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#ilysm <3
velvetkisses28 · 4 hours ago
DUDE i just found your blog and i'm obsessed!! Can i just say your taste in music and film is supreme and like your kinda cool or whatever? Anyway i just wanted to say hope you're having a good day :) (ps i'd be down if you ever want to talk about how iconic pheobe or 1d is sometime)
DUDE thank you so muchhh <3 yes I'm having a good day. Hope you're doing well too!! And yesss hmu we gonna talk about how iconic phoebe and 1D is 😤
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w0nni3wrld · 6 hours ago
daily rants with me !! (please read the second paragraph and answer with yes or no as well as who you'd like to see if it happens! anon or not, it doesn't matter <3)
I have a huge urge to write a short angst fic but 1. I don't have any inspiration/ideas on the plot at the moment, 2. who would it be with? and 3. I'm trying to finish hidden before starting anything else because the next chapter to that fic has been sitting uncompleted in my drafts for months!
also, should I write member x member ships? I mean, I've already got one in the Hidden fic (wink wink) but aside from that, instead of y/n and an idol it would be another member from their group. something like nomin, markhyuck, minsung, johnten, jaeyong, kunten and anyone else that you'd like! lmk if you think I should <3
also, I'm really trying to get into tbz and svt so once I'm part of those fandoms and know more about the members, I'll see if I'm comfortable writing for them. we'll see what new doors that will open!
(by knowing the members I mean knowing what they're like to an extent, what they like and dislike, group ships and why, etc. I'm not sure if it makes sense but an example would be like how jaemin's extremely humble, generous and kindhearted)
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catcze · 6 hours ago
Good, I'm glad you slept well, my rose 💜 Your letter only just found me now, ironically right as I was about to sleep. If I'm being honest it's rather late here, I stayed up quite a bit longer than I anticipated while writing something. Hehe, oops~
Anyways, sleepy as I may be, allow me to spend a moment telling you about my day today. Jean came into the library asking me for a book by name that left me speechless, and you'll never guess why; I'd literally just finished it the day I first met you. I may have teared up a little in front of her while thinking about how much I miss you. Of course I loaned her the copy immediately, and she was on her way. Other than that it's been so quiet lately... Only little Ella truly visits me every day. I miss you. Mi muhe ye.
How have you been darling? Have you been eating properly? I'm sure wherever you are the food isn't as good as it is here(unless of course you're in Liyue-I've been meaning to take you to Wanmin once the chance arises). Please do be sure you're eating properly though. I hope nobody has done anything to hurt you, either. Otherwise I might have to take a little vacation, hehe~💜
Take care of yourself starlight, and write back to me when you can. I always love hearing from you, almost as much as I'd love to have you here in my arms again. I love you, and sleep well when next you do~
Yours Always,
-Lisa 🌺💜
⠀Whenever this reaches you, I hope you had a good rest, dearest!! Don’t stay up too late, even for your writing or work, or you might have me worried <3 You deserve a good rest like everyone else, Lisa 💞
⠀Oh, don’t cry because you miss me, I promise I’ll come back to you soon. I can’t recall if you’ve read that particular book to me yet–– I’d love if you can tell me about it when you get back. I hope that both Ella and Jean are doing well, but with you there, I’m sure all is going fine. I miss you just as much, love, and I promise I’ll bring you many gifts when I next visit. 
⠀I’ve also been eating and doing well, so you need not worry over me too much, love. The food here is quite good, but I can’t help comparing it to that special bolognese you used to make me. No one has done anything to hurt me, but if I lied and said someone did, do you promise to come take a vacation to come see me? Haha, I’m just joking, But I would love to go to Wanmin with you–– I haven’t been yet, but I hear their food is exquisite. 
⠀I promise I’ll take care of myself, love, please just promise me the same in return 💞 Every time you write to me, I always feel so happy and I can’t stop smilin, honestly. i’ll visit as soon as I can, I love you. Have sweet dreams, dear. 💞
––Catte 💞
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manictickles · 9 hours ago
How are you so cute
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sakuctsu · 11 hours ago
hii naya it’s me 🦦🦦 hehehehe today i offer atsumu with his tongue out :P
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hope ure doing well lovey <3
Tumblr media
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noyasboxdye · 12 hours ago
I wanna make my teddy bear into a purse bc i couldnt find one tht went with my fit :/
but idk if i stil remember how to sew and ive had this thing since i was like 3 or 4 so if i make it a purse im not gonna be able to sleep with him anymore (his names mr huggie) and i havent slept with out me either touching him or his somewhere and the bed or in between my wall and bed in fucking years and ik tht its gonna be hard asf for me to sleep with out him which is dumb asf and i hate myself for tht (not rlly im being dramatic) but it also the only one that would go with my fit that i could find >:(
but im acting like ion got till the middle-ish of july to figure this bs out. im probs just gonna go buy one from wegmans or walmart or sum then turn tht into the purse but they arent gonna have one thts exactly like mr huggie bc it was custom fucking made (s/o to my gigi for do tht for me lol)
like sleeping with out him with in a 2ish foot radius of me gives me fucking anxiety he has to be on the bed but it would be outside clothes which means i wouldnt even THINK of leeting touch my BARE SHEETS let alone fucking SLEEP with m e :/
anyways if you read all of this ilysm and you deserve a cookie <3 MWAH
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gr33kg0ds · 14 hours ago
can we tell im extremely mentally ill from my audience
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sunarinluvr · 14 hours ago
okayokay wait
clears throat
hi omg wait i've seen your url around and have always been like i should interact w ya but then i've always forgotten because i cant remember anything ever, but this time m coming around>:||
i always jump in w compliments so here i go omg
and you in general are VERY TALENTED and its a little bit intimidating CEFGBRH
okay but seein ya interact w my other moots omg you're so nice too gn
AHA OKAY SORRY that was probably weird
hii angie!
ure so cute and super sweet too :(( am so happy u finally found me again hehe! thank u for all the compliments it’s 10am and u just made my entire week <33 ure too kind PLEASE also can we talk about how i’ve been seeing me around 😏 HSGAHS ig it’s meant to be bestie 😩🤞
oh don’t worry it’s not weird at all i appreciate u stopping by to say hi hehe!! hello i can already tell we’re gonna be good friends 🤝
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karasong · 19 hours ago
I have a SONG-RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU n you don’t have to like it idk if it suits your taste ITS FROM AN ALBUM THAT CAME OUT FEW DAYS AGO AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT but as I said maybe it’s not your slice of...cake. pizza? anyhow, english difficult HERE IT IS
it’s emo twink-fairies time now
Tumblr media
bayyyy ily take care much love much health much happi and happy pride♥︎
yara it only took five seconds for this to become my new favorite song - i really like it!! it's definitely my slice of cake... pizza... pie. idk you're right, english is difficult. i shall add this song to my "friends who share songs with me" playlist bc i like it so much, and bc i love YOU so much!! <33
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uptothestarsxx · 19 hours ago
I hate u 😠😠😠😠😠😠
-hate anon
OLIVIA_SKjfpwejfwoiehfwoefhe-i cant even-
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glittrkink · 21 hours ago
anyways how are you babe?
- 🖋
i’m very happy to see you back in my inbox tho!!! i hope you’re doing well!!! aaaahhhh thanks for checking in on meeeeeeeeee you’re sweet <3
as for me tho............. pls i’m a mess i like don’t even know how to put it in words lmfaooo
i’m just really looking forward to the day i’m in the right headspace to write again :)))) which hopefully will be soooooon!!!
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noyasboxdye · 22 hours ago
(sorry, im being very insane today😅, i'll leave you alone so you can take your break now)
ILY2 BBY <333
and ur fine i still dont know if im taking my break lol. i will if shit gets super duper ultra mega bad tho promise :)
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transdean · 23 hours ago
please hold.
ohhhh my god irena you didnt
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I wish I had the superpower to hug my online friends
Tumblr media
thank you 🥺
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trryskmnn · a day ago
Same mind
Tumblr media
You and me
With the same hobbies
In a situation
A mutual understanding
We cry lumps of tears
Because of our empathy
We both like cats and dogs
Will we ever buy one??
All of these doesn’t makes any sense
Not until we looked at our pinkies
Following where that red string led
We are not surprised anymore
Smiling at each other
We don’t regret further
Clasping hands
We travel to forever
With same hearts
And same minds
Tumblr media
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trryskmnn · a day ago
Same night
Tumblr media
It was like a dream
A dream meant for you and me
Same thump
Same tears
Hands clasp
With one another
Even though everything happened
Both sweet and sour
It was exhilarating
Hearts full of feeling
With the same energy
Under the same night sky
And we have nothing to ask for anymore
Tumblr media
Ily Kyeom ❣️🌹❣️
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trryskmnn · a day ago
Same dream
Tumblr media
That day was a blast
That it could’ve been my last
Drunk till dazed
Danced till hazed
Amidst everything
That was happening
There was this silhouette
Smoking cigarette
As I walked closer
It became clearer
You looked at me
And before I said your name
I woke up
That you did have the same dream
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stanthefrogs · a day ago
*strawberry emoji*
annie!!! mixed asian lesbian solidarity ay
you're such a cool person with really well formulated opinions and i wish that when i was ur age i'd had as many braincells as you do now <3 you're also really sweet and thoughtful and such a warm and welcoming presence in this fandom you deserve all the love and support you get (and more)! watching you come to terms with your sexuality and generally identity makes me very emo but you're doing so well, kiddo! you go you funky lil lesbian <3
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zibermuda · a day ago
ziber i absolutely ADORE you icb you already came up with a plot for the dilf jk fic and it already sounds so good UR INSANE
IM SO MF PUMPED TO WRITE A DILF JK!! i never really thought about it til dilf-anon suggested it, but now my brain got this fic as the #1 priority 🚨
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