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#kirishima eijirou
tedxxii3 · an hour ago
How the BNHA characters would try to make you feel better on an off day
Denki would show you all his Pikachu plushies and tell you their backstories
Kirishima would show you his rock collection (which he hasn’t shown anyone else so please reassure him that collecting rocks is a really cool hobby)
Sero would tell you funny stories of him getting into trouble due to his quirk
Jirou would show you the songs she’s written, then softly sing to you til you fall asleep
Izuku would talk to you about all his All Might merch and geek out about the rare ones
Todoroki would make you some soba and gently smile at you (the one he only reserves for you<3)
Momo would make some tea and let you rant to her about everything
Bakugou would give you loads of cuddles and awkwardly tell you it’s ok to not feel ok sometimes, and that he’ll always be there for you
Tsuyu would watch cute frog videos with you, kero<3
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aizameow · 2 hours ago
Kaminari: What do you think Bakugou will do for a distraction?
Kirishima: They’ll probably, like, make a noise or throw a rock. That’s what I would do.
*Building explodes and several car alarms go off*
Kirishima: ... or they could do that.
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aizameow · 3 hours ago
*The group is getting into the car*
Kirishima: I’m driving.
Bakugou, out of view: Shotgun!
Kaminari, turning to face Person B: Aww! But you had it on the way here-
Everyone except Bakugou: WOAH-
Bakugou, holding a shotgun: No! I found a shotgun! And I want the front seat! *Pumps gun*
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fightxxmexxshiggy · 4 hours ago
I've said it once and I'll say it again kiri is a cuddle fucker. He loves you just wrap you up likes he's a living blanket and fuck you slow and proper. His lips are either on yours or on your neck or shoulders. His thrusts stay hard and sure no matter how close he gets and no matter how much you sob for him to go faster.
When he cums he makes sure it's right against your womb cause that's what feels best. It also keeps you full of his cum longer so you don't have to stop cuddling for a while longer.
"Baby your pussy twitches so cutely everytime I pull out. I bet it cant wait to be filled again. Such a pretty baby with a precious little pussy."
@hanji-is-life @sendhelpimstupid @cupcake-rogue
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simply-trash5 · 5 hours ago
Soft HC of the night:
Kirishima has a tattoo for you, but it’s not your name. No, the tattoo is actually your favorite flower over the scar that he got when he saved your life. (The day he fell in love.)
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proherodiscordchaos · 6 hours ago
Hero Event - Part 4 (Final)
“Thanks for the ride home, Kiri,” Ashido said, leaning on the car’s windowsill.
“No problem,” Kirishima replied. “Wouldn’t want you getting hurt.”
“Yeah... Well, see you two tomorrow.” Ashido backed away from the car, letting Kirishima wind up the window. She then turned and began travelling towards her home, stumbling a bit as she went.
Kirishima waited until Ashido had made it to her door before driving off. A rather tipsy Bakugo sat silently beside him, staring blankly at the road in front of them. The moon was high above them, signaling the arrival of midnight. The traffic was thinner, but never quite gone. The silence between Kirishima and Bakugo felt a bit more awkward then it should have.
“I’m surprised you didn’t show off your quirk,” Kirishima mentioned. “I thought you’d be all about “shoving it in the other heroes’ faces,” heh.”
“I forgot to wait before I started drinking,” Bakugo grunted. “I can’t go blowing stuff up if I can’t keep my balance.”
“How unexpectedly responsible of you.”
Bakugo glared. Kirishima grinned innocently at him. They soon pulled up in Bakugo’s driveway, and Bakugo quickly hopped out of the car. Kirishima followed his lead.
“What do you want now?” Bakugo growled.
“What, no goodbye?”
“Aw, come on, man.”
Kirishima held out his arms. Bakugo paused, then let out an annoyed huff. He leaned into Kirishima’s arms and accepted the embrace. 
“You’re unbelievable,” Bakugo muttered. Though he was quick to relax in Kirishima’s arms.
“You’ve seemed pretty on edge lately,” Kirishima pointed out. “I just want you to know I’m here.”
“I already know that, Shitty Hair.”
There was a short silence. Bakugo pulled away from the embrace a bit, but not fully. He looked gently into the other’s eyes.
“I’m really fucking drunk right now,” He stated. “So what I’m about to do is completely invalid and you shouldn’t linger on it.”
“What are you gonna-” Kirishima was interrupted when the other closed the gap between them, initiating a kiss. Kirishima stood very still, unsure of how to respond. He could taste the alcohol on Bakugo’s lips. He could smell it in his breath. It made him feel dizzy.
The kiss ended as quickly as it started. Part of Kirishima felt almost disappointed, though he reminded himself it wouldn’t be wise to do anything while Bakugo was in that state. Bakugo left Kirishima’s arms, muttering a barely audible “thank you, Eijiro’ before wondering towards his front door.
Kirishima’s fingers hovered over his lips as he processed. It was a while before he returned to his car. He considered talking to Bakugo about it once he was sober, but he wasn’t sure the other would want to. “Don’t linger on it”. The words circled in Kirishima’s mind and he drove off. It was difficult not to linger on it. It was difficult to convince himself that he didn’t want to linger on it.
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blipblorpwritingsnork · 7 hours ago
Kirishima Eijirou is a young college drop-out trying to live his life and get by. That’s all he’s trying to do. But when his friends coerce him into sitting in on an Ouija session–in his own apartment no less–things start to get a little strange. It starts off small: banging and clattering in the closet, getting buzzed into the apartment when no one is home. Then things get a little more intense. Eventually, Eijirou realizes that he’s going to need more help with this thing because his friends made the biggest mistake they could when they messed with the Board: They never said ‘Goodbye.’
The Bakusquad mess with an Ouija board without knowing what they’re doing, and whatever–or whoever–they accidentally summon is there to stay.
Chapter 11 is live!
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naruzumake · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
top 25 fav characters [ voted by my followers ] — [ 17 / 25 ] — Kirishima Eijirou [ boku no hero academia ]
“When I heard that they were after my buddy...I couldn't do anything!! I didn't do anything!! If I don't act now...forget being a hero, I'm not even a man!”
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kiribakuhappiness · 9 hours ago
Dude where is chapter seven if ExplodoKillz 😭😭
Ahh sorry my loves!! I want you to read it so much, but it has been delayed because I am feeling very run down lately and haven't had the energy to edit the chapter yet!
Please forgive me - it'll be worth the wait, I promise! ❤️🧡
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blbyk · 9 hours ago
Kirishima: caring is one of my personality traits!
Bakugou: swearing is one of my personality traits
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kiribakuhappiness · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Every time I pull up secret admirer and see this collection I'm like - this is such a fucking top-tier kiribaku vibe, I feel like Kirishima made that collection himself 😂
Also 'fics that status my cult' ahxbxhxba what even y'all seriously make me laugh so hard sometimes :,D I'm such a stalker, I read through all the bookmarks and collections and honestly, never once have I ever regretted it!
Anyway, thanks to those who have added this little nugget to a collection - I've never had fics in a collection before so I always come back to this fic and stare at them with a stupid grin because wow, people like my writing, that is crazy, I am in awe, thank ❤️🧡
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textsfromhetalians · 10 hours ago
Counselor: How would you describe Deku and Ground Zero's relationship?
Shinso: No comment.
Kirishima: Confusing.
Yaoyorozu: Complicated.
Todoroki: Controversial.
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shouta-aizawow · 11 hours ago
Another dream >:) (yes I sleep a lot)
Okay so this time all of class 1-A is there except Deku, because he died in the sludge villain incident. So there’s a movie trailer style presentation that mentions Bakugou kinda taking the place of Deku? There were a lot of parallels shown between what Bakugou did/said to Deku and what class 1-a are doing/will say to Bakugou. (Also he wore a pink sweatshirt throughout)
So shift, and we’re on a train. The class, Aizawa, and I. (I’m mostly a spectator but sometimes I kind possess??? The characters and fight as them)
Next thing you know, the train is shaking and shaking and there’s a lot of gigantic snakes that are villains and could talk. (This world has quirks)
Aizawa, class 1-a, and the citizens get out, and the citizens are like “who’s gonna protect us?”
Bakugou is really ashamed bc in this universe, it’s common knowledge that Bakugou and Kiri (unsure of the rest) graduated from the hero course, but they didn’t become heroes, and they went back to UA for a take 2.
But that doesn’t stop Bakugou and he’s like “yknow what? No. I can fight, my classmates can fight” so they do just that
They realize something as a few of his classmates get stabbed (not really injected) with syringes and start acting really weird and different, and they find out that the syringes the villains use are able to switch people’s personalities (like, stabbing Baku then stabbing Kiri will give Kiri Bakugou’s personality)
So eventually Bakugou manages to coax Uraraka and some of the others away from what they’re doing and into the fight
After they beat the snakes monsters, it kinda turns into this room by room thing where each room they “complete” (defeating all the villains) will allow them to walk through a hallway, that may or may not have villains jumping out of the doors, so they can leave the room and head off into another one to fight villains
I don’t remember all the details but for a time Kiri was alone and fighting a villains on another train. He’s about to be stabbed by a syringe? Or smth and he closes his eyes. When nothing comes, he opens them and Bakugou is crouching over the hole on the roof that Kiri fell in, melting the villains with a Toga-like smile on his face. After that, they stick together and deal with a lot of personality switches, mostly on Kiri’s part.
(There was one time where I think Kiri’s personality changed and he was extremely lazy and didn’t feel like fighting, but Bakugou pretty much threw him in the way of another syringes that didn’t really make him normal again, but changed him enough so he’d fight.)
Anyway Kiribaku eventually run into Denki, and they team up. After completing the room, they walk cautiously and close together just in case a villain tries to jump outta nowhere in the hallway (which happened a lot) and try to stab them
There was a brief moment when I was basically controlling Todoroki, and the biggest snake was kinda chasing after Todo/me, so it was a lot of hiding and using as much of his/my quirks to stall the villains so he/I could get away.
Uh... there was one room that I unfortunately had to fight in with some kid named Pablo, but Kiri was also there so it was fine. The “bosses” were a bunch of rabid sticky notes, an evil babydoll, and something that talked and looked like an actual little girl (just note that all the other villains were much scarier/more adult like, but also anything is scary when it’s trying to stab you so...)
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