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#connie x reader
hotboyissei · 7 hours ago
warnings: like one slight nsfw one nothing major, slight swearing
things to know: modern au, tried to make the images as inclusive as i could <3, also for context the scouts (u, connie, jean, sasha, eren, mikasa n armin) live together!
note: love my luver too much not to give him a post so take these <3 enjoy! rbs are greatly appreciated <3
hotboyissei 2021
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idolizied · 7 hours ago
–– car sex with the aot guys
Tumblr media
+ including : eren. armin. jean. connie. levi.
tags: smut duh, car sex duh 2x, getting caught, breeding kink undertones, oral sex, degradation, creampie, spitting, exhibitionism kinda, soft sex, drug use, hand job, ice cream homicide😔
word count: 1.9k (in total)
i do not recommend putting yourself / your partner(s) in most of these situations btw💀  
anyways, smut starts right under the cut !
Tumblr media
EREN ⋆ studying at a friends house is what you had told you parents. that, unsurprisingly, did not at all hold up to its truth –– it goes to show as to how your back is currently molded into the leather of the passenger seat, legs raised above your head as eren pummels your insides. he fucks the wind out of vacant lungs, fucks your cunt as if it has personally offended him. eren makes a wreck of your weeping cunt, and all in the front driveway of your own home. the cracked mewls that scratch at your sore throat are sure to be heard by unsuspecting people, yet that doesn’t make you clamp them shut. you just can’t. not when eren fucks you with haste, with purpose, and with need all the same. you can feel him deep in your tummy, hair at the base of his cock leaving gentle kisses to your sensitive and reddened clit. the feel of fat balls against your ass sets you off the edge –– and for eren, it’s the blessed sight of you from below him. fucked out, you are, head half grounded. drool leaks from the corner of those pretty lips, eyes crossed and hazy when he pumps your pretty lil’ pussy all the way full with his thickened, hot come. eren pulls out, white milk of his spilling from that tiny cunt of yours to drip down to the seat below. he doesn’t fret over it, doesn’t even blink an eye, despite it being his fathers car. eren tells you to quit your irksome babbling, to get on your knees, and to clean it the fuck up –– using nothing but your tongue, of course. try putting it to some good use, for once.
ARMIN ⋆ you know it’s wrong. you know it, but not you, nor armin can help yourselves. it was just meant to be an innocent date between the two of you –– you swear it. it started with tiny, fleeting brushes of skin. they began as accidental, began as touches that’d leave the cheeks of armin reddening in nervousness, and your neck heating up with bashfulness. there was no reason for armin’s dick to begin straining against the material of his jeans, no reason for your tight hole to clench around nothing, arousal clinging to the material of your baby pink intimates just at the mere sight of your classmate. the movie in front of you had long since rotted from your interests, drive-in cinema quiet as partnering couples continue to watch, arms draped innocently around one another, feeding each other bites of popcorn and candy bars. the noise that rises from your throat is one that slices through the relaxed space –– it’s a gurgled choke for air, from the very bottom of your throat, pushing out to sound and vibrate off your lips and squished against armin’s heavy balls. you choke on his thick cock, saliva pooling at the bottom of his front seat. armin’s own arm is reached over, stumbling fingers pumping that sweet little cunt of yours rhythmically. you dance in sync, thumb of his moving to graze the rise of your sensitive clit, scissoring that pliant hole of yours to stretch around his three fingers. eyes squeezed shut, you make a vow to yourself to swallow every last bit of come that armin stuffs down the depth of your mouth. it’s warm, welcomed, and salty when it coats the insides of your throat. that puffy cunt of yours pulses around armin’s fingers when he stumbles out apologies as to how sorry he is –– that he didn’t mean to, honestly! you’ve gotta believe him. you shut him up with a fat lick of your tongue to his balls, trailing it up up up when his fingers curl inside of your clenching pussy. the both of you jolt with a knock to the window –– you glance up, veering back just slightly at the bright light that hits your eyes strikingly, and- oh, fuck. security.
JEAN ⋆ the lowly rev of the engine continues to spur on in the spacious air of your garage. jean’s fingers dig into the skin of your thighs, no doubt leaving bruises as he does so. he sounds a stinging smack to it every now and then, feeling the ripple of a jiggle against his thighs each time. jean’s throaty groans cloud your thoughts, soft spoken whispers of encouragement and praise rifting through the air, along with the ringing sound of skin slapping against skin. “takin’ me so damn well, baby.” “thaaat’s it, that’s my good girl, hm?” jean uses his fingers on your ass to roll your hips over his cock, stuffed inside of you so deep that you can’t help but clench each time he brushes at your sweet spot, every time he rises you higher. “you really couldn’t wait ‘til we were inside, hm? is that it? ya just had to tease me?” jean nibbles at your ear, sending a trace of need down the line of your spine. you babble out responses, a mixture of stumbling words that egg him on, that agree with each one of his vulgar, sweet words, ones that still itch at you with a slightly demeaning undertone. his voice sings velvet –– smooth when he praises you. he raises your hips to kiss your cunt in the middle, and lips trail the sweaty column of your neck, sucking love bites on the junction where it meets your shoulders. jean slowly, tactfully fucks his come into you. he palms at your stomach, intrusive thoughts seeping into his brain as he does so. stuffing his face into your chest, he shakes his head. jean wants them full. he won’t waste time lying to himself –– jean... wants them full. so fucking full. all your chest, cunt, and stomach. full with reasons leading back to him. hands a vice on your hips, jean holds you down as he fucks you full. groaning, he throws his head back. stubble clear to your vision, adam’s apple bopping with each one of his strained swallows. you crumble, falling onto the warmth of his chest after having let go. you speak through laboured breaths, “the ice cream.” jean hums in question, stroking at your hair, cock still stuffed inside your sensitive pussy, “huh?” you reply, “the ice cream. it’s all melted now, jean. the ice cream, fuck-”
CONNIE ⋆ after having stumbled into the back of the limousine connie had rented out for your anniversary with tired smiles and bleary eyes, the two of you cannot take your hands off each other. your acrylics paw at his chest, nails riding the slightly sweaty skin that teases you with three buttons undone. connie’s rings are cold to the touch of your heated thigh. it sits in contrast to the hot air of the limo, hand of his rising up to trail the lace band of your panties. that short dress of yours rounds the flesh of your pert ass as you stay seated on his lap, eyes hooded and in his when you sink teeth down into your bottom lip. with every brush of his fingers to your skin, you curl your chest further into the heat of him. connie ghosts the material of your dress, just teasingly grazing the hem of it, to ultimately sink his hand underneath and hook a finger to your panties. you push him off, mind full with him only. it sings its song, all as you sink to your knees, watch the widened round of his eyes as he studies you. you move slowly, too slowly for connie. he bucks his hips up, cock out and thick in your smaller hand. he all but groans, traffic swallowing the sound of his desperate whines. a smile just teases the lips of him –– lazy, and woozy. your hand begins to pump. your hand, decorated with designer rings, thousand dollar bracelets, and all. connie thinks it could just about be the hottest fucking thing. nails of yours look too damn good around him, pumping his hot, fat cock up and down, leisurely. as if you’ve got all the time in the world. he comes before he can stop himself –– spurting out white that shoots from his red slit. before he gets the chance to curl into himself, embarrassed, you’re swiftly moving to suck his thickened arousal. stupid ass driver –– running over a bump, causing your hand to jerk to the side, streaking connie’s come over the corner of your lips, instead. sharply, he inhales. connie eyes the mixture of his arousal to your red wine lips. a deadly sight, it is. with nimble fingers, he pinches at your waist, rising you up with ease and laying you on the seat next to him. he lowers himself, eyes hooked into yours. he’ll repay you –– in any way possible, connie will replay you. he will.
LEVI ⋆ you’re not sure what to blame this on, but fuck, are you grateful. perhaps there was always a lingering tension, that had festered over time, behind the scenes. but it had snapped under pressure today –– was it because of your pencil skirt? the one that is currently bunched up at your hips? or was it when you had been leaning over levi’s desk, granting him with his tasks for the day, tits practically spilling from your blouse? it’s impossible to be sure. though here you are, now, with your assistants fat cock deep in your guts. levi fucks you so deep, and so fucking hard, it feels as if he’s replacing the line of your spine. he batters your cunt, deep in your lungs, every time he pulls out to plow back into you once more. he seems to rearrange them all in a different order, when he stuffs himself balls deep back into you again and again and again. it just lightly throws you off –– confuses you, fades into a grey area within the foggy haze that takes up your brain. levi’s touch is a great contrast to it all, gently brushing the rise of your skin, palm cupping your cheek, brushing away stray tears that’ve formed from heightened pleasure. he whispers into the air of your spacious car, words that stick to your ears, that have you clenching tighter around the dick that pummels your cunt. he counts, gives you a waring, thumb at your clit as you ripple and vibrate within the arms of levi. he shushes you with comfort through his teeth, trailing gentle kisses behind your ear, tiny nibbles left at your shoulder before you ask him –– no, tell him to let go. levi molds his thick come to stick to your pliant walls, walls that do nothing but pulse around the base of his big dick, greedily sucking out more. your pussy, a mind of its own, continues to do so. until his balls have gone dry, ‘til his chest heaves, lungs aching for any trace of air. his chest fits against your sweaty back, black tendrils of his just teasingly brushing the shell of your ear. he shifts, cock snug, homely, between the meat of your ass. the air of your car is compact, hot. you inhale “you-” exhale, “i’m getting you a raise, mr. ackerman.” levi simply chuckles, raising himself from his spot between your legs to watch as his pleasure comes spilling from your slit. he lowers himself, thumb collecting the mixture of both you, and him. levi licks his lips, cunt of yours pulsing, gaping hole leaking arousal with each clench. you still have fifteen minutes left on your lunch break –– more than enough time, he muses.
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onwiings · 8 hours ago
ProSkater!Connie x GNReader
18+ Only - MINORS DNI. Read my rules before you follow me. content warnings: swearing, mentions sex
Tumblr media
ok so i hc modern connie in his early twenties like living fast and becoming a sponsored professional skateboarder. he’s the top of his class, a younger Nyjah Houston or Tony Hawk. he’s a wild child the whole time, dating models, releasing several nike shoes, and is known as a shenanigan instigator—he’s that special type of athletic version of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. he’s in on the bro fun and genuinely a part of the new skate culture. so then
then he meets you. the total opposite of him, farthest beyond the extreme sports circle, but earning your own accolades in your chosen lifeway. so then
you and connie meet each other through a mutual family friend’s wedding (you belong to opposite wedding parties). and then of course, you’re fucking way before the first toast. so then
modern connie in his late twenties/early thirties still competes in the x-games and olympics, and eventually starts becoming more involved in his skate video production and starts directing on the side. he grows into a mentor for younger skaters entering the professional realm. he becomes all domestic over time and would rather choose to stay in with you on weekends because that’s his only time off between practice, promotional interviews and shoots. he makes breakfast, you make love. he helps you with house projects, you make messes in the kitchen. he still brings you to skate vid launch parties, but the difference is that he leaves before your bedtime.
Tumblr media
18+ Only - MINORS DNI. Read my rules before you follow me.
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Run Away With Me
Connie X reader
“Princess it’s like two in the morning what’s up? You needy for your boyfriend this late at night, is that what it is?” Connie’s sleep groggy voice fills the air, his smirk ever present even through the phone… that is until you don’t answer him. “Hey Y/N baby what’s wrong everything is okay right, you still there do I need to come over?” You choke back a sob as you try and answer your boyfriend, “C-Connie… please run away with me, please I can’t take it anymore.”
You hear the shuffling of Connie’s bed sheets as he sits up, “Baby what happened, c’mon princess you gotta tell me what’s wrong your scaring me here.” Taking a deep breath you utter out a scratchy, “Connie I need you to take me away from here, I need you to save me… I can’t live like this anymore.” Connie’s heart shattered he knew how much your home life affected you. Your parents far to uptight and strict to let you live like a normal person, they wanted you to be their perfect little trophy. They always acted like you guys were a perfect family but no one ever really knows what happens behind closed doors. Your parents never talked at home the both of them bringing in their various partners for the night, they avoided each other like the plague only together for the business deals. You however were slowly being pulled apart by their incessant tugging, your sanity slipping away as they drug you around for their own personal gain.
They never spent time with you or praised you for the small things that mean so much, instead they dressed you up and showed you off to the richest men in town in hopes that one might whisk you away for a pretty penny. When Connie came along your parents were furious, angry that the middle class boy somehow wiggled his way into their world hindering their plans. Time after time your parents told you to break up with him, you always saying you would, found ways to see him without your parents knowing. Connie didn’t have much just a simple studio apartment that was barely furnished and an old rusty pick up truck, but you never felt more free than when you were with him. He had a way of making you feel like you could do anything even when you had nothing.
That’s why you swear you died the night your parents caught you out with Connie. The two of you were out on a romantic little date after not being able to see each other for a few weeks, Connie insisting that you two go to the most expensive restaurant in town all on him. Of course you agreed, not a thought in your mind but your favorite boy and that sweet smile you missed so much. The night was perfect you and Connie catching up on all the things you just couldn’t talk about on the phone, an endless amount of hugs and kisses shared between the two of you. All until you hear the crashing of glass and the shrill screech of a woman you unfortunately know all to well. Mumbling a quick, “ ‘m so sorry Connie.” you let your mother drag you away your father not to far behind.
It’s been 4 months since then, 4 months since you’ve last seen Connie. The only thing keeping you together are your late night phone calls and the sweet little text he leaves you throughout the day, even then your heart is still longing for him to set you free. “Connie it’s not enough anymore, I need to be with you… I need you to take me away.” Slipping his sweats on Connie mutters, “I’m on my way princess pack your bags alright… I’ll be there soon.” Giving him a quiet, “okay” you get up more than ready to make your great escape. Grabbing the little duffel bag from the top of your closet you only grab the essentials, most of it things Connie has bought you throughout your relationship.
Your heart is pounding, the sound of your blood rushing filling your ears as you hear the tapping of little rocks against your window. Glancing out your eyes tear up as you see the face you have been missing for so long. His green eyes locking onto your Connie throws you a large smile, “God I’ve missed your pretty face baby… are you ready for this princess?” Giving him a curt nod you toss your duffel bag into the plush grass of your yard, turning around you take one last look at your personal jail cell… your body finally cooling as you say goodbye to the confines of hell.
Turning back around you step out onto your balcony the wind blowing your hair as you gaze down at your lover. Stepping over the railing you wait for his confirmation, “C’mon princess I got you, I promise.” Taking a deep breath you close your eyes feeling the cold air hit you as you fall. Not a worry in your mind as you let the air embrace you, it’s gentle hug making you feel like your flying. Your heart soaring as you finally meet the arms of your longtime lover, the two of you instantly meeting in a passionate kiss. “God I fucking missed you Y/N… so so much.” Pressing another kiss to your lips his arms tighten around you, a soft giggle escaping you. “I’m not going anywhere Con I’m here baby, im all yours now.” Grabbing his hand and your duffel bag off the grass you make your way to his rusty little truck, the one you missed so much.
Tossing your bag in the back, you quickly make your way to the passenger side door. The familiar squeaking a welcoming sound as you sit on the worn down seat, eyes soft as you gaze at the man starting the engine. “Y/N are you sure you wanna do this? Princess I don’t want you to do anything your gonna regret.” Grabbing his hand gently you rub soothing little circles on it, “Connie I have never wanted anything more… your it for me. You make me so unbelievably happy, Connie you love me for me… you understand who I truly am and never once have you made me feel like I wasn’t enough.” Leaning over the console Connie kisses you yet again, his calloused thumb rubbing against the smooth skin of your cheek.
“Look baby I don’t have a lot to give to you, I can’t buy you a big house or a fancy car… I can’t get you a beautiful diamond ring like you deserve. All I can do is love you wholeheartedly, I’ll try my absolute hardest to make you smile or to hear that laugh I absolutely adore… princess I’ll work day and night to ensure that we can live comfortably. Just you and me forever.” “Thats all I need Con, forget the house or the car… fuck the diamond ring, I only need you everything else always falls into place when I have you.” Giving you the same bright smile you fell in love with he utters a, “Well let’s get the hell outta here okay baby? We can go wherever you want… I don’t care how far it is, I’m already home as long as I got you.” Hand in hand your drive off into the darkness, bright smiles lighting the way as the sounds of your hearts beating pave the roads.
“As long as we are together, nothing can stop us ever. Two birds finally free from their cages, a fresh new start… a brand new life. I can’t wait to live it with you.”
Tumblr media
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levisgirll · 11 hours ago
hi cutie! 💖🥺
i got request for u because i know you'll make an awesome work 🥺 what about Levi's marriage proporsal headcanons/fic? i just thought he will be so sweet~ :D
you don't have to do them if you don't want to!~
take care mina, have a good day 💖🥺✨
𝐋𝐞𝐯𝐢'𝐬 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐚𝐥 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧
text: Heya An 🥺 tysm for your sweet words and for this amazing request!! and I would GLADY do this request :,) (i rlly hope you like it 💖) Also have a great day!! and make sure to take care of yourself, love you! 🥺✨. this really gave me feels writing this i-
synopsis: Levi has decided to propose to Y/N after such a long tough journey and finally out of the walls. The end of the battle and the war. He wanted to live outside the walls with his only special Y/N. How will he proposal Y/N though? And how will he act?
soft & cute fluff, modern au ♡ —
Finally...Levi is going to do it 'Today'. No more backing away. He had it all planned out and everything. Why was he still...hesitant?
"I wonder how Y/N will react....will they even like the ring I got for them..?" Levi said as he was hold the ring box and looking at it.
'Wait....Will they even say yes?' He put it back on the drawer and start pacing around.
'Ugh...I cant believe this...I am actually being nervous? Fuck...I find killing 40 titans at the same time way easier than much for used to being called humanity's 'strongest' solider'. Fucking hell.'
He stopped, and turned around. 'No...If I don't then someone will take Y/N away from me.' That got him back up and he finally took out the ring box he had there for a month now. He will do it. Today.
Levi is such a private man and he loves that only between you guys. Not really a big fan with bringing everyone together and all, he couldn't even think words clearly when he looks at you and stutters, so how will he do that with EVERYONE here while proposing and saying what he thinks his ‘cliché’ speech? Hell no.
He wanted it to be so special. He wanted to remember this memory and grave that in both of your minds. He was going to propose to his lover this evening.
He had the idea already figured out, and it took him around a month to prepare it and get it perfect. He was doing this all while seeing you everyday, and had to try and hide it from you. Which kind of made you a bit of suspicious. He would usually go out during the afternoon to that 'same' expensive ring shop and stand there for 3 hours trying to pick the perfect ring.
"Um...Sir, I can help you if you would like?" The retail assistant would say as she approached Levi who had such a serious look, as if he was making a life or death decision. "No. I need to pick this, cant be someone else." He would say and his eyes glued to the collection of beautiful rings. He takes a long time to buy that ring just for 'you' that day. Nothing but full of his love all poured into it as he finally picked one.
He called up the people to set up and get ready with the preparation today at 10pm.
After he hanged up, he went to his contacts and pressed 'My Dearest'.
Y/N picked up, “H-Hey Love, how are you hm?" Shit. Why did I fucking stutter, I hate my life. He would say cursing himself under his breathe.
You picked that up, and started to chuckle which made his heart flutter. "I'm alright love! Just out with Sasha and Christa shopping....Is something wrong?"
Levi: "No. Can I see you tonight at 10pm? I will pick you up." Please say yes for this....
"Hmm...Yup sure! See you then, Love you!" You said that so cheerfully that he wanted to see you 'now' and hold you.
"Great. I love you too Y/N." He said that and he was holding his phone so tightly. This is it.
It was 10pm, and Levi has picked you up. You looked so amazing and beautiful to him, that he just stood there and gazed at you so lovely, losing his focus.
You started to blush, "Levi..." you said as you waved your hand at him.
"Oh...Um...You look gorgeous." Fuck Levi why do you keep messing up, I haven't even take them there yet.
Levi then took you to one of the top 10 hotels that they had, but this one was special. It was a beach resort hotel! When you both got in to check in, everything was made in glass, sparkling everywhere. But you were the one sparkling beautifully to him.
"Oh my god Levi...I did not expect this! If you told me we were going to a beach resort I would have dressed up so pretty."
“Tch, dont be silly. You are already pretty.." He said that as his cheeks had a faint red blush.
As you guys checked in, you sat and laid on the bed on your back. “Hmm, so what is the occasion Levi?" You go straight to the point which got him off guard. Of course you would ask.
"Nothing, Just that I remembered you wanted to come here so I decided to take us both here today" His heart was now racing. He was actually going to do it. You looked outside and saw the beautiful beach shore.
“Oh lets go check it out!!". You got excited and got up from the bed.
“No! Not now...lets get comfortable and change. I even bought you a gift. If you want to wear it...and we can head to the beach shore, Hm? Ill see you there.”
Weird. Levi would always go to places with you and he has always waited for you, but today was different.
As you changed to the outfit Levi bought for you, you went towards the sliding glass door to open it and stepped outside to find Levi.
As you stepped outside and wore the sandals that was there, you headed  towards the beach shore which was kind of dark. Not much lights.
“L-Levi..!!” You yelled out, a bit nervous. As soon as you called out his name, lights started to brighten as you were approaching the shore and you see beautiful decorations that was hanged up, full of beautiful roses, lilies and others that were glooming with the light.
You see Levi standing by the shore, and he turned around. “Y/N.”
He called out your name instead of ‘love’ which meant that he was serious.
You started to get worried. What's going on? You stopped and stood beside him looking at him.
“Remember...When we first saw the ocean...and first stood at the beach shore.” He said that as his grey eyes were looking at the waves that were driven by the wind so calmly.
“Yea...I do remember it clearly. It was one of my best moments.”
He continued. “We...won, and some of our comrades survived, but...we did it and got through it and I am glad you are here alive with me.” He started to sound....sad? “I never expected this new lifestyle and to be honest, I am glad I am living it with you by my side....You.” He stopped and turned around to look at you. “Stood by my side till the end Y/N, and believed in me, but...not only that but you also saw me as a human being while everyone thought I was heartless. You gave me hope, and you started to make me feel that I deserved to be loved, and I don't think anyone would have made me feel like this if it wasn't for you.”
You stood there so startled, you eyes started to widen. Is Levi really saying this all...? You knew he was a bit talkative with you only but, this....this is different.
Levi then took out what looked like a seashell..? He was looking at it then, handed it over to you.
“Oh wow, this is so pretty!” You said amazed by how it looked and you looked back at Levi.
“Levi, Thank you for your sweet words...I am so happy hearing that from you.” You said while holding on to it, you couldn't stop smiling.
Fuck just say it Levi. “Y/N, I know I have been the hardest to I want to recreate this beach shore memory with asking you something....”
As he was saying that you noticed the seashell, could open? So you did that...and you saw a beautiful diamond ring shining. You froze.
He held your free hand with both of his warm hands and caressed it, “Y/N, will you...m-marry me?” He said that as he looked directly to your eyes that was open up.
Silence. This made Levi worry so much. He looked down but then noticed tears dripping, which made him look back at you so quickly and you started tearing up as the wind started to blow your hair and the ocean waves crashing.
“Yes...I want to be your Mrs. Ackerman. I want to live the rest of my life with you!!” You said that while crying and this made Levi panic, and he quickly hugged you, covering you with his muscular arms and....he started to cry with you too.
“Y/N, thank you. I won’t fail you, I can’t wait to have moments like this for the rest of our lives.” He went back, and looked at your beautiful face, and proceed to kiss your forehead so lovely.
“Y/N!!! Levi!!” You both got startled and looked to the other side and you saw...all of your friends!
“Oh my god....guys!” You saw everyone from Levi’s squad including Hanji who was screaming out your names and all your friends started to run towards you guys.
You then noticed, the whole beach shore started to brighten and you saw beautiful wedding decorations hanged up, heart balloons, a huge long table filled with delicious savory, desserts and drinks while soft jazz music started to play.
Connie and Sasha rushed with celebration poppers and popped that to everyone and confetti's were all over both of you and everyone started to laugh including Levi.
He actually rented out the whole beach shore just for this special occasion to make a special experience, and even planned a surprise celebration after that with all of your friends.
This went on for what left like forever, and everyone headed back after congratulating both of you and you both went to your beach resort room.
You guys did not sleep that night and actually stayed up together talking about how this special evening went, about the future while holding hands, being cuddled up and leaving each other soft kisses throughout the conversation.
Now, everytime you think or even go to the beach shore, you think of Levi’s amazing romantic proposal. This man really took a long time figuring this out and wanted it special cause you deserved that.
And, whenever you look at his steel grey gaze, you saw the love he had for you, and you saw your soon to be husband that you will spend the rest of your life with.
ᴏᴋᴀʏ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴀs ʟᴏɴɢ ʙᴜᴛ ɪ ᴇɴᴊᴏʏᴇᴅ ᴡʀɪᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪs ᴀɴᴅ it ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟʟʏ ᴡᴀʀᴍᴇᴅ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴇʟᴛᴇᴅ ᴍʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ !! ɪ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʀᴇᴀᴅs ᴛʜɪs ᴄ: IF ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ʟᴇᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ! ɪ ᴡᴏᴜʟᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ sᴏ ɪ ᴄᴀɴ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ʏᴏᴜ ᴀʟʟ ʟɪᴋᴇ ɪᴛ 🥺 ♥
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penny-lane629 · 11 hours ago
※some aot dudes and their reactions to you texting them ‘fuck me’※
uuuuh first time doing this text au thing don’t know how it works(^_^)
cw: swearing, suggestive content
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the armin one hit too close to home bc I said the word seggy to a guy once and he stopped talking to me lmao
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erenslittlestepsister · 15 hours ago
PSA: You're hot
Making a guy flustered because of how good you look is actually the best feeling in the world. I go on a power trip and stay on it for at least a week when it happens. That said, you would definitely fluster your favorite anime character. I just know this, take my word for it, from one pretty thing to another. His eyes would be nervously darting everywhere in the space above your head when you finally approach him. He clings to his cool aura with all his might but it evaporates leaving him with no shield against your enchantment. His anxiousness is visible in the way his shoulders are now slightly raised and his jaw seems to tighten more with every choppy sentence that spills from his mouth without any filter. His eyes widen as he listens to himself morph into the biggest dork, unable to stop his own fate. You just watch it unfold, enjoying every mispronounced word and stutter, not giving him an out as your eyes cooly regard him. With great mercy, you bid him a good day, his goodbye dies in his throat as you flash him a smile. It will take the poor man a few hours to recover from the death of his dignity. Once he's brave enough to replay the encounter in his head he cringes into oblivion. The journey to his ego's recovery begins with him reenacting smooth versions of the encounter fiasco and ends with vivid daydreams of him getting to fuck you over any flat surface he can think of.
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to6kyos · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ what is it like to shop with attack on titan characters !
— mentions : eren , mikasa , armin , levi , Connie , jean , sasha
— word count ; 806w + armins
— warnings; modern au! nothing! fluff
Notes ; i love this, I might do it for jjk and Tokyo revengers, also I forgot about armin 💔 so that’s why he’s at the very bottom please please reblog!!
| masterlist |
Tumblr media
— EREN , he doesn’t like it? I mean he likes going out but I don’t see him as a guy who would say “hey I wanna go shopping” he buys his clothes online 😟. okay okay but shopping with him is kinda fun? Cough* spoils you cough* you drag him everywhere, just be careful not to pass by any shoe store, he stays there for hours just asking for shoes and trying some on. And yes I see eren as a shoe guy <\3.
as a joke you always walk into Victoria secret <\3
he acts cool but he has a lot in mind… 😟
offers to buy you snacks from those food stands
walks around with his hand in your back pocket, or over the shoulder
he tells you he isn’t over protective but you know he’s lying, he’s always glaring at guys looking at you.
you on the other hand, when girls complimented him you just smile and stand next to him, for the rest of the day you have a bitch face and is moody 💔
— JEAN, he’s the one dragging you to go shop with him, you like it too but jean goes every Monday and maybe every Saturday <\3, he goes into Gucci I-I do not make the rules. if there’s a Prada around he’s sure to buy you something from there ( I love Prada 🤞🏻). Spoils you, no doubt
he wears the most fashionable thing to go to the mall
Holds your hand and bags
offers to go into the dressing room with you <\3
after a long day of shopping he takes you to eat, very fancy restaurant.
— CONNIE , I want to go on a date with this man because I know that is going to be the best day of my life, here’s the first thing, If the mall has those kids park, you know that he’s going to drag you there. Do you get kicked out for being too loud? Yeah. you guys go into zumies, hot topic, those small collector stores, always munching on something, like pretzels or popcorn.
buys you ice cream after all that walking
you guys end up buying matching caps
also you guys go to the book store, buy some manga or books of your liking
Connie is kinda lay back, he walked the whole mall with his hand over your shoulder. would put his whole weight into you. You guys fell once bc of him
Would smile at you and stare at you every now and then
Would definitely do those falling pranks, you laugh and walk away acting like you don’t know him
— LEVI , he likes shopping online, in his chair. BUT if you drag him out the house and take him to the mall he doesn’t complain. He probably shops in like Zara’s men section. That where he gets his sense of fashion, I think levi is more or a outlet guy but but he enjoys the mall, takes seats in those random chair around the mall, drinking coffe while you lay your head on his shoulder.
Gets lots of looks bc of how “unhappy” he looks
he’s actually happy that’s he’s out with you
holds your hand, AND PLAYS WITH YOUR PINKY while you stop to look at something
when you try something he gives his very honest opinion </3 you have to remind yourself he still loves you
— MIKASA , get ready because this would be a super cute and chill girls date, favorite store is zara please i just see her loving that store. Wear a loose suit for the date, super cute. If there is a display, you know how they put cars and stuff in the middle of a mall. You both stop to look at them, SHOPPING AT THE ART SHOP.
After the mall you guys go to the park and have a picnic
Canvas and paints scattered
Mikasa is very protective of you so she would shield you a lot in the mall
The two of you try on outfits just for fun, you never buy them.
— SASHA , again the funnest date ever, runs everywhere and when she sees something that reminds her of you she'll go running towards you. “Look this is so you”. Loud laughing everywhere you have to calm her down. Makes you spend 20 dollars at the arcade but don't worry she tries to win a iphone from those claw games, fails but at least she tried. You guys stop to eat donuts and ice cream, stomach problems for the rest of the night.
You guys go to the movie theater after
Shes all over you, hugging you while you two walk
She literally calls out whoever looks at you in a bad way “what are you staring at bitch?”
Still wins you a cute teddy bear
Favorite store is probably pacsun? She loves the clothes from there
Sasha is a vans girl </3
— ARMIN, armin is an adventurous guy and loves going out with you, cute date, offers to buy you coffee for the long walks, buys you things without letting you and surprises you with them. is shy when he asks for your opinion on a shirt he’s trying on, he’s so cute oh my gosh
I don’t know why but I see armin not wanting people watch him look at clothes, he probably gets overwhelmed?? I DUNNO but I see him like that
movie and popcorn at home, you guys watch the movie you bought at the mall
book shopping at the local Barnes and noble 🤞🏻
you guys try and make cloud cake 
Tumblr media
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So I made a master list and realized most of my writing is for Jean (no complaints here) but I feel kinda bad so I need more characters to write for so don’t be afraid to ask 👀
Yes group stories count too I loved writing the wedding series 🤍
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nightfall-kachiniko · 21 hours ago
Embarrassing shit they did.
Connie once wore it this to protest against female rights and got his ass beat
Tumblr media
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blondeboyfriend · a day ago
Getting High with the AOT Boys (18+)
Tumblr media
Hey, stoners! @babieweeb​ got me thinking about what music these fellas would play while smoking you out so of course I made a post.
Includes: Eren, Armin, Jean, Connie, Reiner, Bertholdt, Zeke, Porco, and Levi.
Warnings: Weed, and some dubcon because I mention weed sex.
Tumblr media
Eren: Same Ol' Mistakes - Rihanna
Eren puts this shit on full blast and then forces you to take three hits off of his gravity bong. He waits until you're high off your ass to admit he likes this version of the song better than the Tame Impala one.
Tumblr media
Armin: I Follow You - Melody's Echo Chamber
Armin's just trying to chill, okay? He puts on some psychedelic pop, rolls a fatty, and cuddles up next to you for the evening. You inevitably pass out on the couch together in a cuddle puddle.
Tumblr media
Jean: Pillow Talk - Yung Bae
Jean knows he's gonna be too high to dance but he's gonna fucking try. He wants to get his groove on with his main bitch (aka you).
Tumblr media
Connie: Rapp Snitch Knishes - MF Doom
I know deep in my heart Connie would be a hardcore MF Doom fan. He knows every fucking word to every fucking song. He puts this shit on and shotguns your ass into next year.
Tumblr media
Reiner: Hardest to Love - the Weeknd
Leave it to Reiner to put on some sad shit when you're trying to get high. He makes up for it by dicking you down after a few bowls.
Tumblr media
Bertholdt: Good At - Megan Thee Stallion
Sorry I have a very specific fantasy of Berty Boy playing this and like relaxing in a bean bag chair with him while he feeds me weed gummies.
Tumblr media
Zeke: Noonside - Yaeji
Zeke wake up and starts rolling a joint for y'all before he even puts his glasses on. He tucks that shit behind his ear and jostles you awake, like bitch get up today we wake and bake.
Tumblr media
Porco: Locc 2 Da Brain - Brotha Lynch Hung
Another oddly specific one. Porco reminds me of the guys I'd smoke with in high school that'd drive me to a nice ass view, like just heavenly, and proceed to blast Brotha Lynch Hung for hours.
Tumblr media
Levi: Smalltown Boy - Orville Peck
Levi has a nice ass Volcano vaporizer that he breaks out for special occasions, namely when you roll up to his house with some top shelf shit and a fistful of condoms.
Tagging: @xenihime @kojinnie @kirsteiiins @babieweeb @celestidarling @erwinslut @eru-lloyd @reinersbunny @phenxmena @pompousbiscuit @greenlplant @kuroshitsujjiii @weepinglevi @wattpad-reads @sarashitposts @pastelwaifujazz @glittrkink @intothesunset @peachysimp @recipeforselfdestruction13 @chocomoonx @adalz @lazyezstudy @saccharine-darling
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amajikisgf · a day ago
Tumblr media
Random Aot HeadCanons That I Have
Tumblr media
characters included:eren,armin,mikasa,connie,sasha,jean,reiner annie,bertholdt,historia,ymir
Tumblr media
➪Reiner,Jean,and Connie all play gta together and go to the strip club to get a lap dance by the strippers
➪Historia’s favorite movie is mean girls and her favorite character is Regina George
➪Ymir watches keeping up with the kardashians to make fun of them for being so dramatic
➪eren,armin,and mikasa go to scary places to film youtube videos at 3 am
➪Bertholdt has many dark humor jokes but doesn’t say them so he won’t make people feel bad
➪mikasa and annie make cults of their favorite characters in the restrooms at school
➪connie and sasha play call of duty and kill everyone in the opposite team
➪ymir and reiner run a tea page for the school and no one knows about it except historia
➪jean makes fanpages of himself and makes edits on funimate
➪armin used to read magic three house books when he was in middle school
➪Sasha pretends to be pregnant due to how bloated she gets after eating food
Tumblr media
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hotboyissei · a day ago
warnings: slight nsfw in erens, nothing really <3
things to know: all for laughs!
note: posting this cause, yeah that’s all lol enjoy! rbs are greatly appreciated <3
hotboyissei 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ukiyowrites · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary ~ cockwarming w/ aot guys
characters ~ eren, connie, jean
warnings ~ nsfw, minors dni
Tumblr media
you felt the mattress dip way too early in the morning for anyone to be up and functioning, let alone have already gone to the gym and showered. Feeling Erens arm wrap around you, you kept your eyes closed not ready to be awake to the world yet. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to the side of your head,
“babe? you up?”, he asked, his breath fanning against your ear,
“mm no”, you mumbled out, eyes still closed.
“yes you are”, you just groaned, burying yourself deeper into the pillows.
“What do you want eren?”, opting not to answer, he began pressing kisses down your neck, “mm too tired”, you mumbled out again, trying to scotch away from him. But his strong arms where pulling you back into his embrace with a low whine,
“baby please”, he continued pressing kisses against your your neck, “just wanna feel you”, even if you were exhausted the way he was kissing you, touching up on you, and talking to you was making it hard to just go back to sleep. Letting out a small sigh you glanced at him, his hair was still wet from his shower and his muscles looked annoyingly defined at the moment.
“well that’s all you can do then”, smirking to himself he dragged his finger over your folds,
“hm for someone so tired yo-“
“Shut up”, chuckling he lifted up your thigh, slowly easing his cock inside you, lightly groaning at the feeling. Your body relaxed against his as he filled you up.
“fuck, this is perfect”, he mumbled against your neck, ya’ll spent the majority of the morning like this, his cock buried deep inside your cunt.
Your heavy pants filled the room as jean collapsed on top of you after fucking you stupid. Leaning forward he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, as both of y’all’s breathing evened.
“Mm love you”, he mumbled against your forehead, just as he was about to pull out you brought your leg up to wrap around his waist.
“Mnm”, you mumbled, haphazardly running your hand down his arm,
“Want me to stay like this?”, you nodded, moving your eyes towards his, “didn’t know you liked this”, he said with a chuckle. Glancing away you rolled your eyes,
“Fine leave then”, he smiled, pressing kisses against your jaw,
“Mm don’t wanna move either”, wrapping both legs around his waist you gave his body a squeeze before running your hand through his hair.
“Jean”, he quirked an eyebrow at you,
“If I fall asleep will you stay here?”, he chuckled, nodding his head, leaving a soft kiss to your nose.
“Mhm I won’t move”, that was all he had to say because seconds later your eyes were closed, sleep quickly consuming you.
He had been on the game for hours at this point, yapping away with his friends and you were lonely. More specifically you were horny. Knocking lightly on his door you let yourself in, leaning against the doorframe you watched him for a second.
“Connie”, lifting one headphone up he leaned his head back, making eye contact with you.
“Yeah?”, walking over you stood next to his chair,
“You almost done?”, glancing at you he shrugged,
“Mm, not sure when everyone’s gonna want to call it quits”, you sighed, leaning your head back, getting ready to make your way towards the door before an idea shot inside your brain.
“Can I sit with you?”, smiling at you he opened his arms,
“Mhm”, as soon as he gave you the okay you climbed into his lap, wrapping your arms around his his neck you softly kissed him.
Quickly the soft kisses turned into neck kisses and before either of you knew it your hand was down his pants slowly pumping his dick.
“Wanna feel you”, a small blush creeped up on his cheeks at your words, glancing at you he nodded his head. Moving his boxers and shorts you pulled out his cock, after moving your underwear to the side you slowly sunk yourself down on him. You both lightly moaned,
“Just don’t move, okay”, he said softly, “no I wasn’t fucking talking to you”, he said into his headset, you giggled, setting down on his lap. Being buried inside your cunt was the motivation he needed to finally tell his friends he had to go and he’d talk to them later.
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Masterlist 💫
Started May 29, 2021
Fluffy~ • Smut~ * Angsty~#
Tumblr media
Group Stories
Tumblr media
Recent Works ✨
Run Away With Me
Tumblr media
A little about me 🤍
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