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#ask response
fins-picrew-blog · 3 minutes ago
Hello! In the tags in the last picrew (picrew by 16xmin) you reblogged you said that it doesn't has hijab options but actually it has, just wanted to let you know :DD
Oh I'm sorry, I must have clicked the wrong tag, thank you for telling me!
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weezord-leezords · 3 minutes ago
Maybe I'm dumb but how is your lizard having babies when she's never been near a male? Is that normal for lizards??
Some! Mexican whiptails only reproduce by parthenogenesis, which is...uhh, let me ask Google to explain it better.
"reproduction from an ovum without fertilization, especially as a normal process in some invertebrates and lower plants."
Yeah that. Basically male fertilization isn't required. Egg makes it's own baby.
Anyway, it's also seen in a lot of other lizard species, like geckos. Bearded dragons not so much! Viably anyway. I've gotten fetal growth from last year's rounds of experiments, but none have made it to hatching. But I keep trying just in case 👍
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yureinoyoni · 56 minutes ago
Dance Battle!!! Cutie Pie Edition
“Oooh, you wanna dance?! Well come on Dancing Queen, show me whatchu’ got?”
Ribbon pulls out her phone and turns the volume up on her playlist. The phone start blaring “Jump” by Kriss Kross, as the beat booms on.
“Come Momo! Jump! Get it, girl!,” cheered Ribbon.-🎀
Tumblr media
“YEAH!!” the child began to flail and ‘dance’ as much as she could, bouncing and jumping roughly to the beat of the song. Ironashi leaned forward slightly, a bit concerned for Momoka to dance so hard after her previous soreness, despite it having been a few days “Ah...Be careful my loves...” she said to them both. A useless worry, to be would dance and play and jump even if they were sick...but still a worry.
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innovativestruggles · an hour ago
I just found your blog . I'm grateful that there are so many daisuzu shippers like you! You have so much patience to narrate and explain to the daisuzu haters... in the most respective and legitimate ways. Looking forward to being here 😁!
Heya lovely! 🌸
Welcome on board the DaiSuzu ship (and our growing cheer squad)! So happy that you found us 🥰
Ah yes...those days when I had to do a lot of explaining 😅 I found that once I provided a thorough explanation, people actually kept quiet after, although...there was a minority who seemed immune to it...
Regardless, there's a few of us DaiSuzu shippers still lurking around here and there, and we are all hoping for either a season 2 or a movie. Considering Cloverwork's history, I highly doubt we would get anything beyond the 11 episodes......
We are always still here for a chat about FKBU so feel free to share your thoughts anytime!
Take care and thank you so much for the lovely message 💞
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ask-pakistan · 2 hours ago
Meree traf say apko aur apkay ghar walun ko Eid kee khusyan mubarak hun :)
Apka bohat Shukria :D Thank you!
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commanderohan · 2 hours ago
💛🍃🌺🌽 If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up, if you want to. If you get it back even better 🌽🌺🍃💛
Tumblr media
Steve 🥺
Talking to you is the highlight of my days.
Thank you so much for all your help and support.
We've known each other for not to long but you've become someone dear to me.
Love you, you corn fucker.
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commanderohan · 2 hours ago
💛🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up, if you want to. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃💛
kahskashaj I love you too Cha
Tumblr media
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commanderohan · 2 hours ago
💛🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up, if you want to. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃💛
I love you so much dear
Tumblr media
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watermelonseb · 3 hours ago
Wait what are your thoughts on Pierre?
Did these tags really not make it clear🙈
I don’t like him … I don’t care for him as a driver … it annoys me a lot getting at least one: OH IMAGINE PIERRE AT MERCEDES anon a month cause I really don’t care or want this
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lydielovemv · 3 hours ago
Por que quieres huir?
Tal vez sólo quiero olvidar muchas cosas y no enfrentarme a nada.
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mercurial-madhouse · 3 hours ago
Hi! Do you know any fics were Harry or Louis have ADHD? Thanks!
Hi, Anony! I personally haven’t come across any, but I’m going to pass your request over to the amazing @allwaswell16 ! This gal is top notch when it comes to curated fic recs and requests. If anyone’s going to know of any ADHD fics, it’ll be her.
Cheers, Lovey!
I can help with a happy gif to make you smile!
Tumblr media
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alrendriablaze · 3 hours ago
Geralt for the Character ask?
Thank you for your question anon! ☺️
I'm going off my knowledge from the tv series, books (which I haven't completed yet) and limited game knowledge.
1. How do I feel about this character?
I love him. He is a smart ass. He cares deeply about those in his life and will fight to keep them safe. He does try to do the right thing and has his own code.
2. All the people I ship romantically with this character.
I usually ship Geralt, Jaskier and Yennefer in a poly relationship. Other times only Geralt and Jaskier. I can also see Geralt and Eskel, Geralt and Lambert, and Geralt and Regis. Though, my favorite is Geralt and Jaskier, or them poly with Yennefer.
3. My non-romantic OTP for this character.
I'm not a OTP type because I'm poly. If talking about in canon terms, Geralt and Jaskier. They have an amazing friendship which can be seen most in the books imo. Also, I love Geralt with Eskel and Lambert.
4. My unpopular opinion about this character.
I don't know if it is unpopular opinion but in the tv series Geralt of the books and games would never treat Jaskier like he did on the mountain in the tv series. He should never had said that to Jaskier.
Also, this might be more unpopular opinion but Geralt and Yennefer's relationship is toxic.
5. One thing I wish would happen/ had happened with this character in cannon.
Geralt in the tv series needs to apologize to Jaskier. Also, I wish Geralt and Yennefer's relationship was not toxic.
Thank you again for your question! I had fun doing this! ☺️🤍
Anyone else have a character they would like me to answer? (Preferably in the Witcher, MCU, Shadow and Bone/Grishaverse and/or Supernatural fandoms.)
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huffipuffy · 5 hours ago
Hewo! I'm reading Baby Steps and it's the highlight of my day seeing your updates! When do you plan to update? No rush obviously as a writer myself I understand pressure especially when writing longer chapters. Hope you can update soon!
Hi! Thank you so much!
I’d say I’m over halfway through writing chapter 30 currently. I’ve finished all of the dialogue, so I just need to finish writing the prose between it (idk why this is my method of writing, it’s a bit backwards hahaha). As for when I plan to update – soon! Life has been busy recently, but I have a couple of days off work today and tomorrow so the update may be ready any time from tonight to Saturday.
I’m hoping this chapter will make up for some of the longer waits on updates recently – it’s very angsty, a bit foreboding, and also includes *some* actual communication! A bit of a contrast from the previous chapter, but of course, they couldn’t avoid things forever.
Thank you for reading ‘Baby Steps’ and thanks for the support!
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ohscrumptious · 5 hours ago
Hey, did you watch ep. 6 live or do you have a website you use? I assumed you were from Europe. If you are could you please link where you watched it? My regular websites haven’t uploaded the episode yet for some reason.
Hi and thanks for the ask :) Yes, I did watch it and yes, I am from Europe. But I have access to USA network from a friend in the States + VPN, so I get to see it there directly.
There are some websites that work in Europe, but pretty much all of them are late by 8-10 hours from the initial airing. Just try Googling them or drop me a message 😉
Later edit: I’ve seen for the past month or so that episodes are uploaded on YouTube as well (though in lower quality and tagged).
Later later edit: for the moment, you can watch the 5x06 episode at this link as well. Hope it stays up 🙌
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silver-bunny-x · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cause it’s kinky
I- now that makes sense💀 very true- and now I feel called out.😭✋
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flowerieta · 7 hours ago
hello ! The first time when she was learning her powers and all, did she do some mistakes ? Like burning something ? Drown her house ? or did she prank people ?
Hello dear! Thanks for the ask hehe🌞💕
🫐 When Mirite started learning more about witchcraft, she made some mistakes but still was careful and usually practiced magic outside!
Mirite was always afraid of fire, so that's why she used it very carefully. As for water... Mirite got herself wet by the river, because she learnt how to grip the water and float it in the air. Once she got a whole lot of water, Mirite couldn't hold her grip anymore, because it was hard to do so, and the water dropped over her head.
When Mirite started working with air, she made the weather so windy that it was hard to calm it down. Luckily, she had a book of spells and used some of them to calm the wind.
Mirite used to make potions as well which wasn't so succesful at first because they didn't work out too well... Some potions turned out toxic (the first time she did healing potions at least) or turned out into something different than intended...
Mirite NEVER used magic to prank someone for fun, unless she wanted to scare some orcs away or someone who harmed those who she helped at the moment.
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fictionkinfessions · 7 hours ago
Okay I'm going to contribute a controversial take to the autistic headmate discussion here: As a diagnosed autistic I think that individual headmates/alters can actually be autistic independently from the body, given that I've heard records of individual alters having separate allergies, or favoring a different hand from the host, I don't think that autism is outside the realm of possibility here
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ruined-razor · 7 hours ago
42. earphones or a speaker?
earphones, definitely!
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