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#clary fairchild
bookofourdreams · an hour ago
Every time I think I'm missing a piece of me, you give it back.
Cassandra Clare, City of Heavenly Fire
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revvs-trash · 2 hours ago
Your raps are brilliant. I have a request, take your time with it: Simon vs. Jace in the first two books
i made a rap battle- idk if you'll like- here-
simon : you think you can just come along and take my girl? you couldn't even if you gave her a million pearls. god, she's hardly ever talked to you, look at us, we have games, jokes and laughter too.
jace : well i kinda did, all i had to do was save her from being dead. she was with me for a full three days, showing her around the house while she was in a daze.
simon : well then i showed up outside her house, she brought me back with you and made a rouse. guess that shows who she really cares about more, we've been friends for a decade, i can say for sure.
jace : well i took her to the greenhouse and kissed her, wished her happy birthday in a small whisper. got you so upset that you left and did you miss her?
simon : well turned out you're siblings, your dad had some major drama and some messed up killings. well, she ended up choosing me over you, we all knew you'd end up loosing bro.
jace : well she only chose you, 'cause she couldn't have me, if her heart has a lock then i have the key. well the seelie queen really showed us she was missing me, 'cause all she really wanted was to be kissing me.
simon : *tears up* well i guess you make a fair point, you both really weren't in the bright. i'll leave you both to have kids then, i'll be heading out over to the vampire den.
jace : but simon, don't leave! if you're in danger, i'll save you and you can feed. get me mangoes and soup for dinner, and with that our friendship can glimmer.
simon : jace i don't understand, i thought you hated me, are you over that? sure, i'll buy you dinner and you can stay the night, we can play video games, no more need to fight.
jace : bruh no i dont hate you, i just really wanna embrace you. *hugs simon* i don't understand why izzy is dating you, but don't you worry i'll always protect you.
*happy jimon noises*
i swear this turned out sm longer than i expected- i don't know what i did but 💀 @clarys-heosphoros @wannabe-warlock @whiteuselesscrayon @inejghafasupremacy @i forgot who asked me to tag them, please remind me
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chain of thorns this, the wicked powers that, when will someone write 2010 simon and friends at the newly opened wizarding world of harry potter
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carstairs-hopelessly · 9 hours ago
thinking about how Magnus was surprised to realize that any one of the TMI gang would sacrifice themselves for him at the end of CoHF, meaning that he never really realized just how much the TID characters (Will specifically) cared for him.
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lifeofbrybooks · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Please. Put your arms around me.”
It’s with this embrace and a kiss on the cheek that Clary catches her brother off guard just enough to sink Heosphoros laced with Heavenly Fire into his chest to end the war.
Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern was never given a chance to truly live. It made his death hurt deeply despite knowing that it was necessary and inevitable. I was nearly as conflicted as Clary when Jonathan took his final breaths. There’s no forgiving what he has done, but can you mourn the boy he should’ve been?
He may go down as one of my favorite book villains of all time.
Side note: The THEATRICS of Jonathan really sealed the deal for me. The man knew how to get people’s attention. We have the Angel wings that Maryse finds in the Institute library with Erchomai (I am coming) written in blood, followed by the floor in the Accords Hall saying Veni (I have come). Then when his plan to attack the London Institute gets thwarted, he decides to just wipe out the Praetor Lupus headquarters. We can’t forget the fact that he just stabs himself in the chest to prove to Jace and Clary that he’s invulnerable. And last but certainly not least, his motto of “if I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell”, is absolutely badass. Still an awful person though.
Part 1 of my review of CoHF is posted now!
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notyourbitchboybane · 12 hours ago
i’m not saying tmi would’ve been better if clary and izzy were lesbians but i’m saying it at the very least would’ve been better than whatever the fuck that incest shit was
i didn’t forget about simon he can just be the cute nerd who has more brain cells than everyone else combined
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clace-supremacy · 15 hours ago
Just something I’ve noticed:
In City of Fallen Angels, Lilith is impressed by Clary and Jace’s love. She says that it could “burn down the world or raise it up in glory.” Which is baffling in itself, considering the fact that the Mother of Demons, who has lived since the beginning of the world or something, found Clace’s love to be something very special indeed. But what she said has also been proven to be true throughout TSC. Though their love, Clary and Jace did save the world—and their love also almost destroyed the world, too.
In City of Lost Souls, Clary goes all by herself to save Jace from Sebastian because she loves him, and Team Good wouldn’t have known of Sebastian’s plans if Clary hadn’t gone there and spread the information back to Simon through her telepathic ring. So in that case, their love saved the world.
Later on, Jace wants to give his life so that Sebastian dies along with him, but Clary refuses to let him go because she doesn’t want him to die. In Thule, this causes Jace to become corrupted because Clary is unable to stab Jace with Glorious before her own demise, so Clace’s love literally destroys the world in Thule.
And this is happening again in TWP. Thule!Jace—or Janus, as he calls himself—is so heartbroken over losing Clary that he wants to destroy the world to get her back. So Clary and Jace’s love once again threatens to burn down the world. It seems like Lilith really knew what she was talking about.
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thelesbianalligaytor · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Clarissa/Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
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incorrectidris · 20 hours ago
clary : magnus isn't answering his phone
alec : i'll try
clary : simon and i have tried six times each, what makes you think-
magnus, answering his phone : hello?
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foxglove-airmid · a day ago
So Clary was kinda made a ruler of Edom by Sebastian huh?
How cool would it be if she still is!?
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foxglove-airmid · a day ago
Christopher when he was told guns couldn't have runes:
Tumblr media
Clary and Henry if they ever met: (why don't we talk more about how similar they are?!)
Tumblr media
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once-i-was-hopeful · a day ago
Everyone makes fun of Jace for having so many last names, but Clary has just as many. He goes from Wayland to Morgenstern (which he never really claimed) to Lightwood to Herondale. She starts out as Fray, finds out she’s a Morgenstern, then decides to stick with Fairchild. And when she marries Jace, she’ll be a Herondale.
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annalise-reads · a day ago
Clary: What's a word thats a mix between 'sad' and 'mad'?
Alec: Disgruntled, miserable, desolated-
Jace: Smad.
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