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herondalesunsetcurve · an hour ago
Some Herongraystairs lock screens/wallpapers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hardlymatters · 2 hours ago
I refuse to believe that Lily Chen will help Janus to get Clary. I simply refuse to believe it. She’ll come about and understand that Raphael would not want to come back to their world like that. Lily Chen will not backstab the tmi tda gang/
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Anything You Say
Summary: Detective Alec Lightwood likes his job. He likes the order of it, likes helping people, likes that he gets to work with Jace and that Izzy is always right downstairs in the morgue too. He's wanted to be a cop ever since he was a kid, just like his parents before him, and now he's living that dream. His life should be perfect.
There's just one problem. Their precinct has just gotten a new forensic expert -- Magnus Bane.
And honestly, he's so cute that Alec's kind of losing his mind.
Thoughts: I love this fic. It’s interesting and sweet and nothing too bad happens to my favorite boys. Seeing all their relationship milestones is really cute and fluffy. The police stuff is a pretty cool background and I LOVE Lydia in this. I’ve def read it more than once, despite how long it is. ALso. I like how it’s determinedly a show only fic. I’ve read the books a while ago so I know when people try to add things that were only in the books and I know a lot of people mish-mash the canon, but it was nice that this one didn’t try to.  
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sentienttoblerone · 3 hours ago
Hey people of tumblr! I’m new here and lookin for people to follow, so if you’re interested, just drop a like and I’ll check out ur blog! :)
Oh yeah the fandoms is in are*deep breath*
Percy Jackson(ALL THE BOOKS)
My Hero Academia
Voltron Legendary Defender
Attack on titan
Book of Mormon
Harry Potter
Have I mentioned Newsies yet?
So yeah I just join all the dead fandoms :P
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coleisqueer · 3 hours ago
thinking about how Shadowhunter's DID THAT™, the fanfic trope of the homoerotic sparing/training together that leads to sex, like they fucking went there. i think more media needs to have the nerve to do that.
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yellowraincoat · 4 hours ago
You know, before I read the infernal devices I was under the impression that most people loved Will (/shipped him with Tessa)
but then I started reading and was like pfffffttt I must’ve hallucinated that. Who tf likes this cretin. And I was like, surely everyone loves Jem more.
And now I have finished the series, and I am again fairly certain that Will is the popular choice
Why? Why?
Things this boy did (not counting the stuff he did because he thought he was cursed):
Read Tessa’s letters without her permission
“Fall in love with her” based on information he got from said letters (which, I’m sorry, is just not a thing. Love is also about how you interact on the day to day, not just about the books you’ve both read)
Suggested that Tessa break off an engagement with his DYING best friend, after he for the very first fucking time, treated her with the slightest bit of kindness
Like 90% of why Tessa even liked Will at all was that Herondale Pretty Privilege
Things Jem did:
Actually emotionally support Tessa on the day to day
Become the person she most trusted
Be a genuinely good ray of sunshine of a person even when faced with his imminent death
Care about William Herondale at his rudest and most self destructive
Tell his best friend that he could marry Tessa without feeling guilty about it when he died
Tell Tessa that he forgave her and Will for fucking the second they found out that Jem had “died”
Like goddamn it who the fuck was actually rooting for Will Herondale??? I don’t care how funny he is and how much poetry he can quote
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themimsyborogove · 4 hours ago
47. Singing badly as loud as you can
“This way,” Catarina murmured, grabbing Tessa by the elbow before she could go down the path leading to Ragnor’s front door. “He’s not expecting us.”
Tessa narrowed her eyes as Catarina dragged her around the side of the cottage instead. “You said he asked us to help him in the garden.”
“Not quite,” Catarina turned and smiled brightly over her shoulder, completely unashamed, making it very hard to be annoyed with her for lying. “He did mention he was planning on planting some new seeds in his herb garden today when he called me to complain about the Broadway show Magnus dragged him to last weekend. So I needed to check something.”
Even though Tessa had been friends with Ragnor Fell for several decades now, it still struck her as a bad idea to sneak up on him unannounced. But Catarina didn’t seem concerned about potential booby traps or rage earthquakes, so Tessa decided it was probably safe to follow her lead in whatever mischief she had planned.
Catarina stopped right outside the garden wall and gestured for Tessa to be quiet. When Tessa stopped walking and held still, she could hear snatches of song from the other side of the wall, Ragnor’s deep voice slightly off key.
“And we all say, ‘Oh, well, I never, was there ever a cat so clever as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees?’”
“I knew it,” Catarina whispered, an amused grin spreading across her face. “He only complains like that when he’s trying to pretend he didn’t enjoy himself.”
Before Tessa could wonder how Magnus had even managed to talk Ragnor into seeing Cats on Broadway of all things in the first place, Catarina was unlatching the gate with a burst of pale blue sparks, Ragnor’s wards offering no resistance to her magic.
Tessa followed, more hesitantly, and by the time she found Ragnor’s green face camouflaged in all the plants, he had stopped singing and was glowering at them.
Catarina ignored the glower and helped herself to a trowel from the box of gardening tools next to Ragnor.
“You should teach us the songs,” Catarina said conversationally, crouching down to examine the packs of sage and thyme seeds Ragnor had been in the middle of planting. “Tessa’s read the original poems, I’m sure she’ll pick it up.”
Tessa and Ragnor shared a horrified look over Catarina’s head, but Catarina just laughed, mischief shining in her eyes as she got to work planting the seeds.
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cordeliasblackthorn · 5 hours ago
Guess who’s getting a fearless rune tattoo tomorrow 🥳
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Tumblr media
"Love is something we are born with. Fear is something we learned here. Feeling true love is a beginning of forgetting fear and accepting love in our hearts".
— Juan Francisco Palencia.
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carstairs-hopelessly · 5 hours ago
*squints at a piece of tsc fanart* time to play is this Jace and Alec, Kit and Ty or Matthew and James
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revati3008 · 5 hours ago
reminder that jace wants a lot of kids so if not in twp, we're still going to have a bunch tiny jaces and clarys running around the place :)
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