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#x reader smut
oceanlix · 4 minutes ago
Work From Home
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yangyang x female reader
Genre: Smut
Word count: 1010
Honestly, you were very proud of yourself for being a responsible adult. It certainly wasn’t an easy task, not with one Liu Yangyang wrapped around you like a snake.
"Yangyang, I’m serious, I have work to get done. We can play later,” you scolded, shoving his face away from your neck with your hand that wasn’t busy trying to type data into the spreadsheets.
Honestly, you were very proud of yourself for being a responsible adult. It certainly wasn’t an easy task, not with one Liu Yangyang wrapped around you like a snake.
“Yangyang, I’m serious, I have work to get done. We can play later,” you scolded, shoving his face away from your neck with your hand that wasn’t busy trying to type data into the spreadsheets.
“But I want you now,” he whined, his grip around your waist tightening. “I’ll be quick, I promise.” You continued to ignore him, silently inputting more lines of data. When he started insistently pressing his lips to the conjunction of your neck and shoulder, you turned slightly to look at him with a snort. However, the wind left your sails as soon as you locked eyes, his intense gaze making you swallow nervously.
“Are you really not going to let me work?” you asked, wincing at the breathiness your voice had taken on without your consent. Yangyang picked up on it too, a smirk emerging as he pulled you even further back against his chest.
“No,” he answered smugly, his chin coming to rest on the end of your shoulder while one of his hands inched down towards your sweatpants. Your eyes shot down just as he slipped his hand underneath the waistband, lightly brushing against your panties.
“Oh,” you sighed, unconsciously leaning back against his chest. Yangyang continued to tease you over your underwear, occasionally pressing kisses to your shoulder while you arched into his touch.
“See? I knew you’d have more fun with me,” he teased, his other hand coming up to grope your breast. “I love the noises you make,” he confessed.
You couldn’t help but cry out as he pinched your nipple, tugging just a little as you wriggled in his lap. Yangyang’s teeth scraped against your collarbone while you gripped his wrist just above the waistband of your sweatpants, causing you to let out a shuddering moan.
“Bed,” you begged, and fortunately for you, Yangyang didn’t make you ask twice. Though you whined as his hand left your sweatpants, it was short lived as he picked you up from your desk chair and carried you across the room to your bed. Your back had barely hit the mattress before he was caging you in with his arms, that damn smirk fixed in place as he looked down at you.
“I’m sorry, baby, but I lied to you,” he sighed, his hands pushing up your shirt. You just stared at him, waiting for him to elaborate. The smirk grew even wider. “I’m definitely not going to be quick.”
With this, he pulled your shirt off and tossed it to the side, immediately cupping both of your breasts in his hands. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist and squeezed, almost causing him to fall onto your chest with the sudden movements. 
“Oh, you like that?” he teased, squeezing just a little harder. You whined, arching your chest up even more to meet his hands. But it seemed like he’d already made up his mind to punish you for ignoring him, because as soon as you did, his hands slid down your sides and came to rest on your hips.
“I don’t know if you deserve it after trying to ignore me for work,” he mused, snapping the waistband of your sweatpants against your hip. You looked up at him with pleading eyes, your chest already heaving from him working you up.
“Please,” you found yourself begging, your hand wrapping around his wrist once more.
“What are the magic words?” he teased, grinning evilly. Normally you’d be rolling your eyes and fighting back, but deep down you were tired of looking at all that data and getting absolutely dicked down was extremely appealing to you. So you tamped down your usual pride and gave Yangyang what he wanted.
“I’m sorry,” you cried, tightening your grip on his wrist. “I shouldn’t have ignored you, I know you’re just trying to help me.”
Yangyang’s eyes searched yours, until finally he smiled gently and patted your head. “Good girl,” he praised, and though it almost sounded condescending, it still had you whining. You were well past the point of your usual games by now. “I just wanna help you relax, you’ve been so stressed out lately.”
As he said these words, his fingers had hooked into your sweatpants and he was slowly sliding them off of your legs. Finally they were tossed aside, and then his eyes were on you like a piece of meat. Yangyang was so good at teasing you, but the real games started when he would give you the darkened look you were witnessing now.
“Come on, take something off,” you managed to demand, feeling a little self conscious as the only one undressed. He smirked, easily pulling off his T-shirt and throwing it to the ground. Your hands immediately went to his abs, getting your fill. You managed to wipe the smirk off of his face, but only for a second before he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head.
“Now, I’m in control here,” he reminded you. “You can be the boss everywhere else, but I know what you actually want is someone that’ll take care of you.”
“And that’s gonna be you?” You scoffed, unable to stop yourself before the words tumbled out. Oh well, it seems you can’t always stop your prideful streak.
Yangyang’s eyes darkened even further, dipping his hand into your panties and swiping his fingers through your wet folds. The sudden touch had you gasping, your body rising off the bed to keep the contact. But they were gone as quickly as they came, disappearing into his mouth as he licked your juices obscenely.
“You were saying?” The way he smirked at you as he spoke was the final nail in the coffin.
“Okay,” you whispered, all fight gone out of you and only desire remaining. “You’re the boss.”
Yangyang grinned, then quickly slid your underwear off. “Good. You won’t regret it.”
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kissme-hs · 7 minutes ago
falling asleep on chris’s shoulder during a movie night and he brings you up to bed
Tumblr media
Hi! Sorry I go MIA. It’s just during the weeks I get pretty busy with work and my life so it’s hard for me to time find and write. But hey, here is one super cute fluff! Hope ya like it! :))) feedback and re-blogs are always appreciated.
Pairings: Fem! Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: none, just pure fluff
.❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
Spring. The season of blooming flowers; and blooming love for you.
As you sat on the couch, cuddled up against the man for whom your heart was beating every passing second. Your head resting against his chest with his hand rubbing your back, your legs over his lap with a cozy blanket thrown over your bodies.
His lips coming to kiss the crown of your head ever then so, streching your own up in a faint smile as you breathed in his scent—the smell of being at home. He was your home after all.
“You know, one day when we get married, I’ll buy us a house like that” he said referring to the house in the movie that was playing on the screen.
‘When we get married’
“You wanna marry me?” You stare up at him with those eyes than made his heart flutter and give the feeling of falling in love, which he does over and over again. Every passing day, he falls in love with you a little more—a little more than yesterday—a little more than the last year—a little more than ever.
“Yes sweetheart. I even know how many kids I want, if you agree of course”
“How many?”
“Well two to begin with but we can always expand. A girl and a boy initially” he said casually, keeping his gaze on the t.v. or maybe to avoid your orbs that still stared at him, knowing if he looks at you–he won’t be able to control himself and might as well just make love to you right there and ask you to marry him.
“I love you Chris. So much, I hope we get married soon” you whispered genuinely before snuggling your face further in his chest letting your lips linger on his chest over his cotton t-shirt before closing your eyes—leaving Chris sitting with a jittery belly.
The thought of you walking down the aisle dressed in a white gown, exchanging your vows and him kissing you as his bride; later being the mother of his kids, was everything he ever wanted. Seeing you dressed like an angel, walking towards him whilst he waits at the end dressed in a tuxedo, hair slick back, his signature watch around his wrist anxiously waiting for his lover to approach him and let him make her his forever.
He was living for the day.
But his open eyed dreams were interrupted when he heard a soft snore. Tearing his gaze upon the television which was he watching absent minded anyways, he looks down upon you.
Lashes resting down on those puffed cheeks which were squished onto his navy blue tee, pouting those lips. And his heart swelled with the love that grew even more for his lover, as he pick you up before walking down into your bedroom and laying down on the soft bed.
“Please be in my life, forever.”He whispers before kissing your head and pulling the covers on you both. Letting his arms wrap around your body, holding you close. Never letting you go.
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heel-rollins · 8 minutes ago
Gonna hop on the trend sorry, but Drew Mcintyre kinks?
oooooh yes !! i haven’t written for drew in a while but i love my scotsman!
thigh riding: i can totally see him taking immense pleasure in watching you ride his thighs. he knows he’s got thicker thighs than most people and is proud to let you get off on them. this isn’t me projecting and saying what i want
size kink: at 6’5, drew is almost definitely taller than all of us, and he loves that. he towers over everyone, and he gets off on that. plus you know he’s packing (his trunks don’t leave much to the imagination) and he definitely loves to see that slight look of panic in your eyes. “don’t worry darlin’ it’ll fit. can’t wait to have your tight cunt stretched ‘round me.”
marking : now i know i’ve said this before but this is different. he loves when you mark him. your nails leaving giant scratches on his back, not only does it let other people know how skilled he is, it lets people know that he belongs to you.
choking : drew has very big hands and while playing with your cunt is one way he loves to use them, seeing them wrapped around your throat is much better. he knows how to apply the perfect amount of pressure; making you dizzy with pleasure but still able to be conscious and able to speak
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creme-bruhlee · 13 minutes ago
GOOD DOCTOR KREIZLER - a laszlo kreizler fanfiction
Tumblr media
SUMMARY ↠ during the investigation into the murders that rock high society new york city, you become acquainted and close to a german-hungarian alienist with a big heart and a dark secret. dr. laszlo kreizler has the ability to open doors for the woman he loves, but, where one door opens, others slam shut. PAIRING ↠ dr. laszlo kreizler (the alienist, 2018- ) x fem!reader (y/n) WORD COUNT ↠ tbd WARNINGS ↠ SPOILERS FOR THE ALIENIST SEASON 1, smut, explicit language, depictions of violence, graphic description of injuries, misogyny, pregnancy, childbirth, SPOTIFY LINK ↠ AUTHOR'S NOTE ↠ another landing page, this time for my laszlo series! hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
prologue (coming soon)
chapter 1: many a sainted man (4.8k words)
chapter 2: book of revelations (3.3k words)
chapter 3: o come, all ye faithful (coming soon)
chapter 4: sufferings of the present (coming soon)
chapter 5: evil begets good (coming soon)
epilogue (coming soon)
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mileyjassie · 13 minutes ago
"Paint me"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Taeyong x Reader
Genre: Suggestive & Fluff
Word count: 3.4K
Synopsis: You're enjoying your time painting in your room and he's enjoying seeing you doing it, but, now he wants the attention to himself, so he asks you to paint on his skin.
I just want you to love me like I'm one of your creations.
Paint me.
See me.
Feel me.
Tumblr media
Tranquility you felt the moment you sat down, worries always forbidden to show up, in the room where you slept every night there was nothing but soft music not too loud and paints kept in boxes next to your tall stool, a big white canvas with few color strokes being created with the sketches.
You took turns between brushes trying to find what was most essential for each detail, mixing colors that covered the tip of your fingers and consequently soiled the material of the brushes.
You could repeat the usual, right? You asked yourself, not noticing very much the boy's restrained but unquiet presence.
That's when you realized it, you came back to reality in a blink of eye.
So silent, observant and obedient he remained, sitting on the edge of your bed, shoulders slightly raised, his intense gaze lurking over you and your habit of forgetting where you were.
"Are you out of creativity?... Why did you stop?" He asked kind of low key, pressing his hands on the covers when your eyes met.
You shook your head, pretending to need to do some retouching, turning your face back to him.
"Are you bored? I noticed you're anxious... you were looking at me so intensely, I ended up noticing... do you need anything?..."
His eyes fled, embarrassed almost automatically, swallowing hard as his lips parted in a natural impulse of not knowing how to respond.
"I need to ..." he replied quietly, making you slightly intrigued.
You tipped your head, wanting his eyes back.
"What do you need?"
"You ..." he murmured again, giving the look you were waiting to return to you. You closed your hands in weak fists instinctively, to hide the effect of his masked intentions on you.
His voice shook, taking his words back quickly.
"I want you to pay attention on me..." He corrected himself, removing his palms from the covers to shyly join them together. "I'm feeling lonely... Please, give me attention."
You were quiet for a few seconds, completely absorbing the sounds that played one after the other, all calm and relaxing.
The room was cozy because it was recently air-conditioned, the thin curtains that hid the glass doors on the balcony allowed the rose-pink light to pass through, making the room look soft.
"What do you want me to do?"
His extremely dark eyes reflected an immediate gleam, looking hopeful and a little anxious, he got up without much euphoria, going towards another stool, placing it in front of you, next to the canvas on which you were trying to draw.
You both held on the smile as you started a closer conversation for the first time of the day, having his knees touching yours.
Taeyong opened his mouth slightly, inhaling before proceeding.
"I miss you, I confess," he said, leaving his palms flat on his thighs. "Even tho, I still don't want you to stop painting, because I know you like it a lot, as well as I like to see it."
You clutched your brushes in your hands, longing for his words more happily than when you were painting lifeless colors in a scenario not yet invented.
"Put your painting aside. Use me, I want to be your canvas. Paint on me, draw on my skin." Taeyong asked with conviction, a sincere desire that brought warmth to your cheeks.
His hands came off his thighs, spread open in front of you, asking for the initiative.
You looked at his palms, wanting to touch them before they return to his lap, but Taeyong didn't do that, didn't take them away from you.
You slid your gaze to his impenetrable eyes again, seeing the patience he always kept for you.
You held his hand, noticing an almost imperceptible smile on his face, he seemed pleased to be able to be there, to feel the cool, white paint cooling his clean, smooth palm.
"What are you going to draw?..." he murmured amused, bringing an intimate air that until that moment you tried to avoid.
"Let's find out..." You teased without malice, already knowing what forms to use to draw the little waves of the sea that would soon be completed when his other hand been ended.
Songs that played softly at a medium volume previously tranquilized the quiet moment, but then made your proximity a little awkward.
Taeyong looked at your face whenever he let his curious eyes leave his palms, his eyes weighing and making his presence be felt in a way that you could not avoid for a long time.
It was not a weird embarrassment, but it did bring a little shyness, both pretending not to show knowledge about the tension that the suggestively romantic music had created in the room.
Taeyong sometimes brushed his thumb lightly over yours, pulling out a quick smile at one time or another, hiding a timid and small smile when you slid your fingers over his wrist.
You were almost finished painting in his other hand when his knees approached your thighs, one on the inside and the other on the outside, sitting closer.
You looked up at the boy's face, looking him watch you closely.
"Tell me it's not over yet..." he said quietly, waiting for the answer, you nodded, giving him a "yes", watching his eyebrows squeeze over his upset eyes.
Before saying anything, Taeyong had already looked at his hands again, waiting for you to finish painting the blue waves that completed when his palms came together side by side, softening his previously "frustrated" expression.
When you took the brush from his palms, the two of them were placed face up on your knees, his face approached yours, chin lifting slightly when his eyes relaxed.
"My hands are not the only part of my body that you can paint." He smirked, inviting you tantalizingly to touch his face.
You took your fingers to his forehead, brushing the bangs off his face, combing it back, his dark eyebrows showing, his entire face uncovered and clean for any drawing you wished to make.
"What do you want me to draw on you?..."
His eyes closed slowly, leaning a little closer, just enough to feel your breath against his face. He waited like that for an instant, meeting your lips with his, sealing a long kiss.
His mouth detached from yours, his deep voice responding calmly. "Do what you want, I just want you to paint my face with care, just as if I were one of your canvases..."
He smiled gently, pretending to give you one more kiss, leaving the proximity again. You disapproved his attitude, hearing his low laugh echo and his hands turn to run their fingers down the sides of your thighs, murmuring an apology.
"Don't screw up my drawings..." You asked quietly, receiving a positive wave from him, his palms avoiding touching your legs, still letting his long fingers rest on the spot.
You slid your index finger across his lower lip, ignoring the leap from one of his eyebrows to give a short kiss on his chin, looking for a thin brush, reaching for your palette to bathe the tip of the instrument in green paint, tracing a thin, slightly curved line below the scar mark under his eye.
Taeyong noticed the place of choice, looking a little surprised and curious, his eyes twinkling in awe at something he didn't know yet, but that was enough to make him happy.
"Is it going to be a rose?... I know it is." He smiled short, following with his eyes from the paints to the hand going back to his face.
You stated with a nod, a small, proud smile rising on your face at the boy's satisfaction. You dyed that deep and simple space in red, making other small stems on his face, completing them with small flowers of colors that balanced in their own tones on that skin slightly ablush by the light that came into the room, changing tones without haste when passing of minutes.
Taeyong smiled softly, closing his eyes as he lifted his chin a little, helping you by letting the brush go down his jaw, allowing you to continue drawing lost leaves that "fell" from the flowers made on his face.
"You're looking beautiful..." You dared to praise him, gaining confidence with each new trace created in his almost golden-pink skin, as if this new canvas gradually became more and more yours.
The curve of his mouth marked a roguish smile, then he made a sound in the back of his throat, answering your comment with that sly grunt.
You looked at his neck, touching the sides with your fingertips and leaving wet kisses in the clean spaces between the still wet streaks of red, orange and pink petals on his jugular, receiving long purrs, his head tipping back to receive more of the attention he was getting.
"Before continuing..." He murmured slowly, lowering his head to point at his own lips. "Kiss me some more..." He asked accommodated, waiting for you to approach.
You looked at his mouth, leaning in to obey him, clenching your fists so you wouldn't stain him with your dirty fingers, receiving a small disapproving grunt in the middle of the kiss, his tongue meeting yours when his fingers came out of your thighs to grab your fingers carefully, staining the top of his cheek and down below the jaw with the trail of your multicolored fingerprints.
You mumbled any meaningless word, burning on your cheeks, deciding to leave your hands on his jaw as it pleased him more, and consequently you too. His gesture was more than tempting, it was significantly attractive.
You murmured weakly again, hoping he would choose when the kiss should end, he murmured back, slowly shaking his head negatively, holding your wrists.
You pulled away, ending the kiss with a little sound of your lips leaving his. Taeyong leaned minimally to go after the contact he had lost, his astonished eyes finding yours.
"Do you want to finish already?..." You asked the distant-minded boy, waiting for his negative nod. "I still want to paint."
"But I don't want to stop doing this..." He held your hands around his neck, the paint already dry and not bothering him to be so careful.
"I will not stop doing what you want." You removed the strands of his hair that fell on his face again, stroking his brow. "Be a little more patient and I won't stop you anymore."
"You'll have to be good for me." He demanded with innocent eyes, enjoying the caresses on his eyebrows.
"I will be. Just as you're being now for me." You ran your fingers down the side of his face, brushing your thumbs over his ears, outlining the pink area.
You were surprised by a quick kiss followed by another, after that he behaved on his tall wooden stool, brushing his knees against your thighs.
"What part of my body do you want to paint this time?..." His eyes went back to being intense, watching you confident enough to raise his eyebrows slightly, biting his lower lip for an instant in a malicious smile.
You laughed with what he did, letting a barely noticeable smile grow on your face, dropping your fingers to the collar of his white, partially unbuttoned shirt.
Taeyong watched you unbutton a few more buttons, looking anxious for every part of his skin that appeared more.
You slid the white fabric down his shoulders, making the folded bar remain a few inches below.
"You look extremely sexy now." You confessed for him to hear your thoughts in a good tone, his hands came together, his shoulders shrunk very little. "I know you like having me drawing flowers all over your face and neck, Taeyong... You must be feeling very handsome right now..." You painted the cold violet ink on his collarbone in order to continue drawing in his body what made you feel good. "Isn't?" You looked up, wanting your answer.
"I-I am." He stammered, losing that seductive look that teased you, just looking like a victim of your comments.
"Why do you like it so much?..." You asked, pretending to be intrigued by a secret he was keeping from you. "Your ears must be warm for a reason..."
"I feel like you want me more." He whispered, swallowing when you kissed the space between his collarbones. "I feel more attractive..."
"You're right."
He looked at you quickly, wanting to hear some confession he didn't expect.
"I didn't think you could be more beautiful than you already are" You made a brief path of violets, like a crown of petals, standing up when you were done "But look at you" You pulled the air between your teeth, amazed by the sight you were having.
You went to your desk, looking for a camera that rested there next to other materials, returning and finding his embarrassed eyes, taking a picture of the work of art that you had sat in front of you.
"Can I keep this with me?" You asked in a sly tone, approaching when he took a long time to answer, but ended up nodding positively. "You're lovely. " You plunged your fingers through his hair, combing his bangs back, pulling a few strands lightly to get a pleasant expression on his face in return. "Can I take some more? Will you let me?..." You mumbled close to his ear, earning an obedient nod and a low growl, capturing more than satisfied pictures of his face, neck and collarbone, taking the opportunity to take pictures of the entire boy, since the drawings were not what completely enchanted you.
You lifted his chin, grabbing a few more bunch of hair, softening his scalp while giving him one more lazy, sticky kiss.
"Let's go to the floor." You whispered against his lips, pulling away.
Taeyong watched you walk away from him, his pupils running from you to the floor, maybe a little nervous, maybe a little confused, you could never really know what he was feeling.
He stood up, approaching without haste.
"I thought you still wanted to paint..."
You approached after hearing precipitated deductions from him, pulling him without force by the clothes, kissing the naked part of his chest.
"Sit down, my love, we're not stopping." You held his shoulders, making him bend down to his knees, raising your eyebrows when you found his concentrated expression, a blush appearing on his face. "Are you enjoying this?" You tipped your head, grabbing him by the hair.
"What are you going to do?..." He ignored your question in a low tone after a brief gasp, causing you to smile at his submissive position.
You raised the camera, also ignoring his question. "Do a shell with your hands." You asked, just seeing his eyebrows squeezing. "Ask me for something, beg for something..." Taeyong didn't answer, but did exactly what you asked, creating an innocent face, a clear provocation of a wolf dressed in lambskin.
You captured the photo just the way you wanted of the drawing that was lasting, offering him a deal. "I'm going to sit on your hips, Taeyong... I'm going to take that golden ink I have and make laurels on your shoulders..." You walked over to the painting next to you, taking the small container with the golden liquid, returning to the boy on his knees. "If you groan while I rub myself against you, you'll have to let me take as many pictures of your body as I want. The way I want to."
His lips left unanswered, him searching in your face for whatever that was your intentions with this game.
"If I don't... groan..." He moved his fingers up the sides of your legs, placing his hands on the backs of your thighs, bringing you close to him. "What will you give me?"
You stroked his ear, analyzing each earring he wore.
"What do you want, Taeyong?..."
His long fingers found your wrists, taking you down, making you sit on his lap.
"Start." He said at last, dragging his nose into my neck, taking the camera out of my hand.
You slid your fingers down his shoulder, painting the skin a little after the curve of his neck, feeling his already heavy breath touch against your skin.
His hands landed on your waist, waiting for any movement, letting his head lie against you when he realized you weren't going to move, letting out a disapproving grunt. "Don't be unfair to me." He caught his breath instantly, feeling your closeness when your hips rubbed slowly against his.
It was good, yes, it was all very good.
His skin was exposed, the drawings painted gently on his face, neck and collarbone. The golden leaves making the way to his shoulder shine. The colors of the sunset toning his figure. The marks of your colored fingers staining his jaw. The good feeling that was being created between the intimate contact under the clothes.
His sigh woke you up.
When you realized, you had stopped painting him and were almost hugging the man who was holding you tightly in you rhythmic hips.
You removed his face hidden from your chest, watching his teeth tighten on his lower lip, his eyes glued to yours, his lower lip freeing itself from his teeth and turning red automatically, making a little pout because of the pressing of your hips, provocation that almost convinced you to give on his pout a kiss if you didn’t know he had done it out of pleasure.
His sighs and little gasps became louder and more daring, and he knew he was catching up with you, it was on purpose, and you couldn't even penalize him for it. "Honey, have you given up yet?..." He smiled rogue, tilting his head to the side, showing his shoulder that was still clean.
You groaned, stopping little by little, almost making him moan over it. "As you wish." You whispered, holding his scruff to keep his head in place, using the other hand to finish the golden laurels, even though that hand was a little more difficult to use.
"You don't have to stop..." he whispered.
"I didn't stop." You whispered back, continuing the long and slow movements.
You received pecks on your collarbone, going up to your jaw, one of his hands coming out of your hips to touch the wrist of your hand in his neck, making you feel the cold wetness of his hand melting your wrist, seeing it blue.
Before you could said anything, Taeyong took your hand, leading it to the golden paint container on the floor and, then taking it to his breastplate, messing from under his collarbones to the middle of his chest with your gold fingers.
You blushed hard as you watched him do it, getting his hands wet on your cheeks, his palms marking you in blue, pulling your face up to his, sliding his tongue across your lips, trying to start another kiss as he rubbed against you.
You were in silent, feeling his moist fingers gently squeeze your face in order to caress you, his bold kiss making you both a little more euphoric. You stopped moving, hoping to see how far he would go alone, yielding to his need for closeness and leaving only a button stuck to his shirt, lying against his body until his back was on the floor.
Your breaths met excessively until the kiss ended, so you rested your palms on the floor, pulling the skin of his neck between your lips, listening to him hiss with the hickey.
"You ruined my drawing..." You lamented in his ear, giving him another hickey below his ear.
"It was never the intention, my love..." He murmured softly, stopping moving his hips because of yours. You placed your hands on his belly, slightly raising the piece of cloth that was still connected by a single button, moving away from his neck to continue the movements.
His head fell back, his hair dancing and changing direction as he smiled with his lip stuck between his teeth, eyes closed and eyebrows serene.
You watched his expressions in silence, moving your clean hand from his stomach to his chest, reaching his neck, wrapping your warm fingers around his throat without force. Taeyong narrowed his eyes with furrowed eyebrows, then squeezed them tightly, letting out a spontaneous groan when the stimulation down the hips became faster and stronger.
Taeyong gasped in surprise, looking for you with an almost plaintive look.
"Don't look at me like tha..." You asked with pity, taking your hand from his neck, having it immediately held by him, him trying to keep it in place.
"Don't do this to me..." He murmured hoarsely, propping himself up on his elbows, asking for a kiss you didn't deny giving him.
"You need to give me what you promised, my love." You said, getting up from his lap, taking a few steps back to watch him better. "Stay like that, will you?" You took the camera back, seeing him embarrassed. "You're not doing anything more than posing for me... You know that, right?"
Taeyong stated with a nod, partly sheepish, partly intimidating, his eyes changing his mood in a snap of fingers. He raised his knee, leaning on one arm, resting his palm between his thighs, hiding the volume in his pants with his forearm.
You moved halfway between his knees, spreading his legs apart. "Get your arm out of there." Taeyong raised an eyebrow, but obeyed, propping himself up on his elbows again, tilting his head to the side.
"Just hurry up with this..." He said teasingly, softening his expression when he brushed his foot on your ankle. "We have a lot more to do."
Tumblr media
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americasass91 · 14 minutes ago
Baby Fever
Tumblr media
Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is well! This little fic is for the amazingly talented @buckyownsmylife​ 2k/Birthday Challenge! Which the theme for it was breeding kink. Which how could I not participate in that? Breeding kink just happens to be one of the biggest kinks I have(and i don’t even want kids, go figure) So I looked through my Masterlist and realized I didn’t have a breeding kink fic with Steve. Well, I can’t say that anymore!
Thank you for hosting this challenge you lovely, beautiful human! And congrats on the 2k!! You deserve that and so much more! I hope everyone enjoys!
Rating: Explicit (duh, it’s a breeding kink fic)
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: breeding kink(again, duh), Professor!Steve(I feel like he’s a warning all by himself, language, age gap, unprotected sex(I mean, it’s kind of implied but I’ll put the warning anyway)
“How long do we have to stay at this thing?”
You help can’t but roll your eyes at your husband of 4 months. “I told you I’m not sure. It’s my niece’s 1st birthday party. You could’ve stayed home you know.”
Steve pulls up to your sister’s house and parks among the other vehicles in the front yard. “Yeah and give them even more reasons to hate me? No thanks.”
See, Steve wasn’t your family’s favorite person. It all has to do with the fact that he’s 10 years older than you and how you guys met, which was during your freshman year of college. You were the innocent student and he was your history professor.
The attraction was instant and very mutual between you two. But dating students at this particular university was frowned upon and Steve could have lost his job. So, you admired each other from afar….that is until the semester was over. You went to visit him in his office after your last class and he eagerly bent you over his desk and ruined you for any other future man you may have.
Well, that was 6 years ago now. Your family of course didn’t approve and thought he was just taking advantage of a young, naive student. Your mom was the first to come around when she noticed a change in your demeanor and how happy he made you. She talked some sense into your dad and he eventually backed off as well.  
It took until Steve put a ring on your finger for your sister to accept him. Although you know her and her friends still judged you two. You could tell by the looks you guys always got whenever around them. You learned to not let it bother you. Steve was amazing. He was attentive, caring, and he loved you with everything he had. The only flaw he had was that he didn’t want kids.
It almost made you consider not marrying him. You had always wanted kids. But, in the end you realized you wanted Steve for the rest of your life more than a baby. But he did adopt a kitten with you. So it’s a win, win.
He gets out of the car and grabs the gift out of the trunk. You had gotten her an outfit that says ‘My aunt is cooler than your aunt’ and various toys that she would enjoy. Plus, being the book editor you were, you couldn’t not get her a book. So, you got her the very first Harry Potter book. When Steve saw you wrapping it with a questioning look, you told him it was never too early to start a child’s transition into being a Potterhead.
You skipped excitedly next to Steve as you made your way to the front door. He couldn’t help but chuckle at your enthusiasm. “You excited or something, sweetheart?”
After ringing the doorbell, you turn towards him. “Of course I am! I love my little niece!”
Truth was, you knew you were never going to have a baby of your own. So you poured all of your love and joy for a baby into your niece.
You’re pulled from your thoughts when your brother-in-law, Matt, answers the door.
“Mr. and Mrs. Rogers! Glad you made it! Come on in!” He ushers you 2 inside, helping you both hang your coats up in the hall closet. He then points to the obvious gift table. “You can just set that down there, Steve. And if you’d like, me and a bunch of the other husbands are downstairs in the basement watching the game. You’re more than welcome to join us.”
Steve looks at you, silently asking for permission. You give him a quick pecking the lips. “Go have fun. Just make sure to come back up for food and presents.”
As Steve heads downstairs with Matt, you can’t help but take in all the decorations. Little Miss Lindsey just happens to currently be obsessed with The Little Mermaid. So of course the theme is under the sea. Your sister really went all out. Streamers, balloons, and even mermaid figurines were everywhere. There’s even mermaid confetti on the tables.
You head in search of your sister and the birthday girl, one of which you find in the kitchen. “Hey sis! Need any help?”
Your sister, Rachel, turns from the hot dog sauce she’s stirring on the stove and gives you a big hug. “Oh, thank god you’re here! Can you grab the vegetable tray and potato salad out of the fridge and put them on that table over there?”
“Sure! Where’s Linds?” You ask as you grab the requested items out of the fridge.
Your sister returns to the sauce on the stove. “She’s still napping. I should be getting her up soon. Where’s Steve? He stay home? I know this isn’t really his thing.”
You take the plastic wrap off the potato salad and sit it amongst the smorgasbord of other food on the table. “Of course he’s here. He’s down in the basement with the other men.”
You sister lets out a sigh. “Yeah, I told Matt they could only watch until everybody got here. Ah, shit. I think I hear Lindsey crying.”
“I’ll get her!” Quickly jumping at the chance to see her.
“You sure? That would be great! The outfit I want her to wear is on the changing table. And can you do her hair up in the bow, too?”
“You got it!” You make your way down the hall towards Lindsey’s room, her crying getting louder. You open the door and see her sitting up in her crib. Her crying quiets the moment she sees you. She gets a big ole smile on her face and reaches out for you. “Hi, sweet girl! How is the birthday girl today?” You pick her up and give her a big hug. “How about we get you changed into your party outfit?” She just coos back at you in response.
You push her outfit aside and lay her down on the changing table. Quickly realizing she’s wet, you give her a fresh diaper. She attempts to ‘help’ as you try to change her into her party outfit. Which after it’s on her, she looks like a little mermaid. You quickly brush her hair and pull as much of it as you can into a ponytail on the top of her head and add the matching bow. You stand back a little from her and clap your hands. “What a pretty girl! Are you ready to join your party?” You pick her up and turn around to head out of the room. You’re surprised to see your husband standing in the doorway.
“Hey, I thought you were watching the game?” He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards you two. “I missed you.” He tickles Lindsey’s side, causing her to giggle. “Happy Birthday, little one.” You can’t help but feel your heart warm. That always happens anytime your husband interacts with a baby.
“I was just helping Rachel out by getting her ready. She seemed a little frazzled in the kitchen.” You turn your attention back to Lindsey. “Come on, sweet girl. Let’s go join your mommy in the kitchen!”
The next hour goes by in a blur. You weren’t really paying attention to anyone else. All of yours on Lindsey. The only food she seemed to want was what was on your plate. You didn’t mind sharing. Then she got to ‘smash’ her cake. Which for Lindsey it meant taking delicate little bites from said cake, mostly of the icing. She did still manage to get it all down the front of her though. But that’s okay, Rachel of course had a back up outfit ready.
You had just polished off your hot dog when Rachel walked back into the room with a now clean Lindsey. Steve grabbed yours and his plates to go dispose of.
Rachel sat on the floor with Lindsey who immediately started crawling towards you. “I think you’re gonna have to join us, sis.”
You can tell it’s hurting Rachel’s feelings a little that Lindsey is so attached to you today. Nevertheless, you join them on the floor, placing Lindsey in your lap. “Ready to open presents, sweet girl?”
Rachel turns to Matt. “Honey, could you start handing out the presents please?”
He nods and goes to grab the first of many presents. He sits it down in front of Lindsey who immediately goes for the tissue paper. She doesn’t even seem to care about the present in the bag. You laugh and try to get her attention on the gift inside.
You look up and see everyone laughing at the birthday girl who only wants the tissue paper. You notice Steve towards the back of the crowd, only he’s not laughing. He’s giving you a look. You’ve seen that look before. It instantly sends a shiver down your spine and makes your panties wet. He wants you.
You try to give him a stern look. He shouldn’t be looking at you like that in the middle of your niece’s party. He puts his hands up in surrender.
After taking almost 2 hours to open the rest of the gifts, Lindsey was a sleepy girl. You were sitting on the couch with Lindsey cuddled up into your chest. You were gently rocking her back and forth. You look over at your sister who was cleaning up the mess from the presents.
“I can go put her down for a nap, Rach. I don’t mind.”
“Thanks, sis. You seem to be her favorite person today so she’d probably scream if I tried to do it. Matt! Could you get a bottle ready for Lindsey so my sister can put her down for her nap?”
A few minutes later he comes out with the bottle and hands it to you.
You stand up and look over at Steve. “I shouldn’t be too long. Did you want to head out of here after I put her down? I know you still have those papers to grade.”
He nods. “Yeah, if you don’t mind. Thanks, sweetheart.”
You squeeze his bicep as you pass by him. “Of course not. Like I said, this shouldn’t take too long.” You glance at Lindsey and notice she’s having trouble keeping her eyes open.
Just like you predicted, it only took Lindsey about 15 minutes to fall asleep. You take one last glance at her, your heart tugging a little, knowing you’ll never have one of your own.
You quietly close the door and don’t even take 2 steps before the door across the hall opens to reveal Steve. You look at him in confusion. “Babe? Why are you in the laundry room?”
He doesn’t respond. Instead, he grabs your arm and pulls you into the room with him. He makes sure to shut the door behind him.
“Steve, what are you doing? I thought we were leaving?”
He pushes you to the front of the washing machine and presses himself up against you, immediately making you feel how hard he is. “Need you, baby.” He reaches around and starts undoing your jeans.
You start pushing his hands away and try to turn around. His hold on your waist tightens, stopping you.
“Steve, we are not doing this here. You can wait until we get home.”
You are suddenly pushed until your front is resting on the top of the washing machine, Steve covering his body with yours. He lets out a low growl in your ear. “This” he presses his bulge more firmly against your ass “is your fault. So, you’re going to help me with it.”
You turn your head to the side as he pushes your jeans over the curve of your ass. “Me? What the fuck did I do? I haven’t even really talked to you today. Been with Lindsey all day.”
He fastens his pace in removing his own jeans, only lowering them enough to free his aching cock. He lands a smack to your panty covered ass. “Exactly. Made me so hard watching you with the baby. Made me think what it’d be like if we had one. What you’d look like swelled with my kid. Knew I had to have you.”
You managed to push him back far enough to stand up straight and turn around to face him. “Steve, I’m not going to let you fuck me in my sister’s laundry room.” He launches at you, trapping your body between his and the washing machine. “It’s cute that you think you’re in charge. Now, I’m going to fuck a baby into you. And I can either do that here or I’ll take you out in the living room where everyone is and bend you over there.”
Fuck. These panties are officially fucked. Still, you have questions. “I thought you didn’t want kids, Steve? Plus I’m on the pill.”
His face turns soft for a second. He cups your cheek in his left hand. “I didn’t think I did. But seeing you with her today? Now that’s all I want, all I can think about. You with our baby. You’d be the best mother. And you’ll just stop taking your pill. Starting today. We’ll keep trying until it takes. Is this something you’re even still wanting?”
You grab onto his wrist and push your cheek against his palm. “Of course it is.” You turn back around and bend over the washer. You lower your panties to your knees and shake your ass in his direction. “Well? What are you waiting for? Fuck a baby into me, Steve.”
He growls and closes the distance between you. He grabs the base of his cock and rubs the tip through your dripping folds. “Don’t have time to stretch you out first, sweetheart. And I’m really worked up, so this will probably be quick.”
You push back against him, eager to get him inside you already. “Don’t care. Just please, fuck me Professor Rogers.” You knew that’d get him.
“Fuck.” Is the only warning you get before he buries himself in you to the hilt. He just gets his hand over your mouth before your moan escapes your throat.
He only gives you a second to adjust to his size before he starts a bruising pace. After a few thrusts, he removes his hand from your mouth and smacks your ass. He feels you clench around him. “Yeah? You like when your professor fucks you?”
You quickly nod your head. “Yeah. You fuck me so good. Need your cum. Need you to fill me up.”
Steve quickens his pace even more if that’s possible. He moves his left hand off your hip and moves it around you to find your clit. He presses quick circles against it. “Need you to cum first, sweetheart. Need to feel you squeeze me.”
You start pushing back to meet his thrusts. You can feel the coil inside you ready to snap. You just need a little something more.
Steve leans over you and starts pressing kisses up your spine, his pace never faltering. Once he reaches your shoulder, he bites down lightly. He moves his mouth next to your ear. “Come on, sweetheart. Cum for your professor. Then I’ll fill you up nice and full, get you pregnant. Cum for me, Y/N.”
You press your face into the crook of your elbow to muffle your scream as you cum undone on his cock. Your orgasm triggers his. He cums with a quiet shout as he fills you full of his spend, some of it leaking out around him. He gives a few more shallow thrusts before stopping and catching his breath.
He rubs his hands up and down your back. “You okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?”
You turn your head so you can look at him. “Mmm, i’m great.” You can’t help but let out a little giggle, feeling drunk on sex.
Steve smiles down at you and moves his hand until it’s resting on your lower stomach. “I hope it worked.” He slowly pulls out and watches as his cum starts leaking out of your pussy. He quickly scoops it up and pushes it back inside, causing a whimper to escape your lips. “Sorry, sweetheart. Can’t let any of it go to waste.”
Once he’s sure he’s got it all, he quickly pulls your panties back into place. He stands you up and turns you around to press a sweet kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, thank you for being mine.”
You give him a big smile. “I love you, too. And thank you for picking me.” You bend down to pull up your jeans, Steve mirroring your actions. Once you’re both redressed, you wrap your arms around his neck and press a firm kiss to his lips.
“Now, let’s hurry up and get home. Want you to fill me up again.” You give him a wink and turn to head out the door. “You coming?”
He smirks as he starts following you out. “Oh, I will be.”
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whiiiiplaaaaash · 14 minutes ago
Hey! Can you write Colin Zabel and reader where Zabel gets upset and she makes it upto him?
Yes anon!! I'm sorry this took so long..I havent been doing very well lately.
⚠️-Sex, Whips language
Tumblr media
//Angry Sex//
Colin paced back and forth, back and forth several times. Biting his finger nail, one hand on his hip. He just didnt know what to do with you.
You were his assistant, you usually brought him coffee and other things. You were amazing and so reliable some days, but today you were a klutz and spilled his mocha latte all over his note pad, destroying all of his work. He couldnt even look at you right now. But on your defense, you just bought knew heels. They were supposed to make you look sexy to Colin and you certainly had a big crush on him. You spent your entire lunch break crying in the bathroom over the only man you've ever wanted to impress so badly, destroyed his entire cases work.
You tried to think of ways to make it up to him. Bringing him another coffee, volunteering to rewrite all of his notes for him. But you settled on something a guy as backed up as Colin Zabel, could never turn down.
"Detective?" You asked stepping into his room, closing and locking the door behind you. Turning around, when he saw your face he immediately faced the wall. Not wanting to look at you.
But you walked over to him anyway.
"Sir, let me make this right. I can redo your notes If you'd like?" You had never heard his voice as sharp as this. "NO Y/N! YOU CANNOT! HOW ARE YOU EVEN GOING TO GET THE REASEARCH TO PUT ON THEM?" You jumped alittle at the angry tone in his voice. You knew your boss was stressed for the past couple months. He just hadnt been the same. "Sir, please let me help you." You pleaded reaching up to grip his shoulder. He bit his lip in frustration, not wanting you to touch him, but wanting it very much at the same time.
"Mr. Zabel, your so backed up.. let me help." You moaned, sliding your hands from his chest to his thighs where you were met with the crotch of his pants.
Running your hands over his bulge alittle, he started to get hard. That made you smile, Colin was mad at you but he couldnt resist the warmth of your hand on his cock. "Detective? Does that feel good." You looked up at the man, his eyes fluttered shut and his mouth ajar.
"Fuck y/n-" he mumbled, tangling his fingers into your hair. Feeling that he would pop the front off his trousers soon, you unzipped them, giving a little kiss to his flushed tip. He hissed at the light touch to his most sensitive part. But when you let go of his dick fully, he opened his eyes.
You were no longer below him, but you had bent yourself over the desk infront of him. Your pencil skirt lifted over your black thong. Colin almost came from that sight.
"Y/n.." he hushed, panting from your teasing.
"Fuck me, fuck me Detective Zabel. I ruined your work, I deserve to be punished." Almost as soon as you wiggled your hips at him, he shoved his wet cock into your pussy. Starting at a hard and fast pace. Your knuckles turned white from the grip on his desk. The zipper of his pants hitting your ass everytime he pounded his hard cock against your cervix. "OH FUCK SIRR!" you panted feeling like you were going to cum at any given moment. His movements were harsh against your ass, spanking you every once and a while. Not being able to control himself, the anger taking toll. He wanted to make love to you, hold you as close as he possibly could. But after what you did, after you ruined his stuff. He couldnt help but fuck you like it was his last time feeling pleasure ever again.
Colin's hips started to slow, his cock pulsing against your walls as he shot his seed inside your warm cunt. You growled around him, wishing he would keep fucking you. You hadnt cum yet. But when he pulled out.
"Sorry, I have a meeting to attend." He unbuttoned his pants and began to unlock the door.
"Plus, bad girls dont get to cum anyway."
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achillesunhinged · 16 minutes ago
whenever you have a bad day jean would fuck you mice and slow, making sure you feel the drag of his thick cock against your walls and giving you as many orgasms as you want. the whole time he’s pepper kisses on your face and neck before leaning in for a deep kiss that takes your breath away.
he’ll let out the most beautiful moans in your ear and tell you how well you’re doing and how pretty you look, just feeding you so much praise and whispering the sweetest things into your ear.
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kenmagamerboy · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Nanami x Reader 🔞 NOT FOR MINORS🔞
Summary: There's a reason why atoning for your sins is best done on your knees.
Tags: Priest Kink, Priest Nanami, Light Bondage, Choking, Church Sex
WordCount: 4,579
You ran through the storm with the hood of your cloak pulled over your head, the hem blocking the upper half of your vision. The raised heels of your shoes clunked against the cobblestone street, rainwater splashing up with every step and soaking you up to your knees. You kept your head down, eyes glued to the dark outlines of the curved stone tessellations. You walked at a brisk pace, and one wrong step could cause you to slip and fall. But you were in a rush.
Your hand trailed to your neck, and you were still convinced it had to be a dream. Some bizarre, unshakeable mirage.
The last thing you remembered was waking up, completely naked. The first thing you did was bury your face in your hands and cry as the heavy rain poured outside. You abhorred yourself. With a terrible guilt wracking your entire soul, you got dressed. You grabbed your precious rosary and knelt before the cross on the fireplace mantle, pressing the cross to your lips. But it wasn’t enough. You stared up at the crucifix with teary eyes. There was only one place you could go now.
Just last year, a notoriously handsome deacon had ascended to priest. You remembered watching the rite take place, seeing the ethereal Kento Nanami clad in holy white. His flaxen hair framed his face back then, but as time went on, he trimmed it frequently and pushed the hair out up and over his forehead, displaying his brilliant visage to all.
His presence alone seemed to draw in the entire diocese. You recalled during one service just last week when a few women were whispering when Father Nanami stepped out. You couldn’t even bring yourself to recall the sinful, tainted comments they made.
You knew that Father Nanami was the only cathedral personnel to work at night. You heard from countless people of Father Nanami’s pious magnanimity being available at all hours of the day. You wondered if he ever slept.
You ascended the steps to the three grand portals of the cathedral. The statues seemed to all frown upon you, as if they knew of the corrupting dream you just had. You pushed open the heavy doors of the central portal. You could barely push it open wide enough to squeeze yourself through. The door clunked shut as you drew your hood down. The pitter-patter of the heavy rain drastically quieted down, creating a faint white noise. The nave opened up before her, but the only light in the cathedral was up ahead on the altar in the chancel.
You stood in the narthex for a moment, hearing your own breath echo among the grand beams and arches overhead. For a moment, you even forgot about the only other person in the entire cathedral.
You then walked forward down the central aisle, your heels clunking against the polished marble of the floor. You stopped some rows behind the figure in the front pew, noticing the familiar black cassock and iconic speckled stole. You also saw their short hair, the stray flying strands seemingly glowing in the candlelight. Your heart raced. It was indeed Father Nanami. You performed the cross over your chest and face and clasped your hands together.
“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” you spoke up, your faint speaking echoing.
He raised his head to stare straight ahead at the altar with the grand golden cross and various statuettes front and center, bathing in the only light shining in the whole cathedral. He then looked over his shoulder.
The light caught and reflected off the lenses of his round spectacles atop his nose. Half of his face bathed in golden candlelight, and the other in the swallowing shadows. His ever-stern face commanded entire crowds, and you were staring and enduring that face alone.
“Come, sit,” he ordered, gesturing to the plenty of empty space to his right.
“Thank you, Father,” you said, though you were confused. This was not proper. What of the confessional? Still, you obeyed. “This is my first confession with you. These are my sins…”
In that moment, the memories of what happened earlier that evening came rushing back and the words tumbled out of your mouth.
You recounted being in your house, preparing for bed. You sensed something was wrong, but you thought nothing of it. When you entered your bedroom, you saw a man with messy, short hair sitting in your chair. Lightning from outside filled the room in pure white light for a split second.
He had four glowing red eyes and four arms. His face was covered in mysterious black markings. The door behind you closed on its own, and you were powerless as the man stood up, his extremely loose tunic slipping off his shoulders to reveal his massive physique. You remembered him stepping towards you, but you couldn’t stop staring at the sinful sight. You didn’t resist once.
You recounted to Father Nanami the man lifting your chin with a finger, his razor-sharp nails digging into the soft skin just behind the bone of the protuberance. You remembered him drawing that finger close to his lips, and he opened his mouth, his tongue snaking out to lick droplets of blood from his fingertip. You caught a flash of his teeth, but you couldn’t make much out before he buried his face into your neck, his hands simultaneously keeping your arms in place while also tangling themselves in your hair.
But it was all wrong. You were pure, untouched. You were devout, and you were allowing this strange man — no, monster — to touch you? Yet the fiery hot passion seared through your veins. You leaned your head back and let out an unholy moan.
You couldn’t remember anything after that. One moment you were being pressed against your bedroom door, the next you awoke in your own bed, completely undressed, with the man standing over you. He was putting on his luxurious tunic with its pooling sleeves, covering the pale bulging muscles of his chest, abdomen, and arms. You could see all the black markings on his shoulders, biceps, and wrists as well. He gave you a sinister grin, and you caught the elongated sharp canines — his fangs. He picked up his scarf and cloth belt from the edge of your bed and put them on. He leapt onto your windowsill, and lightning flashed. In that instant, the demon had disappeared, leaving behind only the clap of thunder in his wake.
You recalled your hands going to your neck, but the skin was still smooth and unbroken. You rushed to the mirror of your vanity table and stretched your head. Nothing. You even lifted your head up and ran your fingers beneath your chin. Unscathed. Your body still seemed clean and untouched, but what of that man? Had it truly been a dream? A sinful, salacious dream with a demon?
You voiced these concerns before concluding your confession.
“This is all I can remember,” you told him. Tears ran down your face. You were so disgusted with yourself and so embarrassed that you had such a vision. And that you confessed it to holy Father Nanami. “I am truly sorry for this and all my sins.”
A deathly silence filled the cathedral, broken only by the muted falling rain and the occasional rumbling of thunder. You waited for Father Nanami to deliver you a penance. You could feel your face burning. You couldn’t even remember exactly what you said. What if you had said something that made it sound like you indulged in such debauchery? And to Father Nanami, of all people!
“Is that truly all you wish to confess?” he asked softly but sternly.
“Yes, Father,” you responded.
Beside you, he stood up. His towering stature made you feel as though you were staring up at God himself. He took a few steps forward, and you felt your heart sink. Was he truly that disgusted with you? Were you too far gone from the path of salvation?
“You are lucky that you confessed before this grand altar, this sacred stage of the Lord rather than in the shadows of the box,” Father Nanami began, his back to you. You couldn’t help but stare at his golden hair. Tousled, yes, still in an organized fashion with a perfect part. Unlike the bird nest of the incubus that attacked you. “You might not know it, but your sins are much more than your confession. Fear not, for I can assign you your penance here and now. You will be absolved of your great sins before God himself.”
“Oh, thank you, Father!” you exclaimed with joy, clasping your hands together over your chest. “I will do anything!”
Father Nanami raised his head to gaze up at the doming ceiling above the chancel. You held your breath, admiring the perfectly sculpted angles of his heavenly face.
“Kneel,” he ordered. “And begin the Act of Contrition as I guide you in your penance.”
You did so immediately. You pushed yourself forward off of the pew, your knees meeting the cold, hard floor. You closed your eyes and held your hands together in prayer. Yet the prayer never came to mind despite the years of memorization. Your heart raced, the blood roaring in your ears and only made louder with the deafening silence in the empty cathedral. You could hear Father Nanami take some steps towards you, coupled with the rustling of the fine fabrics of his robes.
“Out loud,” he reminded coldly. “Your sins are too great for you to keep to yourself.”
You gulped. How did it begin again? You furrowed your brows together and tilted your head down.
“If you don’t remember, I am more than eager to assist,” Father Nanami offered. “O, my God…”
Keeping your eyes closed, you raised your head again, the rest of the prayer following naturally. You parted your lips to start the prayer, but you felt rough, warm hands pressed against your cheeks and something large and oblong plunge into your mouth, pushing all the way to the back of your throat.
Your eyes flung open, finding yourself staring at the clothed abdomen of Father Kento Nanami. His cassock had been undone from the waist down, and his pants unbuckled to reveal only his erect member, now pushed inside your mouth. You were too stunned from the act alone to do anything, much less move.
Father Nanami then began to move his hips away and towards your face. You winced and tried to push him away, but one of his massive hands found its way to the back of your hand, gripping your hair and holding fast. You gagged as he continued to relentlessly thrust into your mouth. Tears streamed down your face, and you couldn’t tell if it was from the shame or from the gag reflex.
You told yourself that someone as saintly as Father Nanami must have his reason for committing such adultery. After all, he did say this was your penance, right? And if this was the famed young priest himself, then surely this treatment was a blessing.
So you aimed your eyes up at Father Nanami looming over you as he continued to thrust himself deeper and deeper down your throat. Your jaw ached at how wide you had to hold it open from his incredible girth, and you resisted the urge to push him away and take a deep breath. When your eyes met his, he tilted back his head and let out a breathy sigh of ecstasy. You felt something deep inside you tighten. Your walls clenched at such a magnificent sound. You wanted more from him.
But that was a sin. You couldn’t want anything from him. No, only Father Nanami had the power to desire. You felt even more ashamed of yourself craving such carnal pleasure.
No, this was your penance, but you were more than eager to receive it. If you obeyed Father Nanami, surely you would be forgiven in the eyes of God.
After Father Nanami abused your mouth and throat, he pulled out and a trail of your saliva stretched between your lips and his throbbing cock.
The hand in your hair yanked up, and your body followed instinctively, your legs straightening as you stood up. Father Nanami then grabbed the low square neckline of your dress and gave a violent tug, your breasts spilling out as the fabric ripped completely down your torso. He placed his hands on your shoulders and pushed you onto the pews. Just as you had envisioned the grotesque incubus and described to him, Father Nanami buried his face into the side of your neck, his lips tugging at the soft skin. The pleasure seared through your body. You didn’t know when but your cloak had come off, spilling onto and over the back of the pew behind you. Your back arched into Father Nanami’s. He rested his knee against the very edge of the bench, right between your legs, pinning you beneath him. You could only wriggle and squirm against his broad torso. Without thinking you placed your hands against his back, feeling the toned musculature beneath the dark fabric. You almost drew away, afraid of retribution for touching Father Nanami out of place, but he nipped at your neck harder, causing you to hold onto him even tighter as your mouth parted open and a sinful, passionate moan escaped your lips and echoed through the empty cathedral walls.
His kisses then dragged down to your torso, his hands continuing to peel off your torn dress until your womanhood was left exposed to the cold air. He momentarily groped your breasts before he began to suck on one of them while one hand carried on its sensual massage of the other. You closed your eyes as the waves of bliss rippled throughout your body. You felt his tongue flick over your hardened nipple. When his other hand trailed down the side of your waist, you felt a thousand sparks light up inside you.
By now, you were completely topless; the sleeves of your dress fell away when your dress had split down to the waistline. His free hand pulled at the skirt still clinging to your body at your hips, causing you to slide slightly forward. Your tattered dress slumped to the floor as Father Nanami knelt between your legs, his breath hot against your stomach and womanhood as he made his descent.
You felt his fingers trace along the folds of your labia, and your entire body trembled. The soft current of air as he breathed stimulated you to no end. Your blood had been set alight with hellfire. Your tainted body craved his purifying grace.
“P-please, Father…!” you exclaimed breathlessly.
Wordlessly, he grabbed your thighs and pushed your legs forward. His hot tongue pressed against your dripping womanhood. You threw your head back as the warm ecstasy raced up your body, your loud moan filling the cathedral air. You never knew it was possible to feel such pleasure.
Father Nanami’s tongue alternated between wide lapping and narrowed circling of your swollen bud. He squeezed your thighs tightly, and whenever you tried to close your legs, he’d pry them apart. Your whole body quivered from the euphoria of his tongue tracing scripture against your clit. A knot began to form in your stomach as he continued to lick. You instinctively grabbed his head and pressed it closer to your womanhood, feeling that knot inside you swell and tighten. His tongue began smaller, rapid flicking motions against your engorged clit, and your legs shook as the warmth of pleasure filled your entire lower half.
The moment that knot inside you snapped, your thighs pressed against the sides of Father Nanami’s head and your body bucked uncontrollably. The orgasm he bestowed upon you was a glimpse of Heaven, and his tongue continued to drive you insane from the bliss. Your hand pressed against his forehead and pushed him away, unable to handle the earth-shattering orgasm still devastating your body.
But Father Nanami was not done yet.
“You are still nested with sin, my dear,” he said, his voice grating and gruff. Almost a growl.
He stood up, but his hands still held your thighs to prevent you from sliding off the edge of the pew, placing your legs on his shoulders. You felt the warmth of his massive shaft press and slide against your wet womanhood and still-sensitive clit.
“Bless me, Father…!” you begged between breathy moans, bucking your hips up. You needed his salvation.
With that, you felt the tip of his member begin to split you apart. You winced out of both pain and pleasure as he continued to slowly push inside you.
After a few moments had passed, he gave a single, smooth thrust, and the rest of his massive cock slid all the way inside you. You let out a loud cry as his head leaned back, his thin brows furrowing together from the concentrative pleasure. You watched as he ripped off the white collar around his neck, allowing the thin fabric to float to the ground. He then grabbed the buttoned midline of his cossack and tore it open, allowing the sacred black to fall off his shoulders.
Indeed, Father Kento Nanami was a gift from God himself, delivered by an angel. His blanched and toned physique was sculpted to the heavens, blessing your eyes as if he were carved from a marble slab by Michelangelo himself. Both of you were completely naked now in this front pew of the grand cathedral like Adam and Eve before God in the Garden of Eden.
Father Nanami’s hips pulled away, and when he thrust all the way back into you, you instinctively let out a yelp. He quickly grabbed your face with a single hand, your lips pouting out as he leaned over and growled, “Not too loud, love.”
He then placed his hand over your mouth as his thrusts resumed, your moans restrained beneath the palm of his hand. Your body began moving in tandem with his, your hips bucking synchronously with his ramming. His pulverizing cock filled you more than before, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head as both of his hands gripped your hips and his pace intensified. You slapped your hand over your mouth to keep from screaming. Your muffled moans, the slapping of your bare skin against his, and his heavy breathing filled the vaulted cathedral.
Suddenly, Father Nanami pulled out, and you felt a bizarre emptiness where he had carved out his path. He grabbed your arm, forcing you to your feet. He pushed his hand against your back, forcing you to bend over. He grabbed your arms and pulled them behind your back, your forearms overlapping and your elbows in the palms of the opposite arms’ hands. You looked over your shoulder to see Father Nanami use his signature speckled stole he had discarded to tie your arms together behind your back. He wrapped the fabric rather snugly, to the point you couldn’t really move your arms save for at the shoulder but not so tight that you would lose circulation.
You felt his rough hands against your waist again as he shoved his massive shaft inside you from behind. You arched your back, your shoulders hunching from the new sensations that numbed your legs.
Something caused your head to jerk upwards. You felt your scalp ache as Father Nanami grabbed your hair with one hand.
“Not that way, dear.” His voice was immensely strained, as if he spoke through clenched teeth.
His thrusts resumed again, and you let out a wailing moan from the pleasure that filled your walls and reverberated throughout your body. You felt your head bow towards the ground again, but Father Nanami pulled your hair.
“Look at the crucifix,” he ordered in a throaty growl. He yanked a fistful over your hair when you tried to look away. “Look at it! The Lord is looking down on you, you filthy sinner!”
His next thrust went deeper than before. You let out a crying moan, but Father Nanami’s grip would not waver. Through tears from pain and pleasure, you stared at the golden cross.
“You think you can come into a place of worship, my cathedral , and confess such debauchery, you whore?” he snarled, and you could only respond with the guttural moans as he pounded into you. “This is your penance! Repeat after me!”
‘Please, no, I can’!’ You so desperately wanted to scream, but the moans erupting from your chest caused by his brutal ramming prevented the words from ever forming.
“O, my God,” he began, his voice deadly low.
“Oh…! My God…!” you repeated, but your mind was far too wracked with the scorching pleasure rather than the refreshing prayer; these were words bursting from your enraptured soul.
“I am heartily — ” he thrust especially deep here, forcing a deep moan from you. “ — sorry for having offended Thee.”
“I — I am — ” you gasped between yelps and cries. “I am heartily s-sorry — ”
But the unfortunate reality was, you weren’t sorry. You were nested with filthy sin, and it led you to this revolutionizing experience with Father Nanami. You wanted him to fill you with his sacred seed. You wanted him to demolish the demons inside you. You wanted him to give you this Heaven forever.
You felt his hands leave your body, but his hips continued to ram against your ass. With the slackening of your hair, your head fell forward. Your fallen hair dangled in front of your face, flowing in waves like that of the water stream of a wagged hose as Father Nanami pounded into you without even needing to grip your waist.
You noted his weakening intensity and pace, and without thinking, you moved your legs in order to sway back and forth with his cock still inside you.
From behind you, Father Nanami let out a gasp of a moan — nothing like the deep growls he had been uttering before. It sent electricity down your spine, and your walls clenched around the massive cock prying them apart. He let out a more audible groan as you rocked yourself against him.
“I detest all my sins...” he continued to recite, but you could hear him speaking through his teeth. You heard the soft clattering of beads.
“...because of Thy just punishments…!”
All of a sudden you felt something thin wrap around your neck. It yanked your head up and back, much like Father Nanami’s treatment of your hair, but this was different. This material was not uniform like rope. Bits of it dug into the skin of your neck and your throat. You so desperately wanted to claw at whatever was choking you, but your arms were still tightly bound behind your back. Father Nanami pulled his beaded reigns, forcing you to arch your back and your eyes staring up at the domed ceiling high above the altar.
You could still breathe, but barely. You felt a pressure build up inside your head, your face scorching. Combined with Father Nanami’s deep and powerful thrusting into the tight walls of your womanhood, you could only moan, the lustful sounds bouncing among the polished stone walls.
“You’re not repeating after me!” Father Nanami hissed.
One of his hands went to your face. His fingers made their way along the inside of your open lips, hooking and grasping the side of your mouth. Your moans turned more guttural and throaty as he slammed himself deeper and faster into you. He made you the new choir of the cathedral with his organ.
The beaded rope around your neck tightened, and in that moment you realized that he had twisted his rosary around your neck. The realization sent a hot ripple of excitement through your body, causing to clench around his intoxicatingly destructive member. You heard Father Nanami groan, his husky voice joining yours in the echoes around the sacred hall.
Out of the blue, his pace quickened, ramming your cervix to the point where you could not bear it. Your moans turned into a long, sustained scream and the clapping of his abdomen against your ass filled your ears.
You gasped as you felt Father Nanami completely retract himself from your battered pussy, his hand leaving your mouth. You felt something hot against your lower back, and it was throbbing. Then, you felt something liquid and warm against your skin. Father Nanami let out a breathy moan, and the tension in the rosary around your neck slackened. Without his support, your numb legs collapsed beneath you, and you started to fall forward. Luckily, Father Nanami caught you, his strong arms wrapping around you and placing you down onto your knees. He untied his stole from around your arms, and you used your freed hands to keep yourself upright.
Father Nanami placed his hand underneath your chin, forcing you to look upon. Your eyes slowly trailed up his toned legs, his bulky thighs, his carved torso, and finally, his radiant face shielded slightly by his spectacles. The light from the dome over the chancel gave him a golden, heavenly aura.
He then leaned towards you until your faces were inches apart. You could see his narrow eyes through his lenses now. You felt his rapid, heavy panting, the hot gusts causing some stray hairs that had fallen in front of your eyes to fly apart.
“Your sins have been forgiven,” he said brusquely. “I’ll see you at your next confession.”
With that, he gathered his fallen vestments, bundling them underneath his arms. He took your cloak still draped over the pew and threw it onto you. Your hands clenched over your chest, and you realized you still had on his precious rosary. You began to pull the gold-encrusted chain over your head, but you felt his hands dragging your arms down.
One of his massive paws went to your neck, his finger tracing across it. You could feel his finger quickly dip down and up again as it glided across the surface of your skin — the imprints of the beads.
And then his hand completely wrapped around your throat, and he pulled you close until you felt his hot breath against your cheek.
“Keep it for next time,” he ordered in a growl before releasing his grip.
The air turned cold as he drew away. You watched helplessly as he turned around, his muscular buttocks and broad trapezius another sight to behold, and walked off into the shadows of the apse.
You held the cross of the rosary in your hand, staring at it. You brought it to your lips and closed your eyes, imagining it to be Father Nanami’s lips. As you dragged yourself to your feet, you found strength in his parting words.
‘Next confession…’ you recalled. ‘Next time…’
When you walked home that night, out into the rain, you only had your cloak on. The torn dress was under your arm. You were keeping that as another memento, too. You made up your mind then, in the dark and stormy walk back: you were going to all your private confessions with Father Nanami in only your cloak. You squeezed the cross dangling over your chest and smiled.
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avenging-fandoms · 28 minutes ago
sin hours: loki would OWN your orgasms. there’s no way you’re doing anything without his permission. you’d have to figure out how to earn it
Tumblr media
"tell me, princess, did you touch yourself while i was gone?" loki backed you up against the wall, his nose pressing against your jawline with his fingers going up the inside of your thigh.
"j-just once, my prince, i just missed you so much and you were on asgard and i was here and.. fuck" you sigh and loki smirked against your skin, wrapping his hand around your neck and making you look at him.
"our rule, kitten, is no touching while we're away from each other. and you broke that rule. so now i want you on the bed, naked, and i will be with you in a minute" you open your mouth to speak but loki held up his finger making you huff.
you strip yourself of your clothing, laying on the bed like loki had ordered. you gulped nervously as he circled you like you were his prey, a smirk playing on his lips. "loki.. i'm-i'm sorry, okay? i just missed you so much, and i imagined you the whole time"
"quiet, pet, i didn't give you permission to speak. you disobeyed my rules" loki's fingers trailed up your thighs, his middle finger playing with your clit and you whimper. "did you feel so good when you came, pet? when you fucked yourself with your fingers, thinking it was me?"
"y-yes, sir, so good" loki smiled and pushed two fingers into you, thrusting his fingers slowly and curling them. "thank you, my prince, it feels so good"
"i'm sure it does" loki pulled his fingers away and pushed them into your mouth. "because now you're not cumming unless i say so. understand, pet?" you nod and he pulls his hand away, smacking your cheek softly. "words"
"yes sir, i understand" loki nodded and went back in between your legs, pushing your legs apart and looking up at you as his tongue flicked against your clit slowly, your fingers gripping his hair. loki hummed and put your hands behind your back, securing them with handcuffs.
loki added his fingers into the mix, and you bit your lips in between your teeth as you tried not to make a sound. loki knew just how he could get you squirming, but you knew his rules were no sounds or movements unless he said so. "now you listen to me. look at you, what a little whore"
you squeezed your eyes shut, trying with every ounce of your body not to scream out a moan. your nails dug into your skin, your breathing jagged as your orgasm built in your stomach. loki pulled away, his mouth glistening as he stood up with a smirk. you took deep breaths, opening your eyes and watching loki as he headed over to your special drawer.
"ah, my favorite" loki pulled out the vibrator wand and pressed it to your clit, moving it in circles slowly. "you may move, and you may moan. but you may not," he held your chin, turning on the vibrator and you gasp softly. "you may not cum unless i say so"
"yes sir" you moan softly and close your eyes, but loki held your neck. and you opened your eyes.
"keep your eyes open, i want you to watch me use you" you nod and follow his eyes, loki pressing the vibrator harder against your clit. you let out a moan and arched your back, scratching your back as you desperately wanted to grip loki's hand.
loki took off his pants, not giving you a warning as he thrusted his dick into you. "oh my god, sir, you feel so good" you whimper and loki smirks, turning up the vibrations of the wand. loki thrusted his hips into yours, circling the vibrator on your clit. you turn your head to the side and bite the sheets, a vein slightly popping out of your neck as loki hit the right spot.
"are you gonna cum for me, pet?" you let out a moan and pick up your head, loki holding the back of your neck. "come on, kitten, come on" he grunted. when loki saw you face twist and your moans became short, he pulled away completely.
"shit!" you exclaim, huffing as you rested your eyes. loki chuckled, going back in between your legs. he slapped his dick against your pussy, pressing the vibrator against your clit again.
"how bad do you want to cum, darling? how bad do you want to orgasm all over my cock?" loki spewed and you moan, biting your lip.
"so so bad, sir. i want to cum all over your cock and i want you to cum in me so bad, loki. please, sir, please let me cum" you panted and loki picked up the speed of his thrusts, turning the vibrator up to the max setting.
"come on, pet, come for me. cover my cock with your cum. yes.. yes" loki praised and you gasped deeply, your thighs shaking violently around his waist as you came on his dick. "good girl, such a good girl" he praised, massaging your hip with his thumb as he kept thrusting.
"loki, loki, holy shit!" you squeal and tug at the handcuffs, loki unlocking them and you gripped his shirt, moaning as he kept the vibrator hard against your clit.
"gonna fill you up, pet. i want you dripping my cum" his words were like silk falling off his lips, and your body trembled as the overstimulation was a little too much to bear. loki's thrusts got sloppy and he came in you, grunting and massaging your breast as he turned off the vibrator and thrusted slowly.
loki pulled away and spread your pussy lips, chuckling lowly as he watched his cum drip out of you. "thank you, sir, thank you for letting me cum"
"oh darling, we're not finished yet" loki smiled, kissing you sloppily and turning the vibrator on again, and you bit your lip excitedly, ready to play for as long as loki wanted.
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citrusdarling7 · 34 minutes ago
summary- you and Tom enjoy a shower together after watching a Quidditch game
warnings-smut, swearing, teasing, dirty talk, praise kink, (sort of) and cheating
“Can I borrow your green sweater for the Quidditch match tomorrow?” my friend Lola asked me. I looked up from the intense game of Wizard’s chess that I was playing with Rosier to respond to her.
“Lola, I probably own ten green sweaters. Be more specific. Knight to G6.” Rosier groaned, realizing that I had just put his queen piece in danger.
“The one that’s a dark emerald shade, with a v-neck collar.”
“Right. Yeah, of course you can wear it. My room is unlocked, you can just go grab it.” Lola grinned and dashed out of the common room towards my dorm.
“You know, it’s not very wise to leave your room unlocked. Hogwarts is filled with thieves and low-lifes,” a deep voice from across the room spoke. I rolled my eyes and turned my body to face Tom. He was sitting alone in a chair, reading some big book about Herpo the Foul. He hadn’t spoken to anyone all evening, which was pretty normal for him.
“Thanks for the heads-up Riddle. I’ll make sure to lock all the doors next time you’re in a bad mood.” He scoffed at me before turning his attention back to the book.
“Pawn to G6,” Rosier said with confidence. I bit back a grin, knowing that he had fallen into my trap. Olivia, who had been sitting beside me for the past hour in silence, finally spoke up.
“Are you coming to the match with us Tom?”
“He isn’t. Riddle thinks that he’s too cool for Quidditch,” I answered for him. He shrugged, not glancing up from his book.
“I don’t have time for childish games,” he said coolly. Rosier laughed and pushed back a curl that had fallen in front of his eyes.
“You’re missing out, Riddle. We’re playing against Hufflepuff, we’re gonna slaughter them.” I rolled my eyes at Rosier before instructing a bishop to take one of his rooks.
“I remember last game your boyfriend nearly got his head taken off,” Olivia reminded me. I could feel Tom grimace at the mention of Abraxas, even from across the room.
“Yeah, but that was against Gryffindor. They actually have decent Beaters. But speaking of your boyfriend, has anyone seen Malfoy? ” Rosier piped in.
Abraxas and I had a complicated relationship. Although we did fool around occasionally, everything between us was mostly platonic. We presented ourselves as a couple to our peers, but that was merely for show. I knew that he fancied a half-blooded Ravenclaw girl with auburn hair and he knew about me and Tom. Putting on the front that we were going steady just made things easier for us. Besides, we did look very good together.
“He’s talking with Professor Binns. Trying to convince him to give his essay a better grade. Checkmate,” I told my opponent. He glanced down at the chessboard, baffled at how I had suddenly surrounded his king piece without him noticing.
“I don’t know how you always beat me. You’re too damn clever to not be in Ravenclaw” he said with a sigh. I shrugged and leaned back in my seat, a smirk decorating my face.
“Natural talent, I suppose.”
I saw Tom hide a smirk, knowing that he was the one who taught me that particular strategy late one night in his room.
The next morning was a dull and rainy day. I stood in the stands shivering as I watched the players fly above us. The thing about Quidditch, is that most of the time it happened too fast for me to really understand what was going on. We were about twenty minutes into the game, and Slytherin already had a forty point lead. I was standing with Avery, (who was currently on quidditch probation) and Lola. Avery screamed out towards the pitch every few minutes, hoping that one of his teammates would be able to hear him. Neither me nor his girlfriend had the heart to tell him that they probably couldn’t.
“Lestrange! That was the worst dive I’ve ever seen!” Lola gave me a quick glance before tugging on his arm.
“I’m freezing, my love. Can I wear your coat?” He shrugged and peeled off his fur coat. I was incredibly jealous, since I was soaked to the bone. I was wearing one of Abraxas’ Slytherin sweaters, which was comfy, but didn’t do much against the rain.
“Hey! Watch it!” I heard a first year mutter as there was a sudden push in the crowds. Seconds later, Tom Riddle was standing on my right, a complacent look on his face.
“Morning ladies; Avery. You look dreadful,” he said to me after addressing his friend. I rolled my eyes and turned to look at him. He was wearing grey slacks and a white button-up, with his sleeves rolled up a bit. The weird thing about Tom, was that he never seemed to get cold like a normal person.
“I thought you weren’t coming,” I said to him as I watched Hufflepuff drop the quaffle.
“I finished what I had to do. Figured I might as well drop by. House pride and all.”
Lola and Avery had started kissing feverishly, which meant I had to at least try to make conversation with Tom.
“What were you working on?”
“Transcribed a Latin curse that’ll make your opponent's head swell up until their brain matter starts to leak out of their ears,” he said nonchalantly. I decided that I didn’t want to know if he was joking or not.
“You smell like cigarettes,” I told him. He scoffed and leaned closer to me.
“And you smell like Malfoy. Have you been whoring around with him again?”
“He’s my boyfriend. It’s not really ‘whoring around’ if him and I are going steady,” I said, purposefully only half-answering his question.
“Hmm. Tell me, do you ever accidently moan my name when he’s fucking you?” I held back a blush so I could glare at him.
“Don’t flatter yourself, Riddle.” He shrugged and shoved his hands back into his pockets.
“Sorry, darling. Just curious. Someone needs to sterilize those two,” he stated, glancing towards Lola and Avery who were still going at it. I smiled and nodded in agreement.
The game ended up being over very quickly. Within fifteen minutes of Tom’s arrival, Abraxas caught the Snitch, securing the win for Slytherin. I started to make my way off of the stands to go congratulate him, when Tom grabbed my wrist.
“Where are you going?” I shook him off of me and smirked.
“To go see my boyfriend. Duh.” Tom glared at me, but let me walk away with lola. By the time we got out to the pitch the boys were all on the ground. I quickly found Abraxas and made my way over to him. His hair spread out in waves across his head, clearly the rain had messed up his gel. I gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Great flying today,” I said with a grin. He smiled back and tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear.
“I’m glad you think that. Damn Hufflepuff beater almost knocked me off my broom twice. Did you see Stella in the stands? What team was she cheering for?” I gave him a playful shove and an eye roll. Stella was the Ravenclaw girl he had a crush on.
“Sorry Brax, I was too busy trying to keep Lola and Avery off of each other. But I think I saw her sitting with that one Gryffindor she went to Hogsmeade with,” I admitted. He sighed and pushed some hair off of his forehead.
“Oh well, maybe one of these days it’ll happen. Huh. I didn’t know Riddle was coming.”
I quickly spun my head around to see that Tom was also on the pitch, talking to lestrange. I groaned and grabbed Abraxas’ hand.
“Neither did I. Let’s go talk to him,” I said before dragging him over in Tom’s direction.
“Hey! I like your sweater,” Lestrange teased me. I rolled my eyes and pulled Abraxas closer to me, keeping my gaze away from Tom.
“Thank you, Lestrange. Are you and the team coming back to the common room? I heard someone mention a party at breakfast.” He shrugged and started to fiddle with the handle of his broomstick.
“In a bit, yeah. I nicked some firewhisky last weekend, and I think Avery still has a bit of vodka.” I grinned and turned to Abraxas.
“Walk back with me?”
My ‘boyfriend’ knew me very well. He knew that by the tone of my voice, and the slight twitch in my hand that I was trying to make Tom jealous. Being the amazing ‘boyfriend’ that he is, he played along.
“I have to shower, darling. How about you just wait for me in my room?” I could see Tom glaring at me from the corner of my eye. I turned towards Abraxas and playuflly rubbed his shoulders.
“Why don’t I just join you?” I suggested. I could tell that Abraxas was biting back a laugh. Before he had a chance to respond, Tom quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me away.
“I think you forgot that you needed help with the potions assignment,” he spat out. He started to drag me off of the pitch, not caring that everyone was watching us in shock. I turned my head for half a second to see that Abraxas was grinning and giving me a thumbs-up.
Merlin, I love him.
Tom was walking incredibly fast and I was struggling to keep up. His hand still clenched my wrist, but I didn’t really mind.
“Tom, slow down,” I whined. He stopped dead in his tracks to speak to me.
“You’re awfully pathetic today, aren’t you? Dangling Malfoy in front of me, trying to make me jealous. Now you can’t even keep up,” he said with a snarl. I shrugged and stared into his eyes.
“I’m pretty sure I did make you jealous.” He let his brow furrow as he scrutinized me.
“You might have. Come now, darling, let’s get back to my room before the rest of Slytherin does.” He grabbed my hand instead of my wrist and continued to lead me towards the castle.
The thing about Tom is that he’s incredibly unpredictable. He had occasional moments where he was a little kind to me, and then seconds later he was calling me a whore. I kept quiet the rest of the way back, happy that he was holding my hand. His hand was freezing cold and his ring was indenting into my palm.
A few minutes later, we were walking up the stairs to his room and I felt my stomach flip. He quickly opened the door and dragged me inside. As soon as the door was shut he pushed me up against a wall and started kissing me. Tom was a bit less of an asshole with me now, and he let me run my hands through his curls as we kissed. His breath was hot against my cold skin as he kissed down my neck. He started to pull down my skirt, before hesitating and pulling it back up.
“You wanted to take a shower right?” he whispered into my ear. I nodded as I gazed into his eyes. He slowly backed off of me and started to unbutton his shirt. I watched in awe as he continued to undress until he was in nothing but his boxers. Tom raised an eyebrow at me, noticing my stare.
“What are you waiting for, sweetheart?” See, I had no problem being naked in front of him. He had seen me naked multiple times now. I just wasn’t very good at taking clothes off of myself. I guess Tom didn’t want to wait for me, so he shrugged and stepped into his bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I let out a sigh of relief as I started to pull off my sweater. I kicked off my shoes and pushed down my skirt and tights. I quickly undid my bra and slipped off my panties, so that I was completely naked. It was at that moment when I realized how cold I was. I went to join Tom in the bathroom, but he had locked the door.
“You can’t come in until you take your clothes off, love.” I could basically hear his smirk through the door.
“They are off. They’re all over your floor,” I told him. With that, he unlocked the door and I heard him turn on the water. I gave him a few seconds before I came inside. He had turned one of the lamps on so we had a bit of light, but mostly the room was just shadows.
I felt his hands on my waist, and within seconds I was being pinned against the shower wall. Tom latched his mouth against mine as he ran his hands down my body. I tangled my fingers in his hair and bit my lip as he started to suck on my neck. The combination of the steam from the shower and his aggressive touch got rid of the chill that had coated my skin. Tom stopped kissing me for a second and grabbed my chin, tilting it up towards him.
“I wonder what Malfoy is doing right now,” he said while running a finger down my jawline. I knew that he was trying to get under my skin, so I just shrugged and continued to tug on his curls.
“I don’t really care. I’m more focused on you right now,” I told him as I started to lightly kiss his neck. Satisfied with my response, he let me kiss him for a minute or two, until I started to get more aggressive.
“Darling, you should know by now that I’m the one who gets to mark you,” he said in a mocking tone. He attacked my neck with his mouth, obviously giving me a hickey. I frowned at his choice of placement so high up on my neck.
“Don’t complain. I want your boyfriend to see this next time he goes to kiss you. I want to watch you struggle to cover it up before class. I want everyone to know that you're mine. Do you understand?” he muttered into my ear. I nodded as I felt him pin my legs against the wall with his knee.
“Use your words, my darling”
“I understand,” I murmured.
“Good girl. Now, I think I’m going to make you scream my name.”
He lifted me up slightly before thrusting himself into me. I buried my head in his shoulder, my body overwhelmed with the sudden feelings of pain and pleasure. No matter how often we did this, Tom always hurt a little at the beginning. I winced as I felt his fingertips dig into my hips. He rocked into me over-and-over again.
“I’ve noticed that the only time you shut-up is when I’m inside of you,” he said with a mocking laugh. I frowned and turned my head away from him slightly. He laughed at me again and stroked my jawline.
“See? You can’t even properly ignore me. Such a slut,” he muttered against my neck. He rocked his body against mine, continuing to press me against the cold shower wall. I shivered as he traced my waistline with his fingers. I tried to rub my clit against his length, desperate for some friction. Tom gave me a cold laugh before snaking his hand around my throat.
“So desperate for me. What a pathetic little girl you are.” His grip on my throat tightened, restricting my air supply.
That only turned me on even more.
“You like it rough, don’t you?” Tom asked as he loosened the hand around my neck. I nodded and pressed my head against his shoulder, biting my lip to stop from screaming. My legs were shaking uncontrollably, as I was nearing my high. I dug my fingernails into his back as I loudly moaned his name along with a few profanities as I clenched around him.
“That’s right, take it like a good girl,” he muttered while pounding into me.
Having sex with Tom always took forever. I didn’t mind or anything, but it always took him at least a half hour to finish. So, I spent the next twenty-five minutes being repeatedly slammed into the wall. I could tell he was close when he started muttering my name under his breath. I was completely over-stimulated and practically crying. He finished himself off using slow strokes, which drove me absolutely insane. Tom pressed his forehead to mine and gently stroked my cheek as I felt his hot cum dripping down my leg.
“Do you want to stay and have a smoke, maybe play a game of chess?” he asked softly. I smiled and nodded, knowing that was his way of saying he didn’t hate my company. I had planned to go straight to Abraxas’ room straight afterwards and tell him every little detail, but I figured he could wait a little longer.
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creme-bruhlee · 35 minutes ago
ONLY THE BEST - a niki lauda fanfiction
Tumblr media
SUMMARY ↠ marrying niki lauda was a publicity stunt; a way to advance your careers, to forget rotten pasts, and to move forward. but, as time passes, you find that you might not hate each other as much as you initially thought. PAIRING ↠ niki lauda (rush, 2013) x fem!reader (y/n) WORD COUNT ↠ tbd WARNINGS ↠ SPOILERS FOR RUSH, smut, explicit language, depictions of violence, graphic depictions of car accidents/resulting injuries, misogyny, arranged/fake marriages, infidelity SPOTIFY LINK ↠ AUTHOR'S NOTE ↠ i'm so so excited for you guys to read this! i decided to make a so-called "landing page" for this fic, so that all the parts and appropriate information can be in one place. make your calendars: mondays at 20.00 (CDT/GMT-5)
Tumblr media
CHAPTERS ↠ will be updated as chapters are posted
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lady-muzan-supremacy · 38 minutes ago
yep. thirsty. very thirsty. and for that, lady muzan bath sex lmao
you know the drill, nsfw, not for kids, yada yada lets get on with it
Tumblr media
(Y/N) arrives home late at night after a few late-night study sessions. “Muzan, I’m home” she calls to her girlfriend as she puts her books away. When she earns no response, she begins to worry. Usually, her beloved girlfriend would’ve greeted her with a hug and a kiss, no matter how late or early it was. She begins frantically searching the rooms of their shared apartment for the other woman. Upon opening the bathroom door, she flushes a bright red as she sees Muzan in the bathtub. “S-sorry-!” she cries out, covering her eyes and closing the door. (Y/N) leans against the door, as red as she could possibly be; she’s never seen her girlfriend in her underwear, never mind naked. Muzan gets out and wraps a towel around herself as she opens the door. Since (Y/N) was leaning against it, she falls backwards, luckily, into the demoness who catches her. “M-Muzan I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to-“ the flushed female speaks as she stumbles over her words. Muzan does nothing but smile and give her lover a gentle kiss. “Why don’t you join me? You’ve been so busy with studying lately: you deserve to relax.”
After moments of a flushed (Y/N)’s protests, she is eventually convinced by Muzan who insists. She carefully follows Muzan into the warm water, who, upon sitting, envelopes (Y/N) in her arms, pulling her against her chest. She lets out a sigh and rests her head on (Y/N)’s shoulder. “Isn’t this nice, darling?” she says as she closes her eyes and nuzzles (Y/N)’s neck. (Y/N), however, was nothing short of a blushing mess. With Muzan’s breasts pressed up against her bare back, her legs on either side of her, and her arms wrapped around her waist, it was impossible to be calm.
Minutes go by as they stay in that position; (Y/N) eventually relaxing into Muzan’s gentle touch. She leans her head back and lets out a sigh, which got the attention of the demon queen. She opens one eye to glance at a fully relaxed (Y/N) and smiles. (Y/N) is so relaxed, in fact, that she fails to feel Muzan’s hand slowly travel down her torso to the region between her legs. (Y/N) glances at Muzan questionably upon realization, only to see her supposably asleep. Shrugging it off, she resumes her original position and closes her eyes.
With her eyes still closed, Muzan runs her index finger in-between her folds, causing the (H/C) woman to jolt up. “M-MUZAN-“ she stutters; never once did she think that upon returning home today would her girlfriend attempt to pleasure her. She quickly turns, only to see her girlfriend, her head still resting on her shoulder, smirking back at her. “Just relax, dear” she says and she begins to rub her clit in circles, earning muffled moans from the flustered woman.
As Muzan pleasures her, (Y/N) desperately tries to grab on to something, anything, to help her withstand the sheer bliss Muzan was providing her; alas, the surrounding objects and surfaces were covered in condensation from the steam of the bath. Seeing as her head was still nuzzled in (Y/N)’s neck, she took the opportunity and gave it a long but gentle lick. (Y/N) shivered in pleasure, craving Muzan to do more to her. Muzan, enjoying every second seeing her dear (Y/N) fall deeper and deeper into the pleasure, carefully moved her fingers until she was at the panting woman’s entrance. Just one finger teasing at her entrance was enough to make (Y/N) throw her head back and moan. “M-Muzan.. please...” she begged, knowing she wouldn’t get out of this until Muzan fucked her senseless. “Are you sure my dear (Y/N)? Are you sure you want my fingers inside of your precious little hole?” Muzan said with a smile across her face. Of course she knew the answer, but she wanted to hear it from the woman under her control. “Yes... M-Muzan... please... p-please finger me... f-finger me, make m-me.... cum, a-anything Muzan... I’m h-here... I’m here for you to u-use...however you... w-wish-!” She barely finished her sentence before Muzan shoved a finger inside of her and began to move it in a repetitive bending motion, hitting (Y/N)’s sweet spot each time. Moans erupted from (Y/N)’s throat. It was only when she was alone that she would pleasure herself to the thought of her beautiful girlfriend; the feeling of Muzan actually pleasuring her was enough to make her cum from just one of the demon’s fingers.
Muzan enters another finger, groping one of (Y/N)’s breast with her other hand. “Doesn’t it feel wonderful dear? You know, I can hear you in the bathroom late at night, moaning my name...” she admits as she gently nibbles her earlobe. She gently places one of (Y/N)’s nipples between her thumb and index finger, gently rubbing, pulling, and twisting the already erect bud. “A-ahhh.. M-Muzan... p-ple-....please-!” She begs as she begins to feel the knot in her stomach grow, a feeling she knew all too well. She removes her hand from the erect nipple and places it under (Y/N)’s chin. Pulling her head to face her, she smiles, her girlfriend who often never got flustered or embarrassed about anything, was a panting mess; her damp hair a mess, her face dawned with sweat, her face flushed, her half-lidded eyes, and her short gasps for air as she tried to hold herself back. “Oh darling... if only you could see how absolutely divine you are right now... it’s almost enough to make me excited... but this is about you, dearest.” Muzan places a gentle kiss on her girlfriend’s damp lips before removing her fingers and straddling her. With the loss of pleasure, (Y/N) became a bit more aware what was going on, and it took only seconds to comprehend the sight before her; Muzan, her breast in front of (Y/N)’s face, her face complimented with a smirk, her hips open for the grabbing, and the sight that (Y/N) had the hardest wrapping her head around, her perfect little flower resting atop her very own thigh.
She takes her hair out of its usual bun, the long raven-black locks resting against the surface of the water. (Y/N) had never seen her girlfriend without her signature bun, and she had to admit, she was absolutely stunning. Muzan began to move her hips back and forth, her lips parting a bit as her breath was taken away from the friction of her clit on her lover’s thigh. She let out a small whimper as she shakily grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and placed it on her perfect mounds. She could do nothing but stare in awe as the demon queen pleasured herself atop her thigh. Upon realizing where her hand had been placed, she gives one of the mounds a gentle squeeze, getting a small but audible noise from the petite woman. (Y/N), who is still under the spell of her girlfriend’s sudden actions, places her other mound in her mouth and flicks the bud around in her mouth. Muzan’s warm, damp nipple tasted delicious as she sucked on it, her teeth grazing across her most sensitive flesh. (Y/N) could feel the heat between her leg becoming unbearable, and it was only at the desperate motion of (Y/N)’s hips did Muzan remember her intentions. Still trapped in a world of pleasure of her own, Muzan moves one hand from the back of (Y/N)’s head and dips it into the water to find her lover’s clit. The contact of Muzan’s finger of her clit made her gasp, sending vibrations through Muzan’s breast as her mouth was still attached to the mound. She throws her head back and moans, knowing not what to do with her hands but rest them on Muzan’s rocking hips. “F-fuck M-Muzan...” she panted, tightening her grip on the demoness’ waist. With the touch of her lover pushing her down, the pleasure from the friction of her clit rubbing against her thigh, she was nearing her own release. “F-fuck (Y-Y/N)... y-you’re s-so good... p-please.... u-ugh...” Her sentences were barely incoherent as she rubbed (Y/N)’s clit faster and faster. The pleasure each received from the other was enough to send the two women over the edge; Muzan releasing on (Y/N)’s leg and (Y/N) releasing on Muzan’s hand.
After the two managed to get out of the bath, both still wobbly from their release, they got dressed and threw themselves on the bed. They lay on their backs and stare at the ceiling without saying a word to one another. Muzan was the first to move, pulling (Y/N) to her chest that housed her heart that was still pounding from the moments before. She rested her head on her breasts and lets out a long sigh, “Muzan... I... feel so... relaxed... thank you...” Muzan placed one hand on her head and the other around her waist, holding her to her chest. “I told you... dear. I would help you relax, and you even helped me.” She says as she rubs (Y/N)’s back in gentle circles. (Y/N) smiles as she falls into a blissful sleep, huddled close to Muzan. “Goodnight darling...”
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apocalypticgargoyle · 40 minutes ago
okay but imagine edgy!karl but with the spice of closer by nine inch nails just a thought
Tumblr media
edit by 🍭 anon. step on me.
Tumblr media
𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞: "... 𝐈'𝐕𝐄 𝐆𝐎𝐓 𝐍𝐎 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋 𝐓𝐎 𝐒𝐄𝐋𝐋..." | 𝐞𝐝𝐠𝐲!𝐤𝐚𝐫𝐥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
link for Closer by NIN
warnings: smut (18+), thigh riding, vulgar language, temperature play, degradation, domination/submission, phone sex, mentions of alcohol and drinking, frat boys, smoking (inc. weed)
enjoy these vignettes of straight-up filth
Tumblr media
other requests:
sorry no thoughts just edgy karl in a band. in all seriousness though i would kill for a band au with anyone
edgy!karl and like temp play? his tongue piercing got extra cold from the ice in his drink or something and then kisses the readers neck or something and the reader shivers and then he gets ~ideas~
sitting on edgy!karls leg in front of the whole frat, just a normal get together until karl starts bouncing his leg
In honor of me losing my voice for 3 days now, can we have Edgy!Karl reacting to you losing your voice because of him? I've said my piece -🍭
Ahhhhh okay so I had this dream where it was edgy Karl but the reader was riding him while he had his arms crossed behind his head and he was smoking a cigarette and just AHHHH. Can you extend on this pwease? :3 -🐙
mk hear me out, edgy karl. Phone sex ?
do you think that for your edgy! Karl fic we could get some more sub! Karl like he gets so drunk and all he wants to do is please the reader - 🥪
intoxicated seggs with karl (obviously not blackout drunk, fully consensual etc)
Tumblr media
You weren’t sure how you ended up where you were, or even how Karl ended up where he was, on stage with a guitar slung over his shoulder as if it were made for him. He had gotten a call earlier in the night from a friend of his whose guitarist came down with the flu, and Karl was the only one he knew who could take over on such short notice.
You weren’t even aware he could play, let alone how good he would look in a torn-up t-shirt, lip ring caught between his teeth as he mindlessly strummed along to the music, sweat pooling at his temples from the lights and the exertion. His eyes always darted to you, looking for your flushed appearance as floods of dark themes flooded into your consciousness.
Girls were practically throwing themselves at him, yet with you in the crowd, his lust-blown pupils marked you as his target. As the set drew on, Karl sipped from a beer like the rest of the band, a cigarette dangling from his lips as clouds of smoke mixed into the air of fog. Finally, a cover song came on, one that you knew well. Its heavy beat served as the background music as memories flooded into your mind from when the song had played for the two in the past...
You poured yourself a drink as Karl stood beside you, popping an ice cube in his mouth. It was your roommate’s birthday; nothing but a small gathering with a handful of your friends and some music. “Are you iron deficient, Karl?” You queried sarcastically, a nod to his ice chewing habits and a strange visit from your family members.
He rolled his eyes playfully. “I already told your grandmother that I’m fine,” he grumbled, teeth crunching down on the cube as if to demolish the story, making you giggle. He moved to step around you, arm wrapping around your waist as he pressed a kiss to your neck, his tongue ring grazing against your skin. You bit back a moan, body shivering at the feeling and he chuckled against your shoulder. “You like that, baby?” He mocked; voice husky at his realization that such a little action could get you excited so easily.
Later that night, Karl traced a path down your body with an ice cube between his pearly white teeth, grey irises watching your every reaction as he stopped at the hemline of your underpants. He traced a line down the lacy garment as you arched your back before pushing himself up on his arms and pushing the cube into your mouth. “Hold that for me, pet,” he stated, breath hot against your cold, wet skin, begging to be touched. His tongue dragged across your collarbones, the cool of the metal in his mouth making you moan around the ice in your mouth, grinding your hips against his.
As his cold mouth pressed against your inner thighs, you bit down on the cube, shattering it in your mouth as Karl chuckled. “We’re gonna have a fun night,” he promised, cold teeth nipping at your flesh to make you whimper.
The club bathroom was dingy and dimly lit, but the cleanliness was the last thing on your mind as your fingers curled around the skin, Karl’s hand wrapped around your throat as he thrust into you roughly. Your makeup was running down your face from his spit and your sweat. The bass of the music was loud enough that it echoed around in the bathroom, setting Karl’s rhythm to his animalistic paces.
You smiled lazily, bliss covering your fucked out expression as he smirked at you in the reflection of the mirror with pride to see you in such a mess at his antics. His blunt nails dug into your hip, slamming your body against him as he used you like some kind of toy. His hand controlled your breathing, making you gasp for air as you rolled your hips against him, calling out his name loud enough to ricochet around the room.
The next morning, you went to answer Karl’s question about what you wanted for breakfast when your voice came out in barely a whisper. You shut your eyes in embarrassment with a hand closing over your mouth as his eyebrows raised at you. “What was that, baby? Let me hear you,” he mocked, walking over to press his thumb against your throat.
You shook your head, refusing to let him gloat about you losing your voice moaning his name the night before. He kissed you roughly, tongue pressing into your mouth to lap at your weak moans. His teeth dragged across your lips. “I said, I wanna hear you. I wanna be reminded how you lost your voice,” he stated darkly, a smug expression plastered across his face.
With the party thundering into the night, you swiveled through the crowd of people grinding on each other, plastic cup in your hand as you returned to where Karl and a few of the other frat brothers were sitting. He pulled you into his lap, wrapping his arms around you as you handed him the drink and picked your cards back up.
You’d been playing strip poker with the other guys, who were mainly drunk out of their mind and half-naked anyway. It also helped that Karl would whisper in your ear to guide you into burning and showing the right cards. He once told you about the group of men that taught him how to play during a trip to his father’s favorite country club.
His legs spread a bit more beneath you, shifting you in his lap to sit on his leg. Shamefully, your breath hitched in your chest, a blush spreading to your cheeks as your nails dug into his arm as if to tell you to stop. He tensed slightly before realizing that the only reason you reacted was because the friction was almost a tension reliever for you. You were already riding on your winning streak, but the last thing you could handle was the feeling of his thigh between your legs and in front of all the men drugged out on smoke and hard liquor.
Karl’s lips pressed to the back of your ear, his hand moving to switch a few of your cards around while the other gripped your waist. As you won the next hand, Todd dragged his shirt over his head and tossed it behind him, rolling his eyes playfully before dropping backward and mumbling about taking a nap before he was dealt in again.
You giggled at him, only for Karl to move his thigh, dragging you against him. You peered over your shoulder slightly, glaring at him as if to tell him to cut it out, but he just smirked at you, holding your hips as he bounced his leg. His lips pressed against your shoulder. “Either you get yourself off or I get you off,” he taunted, the friction making you moan quietly.
Karl turned the radio up, tucking his hands behind his head as you dug into his jacket pocket for his lighter. You had him between your thighs, his fingers dragging up your skirt as you took the joint from behind his ear and brought it to your lips, lighting it and inhaling. Something flashing behind Karl’s eyes as you cracked his window. He grabbed your face before you could exhale, making you shotgun the smoke into his mouth. You moaned at the feeling of the drug seeping into your mind as well as Karl feeding off of your high.
He exhaled before pulling you in for a hungry kiss, moaning against your lips and digging his fingers into your thighs. You pulled away from him, pushing him back against the seat and handing him the joint before unzipping his pants. You dug your teeth into his bottom lip as you sank down on his hardened arousal, moaning at the tightening feeling. He groaned, his hand groping your ass to urge you to ride him.
He pulled away from your kiss, resting the joint between his lips as he tucked his hands behind his head. Your hands pushed into his jacket, sliding beneath his shirt as you rolled your hips against his. You pulled your fingers into your hair, tugging at the strands as one of his hands moved to brush below the hem of your shirt, moving to press his fingers into your back.
He watched you intently, teeth biting into his lower lip to keep himself quiet as you moaned. Euphoria spread across his face to mix with the cloud of smoke from the weed. You kissed him again, his tongue ring pressing into your mouth with a groan as you rode him harder, clawing at the friction and moaning at the feeling of his hands on your body.
“What are you wearing?” Karl asked, voice low and tired from the day of traveling; static from the interference on the phone line giving his tone the feeling of an old recorded message. He’d left earlier in the week, leaving after spending the weekend with you to get back home for his brother’s birthday. He’d nearly kidnapped you from your studies to go with him, but with the impending exams, there was no way you could get away.
You plugged in your headphones, moving to lay on your back as you realized what he was up to. “I’m wearing socks,” you stated sarcastically, making him laugh on the other end of the call. You knew he’d be scrubbed of his alternative appearance while in his mother's house. Your mind wandered to how weird it felt to kiss him without his piercings.
He hummed. “Only socks?” He chippered, playful lust dripping from his words as he spoke. You pressed your fingers against your bottom lip, trying your hardest to remember what it felt like with his teeth biting into your skin.
“I’m wearing your shirt, too,” you added; moving your fingers to toy with the hem of the dark t-shirt. You hadn’t even thought twice when you slipped it on earlier. Only now did you realize how nearly pathetic it was after he’d been trapped in your bed hours prior.
He chuckled darkly. “Oh, yeah? You miss me at all?” He chided, making you chew the inside of your cheek. “Come on, tell me how much you miss me, baby.”
You were silent for a moment, his raspy voice sending heat throughout your body. You tried to picture him buried in your hair as he spoke to you, his fingers brushing beneath your clothing in the dark. “I miss you,” you hummed. “It’s cold here alone.” You chewed your lip, you were never good at dirty talk. You could hear your roommate and her group of friends downstairs giggling as they turned on some music, the lyrics drifting through the air vents.
Karl tsked. “I think that’s a lie. I know it’s warm between your legs, dove,” he answered coolly, making your cheeks flush. “Fuck, I want you,” he groaned, your eyes fluttering at his low tone as goosebumps spread across your body.
“Keep talking,” you whispered, your fingers itching to dip beneath the waistband of your underwear.
You could tell he was biting back a smug groan at your quiet plea. “You want me to walk you through touching yourself?” He almost growled. “I wanna hear you cum for me.”
The two of you stumbled into Karl’s room, the sound of music from the party drowning out slightly as he kicked the door shut, pressing his lips against yours as you tugged off his clothes. The back of your legs hit his bed frame, the pair of you tangling together before you rolled on top of him. He pulled your shirt over your head, hands settling on your hips to urge you to grind against him.
The taste of the liquor on his lips sent your head reeling as his cologne and the smell of cigarettes clouded your already muddled senses. Your fingers raked down his tattooed chest, making him groan, his eyes looking up at you submissively.
Whenever Karl was drunk, he always bent to your whim. His dominant mind seemed to flip a switch and all he wanted was to make you feel good. He wanted to be used by you like he always used you.
Heat flushed to your cheeks from the alcohol; you’d beaten Todd in beer pong, again, but that didn’t mean you didn’t have to down a few shots to level the playing field. Your mouth pressed to his again, tugging his pants down his legs before sinking down on him as he moaned deeply.
As you rode him, he moved your hand from off his neck, taking your thumb into his mouth; the metal of his tongue ring swirling against your thumb as his teeth grazed your skin. You moaned at the sight, moving your hand to settle in his hair, tugging his head to the side as your teeth dug into his neck, marking him with your mouth.
He pulled your hips against his, driving himself into you deeper as he thrust against you, making you groan against his skin. You kissed him, driving your tongue into his mouth as you savored his moans of arousal at the feeling of you.
You moved to sit up again, letting the music set your pace as Karl titled his head back in pleasure, teeth tugging his lip ring into his mouth. You clenched around him, just because you knew you could draw him over the edge before you, but his eyes flickered with a willingness to hold out that licked at the fire of determination building your tension.
He sent you a lazy smirk before reaching a thumb between your thighs from where his hands were gripping onto your hips; toying at your nerves and making your vision blur with how good he was making you feel. “You’re so beautiful,” he mumbled, hips rolling against yours. You pressed your mouth to his again, basking in the taste of his words and the liquor that had melted against his tongue; ready the man between your legs to completely ruin you.
Tumblr media
Tag List: (follow this link to be added :))
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lovely-alicia · 41 minutes ago
DreamXD NSFW headcanons?
Pairings- DreamXD x Reader
DreamXD has a praising kink he likes to be praised along with him having a god complex it completes him.
He likes degrading you to make himself feel better since he sees himself as a god.
Watching somebody smaller than him do sexual or nonsexual acts to him makes him feel much more powerful.
He likes listening to your whinny moans whenever he has sex with you.
He's pretty rough and sometimes praises you while adding some degrading along the line.
He likes it when you embarrass yourself like if you were masturbating and called yourself degrading words he finds it amusing
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bsstories · 42 minutes ago
aot masterlist
house rules (armin arlert x annie leonhart x fem!reader): mature, nsfw, 18+, MINORS DNI | 12.3k | college au, modern au, friends-to-uhhh?, smut, fluff
summary: in which an intense game of uno among friends brings out the best and worst of its company, including a few secrets that incite more fun than was originally planned.
eren jaeger
armin arlert
mikasa ackerman
jean kirstein
sasha brauss
connie springer
annie leonhart
reiner braun
bertholdt hoover
hange zoë
erwin smith
levi ackerman
pieck finger
porco galliard
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seraphdreams · 45 minutes ago
not to be too forwards or anything but I would let Jean Kirschtein do literally anything he wanted to me. Like he could slap me across the face and I would get ridiculously turned on. He could use my mouth as an ashtray and I would thank him for it.
contains - face slapping, jean using reader as an ashtray
Tumblr media
jean gets so fed up with your brattiness sometimes, the way you ramble on and on about nothing just seems to piss him off. he’s left with no choice but to pull the cigarette between his fingers out of his mouth and grab your cheeks into his palm.
he’s using all of his strength and it’s clear by the way you can see the veins running along his forearm. “open” he says. his voice like a deep grunt. you do as he says, his grip on your face painful. 
you watch as he taps the lit end of his cigarette right above your mouth.
your tongue met with the smoky taste of his cigarette ash, still warm from being lit. he thinks you look so pretty, finally being quiet. he lets go of your cheeks before you feel a sharp sting in its place. you cup your jaw, tears forming in your eyes from the slap, yet his own eyes are warm but intense.
“what does a brat like you say?”
with the ashes melting on your tongue, you look up at him, all the brattiness you had before, washed away.
“thank you”
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insufferablepanda · 45 minutes ago
9+21 with gojo ?
CONTENT/WARNING: nsfw, finger fucking, edging, oral sex (f receiving), vaginal sex, overstimulation, teasing, 18+, unedited
NOTES: *sigh* I’ll never get tired of writing for gojo ...these were such great picks anon 😌💕 debating if I should write a full piece for this man 🥴
#9 + #21 [Gojo Satoru] - click here to view the menu...pick a number & an aot/jjk character of your choice c:
“Spread your legs.”
You whimper, facing forward, completely shoved into the mattress, with your soaking wet cunt on full display for your boyfriend.
“S-Satoru,” you whine, “t-this’s e-embarrassing.”
He chuckles, spreading your puffy lips for good measure before giving them a long, languid, teasing lick. Tongue flat and wide, he coats your hole with his saliva, making sure to get a taste of your sex.
“A-a-ahhh,” the sensation causes your body to press forward, protruding your ass forward.
“Oh baby,” he groans, “You taste so fucking good.”
Slipping his ring finger between your folds, knuckle deep, pumping them in and out, making sure to grind the pads of his fingers into the gummy walls of your g-spot. Not knowing what to do and completely overwhelmed by the pleasure, your body begins to shake uncontrollably. Tears threaten to spill out of your glassy eyes as you struggle to turn and get a better look at your boyfriend.
He shoves you roughly back into the mattress, “Eyes forward.”
Continuing his assault on your poor pussy, he delves his tongue back between your folds. Slippery sounds fill the room, making your eyes roll to the back of your head. You were close.
“B-b-baby please,” you babble, disobeying his command and doing everything you can do push him away, “I-I-‘ so close- it’s t-too sensitiv-gonna- mhnnn-cuuum.”
“Did I fucking stutter?” He grabs a handful of your hair, pulling you backwards, causing your back to arch. He looks down, reveling at the pretty sight of you completely at his mercy.
“I said,” he seethes, unbuckling his belt, “Eyes forward. Do as your fucking told.”
The sound of his threat makes your mouth water and your pussy clench. Without much warning, he aligns his cock with your entrance, and begins to fuck you at a rough pace. Gripping your breast, he pulls you backwards into his chest. The feeling alone steals your breath away and he doesn’t give you much time to adjust. He slides a hand down and begins to rub your clit in fast circles.
“S-Satoru,” drool begins to pool onto the bed sheet, “I-I-I can’t-“
“I-I-I-,” he mocks, fucking you even harder than before, “I don’t care how good it feels you’d better not cum until I tell you to.”
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hotdamnhunnam · 51 minutes ago
Pacific Love
A/N: So this fic can be read as Part 2 to Pacific Rimjob, or as a standalone fic! This part is based on the below request for some comforting cockwarming with Raleigh, the fluffiest snuggliest version of Charlie 🥰
Pairing: Raleigh Becket x Reader Warnings: smut, swearing, dirty talk, your pussy serving as a home for Raleigh’s cock Requests: Request from @wayward-avenging​ + a separate request from @rayslittlekitten​
Tumblr media
“Still can’t believe you saved the motherfucking world.”
Your boyfriend sighs, with an exasperated blink of his blue eyes. Hates when you say it in that way, like he alone had saved the day. “We saved the world. Me and my girl.”
“You and the Gipsy Danger?” you reply, the name of his beloved Jaeger. The massive robot you two co-pilot together.
Raleigh heaves another sigh. He’s a fierce feminist, aware that women really get the recognition that they merit; the injustice of it makes him want to cry. That’s why he’s clearly so upset at your refusal to take credit.
Brushing a speck of dust off of the warm navy blue sweater he’s got on, you urge him not to sweat it. “Babe, I’m just pushing your buttons,” you admit, reaching to ruffle his blonde hair bright as spun gold and soft as cotton. At your touch you can already sense the energy inside him shifting. Letting go of his frustration as you gently fluff it out of him. “I know I had to carry all your problems, so it’s obvious that I’m the one who did the heavy lifting.”
He smiles as he melts into your hand then brings it down toward his lips so he can kiss it. “You know I’m glad the war is finished... but I gotta say I’m gonna miss it. Drifting.”
“Being in each other’s heads? Well, even better yet... we’ll always have our time together in each other’s beds.”
“That’s true,” he coos, stars in his baby blues. “I really like being inside of you.”
Who gave this full-grown man the right to be so fucking cute? It’s fucking rude. Your fingers wander toward his gorgeous golden mane again and comb tenderly through. “Of course you do. I like it too... and I love you.”
Throughout the war that you have somehow overcome, Drifting together had begun to feel like home. It felt like you belonged in his head even more than in your own. You were just better when you both were in that deep mind-melding zone. The two of you are more than just compatible; the bond you share is magical. It’s pure and powerful as hell.
And thankfully you know a way to bring that level of connection into the bedroom as well.
Tumblr media
Sex with Raleigh Fucking Becket... is a trip to heaven on a one-way ticket.
You still recall and probably won’t ever forget—back in the days before the two of you had met—what all the other women gossiping throughout the Shatterdome had said: how this new guy walking around the halls was tall and good-looking and no doubt even better-looking naked, but probably a dud in bed. A pretty slice of plain white bread.
While he may come off as a teddy bear, with his soft fluffy hair, and eyes so big and bright you never fail to melt beneath his stare... so wholesome it’s really not fair... the truth is, none of those bitches knew shit. 
They didn’t have a clue, just what Mr. Becket could do. Neither did you—until he claimed you as his girl and put you through it.
True, Raleigh insists on sex within a context of mutual understanding and respect. Prefers softcore. Prefers the passion to feel pure, to let your hearts and souls connect. 
But that won’t stop his big heroic dick from fucking like a monster once he knows that you are ready to get wrecked. And all the hardcore kinks of yours... he’s more than willing to explore. 
By now he’s got a kink himself for dirty talk, and roughing you up with his cock—spanking your ass while he slams your cunt from behind and constantly reminds you that you are his filthy fucking whore.
That’s what he does tonight, fucking you up just right. 
He takes more pleasure and more pride, in pounding into you and plunging deep inside, than any earth-shattering war he’ll ever fight.
And so do you—the slick walls of your pussy squeezing tight, around his huge shaft as he plows it through, splitting you open wide... his cock may be the Jaeger as you take it. But this love is meant for both of you to make it.
The bed beneath you creaks and rocks, as Raleigh keeps slapping your slutty ass and railing you with his colossal cock; this wouldn’t be the first time that the power of his thrusts managed to break it.
Having literally saved the world gives you the right to fuck so hard you’ll probably fucking shake it. Shake the whole damn world. The wholesome hero and his filthy whore, his dirty little girl.
Now the war is finally over maybe someday he can flood you with his cum without protection and pump you full of a little baby Becket...
But you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself yet. That’s for another night. Tonight you’re still on birth control as he fills up your hole and hammers you into the bed. Tonight is all about making your man’s cock feel at home inside your cunt so wet, so tight—letting him wreck it, now the two of you have conquered this long fight... and then indulging in a long night that he won’t ever forget.
Once his thick hot cum paints your pussy, so deliciously juicy, your sex and his pulsing in sync in perfect ecstasy... both of you take a breathless moment to recover from the climax so intense and clear the shooting stars spinning around your heads.
Your co-pilot’s full body weight collapses down on yours and crushes you into the bed, so you can feel the muscles of his abs and chest, slick with his sweat, against your back so firmly pressed. He knows just how much you love that—it’s the best, this sense of being so closely connected, after any round of sex you’ve had, completely covered by your lover as you sink into the mattress. Being beneath him in this way makes you feel safe and loved and so alive after your senses get fucked dead.
Raleigh softly tilts his face to kiss your cheek, filling you with the love that gives you endless strength yet makes you feel so weak. Somehow you manage now to speak, reminding him of that one thing that he had said.
“Do you still miss the Drift?”
His cock inside your core is still as massive, almost just as stiff. Meanwhile his loving mouth curves up into a smile as it shifts from your cheek down toward your parted lips to seal them with a kiss. “There’s not a thing I miss. Not when I’m with you just like this.”
As if you weren’t already you are now convinced: Raleigh Becket is honestly a motherfucking Disney prince.
You drown in kisses for a few seconds—or minutes, or hours for all that you know, given that your perception of time always blurs in the sheer bliss of afterglow. Each kiss is soft and sweet and sensual and slow. 
His meat at last begins to soften where it’s buried deep inside you. Pulling out to shift position, for a sleepy snuggle session, is what he’ll usually do.
... But you have something else in mind, which you don’t doubt will feel divine. The thought of it excites you and you know that it’ll be nice for Raleigh too.
“Why don’t you stay,” you softly say, just as he starts to pull away.
“...Stay?” he echoes as he keeps his body held against yours tightly.
“Inside of me,” you murmur quietly. “Isn’t that where you like to be?”
His fully drained dick answers with a twitch. Throbbing against your inner walls and scratching a new itch. He’s catching on to the idea that you want to serve him as his cockwarming bitch.
Though Raleigh hates the thought of using you like some kind of accessory... on some level he knows that isn’t how it has to be. It can be comforting and pleasing for the two of you both equally, to keep him in your pussy, buried deeply.
And as he answers your question it’s obvious that he’s aroused beyond belief. “It’s home for me. If I could I would be inside you permanently. Never leave.”
“Well, I’m pretty sure the war is finally over...” you provocatively murmur. “So just go ahead and make yourself at home, soldier.”
You co-pilot lets out a growl of arousal and nuzzles your shoulder. “You sure?”
“Of fucking course. You know this pussy is all yours.”
“Mmm, that’s my perfect little whore,” he snarls, the words making your toes curl. “Who knew you’re such a dirty girl?”
“Um, you did, stupid.”
He masks his laughter and pretends to be insulted. “Now that’s no way to talk to the hero who just saved the world!”
“I’m sorry, sir,” you playfully answer. “Remind me that you saved the world and that you own my body, sir.”
Raleigh’s half-hard dick pushes inside you deeper than it already is as his full weight keeps pressing you into the bed. “Mmm, as if you could ever forget...”
Indeed as if you ever could, when his cock owns you so fucking good. 
You spend all night impaled on his wood. Alternating between cozy cuddling, with butterfly kisses and fluffy hair ruffling... and crazy hard fucking, with him stuffing you so roughly that you’ll surely wake incapable of walking... then cuddling again as his cock slowly softens. Changing up your position every so often, but never once loosening your cunt’s tight hold of him—all the while Raleigh stays buried inside of you just as he should.
Whisper words of love, though words are never enough. You both already know it, and show it... melding into one and the same person, your two hearts as one, beating in unison, just as every fiber of your being and his come undone in complete perfect sync every time you get off.
The war has never felt farther behind you, than now when he’s deep inside you. This is home and there’s such peace, in each release. Such pure pacific love.
While the bond that you forged and explored in the Drift was a gift... one that Raleigh will miss.. nights like this—this feeling of sharing in such absolute bliss—even after the war is finished, love unlike war has no fucking limits. And that’s the true gift.
This is the gift that will keep on giving for as long as you live.
Hope you enjoyed this, and would love to hear if you did! 🤗💖
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