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#OMG same
neonglowx · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AU where real Bobby is alive and well and is a 100% supportive, no tazor-loving detective who helps Athena and everyone find evidence to prove Simon's innocence..........
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londonsboy · 10 hours ago
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arahir · 13 hours ago
Hello! I'm new to fanfiction and I just started writing for sk8. A little bit ago i had an idea for a tdaai fic where Tadashi gets shot and Adam has to get himself together and figure out what'simportant, then i found your fic (which is so so good, btw). My question is whats the Fandom etiquette in this situation? Should i not post mine? Is it OK as long as i link yours? Am i overthinking this? I just don't want to be rude. Thank you and i love you Skaterboy fic too!
PLEASE POST YOURS!! you don't need my permission and you don't need to link mine or mention me in any way! personally i feel like anything i love enough to write is something i absolutely want more of for that pair and even that aside, i wouldn't dare to or want to have any claim on any concept in a fandom anyway!! if there's a common etiquette for this situation i don't know it and i think you've handled it the most logical and polite way.
ANYWAY. please yes write it and please yes post it!! feed the tadaai tag 😋
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teambella420 · 13 hours ago
Very very very very cursed warmup sketch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a cursed lil thing that made me giggle , cuz I saw this “draw the squad” thing and thought if my faves ✨✨
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inkykeiji · 16 hours ago
so i think im more excited for you to write the way bmb dabi fucks.... like im so used to tomuras fast n hard daddy sessions (even touya-nii) i wonder if dabi is the same? or is there times dabi wants to just cherish the moment n go slow bc he loves reader?? i mean ofc he wants to fuck her stupid but since dabi is such a sad baby it can go both ways. also i love how u hc all ur version of dabi having high whines/moans UGH so hot
HEHEHEHE I WOULD LOVE TO TELL U ANON but unfortunately you’ll just have to wait a lil longer :((( and YES YES high whines and broken moans that kinda frequently catch in his throat <33333 he’s quite loud!!! i also hc all of my iterations of dabi to just never shut the hell up during any type of sex LMAO
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titanofthemoon · 17 hours ago
@blizzardmuses​  asked:                                                              
"Will you stay with me tonight?" (Babs post attack cause hey we all wish we were friends with amazons after traumatic events)
Tumblr media
Donna looked up at the clock. It was still early in the evening, but Barbara no doubt felt the onset of night, when the house gets quiet and ravening memories come to life again. Her friends took turns watching her in a steady rotation, but that was... different. She was reaching out this time.
Tumblr media
“I’ll be there in about... 30 minutes? Queue up some movies or music for me? We’ll discuss when I arrive?” She made it in less than 20, a small bag of groceries in hand.
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madreabeja · 20 hours ago
realized yesterday when i was talking with my mom that mild restless leg syndrome is what i had in college when i was stressed as fuck and also not sleeping well at all and also had horrendous posture and weak muscles just generally not doing well so now at least i know that’s something i’m prone to
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guava-jeans · 22 hours ago
just finished the first season of killing eve ._.
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seungisms · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
omg hi i just wanted to say i am also a seungmin lover and i posted something on my spam almost exactly the same to what u said a few days ago i just thought that was interesting r we linked through seungmin 😩
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anxiousbabybirdb · 23 hours ago
I just saw your chart lol. Sorry if this is all over the place. Hehe adhd also you do not have to post this! Also ignore any spelling errors
you have a lovely chart omg! I feel we would vibe so well! But you do got parts of yourself that gets conflicted. Like there is a lot of you that wants to be free and expressive but there are part of you thst says “no be practical” and you try to remember to be grounded in reality. Its kinda is a battle sometimes. But...
Your Capricorn sun in 8th house!!! Omg. So like if you ever wanted to learn tarot or astrology or palm reading you probably would be really good at it. Cause 8th house has to do with life transition, sex, transformation, or the occult.
Also your moon in 12th house is beautiful (sakusa has this 😍) you are a homebody and are very hard working. What you feel you feel strongly about. A a lot of passion but the earth in your chart make people think you may not feel that strongly about things. You love putting action to your words. I love aries moon people. Also do you feel other’s emotions easily?
You got a mercury in Aquarius...haha do you got a dry sense of humor (fun fact mattsun has this. I really think he has a dry morbid sense humor. I love it so much)
Your venus in Sag is in 7th — you love exploring and probably love to travel or the idea of it. You also like nice beautiful things. also has to do with justice and marriage(i mean i could talk about this placement forever) Do you day dream of going off on adventures? If you played video games (idk if you do) you probably like open world rpg.
Also your virgo mars in 4th follow your instincts and are very disciplined in your home and love a schedule. Also because you got a mars in virgo you take love very seriously. You come off reserved but you are very passionate.
Also your tarsus rising makes you very physically affectionate—only though to people you care for deeply (that aries moon). You love comfort things in the physical. (Material items) Gosh this mixed with your venus in 7th house your probably love nice candle and pretty warm blankets. A warm cup of tea or coffee ..Its the little things in life for you really 💕
There is like way more but i have info dumped enough!! 💙
How did i do????
OH MY GOD KATTS!! I’m screaming and crying and omg this was so sweet! Thank you for looking at it and taking the time to write this all out for me, you’re so sweet and I’ve read this all like 5 times through and I’m still freaking out because it’s so. freaking. accurate. Literally I read it, took a screenshot and texted it to my older sister and I was like, “My friend read my astrological birth chart, LOOOOOK!!!!!” And then she read it and was like, “Oh my god, that’s definitely you. All of it.” Now she wants hers done and I think I’m going to try and get that done for her for her birthday next month lol. I wrote you a novel under the cut because I’m just in awe of this and you. I apologize, I talk and ramble a lot when I get excited 👉🏻👈🏻 
So your first thing about me wanting to be free and expressive but grounded in practicality is the entire basis of my personality, I swear. Like dream life, I’d be a writer and live on a boat sailing the ocean and writing love stories on the deck under the sun; reality is my ass has two degrees in various concrete sciences and is applying to medical school to be a doctor. 
That’s so cool! I actually have tarot cards (and an oracle deck I actually do use) and I want to learn how to read them properly (but also I want to do a million things and never have enough time for all of them). 
The moon one, my god, it’s so accurate. I am very much a homebody and I like staying in as much as I like the occasional adventure. Like back in college (and still), I prefer a night in with my friends as opposed to a night out. I’d agree and say I’m hard working but saying it about myself feels rather vain. I do always try my hardest at things though. I also do feel very strongly about things but I tend to be quiet about my opinions and things unless I know people really well. I’m very passionate about the things I love to do though! I do feel other’s emotions easily! Very much an empath (my mom got me a psychic reading from my aunt’s psychic for Christmas and she immediately said she thought I was empathic and picked up on other’s emotions). Funny story, so my best friend lives 6 hours away and one day I was in a great mood, like I’d had an awesome day. Then out of nowhere, I was upset and took a bath to calm down and cried in the bathtub for like 3 hours. Talked to my friend the next day and she’d gotten broken up with and had been crying at the same time. We have a really strong bond lol. Also funny that you mentioned Sakusa because I kin Sakusa and also have been a Sakusa anon for a friend since November lol.
I sometimes have a dry sense of humor but my sense of humor is also super fucked up and morbid a lot of the time. Also really dirty. But also I just love puns and simple jokes. I also love that you threw Mattsun in there, my homie lol.
Out of all of them, the Venus placement you explained for me was by far my favorite. So fun fact, I’m an army brat. I grew up moving a lot as a child and lived all over the US east coast and also spent two years in Europe as well. Traveling and exploring new places has always been a part of my life because of it--any time we moved, we’d travel that area and when we lived in Europe, we were able to travel all over it as well (I was a relatively young kid at the time, 7 when I moved there). The happiest I’ve ever been was in college when I did a study abroad trip to the Galapagos islands--I spent 10 days living on a boat and sailing the islands learning about the plants, wildlife, and basically everything about them. So yeah, travel is really, really important to me and I love it. You asked if I day dream of going off on adventures, well, that’s like all I do. I do tend to be a homebody and stay home most of the time, but I am also always up for an adventure--if it’s with the people I care about. I do love nice, beautiful things, that was a callout lol. I’m curious as to what it means in regards to marriage though, I’ll have to try and find more about that! I love video games but I suck at them 😅 I actually tend toward games with clear cut goals (I am a child, I like Lego games lol) and stray from violent games more often than not. My favorite game ever is Spyro (though my favorite series is Devil May Cry which contradicts my avoidance of violent games). I do think I’d like open world rpg’s if I could figure them out--I just never know what I’m supposed to do?
The last statement in your explanation about my Virgo Mars is the one my sister said was the most accurate of all. I’m really quiet and shy when people meet me and most people are surprised if I open up to them and they realize that once they get me talking, I don’t ever really stop. I just feel very strongly about things! I also do take love very seriously. The people in my life that I love, my friends and family, I’m very loyal to and I’ll never betray that. I’m very guarded though and scared of actually dating so it’s yet to be determined how I’d be in a relationship. Also, I very much stick with my instincts and god, schedules are like my everything. And checklists! I love checking things off. I used to have the most organized bullet journal planner in college.
“Physically affectionate--only though to people you care for deeply.” This is me. For a long time, I thought physical touch was actually super low on my love languages because I just don’t like touching people or them touching me. But then when I’m with my nieces and nephews or my sister, the people in my family I’m closest to and care about most, I’m very cuddly. I will lay on my sister for days when I visit her (also she plays with my hair so why wouldn’t I lol) and her daughter will curl up in my lap for me to play with her hair and it’s so normal I didn’t even think of it being physical affection. It was only last year I realized I just have to be really, really comfortable and care about the people for me to be physically affectionate. AND THE LOVE OF COMFORT THINGS IN THE PHYSICAL?! ME! My entire room is comfort things. I have 7 blankets on my bed and a drawer full of candles in my nightstand (and the ones that don’t fit in the drawer live on my desk). The whole reason the blog is B’s Nest is because that’s what I’ve called my bed since I was little (I have a tendency to build a nest out of pillows and blankets around the edges of my bed and I curl up in the middle). I also love tea, it calms me and makes me happy. 
How did you do?! AMAZING! I’m in awe! Like the fact that you basically got my entire personality based on my chart, I’m just completely in awe and amazed and it’s so cool! I know I rambled a lot and I’m sorry for that but I just wanted you to see how absolutely ACCURATE you were in literally everything! I’m amazed. You’re AMAZING! I feel so blessed right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been obsessed with my enneagram for ages because I thought that described my personality, but damn if this isn’t even more accurate than my enneagram! I’m still amazed. I’m going to be thinking about this all week now. Thank you so much Katts, you’re the sweetest 🥺💙 
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theblondeoneswife · a day ago
Wait I saw a post about Bela, Cassandra & Daniela talking about possible hobbies due to this theatre type room in the castle...
Bela being the singer/musician (we’re so alike in that way help- I love her so much)
Cassandra being the actor/dancer
Daniela just loving to read books
This is the cutest thing ever and whoever made that post it’s just brilliant! It should be canon because 🥺
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