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#friday night funkin
gospel-of-sarvente · 3 minutes ago
-offers some painkillers and ice cream for the pain-
Tumblr media
“Thank you.” She squeaked out. She shall take them.
...But eat the ice cream first.
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peachesmerriam · 6 minutes ago
this is really random and also the first real post I’ve made in a while.
but ive been seeing a lot of fnf stuff on YouTube’s recommended lately and I’ve seen it so much, in fact, that when I saw “fnv” I went “what is this?? friday night vunkin??”
I forgot. fallout new Vegas existed
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mahy-123 · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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gospel-of-sarvente · 30 minutes ago
Okay what about some painkillers for sarvente-
Tumblr media
She just nodded, and honestly would love that.
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gospel-of-sarvente · 32 minutes ago
Tumblr media
She really wondered why all this pain is happening. A Ruv is dying, and her throat is in pain.
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rewritten-belial · 48 minutes ago
Can I give both of you head pats please that's all and thankyou have a great day
Tumblr media
“I haven’t hid my nature in the slightest. You should know better than to ask me for that.” She said, laying down a piece of paper on a table, with a black marker on hand. She afterwards sits down, taking the cap off the marker. ”Now, if you don’t mind, let me prepare this piece of false advertising...” ---
Tumblr media
“I’m carrying a corpse right now. Not the best time for that, pal.” And, at the door of the church he arrived. He sighed, opening the door and tossing the corpse he was carrying onto the ground, afterwards cleaning the blood off of his face and clothes with the tissues he took while he was at the store where he found Sarv’s meal for the day.
Tumblr media
“And as if that wasn’t enough, I also have to clean this god forsaken place.”
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ava-ships · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Luci leaned back on the stretched-out sofa.
The V.I.P room was empty except for him and a certain blue haired girl, his girlfriend.
The room was lined with purple and red fluorescent lights across the ceiling. He could hear music blaring from the noisy club room outside the door.
His ebony jacket slightly fluttered from the waves of the ceiling fan whirring overhead.
Principesa had just finished her glass of lemonade, placing it on the table with a gently “clink” noise.
“I just wanna say thanks for inviting me here.”
The demon man crossed one leg over the other, arms resting on the back of the u-shaped table.
“Yeah, the boss doesn’t usually let us invite people in general but I’m kinda glad.”
He took off his sunglasses and placed them on the table next to her glads.
“Sure you don’t feel like dancing anymore?” asked Luci, his deep voice vibrating in the empty room.
“It’s been a long day, plus you dragged me to the dance floor.”
“Well I didn’t expect you to be such an expert.”
Principesa took another sip of her lemonade and let out a faint yawn.
“You good?” Luci asked, a slight purr in his deep voice.
“Yeah...Maybe I danced too hard..”
The two shared a brief chuckle as Luci grabbed the remote to flip through a couple channels on the TV attached to the wall.
“So did you want to watch something or-“
He felt something brush against his shoulder, cutting him off short.
The demon looked down to see that Principesa had fallen asleep, her head resting on his should blade.
He froze in place, startled by the sudden position he was in.
So cute....she’s so cute, he thought before swallowing the lump that formed in his throat.
He looked at her, the way her long ponytails draped from her shoulders to the surface of the couch.
The demon had a sudden urge to run his hands through such soft-looking hair.
As if it had a mind of its own, Luci watched his hand brush the deep blue bangs of her hair out of the way of her face.
She looked oh so peacful with her heart-shaped glasses slightly tilted. Despite the club’s loud music, he could hear her soft snoring.
Most importantly, he wanted to trace his fingers along the edges of her lips.
You’re so cute when you’re this close” Luci muttered as his eyes fluttered shut.
They shot wide open immediately when he uttered those words.
He suddenly felt interrupted when he noticed that his heart was pounding as if some sort of magic was within her.
He felt his hand clasp over where his heart was, feeling ever beat, which was filed by this mixture of emotions inside of him.
He was briefly interrupted by the sound of Principesa yawning, rubbing her eyes gently.
She immediately went back into a slumber and plopped her head against his chest.
Luci could have sworn that his heart stopped for a second before it started to thunder underneath his rib cage.
“Why must you be so darn cute?” He whispered, blood rushing to his already red cheeks.
At the rate of his heart nearly thumping out of his chest, it could rival the speakers blaring from outside the VIP room.
He rarely gets nervous aside from this moment.
All he could do was struggle to keep a calm look in his face, his heart pounding away.
His grip was a bit shaky when he wrapped his hand around her waist as it pulled her in closer.
Despite his hammering heart, a smile grew on his lips.
He pressed a kiss to her forehead.
“I swear this chick’s gonna be the end of me...”
Something nice and fluffy that I wrote to cope with my current brainrot for y’all!
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iceartzz · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ahh wtf, it took me one whole day to fix the hellish perspective. as you could see, I drew Whitty as a human in my own style
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keiluchissss · an hour ago
I got in love with a stickman and a bomb. Life is strange sometimes...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wannagetfunkin · an hour ago
could i get whitty or pico with an s/o whos just naturally really affectionate? like the s/o's natural response is to just hold their hand if they're walking together, hugs them from behind, etc
yeah ofcourse!! this was really cute to write to be honest, so i hope you like it :) after this i'll get working on some older requests. also, the requests are opened again! because i have no impulse control and we are almost at 100 followers and like wow??? i have to treat ya'll with more content.
pico and whitty x affectionate s/o ;
tw ; mentions of anxiety.
when you gripped his hand while you two were walking through the park, his first reaction was surprise and bashfullness.
however, it quickly turned into giddiness as he tightly yet comfortably gripped onto your hand, lightly giving it a squeeze at times.
when you two first started dating, pico would be quite flustered if you were overly affectionate around him in public.
he would definetly blush and attempt to cover his reddened face, trying to keep up his regular tough guy persona.
however, after a while, he just accepts it.
he doesn't react to it alot, though you do often find him smiling when you hug him, or hold his hand out of nowhere.
he thinks all your affections are adorable!! and that you should be cherished.
however, he isn't above teasing you. he's definetly the type of bastard who would tease you for being super affectionate.
also, despite his bashfullness in the beginning, he can and will definetly do a 180 and act like the most smug and stuck up bastard ever.
whenever there's someone who's being touchy towards you, or whenever he talks about you to his friends? and then you just come up to him and give him a hug out of nowhere?
the most smug man alive.
he'll definetly also flirt with you after that. please be prepared <3
f,,flustered man.
he's really not used to be shown much affection, so this change is a pleasant surprise for him.
at first he's a bit apprehensive about the uncommon behavior, as he just never experienced much love like that.
but wow does this man warm up quickly.
he definetly really likes the fact that you are so affectionate. it makes him feel loved and cared for, and you just look so adorable aswell.
he doesn't care too much about pda. you wanna hold hands with him out in public? totally cool with him. sweet, even.
he will always act like he's pretty chill with your affectionate behavior.
but on the inside he's melting.
because of you, he adopted the habit of giving you surprise back hugs or kisses.
he isn't really the type to tease you. don't get me wrong, he will definetly make some teasing comments, but that's about as far as he'll go.
as he'll mostly just happily give into the affection, a slight smile on his face everytime you hugged him or held his hand.
also, when he has some bad anxiety? please give this man hugs.
he will practically fall into your embrace, quietly thanking you for your kindness.
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lucky-or-smth-idk · an hour ago
Tumblr media
boyfriend is the epitome of this meme and i will die on that hill
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spooky-muffins · 2 hours ago
Got any headcanons? (They could be for any character)
Uhh, let’s see, lemme rattle off some that I haven’t posted yet...
I think Mom instantly liked BF the moment she met him, I don’t see any hostility between the two.
GF is definitely one of those girls who still calls her Dad "Daddy."
Going off the idea that BF is fluent in Japanese, he’s probably a little weirded out at having to call Senpai "Senpai" because Senpai is a year younger than him. Senpai often calls BF "Kouhai" ("Lower classman" which is an official term but is seen as disrespectful) just to spite him.
I can't get over the idea of Monster/LD having a british accent when he's not singing. But that's just me. If anyone wants to ask, it's Paul Bettany. he sounds exactly like Paul Bettany.
When the spooky kids get older Skid will have this weird envy over Pump having facial hair, he’ll eventually get over it. Eventually.
Skid and Pump first met in kindergarten and became friends when Pump defended Skid from some kids who accused him of lying about his birthday being on Halloween.
They actually share a birthday as well.
I kind of have this idea that Lila has an older brother (Linus) who essentially raised her but that kind of pertains to my unnamed AU that, at the moment, isn’t really going anywhere.
Skid's teachers must have some interesting parent-teacher conferences considering Skid spouts off ideals such as "Halloween costumes can be worn as regular clothes," "You can and should share your parents," and "Making friends with eldritch beings is easy and fun."
Skid is one of those kids who will fall asleep on long car rides, which Lila sometimes takes advantage of.
Jessica and her parents have immaculate health and scientists have been stumped about it for years.
I think it would be fucking hilarious, being that the series takes place in Arizona, the center of hell, for Lila to have a friend whose been living in Colorado for the past few years. Like the coldest goddamn part of Colorado. And then she'll end up making the mistake of flying over to reconnect.
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peachfarts · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Awww yea carol time
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flakyhedgehog · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Flaky-Friday Night Friends
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