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prfm-kiyoe48 · 3 minutes ago
...just a little unboxing😊✌❗
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prfm-kiyoe48 · 8 minutes ago
I'd never seen this pictures❗😮🖤
✅Credits for: Kin Ho (facebook)
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jyounokosiyaki · 2 hours ago
JA葬祭様へ 終活の始まりに骨壺はいかがでしょうか。 世界に1つのオリジナルの骨壺!
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cycledad66 · 2 hours ago
Look at this on eBay
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bigenderfluidinsomniac · 2 hours ago
So there's this song in Japanese right? 80% sure this was a vocaloid song right.
So I remember a single English translated lyric which was
"Ah I want video game happy ending!" or something like that
And basically the plot of the song was A guy has a crush on a girl and he is really cowardly and talks abt wanting to get a happy ending like video-game characters and bringing himself down another line translated is this "But I see the man beside you" I'm pretty sure was the line anyway I'm really stuck on this please HELP
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tokidokitokyo · 4 hours ago
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春が来た!(はるがきた) - Spring is here! Japanese spring vocabulary to practice this spring.
春 はる spring
桜 さくら cherry blossom, sakura
花見 はなみ cherry blossom viewing (lit. flower viewing)
春分 しゅんぶん vernal (spring) equinox
春分の日 しゅんぶんのひ Vernal Equinox Day (national holiday, March 20 or 21)
涼しい すずしい cool, refreshing
暖かい あたたかい warm
自然 しぜん nature
土 つち earth, soil
太陽 たいよう sun
日の出 ひので sunrise
日の入 ひのいり sunset
晴れ はれ sunny
明るい あかるい bright
虹 にじ rainbow
雨 あめ rain
雲 くも cloud
春風 はるかぜ spring breeze
露 つゆ dew
草 くさ grass
植物 しょくぶつ plant, vegetation
花 はな flower
花畑 はなばたけ flower field
花びら はなびら flower petal
木 き tree
葉っぱ はっぱ leaf
若葉 わかば new leaves, fresh verdure
咲く さく to bloom
植える うえる to plant
ピックニック picnic
鳥 とり bird
うさぎ rabbit
虫 むし insect
蝶 ちょう butterfly
てんとう虫 てんとうむし ladybug
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