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#i am going to get an A in this class if it kills me
agent-murica · 6 months ago
I feel like I have so much time in the day now that Whumptober is done, so I decided to pre-make my schedule for next year, and Jesus Christ I might just cry if I have to actually commute into the city next semester: 
Tumblr media
And this is with my Introduction Film Class having TBA status so that I can start my Film and Media Studies minor. I feel like hitting my head against the wall.
I live in NY/LI for reference, so this is a train into Penn and the city (~40 mins).
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renee-writer · 46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Arranged Chapter 46 Paper Factory
The first thing he noticed was the smell. It is indescribably foul. Gagging, he tries to cover his mouth with his hands only to realize that his hands are covered in the same odor. His supervisor comes up to him and Leery, who had joined him with a bandana tied up on her face and over her nose. She smirks when she sees his look and hands him one too. He is quick to follow her example and ties it securely around his own face.
“You must be Kerry McKenzie and Frank Randall?”
“Yes.” Frank says through tight lips. To be reduced to this. It is intolerable.
“Aye.” Leery lowers her eyes and tries to flirt. Both men roll their eyes at her.
“Lovely. I don’t know what you did to be assigned here just know that if you screw up here the only other unskilled job we have for troublemakers is rubbish duty. If you think this stinks…”
“I am not unskilled. I was a university professor.” The man laughs.
“Oo la la. As we have no need for that in this part of the country, you are unskilled. You will be classified as such until you prove you can do something besides teach Professor. What is with your clothes?”
He looks him up and down, from his kakis to his button down dress shirt. “This are the must casual clothes I have.”
“We aren’t going for casual here Professor. We are going for something you won’t mind burning after wearing it here a month or so. This smell will penetrate everything. Most folks slip out of them before they get more then a step in their flats. Store them outside until the next day. No, a wash doesn’t remove it. Only burning. You will wash your body and hair multiple times each night to be able to sleep with yourself. Welcome to the paper factory.” He gives him an evil smile. “I am Steven Bonnet, bye the way.” He shakes his head at him. “Come, you two, let’s get you started.
It is backbreaking, dangerous work. Pulling the newly made rolls of paper off the pipes and place it on the machines that cut it down. Frank has sweated through his dress shirt within an hour. He longs to remove the bandana but, even with it on he can barely breath due to the smell.
He follows Leery into the break room and collapses at the table. “I can’t believe they don’t have air conditioning on the bloody floor.” He says to her.
“You must be the new hire that Mr. Bonnet calls the Professor.” One of the man at the table says. “No one else would be that stupid.”
His eyes narrow as he looks up. “You are calling me stupid?”
“Aye Professor, I am. Only an ignorant fool would think they would waste money cooling this place for us. We work for the breeders. You are a worker ant now buddy. Get used to it.” He laughs as he stands and heads into the loo. Leery gives Frank a look.
“I know you are new but you need to think before you speak. You will be the Professor from now on. Nicknames stick here.”
“How do you handle it?” She shrugs.
“I have been here nine years. Moved at sixteen when my mam was declared insane. She killed my dad and baby sister.” Another shrug. “you get used to it. It isn’t a bad life, or won’t be when I win my man back. No whiny brats. All the sex you want.” She runs her hand over his thigh.
“We are at work.” He removes it.
“So, Jamie and I made out all the time, before her.” A slight exaggeration on her part. He had kissed her forehead once after she bumped it. The only kiss he ever gave her. “By the way, what are we doing about getting me justice?”
He sighs, wondering if the sex was worth the hassle. But he wants to check on Claire and, if she is to be with anyone here, it should be him. They are from the same class, after all. “I am going by McKenzie’s and find out what I can.”
“He also hangs out at Gellis’ a pub right off High Street.”
“Okay. We will find them and make him miss you.” She squeals and kisses him. The bell rings, signaling them back to work.
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hiddennerdworld · 7 hours ago
Katsuki Bakugou General Headcanons 💥 (most likely pt 1)
Tumblr media
(My absolute favorite gif of him)
Agree that he can cook. Like super good. He learned from his dad
Before that he would just blow up the kitchen
Wants to become more patient. To be the best hero you have to be good with people. Learned that the hard way with the hero license exam
Tries calming things. In his spare time he gets Stardew Valley, which he is still learning, but it is helping
When Deku hears this he recommends Undertale
Bakugou reluctantly tries it out when the rest of the Bakusquad agrees
“NO WAY IN HELL AM I TRYING ONE OF YOUR STUPID NERD GAMES FUCKIN DEKU!!!” “It’s actually pretty good Bakubro.” “Uggghhhhhh tch fine”
Has to start with Kirishima to make sure he goes down the pacifist route. Though it would be difficult but he lost the urge to kill by falling in love with the little bastards.
There are some points where he REALLY struggles not to just stab someone but he gets through it
Plays it nonstop and cries at the ending
The next day he storms into class
See, it helped
Has never bought a single piece of clothing with color. Only wears not black and white when he has to
EXCEPT one pair of shorts he has with flames on them. Everything else is black and white
Genuinely thinks Guy Fieri looks cool
When he wakes up in the morning one side of his hair will be matted down from being on his pillow all night. Takes a while to ruffle back into its poof shape. The whole time he does his hair Bakugou grumbles angrily
“stupid fuckin hair.” “why can’t it just do what I want it to?” “if it doesn’t go up soon I’m just gonna burn it all off” majority of it is incoherent tho
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youryumeteesus · 22 hours ago
I Didnt Plan On Becoming A Hockey Mom Who Yells A Lot But Here I Am Killin It Flower Shirt
Tumblr media
Didnt Plan On Becoming A Hockey Mom Who Yells A Lot But Here I Am Killin It Flower Shirt
let me rephrase this: a single engineer in a squad you aren’t actively playing as I Didnt Plan On Becoming A Hockey Mom Who Yells A Lot But Here I Am Killin It Flower Shirt is not a good choice over a bomber or radio op most of the time. But I will say that the FOB is the single most important element to capping points that is seldom used properly, and hey, you can put some bags up… But giving up the 4min blast vs having a single engineer isn’t worth it. The babysitting to make sure that single engi lives to kills lost running the engi to do the FOB vs my chances with a single engineer vs doing it with a engineer squad stacked with engi’s and a bomber to get it in there seem dismal at best.
I Didnt Plan On Becoming A Hockey Mom Who Yells A Lot But Here I Am Killin It Flower Shirt, Hoodie, V-neck, Sweater, Longsleeve, Tank Top, Bella Flowy and Unisex, T-shirt buy now
Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In June Flower Shirt
Never Underestimate An Old Lady Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In July Flower Shirt
Never Underestimate An Old Lady Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In August Flower Shirt
Mclaren friend signatures shirt
Mac Miller Shirt Rap Hip Hop shirt
Try To Be Good But I Take After My Grandma Dinosaur Shirt
ndependence Day 4th Of July Peace Love America shirt
m A Jeep Aholic On The Road To Recovery Just Kidding Im ON My Way Down This Trail Shirt
Like Cats And Pickleball And Maybe 3 People T shirt
Didnt Plan On Becoming A Hockey Mom Who Yells A Lot But Here I Am Killin It Flower Shirt
Guitar and into the guitar room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt
Frederick Freddie Freeman shirt
Fields of dreams Chicago shirt
Excelsior classes shirt
Coolio Gangstas Paradise shirt
Never Underestimate An Old Lady Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In July Flower Shirt
Never Underestimate An Old Lady Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In August Flower Shirt
Mclaren friend signatures shirt
Mac Miller Shirt Rap Hip Hop shirt
I Try To Be Good But I Take After My Grandma Dinosaur Shirt
Independence Day 4th Of July Peace Love America shirt
Im A Jeep Aholic On The Road To Recovery Just Kidding Im ON My Way Down This Trail Shirt
I Like Cats And Pickleball And Maybe 3 People T shirt
I Didnt Plan On Becoming A Hockey Mom Who Yells A Lot But Here I Am Killin It Flower Shirt
Guitar and into the guitar room I go to lose my mind and find my soul shirt
Frederick Freddie Freeman shirt
Fields of dreams Chicago shirt
Excelsior classes shirt
Coolio Gangstas Paradise shirt
Never Underestimate An Old Man Who Loves Gardening And Was Born In June Flower Shirt
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fluffy--dragon · 23 hours ago
2.2 : New Bandage
On the next few days after it happened, my buddy, or should i say, the observer of me, visited me quite a lot. He didn't seem to be bothered by how messy my room was, or how dark it was because everytime he appeared, he never mentioned anything about them.
I think before this story continues to the early 2018 timeline, it will be better if i explain about the Observer, from my own, point of view.
It happened on the early 2012. At that time, i was still in junior high school. I never actually got a class where i could enjoy myself. At that time, i basically only had a few friends, but none of them were so close. Was i sad? No, i wasn't.
Sometime on January, i fell of my bike. I flipped over a few times on the asphalt and as i didn't wear helmet or glove or anything to cover my knee and my elbow, i pretty much got some bad injuries. Because of that one reason, i had to stay home for about a week.
Staying home with injuries was really a horrible experience. I couldn't walk freely at that time so i just stayed on my bed. My parents and my sisters would always leave the home before 7 and returned after 3 pm. So about 8 hours of being alone in my home while doing literally nothing. That was the most boring time of my life so far.
On the third day, i fell asleep before 9am. I had a vivid dream about somebody changed my bandage (it needed to be changed everyday). But the person didn't have a familiar face for me. When i woke up, it was already 11am. Something that i noticed was my sister changed my bandage before she left for school, but after i woke up, the bandage was the newer one.
As i felt a bit confused, i decided to walk outside to see if anyone was home. It was painful, of course. When i finally got outside, i realized that nobody was home. There were only my cats sleeping peacefully on the sofa. I decided to forget it and go back to my room.
"How's your leg?" A deep voice asked me.
I was scared and fell down to the floor for a good 5 minutes before i noticed that somebody was sitting on my chair, right beside my bed. The room was fully lit but somehow i couldn't figure out the shape of the person.
"Who are you?!" I asked, while terrifyingly sat on the floor.
Shortly before i got the answer, one of my cat decided to get into my room. What made it strange was she seemed to not feel anything unusual. She meowed softly once before she entered the room (as she usually did) and decided to sleep soundlessly on my bed.
"You don't know who i am?" The person asked me back.
"I don't know. Hey, look, i'm a bit paralyzed here. So please, i don't want any trouble." I said, still scared and trying to process what just happened.
The person stayed silent.
"Who are you?! What do you want?!" I asked him again.
Suddenly, the figure stood up. I realized that he was floating a bit. The figure didn't have any legs. The whole body was black. No face that i could see, or any hands. As i couldn't move my legs, i just closed my eyes while praying that the figure wouldn't kill me. But then, i felt a hand tapped my shoulder.
"Don't worry, i won't do any harm." He said.
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a-story-in-verse · a day ago
Glacier named Josie by Menorah Hawkins
Why won’t they listen… Is it not enough?
“Gaia Mitchell all 10s across the board. Her last stunt will determine her championship win. Will all her practice finally pay off? Will she make it?!...” I told them I couldn't do it anymore, why won't they listen?
15 years of blood, sweat, and tears.
 15 years of lectures and abuse. 
15 years of crowds cheering and cameras clicking. 
15 years with the same grin on your face. 15 years, was it not enough?
It wasn't always bad, you know. 
Actually in the beginning it wasn't bad at all. 
I was still a kid but I do remember putting on my first pair of skates and getting onto the rink.
 It was so so cold but it didn't really bother me because I was having way too much fun. 
I even remember how Me, Mom, Dad, and Junior all fell in unison that day. 
But that was the day my life changed.
I hate school. 
Same old routine every single day. I wake up at 5 AM and head to the rink.
"Gaia lift your foot up, UP, do you hear what I'm saying"
"Got it, Coach"
"Do it again, but this time use your facial expressions. People don't pay money just to see a little girl frowning now do they?"
"No coach, I’m sorry".
After an hour of getting yelled at by Coach, I go back home and start getting ready for school.
With all of the trophies lined up in my house you would think I'm quite famous, wouldn't you?  
Well... I was until-
"Aya i'm hungryyyyy"
"Don't worry Sage we’re almost at school they'll give you breakfast there."
"Oh shi-  I mean dang it! Hurry up Sage that was the bell. Love you later. Mwah, Mwah! THANKS FOR THE RIDE J"
Gosh, I really do hate school.
Same Encounters.
Just get to your class Gaia don't get distracte-
"UGH, it's her again. Let's go."
Jeez what's their problem. WAIT! Is there something on my face? Do I smell bad? Calm down Gaia, Calm down...
"Hey watch where your going!"
OMG how could I do that! I just bumped into, 
I’m not sure who I just bumped into but they look like they are about to kill me
What should I do???
"Wait a minute,
 are you THE Gaia Mitchell"
"Yeah that's me.. do you want a picture or something?"
"Okayyy well, I'm sorry I crashed into you, 
but I have to get to class"
"Huh interesting" 
Woaahh no one has actually had a full conversation with me in a while.... STOP why am I getting all excited, 
I don't care if no one talks to me 
with no friends. 
About before, 
I had lots of "friends". We went shopping together, talked about boys did all the girly things 
and then 
rumors started to speculate.
People thought I was this stuck-up famous girl who only came to school for more attention.
That’s when those so-called “friends” turned on me and I was too stupid enough to never correct anyone. 
People started to stray away from me 
and now no one even bothers to speak to me 
which is probably why I got so excited to finally talk to someone. 
Even though it wasn’t what you would call a normal conversation. 
After school, I had to go to train AGAIN 
J picked up Sage earlier so I didn’t have to worry about her 
but I saw that same person I bumped into earlier, and 
I knew I would probably be walking to the rink with a black eye
“Hello Ms. Mitchell”
“So where are you headed”
“To the rink”
OMG, why are you talking to me,
 I have to go, 
Gaia DO NOT make eye contac-
“Now Now Ms. Mitchell didn’t anyone ever tell you to look at someone when they are speaking to you” 
They reached out to put their hand on my face and lift it
but I jerked back and speed walked to get on the bus. 
What the hell was that about?!?!
Leave Me Alone 
I have to ace this axel jump or else I won’t qualify in Nationals 
But they’re the only thing that’s on my mind. That same flashback playing over and over. 
Were they trying to hit me, get revenge, yeah that’s probably it, nothing else. 
But why does it feel like something more? 
I got Mitski playing in my ears and
 that cold air touching my skin
Pause Sway Sway and AXEL JUMP 
I take out my headphones and I hear something from the benches 
“It’s probably because your distracted Ms. Mitchell!!”
“How did you get here?”
“Well you were going to the rink 
and this is the only rink in the direction, of the bus you were taking.”
“So now you’re stalking me?”
Why are you smiling, what’s funny
“Please Leave”
“I’m sorry about bumping into you this morning but I apologized so I don’t understand why your bothering me.”
“Me bothering you, hah, don’t get ahead of yourself Ms. Mitchell”
“I was trying actually trying to be a nice person and take you home”
“I wanted to walk you here from school
but you ran off, so here I am”
“Thanks but I don’t need an escort to take me home”
“It doesn’t matter I’ll wait here until you finish practicing.
 Once you finally admit you’ll never nail this jump 
Just then Ill take you home, Got it.”
That day I didn’t make the axel but they told me their name 
“Oh yeah, I never told you
 my name is Josie”
Run away 
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snakeboistan · a day ago
Just a heads up that I don't really know that much about BNHA. Most of my knowledge comes from fanfics, tumblr posts and my bestie so some of these headcanons might be a bit OOC
Nagisa + Hinata + Midoriya
So I’ve already made posts about Nagisa, Hinata and Mido being the ultimate cinnamon roll trio who are the loves of my life, my sons and if anything happens to them I will kill everyone and then myself
Let me adopt them, please let me adopt them 
I mean it is canon that Mama Midoriya is single right?...jk jk ... unless 👀
These precious babies are literally the sweetest guys ever and everyone’s ultimate hype men
They have their own protection squads and at least five people who have a crush on them (these bois be making people question their sexuality like it’s a past time)
They can also turn feral at any given moment and revert back to normal in a second
They act like its no big deal but they have legit traumatised people before
I know that Nagisa and Midoriya are ✨ notebook buddies ✨ but I like to think that Hinata keeps a volleyball journal like Kageyama (like the adorable boyfriend he is) and shows it off proudly to them and Nagisa and Mido are so proud of their tangerine bestie and they teach him how to make notes and analyse like they do and are just so pure (ILOVETHEMSOMUCHYOUHAVENOIDEA)
It’s a legit hazard to have them in the same place because the intensity of the combined smiles of a baby sunshine crow, baby sunshine snake and baby sunshine bunny can wipe out anyone in a 10 km radius
But what a way to go, am I right?
Also, I’m adding Yamaguchi here because he’s a sweetie who can and will end someone if they try to mess with Tsukki the people he cares about 
Do not under any circumstances try to mess with the trio that is Nagi, Yama and Mido because they know all of your secrets and are not afraid to use that to their benefit 
 Isogai + Daichi + Iida 
Did you mean: Dad Friends
Someone help them
It aint easy being a teen parent but they make it work
Also I’m a total simp for all three of them like Iida is everything I want IDKY I’m not saying its the glasses but its totally the glasses
Can and will do the disappointed dad stare. It is effective.
These three meet up to despair about their schoolmates and within five minutes one (or all) of them is getting a phone call because someone needs to be bailed out of jail
Isogai and Iida are class rep goals just saying
They love their classmates but why are they like this
Daichi: *watching Noya and Tanaka egg on the Terasaka gang to let them connect sleds on Yoshida’s motorbikes and go speed racing down the mountain* I ask myself that everyday
Just...someone give them a vacation and some aspirin because they need it
But not for too long because they are the few responsible ones 
Midoriya: *mumbling* That’s funny considering that Iida tried to murder someone in cold blood 
1-A members not aware of the Hosu Incident (so basically everyone except for Mido, Todo and Glasses Sonic): WHAT?!
Karma: Really? That’s weird. Nagisa tried to do that as well
3-E members that didn’t confront Takaoka: WAIT WHAT?!
Karasuno: *paling* who the f*ck are these people…
 Fuwa + Nakamura + Kiyoko + Ashido + Aoyama
The ultimate shippers
Listen, look me in the eyes and tell me that Shimizu Kiyoko doesn’t ship her team and that she does not have a group chat with all of the other managers where they gossip about who’s dating who. Look me right in the eyes and tell me that does not happen.
These people know all of the gossip 
Well actually Nagisa knows all of the tea in 3-E but Fuwa is a close second
Ultimate wingpeople 
 Kataoka + Ennoshita + Momo
I don’t want to say mum friend but they are the most responsible ones if Isogai, Daichi and Iida aren’t around
They are beings to be feared, you dont wanna cross them
There was once a time when all three of them are angered and everyone still has emotional scars to this day
The only ones who can control the chaos
Can also smack talk people like a pro
Have soft spots for the cinnamon rolls
Just imagine the three of them sitting around one of those circular umbrella tables outside of a cafe wearing matching sunglasses and drinking smoothies out of a straw as they judge everyone
 Kimura + Hinata + Kageyama + Kirishima
Listen, there are athletes and there are athletes™
These boys are the latter 
They race all of the time
I’m not kidding
Everything is a race
Arm wrestles galore
 Hazama + Tsukishima + Tokoyami
Masters of snark
Looks like they can kill you, can actually kill you
Hang out with each other to get away from the stupidity of everyone around them
Hazama and Tokoyami are just chillin’ talking about demonic sacrifice and Tsukki’s like ‘you guys are more tolerable than the feral children I’ll stay here’
Literally have no cares at all
If you approach them they will make you cry
 Chiba + Hayami + Kageyama + Todoroki 
The chill kids
All they do is vibe in the background
They’re entire friendship is just *blank stare* *eye contact* *small nod*
And you know what? That’s valid
Are also totally willing to hide a body 24/7
Todo convinces the other three that his theories are legit
 Terasaka Squad + Nishinoya + Tanaka + Bakusquad
That is it
Do I need to go on?
 Kurahashi + Kouda 
Soft bbys
Would die for them
Go on bug hunting expeditions
Hang out at petting zoos
Kurahashi has fallen in love with Kouda's bunnies as she should 
Are proud parents of every single furry and crawlie critter on the E-Class mountain
Dont worry Nagisa gets to keep his snakes
Go to pet stores and animal shelters
pure cinnamon rolls
 Maehara + Tanaka + Nishinoya + Kaminari
Best hype men
Praise each other like no other
Maehara and Calamari keep on getting annoyed because everyone keeps on pretending to not be able to tell the two apart
They can it's just that it's fun to mess with them
 Karasuma + Ukai + Aizawa
The ‘I came here determined not to get attached and now I’ve adopted a gang of teenagers’
Are literally one second away from becoming alcoholics
Are constantly ready to ‘subtly’ brag about how their students are improving in training 
Karasuma and Aizawa go over sparring procedures and Ukai is just like ‘your students have WEAPONS?!?’
Tsundere but parents
Best Dads
They love their kids 
But dont tell anyone that
It’s okay they know anyway
Will deck anyone that hurts their chaos children in any way
 Koro-Sensei + Takeda + Yagi 
HAVE WALLETS WITH THEIR PHOTOS IN THEM Yagi’s is just 20+ pictures of Midoriya but shhhh
*Todoroki’s conspiracy theory senses tingle*
They could be at the groceries but they’ll still find a way to brag about their kids
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extremehealthf · a day ago
The 35 Best Quotes by Bill Gates!
ONLY THE GREATEST of all Bill Gates' inspirational quotes! ----------------------------------------------------------------- This channel presents only the best quotes for various subjects or topics. Update daily! ★★★ Subscribe to this channel ( ) ★★★ Popular contents -- Best Quotes ( ) -- Inspirational Quotes by Business Leaders ( ) -- Inspirational Quotes by Celebrities ( ) ----------------------------------------------------------------- • A first-generation fortune is the most likely to be given away, but once a fortune is inherited it's less likely that a very high percentage will go back to society. • Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. • Being flooded with information doesn't mean we have the right information or that we're in touch with the right people. • Considering their impact, you might expect mosquitoes to get more attention than they do. Sharks kill fewer than a dozen people every year, and in the U.S. they get a week dedicated to them on TV every year. • Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself. • Don't let complexity stop you. • Effective philanthropy requires a lot of time and creativity - the same kind of focus and skills that building a business requires. • Eventually, all companies are replaced. • Expectations are a form of first-class truth: If people believe it, it's true. • Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you because bad news is a headline, and gradual improvement is not. • I am not topper in my university but all toppers are working in my Microsoft company. • I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. • I'm not denying myself some great things. I just don't happen to have expensive hobbies. • I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. • I spend a lot of time reading. • If you can't make it good, at least make it look good. • I'm a geek. • I'm going to save my public voice largely for the issues where I have some depth. • It's fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. • Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There`s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning. • Life is not fair; get used to it. • Like my friend Warren Buffett, I feel particularly lucky to do something every day that I love to do. He calls it 'tap-dancing to work.' • Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight. • Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years. • Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. • Some people may call me a nerd. I claim the label with pride. • Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. • We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. • We are always 18 months away from failure. • Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. • Television is not real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs. • “I don’t know" has become "I don’t know yet". • If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss. • Life is not divided into semesters. You don’t get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you find yourself. Do that on your own time. • Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ★★★ Music used: (Youtube audio libaray) Green Leaves by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:
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a-story-in-verse · a day ago
You Win Some You Lose Some by Zanyla McCoy
Second Grade     
 Hi my name is Zoe
       I'm 15 years old 
    Today I am going to tell you how everything happened, how my best friend passed away, how I became the person I am today, and I'm going to tell you why I left my mothers home.
    It all started in second grade. I was the new kid at Sunny Coast elementary school.
   When I came into the class all the kids were looking. I was a different type of kid. By different I mean FAT.     
      My teacher asked me to pick a seat but everywhere I wanted to sit the kids looked at me with weird faces and moved their bag's. 
   "Hi you can sit here if you want."
   I can sit here if I want, If I want, of course I want to, should I sit, no I shouldn't, Yes I should, no, yes, maybe.
 My name is Josh. What's your name?
Sixth grade
 I know you wonder what will happen after that. Well, I told him my name and we became best friends.
   And I got over my crush, kinda.
Josh is cool. When I mean cool I mean everyone knows him. He plays football.
    Right now I'm at Inwood Hill Park, my safe space, it's a place I feel happy because...
   Hey big head, Josh said.
   Hey loser.
   Let's get some food Mama's.
That's what he call's me Mama's, Lil Mama's, and big head. He never calls me Zoe and when he does that means something is wrong.
    We walk and I stop looking at Josh's fine self. I ain't even tell you how he looks or how I look.
Ok so Josh is light skin, curly hair, blue eyes, and 5'5.
I am 5'6,black dark hair that locked up, and  brown skin.
9th grade 
 Everything has changed
 Me and Josh are still friends but have different friend groups.
 Josh is what you call a popular jock and me a nerd.
My feelings for Josh haven't changed.
But he has what you call a girlfriend.
Or should I say girlfriend's
Josh gets into trouble here and there because the crowd that he hangs out with isn't the best. 
  I remember this one time when Josh and his friends stole these cars and got the parts and sold  them on ebay.
Josh's mom found out and went all hulk. 
I know your  wonder why someone like me is friends with someone like Josh, but in third grade when my father passed away Josh was really there for me. When I messed up school Josh would come to my house to make sure that everything was ok.
Pop pushed me on the swing at Inwood Hill Park. Faster go Faster Pop. I love you Zoe. Love you to Pop. 
10th grade 
Come on  Josh I told you there no good for you. 
You sound like my mom Zoe. 
Someone needs to. 
Josh's mother passed away last year ever since then he's been selling. Yes, selling drugs.
 Listen I have to go mama's, let me walk you home. 
Ok I guess. 
I bet I can run faster than you. 
Mama's you wish.
Of Course he beat me.
Yo what's  up blue.
What's up.
Nothing much.
The guy pulls out a gun and points it to me. This for my dead homies.
Oh no Josh. Someone call 911 now! NOW NOW.
My life flashed
My life flashed before my eyes
One minute Josh is talking about how fine he is the next his on the floor covered with blood. The doctors say he is not going to live. He's gone. They took him. They took my only friend. They took the last person that I love. My mother doesn't love me. She loves the bottle more than she loves her only blood. He is gone. He is gone. He is gone. He took a part of me when he left too.
1 year passed
It's been a year. Josh didn't even have a funeral. His foster parents sold his organs  for money. That's what Josh meant to them. Money. He wasn't nothing to them. They found the people who killed Josh. They are not in jail though. Don't nobody care about a black man being killed. Nobody cares until it's there son, father, and friend. I don't live with my mother no more. I'm graduating next year at 16. I got my only place. It's nice and big. I wish that Josh was here.
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itwasaheavynight · a day ago
I have a lot of feelings. I have a lot of feelings about vaccines and masks.
Listen, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I was vaccinated in my younger years, and I do believe in science. However, right now, for me, I don't feel comfortable getting a COVID vaccine. I have a multitude of reasons. Some have to do with physical health. Some have to do with mental health. Some have to do with government. However, I wholly support any and all individuals that want to be vaccinated. I get it. We want to be safe. We want normalcy. We want this cluster to be over.
Throughout this entire pandemic, I have exhibited great caution. I have not been out and about. When I go to work, I wear a mask for just about every minute of the day, apart from when I'm having some water or a bite to eat. If you have a high quality mask and you wear it for eight hours a day, it will not kill you. You can breathe. You can talk and be understood. I do not buy into the whiners that say they cannot wear masks because it alters their lives. Unless you have a medical condition, I call bs.
I think the CDC is positively moronic for telling those that are vaccinated that they can remove their masks. The CDC has been wildly inconsistent throughout the entire pandemic, so why anyone would choose to trust their guidance is beyond me. They have changed their tune so many times, and there are a handful of reasons, if not more, that both the vaccinated and unvaccinated should continue to wear their masks indoors. If you can socially distance outside? Sure, go for it. Take off your face bra, but otherwise, be smart.
Further, I wish they would stop dividing the country into two classes -- those that are vaccinated and those that aren't. I wish they would stop giving out prizes to people that have gotten the jab. I wish that they would stop labeling those that aren't vaccinated as being selfish, lesser people. In some cases, yes -- there's ignorance and foolishness when it comes to vaccines, but that's not true in every case. We shouldn't be broken down into categories. A vaccinated person is not a better human being than someone who isn't vaccinated. We should all be courteous of one another and protect one another. There are numerous ways to do that. It's common decency.
Thank you. That is all. Be kind to one another.
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mrkcore · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: lee donghyuck x fem!reader
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬: college!au (cs - computer science major haechan, psychology major y/n)
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: fluff, slight angst
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): profanity, awful gamer language
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 0.7k
𝐚/𝐧: the second installment of the and they were roommates! series, and probably my fav one :D send in an ask or comment here to be added to the taglist! the game they’re playing in valorant! i know hyuck plays overwatch and lol, but idk how to play those so valorant will have to suffice. (it’s very similar to overwatch and apex legends!)
𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭
Tumblr media
“haechan PLEASE, for the love of god, fix your crosshair.” jeno says, observing the horrible sight in front of him.
“shut the fuck up jeno, stop backseating, you got killed by the sag-” haechan suddenly stops talking. did he just get killed by the same sage he was just talking about? and with a classic gun?
“and so did you, maybe if you had a better crosshair, you would have been still alive.” jeno snaps back.
“will the two of you shut up so chenle can clutch and we can win the game?” renjun says sternly. the two go quiet while haechan sits back in his chair, huffing.
“chat, did you see that sage rotating? they must have been hacking, there’s no way she made no sound while rotating.”
“awh darn it.” chenle groans. the word “defeat” on a red banner displays nicely on the top of haechan’s monitor as he swore.
“maybe if haechan kept his mouth shut, chenle would have been able to concentrate.” renjun snarled.
“hey! i didn’t know my mic wasn’t off, i’m sorry, alright.” he retorted.
“i don’t even think they had ranks, it doesn’t show on my logs.” jeno commented.
haechan rolls his eyes, and he knows renjun is too. “wow thanks jeno, that makes us feel a whole lot better.” he grumbled.
“the sage got like 3 aces during the game, that’s pretty impressive.” jaemin pointed out.
“do you think they were stream sniping me?” haechan asked. “there’s no way i wouldn’t have heard the sage rotated unless they knew i was at showers.”
“haechan, not everyone that did better than you stream sniped you, they probably don’t even know you.” jeno quipped. 
“i can’t believe that was our warm-up round.” chenle mutters, still troubled over the last game. “we need to go another round before we do ranked.”
“haechan, can you keep it down? i have a presentation in the morning and i would like some sleep please.” you suddenly peaked your head into his room.
“oh yeah, sorry i’ll keep it down.” he says, droned.
“thanks.” you turn around to go back to your room, closing his door.
haechan sighs. 
this was going to be a long stream.
Tumblr media
they lost. every single match that night. they didn’t even play ranked.
“fuck! i even put on my intense gamer playlist and it didn’t work.” haechan cursed. “well, that’s it for today chat, i have a presentation tomorrow for class, so that’s it for today’s stream. hopefully we can play ranked next time.”
after ending the stream, he still couldn’t stop thinking about the sage. they weren’t playing ranked, had no ranks, how was it possible that they won? impossible, had to be a stream snipe.
whatever, haechan interrupted his own thoughts. i’ll figure it out tomorrow after class.
Tumblr media
“how was your presentation this morning?” haechan asked, setting the table for lunch.
“it was alright, probably would have been better if you’d stop screaming at 2 am.” you tease as he laughs sheepishly.
“yeah, sorry. i was just raging at this sage.” he admits.
“mhm, maybe if you listened better, you would have heard me rotate off. showers is literally the first place i looked.” you said calmly, chewing your food.
haechan blinked in confusion.
“you were the sage last night? that got 3 aces in one game?” he shrieks, completely utterly shocked.
“uhm, surprise?” you revealed.
“you came into my room to tell me to quiet down! what was that for?” haechan is still in disbelief.
“your reaction was so funny i had to take a peek for myself.” you giggled.
“does that mean you stream sniped me?” he grunted, still hung up on the situation.
“well, you were screaming, so maybe an indirect one?” you admitted, trying to stifle your laughter.
“sheeeeesh.” he groaned. “bro, next time when jaemin doesn’t wanna play, you’re joining us. randoms are so shit.”
“alright, bet.” you agreed. “road to radiant?”
“that’s so cringe.” 
haechan wailed as you hit him in the arm. 
“fine fine fine! i’ll carry you to radiant.”
“brooo you got sniped by me yesterday, how are you going to say you’re gonna carry me, hm?” you scoffed.
“it was an off day yesterday, i swear i’m good, i’m literally almost immortal.” he states, proudly.
“we’ll see about that.”
Tumblr media
© mrkcore. 2021. — reposts of my work is not permitted.
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writersblog · 2 days ago
I said I would post the random mess I made that time and here it is
(don't kill me plz)
(don't read if you had a bad day plz)
(i didn't reread it bec I would've never posted it if i did so.. here we go)
(i didn't choose a title yet)
Edit: i forgot to tell you the plot. It's something like those fanfics about angels and demons and the half human half angel and that crap so i said i'd try it and plz don't hate me)
The sun gave me a fright when I woke up. It just went through the window, reminding me that I forgot to close the shades. You’d probably ask how the freaking sun can give someone a fright. But it’s just because once I woke up, I couldn't see anything from the light directed on my eyes. Might be lame to you, but it really freaks me out not being able to see anything, anyone. Not being able to look in the mirror everyday, even if that means seeing the same honey brown hair and the freckles that just won’t. Get. Off. It's crazy how easily I can get scared. If I ever get a friend, I’ll make a mental note not to tell them my fears. You never know when they’ll use them.
I’m currently getting out of bed. It’s hard as heck. Today is my birthday. In other words, it’s doomsday.
Soo, angels have this thing that they write your birthday in their files, and if it’s yours, you get a ‘surprise’ party, Hurray!
You’d assume I’m joking, but no. Almost everyday we get a class off to celebrate one of my grade. And that’s only my grade. My Whole grade. All the students in the third grade will know it’s the weird girl’s birthday. Great. And the worst thing is, they put our birthdays on BROADCAST all over Alvisna. So that all angels and demons will see it. If that’s not fucked up, I don’t know what it is. 
I wear one of my usual outfits. A black t-shirt, grey skirt that reaches to my knees, and my blackish gray jacket that is five times bigger than me to hide the stupid wings angels have. I’m not goth or anything, it’s just that black will be less affected when I spill something on it. A drink, cake, I even spilled INK from the pen I was putting in my pocket on my first grade’s birthday. 
So, that about sums it all up. I wore my usual to-the-ankle boots, and just like that, I got out of my room.
We all live in this super huge tower. Like, all the angels from all grades and levels live here. Only for the school-year, after that I go back to aunt Nova. so basically, all this tower and maybe even more will see me spilling something on me or on another person, causing the destruction of an outfit. Yea, no big deal. 
All I did was step out of my room, annnd, Mrs. Colen called me. Good job Amary, great thing to start the day with.
“Amaryllis. Oh good heavens. What are you wearing?”
“That is absolutely none of your business Mrs.colen.” Of course that was what I wanted to say, but of course, the goody girl I am answered with an: “oohh, um, I thought it would be good.” and the shyness swirled and made me fidget with the edge of my jacket, or was it anxiety?
Pull yourself together Amary, I wanted to scream at myself. 
“Good? Oh dear, someone better knock a sense of fashion onto you.” she got into my room, “you’re Literally wearing Black on your birthday.”
“And you’re literally invading my room without even asking!” another one of the responses I did NOT dare say. Even though she deserves it.
So, she just walked on my gray carpet with her shoes on. And there she touches my beautiful desk without washing her hands. Wait, did she just put her Non-sterile keys on it? I can Not hold any longer than th.. annnd she’s opening my closet now? Oh sh*t. 
*cut to me running after her like a fool trying to know what the actual heck she wants*
“Soo, Mrs. Colen, you.. Looking for something?” ... between the silly ‘wooshy’ dresses my aunt bought me.. But I didn’t say that. “Oh, Amaryllis, you need to change that outfit with something more.. Cheery!”
Long story short, I got into my class wearing a magenta pink dress that goes to my knees with a brown belt on the left side of my waist and, guess what? A bow! A fucking bow on. My. hair.
You see, it’s not that I don’t like dresses and bows, but it’s about the attention! Oh and, as if on cue, the whole class turned their heads and stared at me. At least I got to wear my gray jacket. Sooo, just walking downtown, guys. Just to my seat in the last row, that it takes me to do a whole fashion show in front of them. The only good thing about this is that the teacher made them all pay attention, and I turned my head toward Julia, The girl who sits next to me in classes. She’s not my friend, just someone I  hate less than the others. She was.. Well, shocked is an understatement. “What are you wearing?” she just waved her hand on my dress, and I gazed at it. All I said was, “Mrs. Colin.” like it explains everything. Oddly enough, she nodded. “Remind to never let her see me on my birthday.” and we paid attention to the teacher explaining boring stuff about the pros and cons of having demons exist, as if it’s our business to criticize creatures just. Like. Us. 
In the fourth class, we had training on our powers. So, we kinda got separated into groups depending on our powers. Oh, wait, I haven’t told you what's mine yet? Well, I’m an empath. I feel others’ emotions. Though, as if to prove how freaky I am, I can sense negative emotions more. The anger, sadness, loneliness, and jealousy affect me more. It makes me not just feel them, but experience them. It’s confusing. Sometimes you get so lost in others’ emotions that you lose yours. And yes, heartless murderers can be empaths. They’re heartless, literally. 
So, the scary talk aside, we had only seven or so emaths this grade, so, technically, empathy is rare. Another reason to be freaky. 
Though I like being an empath. It’s amazing to understand others’ emotions, even the negative. You get to know them better. And you know when to stop teasing when their anger rises, you know when to comfort the people who lost something, or just the people who are just.. Sad. you know when someone is hurt. When someone is jealous. And, when people are happy too. God, emotions like that are straight up amazing. They make you joyous to the heart. Make you flooding with pride. Makes you just want to hug people. It makes my day, really. And for anyone who doesn’t appreciate my power, let me say this: you ungrateful brat don’t know what it feels like. And if I can feel happiness, then you should know that it’s probably leaking out of them, and if I feel anger, then, for the love of god, don’t ruin their day more.
So, we all go to a class together. And our teacher, Ethan, just gives us random exercises. (need to point out he’s in his 30s but we call him by his first name.) 
Today, he made us do some ‘trust exercises’, he said they ‘strengthened our friendships’ or something. But Zero times ten is still zero. Well, jokes on you, I don’t have friends!
I teamed up with Harley. She’s a nice girl. Or at least polite enough to have teamed up with me. She was actually left by everyone, so we just kinda bonded on the ‘nobody-loves-us-because-we’re-weird-af’ department. So we just glanced at each other and knew what to do.
Anyway, so, at the end of class Harley gave me one of the bracelets on her hand. She said we could hangout together. Shoutout to Harley for being the only friend I ever had. *clapping*. It’s a bracelet of two stripes, one is plain gray, and the other is stitched like lace and  decorated with small pearls. 
Her move was.. Typical. But you can’t imagine how happy I was. I felt her happiness, too. Harley is.. Different. Kids call her weird because she’s a transgender. People put her down for that. (and yes, I asked what pronoun she wanted and she said She/Her is just fine.)
I liked that ‘bonding moment’ we had. It almost made me forget my birthday. Almost. Because my birthday is in the next class. Oh sh*t.. My birthday is in the next class.
*running through the hallways.*
In that moment, I knew something was gonna turn out to be.. Terrible. But I still walked there. I still wanted to look cool and.. *opens door to the sport stadium with a thud* have a dramatic entrance.
They all stared at me. I felt myself blush. Because the oh my god what have I done I should not have come here just get me back to aunt Nova feeling was weighing me down.
I should have stopped there. Just turn around and stop and fu*k looking cool and all. But no, my 13 year old lust for fame or at least normalcy was overbearing so I walked. A step, two. I reached the middle.
Now I suppose I should describe what the stadium looks like now. It’s one big kind-of-a-hall thing with chairs on either side for spectators when matches of basketball come around. Now, kids are all lined up in rows in front of me. And in the middle was the cake. We all get a piece each so it’s huge. It’s a squared cake with purplish frosting on the top. It was a chocolate cake. And so I stepped closer. I was scared. But it’s nothing compared to the ‘scared’ I will feel a few minutes later. 
I cut the first piece of cake.and I smiled. No accidents. Not ‘till now. I knew where the camera’s where so  I Didn't need Mrs. Colin to tell me to “give them a smile, dear!”
I smiled. Somewhat my last smile. And to think back, it wasn’t fair. Because one of the teachers spilled their drink on my jacket. And it was a fast moment. I couldn’t say no. and Mrs’ Colin hurried toward me. Telling me to take my jacket off because “quick before it stains your dress.” I was still unzipping it when she yanked it off me. And, they stayed silent. The whole hall fell silent. 
The last thing I heard was “why are your wings.. Oh dear. What have you done?” before I understood. I was the problem, not my dress. Not the drink on my jacket that now fell to the ground. 
Because I wasn’t an angel. Not a full one. Because they shouldn't have known that I wasn't. Because being an angel doesn’t mean they’re not horrible people. And because I didn’t belong. Because I was a kid. Because I didn’t understand what it meant to be gray. To have gray wings. Because it meant to be part demon. It meant I didn’t belong.
Because when I returned to my reality. To a dark cell in the deepest of earth. Because when Ethan, my favorite teacher, was helping them ‘interrogate’ me. He was helping them to get into my mind. Because when it pained me they didn’t stop. Because it’s not fair. Not fair to be punished for something that isn’t my fault. Not fair to be casted aside. 
And because the last thing I saw was Harley’s blood stained on my magenta dress. 
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haru-senji · 2 days ago
hi*comes barreling into ur inbox yet again* yes im the same anon who suggested the idea of tobi and megu being halfsibs(which is already on my wips bc i have no self control lmfao)and bc me is a dumbass and i forgot to turn anon off so viola lmao anyways tobi having cursed energy in the form of shadows he can control them and stuff kinda like noritoshi's blood bend&a domain expansion called monsters banquet its kinda like megus except once ur grabbed by the shadows theirs literally no escape 1/2
(2/2) its kinda like an insta death technique or smthing and takes a huge toll on the wielders body bc of it(like ur only supposed to use it on emergencies kinda technique)incomplete or not which rlly worries megu bc tobi can get into really deep shit smtimes lmfao(the 1st time he used it he almost died)anyways enough of me rambling how r ya haru?? :D
MIKA!!! hihiii omg it’s you!! MONSTER’S BANQUET IS A HELLA COOL NAME OMG BIG BRAIN. imagine them fighting side by side omg 🥺 both need companionship ahhhhhhh i’m really really happy they found it in both their canon world (i could go on and on about that skdjfks) but they’d bond with each other so deeply!! 
i’m doing okay! cramps are killing me i am not exaggerating i literally cannot stand without bending over T T hmm other than that my holiday’s nearing an end and school’s starting next monday 😭 we’re back to online classes cause the covid situation’s not that good where i live.. oh oh also, i started watching naruto!!
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besteestores · 3 days ago
I survived virtual school 7th grade survivor 2021-2021 vintage shirt
New Post has been published on
I survived virtual school 7th grade survivor 2021-2021 vintage shirt
I survived virtual school 7th grade survivor 2021-2021 vintage shirt .besteestores The flip side of this is that you now have a responsibility to make the moreover I love this most of the hours you work. If you go home at 5 and don’t check email at night, don’t take two hour lunches or spend the afternoon screwing around at the ping-pong table. Get in early and get your work done before you go home. If you work remotely, be damn sure that you can be just as productive at home as you can in the office. Quora is a pretty awesome place to work and the expectations of all employees are high. I work tremendously hard at my job. That said, I don’t feel that it has compromised my performance or expectations to do things like be home to cook dinner most nights, support my family through emergencies, or have a baby. Part of that is Quora being awesome, and part of it is me taking care to maintain my work-life balance. Most of my dad’s blood is Pashtun alongside with a small amount of Mughal heritage. We managed to keep our Pashtun genes going for quite a while although there was a couple of inter mixed marriages on my family tree. Long story short we call ourselves Pathans because my dad’s blood is mostly this and him, his dad, and his dad before him were Pathans (grandmother does have Pashtun heritage from her mother. My Pashtun side originated from Afghanistan like most pathans do. They left Afghanistan as they were Pro-British in the army mid-1850’s. They settled on a border town called Landi Kotal in present day Pakistan. My great-great grandfather is said to have come from there. He and his siblings left Landi Kotal because of some feud. I am not sure what it was about but it was either tribal or family-related for extra info we are Yousufzai Pathans. They settled in Gujrat, Punjab and started a family there. One of his siblings went to Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab. No one passed down our culture, heritage, language or anything down the family. This was to prevent future generations from returning to our ancestral soil most likely because there was still people who could cause trouble there but I don’t know for sure. However my great aunt did marry a Pashtun and I believe she went and settled in Bannu, KPK. The only thing we have is a couple of stories passed down, one war paper from my great great grandfather, our tribe name and which town we came from.
I survived virtual school 7th grade survivor 2021-2021 vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
Classic Women’s
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I survived virtual school 7th grade survivor 2021-2021 vintage shirt .besteestores Obviously they had to leave otherwise their lives would be at danger but I often think… was it really necessary to leave our heritage and culture behind. Couldn’t we just have kept it wherever we went???? Now do I have to carry this task on reclaiming our heritage for my children? Maybe if they did keep their roots, I wouldn’t have to go through difficulty getting in touch with my culture. My Grandmothers father was said to be a Mughal descendant. I don’t know much about him although I do know there is a sad family story. My grandmothers great grandparents were high class Mughuls in Delhi (1850’s). When the moreover I love this Indian Mutiny took place they ran and fled because the British would kill any Mughul they could find. They hid in mosques and everything and eventually settled in Rawalpindi. They had a son who then unfortunately died in a market shooting rampage at around 21 years old. He died before my grandmothers father was born. Then my great grandfathers mother passed away when he was a young child. We grew up very poor, but living on a dairy farm, we were never lacking for food. A good year for Christmas might mean getting some socks, underwear, an orange a treat, and maybe a toy. Clothes and other practical items were typical gifts. We were lucky to get a birthday cake – no birthday gifts. Hand-me-down clothing was the norm. Nothing was thrown away until it was used, abused, and destroyed. Then my mother would cut it up and use it to make quilts. I remember a time in the 1960s when muscle shirts were in fashion. Three of my older brothers each got one. I wore those hand-me-down shirts for about 5 years, growing out of one size then moving on to the next size. They looked something like this, but not as stylish. As another person commented, we all learned to eat fast because if you wanted a second helping of anything, you better eat what you have quickly and grab the bowl for seconds. In our case, we also had to finish dinner and get out to the barn to milk the cows and do our chores. The sooner you got the work done, the sooner you could do your homework, and then maybe get an hour or two in front of the black and white TV. You Can See More Product:
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cashaywallace2 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This the one , the two, the three, the everything...
If you’re in my circle, I’ll compromise * and check myself verbally to a sensitive ear ( unless you REALLY need to hear about yourself coming from a loving place )
But to anyone else trying to check me through self projection 😂 yeah no, you catching this verbal fade.
My parents and most of my teachers ( who deserved a reality check ) put me mentally in a place where I felt like I constantly had to shrink myself to fit. Couldn’t be outspoken or call out the observations I made ( bc they usually highlight where someone is lacking ...look I got standards yes, but improvement is important at all levels, stages and ages )
The only intimidated ppl in the room EVER
( minus the few peers that were just born as brats ( they all have their reasons for why they were brats, but nonetheless brats then)
were the adults.
And that’s bc they usually were / are incompetent and inadequate and try to mask it as the opposite but it comes out SO evidently when they speak to ME.
😂 and I ain’t taking NONE of that shit.
It kills me looking back. The fact these ppl have been doing this job for X years over my little self and ME is ticking you off in YOUR profession??
How’s it my fault you didn’t fault proof your own equation to life??? 💀💀
I said fuck make up school bc the teachers didn’t like me 🙃
My first teacher, talented but a hypocrite... we had to be on time for class and pay attention, couldn’t do anything else but focus on her and the demos....
But she came to class 15-20 mins late EVERY DAY, then spent the first 10 minutes in class gossiping w the 90210 clique of the class...why do the STUDENTS need to know you want to get your tummy fat frozen away 😅 queee??? You could tell when she was winging class ( nothing wrong it is a creative outlet / skill set BUT it’s still a learning environment...need a game plan more often than not )
I thought I was there to learn makeup , anyways between her hypocrisy and gossip sessions I got tired of wasting the $23,000 my parents paid for 5 months of make up school 🙃.
We had two “chit chats”
the first - her telling me if I continue as is I’m not going to make friends in make up school... my reply
“ I’m here to learn a skill set, not make friends. That’s the bonus to the bonus “ 😅 parents paid $23,000 for me to learn a fucking skill, NOT MAKE FRIENDS w that money.
2nd - a student ( teachers pet didn’t have the skill set 🤷🏽‍♀️) over heard me telling a classmate how that convo went and next thing I knew that teacher was storming in CUSSING ME OUT threatening to take me to the principal 😂😂
I laughed 😂😂😂😂 and told her 1. I am not your child 2. Get YOUR shit together and we wouldn’t be here 🤷🏽‍♀️ but we can go to the principals.... but bc she knew she was all the way wrong she let me back into class 💀
Funnily, I had to restock my kit recently and ran into her, and she thanked me and congratulated me 💀💀 to growth! 🤗
The second teacher would walk to lunch w the first and size me up, until I was in her class to make up hours and killed her stuck up attitude off with kindness and my skill set 💁🏽‍♀️
Played herself looking stupid playing follow the leader w the first teacher
😂 why be a teacher if you’re going to hate on students. Fucking retire and fix yourself.
The last teacher is my favorite.
She told me I had to dumb it down on set next to the talent. Referring to my looks. She told me
“[ i]can’t be a makeup artist looking better than the talent and expect trust. Water yourself down “
I asked how ...pointing out I either worn sweats and hit tied or jeans and a tshirt already.
She said “ don’t wear make up”
Me reply
“ oh you mean the mascara I only wear. No ones ever told me I was doing too much but YOU. I always get compliments and nice word from the crew and talent “ 😅
MIND YOU she stopped my presentation IF FRONT OF THE CLASS to say that ...
She was just a REALLY jealous person. And it turned out she knew a very close family friend to me.
This family friend is special needs but EXTREMELY talented, and used to get private make up lessons by this teacher ...who decided to slip up and talk shit / make fun about the friend in class ...
Guess who got fired from private lessons 🙃
ALL of her was absolutely unnecessary in her “teaching “ position.
In high school, my senior year marine biology classes took a weekend trip to Catalina and as soon as we got off the boat and settled in, one of the lower class men girls came up to me and was telling me when we first met she was super scared / intimidated by me but over time she’s grown appreciation and likeness towards me
Well my actual incompetent marine biology teacher over heard the scared and intimidated part and chimed in to say
“ Yeah all the teachers think that “
First off, that’s sad.
For the teachers.
Secondly, had the big bully shut her trap and listened to the rest of the story she would have known we got off on the wrong foot and WERE GOOD NOW, but nope.
She took the whole weekend, every chance I was alone to remind me they’re intimidated by me it was suppose to break me before senior year ended or it was going to help her work through whatever her feelings toward me were 💀💀
About five years later I came back to the school with another friend who wanted to visit I really didn’t want to be there but since she was still working I decided to stop by her classroom and conveniently it was two days before her birthday so I told her I would come back with a lovely cake to make amends but I never did.
I am such an asshole for that 🤷🏽‍♀️
I had another teacher a male one who gave a project to the class without much information to the project and had the audacity to ask us how to do this project as if we assigned it because because I called him out on that his reply was
“ I see why the others are intimidated by you”
The week before I got fired from equinox it took two female managers ( the most incompetent ones who ironically got fired too ) telling me I give a weird vibe off to girls in general ...💀💀💀  one manager was the GM ... her first day of work we were in the same building for half the day ( we threw a work party this day ) and she introduced herself to every single coworker but me.... she walked by me multiple times and still didn’t bother. I had to find her at the start of the party and introduce myself ( that hand shake was SO awkward ) but I’m the weird one.... The second manager I’m just gonna leave it at her being extremely jealous and constantly denying the ideas that I had for the workplace but after being fired she’s now started her own personal training that is light weight what the fuck I was trying to do at equinox... but I’m the one w weird vibes...OKAY 
My mom a prime example of that and she’s an actress on top of the matter so she can really mask life as if she just has it all together and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about when other people are around.
It’s crazy how she would always pin me and my father against each other when she knew I was reading her for filth.
Til this day I don’t have a relationship with my dad which sucks because he’s actually a really dope human being if he would just separate himself from her and we could have a really dope relationship but as he says w/o saying ...he made a marriage commitment and that will always come first.
All that to say, I’ll compromise when I need to, but I am NOT shrinking myself anymore.
Yeeion like it, try me back in a few 🤷🏽‍♀️
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vattelaapiglia · 3 days ago
A classmate I almost hooked up with is telling everyone i have an STD and tried to give it to her, and I don't know how to handle it
Im a 21yo Virgin guy in college, and before this incident ive never even kissed a woman but about a month ago I really hit it off with this girl im taking classes with at a beach/day party made out with her and she invited me over the next day to "study😉"
So i was ofc excited but gave her a heads up that Im a virgin and don't know what im doing, and she said its okay and to just grab beer on the way.
So i showed up, everything was going smoothly we were got naked and she went to blow me then stopped said "Im not putting this in me, GET OUT" I was a bit shocked and froze, but just got dressed figured my dick must have been small and left.
Didnt see her in my few in person classes after that so I figured I had crappy luck and to move on. But today my best friend called me bc his GF(who goes to my college)
Told him that there are rumors about how i have an STD ridden dick, and that I lie to women about being a virgin so that they have sex with me, and apparently its become how ppl know me around campus... So I called my classmate to see if she said anything, and she told me she did say it and wont stop bc she said guys without STD dont have zits on ther dick and that if I call her again she will report me to the police.
Now I have no clue how to handle this, as im 100% sure I dont have and STD but I have white bumps under the skin of my shaft and on my ballsack. Which have been there for as long as I remeber and I didnt think it was odd bc well ive never seen another guys dick up close and frankly arent interested in looking.
Im mortified by this and frankly am thinking of switching/abandoning college for my senior year, but currently im most worried about other ppl having the same reaction to seeing my dick.
So ive made this account to ask for help/advice/prayers? bc I have other self esteem issues ive been making progress on and this really set me back.
I uploaded pictures on my profile so if you dont mind take a look and tell me if everything seems normal, and I know that the proper thing to do is go to a doctor, but Im not in a position to do that for at least 3 months and this is killing me inside
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abbynx · 3 days ago
La Squadra Esecuzione as Best Friends Headcanons
Formaggio - Very chill, first and foremost, he is down for anything to do. Videogames? He'll try to beat your ass. Cat cafes? Heck ye he is down - The type of friend who will coax you to cut class to hang out behind the school or climb over the school fence to hang around the local arcade or theatre. But if he get caught, he won't snitch and he's willing to take responsibility. Begrudgingly. - Ohhhh physical touch is bare minimum for him. He'll occasionally lean on you, perhaps shrink himself to fit himself in your pocket just to platonically cuddle and perhaps, use you as a transport. - Will high five you as a greeting, and will high five you as a farewell. Usually followed by a hug too uwu "Bro!" He holds his hand out for a high five, in which you instinctively grant him one, when he also entwines his fingers through yours and pulling you for a hug, patting your back for a second and pulling away. "I missed you bro!" - Prepare for dumb jokes, dumb puns that he effortlessly come up with as time goes by. You can't go on a day without him cracking a joke. You'd either roll your eyes at it or laugh along with him. There's nothing in between "You see that guy over there, bro?" He leans on you, arm draped around your shoulder as he points at a person from afar. "Yeah, what?" "I say... You'd be a perfect match." You glanced at him, hearing him shake a box of matches as he wiggled his eyebrows with a dumb grin. - *Finger guns and bro intensifies* Illuso - That weird person you don't see yourself associating yourself with somehow befriended him for some reason. Most likely started when you both started to wake up at 3 AM and meet in the middle of the dark, in the kitchen, wanting to grab something to eat. At first it is awkward, but soon you learned to bond through it! And soon enough, your midnight chats extended to become actual friendships! - Seems distant, but he cares. He's the type pretend not to care about you, but will glare (or more than glare depending at the severity) at people who hurt you. He is the 'I'm the only one allowed to insult them like that' type of friend. "Huh, Formaggio hasn't been teasing me. I wonder what happened." You wondered aloud, as you say beside your friend Illuso. "Must be because of his bruised jaw. The previous mission must've been tough for him." "Yeah... That..." - Probs touched-starved. He acts irritated and push you away when you try to hug him, but secretly loves it. If you stop trying to hug him, he'd be kinda sad but will not say anything. - This friendship includes you listening to him rant about every little thing, and brag about things he can't do. He appreciates you listening to be honest, and that's initially how your friendships started anyways. - Will use derogatory terms as a term of endearment. Please don't be offended, he doesn't mean any offense "Hey idiot! Get your sorry ass right here! Risotto said we have someone to take care of!" "Thanks, dumbass." "Eyo slut! Take a look at this fugly idiot!" - Does not have the habit of knocking. In fact, he just barges into your room, through the mirror. In more than one occasion has he seen you undressed but he couldn't care less about it. "Hey dumbass can I borrow your— hey, stop screaming! Anyways I ran out of hair ties, do me a solid—" - Everyone around you being confused to how you two are most unlikely to become friends, but you two are practically unlikely twins Prosciutto - You can not stop me from assuming he is quite the mom friend if you pry his shell hard enough. Perhaps a mom friend mixed with tsundere friend. "Hey! Drink your water or I'll break your ankles! No I don't care that we're in the middle of killing someone! I packed you some water and you didn't drink it! Well shit I didn't pack it specifically for you, I just managed to pack extra! Now go ahead and drink, I'll handle this one myself! While you're at it, coat yourself with sunscreen! If I hear you whining about being burnt, I swear to God—" - If you happen to be a mom friend too, you'd be bonding over the
mutual stress of having to look over the rest of the gang over a glass of wine as chaos around you ensues because you two decided to take a small break. "Formaggio and Ghiaccio is up at it again..." You sigh, swirling the content of your stemware as the distant bickering of the two aforementioned assassins echoed. "Just... Let's just lay low. It'll be over soon." Prosciutto sighs along as well, before downing his glass of whiskey. "Hopefully." And it didn't end, as it ensued and progressive got worse. Stands were called, knives were thrown, guns were shot. And two mom friends of La Squadra almost lost their voice from all the yelling and lecturing - Will scold you for your bad habits. Bad posture? He will walk behind you, press his knee on your back and roll your shoulders back whilst he lectures you about it. Messy time management? Will buy you crap to make you keep track of time. Sleeping so late? He will take whatever you're distracted with, demand you to turn your lights off as he lights soothing scented candles and tossing you some comfortable blankets to use. Barely taking care of yourself? Bro prepare yourself. "I don't understand how you live like this! You'd be dead if you were to continue that habit! At least help me help you to make you be better!" - Very blunt and honest to the point it stings, but he never lies to people he is closed to. He prefers being upfront with his loved ones and will try to rebuild their confidence and reassure them that they can be better than what they are. "When I say you're idiotic, you're but a burden, I mean it. You have all rights to be hurt by it, but don't just live with it. Prove me wrong, that you can be better than that and you'll be the best version of yourself. I know you can do it." - Will accept hugs, but will most likely not hug back. Maybe he'll just out one hand on your back and lightly stroke it, but that's it. But in rare occasions, he will return them too. Sometimes, he'll even initiate it. - Your connection to him as a friend has lead several advantages. No one in general can make a negative comment about you with Prosciutto around. His glare alone was scary and they would not wish to stick around and find out what he can do than just glaring. - Extremely appreciates when you help him around by simply carrying things for him, fetching him coffee and actually doing your damn job properly is enough to make him be filled with gratitude. Pesci - Baby. Okay, so this boy. Boy oh boy, he is baby. Take care of him, bro. Don't coddle him to the point of him being entirely dependent on you, but sis you can always reassure and make him improve himself! Perhaps a tamer version of his relationship with his brother. - You two will mostly likely be friends because you always defend him from the others from teasing him and rooting for him. He is very grateful for it and can't thank you enough. Either that, or Prosciutto paid you to babysit him. - Will constantly cling on your arm when he's anxious. It's up to you whether you'll snap at him and slap his hand away, or just let him hang around you. He'll just simply grab your wrist, and sooner and later he'd have his body pressed against yours, completely clinging on the entirety of your arm. "D-don't leave me, Y/N! I'm scared—!" - He is extremely thankful for you watching over him and protecting and by this, he tries to improve himself a lot more just so he can confidently say he can watch over you and protect you as well - Just the sweetest little thing, whenever he'd be away with Prosciutto for a mission he'd return home bearing gifts from travel and he'd give it to you. It would be something either miniature, or something practical like a knife sharpener or something. "I-I got this for you... I hope you like it! Big bro helped me pick!" - Honestly, I can imagine him just being the best, supportive and encouraging friend there could be. If ever you needed someone to confide in, he'd just sit and listen and will certainly not repeat what you told him to others. He'll try his best to comfort
you, taking inspiration to how you comfort him and will just try his best to make you feel better. "I know life is rough and hard and bad, but you always told me it will change and soon it all be over and better. It's good that you recognise you're in a bad place, now you need to take a break and then later you won't even know you've already forgotten your problem! It's okay to be sad, too, but not for too long." - The type of friend that will share anything he has. He has a cookie with him? Shit, he'll split it in half and give the other half to you. Some soda? Well I hope you don't mind drinking from the same can as he is, he will give it to you. Melone - So this nerd isn't a complete creepy pervert, not entirely at all. He's chill for most of the time, so he's a neat company if you don't mind him bombarding you with questions regarding your genetics, heritage records, blood type, zodiac signs and whatnot. But knows when to stop. - You most likely befriended him because he is one of the chill people in the group... Somewhat. Or perhaps you just started to bond over mutual love for steamy, erotic novels from the same author. If this man has shame, his guilty pleasures would be reading these types of trashy novels filled with smut. - He is great as a wingman. Complain to him about your lack of a love life, he'll observe your types and he'll somehow come up with a list by the next day enthusiastically listing them to you in a PowerPoint presentation. "If you're into girls, I have this one right here! She's compatible with your zodiac sign, although she has quite the temper she can be extremely passionate and affectionate— or perhaps you're into men, that I have as well. Several, actually. This other fellow right here is also a part of Passione from the Human trafficking branch, stoic and quite a stern one, but knows when to lay low at times and appreciate those around him— either him or the girl, you'd make good babies together!" "Melone, what the fuck—" - Very touchy. He'd lean his head on your lap as you both read on the couch, or randomly put his head on your shoulder during meetings, grab you by the arm while crossing the road, smacking your ass as a greeting (if you tell him stop, he'd stop of course), will pretend to kiss you just so he can see your reaction, anything. He is one affectionate nut that he sometimes forget about personal spaces. If you're not particularly fond of being touched like I am, simply tell him nope. I mean, he'd be sad but will respect your boundaries. The only time he'll actually respect established boundaries, to be honest. - Knows the most random facts and will share them to you for the fun of it. Additional to that, he will also mutter his shower thoughts and random cursed facts out loud just so he can curse you with the knowledge and confusion. "Did you know that dolphins masturbate using dead fishes? Also, there was an experiment involving dolphins in which one of the scientist fell in love and had sex with it. Another fact, is that dolphins are also seen doing the deed—" "Okay, Melone, I get it! Dolphins aren't as innocent as they seem! Stop ruining it for me already!" ... "Did you know that a woman once used mayonnaise as a lubri—" "MELONE!" - Being his friends meaning being his impulse control. If he intends to use his Stand on some innocent passerby just for the heck of it (for science, as he claims), smack him by the wrist and glare at him. If he eyes a particular someone for too long that the person gets too uncomfortable, try to divert his attention away. "Ow! Y/N what the heck—!" "What did I told you about oogling at people? It's impolite and creepy, stop that!" - He may not seem like it, but bro he cares a lot. If ever you had a problem, he'd sit and listen, offer you his shoulder to cry on, and perhaps hang out to divert your attention away from what's bothering and hurting you. And if you need advice, he'll try his best to come up with a flawless solution to your problems. But if comfort is what you need, his arms are open baby. Ghiaccio
- Bro you must need emergency ear plugs for this one, he is a massive screamer, a ticking time bomb with no timer that will erupt at random. If ear plugs aren't enough, cover your ears. - Befriending him was an impulse control befriending him. Well, all you did was to constantly try to calm his tits and cool his head to the point he actually barges in your room to hang out so that he can cool his head from all of the shenanigans occuring all around him, or maybe he just had another thought about something maddening about the world. "WELL WHY?! WHY IS WOMEN'S CLOTHES SIZING CHART DIFFER FROM EACH STORE?! THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE! INCHES AND CENTIMETRES EXISTS FOR A REASON, DAMNIT!" - There are moments where he isn't screaming, thankfully and he's a decent person to talk to. If you're a listener, he'll do the talking, just ranting about things, rambling on and on, before complaining, and then another outbursts comes out. By this, you simply sigh, put a hand on his shoulder and talk to him in a gentle, calming voice. It usually does the trick. Formaggio and Melone joked about this talent of yours as witchcraft. - He appreciates you a lot and honestly doesn't know what to do without you and by that, he knows he has to reciprocate the care you give him somehow to show he is grateful of your friendship and care. He isn't the type to be physically affectionate, but he is extremely thoughtful about his closed loved onesa and prefers to be practical about it. He would save you your seat in meetings, fetch you snacks if he ran out for an errand, etc etc. Extremely observant of your mannerisms, that he might point that out to you and you won't even realise you do that. - So like, he is very protective as a friend. He will do something whenever someone has wronged you in any way. The others teasing you? Bam, he'll shoot them back with a witty insult. Your s/o cheated on you? Ohohoho boi, be prepared to see their name on a headline on the daily news. Your order was wrong? Bam, he'll have the waiter shaking in fear from a screaming, angry Italian mafioso as he demands for them to remake your order correctly. "WELL CAGACAZZO?! QUIT STANDING AROUND AND GET ORDERS CORRECTLY—" "G-Ghiaccio it's just a minor thing, let it go—" "THEY SERVED YOU AN INGREDIENT YOU SPECIFICALLY TOLD THEM NOT TO INCLUDE BECAUSE YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO IT! WHY ARE YOU LETTING THIS SLIDE OFF?!" - All in all, he's just glad you're there for him because damn, someday his temper is going to get the best of him and he doesn't know what to do. And with your friendship, he's learned how to cope with his spontaneous anger by carrying soothing stuff to ease his nerves (courtesy of your suggestions and gifts for him) - Basically the dynamic of a rapid gremlin with rabies and a calm, sunshine personified angel. Everyone (Riz, including, but he's more subtle and dry about it) joked about the unlikely friendship, and how your ears must've lost a little bit of hearing capacity. Rissoto - I feel like he'd be extremely attached to a childhood friend. You've been friends since before you underwent the drastic change by going through a lot to get to where he is now, and still the only person that stuck around with him was you. By that, you became the most trusted by him due to the fact you've known each other for very long. - As his best friend, you're his confidant and finds himself often going to you if ever he needed advice, or needed to vent about his stress. He really isn't vocal but when he's confiding in you, his words spill out of his mouth usually sealed tightly just steadily flows, his big strong Capo veneer falls apart in front of you but he doesn't necessarily feel unsafe by being vulnerable. That's how he trusts you. - No one will dare to bad mouth you in front of the Capo, or else there'd be hell to pay for. I mean, teasing is fine, he knows you can handle burns from team mates here and there (and will silently smirk at it) but he will not stand it if they attempt to belittle you for something unreasonable. "Watch your mouth. That was
out of their control, stop blaming them for something they can't do." - The type of friend that doesn't know how to comfort someone, but will try their best. So as you spill your heart out, tears, snot, sweat and all, he'll just pull you to his chest and awkwardly pat your shoulders to get you calm and comforted. Not to mention, he is extremely stiff at the hug and is very unsure what words to say to you to not upset or offend you any further, so he'll just ride it out smoothly, and let you let it all out on his chest. It's not like he can't wash your tears, snot and sweat on his chest anyways. - Since he is very non-vocal, he's a good listener so rant all the way! Complain about the weather, about your lack of love life, about how underpaid the hitmen team is, anything! He won't find the perfect response, so he'll just nod along and perhaps comment occasionally on what your saying. "So like, ugh, I am soooo frustrated at how Prosciutto could say that to Pesci! He makes a good point, but it's redundant for him to be too harsh on him! Look, all I'm saying is, maybe Prosciutto should start choosing his words correctly so that Pesci won't feel too upset! You know???" You glanced at your friend, as he simply sat attentively beside you. He nods silently as a response. "Anyways—" - Extremely great at deduction and the way he reads people so easily is so unreal. And so he uses this to his advantage to know what's up with you whenever you seemed off. By this, he's able to tell whenever you're upset but scared to talk about it, frustrated but too busy to talk about, etc etc. And with this, he takes the time to drag you to take a seat, and talk about what's been bothering you. If you don't wish to talk about it at all, he'll let you be after with a reassurance that you can overcome whatever the heck you're going through. - Everyone is surprised that you two aren't married??? That you're just friends??? The way you two look just makes you two look like a couple and it boggles the others how you two aren't one.
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gamerdestiny · 3 days ago
Tours and Panties (Brad Simpson smut)
Based on a request that a reader sent me.
“Where’s Y/N?” Rosalie, our stylist looks at me through the mirror, doing my hair. “She had extra classes after her usual ones, so she told me that she’ll come here alone,” I answer, then take out my phone, quickly texting her. ‘5 minutes’ her reply pops up on my screen. “Ooo she’s here!” I say to no one in particular. Giving my hair the finishing touches, I get up from the chair. “Supp people!” a voice sounds behind me, which is what Y/N says. “Hey bab-” my voice dies down in my throat, looking at her outfit. “Oo mama! Someone is on fire today!” Kristie cat calls at Y/N, moving closer to her to hug her. Now let me explain why I am in shock. She doesn’t wear dresses.
Tumblr media
Flower pattern tops are okay. Skinny jeans are okay. Little bit of eye makeup is okay. Dresses are not. She always felt too uncomfortable. She felt too insecure, saying that it made her look fat. So I never forced her to. But today she didn’t even say that she would do anything like this. No compliment was sufficient to describe how perfect she looked. Meanwhile I was lost in my thoughts, everyone had hugged her and she was standing in front of me. “So?” she asks, looking at me, waiting for a reply. I put my hands on her waist, pulling her closer to me, “You look… wow. I don’t have words. Babe, you.. You’re so beautiful!” “Thank you,” she smiles, pecking me on my lips. But I don’t let her move away, kissing her deeper. “BOO!!” Loud noises interrupt us. I sigh, looking at Joe. “You know the rules bud, no PDA in the open,” Joe reminds us. “That’s literally what PDA is. Public Display of Affection!” I remark, holding her close to me, my hands resting on her waist. Everyone looks  at me like I’m an alien, then “BOO!”  “Okay! Okay!” I say, letting go of her.
Tumblr media
*a little while later*
“James?” I ask, quietly. “Yea?” he says, looking up from the guitar in his hands. “Is it just me or Y/N is being flirtatious with Alec?” I ask, looking at Alec and Y/N standing near the food table. James looks up at them, pondering for a moment, “No.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, It’s Y/N. We dared her to flirt with you and she ended up laughing at your face. I mean you liked her in the first place because she was so clumsy whenever she tried to flirt with you, you know.. aside from everything else that you love about her,” James points out. “Fair point,” I  reply, looking at her again, “No no no!” I stand up in a rush, walking to Y/N, standing between her and Alec, “What’s going on?” “Nothing, I told her to try the mini sandwiches. She said no, so I tried to feed her one,” Alec says, innocently. “Those sandwiches have avocado in them, and she’s allergic to it. You could’ve ended up killing her,” I say, angrily. “Okay… Calm down,” Y/N says, holding onto my arm, trying to gain my attention, “First of all, he wouldn’t know my allergies, and second I wouldn’t have died, I would have had a swollen throat which could’ve easily been fixed with the epipen in my bag.” “But-”, I feel her other hand, tracing a line on my spine, then moving lower to rest on my arse, giving it a small squeeze. “Its okay. Sorry Alec,” and she walks away from us, joining Tristan. I look at her, her lips turned up in a small smirk. She doesn’t look at me directly, but I know she was, from the corner of her eye.
*some time later*
Connor and I were seated on the couches, tuning our guitars. Y/N was sitting beside me, her head resting on my shoulder. Connor being done, keeps his guitar on the stand, and walks away. “Babe?” she asks quietly. I hum in response, letting her know I was listening. Instead of replying, her hand, which was resting on her thigh, it slowly moves to mine, inching higher, till it reached my crotch. “Play something for me?” she says. “Um, I.. yea,” I reply, my mind being incapable of forming words. The guitar on my lap was covering up the whole view from everyone. Just as I was starting to play a tune, she squeezed a little on my crotch, making me freeze. “What happened?” she asks, the smile forming already. “Nothing,” I cough out. “Man, do you need your inhaler?” Tris asks. I shake my head ‘no’. He nods in response then goes back to his phone. “Why are you doing this?” I whisper to her. “Doing what?” she asks innocently, her thumb rubbing on the material of the pants, turning me on. “Stop,” I say quietly, trying to move her hand away. “Don’t you like it?” she whispers, her lips dangerously close to my ear. “I do. You know I do. But there’s a reason we have these NO PDA rules set up,” I reply. Because, James and Kristie have done all this, hence the rules. “Okay,” she says, pulling her hand away, then standing up in front of me, fixing the skirt of her two-piece and walks away, giving me a full view of her perfect ass. “Fuck baby, you’ll be the end of me,” I mutter to myself.
*some more time later*
“Delete your game, you fool!!!!!” I yell, as I manage to axe the guy trying to kill me in game. “NO!” I yell again, as someone snipes me from the back, knocking me out. “It’s okay I got you,” Y/n says, sniping the enemy and coming over to revive me. “15 minutes to go on stage,” Joe says, whacking me on my head with the rolled up magazine in his hand. “C’mon one more game after this?” I ask. “You keep dying every time, and Y/N saves your ass. Every time. Why even bother?” Dean says, from behind me, watching us play Warzone. I was about to reply when Y/N puts her hand on my thigh, slowly moving it up, “Let’s stop playing.” I stiffen up at her actions and even at the tone of her voice. Quickly pausing the game, I put aside the controller and headphones. “Okay, we’ll, I’ll stop playing,” I say, taking her hand in mine, moving it away before something happens again. That’s enough. “Let’s go!” Standing up from the seat, I pull her up with me. She giggles at my actions, but walking with me nonetheless.  Finding the supply closet, I quickly pull her in with me, closing the door behind me then pushing her against it, then kissing her. Her giggles died down as soon as I started kissing her. “You’re desperate,” she gasps, when I start kissing and sucking on her neck. “First of all, you’re wearing a dress which you barely ever do, and then you start to tease me. What do you think that does to me?” I reply, in between kisses. My hands travel all over her body, feeling her curves, moving down to her ass, squeezing it. Finally I move my hands lower, “Jump,” I mumble in her ear. The skirt, being so fitting, it bunches up near her waist, giving me clear access to her panty covered crotch. “Someone’s gone all out on clothing,” I say, feeling her lace panties.”I’m not wearing a bra,” she says slowly. “Fuck,” I whisper. Holding her back against the wall with my weight, I slowly grinded against her hips. I look up at her, to find her biting into her lip, holding back the moans. “You like this, don’t you?”
“5 MINUTES!” and the door gets banged on. We both break apart in shock. I almost accidentally drop her, but luckily I didn’t. “For God’s sake Connor!” both of us yell together, in frustration at being stopped. Fixing ourselves up, we walk out. “I’ll be back from the washroom,” she says, walking away. Walking in the dressing room, people were wishing the boys luck. I join in with the rest, grabbing my guitar, wearing the ear plugs, keeping the guitar pick in my pocket. “All the best babe,” Y/N says, hugging me, You’ll do awesome!” “Thank you,” I respond. Pecking her quickly, we walk out the room towards the stage, the screams of the fans getting louder.
*during the show*
“Guys, I hope you guys are having fun yeah?” I ask, speaking into my mic. Screams everywhere. “Awesome! Sing along if you know the words. This is Shades On!” Fixing my mic in the stand, I grab the guitar and walk back towards the center of the stage, about to take the pick out of my pocket when I feel something else. I look down and pull out whatever it is. “What the f-” my eyes widen in shock. It was Y/N’s lace panties. I quickly shove it back in my pocket, digging deeper(through her panties) to pull out the pick. I could feel my face turning red, hot. Trying not to think about her standing on the side of the stage, not wearing anything under the dress, I start singing. She’s going to regret it.
*after the show*
“That was great.”
“Gob job guys!”
I move towards Y/N. “Told you, you’d do great!” she says, extending her arms out to hug me. I hug her back, “I don’t understand why do you think that this little maneuver of yours will end well for you.”  Pulling away, I take a look at her face, her eyes wide, before I walk away to take a shower.
We leave for America tomorrow afternoon, so tonight was the last night we would be home for 2 months. Driving back home, Y/N was quiet. She’s quiet only when she’s nervous. Reaching home, I pull into the driveway, parking the car. Getting out, I walk to her side, opening the door for her. We walk inside, and I close the door behind her. Putting our coats aside, I took her by her waist, walking to the couch in the living room. I sat on the couch, making her stand between my legs, “Not only do you wear a sexy outfit, you tease me in it, then you tell me that the only thing you’re wearing is a pantie. And you take that off too? Walking around backstage wearing nothing but this dress which leaves so little to the imagination?” She mumbles something incoherent. “I’m sorry love?” I question. “I’m sorry,” she says, a little louder. “Unfortunately that just doesn’t cut it this time. Take off my belt,” I say, slowly. She hesitates, squirming under my gaze. “Did I hesitate?” She shakes her head ‘No’, then bends lower to unbuckle the belt, pulling it out of the hoops of my pants. I take it from her hands, then turning her around, I use the belt to tie her hands up. Turning her around to face me, I look her in the eyes again, “Get on your knees.” She nods, then slowly gets on her knees. Unbuttoning my pants, I pull it down, as well as my boxers. Seeing her in that dress, and also the fact that she was wearing nothing underneath, it had kept me hard the whole night. “Spit on it,” I say, holding my cock by the base. She spits on it,  and I rub it on. “Good girl,” I say. “Kiss the tip,” I instruct. She kisses the tip nimbly. I see her squirming in her position, looking up at me, practically begging me to touch her. But not yet. “Open your mouth.” She opens her mouth,jutting her tongue out as well. I smirk at her. I place the head on her tongue, the precum dripping on her tongue. “Use your tongue,” I instruct her. Shifting closer to me, she starts swirling her tongue around my cock. The feel of her wet tongue around my cock, licking a strip from the base to the tip. “Such a good girl. Suck on it baby,” I instruct, my voice turning rasp. She starts sucking the top, while I rub on the base. She moves a little lower to take my balls in her mouth, making her tongue swirl in circles. “Shit baby, so good for me,” I praise her. I bunch up her hair loosely in a pony, while she starts sucking faster. “Do you want me to fuck your face huh? Will you take in daddy like a good girl?” I ask slowly, moving her head lower on me, making her take in the whole length, deep throating her. I feel her gag a little, the small vibration making me groan in pleasure. I pull her away, and she coughs a little, the drool and spit dripping from her mouth to her breasts. She takes heavy breaths, panting for air. I bend lower, taking her lips in mine. She sits up straighter, kissing me back with desperation, the need for any sort of physical touch making her crazy. I pull away, making her move forward, but I push her back, “Not yet baby.” She groans in response, but doesn’t say more than that. Moving her head closer to my dick, I make her take me in her mouth again, then by gripping her hair again, I set a smooth flow of fucking her face. “You take me in so good baby,” I coo at her.
Finally pulling her away, I help her stand up,“You liked that didn’t you?” She nods, giving me a smile. She takes a step closer to me, making her chest rub with mine. “Someone is desperate,” I say, my hand caressing her cheek. I unzip the zipper in front of the dress, making her breasts free. I start kissing her on her jawline, then moving lower to her neck, then her shoulders and finally to her breast, each time sucking on the skin, leaving a mark behind. Taking her left nipple in my mouth, I swirl my tongue around the already hard nipple. I use my hand to give her right breast the attention that it needed, taking her nipple between my fingers and pinching on it. She moans loud, moving closer to me. I bite into her nipple, then lick on it with my tongue, easing the soreness. Finally I come back up to face her. Her eyes were clenched shut. She opens them slowly, looking at me, “How much longer? How much longer will you torture me like this?” I quickly turn her around, making her ass grind against my hard cock. “As long as I want to baby,” I whisper into her ear, then kiss just below her ear. She tilts her head to the side, giving me easier access. While kissing her, I unzip the skirt, making it pool around her ankles. My hands move in two separate ways, one goes up to take her neck in my hand, choking her a little, while my other hand goes lower, moving deftly from her stomach to her waist then thigh, finally to her crotch. The sudden contact of my fingers against her wet folds makes her tremble before me, arching her back. I move my fingers in slow circles around her core. “Dripping wet for me baby. So wet,” I softly whisper in her ear. Finally I touch her core, making her squirm, moaning raspily, “Please Brad.” Listening to her plea, I push two fingers in her, pumping in and out of her in a slow pace. “Oh my god, shit please don’t stop,” she groans. Increasing my pace, I hear her throaty moans getting louder.Arching my fingers in her, slowly rub around her wet skin, and she trembles at the feeling. I feel her clenching around my fingers, understanding that she was coming to the edge. Smirking to myself, I pull out of her, making her groan in frustration. “Why??” she groans, she says looking at me. I bring my fingers to her lips, “Lick.” She takes my wet fingers in her mouth, licking my fingers clean. “Good girl,” I say quietly. “Tell me baby, what do you want me to do?” “Fuck me please!” I turn her around to face me. “Kiss me,” I look at her. She raises her head to kiss me, and I dip lower to kiss her. Kissing her slowly, I suck on her lower lip, making her open her mouth. Shifting lower to her neck, I suck hard on the soft warm skin, making sure to leave a mark. “Jump,” I mumble into her neck. She jumps, and I wrap her legs around my middle. Holding onto her, I move into our bedroom. I drop her on the bed, starting to kiss her from her neck, to her shoulder bones, to her breasts, then moving lower to her stomach, and then to her thighs, kissing and sucking on them. Using my finger, I apply pressure to the knot of nerves on her pussy. She squirms again, bringing her legs closer. I push them apart again, “Be careful baby.” Rubbing her folds, I lick long strips on her core. Licking slowly, I put more pressure. I rub my fingers while licking, pushing my digits inside her again, arching them in her. Her hips rise off the bed, and I push her down. “C’mon baby cum for me now,” I say, kissing on her stomach. “Please, thank you. Thank y- OMG FUCKK!” She cums undone, while I slowly keep pushing in and out of her, helping her through her orgasm. Feeling her rest down on the bed, I move up and give her small pecks on her lips, while she tries to regain her breath. “I hope you remember not to walk around without wearing underwear if im not around to make sure its only me who gets to have the fun.” Still breathing hard, she looks at me, exhausted, “Okay.”    
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themagnificentthree · 3 days ago
Diversity in Fantasy
So, there’s been some backlash and harsh criticisms regarding media revolving around the fantasy genre. These include table-top role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and various novels. The criticisms are mostly about the lack of diversity with race and sexuality. When people talk about racial diversity in fantasy, this is about how the humanesque characters such as humans, elves, wizards, fairies, and dwarfs are usually coded white. In contrast, non-humanesque characters like trolls, orcs, and goblins are usually coded as non-white. That wouldn’t be a problem if both sides had equal amounts of positive and negative attributes, but that’s not usually how fantasy stories go. The humanesque characters are always good, kind-hearted, and the heroes of the story. Meanwhile, the non-humanesque characters are always blood-thirsty, blindly killed off in droves, and serve the person/being that’s trying to destroy the world. It also doesn’t help that the non-humanesque characters are also seen as dirty, uncivilized, and stupid. Drow elves are also not immune to this racial coding either since some stories claim that their dark skin is a sign of corruption. Which, if you didn’t know, is what Mormons believe happened with black people and Native Americans. 
As a black person, this was mostly why I was never really got into the fantasy genre, specifically high fantasy. All fantasy stories draw inspiration from The Lord of the Rings, which means that they also inadvertently draw from the flaws of the books. J. R. R. Tolkien was a straight white man who was born and raised in the late 1800s- early 1900s. I’m not saying he was racist or homophobic. I am saying that it made sense why he would inadvertently write the characters that resembled him good and the others bad. He also created Middle Earth based on nordic mythology and the European middle ages. Both have next to no diversity within their stories. This is why a lot of high fantasy books, for me at least, feel the same. They’re all action/adventure, take place in the middle ages, have the same cast of races (human, elf, dwarf, orc, troll, goblin, fairy, wizard, etc.), and involve a quest to either rescue a monarch or stop some dark lord from ruling/destroying the world. The protagonist is usually some poor/lower middle-class white person with some long-lost density and hidden powers. I’m aware that some high fantasy stories offer more diverse characters, such as Earthsea and Trail of Lightning. However, those books are nowhere near as mainstream or profitable as books like The Witcher and Game of Thrones. Fantasy books with diverse characters also get ridiculed by the fantasy community for straying from the foundation that Lord of the Rings set in place. There’s also the whole “forced diversity” or “historically inaccurate” rhetoric.
This is also why I was more into slice-of-life and coming-of-age stories growing up. I’m not saying that non-white and queer kids can’t identify with or be invested in straight white characters. My favorite book series in elementary school was Junie B. Jones. I am saying it’s nice to read a book about a character who looks like you. SOL and COA stories are allowed to have more variety because they don't have the baggage that fantasy has of living up to some grassroots book that established its foundation. SOL and COA stories are allowed to be about anyone of any background because everyone has a story. There’s also a wide range of plasticity with SOL and COA stories since they can easily be implemented into other genres. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are primary examples of COA fantasy stories. I’m not saying that fantasy is a bad genre. I am saying that many pre-established boundaries prevent more nuanced stories from being told that other genres don’t have. It would be nice to have a fantasy story like Harry Potter with a black and or queer protagonist.
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petersasteria · 3 days ago
i really loved rumor has it and i was wondering if you would be interested in doing a part two? like a few years later and reader, harrison and tom are a few years older? like reader and harrison are both successful actors on and off broadway? r and h go home for the holidays and they both run into tom?
Rumor Has It <- Here's part 1 if you don't know or forgot about it.
* * * *
Everything worked out in the end like you hoped. You graduated high school and although you weren't class valedictorian, you still had decent grades and that was more than enough for you. Harrison graduated valedictorian, though. You were so proud of him and you were proud to call yourself his girlfriend.
NYADA was stressful and the pressure was real, but you and Harrison did your best. Both of you wanted to be in Broadway and it wouldn't make sense if you stop.
Your dreams came true before you graduated NYADA and both of you juggled between school and acting. Harrison got a part in 'Be More Chill' as Jeremy while you got a part in 'Kinky Boots' as Lauren. You were so happy for each other and both of you helped each other. It was perfect.
Years later, you and Harrison are well-known actors on Broadway. You even had the honor of being invited to Lin Manuel-Miranda's party. Lea Salonga conversed with you too and Harrison nearly fainted because of it.
It's now the holiday season and after years of not coming home, both of you decided to go home. You were graduates and you didn't work at the moment, so what's there to lose?
You arrived in London and you missed it. Both of you visited your families and friends. Your parents were having their annual Christmas Party and of course, Harrison and his family were invited. You and Harrison helped with the preparation and your mum told you to buy more ingredients at the supermarket. Harrison went with you and both of you were on your way to the store.
You didn't waste any time when you arrived. You immediately looked for the things on the list your mum gave when you bumped into someone. "Ow!" They yelped.
"I'm so sorry!" You offered to help them up and your eyes widened when you realized it was Tom. "Holland!"
He was surprised to see you too. "Y/N!" You helped him up and he looked behind you and waved at Harrison, "Hello."
Harrison nodded at him and gave him a small smile. Whatever beef they had was in the past. Besides, it was childish and they were in high school back then.
"How are you?" Tom asked nicely. "I've heard great things about both of you."
"I'm alright; we're alright. What about you? How's L.A? Is it like you imagined?" You asked, suddenly excited to know about his adventures.
"I'm good, I'm good. L.A. is really sunny, but I don't live here. I live here, but I have a flat there." Tom explained and you nodded. "I have to go or else mum will kill me if I'm not back with the spices she needs." He chuckled.
"Yeah, same. I'll see you around, yeah?" You said and he nodded before reaching into his pocket. He handed you his calling card and said, "If both of you want to catch up, my numbers are there."
"Thank you. I'll see you and tell Nikki I said 'Merry Christmas'." You smiled. He smiled too and said, "Will do."
He walked past you and stopped in front of Harrison, "Merry Christmas, Harrison."
"Merry Christmas, Thomas." Harrison smiled. Tom pats Harrison's shoulder before leaving.
"He seems decent now." Harrison said as soon as Tom left and you laughed.
"We're all decent now." You told him and he nodded. "I just hope he's not associated with Madison anymore."
"Ugh, true. She's the worst. Let's agree that we won't name our daughter that." Harrison said.
It wasn't odd for both of you to talk about kids or marriage. After all, you've been dating for years and that topic will come up eventually whether you like it or not. In fact, both of you couldn't wait to get married and have kids.
"I agree. Now let's continue shopping for my mum before she beheads both of us for ruining dinner." You joked and he laughed as you walked hand in hand in the supermarket.
* * * *
i figured i'd tag my old taglist in case they want to read part 2 and so that they're aware that there's part 2 HAHA
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