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#magnus bane
magnus-simp · an hour ago
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Every Malec scene | 19/? | ~ | Every Magnus Bane scene | 77/? | 1.06 Of Men and Angels
To us.
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my-archerboy · 2 hours ago
Magnus: *wearing silk pants* How does this look?
Alec: Like its slips on and off really easily
Alec: No, I didn't mean it like that-
Isabelle: We know what you meant
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sivan325 · 2 hours ago
Beta-reading by @ispeakmorelanguagesthanyou
Square Filled: Omegaverse @shadowhunterbingo​
Rating: G
Ships: Malec
Tags: Omegaverse, Demon Magnus, Alpha Magnus, Mundane Alec, Omega Alec, Met at Wedding AU, Arrange Marriage, Bad Parenting, Emotional Hurt Alec
Summary:   “He is a demon,” Alec stated as watched the demon, catching him off guard. He could feel his mother’s eyes glaring at him for speaking without permission.
Tumblr media
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chibi-tsukiko · 3 hours ago
👑 “I am fashion” 👑
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Magnus Bane + corsets b/c yes.
Tumblr media
Sometimes you just need to draw your fav in a bunch of different corsets ok?? It’s good for the soul! 😂
In all seriousness, the colors and designs of corsets are just so intricate and beautiful, I am obsessed with all the possibilities. (There’s a reason why one of my OCs always wears one 😆)
I had so much fun with this piece!
I really hope you like it! 🙈
I’ve also been doing this collage pic thing a lot lately so sorry if it gets redundant 😅
Click on images for better quality
Character owned by @cassandraclare
Tag list : @littleturtle95 @tobeornottobetequila @zfoxdraws @bookworm-jedi @magnus-the-maqnificent @banesbitch @fair-but-wilde-child @beclynn-herondale @khaleesiofalicante @lizlightwoodherondale @my-archerboy @youngreckless @thomaslightwood @runecarstairs @high-warlock-of-brooklyn @panicatwallmaria @alexandergideonslightwood @cordaisya @livvyheronstairs @wannabe-warlock @clockworkprincess19 @shadowhuntingdemigod @clarys-heosphoros @hardlymatters
Tag list : @littleturtle95 @tobeornottobetequila @zfoxdraws @bookworm-jedi @magnus-the-maqnificent @banesbitch @fair-but-wilde-child @beclynn-herondale @khaleesiofalicante @lizlightwoodherondale @my-archerboy @youngreckless @thomaslightwood @runecarstairs @high-warlock-of-brooklyn @panicatwallmaria @alexandergideonslightwood @cordaisya @livvyheronstairs @wannabe-warlock @clockworkprincess19 @shadowhuntingdemigod @clarys-heosphoros @hardlymatters
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panic-at-the-nico · 4 hours ago
What basically happened at the end of QOAAD
Tessa: we’re adaopting a baby.
Kit: oh that’s nice but I thought you were preg-
Jem: *slamming paperwork on the table* It’s you
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patricelieb1 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fanart de Magnus Bane (Harry Shum, Jr.), personaje de Shadowhunters.
Si quieres comprar un producto con este diseño pulsa aquí o también puedes preguntarme
If you want to buy a product with this desing click here or you can also ask me.
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Crazy TLH theory
What if Cortana sol e reason for being created was to defeat Belial. Think about it Cortana is the only thing that has been able to harm Belial. And it was given to the Carstairs. A proud Shadowhunter family with fierce warriors. So what when Wayland the Smith purely made the sword not only to harm Belial but all 9 of the princes of hell.
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its-a-fangirl-thing · 7 hours ago
Okay but imagine Alec dedicates Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift to Magnus and Magnus plays it every evening after Alec dies.
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harkasun · 8 hours ago
Happy writing honey, I believe in you!
How about some nautical words?: ocean, anchor, waves, knot, horizon
Use as many as you like or none at all and never forget the talent you have as a writer ❤️
I miss you and ily and thank you!! (and I had doubts that I would have any of these in fics, but turns out, I got a few, even if they're not in a nautical context!)
From a 'The Wilds' AU bc you know I gotta do it to 'em:
The sea pushed against his makeshift raft and Alec closed his eyes, the fear of drowning and the grief that he may have just lost his siblings overwhelming him. A voice catches his ears over the crash of the ocean and Alec’s eyes snapped open.
I do not have have anchor in any of them!
From a 'The Last of Us' (zombie) AU multi-chapter:
She has been an infuriating thorn in his side from day one. Jace, in predictable Jace fashion, had fallen head-over-heels for this five-foot child with her long waves of orange hair and a pale face covered in freckles. Alec will never understand what Jace sees in her.
From one where we see more of Magnus's childhood (based off show flashbacks) and, boy, did he have a crap one:
The men yelled, grabbed Magnus when he tried to break free. One of them wrestled the loop of rope around his neck, pulling the knot tight and shouting to the man with the other end.
From some generic demon-attack one:
“Well, they say the darkest moment is just before the dawn.”
Alec feigned a frown of confusion. “Surely the sun would be like right below the horizon, so—”
“Oh, shut up,” Magnus muttered, glancing across to him with eyes narrowed in playful irritation.
Drop me a word to help motivate my WIP writing?
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fandomidiot · 9 hours ago
Izzy: ugh i'm so hungry
Magnus: *snaps fingers and full course meal appears*
Izzy: *whispers in Alec's ear* hurt him and i will tear you limb from limb
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heronwoodthornstairsgirl · 12 hours ago
Alec: I haven't told anyone I'm gay yet but I'd let you fuck me if you asked
Magnus: what?
Alec: what?
Izzy and Jace behind them, loudly eating chips, simultaneously: He said he'd let you fuck him if you asked
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emcatstairs · 13 hours ago
I AM SO BAD IM SO SORRY :(((( these are just all gonna be late
Tumblr media
day 14:
i don’t rlly have one i don’t think…… besides maybe when people put the limp wrist of a character and caption it “is she… yknow..” it’s so funny to me
day 15:
dear god this is a hard question. i have to say malec. I JUST CANT NOT SAY MALEC AS NUMBER ONE. also any other queer relationship in tsc AND AND nice and will from percy jackson i haven’t even read those books yet but i’m in love with those two together <33
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magixqueenie · 16 hours ago
Square Filled: Children of the Night
Rating: Teens
Ship: Malec
Summary: Alec first meets the Shadow when he is three.
The Shadow doesn’t come abruptly. Instead, he comes to Alec slowly, with soft, gooey touches like human fingers. They caress his hair gently, and it is nice. There is a sense of rightness, a peace that makes his heart still.
Alec peers out in the nighttime darkness to find the man holding him.
But there is no one there.
Created for @shadowhunterbingo
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harkasun · 18 hours ago
ah hello! i'm loving the warlock's familiar and the oneshots you've been posting! i have some wip words - blood, mirror, hug, morning (choose all or none as you like) 😊
This is so sweet, thank you so much for so many words! I choose: ALL.
From an AU where Jocelyn takes Alec with her to New York after the uprising:
“What do you think they’re going to do…?” Jocelyn wondered aloud, because Maryse was crying and she hadn’t even stopped to clean herself of blood and dirt before rushing to collect her child.
From the next chapter of The Warlock's Familiar (just because you said you liked it - thank you!):
Simon rushes to mirror Magnus’s position, catching Raphael as he loses consciousness and slumps lifelessly to the floor.
From a one-shot about Alec and Magnus's kid:
He had worried that his husband would be angry with him for allowing it to happen in the first place, but Magnus’s gaze softened slowly as Alec got further and further into the story, and he trailed off as Magnus eased him into a silent hug.
From the one where Alec has sleep paralysis bc I can't make sense of my own problems unless I'm inflicting them on characters?:
When he woke one morning very shortly into their marriage and he couldn’t move, strength was the last thing on his mind. The room was dark and the shadows shifted alarmingly, like demons swarming from all sides, and Alec was on his back, fear tight in his chest, crushing down on his lungs.
Drop me a word to help motivate my WIP writing?
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harkasun · 19 hours ago
Gold &/or silver
Thank you so, so much. I will do both!
Gold, from a multi-chapter I'm working on about Alec's rise to Inquisitor:
Alec kissed him in greeting, his hand falling briefly to the warlock’s waist to keep him close. “Thank you for coming,” he said in an undertone, seeing now from their close proximity that Magnus’s jewellery was all gold and rubies, complimenting perfectly with his outfit. “The Spiral Labyrinth still has that children’s home, right?”
Silver, from another, though likely much shorter, multi-chapter WIP about Alec being turned into a werewolf:
“I’ve been performing spell-work on your wound,” Magnus informed, gently pushing Alec’s hand away from the injury. “The traces of silver have been drawn out, but you still need to heal.”
Drop me a word to help motivate my WIP writing!
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khaleesiofalicante · 20 hours ago
So we’ve seen Magnus smoke and I was wondering do you think he still does and how much
I think he still does - but on extremely rare occasions. I read a fic once where Magnus smokes when he is extremely frustrated - sort of as a coping mechanism.
I could see that as canon.
We know that Magnus rarely loses his chill. So maybe when he is just frustrated or angry beyond a point, I can see him sneaking into the balcony and having a smoke and just having that moment to himself before coming back inside like he has everything under control.
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khaleesiofalicante · 20 hours ago
(Part 1) I'm about to top every angsty malec au ever. Max is 10 and is still learning how to control his magic. He's also kinda bratty and doesn't really like the idea of practicing since he still wants to be a shadowhunter like Alec so whenever Magnus teaches Max it's always a struggle and one day Max gets really frustrated and he loses control and sets the whole apartment (including Magnus) on fire on accident. It's too sudden and out of control to be stopped -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shadowhunting-hooligans · 21 hours ago
Izzy: Dinner's ready!
Clary, Alec, Magnus, Simon: *all leave the dining room before Izzy come's in*
Jace: *walks into the dining room, oblivious of everything* Where's everyone going… *see's Izzy with a pot*
Izzy, glaring at Jace: Come and eat Jace.
Jace, backing away and nervously laughing: I can't. Did I tell u that I recently took an oath of fasting?
Izzy, dryly: Really. How recent?
Jace: Very recent.
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