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#armin x reader
ariascafe · 4 hours ago
Not sure if I read it right, but your requests are open? I really wanna do this tiktok prank
On Eren/Armin/Levi/Hange
Anyways I hope you're doing well right now❤️
hi anon!! hope ure doing well too <333 AND YESS OFCC HAHA I LOVE THAT TIKTOK DHHSHS
𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐤 𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐤
ft. eren, armin, levi, hange
genre : crack, fluff??
Tumblr media
✧∘* ೃ ⋆。˚.
eren —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
armin —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
levi —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hange —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✧∘* ೃ ⋆。˚.
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erenslittlestepsister · 6 hours ago
It's 3 am and I cannot stop thinking about what Armin's tongue would feel like?
Don't worry guys, will be selfly institutionalizing myself at daybreak.
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inumakisonigiri1 · 10 hours ago
When they want attention
♠We all know that he makes it NO secret that he wants attention.
♠Will literally grab your phone(when your using it) and will put it in a hiding spot, and DEMAND for attention
♠such a pain
♠and when you are cooking, he will be clinging onto you like a koala.
♠ He actually will ask for your attention
♠ and if you are busy he will be completely ok with that
♠ and will wait for you to be done with what it is that you were doing
♠when you are done with whatever it was, he will be SO CLINGY
♠if you say that you are busy, he will throw you over his shoulder and will go into your guys’s room and will lay on top of you
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icey996 · 10 hours ago
The Devil is Watching You - fanfic rating
The Devil is Watching You is an Armin x Reader fanfic written by GirlInLove1004 on Wattpad (for anyone confused, it's Girl In Love put in one, not two L's on girl).
In this fanfic, you are a marleyan warrior that is captured along with the titan shifters. All your life you had been told that eldians were devils. That they only wanted to either kill you or use you. Bertoldt and Reiner told you that there was an extra manipulative devil. Armin Arlert.
This fanfic is my absolute favorite Armin x reader fanfic and one of my all time favorite fanfics.
The author did such a great job on this fanfic and caused me to cry, not from sadness, but from how beautiful their writing was.
I implore you to read this fanfic or maybe go read the authors other fanfics.
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miekasa · 10 hours ago
pls do dad!armin hc I’M BEGGING YOU <3
Fine. FINE. Just this once... since it’s father’s day or whatever but this is the last one I swear 🙄🙄
He was very nervous to find out you were having a kid, but it turns out all of that was for nothing because he’s pretty good with them.
Still, Armin wouldn’t want too many kids—he would love all the ones you guys do have, but he doesn’t want a family as large as Jean’s or anything.
So you have one daughter and she is the center of his entire world. Nevermind the fact that even as an infant she clearly is a mommy’s girl, Armin still loves her with his whole heart, he’d give up anything for her.
She’s a pretty quiet kid, even as a baby. Not a lot of screaming or crying or kicking or whining—just a lot of sleeping. She’s almost scarily quiet... to the point where a few weeks after taking her home, Armin took her right back to the hospital because he was worried something might have been wrong with her hearing
A valid concern, but you admit it was a little funny seeing him fuss around and essentially try to cause a crying fit. Most other parents would kill to have a kid this quiet, and here was Armin snapping in your baby girls face trying to startle her.
Turns out nothing was wrong, the doctors (several, Armin wanted to be sure) assured you that her hearing was fine; she’s just a tired little bundle of joy. It’s gives Armin a lot of relief to know she’s perfectly healthy, but it does freak him out a little when he picks her up and she falls asleep within the next two minutes.
She does not get Armin’s blonde hair and he’s not upset about it. He’s not, really. Ask him, he’s perfectly fine with it. Not even a little bothered because he knows blonde is recessive. He gets it. Totally. Not bitter.
Truthfully, she looks... almost nothing like him at all, she’s all you, save for the shape of Armin’s eyes and his button nose; but just about everything else she gets from her mom. At first glance, you wouldn’t even be able to tell she was Armin’s kid.
Do you know how exhausted and bitter he is when he picks her up from school or whatever after school activities she has and they ask him for ID every single time 😭😭
She acts like him though, and as she gets older, it’s apparent she’s got his mind and curiosity and quite frankly, his ability to manipulate the two of you into getting her just about anything she wants.
Armin loves hanging out with her as she gets older, and he’s a pro with homework help, though she turns out to not need much help. She just pretends to because she likes spending time with Armin and counting dinosaurs with him.
Matching family pajamas for every holiday occasion: Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, St. Patrick’s day, hell even your birthdays. You all have matching pajamas and Armin loves it.
When she’s a baby, one of the first things Armin buys for her is a little plushy/stuffed animal, and you better believe it stays by her side through thick and thin. She’s very careful with it, even at five years old—she would never take it anywhere where it could potentially get dirty, and she keeps it in tip top shape. It’s her most prized possession.
At around that age for father’s day, she gets Armin a miniature/keychain version of the same plushy and he literally cries himself to sleep thinking about it it’s the cutest thing anybody has ever done for him. He wears it around with pride, happily telling people the lore of tiny stuffed animal hanging from his keys whenever they point it out.
Around that age is also when Armin realizes that maybe... maybe one more kid wouldn’t be too terrible. He grew up and only child and, yeah, he had Eren and Mikasa, but he always did wish he had a sibling...
You saw how your daughter turned out, so you don’t know why Armin is still sighs deeply when your son comes along and he also looks nothing like him 😭😭
He’s almost tempted to keep having kids until one of them at least resembles him a little bit. According to punnet squares if you had four at least one of them should look something like him right...
Unlike your daughter, your son cries for everything, and honestly, his older sister is the only one who can calm him down; virtually nothing you or Armin do can quiet him, but when his sister holds him, all is well in his world.
Armin feels kinda guilty using her as a baby-quieting machine but what else can you two do. Sometimes she just walks into your room while you and Armin are (unsuccessfully) trying to calm the crying baby, and she just sighs. Hops up on the bed, sits criss-cross in between you and Armin, and pokes her little brother’s cheek, “You’re being a crybaby.” And like magic, he starts to settle down.
(“This is probably not what they meant by gifted kid, but I swear she has a gift.”)
When that doesn’t happen tho, or the crying fit happens in the middle of the night, you can usually wake up to Armin curled up inside the baby’s crib, with your son on his chest, and Armin’s hands holding him close.
Armin spends a lot of time picking out their baby/booster seats and is 100% looking up and comparing the reliability of different brands. That goes for most things tho, from strollers to bibs, he’s done a thorough check on everything.
Obviously loves beach days with the kids, even if all your son can do is sit and splash his little baby hands around. Armin thinks it’s precious and he loves holding him up and dipping his little feet into the water.
His favorite thing tho is lining everyone up to leave footprints in the sand. He always takes a picture and keeps it as his homescreen.
Mikasa is the more trusted babysitter, but whether you two like or not, Eren is the favorite. There’s just something about him the kids like. Eren doesn’t have the same talent as your daughter, but even he can quiet down the crying toddler quicker than you can. (“They just recognize greatness.” “It’s just because you’re tall and your hand is big, shutup Eren.”)
They also really like Sasha, especially your daughter, and she very loudly proclaims that Mikasa and Sasha are her role models.
Blushes very easily whenever his kids poke at or kiss his cheeks. The one picture you have him and your daughter on Armin’s birthday with her hands around his neck giving him a kiss as he blows out his candles is one of his favorites.
He tries to become a better cook, but it doesn’t work out, so he leaves that you. What he does get good at is bath time and doing hair. Braids, twists, ponytails, headbands, bows, the whole show, he becomes a pro.
He’s a fucking wreck when you send them off to school/daycare for the first time. He made fun of Eren for not being able to make it through one work day after his paternity leave was up, but Armin is hardly any better. He doesn’t end up staying at home like Eren, but it is a big adjustment for him, and he can’t say he enjoys leaving them at all. 
When your daughter learns how to read, it’s her that reads bedtime stories to him. And Armin sits there and listens like she’s the greatest storyteller in the world and always applauds her for her reading skills. 
For whatever reason, one of the few things your son likes to fall asleep to is the sound of Armin typing on his computer, so he beings to use it to his advantage; he saves just a bit of work to do from home in the evenings, and conveniently does it all right before bedtime. 
Speaking of which everyone, yourself included, gets a little kiss on the forehead before bed. Two on your birthdays. 
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celestidarling · 12 hours ago
Armin catching you humping his pillow bare pussy. Everyone has always done it with all the other aot guys but not him 😤
took me a little bit to get to this and i’m sorry for that, but when i woke up to this i knew i had to save it for when i could say something good. here you go anon mwah.
cw: minors dni; 18+ only. pillow humping, teasing, voyeurism, armin could be perceived as mean; lmk if i forgot to tag something!!
when armin catches you humping his pillow, he stands there for a moment. you don’t seem to realize he’s there quite yet and you’re having so much fun, that he genuinely doesn’t want to stop you. you’re giving him a free show—leaving his pillow all messy, sticky, and wet, and you look so cute, clutching the fluffy item between your fingers and grinding your weeping little cunt down on it, don’t you?
you’re moaning his name over your lip that’s tugged between your teeth, eyes shut and so determined to cum that you’d do anything; hips searching for something, anything to get you off on armin’s things. you’re so far into it that you miss the small click of his bedroom door, when armin steps into the room, and the gentle thud that comes when he leans against it, arms crossed and eyes wide open, watching you intently.
it’s that small little moment that you open your eyes. for a second at most, but you catch a glimpse of him and then you have to do a double take, ‘cause you can’t believe that he’s there. that he’s watching you fuck yourself on his pillow. watching you fuck your messy little cunt on his things in his room. you can see it in his eyes and the seemingly innocent smile on his face. you’ve been caught, and you know better than to think he’s gonna just let you go.
“no, no, continue,” armin tells you with a wave of his hand, gesturing to what you’re doing. ocean eyes have gone dark with something you’ve seen before, as they flicker down to the sticky strings dangling from your sex—lingering there for a moment—and back up to your eyes. “i’m sorry to interrupt, baby,” the pet name is far too sweet, “go on. make yourself cum, or i won’t let you. and that’s what you want, yeah?”
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astridthevalkyrie · 12 hours ago
if u want could u make the aot boys ideal date with the girls?
eren's ideal date is skydiving. he goes big or he goes home. if you two aren't kinda fearing for your life, then what's the point?
armin's ideal date is a breakfast date, meeting early in the morning for crepes which just saying is also my ideal date.
jean's ideal date is going to any bar with a karaoke night, so he can belt out something from high school musical with you.
connie's ideal date is going to an amusement park, and that's why he is the best choice for a boyfriend, it'll be a date you never forget.
reiner's ideal date is a picnic, you and him eat for a while and then lazily munch on chocolate while he rests his head on your lap.
bertholdt's ideal date is exploring an old library. it's cozy, it's mysterious, it never fails to coax a smile out of him.
erwin's ideal date is a classic dinner date, fancy restaurant and a stroll in the park afterwards. easily the most romantic one here.
levi's ideal date is at the museum, if he can make a day out of walking around looking at interesting art while holding your hand he's satisfied.
floch's ideal date is going to a planetarium and i can't really explain this one, but i know i'm right. he likes stargazing with you.
zeke's ideal date is actually just spending the entire day in bed and ordering out for every single meal. he needs some r&r, okay?
porco's ideal date is a concert - there's just nothing better than losing himself in the music with you, and the tiredness at the end of the day is the best kind.
colt's ideal date is trivia night at home. you two write out questions about yourselves and quiz each other, he is determined to win every single time.
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megumiumiu · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sweet lies, sweet lies, sweet lies
priest!Armin x reader
Tumblr media
18+ only minors & ageless blogs do not interact.
wc 1.2k
warnings not sfw, religious themes, sacrilege, corruption, manipulation, mentions of masturbation (m. and f.), oral sex (m. and f.), mutual masturbation, cum play, overstimulation, anal fingering + sex, (no p-in-v bc armin is a good catholic)
notes earned myself a first class ticket to h-e-double-hockey-sticks with this one i fear; apologies to my parents for years of private catholic school education down the drain
Tumblr media
bless me, Father, for i have sinned
priest armin who dedicates his sermon to the importance of conquering sins of the flesh, cautioning against willingly placing yourself near any hint of temptation of purity, emphasizing that all men are powerless against lust and must flee in the face of it.
priest armin who smiles down at you - deceptively sweet, a wolf in sheep's clothing - when you approach as the congregation begins to filter out. the heavy wooden doors swing shut with a resounding thud, enclosing you both in the echoing sanctuary, and you're sure your voice is entirely too loud for the newly established silence as you request a private confessional, failing to detect the faintest hint of a smirk playing on his pretty lips when he invites you to his residence later that evening.
priest armin whose facade of professional innocence never waivers, even as he leans in to asks "are you a virgin, my dear?" with a tone that conveys nothing more than curiosity, expertly masking any ulterior motives. your whispered reply of "yes, Father." comes across a little too hasty, too forced. a lie, he knows, but still brings his thumb up to softly brush over your cheek while declaring "then there is still a chance for redemption."
priest armin who's quick to recommend weekly meetings, assuring you that frequent confession will give you the grace not to fall into future sin. not to worry, his guidance will keep his sweet little lamb from straying too far from the light.
priest armin who's well aware that you return home that night and stuff your little cunt full to thoughts of him, coming undone on your own fingers with his name on your pretty lips. a fallen angel, sealing her fate.
come, Father, and help me to remember my sins
priest armin who graciously welcomes you into his home again the following week, leading you to his study before seating himself in a comfortable leather chair and encouraging you to kneel before him, hands folded in your lap in a show of deference, as he inquires further about your past sins of lust from his place above you.
priest armin whose voice drops when he leans down, bracing his elbows on his knees, and asks if you've touched yourself since your last confession. the tone of his voice is more suited for a secret shared between friends, and the proximity of his face - inches from your own, warm candlelight casting soft shadows across his cheekbones, his nose - sends filthy thoughts hurtling through your mind. you're radiant even when flustered, he thinks - taking in the flushed cheeks, glossy lips parted in shock, wide eyes blinking up at him like a deer in headlights.
priest armin who notices the subtle rock of your hips - desperate to stimulate your aching cunt because fuck, do you need relief, arousal spreading until you're soaking through your panties and down your thighs - even as you cast your pretty little head down in shame before admitting "yes, Father. forgive me." such a good girl, playing right into his hands.
priest armin who's quick to drag your gaze back up to his own with a firm hand on your chin, his palm cool against your heated skin, the silver rings adorning his delicate fingers digging into your jaw, before bringing the other to gently stroke over your hair; reassuring you in a low, sweet voice that although the passion of lust is the most powerful of sins, through repentance even this could be forgiven. by accepting his punishment, you'd start on the path to redemption.
priest armin who spreads himself out on his bed and fucks his fist to the memory of you kneeling in front of him, imagining your pretty little mouth in place of his hand. back arched up from the mattress, free hand brushing over his sensitive pink nipples, his thrusts grow sloppy as his orgasm approaches until he's finishing with a high-pitched whine, cum spilling out over his chest and running down his knuckles and wrist.
forgive me, Father, for i have once more fallen into temptation
priest armin who commences your punishment in a back room of the church early on Sunday morning, insisting that worship is best offered on your knees. you don't protest when he shoves his thick cock past your lips, quick to comply when he urges you to keep your dainty hands behind your back while he holds your head still - his grip tight enough to send prickles rippling across your scalp. he fucks into your mouth with precise and deep thrusts until you're gagging around him. cooing at your obedience, he tells you to be a good girl and make him cum before someone walks in and makes you swallow every last drop he spills down your throat before patting your head and instructing you to go take your seat in the pews, ignoring the mess of tears and runny mascara and smudged lip gloss he's reduced you to.
priest armin who insists on punishment in the form of overstimulation, bending you over his desk so harshly the wood is sure to leave bruise along your hips before pushing your skirt up around your waist, eating your pretty little pussy from behind until you cry - legs trembling, nails desperately scratching at the wood beneath you as he drags you over the edge again, and again, and again...
priest armin who spreads you open on that same desk and watches your rub at your puffy clit while he strokes his own thick length, ignoring your pathetic gaze begging for his hands, his tongue, anything to help bring you to orgasm. he finishes over the expanse of your pussy and rubs it through your folds with the head of his cock, gliding over your clit and just barely catching on your tight little hole until he's cumming again. he looks fit for worship like this, you think - losing himself in the pleasure your body offers him - head thrown back, blonde hair darkened with sweat pushed away from his face, gracing you with the prettiest sounds you've ever heard as he comes unraveled for you.
priest armin whose eyes are dark, lustful when they lock onto yours during consecration, offering you his blessing like he's confiding a secret; who wears the same expression later when he tells you that "good girls only get their asses fucked" and buries himself inside you, reaching around to slip his fingers into your mouth in a final attempt to quiet your moans, pressing them further against your tongue until you gag around them. you can take it, he assures you, his perfect little slut.
priest armin who's irreverent in the way he fucks you open on the altar floor, thick and heavy and throbbing inside you, stretching out your tight little hole from behind until you're fucked stupid on his cock; who fucks you full of his cum and watches it trickle out and run down to your glossy cunt just begging for attention, fingering it back into you before it can drip down onto the tile below. he's insatiable, messy - digging his fingers into the fat of your cheeks to spread them apart, admiring your ruined little hole clenching at the loss.
priest armin who relishes in your unwavering adoration - so willing and pliant under his influence, pretty face betraying your utter devotion, eyes full of reverence with every glance in his direction. and why shouldn't you be? after all, you owe him at least that much after all the effort he's put in to cleansing you of your sins, right? such a sweet little devil, dragged back into the light through his guidance alone.
i am sorry for my sins with all my heart,
Tumblr media
tags: @lacheri @arlerted @animemenapologist @peachy-momos @yungxinderella (thank u all for being my little guinea pigs muah!!)
Tumblr media
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sxkunas · 14 hours ago
welcome to flavortown
the one where the aot boys are in charge of the grill. the messy headcanons no one asked for </3.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: grill master!aot boys, summer vibes only, hot husbands in charge of the barbecue, slightly corny, guy fieri type beat
warnings: none baby we’re having a barbecue just bring a side, cursing, meat?
featuring: s4! connie, armin, eren, jean, levi + erwin
a/n: is this a joke? no, no it’s not <3. i thought about this once + now it’s a full fantasy, please indulge with me. maybe i’m just hungry, who knows <3.
Tumblr media
connie grills hot dogs.
he keeps it simple with his meats. he doesn’t love manning the grill, but he loves trying to impress you.
will definitely flex his biceps while flipping the hot dogs as if he’s lifting 50 pound weights.
he has like three open beers on the table next to him.
yes he’s drinking them all at once.
you walk up to him with another beer as he leans over the grill and puckers his lips at you.
“dame un besito mama.”
he didn’t ask to be born latina.
wipes his forehead with a towel he keeps around his neck.
wears an apron that says “kiss the cook” on it.
twirls the spatula around his fingers like it's a drumstick.
why he has a spatula to cook hot dogs, you don't know.
"what are hot dogs even made out of babe?"
"meat goop?!"
"'s some damn good meat goop."
"i'm gordon ramsay up in this bitch baby!"
connie my love you’re grilling pre-cooked hot dogs.
leaves the grill to watch the football game in the living room for a second.
he was gone for thirty minutes.
“the hot dogs are burnt baby.”
“okay let’s just order take out.”
“pizza?” “pizza.”
armin grills steaks.
armin grills steaks because he’s big brain.
it is hard to grill a perfect steak guys but he nails it everytime.
uses a meat thermometer to make sure the inside is cooked perfectly.
pokes at the steak while it’s on the grill with his finger to see if it’s done or not.
gets eye level with the steaks to make sure the sear is perfect.
will not cook a steak above medium because he insists you lose flavor once you start overdoing it.
he’s a new york strip type of boy OR sirloin, only the best for his baby.
he’ll splurge on nice sides, armin loves a nice anti pasta salad.
red wine in plastic wine glasses. sets up a nice outdoor picnic table spread.
would also serve you your food and bring it to you while you’re in the pool.
will not let you lift a finger, he wants you to relax on your flamingo floatie.
would take your steak back to the grill if it wasn’t cooked the way you liked.
you didn’t want to tell him yours was a little underdone because it wasn’t that big of a deal to you and he worked so hard.
but he notices your face as you take your first bite.
“you don’t like it.”
“no! sweetie i love it i— “it’s not cooked enough.”
“here let me put it back on the grill for you.”
you insist he doesn’t have to, it was only a few degrees off.
“i want you to enjoy your meal darling, i’ll be right back.”
eren grills burgers.
he can’t be bothered to grill anything else, don’t ask him to do anything complex.
burgers. on the grill. buns. cheese. ketchup. done.
you give him a shopping list of what he needs to get and send him off.
“why do we need all of this for burgers babe??”
“toppings eren, toppings.”
forgets like half of the things on the list.
comes back with the store brand of everything you asked for bc he’s a grill master on a budget babes.
gets pissed when you ask him if he could go back to the store to get what he forgot.
“eren how do you expect people to eat burgers without onions?!”
“who the fuck likes onions babe?”
grills in a skimpy little white tank top.
struggles to light the charcoal, but he insists he doesn’t need help.
“eren just let me do it— “i got it babe!!”
gets himself extra sweaty because he likes to get you frustrated.
eren mixes his drinks while he grills. like chaotic nasty drinks.
the burgers are overcooking while he pours some vodka into his red bull.
definitely has one of those gatorade bottles that squirt.
asks you to shoot some water into his mouth while he’s grilling. spatula in one hand, mouth open and his face turned to you.
“okay now babe.”
messy bun eren cooking burgers.
wears black adidas slides on the patio with his swim shorts.
“gourmet burger, courtesy of chef eren babe,” he says smugly.
doesn’t serve you but lays out the toppings for you so you can have your own little burger bar.
jumps in the pool once he’s done cooking, you watch him swim around while you eat your kids cuisine.
jean grills ribs.
jean soaks the ribs in a special marinade overnight.
“the meat has to fall off the bone honey.”
loves a good rib rub.
mf rubbing all types of seasonings on his ribs.
he’s a fan of a dry rub but loves having various sauce options on the side for you two.
makes extra ribs because he wants to take them to work for lunch throughout the week.
back to the sauces, jean is a sauce man. he’s got the sauce in more ways than one.
chipotle honey, spicy barbecue, teriyaki, you name it.
jean grills shirtless.
jean wears a sweatband around his head, he takes grilling very seriously.
“i’m the man! i gotta grill! don’t you touch the grill honey i’m gonna serve you!”
no seriously don’t touch the grill.
his ribs have to cook at a specific temperature.
definitely don’t take the lid off the grill to check on the ribs either, you’ll let all the steam out.
“how do you know they’re not burning babe?”
“you have to trust the integrity of the rib honey. when have i ever made a bad rib?”
he was right, he never made a bad rib.
sings the chili’s baby back ribs song while he grills.
“i want my baby back baby back baby back.”
sings the high parts.
drinks jack daniel’s whiskey while he grills.
definitely throws a splash of whiskey from his glass onto the ribs here and there.
jean looks at you intently as you take your first bite, he likes to watch your reactions.
“it’s fucking good right honey?”
“it’s fucking good baby.”
levi grills salmon.
levi doesn’t just grill for anything. there has to be a special occasion.
why would he want to smell like meat and charcoal just to grill a measly burger.
so he grills salmon, and you two are having a couple’s day by the pool.
you two have a fancy pool where the hot tub is attached, and one of those rock slides.
levi grills in a simple cotton t-shirt, doesn’t want to stink up his nice clothes.
levi drinks wine while he grills, swirling it as he flips the salmon.
he drinks red.
and he brings out the crystal wine glasses from the special cabinet.
he likes to listen to classic rock while he grills.
doesn’t want you to touch the grill because he doesn’t want you to burn yourself.
also doesn’t trust you with his expensive cuts of salmon.
no because he went to the butcher specifically and got the salmon that they caught that day.
he keeps it fresh, enjoys a simple, refreshing lemon garnish on his fish.
“i don’t need help, just go sit by the pool.”
“i blew up your favorite lounge chair… now go,” he mumbles.
“the one with the!—
“yes the one with the cup holders. now take your wine and stop bothering me, tch.”
you fell asleep floating in the middle of your pool on your favorite lounge chair with the cup holders.
levi splashes water on you to wake you up.
“hey! dinner’s ready.”
acts like grilling was no big deal for him.
but secretly awaits your response as you bite into your salmon.
“it’s good levi!”
he rolls his eyes but smiles small enough that you wouldn’t notice.
erwin grills chicken.
an underrated grill item.
you can’t go wrong with a classic chicken wing.
but erwin doesn’t make just any plain chicken wings.
he loves a buffalo wing.
king loves a little bit of spice.
he marinates the wings in frank’s hot sauce the night before.
you were sat at the kitchen counter watching his shoulder blades flex as he tossed the wings in the sauce around the bowl.
the next day he wakes up bright and early to get the backyard ready for you guys.
turns the heater on in the pool because he knows you like it at a certain temperature.
he grills so… elegantly. like a gazelle.
erwin wears a navy blue robe while he grills, with his swim shorts underneath.
his chest hair pokes out a bit from the top.
he doesn’t get his hands dirty, he uses a pair of tongs to flip the wings.
he holds a can of beer in the other hand.
he watches you tan next to the pool.
he even joins you for a bit while the wings cook.
he massages one of your hands in his, while you hold a magazine in the other.
erwin is a very organized chef, he has everything timed down to a t.
okay sorry, he wears gold aviator sunnies at the bridge of his nose as he lowers the heat on the grill to let the wings simmer.
erwin does the dad thing where he puts his hands on his hips and just looks out into the yard and nods silently.
except he’s holding a cigar in one hand.
erwin is in the process of building you a wooden flowerbed.
he’s a handyman. a home depot commercial theme song type of man.
swats the smoke away from the grill as he opens it up.
erwin serves you two your wings on a wooden board like they do at barbecue restaurants.
chicken wing charcuterie board type beat.
“sweetheart? wings are ready!” he calls to you from the grill.
you eat your wings poolside, toasting your beer cans.
“to a happy, healthy marriage sweetheart.”
i’m not gonna shut up about the sunglasses.
you have matching sunglasses.
Tumblr media
a/n: this was rushed but i just HAD to get this off my plate 🍽
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inumakisonigiri1 · 14 hours ago
How they kiss you!
Eren's kisses are very deep and possessive like? But loving. He kisses you like he doesn’t want it to stop, and he doesn’t want it to. He wants you to know that you are his, and that you have him.
His kisses are sweet and soft. Its like a peck, but not? He kisses you softly because he wants you to know that he loves you very much.
Deep and caring. He holds onto the small of your back with one hand, and the other hand in your hair. He tries to keep you as close as possible because he is afraid of losing you.
Sweet and Goofy. He pecks your lips many times and giggles in between them. it may seem like he doesn’t take them seriously, but he actually does. He cherishes every kiss because he knows the dangers of fighting titans and he knows that you could die just like that, so he tries to make his kisses as memorable as possible, also as goofy as possible.
Quick but loving. We all know that he is not the best at expressing his love but he tries. His kisses are quick and loving. He really does put his all in them, but he is just nervous that he will screw up so he doesnt want them to be too long because he can screw up.
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erinisbadger · 16 hours ago
Happy father's day to Armin, because he's having my children whether he wants it or not 🙃
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espritmuse · 16 hours ago
𝐀𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 <★ ( ◜‿◝ ) . .
—Mean Girl Reader x Teacher Pet Armin
TeachPet!Armin who would too often find a beautiful manicured hand under his desk, placed between his thighs, stocking his hard cock gently when the teacher had just asked him to answer a question in class. “Why don’t you answer ‘Min? You know the answer, don’t you?” You whispered in his ear in a sensual voice to play with him even more.
—TeacherPet Reader x Dom Teacher Armin
DomTeacher!Armin making sure his beloved and favourite girl understood everything you have studied today at school, providing you more time in his office after all other students have left the institution under the pretext of a private lesson. You knew how it would end, as always. “ precious little thing… Wrong answer. Again.” You suddenly felt a firm and strong hand spanking mercilessly your uncovered ass, making a small and timid whimper leave your lips.
With others characters:
—Morning texts.
—Main Masterlist.
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shepfics · 18 hours ago
"give me a drabble of a hot summer day with armin and a popsicle please shep" - @erenslittlestepsister
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: smut / 18+, MINORS DNI. oral sex + cum eating. semi-public setting. begging. innocence kink? mommy kink (i'm sorry i just rly felt the need to throw it in there.) rushed and unedited ;)
the thick air and hot june winds today led you and armin straight to the public pool.
and thirty minutes in, the highs of armin's ears and cheeks are already tinted pink from the sweltering summer sun - the tip of his little nose is more of a strawberry red. faint new freckles kiss the tops of his cheekbones and forehead.
he insisted he didn't need you to rub any more sunscreen on him, even though he did like it when you tried to baby him like that.
"min, just let me dab some more sunscreen on your face. that burn is gonna hurt later."
"i'm fine. what are you, my mom?"
he didn't need you to tell him what to do. he can take care of himself, right?
or he really thought he could, until you decided to grab some popsicles from the concession stand.
you notice his turquoise swim shorts tighten and his legs start squirming in his seat at the sight of your tongue raking up the rainbow popsicle. the heat of your mouth melts little drops onto your lips and chin, causing you to slurp and lick and lap at your treat until all of it's colors blend together like a poorly done watercolor painting.
and armin hasn't touched the one you brought for him. he just lets it melt all over his hand; his innocent, needy little head is too fixated on the show in front of him.
what a waste. that makes you feel bad.
so you lead him to the one-stall bathroom near the front of the waterpark, pulling his shorts down and planting your knees on the damp tile floor below once the door is locked.
"please touch me - suck on it mommy, please!"
"need me to suck it 'til you cum, baby?"
"i'll be good. just need it so bad."
you start out just licking and teasing. flattening your tongue and working it up and down his shaft. swirling it around his head and tasting the precum oozing from his tiny slit. his breath is so shaky and nervous while he watches you, desperate for more, twitching his hips toward you slightly when your tongue traces over the most sensitive spots, leaving his mouth open as it spills tiny whines.
he braces himself on the sink behind him, one hand gripping the lip of the basin and the other gripping the back of your head as he inches his cock down your throat.
his brows furrow and his teeth grit when your suctioned lips start dragging up and down on his swollen dick. your mouth is so perfect, dripping with warm saliva as you try to cater to every inch of him. armin whines at the sensation, throwing his pretty blonde head back and curling his toes when you let him guide his cock deeper.
and he's an eager, sweaty, beet-red mess as he continues fucking into your pillowy mouth.
"mommy, please, please don't stop."
"gonna cum - mmhmm - down your throat, mommy."
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bakugousskulllshirt · 19 hours ago
Okay so basically I’m going to come out with the first two chapters but if you wanna see them all I always post on wattpad first. Here’s da link:
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bakugousskulllshirt · 19 hours ago
Armin x reader - you get me
𝙁𝙖𝙣𝙛𝙞𝙘 𝙗𝙮 -𝘽𝙖𝙠𝙪𝙜𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙠𝙪𝙡𝙡𝙡𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙧𝙩
Last chapter | navigation
Tumblr media
AN: hey hoes, I just decided imma just finish the fanfic. It’s going to be 6-10 more chapters because I wanna hurry and wrap this up. Bye.
I looked up to my parents sitting in our old living room, laughing and talking. It was as if I was in a VR game, how real everything looked. I looked down into my lap, only to see nothing but black. It was like I was watching television.
I don't remember ever seeing my parents laughing. Or, even smiling for that matter. It felt like as each passing minute a year of life passed and shows me and my family living the life that I always so desperately wished we'd had.
Was this gods way of taunting me? Telling me I wasn't worthy enough for this kind of life? Maybe if gods telling than I really wasn't worthy of they're love. I've been too weak, I should've stood up to them more. Sat them down and sorted things out. I should've been braver. Maybe, just maybe, if I would've asked them why they hated me so much, I would've known. But I didn't.
My entire life is built on lies. Because of my grandparents whom I've never even met. They ruined my life. They killed my parents. All to control me.
Is this the life I really want to lead? Hiding, even though I'm in the literal military?
But I remembered something. As I was falling into the pit of despair, I realized that I have something to live for. People that loves me. The man that I love is waiting on the other side of this side of me. Waiting to hold me in his arms.
I sat up and gasped for air as I saw Sasha and Connie looming over me.
"Where am I?"
"You're in the infirmary. I don't know what happened. Armin just said you passed out. He wouldn't tell us why though," Sasha said, Taking a big bite of her potato.
"Well, where is he? I wanna see him."
"He's at training right now, but your in bed rest for a couple of more days. Get some sleep," Connie said.
I nodded to him and Sasha and said my thank yous. And just like that, I was alone.
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hajisuu · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Armin A. X Female Reader
2,716 words
note: this is my piece for the NO HAPPY ENDING collab that is hosted by @impalawrites, go check them out! Sorry for some errors and sorry i I posted this late!!
warnings: [angsty ending, smut, best friends to strangers, slow buildup, manipulation, confession, fake feelings, couch sex, grinding, riding, use of sweetheart, raw sex, cheating, praising(?)]
taglist: @attjmk @sickchildren @sunatear @oh-nohoney @dezsku @kachian @heyheyitsne @bunny-munchkin-luvs-music @juutaa1 (I’m sorry I couldn’t tag you all!) if you’d like to join the tag, check out my navigation or send an ask!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Armin has been your best friend since you were kids, you guys share everything. He’s everything to you, and he means so much to you, but…you don’t think he feels the same. You didn’t want to ruin this precious relationship you built with him, so you ended up never confessing how you felt about him.
You heard Armin talk about the girl he likes, he kept describing her so much and so sweetly that it hurts you so much— sometimes wishing it was you who he was describing. When you found out who his crush was, you wanted to see him happy, you wanted to make him happy. So you decided to set him up with the girl he keeps talking about and helped Armin by giving him tips and advice to win her heart. You’ve done it, you introduced Armin to his now current girlfriend. You’ve seen Armin happy, You’ve made him happy. It hurts. Seeing him happy with another person— but you knew that staying and watching your heartbreak because of that would get you nowhere, you decided to distance yourself from them and work on yourself, you don’t want to get hurt anymore.
A few months passed and you’re finally happy with your life all sorted out, having a nice- Your phone started to ring, what why.., you were just casually binging on your favorite show— at 1 am, with your comfy shorts and shirt, wait who’s up calling me at this hour? You’re confused, you checked who it was and to your surprise, it’s Armin! But why? You picked up…
“Heyy..hey y/n” he chuckled “I know it’s not the right time to call you right now- Uhm, hah, did I wake you up?” He cleared his throat, “no..?” For some reason it felt nice talking to him again, it made you blush. “Oh good haha, uhm short notice but like, can I come over?” He said nervously. “Right now?” You questioned and he answered in a soft tone. “yeah, I just..really need to talk to you” Your heart felt some type of way, you kept thinking and daydreaming of what’s going to happen, though you ignored it and agreed for him to come over since he’s your best friend, and you’d do anything to help him.
You waited and waited..though in the process of waiting, you remembered his relationship— you’re not really up to date with it since you were working on yourself, there might be a chance that they’ve broken up. You don’t want to overthink it and judge too early so you just ignored it and stayed patient.
Sometime later, a knock occurred on your door, you yawn and stretched out your arms after standing up. Walking to the door and opening it slightly, then peaking your head out, when you looked up..Armin smiled at you and looked at your lips then at your eyes. “Hey, uhm, how’s it going?” He lets out a soft laugh. You tilted your head and replied “it’s going great, I’m doing great,” You had a confused look on your face, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen him in person. “And you?” You tried not to smile that much, “well, May I go in first? It’s freezing out here” he rubbed his hands together and laughed. You rolled your eyes and opened the door wide for him to step in.
Armin laughed as you closed the door behind him, “sorry if I came in this late” he chuckled. You rolled your lips inward to keep yourself from laughing with him “ are things with you and your girlfriend?” You smiled faintly and gulped. He fidgeted with his fingers and looked at you, “we just had our 5th month anniversary like 2 weeks ago.. I Uhm, followed the bits of advice you told me” he smiled. You sighed and bit your cheek, “ what were you going to talk about with me?” You just want it straight to the point, no sugarcoating and shit things to hurt you again. “I’ve noticed that..ever since me and— well you know who became a thing, you started to become “busy” every time I call or text you” his smile went away and he looked at you sincerely. You paused and stayed quiet for a second, you shook your head and smiled confusedly “pff, what do you mean?” Armin sighed “look, even if you’ve really been busy, I understand— but it’s almost like you’re just avoiding me..” he moved in a bit closer.
Your face tinting red as you looked into his eyes, you looked away in response and inhaled sharply “Armin, I just don’t want to be the third wheel anymore” you laughed— joking around so that it wouldn’t hurt that much. Armin had a surprised look on his face “oh- that’s why?..hmm okay..” he starts to get a little nervous “well you don’t really need to worry about that now..” he says under his breath. That sentence alone confused you yet made you have hope again, “we broke yesterday,” he exhaled. Your eyebrows raised and you tried not to smile “oh what- what happened” though you were still concerned. “I guess it just- wasn’t working out for us. She isn’ you” Armin said and looked down. What…why is he just saying this now..what is he trying to say, thoughts filling up your head— “okay? what’re you trying to say here?” Armin licked his lips and looked at you, he moved closer to your face and looked at your lips “I’ve been feeling this way about you for so long— god..I wish I would’ve said it sooner. I-I broke up with her because she isn’t’ve been in my mind— and it’s just not the same with her..” his hand slowly creeps up yours and he holds it firmly. You feel the intensity of lust increasing in the hot air filling the room, you swallowed back your breath, “I love you y/n…” his hand slowly goes up your arm then your shoulder.
You looked at his eyes and you were worried about one thing “Armin, am I just a rebound?”, he took a long pause and sighed “n-no..of course not, y/n listen, I love you— I do and I’ve been waiting for this moment where I tell you how I really feel..” his soft hands rests on your cheeks, cupping them “do you feel the same?..” he moves his face close to yours, feeling his hot breath on your lips— you let out a small squirm as your lips itch to just kiss him already. “Yes..” that answer alone drew a smirk on Amrins face. The hands that were cupping your cheeks soon escalated down to your waist— pulling you into a deep kiss. Your heart began to race as butterflies explode inside your stomach, it felt so romantic, it’s what you’ve been wanting since you felt this way.
You kissed him back; your arms sling on his neck. His soft hands go further down to grab your ass and pull your hips closer to him so he could grind his hard-on on you. The make-out soon continued to the couch, having the room filled with heaving breaths and that’s all you could focus on, the tv light illuminates both of you as the sounds coming from the tv overlays by the sound that both you and Armin are making. You stood up from the couch and began to strip down your clothes in front of him while watching Armin gradually removing his pants and underwear. Armin had a beautiful view of your naked body and you had sight of Armin's cock hard just for you. Armin gave his cock a few strokes and looked down then up to your eyes, he smirked “you like what you see?..” he rubbed his thighs and spread his legs a bit, before you could reply he jumped in with “You want to touch it?.. Go ahead sweetheart, it’s yours..”
Your fingers twitched from the sight of his pretty cock right in front of you, you gulped and went on your knees; moving your lips to kiss the tip of his cock as the pre damps your lips. You began to take his cock into your mouth, sucking it well enough for him to let out those soft moans of his. Armin's hands go on your head to push you deeper for his cock to go at the back of your throat; he makes sure that you choke on his cock, hearing those sounds of you choking on his member turns him on. He is nice enough to pull your head back and give you a break, seeing that beautiful sight of your mouth all messy with saliva as tears fall. Your hand continues to stroke his cock while his toes curl and his hips softly thrust up with the rhythm of your stroking. Your face went down to lick and slobber on his balls, you kept your hand occupied on his cock. He inhaled sharply and lets out loud moans “fuck-“ he breathed out “d-don't make me cum yet—“ he moaned with a fused chuckle, “I..wanna feel you—“ you stopped stroking his cock and grinned. Making your way on his lap then rubbing his broad shoulders to get you both warmed up. Armin's hand creeps down your cunt, letting his fingers explore between the lips. His finger brushes on your clit causing you to let out a soft squirm which made Armin smile in lust. “You’re that wet from just sucking my cock?” He chuckled, you looked away and covered your mouth “so cute..” he whispered and went on to rub your clit slowly and gently.
Suddenly, he stopped and grabbed your hips, lifting you upwards for him to align his cock on your cunt. “I just couldn’t wait anymore” he lets out a short laugh “Please— lower yourself on me..” you felt his cock touch and throb against your hole as your love juices leak down. You made use of your wetness as lube; moving your hips down as his cock slowly yet easily slips inside you. Your breaths became heavier and your moans finally escaping shamelessly, “h-holy shit” you moaned out, your hands gripping his shoulders tight for support. “Y-You feel so tight..” he breathed out, couldn’t form any words since the feeling is overflowing his thoughts and words. His hand holding your waist, then you started to grind on his cock gradually. Savoring the feeling of pleasure, watching him as he helplessly moans for you. He squinted his eyes in pleasure as he looking up at you, how your body looks so sexy while you ride him, how your lustful eyes look into his, fuck— he unintentionally blurted out “I-I’ve been dreaming about this since forever— you look so fucking hot like this” his hands sliding up and down your waist, from time to time he gropes your tits and sucks on them. You continued moving slow and Armin felt as if you were teasing him. “H-Hey..s-stop teasing” he pointed out and chuckled, “teasing?” You said innocently as you tilt your head. Armin shook his head decisively while letting out a soft laugh, then the grip on your waist gets tight. Armin held you in place; lifting you a bit up while he lets his cock halfway out of your cunt “there’s no need to a-act innocent y’know?” Then shoving his cock back in deep that it hits your cervix, you gasped and moan in response to that. Armin's grip on your waist never left his hands, he kept on thrusting his hips upwards and deep inside you. “Moan louder just for me sweethea—rt” he pants while his voice cracks, picking up the pace as you clenched on his cock. Moaning out his name and letting your moans out freely. His free hand slides up your neck, choking you while pulling you down to the base of his cock. You throw your head back, crying your moans out as your walls tighten around his length. “Fuck—“ you chanted, “I can f-feel you clenching around me sweetheart..” he said “you’re close aren’t you” the hand that was once on your neck escalated down to your nipples; pinching and playing with it. You squirmed around and looked down at him, he had a seductive grin on his face and you could hear his soft moans. “Don’t fight it..cum for me sweetheart.” He swallowed back his breath. He thrusts harder than usual into you, you gasped and cried out his name while you let your orgasm all out on his cock. Your legs were shaking and so were your breaths. Armin wasn’t done yet with you.
He lets out his cock and laid you down gently on the couch. You panted and when you looked at what’s between your legs, it was Armin. He was on his knees on the couch with his head thrown back— stroking his cock to the thought and sight of you. Armin used his free hand to lift your leg on his shoulder then kissing your leg while he looks at your eyes lustfully while using his other hand to jerk off to you. Armin then stops on leans on top of you, grinding his cock on your cunt. You moaned softly, “f-fuck I-I’m so close” he used his hand to grope your tits one last time as he releases it all on your lower stomach. You felt his cold hands shaking from his release. Armin panted and flopped on top of you, “shit..” he laughed “we..just had sex” he snorted and continued laughing. You laid a kiss on his head while he snuggled onto you, “you okay?” He asked, you gave him a little ‘mhm’.
A few silent minutes passed and you began to overthink things, did Armin just..used you to get over his ex? Shit- no he’d never do that.. “Armin, I really need to ask you something..” do you love me? You checked to see if Armin was sleeping, and yeah..he was. You decided that you’ll ask him in the morning, you had fun today so..let’s appreciate that.
You woke up the following morning, expecting Armin to be beside you, still hold you, and maybe even wake you up. You woke up with a tired smile on your face, your eyes still closed, moving your arm around to see if Armin was still here. You felt nothing, so you slightly opened your eyes and Armin wasn’t there. You were confused, you began looking around the house with your eyes and mind still tired. He wasn’t anywhere in your house..could he have ditched you? No..he wouldn’t do that. You called him several times and still…no answer— it just went straight to voicemail. You texted him: “hey” “Hey Armin, what’s going on” “what happened?” “Where’d you go lol” You were worried sick. You ended up deciding on waiting for him, maybe he’ll come back to your house. You spent the whole day thinking about him, waiting for him, even while you were trying to focus on your self-care— he pops up in your head. 8 hours had passed and he still wasn’t here, so you lost all hope. You felt betrayed, used, and…hurt.
Eventually, you went to at his place, ringing the doorbell, tapping your foot on the ground as you fiddle nervously with your fingers. Finally, someone answer, “Yes?—Oh Y/N!” It was a woman's voice, you looked up and…it’s armins…girlfriend. Yesterday you were informed that they’ve both broken up, what’s going on. “Hah— wow uh long time so see” you went in to hug her. “Where’s Armin?” You laughed nervously, “oh he’s here, wait I’ll get him” you heard her call out armins name. After a minute or two passed, Armin in the flesh finally came out looking guilty at you. You’re hurt. “Armin..?” You said with on a shaky tone, he sighed “y/n— look I know..what happened but we both had our fun and it was just a one-time thing, I’m sorry.. I just wasn’t thinking straight, I- I wasn’t in the right mindset, I’m so sorry, What happened b-between us, it was a mistake, it’s’s me” he kept his voice down so that his girlfriend wouldn’t hear the conversation. He lied from the very start. He never loved you. It was all a lie.
Tumblr media
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bakugousskulllshirt · 19 hours ago
Akutagawa Ryūnosuke - Be Mines
𝙁𝙖𝙣𝙛𝙞𝙘 𝙗𝙮 - 𝘽𝙖𝙠𝙪𝙜𝙤𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙠𝙪𝙡𝙡𝙡𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙧𝙩
ᑭᗩᖇT 6- ✞𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀, 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀
𝗡𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗴𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 | 𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘁 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿
Tumblr media
"Well, for starters, I wanted to know what you meant at the bar? When you said, 'so we're enemies'.." I nervously uncapped my pen while preparing to write down what Dazai says.
"Well, The Port Mafia is known to always be up to no good. The way they go about things is unnecessary, and the way you guys move around is simply illegal. It must be stopped."
You quickly scribbled down what Dazai said word for word as you thought to yourself. You knew what you were doing in the port mafia was illegal, but was it really wrong? You always thought of it as something that you agreed with and other people didn't . You never thought of it like that.
"So what about the Armed Detective Agency? I've never heard anything about it. What do you guys do?"
"We help society for the greater good. We believe everyone should help if they're able to. We want to help the people who aren't able to help themselves. We're kinda like the police, but way more advanced." He smirked. You could tell he was really proud of his job.
"Ah, that explains a lot. I also want to know, what relationship do you and akutagawa have? Is it romantically-"
"He wants me to approve of him. That's all."
"But if your enemies why would he want you to approve of him?" I said, biting the top of the pen. It made no sense. Akutagawa is a hateful person, so I'm pretty sure he despises everyone who's not on his side.
"I used to work for the Port Mafia."
My eyes widened. "That's impossible. You cant simply leave the Port Mafia. If you do then-"
"But it's been done, y/n." He gave me a smirk.
"You see, when I left, I was Akutagawas executive. What he wanted was a few words of praise from me, and he simply haven't earned it. That's all."
"Oh okay. And I have a personal question to ask. I doubt you know him, but I heard that he's in town and I was his friend while he was on the run. His name is Atushi? Does that ring a bell to you?"
Dazai's eyes widened as he switched his sitting position to lean toward you.
"What do you want with him?"
"What do you mean? I-"
Dazai used his hand to chop the side of your neck to knock you out.
I woke up to a pounding feeling on my head. Once my vision finally cleared, I woke up to see a bright light in my eyes.
I'm laying down.
I attempted to move my arms and legs, but unfortunately they were bound.
Fucking Dazai.
I moved my head to the side, to find that I was in a hospital bed.
I yelled until my throat turned dry and my voice raspy.
I looked up as I heard the sound of a doorknob twisting.
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impalawrites · 20 hours ago
armin arlert 👁️👁️
Tumblr media
hey there armeen—
Tumblr media
tw: narcissism, toxic relationship, femdom, malesub, name calling, crying, dacryphilia, degradation, humiliation.
Tumblr media
“Such a little bitch for me, aren’t you?” Y/N purrs softly, prodding his flushed cheek with her foot so she could see the sharp profile of his face. “You know I’m so fucking toxic, your little friends tell you every day you see them, and still you come crawling back for more again and again, looking at me like I hung the moon and all the pretty little stars that surround it.”
“M-Mommy, I-!” he whines, his voice muffled from how half his face was pushed into the carpet by her heeled foot, and she scoffs.
“Don’t call me that, I’m not your mommy, I’m your fucking master. You should be grateful I’m even here; I’m the best you could ever hope to have, and here you are one of the worst submissive I’ve ever seen.” Fat tears start to roll down Armin’s cheeks, pangs of pain resonating in his heart at each and every word; Y/N just rolls her eyes when she sees them and pushes his face further into the floor as he hiccups and cries.
“Get your shit together, Arlert, you ungrateful little bitch; how are you even acting pathetic when I’m here with you helping you get off every night?”
Tumblr media
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Hi! May i please have a matchup? I’m charlotte, and i’m a pieck kinnie :) I’m a bisexual 19 year old girl. I’m 5’9, caucasian, and i have wavy long brown hair, hazel eyes, and i wear glasses. I have a thin/athletic build. I have a soft light academia kind of style, and i love wearing sweaters.
I’m INTP, and i tend to be really antisocial. My sense of humor is really sarcastic, and i like to playfully tease people. People describe me as kind of intimidating sometimes, mainly because i’m usually quiet around others. I’m also pretty stubborn. Despite this, i’m also pretty childish sometimes, but i know how to be serious too. In a relationship, i’m a bit easily jealous, but i don’t like showing it.
I’m in college and majoring in psychology. I take schoolwork pretty seriously, and i’m also learning french on the side!
My love language is words of affirmation, and i’m not a big fan of physical affection! I take things slow in a relationship.
I’m very into fitness and health, and i exercise every day (mainly strength!). Some of my other hobbies include shopping, playing video games, and baking. I’m a stress baker, sometimes i’ll get upset and the way i’ll cheer myself up is by making a batch of cookies or cupcakes :) I’m into a lot of soft things, like animal crossing, minecraft, and sanrio, but i’m also a really big fan of horror games and movies!! My favorite season is fall, and my favorite color is purple. I’m also an avid coffee drinker, but i love hot cocoa too. My biggest fear is probably small spaces. Thank you so much in advance :)
here you go!!! my first request, i hope you enjoy ‘n thanks for being so sweet!!
₍₍...️₎₎ ꒰ ❛ @imissleeandluke❜ ꒱
🗯𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖈𝖍 𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍....🗯
!𝖆𝖗𝖒𝖎𝖓 𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖊𝖗𝖙!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◞♡ he absolutely LOVES your baking, he’ll join in on baking with you :) you two both have matching aprons
◞♡ he’s all in for video game nights with you, but when the both of you play minecraft together & you decide to invite eren & mikasa, eren ends up exploding armins house with dynamite.
◞♡ male wife & girlboss couple?? yessir 😫
◞♡he has a bunch of little notebooks filled with things about you, what foods you like, things like that; “charlotte usually exercises around *insert random time*” “take charlotte shopping” and some of them are surprisingly detailed, but it just goes to show he’s very caring for you :)
◞♡ when he first had a crush on you, every time he’d talk to you his voice would CRACK SO MUCH- like he literally sounded like alvin & the chipmunks.
◛⑅·˚ ༘ ♡ i hope you liked this! send in any feedback if you want!
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