’s book, (well, metaphorically, since the book is gone now,,,) and yanks off his mask, also attempting to frisbee it away from where they’re trying to move towards. He gets a bit of a better throw than Jack, and while the trombone thing goes over to investigate that, they turn back towards the door… to see that it is very well lit.
Like there’s a spotlight on it.
It’s hard to see where the light is coming from, and Jack, against poorer judgement, decides to get closer to the light source as they try to sneak to the door, peaking around the bush to see…
A taller boy.
He’s got a few lights coming off of him, but the strongest one? Coming from his head. It’s kinda Camera shaped… maybe even like a projector… Dressed in a fancy Cheshire cat costume coat!!
Jack and Peter try to back away, but the moment they make noise the light swings around off the door and directly onto them. Peter is getting more and more worried as Jack freezes up again, and starts trying to frantically nudge and pull him towards the door as this… this… Projectionist starts to approach them…
But… this isn’t like the other creatures, Jack knows this one… so instead of running, he tries to wave as Peter is dragging him away, and simply asks… “Norman…?”
… He pauses, and walks up slowly to Jack and points at him with a goopy finger. Jack isn’t sure what to do with this, but he hears the Trombone Thinge in the distance and tries to nod and motion Norman to come with them to the door. Instead, Norman picks both of them up in one hand, points again at Jack with another hand, and then goes to shove them through the door. Jack, hangs on though and makes an attempt to get Norman to go with him, but he just shakes his… projector…. No, and tries to shove them through once more. So Jack says that he’ll come find him again and… proceeds to go to the ritual room.
So Jack and Peter walk into… a flooding ritual room. Joey is laying across a somehow glowing ritual circle, as an ink demon. Henry is laying next to the circle, as a ragdoll of his former self. And Prophet and Fowler are screaming at each other while also probably both trying to dislodge the other’s grip. 
Fowler tries one more time to convert Sammy, but does’t get through Prophet’s devotion and ends up just tossing him aside as he notices Joey has finished converting the stone. With freedom from that, Prophet quickly finds a piece of the smashed rocking horse from earlier, and ignores Fowler yelling at Joey to go and bonk him on the head. Bendy attempts to make a shield to protect Joey, but it doesn’t really work and he starts actually leaking out of Joey, who is now knocked out. Prophet is perhaps reconsidering his choices and mumbling apologies about how he will fix this.
Meanwhile, Henry has finally managed to compile enough strength to stand up and face Fowler. He reaches up and smears some blood off his face with his hand, lunges at Fowler to grab him, draws a symbol of protection on him and… tries to expel the Yellow King. 
There’s an explosion of gold, and Fowler shouts, but more in surprise than pain, and the gold glows for a while until it finally dims out, and both of them collapse to the ground.
So, to recap where we are now: Joey is out on the ground, Bendy is leaking out of Joey, but not in a composed way
Henry is on the ground having literally zapped all the strength out of himself to do this. Fowler is also on the ground, condition unknown beyond that.
Active players left: - Jack, holds the lightbulbs - Peter, broken leg - Sammy, but he’s actually the Prophet
… so really it’s mostly just Jack left.
And the angel in the distance that is starting to fly towards them, visible only by bobbing halo through the fog.
Prophet is ignoring every other issue in the room in favour of shoving Joey off the circle and setting up the stone… The.. the stone. Where is the stone. Is it in Joey?? Starts trying to dig around in the goopy mess that is Joey and see if he can find the stone, but is honestly starting to be rather panicked now. There’s a malformed Bendy hand that starts trying to swat him away… After Prophet continues to fail on retrieving the stone, Bendy, even though he still isn’t quite composed yet, does manage to cross his arms in defiance. The Prophet whines at his lord, before gathering as much as he can of the goopy Lurker/Joey body into his arms and proceeding to try and pray the symbol out of them, using up the last shot of the ink Joey had left him with to do so.
Jack… finally puts the bulbs down and runs over to help Henry up, also ask… y’know, what is going on?? Henry is 100% dead weight at this point, unable to move a muscle, tho is still able to talk some. He starts trying to explain things to Jack, about how to get the projector going, as Fowler is waking up. He also listens for a moment before starting to demand answers from Henry, though shaken at whatever Henry managed to do… Fowler finally end up listening as well, and when Henry says we can get his family out if that Projector is going, he gets up and starts fixing it up. Peter had been trying some light bulbs meanwhile, though falls over when shoved aside by Fowler. He quickly comes to the conclusion that he’s not needed for making the projector work. And he’s not going to be able to do anything with this broken leg…
Wesley Henry tries to motion with his head towards the moon lens, which Jack retrieves off his person, though also runs over to check on Peter. He thanks Jack, though after hesitating for a moment, ends up passing out in Jack’s arms… And Jack sees Peter in his normal clothing, though not quite there physically, psyching himself up. When he realizes that Jack can see him, he gives a small smile and says, “Hold down the fort?” And with a confirming thumbs up from Jack, runs out into the foggy swamps in attempts to get the Angel to bugger off and follow him instead. Holy Frig Peter, thank you for your service.
Henry then instructs Jack to hold the moon lense in front of the now working projector, he manages to do it but is struggling very hard to complete this simple task. On the opposite wall, there’s now almost like a movie clariety, the image of a woman and child on a boat. Henry instructs Fowler to go pull them out, which he hesitates to do, but takes a chance in believing in Henry and goes and… Actually just pulls them out! They both step into a room where there is A LOT GOING ON,,,, Prophet is praying very loudly, the room is still flooding. 
Fowler hugs his family though immediately his daughter runs out from under him and over at Jack, demanding he give her the moon lens. He of course only immediately holds it out of her reach, both due to his resisting orders insanity, as well as just knowing it’s probably a bad idea to let a child have??? Magical dark staff??!?? She does make it clear once it’s clear she will be unable to physically wrestle it from Jack that she thinks nobody should have the lens and that it should be smashed. Everyone in the room is uneasy right now, and Henry speaks up to tell her that they need to make sure it’s safe to destroy before they just start smashing dark magic things. But… if it IS safe to destroy, she can have the honours. The girl… seems appeased by this.
She does recognize Henry though, from all the times he was able to talk to them, and ask him if he’s okay. Clearly he is not, and he’s not gonna fib about this to her, but does just tell her that he’ll be okay eventually.
Meanwhile, the entire place shakes again, and Fowler wraps up his conversation with his wife (who has been gently chewing him out; apparently she had the braincell,) and heads over to Henry. Fowler tells Henry that everything is starting to fall apart and he no longer has the power to control this… but at least he can take it all back with him. Both of their families will be safe. Henry was right… and thank you. Henry nods and… watches Fowler head off towards the lake.
Prophet has managed to be successful with his praying and both he and Bendy are freed from the Yellow symbol, though also by this point Bendy is composed enough to actually just pop off Joey and become his own being again. Prophet is bowing to him which he just… scuffs his foot and thanks him for getting the symbol out of them. Of course, Prophet immediately asks for the stone, and Bendy hesitates because he knows where he’s coming from but… He brings up how bad things could have gone, and how fine things are going now. It’s not in danger anymore so… maybe we can talk about this later? Prophet pleas, he does not have much time, and Bendy is torn up about this… but he doesn’t think Joey would live through converting the stone again right now…
And he brings up that, he liked how it was before, but right now? He kind of wants to try this out? He really likes it here, and he likes these people, and he thinks people like him… So maybe we can just chill out like this and… switch the stone later, probably whenever it needs to happen anyways.
Prophet doesn’t argue, but he does bring up that they were promised something Better by the Masked Messenger, why wait around here now? 
And Bendy just replies, “... I’m not so sure. But… maybe we can actually talk about it later? We haven’t really had time to talk about this, you keep popping in and out, maybe we can do this sometime just to talk? And like, less stabbing?”
Prophet… is distraught and frustrated, but agrees, in which Bendy goes over to pat him on the shoulder and say Thanks.
The building has started to become a normal building again. Jack has wandered over to Henry and is trying to get caught up again while also fill him in on some other things, like The State Of Norman When He Last Saw Him. The little girl is clinging to her mom but also staring at Bendy, who is now wandering over to Jack to ask if he can… help? With anyone in the room? (passed out Joey, clawed up Sammy, Peter’s banged up leg which… hm, Peter isn’t back yet either…)
Grace, Fowlers wife, brings up that they have a first aid kit, and Jack accompanies her out into the normal hallway to get it. The house… is normal.
Everyone is not having a good time.
But for now.
It is normal. It is normal enough.
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multi-level-shipper · 14 hours ago
I got this thought of Wally going into the ball pit from ItP and just hits Springdemontrap with a mop then proceeds to complain about the ball pit being dirtier than Mr. Drew's deeds while cleaning each ball just so he can take Shawn there to play in.
Wally, to Shawn
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anartistwhowrites · 14 hours ago
Who was your favorite batim character to design?
It’s kind of a three way tie between Joey
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Buddy (though Buddy is probably my favorite one since he is my favorite character)
Tumblr media
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multi-level-shipper · 14 hours ago
Oh God now I'm even more curious. What does "buttering" represent? Is it like, a sexual metaphor, or does he mean, like, "mold Henry into a more interesting person"?
Gen 1:1
"In the beginning, God created the grass. You will touch it now"
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nayialovecat · 14 hours ago
How could I forget to show it off? XD
This is not another part of my mini-serie "The Sims 4 SATIM", but something that I wanted to show off a long time ago... Here is what a beautiful altar I built for Sammy in the attic of XD (I didn't build it in a basement in his house 'cause I didn't wanted to make a basement - the attic was easier)
Tumblr media
It's sad that the closest to Bendy was a teddy bear with a heart and the closest to Bendy's statue - something like a tombstone, but that's how it is when there are no DLC to the game... But I am very proud of mannequins.
In the new big house that I started to build for Sammy and Jack for the moment when they decide to live together, this room is as it should be in the basement and there is a secret passage to it, and on the way we pass Sammy's desk and notes...
I'm not playing these Sims-game at the moment. I have screenshots for at least 2 more parts of "The Sims 4 SATIM", but I don't want to/don't have time to describe them, so you have to wait for the official next part (if anyone is waiting for it at all).
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