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#world war 2
denofgeek · 12 hours ago
In stories of doomed World War II gallantry, little is as romanticized as Operation Market Garden. A technical failure by the Allied Powers to defeat the Nazis in 1944, this invasion of the Netherlands left British paratroopers stranded around a bridge in Arnhem, far too removed from their tanks to hold the line. Nevertheless, the bravery of those Airborne “Red Devils” has lived on in pop culture, as have the Dutch resistance fighters who sheltered them. What hasbeen largely forgotten is that among those courageous souls was… a teenaged Audrey Hepburn? For about a week, in fact, the future movie star kept a Red Devil hidden in the cellar...
[Read more at Den of Geek]
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wack-ashimself · 15 hours ago
During ww2, america was basically always the bad guy. First supporting nazis, nuking japan, then hiding nazis.
Yet, we act like europe and america teamed up to save the world. Nope. We just cleaned up our mess so the history books wouldn't blame us (tho they should. NUKES TWICE ALONE!)
I am so fucking tired of movies, tv, games, books, etc GLORIFYING america, or blasting the holocaust as the worst thing to happen on the planet.
It isn't. There were plenty of worse things before, and sadly, there will be terrible things of a far greater impact we will learn of later (possible decades later). <Like, NO country bashes Mao or Stalin or Lenin openly. Or the FUCKED UP SHIT europeans did to africa/south america. WHY!? Oh, I know why-they are one of our largest suppliers of...everything. Remember kids=moral rights always lose to profitability. ALWAYS!>
More people are in prison currently than there were slaves (oh, and being used as slave labor ALSO).
We kill mindlessly innocents world wide. Thru our military and cops (and there is absolutely no end in sight).
We got far more important things to do than focus on ww2 every other fucking day.
There are people dying NOW, wars going on NOW, and when people say 'if you forget history, you're doomed to repeat it' I scream in their face 'no one fucking forgot about ww2. It's the single most talked about war, to this day, on the planet. but we sure as fuck aren't even attempting at stopping ww3. SO WHAT DID WE LEARN HAVING A WW2 MOVIE/GAME EVER FUCKING YEAR!?'
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lonestarbattleship · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Crew of USS Texas (BB-35) hauling refueling hoses on board from USS Taluga (AO-62) on April 15, 1945.
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viradianjedi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Someone who hasn’t seen Danger 5 describe this image.
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warsofasoiaf · a day ago
This has probably speculated to death, but - what if German didn’t declare war against the US in 1941? It is often described as Hitler’s greatest strategic blunder, but how much would that change the course of WW2? Let’s assume that Hitler exhibit a speck more of sense, refuses the request of the japanese, and lucks out once more - in Washington the opinion prevails to concentrate efforts to defeat Japan before they embark in a war in Europe. With only the English (and resistance movements) on the western front, could the Wermacht conduct a more successful Operation Barbarossa? I cannot see them winning in any meaningful way, but maybe fight the Russian to a standstill (until the US inevitably enter the war, that is)? Or do you think the german army still caves in under the weight of the Russian counterattack, like IOTL?
And related: if Russia defeats and invades Germany while there’s still not a single american soldier on European soil, how does that change the political scene of Europe in the war aftermath?
Always a pleasure to read your blog. Thanks, Fabio
Hey Fabio. I answered this question a while back including positing what scenarios, if any, would have resulted in a Nazi victory over the Soviets.
I don’t think too much changes because despite there existing no formal state of war between Nazi Germany and the United States, the Kriegsmarine and the United States Navy were in an undeclared state of war, and so even without formal hostilities, the two powers were already in conflict. I think any of these naval engagements could have been used as a justification, and Hitler was under the belief that American entry into the war was inevitable.
If the Red Army somehow manages to occupy and defeat Nazi Germany, I think they look to extend their glacis as far as possible, establishing Soviet puppet states much as they had across Eastern Europe. I don’t think that’s too likely though. In any scenario where Germany has more reserves to devote to the east, they’re causing more damage which leaves the Red Army is worse shape.
Thanks for the question, Fabio.
SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King
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lonestarbattleship · a day ago
Tumblr media
A damaged Vought OS2U Kingfisher sits on the launcher USS New York (BB-34) on April 14, 1945. It was hit by kamikaze during the Okinawa Invasion.
NHHC: NH 66187
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tamisdava2 · a day ago
Just heard story about my mom’s great-uncle Binyamin (Or as other called him, Binya) that went to fight in a world war II (He fought in a winter war before that). He and his other 3 brothers were called to the army. My great-grandfather Shlomo was worried that his father will stay all alone, so he made sure that Binyamin would stay here, he caught him before his brother left and happily told him that he made sure that he wont be sent on the front and that he’ll stay here. What Binyamin did was, he rolled his eyes and said: “How can i just leave and sit in Surami calmly while you, my three brothers are fighting on the front... You see that the world is falling apart and you tell me to stay here!”  and then he jumped on the train with other soldiers. But before that he sneaked to his fiancee (Tamar) to say goodbye and to tell her to wait for him and they’ll have wedding.
He was the leader of a group, but later someone betrayed the group and told Germans that Jewish man was leading the group and Germans, the same night Binya was shot.
At first when the family learnt about his death they decided not to tell his fiancee about it and let her live with hope and wait for him, but soon the whole community heard about it including Tamar, every time someone would ask her hand in marriage she would run to Binya’s parents, they had great relationship, but in the end she was forced to get married.
Shelomo and his other brother Gershon peacefully came back, the other one Siman-Tov was caught as a prisoner, but in the end he was freed.
Also, my dad’s grandfather went to the army too, but sadly he never returned.
Also, here are photos of Binya and Tamar.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dirjoh-blog · a day ago
World War 2 in the Netherlands.
World War 2 in the Netherlands.
The Dutch were surprised that the Germans did not honour the neutrality of the Netherlands, why I don’t know because there were indications that the Germans had plans to invade the Netherlands. On the other hand the Germans expected to be welcomed with open arms. They had envisaged like the anschluß in Austria. Both nations were wrong. These are just some impressions of World War 2 in the…
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phoebewrose · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Ronald Speirs
Bastogne had hit everyone mentally and physically. It was a part of there life's where all they wanted to do was forget.
You were one of those people who just wanted to forget that part of your life. You knew it was never going to happen but you could wish couldn't you?
You were exhausted with all the running around with paperwork and checking up on people who were getting sick.
Everyone in easy tried to get you to rest but you knew if you did then you would be sat in your head and going over everything you didn't do for some of the boys out in the forest, you couldn't bare to sit there with the thoughts of what you could of done, so you wanted to keep yourself busy, even if you were exhausted.
As you walked into CP to grab a box of medic supplies a coughing fit over took you and you put a hand over your chest from the pain the cough was coursing.
"You alright Frankie" you looked up to see Captain Speirs walking down up to you with a worried look, something not many people actually see, but you did.
"I'm fine sir, just a cough is all." He nodded but you could tell he wasn't buying it.
"George you have my supplies" you asked as you walked past Ron, George nodded and handed you the box.
As you were about to walk away you heard Ron call for you.
"Frankie" you turned around.
"If you aren't in a bed in half an hour I'll drag you to one, you need rest and I'm not asking I'm telling" you couldn't help but blush at his words. Of course you'd take what he said in a dirty way, you shock your head and looked back up to meet his eyes.
"Yes sir, I just have some things to do" he nodded and pointed to his watch.
"You have 30 minutes Sargent" you chuckled as you mock saluted him and ran out with the box.
You shouldn't of even been running as another hacking cough took over you, you groaned in frustration.
You hadn't realised that your half an hour was almost up, you knew Ron would come looking for you if you weren't back at CP on time.
The thought of not doing anything with your time really scared you in a way. You hated being in your head and doubting everything that had happened, you knew you couldn't change anything.
As you were putting some cream on a private's leg you heard footsteps come into the medic building.
You looked up to see Ron leaning on the door frame with a smirk on his face and he pointed to his watch.
"Times up Frankie" he said and you shock your head.
" I just need to do one last thing" you said as you went to walk over to the box of morphine that had just come in, Even though it was a bit late now.
Ron was faster then you and pulled you up and over his shoulder, you gasped as you hung over his shoulder.
"Nope, Eugene can handle it right Doc" he asked as he walked towards to door.
"Yes sir!" Gene yelled while laughing.
"Hold onto your helmet Frankie" you heard Ron say, you could almost see the smirk on his face as he walked out the door, you heard whistles and yelling from some of the boys, you couldn't help but shake your head.
Dick and Nix looked out the CP window to see what the noise was when he saw you and Ron. They both chuckled and looked at each other with grins.
Ron made himself up the stairs and opens a door, he bent down a little and slid you off his shoulder, you felt his hands run down your sides and rest on your hip. You knew you were red now, this man just had that effect on you.
"Right get some rest okay, I don't want to see you until I come to wake you up" you couldn't say anything but nod. His fingers tapped your hips as he let you go and went to walk out the door.
"Ron" you asked and he turned around to you with a raised eyebrow.
You just looked into his eyes, how were you going to tell him you couldn't bare to be alone.
"You okay?" He asked as he shut the door and walked up to you.
"I-uh I just don't like being alone, makes me over think everything and it just eats away at me" you didn't dare look at him. If you had looked up you would of seen a smile on his face.
You felt his hands grab yours and he started pulling you to a bed.
"I'll stay with you then" he whispered as he took your medic bag off and started to pull your jacket off you. You didn't say anything but watch him.
You watched as he took his helmet and gun off and put them on the drawers while taking his jacket off as well.
He turned back to you and chuckled at the look you gave him.
"Come on sit down and I'll take your boots off" he got on one knee as you sat down, he brought your foot up to his knee and started undoing your boots. As they slid off your feet you locked eyes with Ron and his hand ran up your leg slowly before it rested on your knee. You inhaled and you could see a grin on his face as he moved so he was in between your legs.
You leant back on your hands and you heard him chuckle, you couldn't help but smirk. You knew what he was doing now. You felt butterflies swim around your stomach.
"Frankie can I kiss you" he whispered as he pulled you close to him by your hips. Your arms now wrapping around his neck. You didn't give him an answer other then putting your lips to his. He groaned into the kiss and got up while pushing you down onto the bed, you couldn't help but groan at the contact from him. He smirked but pulled away.
"Come on let's get you to sleep" you sighed as he got off of you and took his own boots off, you got under the covers and he slid in next to you, he pulled you into his chest as pulled one of your legs over his waist. You smiled to yourself. You could get used to this you thought.
"Thank you Ron, for today" you whispered and he kissed your head.
"Anything for you Frankie" you went to sleep with a smile on your face for the first time in a long time, Ron watched as you cuddled closer into him and knocked straight out. He ran his hands through your hair and chuckled. He heard the door open and looked up to see dick and Nix.
"Was wondering what had happened to you both" Nix whispered and dick chuckled.
"She finally asleep?" Dick asked, and Ron nodded while looking down at you.
"Were happy for you both Ron, you both deserve each other" Dick said and walked past nix, Ron couldn't help but smile.
"What he said mate" nix said and walked out as well while closing the door.
Ron looked back at you and kissed your head and closed his eyes, he definitely could get used to this he thought. Him and Frankie. Frankie and Him. Together at last.
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phoebewrose · 2 days ago
Chuck Grant
It was the night easy company finally got to celebrate on getting there Jump wings. They were now paratroopers for the Army and very proud of it.
Sophie sat at a table with Floyd, shifty and Grant as they watched Bill down his beer with his jump wings in between his teeth, you chuckled as everyone cheered him on, as you scanned the room your eyes went to Chuck Grant.
He was sitting to your left and you couldn't help but admire him out the corner of your eye, you weren't facing him fully but you could still see the way he laughed at something Floyd said or the way he nodded to acknowledge something shifty was saying.
To put it simple you had fallen for the man, head over heels for him to be exact.
There was only one person who actually knew of your little crush and that was Floyd, and that was only because he always catches you looking at his friend with heart eyes, he finds is hilarious but also very cute.
You hadn't realised how long you had been looking at Grant until his foot kicked yours under the table.
"Like something you see Soph" he grinned at you as he saw your checks turn red.
"No actually I was admiring" you said as you took a sip from your drink.
"So you admit you were admiring me?" He teased as he leaned closer to you, you felt his knee touch yours and a hand rest on your thigh under the table. You heard him chuckle as he heard you gasp.
Chuck knew of your little crush as Floyd had let it slip to him one night, he wasn't disappointed at all to be honest, it gave him a chance to actually flirt with you and knew it would make you blush. He actually liked you as well but just never knew just how to tell you.
"How about a game of darts?" He asked to change the subject, you were a little thankful but sad when his hand left your knee.
You looked over to the dart board so see the other men from before had finished and sat down for more drinks.
"Uh I dunno, I haven't played in a long time" you admitted.
"That's alright, I'll help you" Chuck said as a grin came onto his face and he took your hand before standing up and helping you out of your chair and up to the dart boards.
"Alright how about we do some warm up shots first, here you go" he gave you the darts and you stood with the dart in your hand, position ready to let it go.
Chuck stood behind you and admired your body from the side, he could see the curve of your ass from the way you were standing and the way your pants hugged it just right, his eyes drifted up to your face and he could see how long your eyelashes were as you blinked and let the dart go. He saw it missed the circle but it still hit the board either way. He heard you groan and you turned around with a sigh.
"See I'm shit, I can't do this" you said as you went to hand him the darts back but you were meet with his hand taking yours and turning you to look at the board.
"I'll help you" he whispered into your ear, you could feel his breath on your skin giving you goosebumps.
"You just have to throw it a little harder and bring your arm back a little and you'll get it"
You blush as his hand held yours and his other held your hip to keep you steady.
Once he helped you guide your arm back he let you do the rest and once the dart left your fingers it his close to the middle of the board.
You gasped and looked at Chuck who's face was still close to yours.
"That a girl!" He kissed your check and walked to get the darts. You blush a dark shade of red and you knew he could see it.
"Alright let's play a game now?" He asked And you just nodded.
Chuck went to start first and he was about to aim and let go of the dart before he turned around to face you.
"If I hit the bulls eye first I get a kiss from you, deal?" He asked with a smirk and you went wide eyed at how  Forward he was about it like it didn't matter.
"Uh okay sure" you nodded and he turned back around and let the dart fly. It was close but not close enough.
It was your turn and you were like Chuck and missed the bullseye but was pretty close.
Floyd and shifty watched on from the side lines and smirked at each other.
Chuck tried again but it just wasn't close enough.
"Come on Sophie" you heard Floyd yell out and you laughed and shock your head.
As you aimed you took a deep breath in and closed one eye to look at the board, you heard a couple of 'ooooooos' from the boys that had stopped to watch.
Chuck leaned on a chair as he watched you with a small grin on his face.
You let go and watched as it his the bullseye.
Claps came around and so did some cheers and everyone went back to what they were doing.
"Oh well would you look at that, I won" you teased.
You saw Chuck chuckle at you.
You still wanted that kiss so you walked up to him while grabbing his tie and pulling him down for a kiss, it was quick but passionate. His hands landed on your hips as you pulled away.
"Looks like you get your kiss after all" you whispered. He looked down at you and pulled you closer to him.
"Well since you won how about you choose what you want" he said as he leaned down to place a kiss on your neck.
You both heard Floyd whistle at you both and you chuckled, an idea came to your head.
You wanted more then just a kiss from this man.
"How about you take me back to where your staying?" You asked and you felt him grip your hips a little tighter.
"Are you sure?" He asked but you just nodded your head with a giggle.
"God you'll be the death of me" he said and started dragging you out of the pub.
"Yeah Chuck!" You heard some of the boys yell, you saw Chuck shack his head but a grin was on his face.
You made it to the place he was staying at and luckily nobody was home. You didn't even get to turn around after closing the door when Chuck pushed you up against it and his body slammed into yours with his lips on yours in a second. You groaned into the kiss and your hands went to his hair while his ran up and down your side.
You both leaned in more and more to each other and before long Chuck picked you up in his arms with you wrapping your legs around his waist. He carried you to his room and placed you on the bed.
He pushed your legs open so he could hover in between them, his hands running over your body while his lips never left yours.
"Chuck" you whispered as he trailed kissed down your jaw and to your neck.
"Yeah?" His eyes locked with yours.
"Touch me- please for the love god just touch me" once those words left your mouth his eyes rolled in his head and he begun undoing your buttons on your jacket and dress shirt.
You started doing the same to him after you were laying in your bra and dress pants.
As he pulled his shirt over his head you got to actually have a look at him, your hands went from his shoulders and ran down his chest to his stomach, he was well toned and you couldn't help a small groan leave your lips, he chuckled as he bent down to kiss you.
"Like what you see?" He whispered.
"Fuck yes" you moaned into his mouth, you heard him groan.
His hands travelled down to your pants and like magic he had them undone and was pulling them down your legs.
Once he pulled them off he stopped to take you in and he licked his lips while climbing back on top of you.
"Like what you see?" You teased at him.
"Fuck yeah" he whispered as his hand travelled down to your panties and his lips on your neck, you moved your head to the side to give him more room and you ran your hands through his hair and down his shoulders.
You felt chucks fingers circle around you and you moaned his name. He took that as a sigh to continue.
He kissed down your chest past your stomach and to your thighs, you looked down at him to see his teeth bite the side of you panties and he dragged them down, just watching him do that made you even wetter.
His lips travelled up your legs and to your tights where he kissed all the way to your hips, a finger sliding along your wet slips.
"Please Chuck" you begged to him, he gave you want you wanted and slipped a finger in while coming down to kiss you. Your hands finding his hair and pulling on it. His finger did a come Hither Motion as he stuck another finger in, he wasn't going to waste this night- he wanted to give you what you deserved.
"Chuck" you moaned, you could feel yourself getting closer. He hummed into your neck as he left small hicks on your skin for everyone to see.
He pulled away and looked into your eyes.
"Let go baby, you can let go" he whispered and you did, he helped you come down from your high before undoing his belt and getting out of pants, you went to sit up and start satisfying him but he shock his head and pushed you down.
"This is about you darling, you don't need to do anything to me" you groaned in response and he chuckled.
He brought one of your legs up around his waist and positioned himself at your entrance before pushing in.
Your head shot back into your pillow and you arched your back, you could hear a grunt come from Chuck and you moaned as you felt him go further into you.
"Holy shit" you whispered out as your fingers held onto his arms.
"You ok?" He asked while giving you little kisses to you skin.
"Never better" you whispered and he chuckled.
"You can move" and with that he did, he started off slow to give you time to adjust but soon it starting getting a bit faster once you told him to.
He didn't know what you were going to be like in bed and it did make him nervous to begin with, he wasn't sure if you'd like how he gave sex but from what he was hearing from you, you could take the hard and rough sex that he normally liked.
"Fuck- Chuck harder" you moaned out and he did just that. His eyes were on you as your mouth was opened slightly and your eyes closed, you were enjoying this way to much.
"I'm not going to last much longer if I keep doing this babe" he grunted and you opened you eyes to look at him. You honestly didn't care if he cummed before you, he already got you there.
"Then cum Chuck, just let go for me" he moaned down at you as he picked up his speed.
You were pretty close yourself, you just wanted him to go a little faster and you knew both of you would finish.
"Fuck Chuck I'm almost there" you groaned and he nodded his head telling you he was as well.
"Fuck" he grunted out as he came and it sent you over the edge just watching him hold your hips and come.
You both came down from your high and he rolled off of you.
He pulled a blanket over you and went to go clean himself up, he came back with a wet towel for you and you thanked him.
"Soph" you looked up and saw Chuck sitting at the edge of the bed in his boxes.
"Mhm" you hummed.
"You don't regret it do you?" He asked. You looked at him and shock your head, you got up after putting his shirt over your head and walked over to him, you straddled his lap and put your arms around his shoulders, his hands coming to your hips.
"No Sargent Chuck Grant I do not regret a thing at all, it was the best sex I've had" he raised his eyebrows at you and you giggled.
"I'm serious, that was next level right there" he shock his head and looked down at his lap.
"You really are something else" he whispered as he looks back into your eyes.
"Says you" he grinned and pulled you in for a kiss, it got heated pretty fast and you pushed him down onto the bed.
"How about round two?" You questioned and he just laughed.
"God what have I gotten myself into" he asked and you shrugged your shoulders.
"I dunno but your stuck with me now" you said as your hand travelled down his body and to his boxes, he sighed once your hand dipped into his boxes.
"Well I'm glad" he moaned out and you chuckled.
You and Grant had a very eventful night that's for sure.
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randomroomofcraziness · 2 days ago
Beetlejuice netherworld headcannon idea thingy
So I’m a history geek and I was reading up on Alan Turing one of the guys who solved the enigma stopping ww2 and it turns out he committed s*****e so what if he turns up in the netherworld really random but possible maybe :/
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backfirealley · 2 days ago
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a-duck-with-a-book · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
BOOK REVIEW // The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe's Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War by Lynn H. Nicholas
Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite non-fiction books I have ever read. It presents such an astounding amount of information while remaining clear and concise. The scholarly observations and surveys are brought to life with captivating stories and witness accounts, alongside Nicholas’s humor scattered throughout the book.
image: the Mona Lisa being returned to the Louvre (c. 1945-6), Pierre Jahan, Louvre
The most fascinating aspect of this book, in my opinion, is how it reveals the lengths to which both museum workers and volunteers went to preserve their cultural heritage. From religious works to historical masterpieces to contemporary emerging artists, people from all backgrounds seem to desire to save these works of art from looting and destruction. Many put their lives and the lives of their loved ones at risk in order to hide paintings, sculptures, and more. Whether they were family heirlooms or national treasures, the return of these works to their rightful owners helps to restore some of the humanity and dignity that was stolen from so many during the war. The book is not arranged in a fully chronological order, but is rather divided into chapters that explore a specific region or theme and follow it for a few years or for the entirety of the war. The overall flow of the book is in chronological order (for example, it begins with the Nazi party’s sale and destruction of art before the war and ends with the ongoing recovery of art), but within each chapter Nicholas looks at a more concentrated geographical area and remain with it for a period of time, then backtrack in the timeline to begin the next chapter. This allows the reader to become familiar with the assortment of names and terms relevant to that section without being flooded with more vocabulary, names, and dates that apply to separate parts of the war. I’m sure I’m not explaining this very clearly, so here’s an example. Chapter 3 looks at the fate of Poland and its art, spanning the entirety of the war. It begins in 1939, and remains concentrated on the destruction of the cultural heritage of Poland until the war ends in 1945. Chapter 7 instead focuses on the Soviet Union, beginning in 1941 as Germany prepared to invade. It outlines the period of looting and destruction as Nazi forces advanced into the Soviet Union, focusing on the desperate preservation of the Hermitage, and ends with the Red Army’s retaking of Soviet territories in 1943. While this slight jumping around on the timeline may seem confusing or unorganized at first, the focused chapters allow the reader to keep track of the incredible amount of information that the author provides, while also keeping the general track of the book moving forward.
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dirjoh-blog · 2 days ago
Too young to be remembered and too young to be forgotten.
Too young to be remembered and too young to be forgotten.
During the Holocaust 6 million Jews were murdered. In 1933 there were about 9.5 million Jews who lived in Europe. Worldwide there were an estimated 15.3 million. This is just to give you an indication of the impact of the Holocaust. The number of 6 million is often disputed. not only by Holocaust deniers but also by people like me. For I believe that number is higher, although I have no data to…
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